Detritus Issue #629

28 November 2012 Leave a comment

Issue #629
Week of November 19, 2012

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-Trying to get this out early so we can all focus on the upcoming long holiday weekend. :) Happy Thanksgiving everyone. – Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-Celebrity Guitar Auction To Benefit Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund

Nearly 100 Donated Guitars Will Be Auctioned On Saturday, December 1 At 2 P.M. At Julien’s Auctions In Beverly Hills, CA To Raise Money For Dio Cancer Fund

The Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund, founded in memory of the world-renowned voice of Dio, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and Heaven & Hell, will participate in the upcoming Icons & Idols-Rock ‘n’ Roll Auction at Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday, December 1 at 2 p.m. Nearly 100 donated guitars signed by a variety of celebrities from the music world will go on the auction block to benefit the Fund’s mission of cancer prevention, research and education.

The collection includes guitars signed by the Jonas Brothers, Slash, Tom Morello, Tony Iommi, and members of Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, the Alice Cooper Band, Metallica, and Iron Maiden. Among the rarities are a prototype electric guitar made for and signed by Eddie Van Halen and a custom hand-carved Ronnie James Dio memorial guitar created by DBZ Guitars. Also in the collection is an Epiphone electric guitar signed by a host of country music stars, among them Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and Kenny Chesney, an ESP acoustic electric guitar signed by “Twilight” film star Robert Pattinson, and three guitars hand painted by the famous elephants of the Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project in Thailand.

Online bidding has already commenced, and items included in this auction are available for viewing at:

The Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund is a privately funded 501C3 charity organization which has already raised more than $600,000 in its short history. Monies raised have been committed to the cancer research work of the T. J. Martell Foundation for Cancer, AIDS and Leukemia Research, and the gastric cancer research unit of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, where Ronnie was treated for gastric cancer during the last six months of his life.

Julien’s Auctions, which specializes in entertainment memorabilia, is located at 9665 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 150, Beverly Hills, California 90210. A free public exhibition of many of the items included in the auction will be available for viewing during the auction house’s regular business hours of 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. beginning Monday, November 19 through Friday, November 30.

For hours, visit .

*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-T&N’s SLAVE TO THE EMPIRE Features “The Big 3″ From Dokken!

T&N reunites George Lynch, Jeff Pilson and “Wild” Mick Brown — a.k.a. “The Big Three” from Dokken — for this brand new 12-song disk that will surely be referred to as a classic in years to come! Returning to their roots, SLAVE TO THE EMPIRE offers seven new original songs and five re-recorded classic Dokken songs that feature sensational vocal performances by Tim “Ripper” Owens, Doug Pinnick (King’s X), Sebastian Bach, and Robert Mason (Warrant). Add to the mix the hard hitting, multi-talented drumming of Brian Tichy and you’ve got yourself a major dose of awesome! This 12-song release is progressive, it’s heavy, it’s dark, it’s bluesy, and each player’s performance is absolutely stellar. SLAVE TO THE EMPIRE captures the spirit and magic from the classic metal genre, and is truly a work of art that will not disappoint!

Track Listing:
1. Slave To The Empire
2. Sweet Unknown
3. Tooth And Nail (featuring Doug Pinnick of King’s X)
4. It’s Not Love (featuring Robert Mason of Warrant)
5. Rhythm Of The Soul
6. When Eagles Die
7. Into The Fire
8. Alone Again (featuring Sebastian Bach)
9. Mind Control
10. Kiss Of Death (featuring Tim “Ripper” Owens)
11. Jesus Train
12. Access Denied

For pre-orders and audio samples please visit: and .

*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-AFM Records News

[Note: This combines multiple update. – Tim]

U.D.O.: LIVE IN SOFIA DVD released; “Anniversary Editions” Of Classic Albums Coming Soon!

U.D.O. – LIVE IN SOFIA is now available in Europe and the USA. It includes a concert of the band in Bulgaria’s capitol, wrapped into DVD/2-CD and BluRay/2-CD packages. A second teaser can be found here:

And there’s another reason for all U.D.O. fans to celebrate:

Finally the band’s extensive back catalogue will be made available again — in special “anniversary editions.” This series will start with SOLID, MAN AND MACHINE, NO LIMITS, and HOLY (all albums incl. bonus tracks) on December 7th. In early 2013 more U.D.O. classics will follow.

Kissin’ Dynamite: Japan Tour / Hannes And Jim To Host Their Own TV Show!

Kissin’ Dynamite’s European tour is turning into a real world tour! The German power rockers now also conquer the Asian continent as they will play three concerts in Japan:

9th of Feb – Osaka @ FANJtwice
10th of Feb – Nagoya @ Apollo Theater
11th of Feb – Tokyo @ Club Holiday Shinjuku

Also a new TV show called “Hairforce 1″ will start today (Thursday, November 15th, 21:00 CET) on German TV station IM1. Kissin’ Dynamite’s Hannes and Jim will host the show, their first interview partner there is the legendary Slash. Trailer:

Bloodbound: IN THE NAME OF METAL Released Now In Whole Europe; Free MP3 Song!; Chart Success

IN THE NAME OF METAL is an unmistakable statement by Swedish metallers Bloodbound. The album is now released in whole Europe, the USA to follow on November 27th. “Metalheads Unite,” the first single, is available for free download now. Just follow the link and enter the code “MG52K2V”.

The Swedish metal heads have made IN THE NAME OF METAL reach # 43 in the Swedish album chart! This is the biggest chart success in the band’s history. Congratulations!

Shakra: POWERPLAY Album Release In January; Album Cover & First Snippet Unveiled!

Swiss power rockers Sharka will release their new album POWERPLAY on January 11th.

A short snippet of the radio single “Wonderful Life” is available here already:

AFM DVD/CD Compilation ALL FOR METAL III To Be Released On November 30th!

The popular AFM Records label compilation ALL FOR METAL continues with part 3.

This time, ALL FOR METAL III includes even more video clip (36!) on DVD and just like its predecessors, a bonus CD (15 tracks).

Again this compilation will be available for a special low price (suggest retail price 9,99 €).

Track list:

1. Orden Ogan – The Things We Believe In
2. U.D.O. – Leatherhead
3. Kissin’ Dynamite – Money, Sex & Power
4. Masterplan – Time To Be King
5. Heavenly – Fullmoon
6. Shakra – Back On Track
7. The Last Vegas – Evil Eyes
8. Morton – Weeping Bell
9. Triosphere – Marionette
10. Brainstorm – In These Walls
11. Iron Mask – God Punishes, I Kill
12. Crystal Viper – Witch’s Mark
13. At Vance – Facing Your Enemy
14. Wolfpakk – Reptiles Kiss
15. Sinner – Back On Trail
16. Oz – Dominator
17. Elvenking – The Loser
18. Nightmare – Sunrise In Hell
19. Epysode – Obsessions
20. Stahlmann – Tanzmaschine
21. A Life Divided – Heart On Fire
22. Eisbrecher – Eiszeit
23. The Murder Of My Sweet – Unbreakable
24. Lake Of Tears – House Of The Setting Sun
25. The New Black – The King I Was
26. Lyriel – Leverage
27. All Hail The Yeti – The Art Of Mourning
28. Black Messiah – Windloni
29. Ektomorf – The One
30. Solution .45 – Gravitational Lensing
31. Fear Factory – The Industrialist
32. Ministry – Ghouldiggers
33. Suidakra – Dowth 2059
34. Korzus – Truth
35. Onslaught – The Sound Of Violence
36. Tankard – Rules For Fools

1. Bloodbound – Metalheads Unite
2. Mob Rules – Cannibal Nation
3. Iron Savior – Hall Of The Heroes
4. Dragonland – The Tempest
5. Voodoo Circle – King Of Your Dreams
6. Magica – Center Of The Great Unknown
7. Almah – Bullets On The Altar
8. Kryptos – The Mask Of Anubis
9. Paradox – Brutalized
10. Mors Principium Est – Destroyer Of All
11. Words Of Farewell – Sorae
12. Thormesis – Sterbend Herz
13. Merrimack – Gospel Of The Void
14. Byfrost – Buried Alive
15. Vore – The Unseen Hand

AFM Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-New Band Founded By “Rock’n’Rolf” Kasparek And Peter J. Jordan; Debut Album I Scheduled For Release In January 2013

[Note: This is from Running Wild’s Facebook page, . – Steve]

The big secret that fans have been speculating about in a number of Internet forums is out at last: Giant X is the spectacular new band founded by Rolf Kasparek and Peter J. Jordan. Rolf has been the mastermind, guitarist, and vocalist of the German metal flagship Running Wild for more than 30 years, is one of the most charismatic musicians of the international metal scene, and enjoys cult status around the globe. His friend and partner Peter J. Jordan joined the Running Wild fold in 2005 as a guitarist and has worked as a musician, composer, arranger, and producer with German artists such as Tim Bendzko, Francis Buchholz (Scorpions), Thorsten Wingenfelder (Fury In The Slaughterhouse), Christina Stürmer, Peek A Boo, and Fair Warning. Giant X’s debut album I will be out on Steamhammer/SPV on January 18th in Germany, January 21st in Europe, and January 22nd in USA/Canada and is set to delight particularly fans of traditional hard rock.

This sensational collaboration was sparked by the unexpectedly euphoric reactions from all over the world to the Kasparek/Jordan composition “Burning Wheels” (off EMI Production Music’s Rock/Metal album), which features Kasparek on vocals. Encouraged by those positive responses, Jordan and Kasparek decided to co-compose more tracks and offer them to interested record companies under the band name of Giant X. They decided on the Hanover label, Steamhammer/SPV, who already released the current Running Wild opus SHADOWMAKER. Running Wild have a clearly defined sound which their fans worldwide have come to expect of them. “Giant X have a broader musical range which allows Rolf and myself to present ourselves from a totally different side,” Jordan explains. “Our material consists of consciously multi-layered numbers, more in the tradition of Kiss, Queen, Thin Lizzy, Van Halen but also Billy Talent, in other words: rock music in the tradition of the seventies, eighties and nineties — our shared musical roots. The main thing for us was that people would be able hear the lightness and spontaneity of our collaboration.”

A total of 13 brand new songs, all of them penned by Jordan and Kasparek, will feature on Giant X’s debut album. The recording was produced and mixed by Peter J. Jordan, with lots of support from Kasparek and Running Wild’s live mixer Niki Nowy. No plans for Giant X’s future have yet been made, but according to Jordan and Kasparek they are happy to “take things as they come. We don’t rule anything out at this point.” So the suspense will continue!

Short Teaser:

*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Sweden Rock Festival One Of The World’s Six Best Festivals

June 5-6-7-8, 2013
Solvesborg, Sweden

Sweden Rock Festival is one of the nominees for the “best international music festival” award at the highly acclaimed American music business magazine Pollstar’s Concert Industry Awards. This is the first time a Swedish festival has been nominated for the prize.

“It feels great,” comments Sweden Rock Festival CEO Mats Natvig. “We see this as an acknowledgement of our long term efforts to make Sweden Rock a comfortable festival with a high service level and friendly atmosphere for our audience and the artists. In the last few years, Sweden Rock Festival has enjoyed increasing international recognition and we now get visitors from some 50 countries. This nomination should serve to further strengthen the Sweden Rock brand.”

Pollstar magazine was founded in 1981 and is the world’s leading live music business magazine. Each year, it invites hundreds of randomly selected music business professionals to participate in nominating for the annual awards gala, Pollstar Concert Industry Awards in Los Angeles. The 2012 winners will be presented on February 7th.

The nominees in the “best international music festival” category for 2012 are:

Sweden Rock Festival
Bluesfest Byron Bay (Australia)
Primavera Sound (Spain)
T In The Park (UK)
Tomorrowland (Belgium)
V Festivals (UK)

No Swedish festival has ever been nominated before, and this is the first time since the Roskilde nomination of 2006 that a Scandinavian festival is among the chosen few.

The 22nd edition of the Sweden Rock Festival will take place in Sölvesbog, southern Sweden, on June 5-8 2013. Around 70 bands will perform on five stages, and among the confirmed artists so far are Kiss, Rush, Status Quo, Accept, Saxon, Amon Amarth, UFO, and Krokus.

For more information, please see .

*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-Benedictum / The V

The Female Metal Valkyrie Veronica Freeman and her band Benedictum have been busy working during the past few months. A new Benedictum album is in the works and will be a complete return to a traditional but powerful feel — much like the band’s first two albums. Working with the band on the production is Grammy Award Nominee and Billboard charting producer, John Herrera, and of course Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Foreigner). Jeff has already had one writing session with Benedictum and Veronica has just returned from her second writing session with Jeff Pilson this past week. Craig Goldy (Dio) has been writing with Benedictum as well and there will probably be some vocal duet surprises on the album too. The song writing team of Pete Wells and Veronica Freeman is however still in full effect and with Rikard Stjernquist (Jag Panzer) adding to the mix there are some powerful great ideas coming to life.

But Veronica is also working to show another side of herself. In Veronica’s words: “I had a lot of input and encouragement from Frontiers in the previous months to try and stretch myself with different musical styles and approaches. So I have decided to accept their proposal for a solo album — which will be released under the moniker of The V.” Musically Veronica will be pursuing a much more melodic and hook-friendly direction. John Herrera will also produce this endeavor and there should be some special guests appearing in the writing and performing dept. including a song from Jerry Dixon from Warrant and some bass performances from Brad Lang from Y&T, as well as from Jeff Pilson and others to round out the talent that will be involved with this project. Pete Wells will also show his other side with some of the music he is contributing to this project.

Both new albums will be released in 2013 — Benedictum are really looking forward to also being able to perform in Europe in 2013 so lookout for Veronica’s talents both in Benedictum and with The V sometime soon! We all really hope you will enjoy all the music that is coming your way!

*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-Definitive Editions Of Threshold’s HYPOTHETICAL, CRITICAL MASS, & SUBSURFACE Out Now!

After the phenomenal reactions to Threshold’s new amazing progressive metal masterpiece MARCH OF PROGRESS (out since the 24th of August), Nuclear Blast is now happy to offer you the “Definitive Editions” — a series of reissues of the entire Threshold discography (except for the band’s 2007 Nuclear Blast debut DEAD RECKONING), including extensive bonus material! Guitarist and founding member Karl Groom states: “It is exciting to see Nuclear Blast releasing the Definitive Editions of each album now. This is where it all began and where Threshold set its style!”

The final three “Definitive Editions” of HYPOTHETICAL (2001), CRITICAL MASS (2002), and SUBSURFACE (2004) are OUT NOW! Order your copies at the Nuclear Blast web shop:

1. Light And Space
2. Turn On Tune In
3. The Ravages Of Time
4. Sheltering Sky
5. Oceanbound
6. Long Way Home
7. Keep My Head
8. Narcissus

Bonus tracks:
9. Light And Space (Live In Paris)
10. Turn On Tune In (Live In Paris)
11. The Ravages Of Time (Live In Paris)

1. Phenomenon
2. Choices
3. Falling Away
4. Fragmentation
5. Echoes Of Life
6. Round And Round
7. Avalon
8. Critical Mass
I. “Fission”
II. “Fusion”
III. “Lucky”

Bonus tracks:
9. Do Unto Them
10. New Beginning
11. Echoes Of Life (Live In Switzerland)

1. Mission Profile
2. Ground Control
3. Opium
4. Stop Dead
5. The Art Of Reason
6. Pressure
7. Flags And Footprints
8. Static
9. The Destruction Of Words

Bonus tracks:
10. What About Me
11. Mission Profile (Live In Switzerland)
12. Ground Control (Live In Switzerland)

*** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
-Lion Music News

Two Great New Releases To End Our 2012 Release Schedule

Speaking To Stones – ELEMENTS

Back six years after their self-titled debut, the American progressive metal outfit Speaking To Stones expands their sound and lineup for their new epic release ELEMENTS.

Full info @
Album sampler @


One of Italy’s most original and intelligent up and coming metal acts; The Moor is a band not afraid to incorporate music from any rock idiom to give the listener an original listening experience as their full-length debut YEAR OF THE HUNGER proves. Video for “Hyperuranium” coming soon!

Full info @
Album sampler @

Catch Ashent Live

Catch Italian progressive metallers Ashent at The Roman Hard ‘N’ Heavy Day Fest on December 8 in Rome. In addition the band will also be support act to Jorn Lande on December 13 at Il Revolver Club in San Donà di Piave, a great way to enter the festive season.

The band have also just signed a new management deal with Intromental Management. Ashent’s current release INHERITANCE is out now, full info at and be sure to catch the band’s video for “Magnification Of A Daydream” at .

Docker’s Guild Video Biography Part 4

Part 4 of Douglas Docker’s insightful look into his career reaches part 4 and takes a deeper look at the music in the first half of the current Docker’s Guild release THE MYSTIC TECHNOCRAZY. It is streaming now at .

Lion Music Webstore Offers

Grab some gifts for your loved ones from the LM Store, in addition to our own releases at the best price you will find thousands of other rock/metal titles. Here are just some of the bargains currently on special offer.

Eric Johnson all CDs €2.90!
Dio, Dokken, Whitesnake, Saga, Deep Purple, Toto, Flower Kings all titles from €3.90!

Head on over now –

Lion Music

*** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
-Z Records News

Paul Sabu – HEARTBREAK Update

Paul Sabu’s classic HEARTBREAK album has for the first time ever been re-mastered from digital source instead of from vinyl, as on previous reissues. The album has a new lease on life and sounds more dynamic than ever. Due to a minor pressing plant error the album release is now delayed until November 26th. You can pre order your copy now at .

Escape Get Belgian Support!

Escape have received a glowing review for Belgium’s highly respected Rock Report website. The sites glowing review of debut album UNBREAKABLE basically says this is an essential release for fans of FM and Strangeways. Check out the review at .

Escape Confirm Free Entry To Premier Live Appearance

Let’s face it 2012 has been an awful year for a lot of people. Escape and Z Records have decided to send the year out with a FREE show, yes a FREE show!!!!

Check out the band’s premier live appearance at The Engine Rooms, Skelmersdale, Lancashire England on December 2nd for free by simply claiming your place in the guest list. Simply email with “Escape gig” as the header and let us know how many guest list placing you wish to reserve. These will be held until 7:45 on the night. Guest list slots are on a first come, first served basis so claim yours now to avoid disappointment.

“Rock Forces” Show A Success

The “Rock Forces” radio show hosted by Z’s Mark Alger was launched the weekend of November 11 and immediately smashed projected audience figures by almost double. The show has now been extended to 3 hours running from 9 a.m. – 12 noon on a Sunday [UK time] and then repeated from 9 p.m. – midnight [UK time]. For requests email Mark at .

Be sure to tune in this Sunday at .

Killer Bee Create A Buzz With New Album

Killer Bee’s all-new album FROM HELL & BACK is currently winning the press over in leaps and bounds. Check out the following rave reviews… l 9.5/10 9/10 8.5/10 8/10

In addition the band have been nominated for best band of 2012. Click here to support Killer Bee:

Z Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
-MVD Relocates For 2013

After nearly 25 years of renting, MVD is purchasing a 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse / office facility.

After 24 years of renting warehouse space in Southeastern Pennsylvania, MVD Entertainment Group has purchased their own headquarters. The building, located at 203 Windsor Road in Pottstown, PA is a significant upgrade in terms of space and quality of building.

“We are fortunate that business has remained very good for us overall. With the real estate market being so soft we were able to take advantage and make a big step,” said Ed Seaman, COO of MVD. “It’s an exciting time to be in the music and video business. While there is a lot of change in the marketplace, we are confident that physical goods remain relevant, particularly for collectors, for a long time. And our Digital business grows incrementally each year. It feels good to be investing in ourselves and our future. And it will be nice to work in a building with windows after being in a cave for the last few decades!”

This move marks the official 25 year anniversary of MVD’s incorporation. MVD Entertainment Group, solely owned by the Seaman family, is preparing for festivities later in 2013.

“The music and video business has made major recoveries in the area of physical goods,” said Tom Seaman, CEO of MVD. “We are delighted to be able to upgrade our ability to turn our merchandise around in a more effective manner.”

MVD Entertainment Group (previously known as Music Video Distributors, Inc.) was founded in 1986 by Tom Seaman, an industry veteran of more than 40 years, whose background includes retailing stints with Record Hunter, Sam Goody, Musicland, CBS Retail, and wholesale experience with Jem Records. MVD initially acted primarily as a one-stop, buying all labels’ music-related VHS releases and reselling to music and video stores.

The DVD era brought about a significant shift in MVD’s core business. MVD called upon its strong relationships with content holders, labels, artists, and management to become a world leader in music DVD. Shortly thereafter, MVD broadened its DVD reach to include films, TV series, documentaries, and a wide scope of non-music related programming.

In 2006, MVD expanded further and launched an audio CD division based on its strong relationships with suppliers and customers, and by 2008 merged with Big Daddy Music Distribution to become a force in audio Distribution.

Today, MVD is a full service audio and video distributor, representing DVD, Blu-ray, CD, vinyl, and even collectible figures and merchandise. Further, MVD represents the vast majority of its content digitally on both audio and visual formats.

*** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
-Destruction’s “Carnivore” Video Clip Online!

Legendary German thrashers Destruction, whose 30-years-anniversary album SPIRITUAL GENOCIDE will be released on November 23, proudly present the official video clip for the brand new song “Carnivore,” which was produced by Polish “Mania Studio.”

Main man Schmier comments: “Hell-come to our little horror movie! We are very proud to finally present you the Butcher in this creepy clip for the brand new song ‘Carnivore.’ I can promise you some scary moments and shivers with a pinch of self-irony! We know that the song will arouse diverse reactions from the scene ’cause it s NOT a typical Destruction tune, but we needed an atmospheric and groovy track to present the mad butcher and the plot in the most intense way. No worries, there will be plenty of speed and brutal THRASH on the record! Enjoy this spine-chilling urban legend flick and some real hot chicks — for your pleasure & entertainment only!”

Also, don’t forget to check out the lyric video for the new track “Cyanide”!

*** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
-New Napalm Records North American Release Dates Announced: Hate + Audrey Horne

Today, Napalm Records announces February 5th, 2013 as the North American release date of both Hate’s SOLARFLESH and Audrey Horne’s YOUNGBLOOD. Both albums are Hate and Audrey Horne’s respective label debuts for Napalm Records, and with both bands have sizable, critically acclaimed back catalogs, both SOLARFLESH and YOUNGBLOOD are big priorities for the label. Track listings are as follows:

1. Watchful Eye Of Doom
2. Eternal Might
3. Alchemy Of Blood
4. Timeless Kingdom
5. Festival Of Slaves
6. Sadness Will Last Forever
7. Solarflesh
8. Endless Purity
9. Mesmerized
10. Hatehammer (Limited-Edition Bonus Track)
11. Venom (Limited-Edition Bonus Track)
12. Fall of all Icons (Limited-Edition Bonus Track)

On their latest album SOLARFLESH, Hate unleashes a merciless maelstrom of brutality and impenetrable darkness. The band revolving around front man ATF Sinner clads dark visions and nightmares in an aggressive blackened death metal sound that is brutal and technically ambitious. The powerful production gives the haunting riffs, thundering drums, and inhuman grunts the perfect sound. The new songs are diverse, dynamic, full of details, and offer the listener a gripping experience for the entire album. SOLARFLESH is the triumphant return of these extraordinary Polish artists, and will enthrall extreme metal fans all over the world.

More info:

Audrey Horne – YOUNGBLOOD
1. Redemption Blues
2. Straight Into Your Grave
3. Youngblood
4. There Goes A Lady
5. Show And Tell
6. Cards With The Devil
7. Pretty Little Sunshine
8. The Open Sea
9. This Ends Here
10. The King is Dead
11. I Wanna Know You (Limited-Edition Bonus Track)
12. This Ends Here – Demo (Limited-Edition Bonus Track)
13. The Open Sea – Demo (Limited-Edition Bonus Track)

With their first three albums, praised by fans and critics alike, Audrey Horne positioned themselves in the premier league of rock! Furthermore, the band has shown that honest and hand-made music is still more than popular. Their fourth album, YOUNGBLOOD, follows this tradition and presents the Norwegian hard rock quartet full of fresh energy and a truthful love of playing. Songs like “Redemption Blues,” “Straight Into Your Grave,” or “There Goes A Lady” not only live up to the numerous Audrey Horne classics, but turn into irresistible tunes with catchy refrains right from the start and will stay with you for a long time. The great production provides the finishing touches and presents the listener with a warm sound that differs tremendously from the soulless plastic productions of this day and age. YOUNGBLOOD is an excellent and sweeping hard rock album full of soul, and without a doubt the highlight in the discography of Audrey Horne!

More info:

Napalm Records

COMING SOON: Tiamat, The Sorrow, Paragon, Skalmold, Paragon, Finsterforst, Mammoth Mammoth
LATEST NAPALM KILLERS: Beyond All Recognition, My Sleeping Karma, Glowsun, Ex Deo, Grave Digger, Svölk, Liv Kristine, The Graviators

*** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
-Former Triple J DJ 24/7 Radio Station Goes Live…

The wait is over! Australia’s Only Dedicated 24/7 Online Rock/Metal Radio Station officially launches November 20. Tune in to the first “Live” Program “Haugmetal” to be broadcast every Tuesday night from 9 p.m. (AEST).

You can listen to the station in a number of ways:

– Directly from the website –

– Via the AndrewHaugRadio Facebook player, click Listen Live.

– On your mobile using the Free TuneIn App ( ) for smartphone users, just download app, search, easy!

There will also be an official iPhone App available in the coming weeks.

For Advertising contact
For General Enquiries contact

Bands submitting music, once the site is Live please read the “Contact” section for all the information.

“Australia being one of our favorite places to tour, is due in large part to the tremendous support of Andrew Haug, and his relentless promotion of Megadeth. A vital part of the Metal Media world; everyone needs a Haug!”
Dave Mustaine – Megadeth

“Andrew is one of the biggest supporters of Metal in Australia. He has supported my career and all my bands since the beginning. I want to give a shout out to him for his new Radio Station! Check it out!”
Max Cavalera – Soulfly, Sepultura, Nailbomb

Official Youtube Channel –
Official Twiiter Page –

This Station pays royalty license fees, please support the artists, buy their music!

-AC/DC’s new double CD LIVE AT RIVER PLATE is out now. Track list: CD 1 – “Rock N Roll Train,” “Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be,” “Back In Black,” “Big Jack,” “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” “Shot Down In Flames,” “Thunderstruck,” “Black Ice,” “The Jack,” “Hells Bells.” CD 2 – “Shoot To Thrill,” “War Machine,” “Dog Eat Dog,” “You Shook Me All Night Long,” “T.N.T.,” “Whole Lotta Rosie,” “Let There Be Rock,” “Highway To Hell,” “For Those About To Rock (We Salute You).” The set was recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during a three-night stand in 2009 on the BLACK ICE tour. In other big news, the band finally has made its catalog — 16 studio albums, 4 live albums, 3 compilations — available via iTunes. See for more.

-Jon Bon Jovi’s 19-year-old daughter Stephanie Bongiovi was found last Wednesday in her Dunham Hall dorm room at Hamilton College in upstate New York, unresponsive and “apparently overdosed on heroin.” Bongiovi and fellow student Ian Grant were charged with possessing “a small amount of heroin and marijuana,” according to AP reports, but charges were later dismissed under provisions of the “Good Samaritan 911 law.” According to the latest reports Bongiovi was recovering in a hospital last week.

-Demon — featuring singer Dave Hill, guitarists Paul Hume and David Cotterill, bassist Ray Walmsley, keyboardist Paul “Fazza” Farrington, and drummer Neil Ogden — is back with UNBROKEN on Spaced Out Music Records. Track list: “Prey (intro),” “Prey,” “Shine A Light,” “Unbroken,” “Wings Of Steel,” “Fill Your Head With Rock,” “Take Me To Your Leader,” “Private Lives,” “We Can Make It (If We All Try),” “What About The Night,” “I Still Believe.” Hype: “2012, Dave Hill and his DEMONS are back! The British legends around mastermind Dave Hill are delivering high class rock releases for more than 30 years! The new lineup features the main composers such as Dave Hill, drummer Neil Ogden and keyboarder Paul Farrington. Great album of much underrated band!” See and for more.

-Finsterforst — the “Black Forest Metallers” — have a new video for “Nichts Als Asche” online at . RASTLOS is due November 27 in North America on Napalm Records. See , , and for more.

-The title track from “Swedish freedom rockers” Free Fall’s debut, POWER & VOLUME (Nuclear Blast), is available at . The song’s lyric video is online at . Digital and 7″ versions of the single — featuring the non-album track “Stand Up For Your Rock n’ Roll” — are due out November 30, and the album is due February 22. The band features singer Kim Fransson, guitarist Mattias Bärjed (Soundtrack Of Our Lives), bassist Jan Martens, and drummer Ludwig Dahlberg (International Noise Conspiracy). Band hype: “As far as a musical direction there was a clear intention to sound like a mix between early Van Halen, the Stooges, and the Who. Other obvious influences on the band would be rock classics such as Led Zeppelin, UFO, AC/DC, and Judas Priest to name a few.” The “Power & Volume” MP3 is available for free at .

-Great White’s 30th anniversary album LIVE FROM THE SUNSET STRIP is reportedly due out February 13 on Frontiers Records. See for more.

-Heavy Metal Television — the cool new 24/7 free metal video network at — is now on Facebook at .

-Holy Grail’s RIDE THE VOID is due out January 18 on Nuclear Blast. The first in a series of track-by-track videos for the album is online at . The digital single “Dark Passenger” — “a perfect foretaste of the album” — is due December 7 and can be pre-ordered at . See for more.

-There’s a new interview with Megadeth main man Dave Mustaine at .

-Several of Napalm Records’ recent releases have charted as follows… The Sorrow – Austria #18 (week 1), Austria #71 (week 2), Germany (#94); Tiamat – Germany #62, Sweden #11 (official album charts), Sweden #1 (hard rock charts); The Sword – UK #47 (indie charts), UK #21 (rock & metal charts), Sweden #12 (hard rock charts). See and for more.

-German Pascual’s (DivineFire, Narnia, Mind’s Eye) new video for “If The Sky Would Fall,” from A NEW BEGINNING, is online at .

-Psychostick — “the originators of humorcore” — have a new promo video for their “Santa’s An A**hole Tour” at . The band’s Christmas album THE FLESH EATING ROLLERSKATE HOLIDAY JOYRIDE is available for free download “till the end of Thanksgiving” at . The tour dates:

11/20 – The Brass Rail, Peoria, IL
11/21 – Tink’s Rock House, Marion, OH
11/22 – Phoenix Hill Tavern, Louisville, KY
11/23 – Victory Sports Bar, Georgetown, OH
11/24 – McGuffy’s House Of Rock, Dayton, OH
11/25 – Frankies, Toledo, OH
11/27 – Peabodys, Cleveland, OH
11/28 – Bada Brew, Crest Hill, IL
11/29 – The Yellow Bird, Fort Wayne, IN
11/30 – Uli’s Haus Of Rock, Lansing, MI
12/1 – Raks Sportsbar, Jackson, MI
12/2 – New York New York, Chesterfield, MI
12/3 – The Frequency, Madison, WI
12/4 – The Warehouse, La Crosse, WI
12/6 – Another Hole In the Wall, Steger, IL
12/7 – Bar 3, Rockford, IL
12/8 – House Of Bricks, Des Moines, IA
12/9 – Gabe’s, Iowa City, IA
12/11 – First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
12/12 – Nestor Tavern, Fargo, ND
12/13 – O.N.E., Mandan, ND
12/14 – Boonies, Sioux Falls, SD
12/15 – Tremors, St. Joseph, MO

See for more.

-Queensryche — the Todd LaTorre-fronted version, that is — is gearing up for a new album. James “Jimbo” Barton will co-produce and a 2013 release is expected. Check out a preview / teaser at .

-T&N is already working on a second album, which will include more originals and more Dokken re-workings: “When Heaven Comes Down,” “Til The Livin’ End,” and “Just Got Lucky” (possibly with Sass Jordan on vocals). The band plans to tour next year. Check out a new interview with guitarist George Lynch at . See and for more.

-Testament is touring Europe this month and next:

11/27 – Garage, Glasgow, UK
11/28 – Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, UK
11/29 – Ritz, Manchester, UK
11/30 – Koko, London, UK
12/1 – Hard Rock Hell Festival, Wales, UK
12/3 – Dynamo/Effenaar Club, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
12/5 – KKZ, Moskau, Russia
12/6 – Za Ozhidaniya, St. Petersburg, Russia

The band will also tour Europe next year with Shadows Fall and Bleed From Within:

3/16 – Tempo Rock Club, Reggio Emilia, Italy
3/17 – Rockfabrik, Nürnberg, Germany
3/18 – Schlachthof, Dresden, Germany
3/20 – LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany
3/21 – Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, Germany
3/22 – Docks, Hamburg, Germany
3/23 – Live Music Hall, Köln, Germany
3/25 – Backstage, München, Germany
3/26 – Nova Chmelnice, Prag, Czech Republic
3/27 – Studio Club, Krakau, Poland
3/28 – Huxley’s, Berlin, Germany
3/31 – La Machine de Moulin Rouge, Paris, France (no Bleed From Within)

See for more.

Thanks to Frontiers Records, Lance King, Bryan Reesman, Dave Tedder, Nathan Birk, Chad Bowar, Jon Asher, Lee Walker, James Wood, and Christie D’Zurilla for help gathering some of this information.

*** OUT ***

Detritus Issue #628

14 November 2012 Leave a comment

Issue #628
Week of November 12, 2012

To subscribe to the e-mail version do one of the following:
Send a blank e-mail to:

To unsubscribe from the e-mail version:
Send a blank e-mail to:

To contact us:

Patrick Brower, Editor

Sean P. Gahgan, Editor

Tim Wadzinski, Owner

Steve Shumake, Co-owner

-Time’s a-flyin’ now folks! Thanksgiving is already next week, we had snow on the ground the other day, and the all-Christmas music radio station is back on the air. Get festive!!! – Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-Y&T / Meniketti Update

[Note: This is from their November 2012 newsletter. – Tim]

Thanks to the greatest Y&T fans in the UK, Ireland, and Europe, who came out in force to support the band on this year’s fall tour. The guys had an excellent time playing for you all again and they enjoyed meeting many of you after the shows.

Mystic Weekend

This year’s magical Mystic Theatre weekend is this Friday & Saturday, November 16 & 17. Saturday night is SOLD OUT, but as of the writing of this email, there are still some tickets available for Friday night. If you don’t have yours yet, go to the TOUR DATES page of the web site and click the Mystic Theatre link for Friday.

We’re thrilled to have Frank Hannon of Tesla opening both nights. This is the venue where Y&T recorded their latest double-live CD. Be sure to get your tickets while they’re still available. These are the last Y&T shows of the year!

Y&T Bling

The ladies are loving the new Y&T earrings! These stunning, hand-crafted earrings feature a silver Y&T logo on black pick/plectrum with a really cool chain design. These new Y&T earrings are available exclusively on our web site and at some shows.

Winter Blues

Now that the warm weather has left us here in California, we’ve put the FACEMELTER chocolate bars back online. Also, our extremely popular long sleeve FACEMELTER shirts are now back in stock for the season.

Y&T Double-Live CD Update

We’re pleased to announce that Frontiers Records will be releasing Y&T’s new LIVE AT THE MYSTIC CD worldwide, starting in Europe on November 23 and in Japan on the Marquee/Avalon label on November 21.

This 2-disc set was first a special direct-to-the-fans release, originally available only through our web site. It will now be available through retailers worldwide. Recorded at one of the most popular venues that Y&T play every year — The Mystic Theatre — LIVE AT THE MYSTIC also marks the very first release with Brad. This 2-CD set includes 22 songs recorded over 2 nights in November of 2011, including many songs never before released on any other live Y&T CD. The amazing heat to the tracks showcases the power of the band as it currently sounds. This screams out to be a classic Y&T CD to have in your collection.

Available in stores in Japan on November 21, Europe on November 23. Currently available on the Y&T web site and digitally on, iTunes, etc.

Check out Y&T’s live CD promo on YouTube:

“Even if you had to wait a quarter of a century on it: The Ultimate Y&T live album is finally here!” – Rock Hard Magazine, August 2012

Black Is Back

We have a limited supply of BLACK TIGER shirts left. Choose from two styles:

1) 30th anniversary of the BLACK TIGER album featuring a brand new, never-before-used Black Tiger design for the front of the tee and tour dates on the back.

2) BLACK TIGER 30th Anniversary shirt with the tiger on the front and the song titles on the back.

Once these designs are gone, they’re gone, so get yours while we still have them.

Our very popular women’s tank tops are also still available online.

Visit our online store:

Monsters Of Rock

Y&T sets sail again on the 2013 Monsters of Rock Cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Coco Cay and Nassau. Come rock out with Y&T, Cinderella, Saxon, Queensryche, Kix, Great White, Tesla, Lita Ford, Stryper, Loudness, Nelson, Keel, TNT, London Quireboys, and many more! On sale now.

To partake in any special discounts & deals, tell them Y&T sent you!

Y&T Shows

Details for each of the shows below are on the TOUR DATES page of the web site.

November 16 ~ Petaluma, CA – Mystic Theatre + FRANK HANNON of Tesla
November 17 ~ Petaluma, CA – Mystic Theatre + FRANK HANNON of Tesla

Stay tuned! Many more 2013 tour dates to come!
February 1 ~ Fresno, CA – Tower Theatre
March 16-20 ~ Monsters of Rock Cruise
To partake in any special cruise discounts & deals, tell them Y&T sent you!

*Schedule subject to change. Be sure to verify with each venue.*

Check the web site TOUR DATES page for the most up-to-date concert information.
Thanks for your support!

The official Y&T and Dave Meniketti web site.


*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-Lizzy Borden Will Be Celebrating Thirty Years Of American Metal 1983-2013

Lizzy Borden’s 30 years of American metal tour is a brand new show, created from the ground up just for this monumental 30 year anniversary. The new show will encompass songs from each and every Lizzy Borden record to date, including classic songs like “Me Against The World,” “American Metal,” “Master Of Disguise,” plus songs the band has never performed live.

The Band:
Lizzy Borden
Joey Scott
Marten Andersson
Dario Lorina

2012 Promo video

Lizzy Borden Official live show

“Tomorrow Never Comes”

“Under Your Skin”

Click here for booking inquires:

Upcoming tour dates and more information see the official websites:

*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-Doro: New Album Debuts On Billboard Chart

RAISE YOUR FIST, the twelfth studio album released last week in the US and Canada by reigning metal queen Doro Pesch, has debuted at #65 on the American Billboard Heatseekers chart. Doro sends a huge thank you to all her fans for making this chart entry a reality!

RAISE YOUR FIST was recorded and written in the US, Germany, and Scandinavia and features musical guests Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead and Ozzy/Firewind guitarist Gus G. Album artwork was created by British artist and longtime Doro collaborator Geoffrey Gillespie. Pick up your copy at:

Nuclear Blast Webshop

your local independent retailer



Doro will be will be returning to North America in 2013 to rock the masses in support RAISE YOUR FIST.

DORO North American Headlining Tour 2013:
2/01/2013 Brass Mug – Tampa, FL
2/02/2013 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
2/03/2013 Empire – West Springfield, VA
2/04/2013 B.B. Kings Blues Club – New York, NY
2/05/2013 Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
2/07/2013 Mod Club – Toronto, ON
2/08/2013 Montage Music Hall – Rochester, NY
2/09/2013 Al Rosa Villa – Columbus, OH
2/10/2013 Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
2/12/2013 Blondie’s – Detroit, MI
2/13/2013 Mojoe’s – Joliet, IL
2/14/2013 Station 4 – St. Paul, MN
2/15/2013 Spicoli’s Grill and the Reverb – Waterloo, IA
2/17/2013 Moe’s – Englewood, CO
2/19/2013 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
2/20/2013 Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR
2/21/2013 Thee Parkside – San Francisco, CA
2/22/2013 House of Blues – West Hollywood, CA
2/23/2013 Rocky Point Cantina – Tempe, AZ

Advance ticket links are available on Doro’s Official Facebook Page.

“On her 12th solo album, German metal maiden Doro Pesch sounds more assured than ever, particularly as a song writer on these 13 taut, Teutonic tunes.” – Revolver

“RAISE YOUR FIST is a solid outing for Doro Pesch and at this stage in the game, would expect nothing less from her. She still manages to savor that hard rock image and make it work for her and I hope she never stops doing this. I say raise your fist in the air babe, and never let it go.” – Blistering

“RAISE YOUR FIST will put a smile on all of Doro’s fans faces, many years after she first appeared Heavy Metal still has plenty to give thanks to those like Doro.” – Sea Of Tranquility

“There is no doubt in my mind that Doro is a pioneer in her field of music, one that does what she loves best, and gives her fans all. That’s what I call dedication. Do I recommend RAISE YOUR FIST, most definitely.” – Metal Titans

“RAISE YOUR FIST is a confident, well crafted, classic metal album, which offers a slab of horn-throwing anthems, with just the right amount of sentiment. Doro heads into a new decade with another load of rock and roll ammunition in her arsenal.” – The Examiner

“For a quarter century, Doro has been defying stereotypes and putting out old-school metal that never fails to recall the days when the star of heavy metal burned brightest. Time may not have been the kindest to the style of music Doro has always stood for, but it has been kind to her. The accomplishment of staying relevant in the scene for so long is not something to be taken for granted, and it’s something indeed to be proud of.” – Bloody Good Horror

*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-Place Vendome

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce that Michael Kiske agreed to start working on a third Place Vendome album. With Dennis Ward producing again, the album will be recorded during the winter 2013 and will hopefully see the light of day after the summer.

Frontiers Records is therefore now looking for YOUR songs for the forthcoming album. We look for songs in Melodic Rock / Power AOR with musical references to the previous albums PLACE VENDOME and STREETS OF FIRE. We look for melodic tracks, rocking tracks, and also ballads at the moment.

You can check the following tracks for reference:

“My Guardian Angel” –
“Streets Of Fire” –
“Cross The Line” –
“I’d Die For You” –
“Follow Me” –
“I Will Be Waiting” –
“Right Now” –

The publishing will be handled by Frontiers with standard terms and conditions. For more info or requests you can mail Demos can be sent upon request or you can send an email with FTP link.


*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Buckcherry To Release CONFESSIONS In Early 2013 On Century Media Records

Buckcherry are proud to announce that their next studio album, CONFESSIONS, will be their first domestic release with new label Century Media Records. The album is planned for an early 2013 release on Century Media in the United States and via Eleven Seven Music worldwide, with new tracks to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

“The time has come to finally announce the release of our sixth LP, CONFESSIONS,” says Buckcherry front man Josh Todd. “This is our coolest album yet and I think a lot of people will relate, if you love BC you are going to get a chance to be part of a great story — join the revolution and let’s rock!”

Buckcherry are one of the premier rock bands of the new millennium, having sold more than three million records in America alone and touring virtually non-stop, playing with everyone from AC/DC to Slipknot, touring sold-out arenas alongside Nickelback and Kiss, and headlining festivals ranging from the punk rock Ink-N-Iron (also featuring the Misfits and Pennywise) to Sturgis. Radio staples “Lit Up,” “Crazy Bitch,” and “Sorry” have cemented the band as one of the most identified and sought-after bands on radio and live circuits, and CONFESSIONS is primed to take the band to even greater heights.

“This is, by far, our most ambitious record,” says guitarist Keith Nelson, who co-founded Buckcherry with Todd in 1995 after the duo met in a Los Angeles tattoo shop. “We are very proud of the work we’ve done and we are looking forward to presenting it to our fans.”

CONFESSIONS is an album based on the seven deadly sins, and is part of a larger vision that includes a film written by Josh Todd, who based the album’s lyrics on his childhood and transformation into adulthood.

Buckcherry remain on the road throughout 2012, appearing in Japan later this month and returning to the United Kingdom Nov. 20 – Dec. 10.

For more information on Buckcherry visit:

*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***

The soundtrack for the long expected Nightwish movie “Imaginaerum” will be released today. The album features 13 grandiose, unreleased re-interpretations of IMAGINAERUM tracks by Petri Alanko.

The entire album is available for streaming at

Here comes the track list of IMAGINAERUM BY NIGHTWISH: THE SCORE:

1. Find Your Story
2. Orphanage Airlines
3. Undertow
4. Spying In The Doorway
5. A Crackling Sphere
6. Sundown
7. Wonderfields
8. Hey Buddy
9. Deeper Down
10. Dare To Enter
11. I Have To Let You Go
12. Heart Lying Still
13. From G To E Minor

The long-awaited Nightwish movie “Imaginaerum” will have its “flying” premiere at Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland, on November 10, 2012, as the audience will be treated to both a full-scale Nightwish concert and the world premiere of the movie.

New trailer:

*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-Frontiers Records News


An exciting new AOR music star is born: Swedish singer Angelica Rylin (The Murder Of My Sweet) has decided to pursue her childhood dream and thus started recording an all Melodic Rock album affair under the direction of Daniel Flores on the production. “I always wanted to record an album like this,” says Angelica. “My childhood heroes were Robin Beck, Ann Wilson of Heart, Leigh Matty of Romeo’s Daughter.”

Some Melodic Rock song writing luminaries worked hard to create the magic harmonies and music that will be displayed on Angelica’s debut album. “Harry Hess, Daniel Flores, Robert Sall, and Anders Wigelius all contributed,” continues Angelica, and some excellent guitarists such as Jesper Stromblad (In Flames), Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear), and Per Berquist (Smash Into Pieces) also appear on the album. There is also a very special performance by keyboardist Matt Guillory (James LaBrie). “This being my first solo record I now have the chance to show you another side of me. This is the next chapter, I hope you’ll follow!” concludes Angelica.

You can enjoy some exclusive footage of Angelica recording in the studio following this link:

Melodic Rock Fanzine

Frontiers Records is proud to present the new issue of Melodic Rock Fanzine. The 53rd release of our successful magazine is available for free all over the world through record shops, mailorders and every fine dealer carrying the Frontiers Records releases.

This new issue includes reviews and interviews of Rick Springfield, A Perfect Day, Orden Ogan, Lionville, Sven Larsson, Royal Hunt, AOR; Lover Under Cover, Soleil Moon, Issa, Gene The Werewolf, Trail Of Murder, Jimi Jamison, Y&T… and more!

Electronic readable version of the magazine is available on the Frontiers official site and at .

Frontiers Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
-You Need Your Heavy Metal Television

PHOENIZ, AZ — Prepare to call your local Internet and cell phone provider to demand more bandwidth because in less than 24 hours, the Internet’s first ever live streaming television network will be commanding your attention… And, it’s a heavy metal television network.

From Lamb Of God to Motley Crue and from Behemoth to Shinedown, Heavy Metal Television will bring both current and classic hard rock and heavy metal videos to your desktop, laptop, or ‘net-ready flat-screen TV. Presented by young, talented VJs across the planet, no matter what your taste in hard music might lean toward, give the station a span of five videos and you’ll find a band that you love.

The site is 100% free, with no login necessary, no passwords to remember, no registration, subscription. None of that — you just point your browser to and start watching. It’s really as simple as that. Why complicate matters, right? And this metal show runs 24/7/365 with International Heavy Metal Week celebrated 52 weeks out of the year.

The music runs virtually nonstop with VJ interludes and limited minute-long commercial breaks consisting of four or five 20-second music-related ad clips. Saturday nights (PST) will feature a live concert and specialty programming is also being developed.

Heavy Metal Television has eclipsed Google, Apple, and Microsoft in terms of getting a live television station running on the web. And they’re pissed. Why? Because Pantera and Iron Maiden fans are beating them at their own game, ruling the World Wide Web with the first 24-hour streaming television network, station or channel on Earth forever free.

As Wednesday rolls into Thursday at midnight PST make sure you’re tuned in to — a revolution is calling.

*** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
-AFM Records News

Masterplan Announce New Vocalist And Bassist!

Melodic Metal heroes Masterplan are back with new lineup and big plans! The new members are well known:

Swedish vocalist Rick Altzi (At Vance, Thunderstone) is the one to replace Jorn Lande. Altzi enjoys a fabulous reputation throught his works with numerous projects and bands.

Masterplan’s new bass player is another highly regarded musician: Jari Kainulainen (ex-Stratovarius/Evergrey).

“The last years have not been easy for Masterplan,” band leader Roland Grapow comments. “Because of several factors we have been unable to play festivals and tours — even though we had plenty of offers. But this will definitely change now. I’m very happy to welcome Rick and Jari on board now. Beside their undoubted musical qualities they both fit perfectly into our team. We feel a huge motivation to get things going now. 2013 will be see a new Masterplan album, several festivals and a tour! It’s time to return with full force.”

First confirmed Masterplan gigs for 2013:
Wacken Cruise
Rocknacht Tennwilm (Switzerland)
Norfest (Portugal)
Masters Of Rock (Czech Republic)

Orden Ogan: TO THE END Album Enters Germany’s Album Chart At #41!

German Melodic Power Metal masters Orden Ogan are the band of the hour: their critically-acclaimed new album TO THE END enters Germany’s official album chart at #41!

“Wow, this is awesome! We are overwhelmed by this news. A big ‘thank you’ goes out to all those who supported Orden Ogan. We will celebrate now, but then it’s time for our final preparation for our tour with Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody and Freedom Call, which will kick off these days. We hope to see many of you there,” singer/guitarist Seeb comments.

U.D.O. LIVE IN SOFIA Preview Clip “Heart Of Gold” Available!

On November 9th, the new live documents of German’s Metal icon #1, Udo Dirkschneider, and his band will be released. LIVE IN SOFIA also marks the end of an era somehow, as the stable U.D.O. lineup that performed together for many years will be shown for a last time. As it became public that guitarist Stefan Kaufmann will be no longer available for the band due to health reasons, LIVE IN SOFIA will be the last U.D.O. DVD with Stefan.

A preview clip for the song “Heart Of Gold” is available now:

AFM Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
-Secret Sphere: Limited-Edition PORTRAIT OF A DYING HEART Numbered Wood-Case Available

Italian metallers Secret Sphere are offering an exclusive deluxe limited-edition “Numbered Wood-Case” box set featuring the band’s new album PORTRAIT OF A DYING HEART: 30 pieces – Japan Edition (including one bonus track) and 50 pieces – European Edition + new T-Shirt + signed guitar pick + signed pictures and stainless steel band symbol. The special package is ready to ship on 19th November. To place a pre-order write to:


1. Portrait Of A Dying Heart
2. X
3. Wish & Steadiness
4. Union
5. The Fall
6. Healing
7. Lie To Me
8. Secrets Fear
9. The Rising Of Love
10. Eternity
11. Legend 2012 (Japan Bonus Track)

The CD features a 40-page booklet, including the novel “She Complies With The Night” on which the album is based.

PORTRAIT OF A DYING HEART, the band’s seventh LP, was released October 24, 2012 via Warner Music (Japan) and is scheduled through Scarlet Records (Rest of World), November 25, 2012.

Check out the songs “The Fall” + “Healing” below:

The band’s current lineup consists of the following:
Aldo Lonobile – Rhythm and lead guitar
Michele Luppi – Vocals
Andrea Buratto – Bass
Gabriele Ciaccia – Keyboards
Marco Pastorino – Rhythm guitars
Federico Pennazzato – Drums

Secret Sphere, a name guaranteed to make every metal freak’s heart beat faster with excitement and anticipation. Crediting bands like Helloween, Angra, Dream Theater, and Savatage as their biggest influences, Secret Sphere manage to honor the heritage of such big names while creating their very own brand of METAL.

*** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
-Raven Lord Announces Fan Video Contest

Multinational heavy metal band Raven Lord and Rock N Growl have launched a worldwide fan video contest for the track “Black Friar.” It comes off their forthcoming album DESCENT TO THE UNDERWORLD. The winning contestant will be publicly announced in a press news and wins 300€ for the efforts. The video chosen will be the official music clip for the upcoming album release in January 2013.

Contest details:

Are you the guru for graphical design and video editing? Have you ever wanted to produce and edit your video clip to your favorite music? Now this is your chance!

Raven Lord just released the track “Black Friar” on which you can use your imagination and talent. You’re free to use animated or recorded video material. The resolution shall be HD quality. Make sure you use only video material on which you own the rights to!

The winning contestant will be publicly announced in a press news and wins 300€ for the efforts. The video chosen will be the official music clip for the upcoming album release in January 2013.

Here is how you can enter the contest:

1. Download Raven Lord’s “Black Friar” HERE!

2. Create your own video for “Black Friar” with your favorite tools.

3. Upload your HD video version to YouTube with the title “Raven Lord – video contest -” followed by your name or company and set the rights to unlisted!

4. Send your link to and you’re officially entered our contest.

Contest ends on Monday, 31. December 2012. The winning clip will be chosen by the band. The winner will be contacted by Rock N Growl. Good luck!

Raven Lord recently inked a two-album deal with Mausoleum Records. The group’s debut CD, DESCENT TO THE UNDERWORLD, is scheduled for a release on January 25, 2013 in Europe and February 12, 2013 in North America.

1. The Rebel
2. Attila The Hun
3. Let The Show Go On
4. Seal Of The Cross
5. Settle The Score
6. Promised Land
7. Black Friar
8. World Out Of Steel
9. Revelation
10. Metal Knights
11. Sun God

“Unashamedly wearing their heavy metal roots on their leather-studded sleeves, Raven Lord combine the classic metal feel of the past with the fresh aggression of the present,” according to a press release. “Thunderous bass lines, pounding drums and explosive riffs blend with distinct heavy, melodic vocals to create driving and memorable songs.”

Raven Lord is:
* Csaba Zvekan (Killing Machine, Sardonyx, Emergency) – Vocals
* Joe Stump (HolyHell, Reign Of Terror) – Lead Guitar
* Jamie Mallender (Tony Martin) – Bass
* Lawrence “Larry” Paterson (Blaze Bayley, Stuka Squadron) – Drums
* George Karafotis (Vermillion Days, Operation X) – Guitar
* [to be announced] – Keyboards

*** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
-Huntress Joins 3 Inches Of Blood Tour Beginning November 30

Debut Album SPELL EATER Out Now

LOS ANGELES, CA — After successful runs on Paganfest and with DragonForce in the US earlier this year and currently destroying stages across Europe, the demand for the live onslaught of Huntress is at an all-time high. Beginning November 30, 2012, the fearless metal pentad fronted by Jill Janus, whom LA Weekly named “It Girl in metal,” will be direct support on 3 Inches Of Blood’s 13-city West Coast tour. Please see below for a list of tour dates.

Says Jill Janus of this current live offensive, “Huntress is ready to slay the West Coast USA with 3 Inches Of Blood! We’re currently on tour with DragonForce in Europe, but there’s no rest for the wicked. We’ll have one day between Amsterdam and Tacoma, WA to haul ass and join forces with 3 Inches Of Blood as direct support on December 1st. Shred ’til yer dead!”

Los Angeles-based metal band Huntress released their buzz worthy debut album SPELL EATER on May 8, 2012 via Napalm Records. The album, which Metal Hammer calls “a magical debut from the hottest new act of 2012,” was recorded last fall in Los Angeles and was produced by Chris Rakestraw (Danzig, Children Of Bodom, and Skeletonwitch). The music video for the album’s title track sums up the band at its core: true to the roots of melodic heavy metal with a penchant for thrash, death, and black metal. To view the video, click here:

Huntress was spawned from the preternatural union of Jill Janus and the Southern California metal band Professor. Janus began her ascension into the realm of heavy metal in the Catskill Mountains of New York. She was born to scream — an operatic banshee with a four-octave range. The Catskills were not enough to contain her, and in her teens she toured Europe as a young opera prodigy.

Upon her return to New York, Janus took Manhattan by storm where she became a part of the nihilistic club scene and hosted Felliniesque parties to support her quest for Huntress. A few years later she would make the journey to Los Angeles, where she would ultimately find her band. Huntress is a blend of thundering drums, heavy riffs, spectral solos, and catchy choruses that come from the band’s musical concoction of occult science and archaic sorcery. Let the witches in!

Tour Dates:
11/30/12 – Bellingham, WA @ Wild Buffalo
12/01/12 – Tacoma, WA @ The Loch’s
12/02/12 – Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
12/03/12 – S. Lake Tahoe, CA @ Whisky Dick’s
12/04/12 – San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside
12/05/12 – San Diego, CA @ Ramona Mainstage
12/06/12 – Tempe, AZ @ 910 Live
12/07/12 – Las Vegas, NV @ Cheyenne Saloon
12/09/12 – Fullerton, CA @ Slidebar
12/11/12 – West Hollywood, CA @ The Whisky
12/12/12 – Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst
12/13/12 – Reno, NV @ The Alley
12/15/12 – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon

For more information on Huntress:

To like Huntress on Facebook:

To follow Huntress on Twitter:!/Huntresskills

To check out the recent Huntress EPK:

*** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
-Sweden’s Confidence: Entire New Release Available For Streaming!

The Swedish rockers from Confidence have just announced that they will celebrate their second release on Facebook with a full streaming of the entire album SEEDS.

This Online Release Party on Facebook for SEEDS has been scheduled for November 23 from 11:00 a.m. CET till 23:00 p.m. CET through .

Confidence will release their second digital release SEEDS on November 23, 2012 through all popular download platforms.

SEEDS track list:
1. Nail me Down
2. Collective Perspective (full version now online on Confidence Facebook)
3. The Walking Man
4. Seeds

The artwork is once again from the hands of Merlijn Zeeders from Blacklake Design, who was also responsible for the PRELUDE artwork.

Earlier, it was already announced that the band tapped Kevin Churko to mix the SEEDS release. Kevin Churko is a Canadian record producer/engineer and song writer that has worked for some of the world’s biggest names including Ozzy Osbourne, Shania Twain, Ringo Starr, Five Finger Death Punch, Hinder, In This Moment, Britney Spears, and many more. He currently lives in Las Vegas where he works out of his private studio “The Hideout” on Las Vegas Blvd, where also the new Confidence songs have been mixed.

This four-track SEEDS release is presented as a “digital release” and not as an EP.

Lead singer Emil Kyrk about the concept behind the band concerning releases: “It is a new world we live in, the old world of record companies, album releases and CDs are dying. Internet has effectively worn down the old dinosaurs in the music industry, it’s time to embrace the new technology instead of trying to get the old days back.

“This is the reason why Confidence will not release our material on a traditional label or on physical media. Instead, we will use the digital channels that exist today. And why release a full-length album where half of the songs are poorly produced because of the very slim budget today’s record companies can offer, when you can release songs whenever you want, when they are done, through digital channels?

“As with our music, we will go our own way as it comes to releasing songs. Each digital release will contain four or five songs, with at least two releases a year. Our fans will always be able to enjoy new and fresh Confidence songs.”

For all Confidence info:

*** PRESS RELEASE #14 ***
-Radiant Records: Free Inner Circle & Steve Hackett

Free Inner Circle Membership!
Back by Popular Demand.

We have extended the deadline for the “FREE Inner Circle Membership,” to December 1, 2012. Join now and get two months FREE! You will receive the November Inner Circle CD ISLAND OF THE LOST KEYBOARDS, Neal Morse’s mix of the FLYING COLORS CD for FREE! Simply click on the picture for complete details about the exclusive Inner Circle fan club.

What’s New!

A follow-up to 1996’s GENESIS REVISITED, as the title suggests, it sees the brilliant guitarist reinterpreting the golden era of the great band — one in which he was crucially involved — while also remaining true to the original spirit which produced such a remarkable string of timeless songs. GENESIS REVISITED II includes performances by Neal Morse and many other great musicians. An amazing two-CD set with beautiful packaging!

Bundle Up!

‘Tis the season to give, and so here’s your chance to give to yourself and others! We have bundled the latest release from Steve Hackett, GENESIS REVISITED II, with The Prog World Orchestra’s (Featuring Mr. Hackett and many others) A PROGGY CHRISTMAS. Check a few things off your list and save a little money at the same time!

Radiant Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #15 ***
-Napalm Records News

Audrey Horne Signs With Napalm Records

Napalm Records are excited and extremely proud to announce the signing of Norway’s Audrey Horne! The new material has been blowing our speakers since the master has arrived and the whole team is more than thrilled about the new songs! Welcome to the Napalm Records family!

“Audrey Horne are really proud to announce that we are now part of the Napalm family and their growing roster, featuring bands like Monster Magnet, The Answer, and The Sword. It is safe to say that we are in good company here! We are thrilled to be releasing our new album, YOUNGBLOOD in 2013 together with this dedicated team, and to do the next big step in our career together with them. We hope that you will love our new songs as much as we and the people at Napalm Records do already.”

9mm: New Video

Rock Rotten and his crew present their fans with a brand new video! The clip is filled with tons of passion and may be viewed at ! The new album VOLLE KRAFT VORAUS will be released in Europe on November 23 (North American release date TBA) and can be pre-ordered at !

Alunah: Vinyl Release

Napalm Records / Spinning Goblin Productions will exclusively release a strictly limited gatefold vinyl edition of the Doom/Psychedelic/Stoner masterpiece WHITE HOARHOUND by UK’s Alunah. The vinyl edition will be initially available 100 copies in white and 200 copies in green. Once they are gone, they are gone! Pre-order options will be available soon… so stay tuned!

Jake Mason / Alunah
“Alunah are extremely proud to say we are joining the Napalm Records / Spinning Goblin Productions family with the upcoming vinyl release of our current album WHITE HOARHOUND… re-mastered especially for the hallowed format.”

Finsterforst: Album Preview

Catch a first glimpse of RASTLOS on our YouTube channel: ! The new album will be released on November 27 in North America!

COMING SOON: Tiamat, The Sorrow, Paragon, Skalmold, Paragon, Finsterforst, Mammoth Mammoth

LATEST NAPALM KILLERS: Beyond All Recognition, My Sleeping Karma, Glowsun, Ex Deo, Grave Digger, Svölk, Liv Kristine, The Graviators

Napalm Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #16 ***
-Graveyard Hit The Charts, Answer Fan Questions In Video Interview!

Swedish blues rock superstars Graveyard have entered the charts with their most recent effort, LIGHTS OUT:

Germany: #27
UK: #35 (National Rock Charts)

Congrats, guys!

Commented the band: “After seeing how well our new album has been received and that there actually are people out there that still buy records, we’d like to say THANK YOU! We feel honored and humbled that so many people appreciate our music. After all, we’re just a couple longhairs that could have done a lot worse.”

Furthermore, singer/guitarist Joakim answered a bunch of questions fans could ask via the Nuclear Blast Facebook profile ( ) when he visited the NB headquarters in September. Check out the Graveyard interview at .

Also make sure to catch Graveyard live:
29.11. GER Hamburg – Markthalle
30.11. B Antwerp – Muziekcentrum Trix
01.12. UK Wales – Hard Rock Hell Festival
02.12. UK Bristol – Fleece
04.12. UK Glasgow – O2 ABC 2 Glasgow
05.12. UK Manchester – Ruby Lounge
06.12. UK London – O2 Academy
07.12. UK Brighton – The Haunt
09.12. NL Amsterdam – Melkweg
11.12. CH Zurich – Mascotte
12.12. AT Dornbirn – Conrad Sohm
13.12. AT Wien – Arena
14.12. GER München – Backstage
15.12. GER Dresden – Strasse E
16.12. GER Frankfurt/main – Batschkapp
17.12. NL Groningen – Vera
18.12. GER Cologne – Essigfabrik
19.12. GER Berlin – C-Club

“Endless Night” music video:

“Goliath” music video:

“Goliath” lyric video:

Click here for LIGHTS OUT wallpaper, screensaver & Firefox persona!


*** PRESS RELEASE #17 ***
-“Metal Down Under”: Documenting The History Of Heavy Metal Music In Australia!

Nick Calpakdjian from Animus Industries has announced the start of the fundraising campaign for the first film to fully document the history of heavy metal music in Australia: “Metal Down Under!”

Animus Industries is producing a feature-length documentary about the history of Heavy Metal music in Australia. The film will trace the origins of metal in Australia and explore this ever-evolving genre of extreme music.

From grind-core, thrash, death metal, black metal, hardcore, doom, melodic metal, sludge, power metal, and the many more subgenres that exist “Metal Down Under” will cover it all.

The history of metal in Australia has never been fully told and this film attempts to rectify that. Rather than a backstage interview film with a bit of live footage in between, “Metal Down Under” will tell the story of Aussie metal through formal interviews, archival, animation, candid observation-style footage, and first-person narration.

The film will be accompanied by an interactive website that will document the production of the film as well as profile and publicize many of the bands and identities involved in Heavy Metal. Released in conjunction with the documentary DVD will be a bonus DVD of music videos, interviews, and extended material as well as a compilation CD.

Animus Industries have put the feelers out for people interested in being involved in the production as on-camera interviews, assisting with research, and/or fundraising amongst other things.

Presently the following bands have pledged their support: Psycroptic, Blood Duster, Psychonaut, Pegazus, Frankenbok, Tzuntzu, Be’lakor, Lord, Synthetic Breed, Soulforge, Darker Half, Breaking-Orbit, Sydonia, Mammoth Mammoth, Thy Art is Murder, Humonic, Kunvuk, Breaking Orbit, The Stealth Creeping Apocalypse, Empire, Zelorage, and Our Last Enemy.

Industry personalities/organizations supporting the film include: Dave Harrison (ex-Allegiance / Heavy Metal Merchant), Andrew Haug (Radio Presenter / Contrive), Martin Popoff (Author), Adam Agius (Alchemist / Metal For The Brain), Peter Hobbs (Hobbs Angel Of Death), Simon Lukic (Musicaly Incorrect), Dave Leonard (Modern Music), Adrian Dixon (MetalDad Blog), Dysie (Prime Cuts Record Label / Soundworks) and magazine Heavy.

Many more are expected to follow as we continue to put the word out.

Producer/director Nick Calpakdjian: “I believe a film documenting the history of heavy metal in Australia is long overdue. As Simon Lukic (Musically Incorrect – Triple R FM) told me, ‘Australia has one of the most devoted and exciting heavy metal scenes in the whole world. A film highlighting this fact is not just long overdue it’s a necessity.’ I couldn’t agree with him more.

“This film will be from eyes of the characters that make metal in Australia what it is today. From record label managers, radio hosts, magazine publishers, and band members, to fans, bloggers, and filmmakers, ‘Metal Down Under’ will introduce you to a world you either didn’t want to know existed, or have been a part of all your life.”

Animus Industries are raising funds for this film in stages — Development, Production, and Post-Production. This will allow the company to undertake each phase of the production as they have the necessary funds to do so.

This is an independent production. Heavy Metal does not really make a dent on the commercial music scene in Australia and we do not expect the commercial television networks to come knocking any time soon. This film will finds its audience on DVD, online, film festivals, and then possibly on ABC2 in Australia.

If you want to participate to support the fundraising campaign to make sure this documentary can be realized, please go to . You can buy the film as a digital stream or as a DVD+CD, but also many great packages are offered!

(**Please note that we have removed the need to pay $10 extra for international postage. However we cannot update the reward packages on the right due to Pozible terms & conditions. If you are from outside of Australia and you want to donate, we’ll get the rewards to you without the need for extra cash!)

Trailer fundraising:

All info:
Fundraising campaign “Metal Down Under”:
Full film statement:
Official website:
Official Facebook:
Official Twitter:

*** PRESS RELEASE #18 ***
-Titans Eve Comments On Success Of Blankfest Vancouver Helping City’s Homeless

“The first annual Blankfest blanketed the city of Vancouver on November 10th to help those in need raising awareness, clothing and funds for Covenant House.”

When asked to headline the first annual Blankfest Vancouver, there were no second thoughts from Titans Eve as they were honored to help a worthy cause for the city’s street youth and shelter Covenant House, plus they were excited to play their first show since returning from their European tour with Arch Enemy.

The thrashers shared the stage this past Saturday, on November 10th at The Railway Club alongside 11 other rock and metal bands from across British Columbia and Alberta, which included Matt Blais, Kathy Frank, Mad Young Darlings, The Deadwax Collective, Handsome Distraction, Cry Of Silence, The Mighty One, Open Air, The Coalition, Versus The Nothing, and Thorntyr. The event was able to raise over $1000 and 200 clothing items for city’s homeless.

“Blankfest was a total success. Every band was totally fantastic and the cause was inspiring! Titans Eve is proud to help Vancouver the greatest city in the world out by helping its homeless stay warm in the coming winter months. Thank you very much for supporting Vancouver!” comments vocalist / guitarist Brian Gamblin.

About: Covenant House, founded in 1997 is a non-profit organization that offers a clear exit from life on the street to youth aged 16 – 24. They make this possible through a carefully designed Continuum of Care including a daily drop-in, a 54 bed crisis shelter, transitional housing, relapse prevention and life-skills training.

Each day young people come to them damaged from the abuses of their past, desperately needing love and guidance. Over the next year more than 1,500 homeless young people will come to Covenant House Vancouver and take the first steps in creating a better life for themselves by reaching out and saying, “Can you help me?”… and together they can.

If you would like to help please call (604) 638-GIFT (4438) or visit .

100 Words on Covenant House.pdf –

Covenant House Overview.pdf –

Covenant House Poster – Love Hope.pdf –

In additional news, the band posted live video from their tour date in Paris at the following links.

“Road To Ruin” (Live – Paris, France)

“Divided We Fall” (Live – Paris, France)

For more info on Titans Eve please visit their official website or follow them on their Facebook fanpage ( ) and Twitter ( @titanseve ).

*** PRESS RELEASE #19 ***
-Year Of The Goat: Debut LP From Swedish Occult Rock Outfit Nears Release

Östergötland/Norrköping, Sweden-based occult rock quintet Year Of The Goat are in the final stages of preparation for the release of their debut full-length, ANGEL’S NECROPOLIS, the album to be set free upon the Earth this December 7th, 2012 via Germany’s cult clique Ván Records.

Preceded only by two short EPs, also released by their comrades at Ván Records, ANGEL’S NECROPOLIS is a brilliantly infectious album highlighting the classic metal/occult rock harmonies Year Of The Goat seemingly permeate the air around them with, rather than “perform” or “execute” said riffery. The atmospheric permeation of the eight rituals which comprise their ANGEL’S NECROPOLIS offering form the proper conditions to transport the listener to another plane of existence for over fifty minutes; a meditative state in tribute to Lucifer and his legions.

Year Of The Goat now offer a sampling of their magic to the world; a hymn professing not only their talent and devotion to their songcraft, but also proof of their unwavering allegiance to their master. Engulf yourself in “I’ll Die For You” and more at this location:

Stay tuned for proclamations of live rituals and more propaganda on this act over the coming weeks as the album nears delivery.

1. For The King
2. Angels’ Necropolis
3. Spirits Of Fire
4. A Circle Of Serpents
5. Voice Of A Dragon
6. This Will Be Mine
7. I’ll Die For You
8. Thin Lines Of Broken Hopes

*** PRESS RELEASE #20 ***
-Orphaned Land: For Nobel Peace Prize!

Orphaned Land is one of the most respected and loved musicians over the entire globe, a band that dedicates their existence to the world language of metal music and cross-cultural understanding. While not overtly political, Orphaned Land is nevertheless proud of creating a reality of coexistence that has escaped politicians and peacemakers alike. They often speak of the power of music to turn purported enemies into friends, frequently pay homage and encourage collaborations with Arab and Muslim artists, and have made their latest album free to download for anyone in a number of Middle Eastern and North African countries. Over the past years these warriors of light achieved great things for the freedom of art, cultural, and religious understanding.

Now, a petition to the Norwegian Nobel Committee has been submitted to consider Orphaned Land for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize, and we think this is really something to support. Please sign this petition if you feel the same way.

Kobi Farhi, singer of Orphaned Land, shouts out: “This is my personal request to all my friends from the Middle East, Turkey, and in general from all my Muslim friends! We know for a long time now that we are above politics, we know that if it was in our hands, peace would have prevailed right away. Please enter this link and sign if you find us worthy, please also spread the word and share it on your pages. I send my endless love to all of you and all my love and best greetings for the coming holyday in a few days.



Please click the link below to enter the petition here.

Orphaned Land online:

*** PRESS RELEASE #21 ***
-Suicide Silence: Official Memorial Fund Online!


Suicide Silence have set up an official Mitch Lucker memorial fund in favour of the family of the band’s late singer. Lucker passed away Thursday, November 1 after a motorcycle accident during Halloween night.

The total amount of the collected money will go straight to the educational fund of Lucker’s five-year-old daughter, Kenadee.

Those who donate $20 or more will receive a commemorative T-shirt. If you donate $20 or more, please be sure to include a name, shipping address, and shirt size (S-4XL) in the comment box at time of donation. If you donate $5 or more, please be sure to include your full name as we will add your name to a tribute page coming soon on .

The band closes: “We thank you for your continued love & support through this devastating time.”

Surf to to place your donation. The site crashed immediately after being announced last week due to unexpected amounts of traffic. If you experience similar problems, please head over to the band’s Facebook page.

*** PRESS RELEASE #22 ***
-Ashes You Leave’s THE CURE FOR HAPPINESS — Limited Edition Album Copies Available

Rock N Growl Records & Croatian doom/gothic metallers Ashes You Leave offering a limited edition of the band’s new album. The first 100 orders will receive a hand-signed copy by the whole band. The new album THE CURE FOR HAPPINESS can be pre-ordered using the links below:

Recently announced the Croatian doom/gothic metallers Ashes You Leave will release their sixth full-length album, THE CURE FOR HAPPINESS, on November 29 worldwide via Rock N Growl Records.

The CD was recorded in the G.I.S. studios, under Matej Zec’s watchful eye. The record will see the enchanting Ms. Giada “Jade” Etro behind the microphone. Be prepared to hear the perfect soundtrack to your suicide!

Track Listing:

1. Devil In Disguise
2. Only Ashes You Leave
3. For The Heart, Soul And Mind
4. The Ever-Changing
5. Meant To Stray
6. Summer’s End
7. Reality Sad
8. The Cure
9. …For Happiness

THE CURE FOR HAPPINESS will be also available as digital download on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

The new song “Summer’s End” can be streamed below:

The band’s lineup: Giada “Jada” Etro – lead vocals, Berislav “Bero” Poje – vocals & lead guitar, Matija Rempesic – guitar, Marta Batinic – violin, Luka Petrovic – bass guitar, Sasa Vukosav – drums

Ashes You Leave was formed back in ’95 all the odds were against them. Back in those days dreaming about music success in war-torn Croatia was just one step from being classified as a lunatic. A few young doom metal fans had a different idea. They actually decided to beat the odds and formed what later became the biggest Croatian metal band of all times — Ashes You Leave.

*** PRESS RELEASE #23 ***
-Vision Of Disorder’s Brooklyn Headlining Show Now A Red Cross Benefit For Hurricane Sandy Victims

Today Vision Of Disorder confirms that all the proceeds from their upcoming headlining concert in Brooklyn later this month will be donated to the Red Cross, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

What was simply a headlining show for the band has now been dubbed “Picking Up Change: Hardcore For Hurricane Relief.” Vision Of Disorder initiated this act of support to their community after witnessing the catastrophic demolition across the New York metropolitan area and beyond as Sandy surged through our region on October 29th. VOD, as well as the other bands performing at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on November 24th, will contribute donations to the Red Cross to help aid the decimated areas and many displaced local residents throughout the Northeast as the season grows colder.

In a collective statement the members of VOD had this to say: “Our hearts go out to those severely affected by this tragic incident. Being from Long Island, Hurricane Sandy has (quite literally) hit home for us. The music scene in Long Island, The New York metro area, and New Jersey have been so supportive to VOD over the years that we felt donating the proceeds from the Brooklyn show was a no-brainer. We are proud to announce that the opening acts (Primitive Weapons, Yuppicide, Swarm Of Arrows) have also agreed to donate their proceeds. We hope that this small gesture can add to the ongoing efforts and help rebuild these traumatized areas. We look forward to seeing you all on Nov 24th to support this cause.”

In addition to the funds generated by Vision Of Disorder, Yuppicide, Primitive Weapons, and Swarm Of Arrows at “Picking Up Change: Hardcore For Hurricane Relief” going directly to the Red Cross, show attendees are invited to bring supplies — canned/nonperishable food, batteries, toilet paper, etc. — for area shelters and food banks, as donation bins will be posted outside of the venue. Supplies to aid pets and animals displaced by the storm are also acceptable and will be donated to Last Resort Animal Rescue in New Jersey.

The members of Vision Of Disorder, in an alliance with Candlelight Records, Earsplit PR, Metal Insider, The Music Hall of Williamsburg, and all parties involved with this event, are reaching out to all area hardcore and metal fans to join them on November 24th, not only to take part in what is sure to be a high-action live show, but more importantly to help contribute to this imperative objective of getting the displaced families and businesses back on their feet. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.

Full ticket info for this event can be found here:

Picking Up Change: Hardcore For Hurricane Relief
11/24/2012 Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY
w/ Vision Of Disorder, Primitive Weapons, Yuppicide, Swarm Of Arrows

Those not in the area for this event who wish to help can make donations directly to the Red Cross via the Picking Up Change Firstgiving link:

NYC-based icons Vision Of Disorder released THE CURSED REMAIN CURSED — their first album in over a decade — via Candlelight Records in September. Inarguably one of the most dynamic and cleverly destructive releases in VOD’s 20-year history, the critically-acclaimed album surges with over 40 minutes of brand new material, produced by Will Putney (Shadows Fall, Suicide Silence) and mixed by Cameron Webb (Motörhead, Social Distortion).

*** PRESS RELEASE #24 ***
-Toxic Holocaust Tune To Be Included In FX Series “Sons Of Anarchy”

The song “Bitch” from punk metal derelicts Toxic Holocaust will be clawing its way through your speakers during next week’s episode of FX drama series “Sons Of Anarchy” (season 5; episode 11).

Comments Toxic band leader Joel Grind: “We are all excited to announce the inclusion of our song ‘Bitch’ in the upcoming episode of ‘Sons Of Anarchy.’ All of us are huge fans of the show and this season especially seems to be upping the ante with each episode.”

Tune in to FX on Tuesday, November 20 at 10:00 p.m. EST/PST to check it out.

“Sons Of Anarchy” is based on the lives of a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club from a fictional town in California’s Central Valley. The show centers on then-vice president Jackson “Jax” Teller (Charlie Hunnam), who begins questioning the club and himself. “Sons Of Anarchy” premiered in the Fall of 2008 and has since become FX’s highest rated series ever.

“Bitch” comes off Toxic Holocaust’s mercilessly abrasive CONJURE AND COMMAND full-length, released via Relapse Records last year. The record, which Revolver praised for its “nuclear reactive riffage and Repo Man punk attitude,” continues to reap critical hails. CONJURE AND COMMAND is available across several formats including a limited edition, deluxe CD and DVD set that includes a full Toxic Holocaust live show. The album is available for purchase through Relapse and iTunes here:

In addition, check out the iTunes bonus track from the record — a cover of Repulsion’s “Helga (Lost Her Head)” — at the band’s official Facebook page:

“…sweetly redolent of thrash, d-beat, and raw sewage, the album simmers with tar-thick riffage, staggering breakdowns, and a corroded dose of self-loathing…” – The Onion’s A.V. Club

“…it’s refreshing to hear a thrash band that is so single-minded about its whirlwind riffs and pastor-baiting lyrics.” – The Washington City Paper

“If The Exploited and Nuclear Assault had a kid, Toxic Holocaust would take its lunch money and toss it in the dumpster.” – Hails & Horns

-Guitarist Warren Appleby (Blacktask, River Eden) has a new CD out called FACE IT. Track list: “Face It,” “New Voyage,” “There Is A Future,” “Shimmer,” “Watch The Skies,” “Time Of The Season,” “Breathe,” “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris,” “Teacher (Professor’s Intro).” Hype: “FACE IT expands on Warren’s use of classic guitar tones, atmospheric synths, and memorable melodies. Five great new originals and four eclectic cover songs make up this exciting new instrumental rock release!” FACE IT is available through CD Baby ( ) and iTunes. See for more.

-Brute Forcz, featuring ex-pro wrestling brothers Slammer and Jammer along with lead guitarist Will Wallner, has released its debut full-length album OUT FOR BLOOD. The disc was produced by Bob Kulick and includes 10 tracks: “Live For Speed,” “Out For Blood,” “Metal Injection,” “Sex Machine,” “Teenage Lover,” “Leather N Chains,” “Torture Chamber,” “Thrill Queen,” “Hang Em High,” “Freedom’s Heart (Neda’s Song).” The albums is available at iTunes at , and CDs can be purchased from the band via . See and for more.

-Attention Deficit Delirium has a new interview with Coheed And Cambria guitarist Travis Stever at .

-Destruction’s 30th anniversary album SPIRITUAL GENOCIDE is due out November 23. Check out the brand new “Carnivore” video at the Metal Hammer UK website, . See for more.

-Holy Grail’s RIDE THE VOID is due out in Europe via Nuclear Blast on January 18, 2013. Check out the lyric video for the album’s first single “Dark Passenger” — hype: “the song that perfectly showcases the combo’s unique modern approach to the classical sound of the NWoBHM” — at . Get a free MP3 of the song and “the terrific Holy Grail songpier smartphone app” at . See for more.

-Nonexist’s new album FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS is out now on Pivotal Rockordings. The first single, “Fire At Will,” an album teaser, and covers of Megadeth’s “In My Darkest Hour” and Coroner’s “Masked Jackal” are now online at . There is also “free extensive artwork to accompany” FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS at the site. See , , and for more.

-Tiamat’s THE SCARRED PEOPLE is out now, and there’s a new interview with singer / guitarist / keyboardist / song writer Johan Edlund at .

Thanks to Chad Bowar and Bryan Reesman for help gathering some of this information.

*** OUT ***

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Issue #627
Week of November 5, 2012

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-Are we all recovered from the election furor and hysteria? – Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-Meet Kiss And See A Private Acoustic Show

[Note: This is from a newsletter. – Tim]

Meet Kiss on their upcoming South American tour and get access to a private acoustic Kiss set! This is a once in a lifetime experience with the hottest band in the world. Check out the details below and please note, you must have a ticket to the show to enter the venue. This package does NOT include a ticket to the show and will not grant you entrance into the venue.

Visit the tour page for more details.

The Kiss Meet and Greet Experience includes:
o Exclusive Meet & Greet with Kiss
o Personal Photograph with Kiss
o Autograph Session with Kiss (limit two items, no instruments)
o Exclusive access to Kiss’ Private Pre-show Acoustic Set
o Kiss Tour Shirt
o On-site VIP Host

Nov 7 – Buenos Aires – River Plate Stadium
Nov 12 – Asuncion – Jockey Club
Nov 14 – Porto Alegre – Estadio do Zequinha
Nov 17 – Sao Paolo – Anhembi
Nov 18 – Rio de Janeiro – HSBC Arena

*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-HammerFall: “Threshold” Live Video Clip + Free Download!

Before the Swedes of HammerFall will take their well-deserved break in 2013 in order to recharge their batteries and to return stronger than ever in 2014, they’ll offer their fans a high-class DVD/BluRay+2CD live testimonial. GATES OF DALHALLA (out on November 30) contains the entire extensive anniversary show that took place on the 28th of July 2012 on the magnificent open-air stage of Dalhalla, Sweden, plus exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

Watch HammerFall’s live performance of their classic “Threshold” to get a first impression of the visually stunning show that GATES OF DALHALLA holds in store for you:

Moreover, you can now download the song’s audio live version for free via HammerFall’s official Nuclear Blast band page:

*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-Randy Piper Of W.A.S.P. Presents Vocalist Auditions

[Note: This is from the newsletter. – Steve]

SEATTLE, WA — Randy Piper of W.A.S.P. is holding vocalist auditions at the Temple Theater in Tacoma, WA, November 14, 15, and 16. Auditions are by appointment only. Click on to register.

Are You Ready To Get Heavy?

Randy is looking for the right combination of vocal skill, stage presence, creativity, and charisma to front his new heavy metal project.

“I’m ready for some new blood,” Piper said. “I want someone to come in with the confidence to nail the W.A.S.P. songs, but also be comfortable blazing new territory.”

The right person should be able to sing classic W.A.S.P. hits, sound great with Piper, be free of drug or alcohol issues, and be able to travel overseas. A great stage presence and the ability to relate to and command an audience is a must.

Come In And Kill It.

There are four songs to choose from, including W.A.S.P. classics, “Wild Child” and “Savage;” “Nowhere Fast” from the movie “Streets Of Fire,” and the previously unreleased Randy Piper Animal track, “Raising Hell.”

“‘Raising Hell’ is an opportunity for someone to really shine,” Piper said. “This track has the chorus on there to give you a start, but I really want to hear someone come in with their own lyrics and blow this away.”

Are you the one Pipester is looking for?

Male or female, be ready to rock!

Register at for your spot.

Nov. 14 – 16, Temple Theater, Tacoma, WA

*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-Frontiers Records Is Pleased To Announce The Release Of Royal Hunt Celebrative Box Set Entitled 20TH ANNIVERSARY – SPECIAL EDITION On November 23 In Europe And January 21 In North America

After the highly successful 20th anniversary tour in support of their latest album SHOW ME HOW TO LIVE, Royal Hunt celebrate the band’s 20th Anniversary with this very special “Best Of” package including three CDs and one DVD.

The release will include the best Royal Hunt songs from all 11 albums, a brand new song, plus three newly-recorded acoustic versions of three additional songs, and a DVD including all the promotional video clips shot by the band during their long ride…

The track listing shows the incredible amount of amazing songs that the band wrote and performed during their long and successful career.

Disc 1:
Flight; Kingdom Dark; Stranded; Clown In The Mirror; Wasted Time; Epilogue; Time; Far Away; 1348; River Of Pain; Tearing Down The World; Message To God.

Disc 2:
Cold City Lights; Follow Me; Surrender; The Mission; Can’t Let Go; Paper Blood; Season’s Change; The First Of Rock; Tears Of The Sun; The Well; Shadowman; Hard Rain Is Coming; Half Past Loneliness.

Disc 3:
Save Me (new song); One By One (new recording, unplugged version); Bodyguard (new recording, unplugged version); Restless (new recording, unplugged version); Bad Luck; Double Conversion; U-Turn; Sixth Sense; Day Is Dawning.

Disc 4 DVD:
Video clips for: Land Of Broken Hearts, Day In Day Out, Clown In The Mirror, Far Away, Last Goodbye, Stay Down, River Of Pain, Tearing Down The World, Martial Arts, Third Stage, Wasted Time, Interview, Message To God.

Royal Hunt mastermind, writer, and keyboard player Andre Andersen says: “To our fans, this will be a great journey through memory lane and for the new fans, a chance to poses a sample of the BEST there is to offer from the Royalty itself! Enjoy!”

Royal Hunt
Andre Andersen – keyboards
DC Cooper – vocals
Allan Sorensen – drums
Andreas Passmark – bass
Jonas Larsen – guitars

*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Asia RESONANCE: THE OMEGA TOUR To Be Released In A Deluxe CD/DVD Package By Frontiers In November

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of Asia’s newest live package RESONANCE on November 23rd in Europe and November 27th in North America to coincide with the band’s forthcoming tour.

Recorded on May 4th 2010 in Basel, Switzerland, this new Asia live 2CD / DVD captures the band, featuring the original lineup of Geoff Downes, Steve Howe, Carl Palmer, and John Wetton in front of an ecstatic audience during one of the shows on the OMEGA World Tour.

Filmed with 18 HD cameras, this live recording is truly a rewarding experience for all Asia fans. After the polished Japanese DVD FANTASIA, Asia released SPIRIT OF THE NIGHT from the Cambridge Festival two years later. SPIRIT was a high-energy, end-of festival document. This is Asia resonating the Z7 on an OMEGA night in Central Europe: “Asia live on the road, in-your-face and for your pleasure,” says John Wetton.

The set list features songs from their first two reunion albums PHOENIX and OMEGA, along with a selection of the classics from the 1982 debut album and their 1983 follow-up ALPHA. The recording is a historical document of where the band was at the time and a snapshot of their musicianship, camaraderie and passion.

This live 2CD / DVD is released exclusively in a lavish digi-pak edition and is an irreplaceable companion to the studio album.

RESONANCE track listing includes:

CD 1: I Believe; Only Time Will Tell; Holy War; Never Again; Through My Veins; Don’t Cry; All’s A Chord; The Valley Of Rocks; The Smile Has Left Your Eyes; Open Your Eyes

CD 2: Finger On The Trigger; Time Again; An Extraordinary Life; End Of The World; The Heat Goes On; Sole Survivor; Go; Heat Of The Moment

DVD: I Believe; Only Time Will Tell; Holy War; Never Again; Through My Veins; Don’t Cry; All’s A Chord; The Valley Of Rocks; The Smile Has Left Your Eyes; Open Your Eyes; Finger On The Trigger; Time Again; An Extraordinary Life; End Of The World; The Heat Goes On; Sole Survivor; Go; Heat Of The Moment

Enjoy a sneak peak of the forthcoming DVD — “Only Time Will Tell” — following the link below:

Asia is:
Geoff Downes: keyboards
Steve Howe: guitars
Carl Palmer: drums
John Wetton: lead vocal and bass

Asia Tour Dates:
November 2012
1 – Royal Oak, MI – Royal Oak – United States
2 – St. Charles, IL – Arcada Theatre – United States
3 – Sloan, IA – Winnavegas Casino Showroom – United States
7 – San Francisco, CA – The Regency Ballroom – United States
8 – Santa Ynez, CA – Churmash Casino – United States
9 – Agoura Hills, CA – Canyon Club – United States
10 – Las Vegas, NV – Green Valley Casino – United States
11 – San Juan Capistrano, CA – Coach House – United States
13 – Scottsdale, AZ – Talking Stick Casino – United States
15 – Houston, TX – House of Blues – United States
16 – Dallax, TX – Granada Theater – United States
17 – Austin, TX – One World Theatre – United States
19 – Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse – United States
20 – Clearwater, FL – Capitol Theatre – United States
21 – Orlando, FL – FL Plaza Theatre – United States
23 – Manistee, MI – Little River Casino Resort – United States

December 2012
15 – Tavistock – The Wharf – United Kingdom
16 – Holmfirth – The Picturedrome – United Kingdom
17 – Edinburgh – Queens Hall – United Kingdom
19 – Salisbury – City Hall – United Kingdom
20 – Birmingham – Town Hall – United Kingdom
21 – Manchester – RNCM – United Kingdom
22 – London – Shepherds Bush Empire – United Kingdom

*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-AFM Records News

The Last Vegas: Video Clip “Evil Eyes” Available!

The Last Vegas electrify the Rock fans with their “’70s Aerosmith meets ’80s Guns N’ Roses” sound.

America’s hottest Sleaze Rock band will release their new album BAD DECISIONS on November 16th in whole Europe. A video clip for the song “Evil Eyes” is available now.

Lyriel: “Wenn Die Engel Fallen” Digital Single & Video Clip Released!

After the release of their latest album LEVEAGE in February, German Gothic rock band Lyriel received overwhelming feedback on one song especially: the sensitive ballad “Wenn Die Engel Fallen,” where Schandmaul singer Thomas Lindner is singing a duett part with Lyriel’s Jessica.

The band then decided to film a video for this song — and here it is!

Also a digital single “Wenn Die Engel Fallen” is available now, which includes the title track and four bonus videos.

AFM Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-Nuclear Blast Online Poker Launches!

Heavy Metal fans have found a new online home to party, poker and rock out. Nuclear Blast, together with kuuluu AG, launches Nuclear Blast Poker a free-to-play social platform. Nuclear Blast Poker is not just an online poker game but also a community platform where Metal freaks interact, show their love for Metal by styling their avatar with cool hardcore items from the shop all whilst listening to the newest music releases from Nuclear Blast label on an integrated Music player. Join the game at or visit and play as a guest on .

Nuclear Blast Poker allows all metalheads to congregate, meet new like-minded people, compete for stellar prizes and live-out their passion for metal fashion. The in-game shop players have the chance to choose items for their poker alter-ego avatar from a huge selection that shows the rest of the world what they’re really made of.

Nuclear Blast Poker is free-to-play and all about giving metal fans the opportunity to meet each other in a new and exciting environment. Players can choose from casual tournaments, challenge friends or simply take a seat directly at a regular sit-down table to win virtual chips, gold and experience points. Furthermore, the user experience is designed with the metal fan in mind with stunning backdrops, hardcore avatars and rockin’ items, and to top it off the Nuclear Blast Player on SoundCloud blaring out the latest tracks of the label.

The game also provides metal fans with the opportunity to compete against some of their biggest idols. Scott Ian of Anthrax and Damian Wilson of Threshold both enjoy playing poker and will surprise fans at the tables and tournaments. Fans will even win exclusive “Meet & Greets” with their heroes.

Threshold’s Damian Wilson states “I love poker and I love music. Putting the two together is like introducing girlfriends. Could be heavenly or may be all out war. See you on the Nuclear Blast Poker tables!”

“I am excited and curious to meet our fans on Nuclear Blast Poker and I can’t wait to see who’s got the skills to beat me on some of the tables,” says Scott Ian (Anthrax).

As a welcome gift, the game is giving fans the chance to take part in a one-off “Registration Lottery” to win a signed artwork on canvas from Nightwish’s latest album and upcoming movie IMAGINAERUM. Together with a 50 € Nuclear Blast mailorder merchandise gift card, one lucky fan is gonna have a grand New Year’s. Anyone who registers for the game before the end of December will be entered into the prize draw.

*** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
-Z Records News

Escape Working On Album No. 2 And Live Shows

Escape, the band described by Rob Evans of Classic Rock AOR as “the jewel in the crown of British AOR,” have begun work on their follow-up to the current high-flying UNBREAKABLE with an April release in their sights.

Escape have the following live appearances confirmed:

Dec 2nd – The Engine Rooms, Skelmersdale
April 6th – HRH AOR Festival, Rotherham

The band are hoping to soon confirm dates in Ireland in the near future.

Z Backed Radio Shows Classic Rock Home

Last week we reported that the “Rock Forces” Radio show feat Z Records’ Mark Alger would go live this month. Due to illness the show will not hit the airwaves until November 11th. 10 a.m. – 12 noon be sure to tune in at . Watch out for more exciting news regarding Classic Rock Radio as further known presenters will be announced shortly.

Your Sunday Mornings Are Gonna Rock With Classic Rock Radio — Your Sonic Salvation

This coming Sunday sees the launch of the all-new show “Rock Forces” on a Sunday with Mark Alger of Z Records. Tune into Classic Rock Radio between 10 a.m. and noon UK time, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. [CET], 5 a.m. – 7 a.m. [EST], or check it out when it’s repeated at 10 p.m. to midnight same day. This week’s show features new material from Aerosmith, Kiss, Paul Sabu, and many more, plus the exclusive chance to win a pair of concert tickets.

Sunday mornings will never be the same tune in at or use the tune in app available on Android and iPhones.

Z Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
-LOVE.MIGHT.KILL: Stateside Release Of German/Italian Outfit’s New Album Nears

Massacre Records is proud to release the sophomore album from German/Italian melodic metal outfit LOVE.MIGHT.KILL in North America this November.

Featuring drummer Michael Ehré (Firewind, Uli Jon Roth, Metalium) and the brilliant singer Jan Manenti, LOVE.MIGHT.KILL appeared virtually out of nowhere in 2011 with their BRACE FOR IMPACT debut, an album which perfectly combined the enthusiasm of a first appearance with the experience of a long song writing career, instantly winning over a solid fan base within the European hard rock/power metal scene.

One year later, LOVE.MIGHT.KILL are about to release their second opus, 2 BIG 2 FAIL, to North American audiences, following its very recent release in Europe. Boasting nearly an hour of incredibly hard-hitting, melodic power metal with a dozen anthems, 2 BIG 2 FAIL was produced by Michael Ehré, as with their first album. Being around for years as the drummer in bands like Gamma Ray, Firewind, and Metalium, or with artists like Uli Jon Roth, Matt “Gonzo” Roehr, Vinnie Moore, and Kee Marcello, Ehré has made a strong impact in the national and international scene. The songs were then mixed and mastered by Markus Teske (Spock’s Beard, Saga, Vanden Plas) at his own Bazement-Studio.

Check out the video for the album’s second track, “XTC,” and more:

2 BIG 2 FAIL Track Listing:
1. Save My Soul
2. XTC
3. Burn The Night
4. The One
5. Restless Heart
6. Home
7. The Great Escape
8. Too Big To Fail
9. We Fall
10. Big Screen Pleasure (And Pain)
11. Alone
12. The Perfect Mistake

Jan Manenti – vocals
Christian Stöver – guitars
Stefan Ellerhorst – guitars
Jogi Sweers – bass
Sascha Onnen – keyboards
Michael Ehré – drums

*** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
-Vanderbuyst: Dutch Crew’s New LP Locked, Cocked And Ready To Rock Video Released Today

This December, The Netherlands’ raging trio Vanderbuyst will bring the party back to the rock scene full-on with their third LP, FLYING DUTCHMEN. The surging energy of FLYING DUTCHMEN will rocket forth onto the public worldwide this December 7th via Ván Records, the label responsible for bringing such acts as The Devil’s Blood, The Ruins Of Beverast, Nagelfar, and others into the cult spotlight within the last decade, in addition to having unleashed Vanderbuyst’s 2010-released self-titled debut LP and 2011-released sophomore album, IN DUTCH.

Today, Vanderbuyst and Ván Records proudly reveal the first single and official video for the album’s tenth anthem, “Flying Dutchman,” viewable alongside a pile of other good stuff:

1. Frivolous Franny
2. Waiting In The Wings
3. Give Me One More Shot
4. The Butcher’s Knife
5. Tears Won’t Rinse
6. Never Be Clever
7. In Dutch
8. Johnny Got Lucky
9. Lecherous
10. Flying Dutchman
11. Welcome To The Night

The world needs Vanderbuyst now more than ever. The fun has been taken out of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll. In their native Netherlands, the Red Light zones have become cesspools of human trafficking. One by one, the coffee shops are denying access to anyone who is not registered in the government’s database as a card-carrying stoner. Too many bands are more concerned with the quantity of “likes” than the quality of licks. Guitarist Willem Verbuyst, drummer Barry Van Esbroek and singer/bassist Jochem Jonkman saw the writing on the wall in 2008 and did what the Dutch do best: they rolled up their sleeves and got to work. The energetic trio began crafting songs with the quintessentially Dutch attitude that less is more than enough provided you have the right raw materials. A three-track demo EP led to the band’s self-titled debut LP on Ván Records. From the classic riff and lead sound to the catchy refrains, it was clear: this is authentic hard rock at its best. IN DUTCH drove the point home again with even more finesse and fire.

But what about the band’s live reputation? In a word: incendiary! In the past three years, these driven Dutchmen have played over two hundred shows in sixteen countries, thrilling audiences with their high octane shows. In 2011, Vanderbuyst opened for the legendary Saxon on their European tour and hit the main stage at Holland’s famous Bospop festival (with bands like Black Country Communion and Dream Theater) to name one of the highlights of the 100 shows they played that same year including support for Triggerfinger, one of the most popular alternative rock bands in Europe. In 2012, the band toured Europe with Grand Magus, and back home, they had the honor of supporting hard rock legend Scott Gorham’s Thin Lizzy as well as Judas Priest. Across the border in France, they tore up the main stage at Hellfest, which also hosted Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe and Blue Öyster Cult. In Germany, Vanderbuyst took the main stage at the 2012 Bang Your Head!!! festival and promptly gave the crowd whiplash.

With the upcoming release of a new full-length album, FLYING DUTCHMEN, Vanderbuyst continue their tireless quest to save the world from flaccid rock. Much like their ancestors before them, Jonkman, Van Esbroek, and Verbuyst have achieved an amazing feat of reclamation. Vanderbuyst have restored the heart and soul to hard rock without any gimmicks or ironic hipster attitude. This is the real deal.

*** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
-Suicide Silence Singer Passes Away At Age 28!

It is with great sadness and regret this morning that we have to report that Mitch Lucker, vocalist of Suicide Silence, passed away a few hours ago due to injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident.

Nuclear Blast would like to offer our condolences to his family, friends, band members, and fans worldwide who are affected by this loss. He left us doing what he loved to do most. He was 28 years old and will be sorely missed.

The band has made the following statement official via its Facebook page:

“There’s no easy way to say this. Mitch passed away earlier this morning from injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident.

“This is completely devastating to all of us and we offer our deepest condolences to his family. He will be forever in our hearts. R.I.P. Mitchell Adam Lucker — We Love You Brother”

Fans are encouraged to share their memories, photos of Mitch and condolences on the band’s official Facebook page:

*** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
-Corrosion Of Conformity Release EYE FOR AN EYE Reissue; North American Tour Kicks Off Tonight In Pittsburgh

Today North Carolina crossover instigators Corrosion Of Conformity release their legendary EYE FOR AN EYE full-length to North American fans via Candlelight Records. Originally issued in 1984, the special reissue has been re-mastered and includes the SIX SONGS WITH MIKE SINGING EP, both of which have been long out of print. A deluxe digi-book edition of the album, limited to 1,000 for North America, will be available at limited retailers and via Candlelight’s official webstore.

Eye For An Eye is streaming in its entirety for a limited time via BrooklyVegan. Check it out:

Coinciding with the release, Corrosion Of Conformity today kick off a string of dates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Altar Bar. Presented by Scion A/V, the tour includes support from a host of esteemed ear-bleeders including Zoroaster, ASG, Royal Thunder, YOB, and Saviours. Additionally, the band will play a string of special shows with High On Fire, Goatwhore, and LoPan on select dates as well as a special Power Of The Riff presents event featuring COC, High on Fire, Sunn O))), Black Breath, Dead In The Dirt, Loincloth, and Void Of Voices. See full itinerary below.

11/06/2012 Altar Bar – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Zoroaster, Royal Thunder
11/07/2012 Kingdom – Richmond, VA w/ ASG, Royal Thunder
11/08/2012 North Star – Philadelphia, PA w/ ASG, Royal Thunder
11/09/2012 Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY w/ ASG, Royal Thunder
11/10/2012 El ‘N’ Gee – New London, CT w/ ASG, Royal Thunder
11/11/2012 Maverick’s – Ottawa, ON w/ ASG, Royal Thunder
11/13/2012 Fitzy’s – Kingston, ON
11/14/2012 Corktown Pub – Hamilton, ON w/ ASG, Royal Thunder
11/15/2012 London Music Hall – London, ON w/ ASG, Royal Thunder
11/16/2012 Magic Stick – Detroit, MI w/ Skeletonwitch, Red Fang, Black Tusk, Havok, Mutilation Rites, Indian Handcrafts
11/17/2012 Mojoe’s – Joliet, IL w/ Zoroaster, Royal Thunder
11/18/2012 Cosmic Charlie’s – Lexington, KY w/ Zoroaster, Royal Thunder
12/11/2012 The Biltmore – Vancouver, BC w/ Saviours
12/12/2012 The Crocodile – Seattle, WA w/ YOB, Saviours
12/13/2012 Dante’s – Portland, OR w/ YOB, Saviours
12/14/2012 Oak Street Speakeasy – Eugene, OR w/ YOB, Saviours
12/15/2012 Harlow’s – Sacramento, CA w/ YOB, Saviours
12/16/2012 Uptown Theater – Oakland,CA w/ Saviours
12/18/2012 Catalyst – Santa Cruz,CA w/ High on Fire, Goatwhore, LoPan
12/19/2012 The Brickhouse – San Diego, CA w/High on Fire, Goatwhore, LoPan
12/20/2012 Fonda Theater – Los Angeles, CA w/High on Fire, Sunn O))), Black Breath, Dead In The Dirt, Loincloth, Void Of Voices
12/21/2012 The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA w/ High on Fire, Goatwhore, LoPan

Formed in Raleigh in 1982, Corrosion Of Conformity quickly transformed heavy music. Politically charged and socially aware, the band has influenced countless others and today remains humble about their accomplishments. With over 1.1 million albums sold in the United States, the band continues to find new fans via nonstop touring.

*** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
-Venrez Speak Their Mind On The Presidential Race With New Single/Video, “Sell The Lie”

The recent debates between US President Barack Obama and the Republican Party’s nominee for President in the 2012 election, Mitt Romney, has been one of the main topics of discussion in the media.

And while Venrez’s song, “Sell The Lie,” was written prior to the debates, the group’s singer, Steven Berez, couldn’t help but realize the aforementioned song tied in with his feelings about what he witnessed on television.

As Berez explains, “When I began watching the current 2012 election debates, the art of selling lies became so crystal clear that I felt it was absolutely necessary to re-edit the video off our current album, which is also the title track, ‘Sell The Lie.'”

“Both candidates flipping back and forth on their positions, both accusing the other of not being the right man for the job. My view is that they are both right. Neither one deserves to be president. Our great country needs an honest leader who will always feel the needs of our people with their heart and soul, and love our country for all the right reasons. We don’t need lies, we need compassion and leadership.”

Originally, it was another set of events that served as the song’s basis, however. “I wrote the song a couple years ago when I was feeling disdain for the loss of the lives of our boys and girls in the Armed Forces, while fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I was horrified by the collateral damage resulting in the death of innocent men, women, and children who lived in those countries. To me it was easily explained as blood for oil and high level corporate greed.”

And now, a video has been shot for “Sell The Lie,” which features footage the band filmed on their tour this past summer (while opening for shock rock legend Alice Cooper), and can be viewed on their official site .

Comprised of Berez (whose last syllables of his first and last name serve as the group’s nom de plum), guitarists Jason Womack and Alex Kane, bassist Michael Bradford, and drummer Ed Davis, the Los Angeles-based group issued their debut full-length, SELL THE LIE, via Monarch Music Group, LLC (distributed through Megaforce/RED/Sony) on February 28th, 2012, and have since toured with some of rock’s biggest names, including Cooper and Fuel, among others, with west coast dates this November with Trapt.

It is Venrez’s hope that more artists and citizens in general will start to demand more from their leaders. And with the new single/video, “Sell The Lie,” the group is making their voice heard — loud and clear.

For more information visit:

*** PRESS RELEASE #14 ***
-Holiday Offer From Radiant Records

Merry Halloween and Happy Christmas from Radiant Records!

The Holiday Season is Here!

Hey Everyone,

The holiday season is upon us, and we are busier than ever! Halloween is here, Thanksgiving is right around he corner, and it will be Christmas before you know it, so we have a little something for each.

Check out the details below!

Frankenstein Vs. Santa From A PROGGY CHRISTMAS

Frankenstein meets Santa!

When traditional figures find themselves in the hands of master musicians, song writers, and videographers, you never know what you will get!

But, with MASSIVE creativity and INCREDIBLE music, we ended up with a video like no other! Let us introduce you to “Frankincense,” the musical mix-up of monster proportions.

“Frankincense,” in all its craziness, is from the newest album from The Prog World Orchestra, A PROGGY CHRISTMAS and is sure to satisfy the desire for “something different”…

Don’t take our word for it. Check it out for yourself!

CD or download available now at Radiant Records

Giving Thanks!

Inner Circle Offer For 2012

Special Offer: Join The Inner Circle For FREE!

Our “Inner Circle” is a very important and valued part of the Radiant family, and the more the merrier!

Most of our Inner Circle members have been members since the beginning in 2005, and that alone is a HUGE compliment.

Inner Circle members receive an exclusive CD or DVD every other month and a personal newsletter from Neal every month.

We want to continue to grow and share with new members and to give you a taste of this exclusive group, we are offering the rest of 2012 for free to new members. Give it a try! Join by November 15th and pay nothing for November and December!

*** New members will receive a refund for the recurring payments for November and December 2012 ***

By joining now, you will also receive the November Inner Circle release FLYING COLORS – ISLAND OF THE LOST KEYBOARDS, which is Neal Morse’s mix (with lots of parts never heard before) of the enormously successful FLYING COLOURS album.

Just click here for all the details of what the Inner Circle really is.

A PROGGY CHRISTMAS from The Prog World Orchestra

Radiant’s First CD RECALL! A Collectors Item Is Born!

Hot off the presses for 2012, is the latest release and the newest Christmas album from The Prog World Orchestra, A PROGGY CHRISTMAS, featuring Mike Portnoy, Steve Hackett, Roine Stolt, Steve Morse, and MANY more master musicians from around the world.

Unlike ANYTHING you have ever heard before!

And, for the first time in Radiant history, we are recalling all of the CDs sent to Sony distribution because they weren’t cool with the celebs on the cover. We have been cleared to move the remaining copies of the original version that we have in stock at Radiant Records, so if you want a copy with the rare original cover, you will need to order soon, because once the original stock is gone, this artwork will NEVER be printed again!!!

New Official Release Date Is: November 20, 2012

Thanks for helping us keep the music alive in 2012 and Happy Holidays to you all…

Chris Thompson
Radiant Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #15 ***
-San Antonio-Based GI Jams Artists Destruction Evolution And Jason “Xtreme” Knight Set To Perform Special Concerts On Veterans Day Weekend

Southern Metal Band Destruction Evolution Will Play Two Fundraisers (Rough Riders Motorcycle Club And The Susan G. Komen Foundation) November 10-11, While Knight Headlines The Veterans Day After Parade BASH Live Music On November 10

True to the mission of GI Jams ( ), a multi-media project and company dedicated to showcasing and promoting the original songs and performances of active duty and retired US servicemen and women, the popular San Antonio-based GI Jams artists Destruction Evolution and Jason “Xtreme” Knight are headlining separate shows this Veterans Day weekend.

Destruction Evolution, a Southern metal band fronted by lead singer and 20-year Air Force veteran Steve “Sin” Sinatra, is performing a free show Saturday, November 10 at 8 p.m. for the Buckhorn Chapter of the Rough Riders Motorcycle Club fundraiser at Buck’s Saloon, outside San Antonio. Rough Riders is a military affiliated organization contributing their time and efforts to our military and veterans.

On Veterans Day, Sunday, November 11, Destruction Evolution is performing at the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon and 1/2 Marathon from 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. to raise money and awareness for the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the fight against breast cancer. They will be playing while the runners whiz by, providing the backdrop for their part of the course. Their location is Stage B18 at Emilio Guerra and Mission Roads. Sully Erna from heavy metal greats Godsmack has committed to running the marathon, according to his Facebook page. The event is free, unless you are running in the marathon.

Destruction Evolution caps the weekend on Monday, November 12, with a live performance on KLRN, San Antonio’s Channel 29, at 9 a.m. with Kimberly Crawford and Cassandra Lazenby. They will be performing their songs “Relentless” and “Greatest of Things,” which appear on the compilation of GI JAMS, VOL. 1: THE ORIGINAL MUSIC OF OUR MILITARY ARTISTS. This mark’s the band’s second time performing for this station.

Army Staff Sergeant, 17-year active duty soldier, and singer, song writer, and musician Jason “Xtreme” Knight who is also a GI Jams recording artistwill be performing with special guest Angela Mesquiti November 10 from 8 p.m. – 12:30 a.m. at the Veterans Day After Parade Bash at VFW Post 76 in San Antonio.

Knight has put this event together to commemorate all US veterans who have “selflessly served our country. I am a war veteran myself and have decided to give back to them through music. I am determined to bridge the gap between the old and young, retired veterans and those still serving, and our civilians who support the troops, through music. I believe I am doing something special and that Military Town USA should hear about it.”

Knight has invited the Wounded Warrior Battalion (Bn), which has over 600 wounded warriors and over 400 staff members that have been notified to join the festivities. The event invites families, veterans, military, and civilians, and is open to the public.

On Friday, November 30, Knight will be gigging at Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) Post 8315 in Schertz, Texas.

Founded by song writers Denny Randell and Biddy Schippers, GI Jams showcases and promotes active and retired military musical artists, all branches, ranks, and rates. It also provides the opportunity for them to sign up and have their own profile pages on, featuring bios, pictures, blogs, and original songs and performances available for 99 cents a download, with 100 percent of the download profits on the site going to the artists. The first GI Jams Records compilation project was released in partnership with Rhino (Warner Music Group).

Event Recap:
Veterans Day After Parade Bash
Jason “Xtreme” Knight with special guest Angela Mesquiti
VFW Post 76
10 Tenth Street
San Antonio, TX 78215
November 10, 2012
8 p.m. – 12:30 a.m.
Free; donations are welcomed to help benefit the VFW

Destruction Evolution for the Buckhorn Chapter of the Rough Riders Motorcycle Club
Buck’s Saloon
3751 E Loop 1604 S
Adkins, TX 78101
November 10, 2012
8 p.m.

Destruction Evolution at the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon and ½ Marathon
Stage B18 at Emilio Guerra Street and Mission Road
San Antonio, TX 78214
November 11, 2012
11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.
Free, unless you are a marathon runner

*** PRESS RELEASE #16 ***
-Texas Hippie Coalition Takes To The Road For Fall Dates

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — Red Dirt metal heroes Texas Hippie Coalition have confirmed a string of shows throughout November and into December as the band continues to tour in support of its Carved Records’ sophomore effort, PEACEMAKER.

The band, who have been touring since before the PEACEMAKER disc was released in August had the opportunity to share the stage with Southern rock heroes Lynyrd Skynyrd for a string of dates as well as their own headlining shows. “Deep south ‘n’ Dirty south collided, and southern rock flag has never waived so HIGH,” says THC front man, BigDad Ritch. “Thank you Skynyrd Nation for your open arms. See yawl on the road.”

“Turn It Up,” the lead single from PEACEMAKER, has received over 3,000 Mediabase monitored spins to date, having been heard by more than 9 million radio listeners across the US. The track has spent more than a dozen weeks on the Mediabase Active Rock airplay chart and is getting spins in such major markets as Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Phoenix, and more.

Press has been highly supportive of the album with Screamer magazine proclaiming the record to be “… the rare type of album that will hook you in from the first listen” and saying, “PEACEMAKER is furious witness to THC cranking through 11 tracks that declare what bad-ass outlaws they are …” Metal Underground states that the band provides … a rock / metal melting pot that garners fans from across the musical spectrum” while AOL Noisecreep states that PEACEMAKER has “crushing riffs!” and screams that it’s “… a barrel chested badass beast of a record that will rattle your teeth and ravage your old lady.”

Texas Hippie Coalition’s PEACEMAKER is in stores now. Upcoming dates are below with new shows being added weekly:

11/07/2012 – Lexington, KY – Buster’s
11/08/2012 – Westland, MI – The Token Lounge
11/15/2012 – Houston, TX – Scout Bar (with Drowning Pool)
11/16/2012 – Broussard, LA – The Station LIVE (with Drowning Pool)
11/18/2012 – Little Rock, AR – Juanita’s
11/19/2012 – Nashville, TN – 12th & Porter
11/24/2012 – Tulsa, OK – Cain’s Ballroom (Cancer Sucks! Benefit)
11/30/2012 – Dallas, TX – Trees (with Drowning Pool)
12/01/2012 – San Antonio, TX – Backstage Live
12/07/2012 – Peoria, IL – Expo Gardens (Radio Show)
12/14/2012 – Casper, WY – The Palace
12/19/2012 – Kansas City, MO – Beaumont Club
12/21/2012 – Denver, CO – Fillmore Auditorium (with Clutch)

You can check out the video for “Turn It Up” here:

Relevant Links:

*** PRESS RELEASE #17 ***
-Autumnblaze: EVERY SUN IS FRAGILE Artwork & Track Listing Unveiled

German melodic dark metallers and recent Pulverised signees, Autumnblaze, tapped acclaimed artist Travis Smith (Death, Nevermore, Katatonia, Strapping Young Lad, etc.) to craft the cover art for their upcoming new full-length, EVERY SUN IS FRAGILE. The album will feature two different formats: a standard jewel case version and a limited edition slipcase version. The slipcase edition will offer alternate artwork and be made available in limited quantities.

View both versions:

Spawned in 1995, Autumnblaze released four full-length albums and two EPs before laying the band to rest in 2006 in search of other musical endeavors. The band ultimately reformed just two years later to release their critically lauded PERDITION DIARIES long-player in 2009. EVERY SUN IS FRAGILE is slated for release later this Winter via Pulverised Record.

Commented drummer Arisjel of the upcoming new endeavor: “Expect a various blend of epic/melancholic metal and rock. These are some of the most ambitious songs we’ve ever written and everything was captured by the amazing production of our friend Charles Greywolf (Powerwolf, Flowing Tears).”

1. Opening
2. New Ghosts In Town
3. Invisible Fields
4. Im Spiegel
5. Mein Engel, Der Aus Augen Fließt
6. Every Sun Is Fragile
7. Cold Soul
8. How I Learned To Burn My Teardrops
9. A Place For Paper Diamonds
10. Verglimmt

Markus Baltes – vocals/guitars
Andreas – guitars
Arisjel – drums/backing vocals

*** PRESS RELEASE #18 ***
-Panzer: Brazilian Band Returning After 10 Years With Single And Video Clip

Just reunited, the Brazilian Thrash band Panzer released for download the new single “Rising,” which can be downloaded for free at the band’s official site:

“Rising” marks the return of Panzer after a hiatus of 10 years. Currently the band features the original members André Pars on guitar and Edson Graseffi on drums, and the newbies Rafael Moreira, recruited for the vocals, and Rafael DM who will be responsible for the bass and Henrique Baboom.

From this work was also born an official music video, done in partnership with Metal Works who already worked with another Brazilian names like Andralls, Pentacrostic, among many others.

Formed in 1992 and with two albums released in the 1990s and early 2000s, INSIDE and THE STRONGEST, the group has established itself as one of the leading names in the Brazilian Metal and is considered one of the great Brazilian bands.

Contact for concerts and merchandise:

Related Sites:

*** PRESS RELEASE #19 ***
-Psychostick Announce “Santa’s An A**hole” Tour Dates; Offer FREE Download Of XMAS Album THE FLESH EATING ROLLERSKATE HOLIDAY JOYRIDE

The originators of humorcore, Phoenix, AZ’s Psychostick, are proud to announce that, thanks to the overwhelming demand, they are taking their infamous Christmas album, THE FLESH EATING ROLLERSKATE HOLIDAY JOYRIDE, back on the road again along with offering it as a FREE download for fans till the end of Thanksgiving at the following link below.


Cynical and humorous throughout — what else did you expect? — the album is meant as an outlet for people who get tired of hearing the same Christmas songs over and over again to the point they begin hating the entire holiday. As the band puts it, “It’s a cynical jab to the overly commercialized holiday season.” It also just so happens to possibly be the band’s heaviest record to date.

Having completed Holiday Hate Tours 1, 2, and 3 and always being asked for more — although they strictly refuse to play any of these songs unless it’s holiday time, so people really should stop asking — Psychostick will be doing it all once again this holiday season, hitting the road in November and December, bringing classics like “Jingle Bell Metal” and “Jolly Old Sadist” back to the stage.

Time to rejoice! But not too much.


Music Videos
“Because Boobs!” –
“Political Bum” –
“Beer” – – over 4 million views
Girl Directions –

Most high school friends can’t even stand to look at each other once school’s out, but in the case of vocalist Rob “Rawrb” Kersey and guitarist Josh “The J” Key, they decided to spend even more time together after graduation.

Harnessing their crazy sense of humor and love of all things metal, they joined forces with drummer Alex “Shmalex” Dontre and bassist Matty J “Moose” to create Pyschostick, a band they’ve coined as humorcore. With hilarious lyrics, heavy riffs, notorious stage antics, and high-energy performances, the band has caused millions of laughs around the world and hundreds of mosh pits across the US, often simultaneously, since its birth in Phoenix, AZ in 2000.

Almost 100 percent do-it-yourself, Psychostick never strays from its signature sound, a combination of heavy music Chimaira, Machine Head, and Hatebreed would be proud of and wit and humor that would make Tenacious D and Weird Al Yankovic holler with laughter.

With two full-length albums behind them — WE COULDN’T THINK OF A TITLE and SANDWICH — the band released their latest record, SPACE VAMPIRES VS. ZOMBIE DINOSAURS IN 3D, in 2011, following it up with a tour with Mushroomhead to add to their total count of 21 nationwide tours that have hit 47 states.

Tour Dates
November 20, 2012 – The Brass Rail – Peoria, IL
November 21, 2012 – Tink’s Rock House – Marion, OH
November 22, 2012 – Phoenix Hill Tavern – Louisville, KY
November 23, 2012 – Victory Sports Bar – Georgetown, OH
November 24, 2012 – McGuffy’s House of Rock – Dayton, OH
November 25, 2012 – Frankies – Toledo, OH
November 27, 2012 – Peabodys – Cleveland, OH
November 28, 2012 – Bada Brew – Crest Hill, IL
November 29, 2012 The Yellow Bird – Fort Wayne, IN
November 30, 2012 – Uli’s Haus of Rock – Lansing, MI
December 1, 2012 – Raks Sportsbar – Jackson, MI
December 2, 2012 – New York New York – Chesterfield, MI (Detroit)
December 3, 2012 – The Frequency – Madison, WI
December 4, 2012 – The Warehouse – La Crosse, WI
December 6, 2012 – Another Hole In the Wall – Steger, IL
December 7, 2012 – Bar 3 – Rockford, IL
December 8, 2012 – House of Bricks – Des Moines, IA
December 11, 2012 – First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN
December 12, 2012 – Nestor Tavern – Fargo, ND
December 13, 2012 – O.N.E. – Bismarck, ND
December 14, 2012 – Boonies – Sioux Falls, SD
December 15, 2012 – Tremors – St. Joseph, MO

Sign up for show alerts!

R.I.Y.L. = Dethklok, Bloodhound Gang, Tenacious D, System Of A Down, Weird Al Yankovic, Primus, Stephen Lynch, Iwrestledabearonce, Mr. Bungle, Austrian Death Machine

Adding to Loud / Metal Radio Charts For Eternity!

“The opening set by Psychostick — a band best known in Kansas City for its 98.9 The Rock staple ‘Beer!’ — was deeply amusing. Heavy metal is ripe for parody, and the jokers in the Arizona band mercilessly mock the genre’s inherent silliness. Psychostick’s presence reflected the night’s theme of good, dirty fun.” – Kansas City Star

“The grooves are infectious and easy to nod along to” –

“Psychostick continues to be the most fun band in rock’n’roll with SANDWICH, twenty-four tracks that will have you banging your head while you laugh your ass off at the same time.” –

“I found myself laughing out loud, track after ridiculous track, eager to hear what nonsense was to follow.” –

“If you like humorous metal like Polkadot Cadaver you might just laugh yourself to death by this new album (SPACE VAMPIRES VS. ZOMBIE DINOSAURS IN 3D by Psychostick. It’s actually very like a comedy show on metal music. Totally awesome and insane.” – MetalLikey

“Do you want to metal? Psychostick wants to metal. On their newest, heaviest and funniest effort SANDWICH, the clowned princes of humorcore metal their mad-hatted heads off.” –

“Listening to a Psychostick album is like eavesdropping on college bros riffing on each other or just jamming in their garage.” –

“When listening to a Psychostick album, you can usually expect two things: outstanding guitar riffs and hooks and then, and most importantly, you can almost always expect to laugh… at least once or twice.” –

“Psychostick is notorious for a few things, two of which being off-the-wall album titles (2003’s WE COULDN’T THINK OF A TITLE and 2009’s SANDWICH) and hilarious lyrics meshed with face-melting instrumentals.” –

“…the Weird Al Yankovic of Metal.” –

“…the more you listen, the funnier and harder it becomes.” –

“It’s a magical moment when you see a band doing exactly what they love to do.” –

“Psychostick wrapped more amazingness into about 35 minutes than I have ever really seen in concert.” –

“Psychostick may come off as idiot savants considering a lot of what they sing about are everyday common crap such as oranges, hoagies, salsa, and taking showers, but the Texas taco munchers who once released an album called WE COULDN’T THINK OF A TITLE in 2006 are smarter than you think.” – The Metal Minute

“Psychostick release another solid album with over-the-top hilarity.” Sputnik Music – Review of SANDWICH

*** PRESS RELEASE #20 ***
-Deceased To reissue SUPERNATURAL ADDICTION through Hells Headbangers

Today, Hells Headbangers reissues Deceased’s celebrated classic SUPERNATURAL ADDICTION on CD, with an LP version coming January 23rd. Featuring five bonus demo tracks and extensive liner notes from founding front man King Fowley, Deceased’s masterfully haunting SUPERNATURAL ADDICTION was originally released in 2000 on Relapse Records. Finding widespread acclaim upon its original release, SUPERNATURAL ADDICTION saw these underground legends expand upon the epic narratives of the preceding FEARLESS UNDEAD MACHINES but put into punchier, more concise attacks without losing any of drumming vocalist King Fowley’s characteristically creepy storytelling. Less “death metal” and more deathly heavy metal, this Deceased album cemented their status as one of the most unique and recognizable metal bands since the turn of the ’90s. Feed your SUPERNATURAL ADDICTION here:

Track listing for Deceased’s SUPERNATURAL ADDICTION reissue on Hells Headbangers:
1) The Premonition
2) Dark Chilling Heartbeat
3) A Very Familiar Stranger
4) Frozen Screams
5) The Doll With The Hideous Spirit
6) The Hanging Soldier
7) Chambers Of The Waiting Blind
8) Elly’s Dementia
9) Dark Chilling Heartbeat (bonus demo track)
10) Frozen Screams (bonus demo track)
11) A Very Familiar Stranger (bonus demo track)
12) The Premonition (bonus demo track)
13) The Hanging Soldier (bonus demo track)
“When you need metal, go to hell!”

-Contrive’s Paul Haug recently joined At The Gates on stage for a rendition of ATG’s “Blinded By Fear.” Check out footage at here: . Contrive is working on a follow-up to 2010’s THE INTERNAL DIALOGUE and has new merchandise available at . See , , , and for more.

-There’s a new interview with Kamelot mastermind/guitarist Thomas Youngblood at .

-Masterplan announced singer Rick Altzi (At Vance, Epysode, Frequency, Herman Frank, Sandalinas, Thunderstone) and bassist Jari Kainulainen (Stratovarius, Symphonia) have joined the revamped lineup, which also features new drummer Marthus Skaroupka (Cradle Of Filth, Inner Fear) alongside stalwarts Roland Grapow (guitar) and Axel Mackenrott (keyboards). The band is working on a follow-up to 2010’s TIME TO BE KING. See and for more.

-Metallica has released its October 27th show from the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience in New Orleans through Set list: “Hit The Lights,” “Master Of Puppets,” “Holier Than Thou,” “Harvester Of Sorrow,” “Of Wolf And Man,” Kirk solo #1, “Welcome Home (Sanitarium),” “All Nightmare Long,” “Sad But True,” bass solo, “Fade To Black,” “Orion,” “One,” “For Whom The Bell Tolls,” “Blackened,” Kirk solo #2, “Nothing Else Matters,” “Enter Sandman,” “Creeping Death,” “Battery,” “Seek And Destroy.” The show lasts over two hours and marks the first time Metallica played the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience, as they were asked to fill in for Green Day. There’s a short jam of Green Day’s “American Idiot” and “Welcome To Paradise” before “Creeping Death”

-Scythia’s new video for “Video Game Medley” is online at . The track is from the FOR THE BEAR EP and adapts excerpts from the themes of the video games “Wizards And Warriors,” “Castlevania,” “Skyrim,” “Zelda: Ocarina Of Time,” “Final Fantasy VI,” and “Tetris.” See for more.

-Star Wars and metal?! Check out a cool report on some metal artists’ take on the recent Disney/LucasFilm announcement at .

-Accept and Jon English have been added to next year’s Sweden Rock Festival. The slate so far: Kiss, Rush, Status Quo, Saxon, Accept, Krokus, UFO, Amon Amarth, Demon, Leningrad Cowboys, Threshold, Firewind, Jon English, Manilla Road, Vader, Ihsahn, Amaranthe, Bullet, Axxis, Morgana Lefay, Witchcraft, Huntress, Leprous, The Scams, Martin Prahl’s Skelter Wheel. See for more.

-VH1 Classic is staging its second annual “National Metal Day” on November 11 (11/11). The network will show various concerts, documentaries, episodes of “That Metal Show” and “Metal Evolution,” and other specials leading up to the 11th. One of the specials, “America’s Hard 100,” features the viewer-voted top 100 hard rock and metal songs of all time; it is hosted by Chris Jericho (Fozzy) and is airing now in one-hour, 10-song blocks each night at 9 p.m. ET/PT, with the entire 10-hour show to be aired on the 11th. Also on the 11th, “That Metal Special” will include interviews with Ace Frehley and Sebastian Bach, and have “That Metal Show” co-hosts Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson, and Jim Florentine “look back at 11 seasons of full-throttle head banging and trash-talking.” Then starting at 9 p.m. ET/PT VH1 Classic will air Judas Priest’s set from the 1983 US Festival and Iron Maiden’s “Flight 666″ documentary. See for more.

-“Sons Of The North,” the latest video from the Russian symphonic pagan/black metal band Welicoruss, is online now at . The track will be included on an album due out this coming winter. See , , and for more.

Thanks to Noisecreep, Chad Bowar, Mark Morton, and Jon Asher for help gathering some of this information.

*** OUT ***

Detritus #626

30 October 2012 Leave a comment

Issue #626
Week of October 29, 2012

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Patrick Brower, Editor

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Tim Wadzinski, Owner

Steve Shumake, Co-owner

-Pumpkins to all, and to all a good night!!! – Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-Dio Cancer Fund Halloween “Spooktacular” Awards Gala Fund-Raiser At Avalon In Hollywood Will Feature Dio Disciples Band In All-Star Jam

Legendary Rockers Will Also Present Awards To Seven Distinguished Honorees

The Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund’s second Awards Gala, set for Halloween night, Wednesday, October 31 at the Avalon nightclub in Hollywood, will include a live performance by Dio Disciples, comprising former members of the band Dio, with a number of prominent rock musicians joining them on stage for an all-star jam. Among the rockers planning to join the celebrity jam session are Joey Vera (Armored Saint), Billy Morrison, Glenn Hughes, Frankie Banali, Stephen Pearcy (Ratt), Joey Belladonna (Anthrax), Michael Sweet and Oz Fox from Stryper, David “Rock” Feinstein, cousin of the late singer Ronnie James Dio in whose memory the Fund was created, and members of Buckcherry.

In addition, Terry “Geezer” Butler, Eddie Money, Glenn Hughes, Frankie Banali, Stephen Pearcy, Joey Belladonna, and David “Rock” Feinstein are among the performers who are scheduled to present awards to the fund’s distinguished honorees. This year’s honorees, who will receive awards named after Ronnie James Dio songs, are: Neil Warnock, Founder and CEO of The Agency Group worldwide; Stanley J. Diamond, partner, Diamond & Wilson, and member of the Board of Directors of the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up & Shout Cancer Fund; Charlie Hernandez, President of QED Productions and veteran production manager; Bob Chiappardi, Founder and CEO of Concrete Marketing; Alex Hodges, CEO, Nederlander Concerts; Dr. Raul Mena, Director of the Roy and Patricia Disney Cancer Center in Burbank; and Tony Iommi, legendary guitarist and co-founding member of Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell and recent cancer survivor. Iommi has donated a one-of-kind Gibson Iommi SG prototype guitar — a priceless left-handed development model made for Tony personally — to the event’s silent auction, and he will autograph it and pose for a photograph with the new owner.

Currently out on tour, the new lineup of Dio Disciples comprises Tim “Ripper” Owens (vocals), Oni Logan (vocals), Craig Goldy (guitar), Bjorn Englen (bass), Scott Warren (keyboards), and Simon Wright (drums). The weirdly wonderful performance troupe Cirque Berzerk will also perform at the Gala, and Eddie Trunk of VH1 Classic’s “That Metal Show” will serve as Special Guest emcee.

In addition to the evening’s entertainment, the Halloween Spooktacular will include gourmet food stations and a hosted bar as well as a silent auction, live auction, and Halloween costume contest.

A privately funded 501C3 charity organization dedicated to cancer prevention, research, and education, the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund has already raised more than $500,000 in its short history. Monies raised have been committed to the cancer research work of the T. J. Martell Foundation for Cancer, AIDS and Leukemia Research and the gastric cancer research unit of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, where Ronnie was treated for gastric cancer during the last six months of his life, according to Wendy Dio, widow of the late singer and Fund President/Founder.

The Avalon is located at 1735 North Vine Street in Hollywood. General admission tickets start at $200 with special VIP ticket packages that include reserved seating and admission to the after hours Bardot Club are also available. For information regarding the Fund as well as tickets and sponsorships for the Gala, visit .

*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-Get Loaded With “The Taking”!

Eagle Rock Entertainment presents Duff McKagan’s Loaded in the feature film “The Taking.” It will be released episodically via Eagle’s YouTube page as a series of 10 vignettes. The first episode aired on Tuesday, October 23, with new episodes debuting each week.

Exploring the lyrical content of THE TAKING album (released April 2011/Armoury Records), with a blend of documentary story-telling and music videos/live performance, “The Taking” was filmed in the band’s homebase of Seattle, WA. It is described as contemporary version of The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” meets Led Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains The Same.” In addition to band members Duff McKagan, Mike Squires, Jeff Rouse, and Isaac Carpenter, the film also features guest appearances by Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney (Alice In Chains), Gilby Clarke (Guns N’ Roses), Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), Billy F. Gibbons (ZZ Top), and Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead), among others.

Click here to view episodes:

*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-Saxon To Release HEAVY METAL THUNDER – THE MOVIE On Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

The silver eagle has finally landed for audiences worldwide!

After enjoying a limited “Fan Club Only” UK release, HEAVY METAL THUNDER – THE MOVIE, Saxon’s wonderfully unfiltered and intimate account of their ascent to the upper echalons of heavy metal, will finally enjoy an international release this December. The double-disc set features the soon-to-be-celebrated story of Saxon, while the second disc is packed with bonus features including a full-length performance (on St. George’s Day) from April 23rd, 2008. Rivetingly honest, and including the frank memories of every musician who has played in the band, HEAVY METAL THUNDER – THE MOVIE pieces together the earliest incarnations of Saxon, from front man Biff Byford’s teenage years in the coalmines of Yorkshire and Son Of A Bitch (the first incarnation of Saxon) all the way through to top 10 hits and world tours. “Our music was more sort of machinery banging together, wheels turning, machines making noise,” says Biff of those early, industrial days. “It’s what Heavy Metal is all about. Heavy Metal is all about hard, big sounds bashing your skull in. I used to work in factories where big machinery made lot of noise and I used to sing along to the noises they made.”

It is a documentary which looks for all the world as though it’s a superbly crafted script, as much a tale of pure, honest, working-class triumph as just another Rock n’ Roll story. HEAVY METAL THUNDER – THE MOVIE shows every facet of Saxon on their journey without once diluting the true characters who make up the band. “We basically played every dump and sh*thole that there is in England over a period, probably just short of eight years,” laughs Biff. “You know classic cliché of transit van, up and down and we used to play more or less every night. One gig might be a good paying gig and the other one might be no money or ten quid but it was an obsession, you had to play every day.” These wonderfully naïve young men sought nothing more than a great gig, a good time, and maybe a nice girl, before suddenly finding themselves on tour in the US, exposed to the sorts of things which (quite frankly) Barnsley simply didn’t offer in 1980. And from that point, HEAVY METAL THUNDER – THE MOVIE, takes the viewer on a journey on a Rock n’ Roller of a journey encompassing it all from triumphs to tears to tea-bags and beyond.

Nothing is forsaken and nothing skipped. Despite the fact that to this day there remain problems between the Byford/Quinn and Oliver/Dawson parties, everyone tells the full unedited Saxon story with heartfelt honesty and integrity.

“We do have a great legacy,” says Byford, “whether you joined the band in 1994 or (as) an original member. There’s a legacy there and I’ve tried hard to not let people demean it and to spoil it and you have to look after that thing that is Saxon.”

HEAVY METAL THUNDER – THE MOVIE will entertain, engage and charm fans and non-fans alike. That’s a truth as honest as the film itself…

• DVD Digi-pak (2 Discs)
• Blu-ray

For further information:

*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody To Headline ProgPower 2013 In Atlanta!

ProgPower USA kick-off show promoter Nathan “The SwordLord” Block announced the annual festival’s kick-off show for 2013 to be held on Thursday September 5, 2013. The promotional video (visible at !) reveals that the headlining act will be Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, with an extended two-hour CINEMATIC set including material never performed on the North American continent before, along with Circle II Circle, featuring Zak Stevens (ex-Savatage), who will play the entire Savatage LP THE WAKE OF MAGELLAN. The opening act will be Sacramento progressive band In The Silence.

The announcement reads as follow:

“The time has finally come to reveal who will be playing the Kick-Off Show for 2013. To say that I am beyond excited would be the understatement of the year!

“I want to thank Wayne, Jen and of course Glenn for all of their help in getting this epic video made and posted. I think that it is a fantastic prelude for what is to come.

“Tickets will go on sale on Saturday, November 17. There will be a rather large incentive to buy your tickets *early*, so watch the forum and website for more details on that date.

“I guarantee that this Kick-Off Show will be one for the record books. In fact, I am SO confident of this that I am going to offer a 50% discount on the 2014 Kick-Off Show for everyone that purchases a ticket to the 2013 show. Yes, you read that right. If you purchase a ticket to Kick-Off 2013, you will be able to get into Kick-Off 2014 for HALF PRICE. No tricks, no gimmicks. I am beyond excited for everyone I have on this bill and I know they are going to put on a terrific show. I want every single one of you to be there.

“The doors are a little early because the mid-card and headline bands both have very, very special extended sets. The middle band will be playing 90 minutes and the headliner will be playing for 135 minutes! Everyone is going to get the maximum amount of music for their hard-earned dollar.

“I am looking forward to hearing your feedback on this lineup. I have been working very hard on it for many weeks now. I think it is a fitting way to start out the 14th year of the greatest metal festival on the planet. I look forward to sharing the evening with all of you.

“For the music,
“Nathan ‘The SwordLord’ Block
“10 Years Under the Sword
“Independent Metal Promoter, 2002-2012″

*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Sonata Arctica: Gold Award For STONES GROW HER NAME

STONES GROW HER NAME, the seventh studio album by Finnish melodic metallers Sonata Arctica was released on May, 18th — and achieved gold status in their homecountry after just one week. “This is our 9th gold disc from Finland. Kiitos Suomi,” was the comment of vocalist Tony Kakko.

Finally the band received the award on stage, while playing at the famous Tavastia Club in Helsinki. “Although it’s not our first album to go Gold in Finland, it always feels just as amazing that so many fans appreciate what we do. On behalf of the whole band I’d like to thank you all who bought the album and thus helped us out. Our STONES GROW HER NAME World Tour is well underway and I look forward to seeing you at the shows on the upcoming European and American Tours as well as the places we’ll hit next year. Cheers, Beers and Thanks,” says Henkka in the name of all the Sonata boys.

Sonata Arctica – STONES GROW HER NAME World Tour 2012
German dates presented by Rock Hard, Musix and BLAST! Magazine

03.11.12 – PL – Warsaw – Progresja
04.11.12 – D – Berlin – Columbiaclub
06.11.12 – D – Hamburg – Markthalle
07.11.12 – D – Cologne – Essigfabrik
08.11.12 – B – Antwerpen – Trix
09.11.12 – NL – Tilburg – 013
11.11.12 – D – Bochum – Zeche
12.11.12 – D – Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal
13.11.12 – F – Lille – Le Splendid
14.11.12 – F – Paris – Bataclan
16.11.12 – E – Madrid – La Riviera
17.11.12 – E – Barcelona – Razzmatazz
19.11.12 – F – Lyon – Le Transpordeur
20.11.12 – D – Stuttgart – LKA Longhorn
21.11.12 – CH – Pratteln – Z7
22.11.12 – I – Milano – Alcatraz
24.11.12 – CZ – Zlin – Winter Masters of Rock
27.11.12 – D – Munich – Backstage Halle

“Sh*tload Of Money” video

“I Have A Right” video

Free Songpier App:

*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-Metal Blade To Reissue Classic Releases Of King Diamond And Sacred Reich On Vinyl!

Watch out the 30th of November when Metal Blade will reissue ABIGAI II by King Diamond and IGNORANCE by Sacred Reich on vinyl!

The ABIGAIL II vinyl re-release marks the 10th anniversary of this true classic from 2002, strictly limited to 1,000 copies worldwide! It features a new DMM vinyl mastering with a different side-split for maximum sound quality!

Comes in a lavish gatefold cover sleeve, three different colored vinyl versions are waiting for you and all of them will include two full colored printed inner sleeves and two exclusive posters! The perfect collector’s item for all vinyl lovers and true King Diamond fans.

Side A:
1. Spare This Life
2. The Storm
3. Mansion In Sorrow
4. Miriam

Side B:
5. Little One
6. Slippery Stairs
7. The Crypt

Side C:
8. Broken Glass
9. More Than Pain
10. The Wheelchair

Side D:
11. Spirits
12. Mommy
13. Sorry Dear

Make also sure to stop by the European King Diamond merchstore at !

Sacred Reich’s IGNORANCE vinyl re-release marks the 25th anniversary of this Thrash Metal classic from 1987, strictly limited to 1,000 copies worldwide!

Re-mastered in 2007, this vinyl edition also includes three bonus tracks from the ’07 DCD/DVD box set, a Juads Priest cover with Rob Halford on vocals and also an MDC and a Black Sabbath cover.

Comes in a lavish gatefold cover sleeve in three different colored vinyl versions and all of them will also include a full colored printed inner sleeve and an exclusive poster!

Side A:
1. Death Squad
2. Victim Of Demise
3. Layed To Rest (instr.)
4. Ignorance
5. No Believers
6. Rapid Fire (feat. Rob Halford of Judas Priest)

Side B:
7. Violent Solutions
8. Rest In Peace
9. Sacred Reich
10. Administrative Decisions
11. The Big Picture *
12. Sweet Leaf *
*bonus tracks!

*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-Testament – More European Tour Dates Announced!

Bay area thrash legends Testament have announced several European tour dates planned for this November/December. The appearances include re-booked shows that had to be rescheduled due to drummer Gene Hoglan’s commitments with his other band Dethklok.

“The Lamb Of God and Dethklok US tour had to be canceled and Dethklok re-booked some shows. This has caused some conflicts with a few previously scheduled Testament dates since Gene couldn’t participate in them,” said the band. “Mark Hernandez (ex-Forbidden) will be helping us out but he wasn’t available until November the 25th. So various shows will be staying the same but others may be moved to 2013.”

All refunds for cancelled shows are available at point of purchase. Confirmed appearances as of now are as follows:

11/27 – Garage – Glasgow, Scotland
11/28 – Wulfrun Hall – Wolverhampton, UK
11/29 – Ritz – Manchester, UK
11/30 – Koko – London, UK
12/1 – Hard Rock Hell Festival – Prestatyn, Wales
12/3 – Dynamo – Eindhoven, Netherlands (original tickets purchased remain valid)
12/5 – KKZ – Moscow, Russia
12/6 – Za Ozhidaniya – St. Petersburg, Russia

Stay tuned for more European performances in 2013 to be announced soon.

*** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
-Stream Two New Songs From Scelerata’s November 6th Release

THE SNIPER Available November 6th On Nightmare Records

THE SNIPER, the new release from Scelerata, will undoubtedly turn heads, forcing metal icons to watch their rearview mirrors as these guys pull up fast with the nitrous afterburners firing! Testosterone-infused, melodic power metal best describes their music, though there are also many moments showing a progressive edge and showcasing immense vocal talent.

Today Scelerata is offering a sneak peek into THE SNIPER by debuting not one but two new songs from the album on the Nightmare Records Website. Get a first listen to the title track and the song “Rising Sun” right here:

Watch full length video for their song “Rising Sun” on YouTube on the Nightmare Megaloud channel here:

THE SNIPER presents a stunning vocal performance from Fabio Juan, showing a much more matured band that delivers a heavier more aggressive sound, beautifully mixing power metal and melodic progressive elements ranging from angst-ridden lyrics of corruption to sorrowful love lost. The huge and intricate production makes this album a must-hear for any true metal fan.

THE SNIPER was produced, mixed, and mastered by Charlie Bauerfeind with guitarist Renato Osorio. The album also features Andi Deris (Helloween) and Paul Di’Anno (ex-Iron Maiden) as very special guests, who not only sing but helped compose and co-write the songs.

THE SNIPER is available for pre-order from the Nightmare Records Website and Amazon.

Scelerata got their start with their debut DARKNESS & LIGHT which was released in 2006. It was mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward and featured guest appearances by Renato Borghetti (Accordeon), Edu Falaschi (Angra), and Thiago Bianchi (Shaman).

The band followed up with their sophomore release SKELETON’S DOMINATION in 2008. This effort was mixed and mastered by Charlie Bauerfeind (Helloween, Blind Guardian, Rage, Saxon, Halford, HammerFall, Motorhead).

Performing with giant names in rock and metal over the last decade, the band is looking forward to hitting the road soon on their own headlining tours.

THE SNIPER Track Listing (Digital):
1) Rising Sun
2) In My Blood
3) Road To Death
4) Breaking The Chains
5) Unmasking Lies
6) Must Be Dreaming
7) Drowned In Madness
8) Welcome Home
9) ‘Til The Day We Die
10) Money Painted Red
11) The Sniper

North American CD Exclusive Bonus tracks re-recorded with New Vocalist Fabio Juan:
12) Spell Of Time (Bonus 2012)
13) Eminence (Bonus 2012)
14) Leave Me Alone (Live Bonus 2012)
15) Phoenix Tales (Live Bonus 2012)

Scelerata is:
Fabio Juan (Vocals)
Magnus Wichmann (Guitar)
Renato Osorio (Guitar)
Gustavo Strapazon (Bass)
Francis Cassol (Drums)

Scelerata Discography:

For more information visit:

*** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
-Famous Underground Video Update Online, Sneak Peek Of New Material

Famous Underground front man Nick Walsh has issued a brief video update from the band’s home base in Toronto, which features a taste of some new material. The video can be streamed below:

BW&BK was given a preview of some of the new material stamped for the next Famous Underground album and comment: “We can tell you it’s considerably heavier than what fans and naysayers are expecting.”

Famous Underground recently signed a management deal with Germany’s Rock N Growl Management. The group consists of the following musicians: Nick Walsh – vocals, guitars, Laurie-Anne Green – bass, Rick Corvese – guitars, Darren Boyd – guitars, and Desche Sparboom – drums.

Famous Underground haven’t ever strayed from their lifelong dedication to hard rock and metal music and lock the power and energy into four-minute songs with great hooks. Famous Underground’s sound and music is edgy, melodic, and hooky bringing a paradigm shift to the arena of rock. It’s been said that they have created something fresh and exciting in an otherwise stagnated genre. scribe Carl Begai describes the new recording as follows: “It’s a darker if-Metallica-were-Guns N’ Roses direction with this brand new album.”

Nick says of the signing: “We have been building relations with Axel for the past year and we all felt that the timing was right for us to finally seal the deal. We are totally pumped to have his passion and knowledge within the F.U. family.”

“We have never had the right opportunity before to bring our brand of metal to the European market,” Laurie-Anne states. “The anticipation of playing on the European stages is very exciting to us and we are ready to come over and rock out.”

Rock N Growl and Famous Underground are currently shopping the brand new self-titled album, to find a suitable record deal very soon. A video trailer for the upcoming epic video, “Dead Weight,” can be viewed below.

*** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
-Raven Lord Signs With Mausoleum Records

Multinational metallers Raven Lord have signed a two-album deal with Mausoleum Records. The group’s debut album, DESCENT TO THE UNDERWORLD, is scheduled for a release January 25, 2013 in Europe and February 12, 2013 in North America.

The complete track listing for the CD is as follows:

1. The Rebel
2. Attila The Hun
3. Let The Show Go On
4. Seal Of The Cross
5. Settle The Score
6. Promised Land
7. Black Friar
8. World Out Of Steel
9. Revelation
10. Metal Knights
11. Sun God

The CD was mixed by acclaimed Swedish producer Fredrik Nordström (At The Gates, Arch Enemy, Nightrage, In Flames, Dream Evil, Opeth) and mastered by US mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum (Sepultura, Halford, Yngwie Malmsteen, Angra, Dokken). The cover artwork for the effort was made by Caio Caldas “CadiesArt,” who has previously worked with Doro, Paul Di’Anno, Seven Kingdoms, Dominanz, and Violet Sun, among others.

The brand new song “Black Friar” can be streamed below:

Raven Lord are:

Csaba Zvekan (Killing Machine, Sardonyx, Emergency) – Vocals
Joe Stump (HolyHell, Reign Of Terror) – Lead Guitar
George Karafotis (Vermillion Days, Operation X) – Guitar
Jamie Mallender (Tony Martin) – Bass
Lawrence “Larry” Paterson (Blaze Bayley, Stuka Squadron) – Drums
[to be announced] – Keyboards

Details of live dates, including some high-profile shows for the Summer 2013, are expected to be announced soon.

*** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
-FnA Records Opens The Trick Or Treat Bag With Eight New Releases… Reach In And Grab Yourself A Handful!!!

The first and maybe most appropriate release this Halloween by FnA Records is from the real Hollywood Vampires, Fatal Attraction. Fatal Attraction was that band on the sunset strip that hard rock fans flocked to, just so they wouldn’t miss the live show. From the live show entrance of the band emerging from real coffins, to the onstage sacrifice of a virgin, to the mutilation of a preacher’s arm holding a bible, to the ripping out of a girl’s heart, to tons and tons of fake blood ~ Fatal Attraction was much more than a music show… it was a spectacle. This is not to diminish the music at all, because FA’s music could stand shoulder to shoulder with any of their fellow contemporaries on the strip. Formed in 1988, the immortal ones quickly became one of the most respected band on the strip writing and recording an arsenal of tracks. The band started in 1988, and now almost 25 years later, FnA Records releases the band’s first official release, IMMORTAL, containing 15 tracks. Check out the band’s new music video at:

The self-proclaimed, although definitely earned, Sleaziest band in L.A. in the late ’80s was Trash Cowboys. Building on what was known as glam rock, Trash Cowboys helped usher in a new style of glam music called “Sleaze Rock” or “Sleaze Metal.” Kicked out of almost every club, and often in the middle of their set, the Trash Cowboys would ultimately become infamous. As word spread, the demand for the Cowboys became so big that lines formed outside their shows, shows sold out, and fans would ultimately be turned away. Management stepped forward, and the Trash Cowboys found themselves as the support band for Motley Crue on a six month overseas tour of pure debauchery and sin. FnA Records has compiled the band’s three demos which include the 1987 LIPSTICK FIX demo, the 1989 SEX SALOON demo, and the 1991 THE GOOD, THE BAD, & THE NASTY demo to form one hell of a full-length album.

Monsterous catchy hooks, crunchy guitar riffs, and sing-along melodies fits Kidd Blue to a “T” — and this along with a stellar live show led to the band becoming one of the most successful bands on the west coast. Often compared to bands like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Warrant, and countless others, Kidd Blue certainly earned that reputation. Their professionalism was second to none and their recordings (even though demos) were of the highest caliber. Despite having released a previous version of their album called BIG TROUBLE, Kidd Blue wanted to release the album in a manner that they could be happy with. So they teamed up with FnA Records who not only re-mastered the BIG TROUBLE album, but added six more never-before-released tracks. BIG TROUBLE – EXPANDED EDITION features six bonus tracks that are every bit as good if not better than the ten tracks that made up the original BIG TROUBLE release. This is a must-have release for fans of the aforementioned bands or those who loved the first version of the release.

Everyone recalls the hard rock scenes on the west coast and east coast, but the Midwest is often overlooked… until now. FnA Records is pleased to announce the release of one of Chicago’s finest glam rock pop bands, Gypsy Blue. With a glossy look and pretty boy image, Gypsy Blue tore up the stages of the Chicago hard rock scene. Gypsy Blue was a four-piece unit that grabbed not only the attention, but the respect from everyone in the Midwest. Catchy, melodic, sing-a-long songs along with a live show that featured stolen ambulance and police car lights flashing, oversized drum risers, ego ramps and giant strobes, plus smoke… lots and lots of smoke! Twenty-five years ago there was only a small three-track cassette demo… now with the support of FnA Records, one of Chicago’s finest prepares to release their first-ever full-length album, LIVIN’ IN THE CITY.

Another Chicago band joins forces with FnA Records to release their first full-length album ever. No Romeo splashed onto the Chicago hard rock scene out of nowhere and quickly created a buzz as one of the midwest’s most energetic and melodic hard rock bands. The band toured relentlessly around Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana, and were luminaries at clubs like the Thirsty Whale, The Avalon Nightclub, and The Gateway Theatre until they picked up and headed to the Sunset Strip where they made the rounds at clubs like The Whiskey A-Go-Go, The Viper Room, The Roxy, and The Troubadour. LOST ANGEL IN PARADISE, the new 12-track album on FnA Records, consists of two of No Romeo’s indie demo cassettes plus a handful of live tracks that showcase the band’s energetic live show and ends with the obligatory live acoustic ballad, “One Of These Days.”

Yep! FnA Records has taken Chicago by storm! The third Chicago band seeing their first-ever release on FnA Records on October 31, is Stikky Suite — once one of Chicago’s youngest and most heartfelt bands. Often the go-to band when national acts came through town, Stikky Suite opened for bands like Dangerous Toys, Enuff Z’Nuff, and Lillian Axe. The band had only released a two-song demo, and had two other tracks in reserve and were scratching their heads as to how to make a release out of four songs, when FnA Records uncovered another 10 tracks from a rehearsal tape that a fan had. Now featuring 14 tracks with titles like “Baby Wants More,” “Blow Me (A Kiss),” “Heavenly Bodies,” “Hot, Wet, & Wild,” and “Scratch That Itch,” Stikky Suite releases their debut album entitled KICKED OUT OF HEAVEN.

Formed in the late ’80s, No Sympathy was one of those bands on the strip who didn’t play by the rules, they set them! A mix of hardcore glam, sleaze and cock-rock, with a tinge of European Goth and punk, the band strutted up and down the strip making Hollywood take notice. A bombastic, over-the-top live show paved the way for one of the strip’s most underrated bands to cause a stir. Always a little left of center, No Sympathy penned what might simply be some of the best, rarely heard tracks from back in the day. Twenty-plus years later, the band finally sees their material getting a just release on FnA Records with the album DOLLS WITH BALLS. DOLLS WITH BALLS features six studio recordings and five tracks live from the Viper Room. Check them out… Do you have the Balls to hang with these Dolls?

Closing out the list of Halloween releases on FnA Records is the solo CD by Michael Ross, lead singer of Gypsy Rose. While probably most recognized by his songs “Poisoned By Love” and “Don’t Turn Your Back On Me Now” that he recorded with his Gene Simmons (Kiss) signed band, Gypsy Rose, Michael definitely stands on his own two feet throughout his debut solo release. Originally released in an extremely limited run, DO I EVER CROSS YOUR MIND quickly sold through its initial pressing on the heels of extremely well-penned, heartfelt tunes like “I Could Be Good For You,” “Nothing To Lose But Each Other,” and “If Your Love Is Gone.” With the successful release of a second Gypsy Rose album (POISONED BY LOVE) on FnA Records, Michael wanted to get his solo material back out to the loyal fans who appreciate his song writing style and solid lyrical delivery. DO I EVER CROSS YOUR MIND is available through FnA Records by itself or as part of a package deal with the new Gypsy Rose release!

FnA Records wishes all you hard rock lovers a Happy Halloween.

*** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
-Pentagram Auditioning Guitarists! European Tour Starts On Halloween In Bristol UK!

Band Tour The UK For The First Time In Over 40-Year Career

Legendary heavy metal pioneers and doom metal innovators Pentagram are auditioning new guitar players. As previously announced, the revered guitarist Victor Griffin is performing his farewell shows during the October/November European Relentless Tour. He’ll be focusing on his solo career from this point on and the band and fans wish him all the best. Victor will forever be an important part of the “Ram Family.”

Pentagram is now searching for the perfect player who can easily play the blazing, early blues-based, hard rock, proto-metal of the late Vincent McAllister as well as the doom metal mastery of the one and only Victor Griffin. Tone, chops, appearance, tour experience, and availability (US and abroad so a passport is required), song writing skills, and sobriety are all important factors. The band will be writing/recording their follow-up to the acclaimed Metal Blade release, LAST RITES, this coming December and January.

Someone who is close to the Washington, DC area is preferred but exceptions will be made for the perfect player.

For songs and video of the band, visit:

Please submit a short bio, a photo, and audio or video of you playing. Pentagram song covers are preferred and the following songs are suggested:
“Wolf’s Blood”
“All Your Sins”
“Treat Me Right”
“When The Screams Come”
“Forever My Queen”
“20 Buck Spin”

Please send submissions to:

In other news, Pentagram is gearing up to tour Europe and the dates will commence with the band’s first-ever UK tour. In a celebration of Victor Griffin’s time with the band, Pentagram will be playing the Decibel Magazine Hall of Fame album, RELENTLESS, in its entirety. After the doom pioneers first-ever UK show in London in 2011, Bobby Liebling and the boys return for four shows with Gentlemans Pistols as support, kicking off in Bristol at The Fleece.

Tour w/ Gentlemans Pistols
31/10/2012 – UK – Bristol – The Fleece
01/11/2012 – UK – London – Garage
02/11/2012 – UK – Manchester – Academy 3
04/11/2012 – UK – Glasgow – Ivory Black
End Tour
06/11/2012 – DK – Kopenhagen – Loppen
07/11/2012 – SE – Gothenburg – Truckstop Alaska
08/11/2012 – NO – Oslo – John Dee
09/11/2012 – SE – Stockholm – Slakthuset
10/11/2012 – DE – Würzburg – Hammer Of Doom Festival

*** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
-Holy Grail Reveals RIDE THE VOID Cover Artwork & Track Listing!

Californian up-and-comers Holy Grail — vaunted for their innovative “NWoBHM meets modern times” mixture of styles and talked about as L.A.’s most exciting metal band of the past two decades — have recently inked a European deal with Nuclear Blast Records! Over this course, the band sends greetings to all their fans in Europe:

With their upcoming second studio album entitled RIDE THE VOID, Holy Grail will doubtlessly be vaulted to new heights of glory! The record is set to be released in Europe via Nuclear Blast on the 18th of January 2013 as a limited CD version including a bonus track, a black 2LP version and a strictly limited clear 2LP version. The track listing reads as follows:

1. Archeus
2. Bestial Triumphants
3. Dark Passenger
4. Bleeding Stone
5. Ride The Void
6. Too Decayed To Wait
7. Crosswinds
8. Take It To The Grave
9. Sleep Of Virtue
10. Silence The Scream
11. The Great Artifice
12. Wake Me When It’s Over
13. Rains Of Sorrow
Bonus Track:
14. Can’t Hide The Wolf

The cover artwork was created by famous American Digital Matte Artist Dylan Cole, who is well-known for his work on movies like “The Lord Of The Rings,” “Avatar,” and “Daredevil.” Absolutely understandable that the band is psyched about his contribution, as lead guitarist Eli Santana expresses in this video:

Stay tuned for more news on RIDE THE VOID. And make sure to buckle up — ’cause it’s gonna be one hell of a ride!

James-Paul Luna (Vocals)
Eli Santana (Lead Guitar)
Alex Lee (Lead Guitar)
Tyler Meahl (Drums)
Blake Mount (Bass)

*** PRESS RELEASE #14 ***
-Foghat Launches “495 Boogie” Lyric Contest

Watch Roger Earl’s Contest Info Video:

Calling all song writers! Enter Foghat’s “495 Boogie” Contest for a chance to get YOUR lyrics released on a Foghat single! Just put some lyrics to the one and only instrumental that Foghat has ever recorded, “495 Boogie” from their latest CD LAST TRAIN HOME, and have some fun. Foghat will re-record “495 Boogie” with the winning lyrics and release it as a single. Sing them, or speak them and write them down. Send us an MP3 of your song to along with a lyric sheet and we will upload it to our Facebook and YouTube Contest sites. Judges will narrow entries down to the best three at the end of the contest and let you vote for your favorite! Winner will get song writer credit and song writer royalties along with the original writers of “495 Boogie.” Contest begins at 12:01 a.m. October 26, 2012 and ends at midnight February 28, 2013.

Go to for further details and contest rules!

About the contest:
Foghat released “495 Boogie,” their one and only instrumental track of their 41-year career, on their last CD LAST TRAIN HOME which was released in June 2010. Shortly thereafter, our good friend and DJ from the Gulf Coast area, Charlie Ocean, had an idea for a contest. He put lyrics to “495 Boogie” and called it “Big American Blonde.” It was funny, rough, raunchy, and terrific. We laughed about it and decided it would be fun to get our fans to submit their own lyrics. He wanted to re-record it to make it more “radio-friendly.” Unfortunately Charlie passed away suddenly last year (July 6, 2011). To honor his memory and have some fun, as he would have wanted, we are now going to do this contest! Thank you Charlie for being such a Rock n’ Roll enthusiast and supporter and for being our friend!

Listen to sample entry “Big American Blonde/495 Boogie” here:

Listen to “495 Boogie” here:

Download “495 Boogie” at

The judges are:
Foghat members Roger Earl, Craig MacGregor, Bryan Bassett, and Charlie Huhn
Jeb Wright – publisher & Writer
Ken Dashow – New York City DJ from the Classic Rock Station WAXQ 104.3

If you have any questions about this contest, please feel free to contact us at either or

Let’s rock!

*** PRESS RELEASE #15 ***
-Lion Music: Upcoming Release Information

Speaking To Stones – ELEMENTS

Back on 16 November 2012 some six years after their self-titled debut, the American progressive metal outfit Speaking To Stones expands their sound and lineup for their new epic release ELEMENTS.

After the release of Speaking To Stones’ 2006 self-titled debut, guitarist Tony Vinci began work on a more progressive project that called for a new group of musicians. Speaking to Stones’ current lineup includes Andy Engberg (Section A) on vocals, Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Slavior) on drums, Greg Putnam (Jam Pain Society) on bass and stick, and Anthony Brown (Graphite Symphony) on keyboards.

Between 2009 and 2012, this cast of international performers collaborated on the five thematically-linked tracks that make up the band’s 2012 release: ELEMENTS. The result is a musical narrative that builds on groove metal roots and develops into a soundscape of symphonic complexity and technically prodigious performances.

ELEMENTS is a metaphysical journey that explores our relationship to the physical world and our hopes to become part of something more. Musically and lyrically, the album delivers us into the extremes of our experience — from the infernal intensity of “Fire” to the ambiguous peace of “Water” to the ethereal tonalities of “Quinta Essentia,” ELEMENTS creates a new world.

While ELEMENTS is certainly a progressive metal album that includes more than its share of searing vocal melodies, adventurous time-signatures, and blistering solos and instrumental interludes, it is much, much more. Each song borrows from different musical traditions (Eastern tonalities, electronic rhythms etc.). When it comes to Speaking To Stones, the song never remains the same — it develops into something surprising without losing the essentials of great song writing: locked-in grooves and haunting melodies.

Tony Vinci comments, “The goal in writing ELEMENTS was to craft a type of thematic concept album that doesn’t necessarily tell a single story, but inspires a collection of themes and moods that work together to create a diverse but unifying musical and lyrical experience. Also, we wanted to present a truly international CD that blends the best of American progressive with the best of European metal. The way to achieve this was to write the skeletons of the songs and then let each musician transform them with their individual talents and voices. While each song balances itself between each instrument, one could listen to the whole CD while focusing on a different element (guitars, bass, drums, etc.) and hear a brand new CD each time.”

The new additions to the band have each brought their own strengths. Andy Engberg’s voice delivers worlds of vocal dynamics in every octave imaginable along with of deep, intricate harmonies and counterpoints that transform the nature of STS. Mark Zonder is one of the best progressive drummers of all time. Period. His playing breathes life into every one of these songs. Greg Putnam’s bass playing on ELEMENTS is nothing short of world-changing. There is not a second of this CD that does not bear his mark. Greg’s understanding of dynamics, rhythm, and technique adds a richness and depth to the overall STS sound. Finally Anthony Brown changed how STS writes its music. The first CD was written almost exclusively by Tony Vinci; the songs that make up ELEMENTS began as collaboration between Tony and Anthony. In addition to Anthony’s extraordinary technique on keys and his understanding of tone and sound creation, his abilities as a producer enable him to consistently envision how all of the disparate parts of a song can work together.


LMC333 / EAN6419922003336

CD & Digital Download

1. Fire
2. Wind
3. Water
4. Earth
5. Quinta Essentia

Andy Engberg: Vocals
Tony M. Vinci: Guitars
Anthony Brown: Keyboards
Greg Putnam: Bass and Chapman stick
Mark Zonder: Drums
Conny Welen: Lyrics and Melodies



One of Italy’s most original and intelligent up and coming metal acts, The Moor is a band not afraid to incorporate music from any rock idiom to give the listener an original listening experience as their full-length debut YEAR OF THE HUNGER will showcase on 16th November 2012 via Lion Music.

YEAR OF THE HUNGER is home to 12 tracks which show a strong statement of intent as to The Moor’s quality and potential.

Whilst the band’s self-titled five-track EP (which saw digital release at the turn of 2012 on Lion Music) gave a glimpse of things to the come, YEAR OF THE HUNGER builds on the promise shown by the EP to deliver a well executed and mature sounding debut release, a point not lost on the band’s vocalist/guitarist Enrico Longhin. “YEAR OF THE HUNGER is our first album, but we have been playing and releasing stuff with our old bands since 2000, that’s why there’s a maturity and complexity that is hard to find in other debut releases.”

Since their inception, The Moor has consistently incorporated sounds from prog rock, metal, death metal (for the guitars parts), seventies, and alternative influences into their compositions making for a very compelling end product that will reward any open minded listener. On the band’s vision for the album Longhin comments, “The main goal was to keep the sound as natural as possible and to avoid anything that sounds fake or ‘plastic,’ we want to keep an emotional approach to the songs and let the listeners understand how we really play.”

Whilst YEAR OF THE HUNGER is not a concept album lyrically, there are two themes running through the words representing either a negative outlook (the noble truth of suffering), or a positive outlook (the path of liberation). This contrast gives light and shade to the lyrics helping aid the more personalised sound.

The creative process for YEAR OF THE HUNGER began shortly after the band’s independent release of their debut EP with most songs being written in the summer/fall of 2011. The recording process then began at the beginning of 2012, with all recordings being finalised in March. After a short delay the mix was ready in the summer of 2012 with mastering sessions taking place at Fascination Street Studios by the world acclaimed Jens Bogren (James LaBrie, Devin Townsend, Opeth, Paradise Lost) in September 2012 and is set for release on 16 November 2012.


LMC334 / EAN6419922003343

CD & Digital Download

1. Hyperuranium
2. The Others
3. The Road
4. Covered
5. Year Of The Hunger
6. Clouds And Shales
7. Before Abigail
8. Liquid Memories
9. Antikythera
10. Venice
11. The Arising Of Volition
12. Venice (instrumental)

Enrico Longhin – vocals, guitars
Davide Carraro – guitars
Massimo Cocchetto – bass
Alberto Businari – drums

Debbie Hyska – vocals on Venice
Gilles Boscolo (Ashent) – keyboard solo on “Clouds And Shales”



Lion Music

-Z Records News

Z Back Radio Station & Much More!

Z have joined forces with 24-hour Rock station Firebrand Rock radio. A special Sunday morning show featuring Z’s very own Mark Alger will go out live every Sunday 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Mark’s background includes Radio work in the NW of England during the ’80s and his show “Rockforces” will feature Z titles, classics, and other new material. Alger stated “I’m going to give you the perfect excuse to get out of bed and annoy your neighbours and Kids.” The first show airs November 4th 10 a.m. UK time, 11 a.m. central Europe, and 5 a.m. EST. Join Mark at .

Ajenda Confirmed For Hard Rock Hell

Z Records artists Ajenda are currently writing for their debut album due via Z during 2013. The band have now been confirmed to open Hard Rock Hell on November 30th. In addition Ajenda will also be supporting Mike Tramp in Belfast on December 1st. Be sure to check them out.

Z Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #17 ***
-Killing Joke: New Track Stream Brought To You By Decibel Magazine

Today Decibel Magazine brings you “In Cythera,” from Killing Joke’s upcoming MMXII full-length. Set for North American release next Tuesday, October 30, 2012 through Spinefarm Records US, MMXII is a dense and multi-layered work. The songs — 11 in total — are great washes of sound; a death disco with mammoth slabs of guitar that soundtracks our dangerous times. It’s an end-of-time album that somehow finds moments of optimism in the downward swirl of the planet. Finding hope in the apocalypse, this album just could be Killing Joke’s magnum opus.

Sample “In Cythera” at this location:

At a time when the news is on fast-forward and the planet seems to be descending into lunacy, who better than Killing Joke to reflect such a sentiment? When their original lineup of Jaz Coleman, Geordie, Youth, and Big Paul reconvened in 2008 after working together intermittently, that strange voodoo once again filled the room. Individually, they have a power, but together they have something sulphurous and strong that few bands can match. Killing Joke are not an average band with an average agenda; they lock the door and let the ritual commence, and MMXII is the result.

“[MMXII] easily ranks amongst some of the band’s most critically acclaimed efforts …it will stand as one of the best albums to emerge from 2012.” — Blistering

“What Killing Joke have offered up to us is another slice of their genius. This band doesn’t simply write music, the open their minds and souls and leave it all on the album. Themes that played into the band’s first album are still alive in this record, though they’ve taken another form. Killing Joke is about evolution, about the forward thought and new ways of a mankind we would all be a part of.” – Crave Online

“Dense forest, dark threatening shadows and the heaviest of missives. Indeed, as the title nods to the on-rushing apocalypse, and even if one takes serious note of such a prophecy, it is still warming to discover that, in the final year of man’s painful plight, Killing Joke are still making the kind of record that my partner referred to as ‘Stormin.'” – The Quietus

“The thing about this album is its flow and solidity: The sound doesn’t progress too far from four-on-the-floor, dense chords and repeated anthemic lyrics, but there are bits that make it sound so special, so unlike what KJ have done before.” – Ultimate-Guitar

“MMXII is not a celebration of the destruction that comes with the impending apocalypse; instead, it’s a scared preparation, which makes it easier to relate to and a lot easier to be terrified by. In trading out excess for introspection, they manage to hit a very human vein quite effectively.” — PopMatters

-Scythia Comments On Headlining Nerdfest In Vancouver

Returning from their fall tour across Canada in support of their new EP FOR THE BEAR, folk/prog metal warriors Scythia will be gathering in Vancouver for a headlining performance for Aesir Promotions second annual Nerdfest on November 23rd at The Biltmore Cabaret.

Dave Khan, Scythia’s vocalist and guitarist comments: “We are pleased to be awarded the opportunity to play at such an awesome convention once again. Nerdfest II is a great opportunity to share Scythia’s unique blend of storytelling, theatrics, and metal with a diversified audience. We can’t wait to be at home among our fellow costumed enthusiasts and vendors of Medieval wares.”

The event will also feature live music from The Whiskey Dicks and The Carnival Band plus stage performances by the hypnotic belly dancer Mahsafoun, burlesque by the villainous and voluptuous vixen Precious Metal, fire dancing by Vespor Sephony, along with a special demonstration of weapon arts by Western martial arts school Academie Duello and Vancouver Traditional Martial Arts Academy.

Nerdfest Promo Video:

For more info please visit .

Scythia’s adventurous seven-track EP features two new originals “Sailor’s Accolade” and the title track “For The Bear” along with three remixes of “Fierce Riders Of Scythia,” “Black Death,” and “Dies Irae Pt. 1″ from the band’s 2010 debut …OF WAR plus two Scythian adapted songs, one of Quebecois folk song “Mattawa Reel” by Robert Forest and another called “Video Game Medley,” which features excerpts from “Wizards And Warriors 1,” “Castlevania,” “Skyrim,” “The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time,” “Final Fantasy VI,” and “Tetris.”

FREE DOWNLOAD – “Sailor’s Accolade”

YouTube embed link – “Sailor’s Accolade”

Music Video – “Spirit of The Quest” (from …OF EXILE album)

Show Dates:
November 23, 2012 – Nerdfest @ The Biltmore Cabaret – Vancouver, BC

For more info on the band and tour dates, please visit their official website or follow the band on their Facebook fanpage and Twitter @scythiametal.

*** PRESS RELEASE #19 ***
-Introducing Showdown Boulevard

Please find below the text press info for the group’s new rockin’ DIGITAL ONLY album!!!!!

Band: Showdown Boulevard
Label: TSM
Street Date: Out Now
Genre: Hard Rock, Sleaze Rock

Showdown Boulevard is a brand new dynamic project in the Italian sleaze, rock n’ roll scene created by key former members of important past bands such as A-Pon74, Warnipples, and Jailhawks.

The musicians involved — Andy Pontremoli, Stevie Anders, and Manguss — got together in early months of 2012 to create their own sound as they did in their previous bands. Andy and Stevie shared common ground in A-Pon74 in 2011 and some of the tracks already written in that period are now shining with the new energy and vibe that Showdown Boulevard are able to create.

The band released its first self-produced CD SHOWDOWN BOULEVARD in September 2012, promoted by Two Side Moon (Swansea, Wales, GB).

Stevie Anders, as known as “The Screamer” is an Italian/American hard rock singer (his grandparents emigrated to the USA before his birth). Lyricist and co-song writer, he collaborated to various projects and with several local bands. Even if he didn’t take part to many recording sessions he played as guest in many Italian scene rock gigs.

His main influences are Michael Monroe, Stevie Rachelle (Tuff), Jason McMaster (Dangerous Toys), Tyla (The Dogs D’Amour), and Joe Elliot (Def Leppard). He is currently lead singer for Showdown Boulevard.

– E.L.F. (Extreme Loud F*ckup) – E.L.F. (1994)
– Jailhawks – BACK TO THE WILD (2000)
– Jailhawks – STRAIGHT TO HELL (2005)
– The Screamer – LET IT SCREAM (2011)
– A-Pon74 – RUSTLE UP NOISE (2011)

Manguss is an italian self-taught guitar player, song writer, arranger, and occasionally singer, bass player and fx programmer. As his main background comes from hard rock music, he’s not opposed to exploring a lot of different genres since his taste and influences go from rock and metal to pop, hip hop, electronic music, ambient, blues, and more.

Sources of great inspiration in Manguss’s guitar playing are artists such Jimmy Page, Billy Duffy, Vernon Reid, Rich Robinson, Eddie Hazel, Jimi Hendrix, Duane Allman, Slash, Dr. Know, Eric Clapton, and many many others.

He is currently guitar player and back vocalist for the band Showdown Boulevard; guitar player for NG (Northgate); lead vocalist and guitar player for The Last Command; guitar/bass player for Liquid Galaxies with Brotha Berry; guitars, vocals, and additional programming for the projects Matrix Meretrix and DC Project, and solo project Manguss D.C.


– Mortuary Drape – TOLLING 13 KNELL (bass, backing vocals) (Avantgarde Records)
– Mortuary Drape – BURIED IN TIME (song writing and guitars on pre-production demos) (Avantgarde Records)

– Black Flame – THE THIRD REVELATION (guitar, backing vocals) on one track

– Lymph Of Wisdoom – PROMO 2001 (guitars, vocals)
– Lymph Of Wisdoom – PROMO 2003 (guitars, vocals)
– Lymph Of Wisdoom – LISTEN! (guitars, vocals)
– Sensory Gate – (guitars) compilation STATE OF THE HEART 2 (Vip Nation Records)
– Sensory Gate dc project – from chant 1 to chant 15 (guitars, programming).

– Warnipples – PROMO 2007 (guitars, backing vocals)
– Warnipples – GASOLINE ROCK MOTHERF*CKERS (guitars, backing vocals, samples)
– Warnipples – compilation NELLA MISCHIA VOLUME 1 (Milosci Records)
– Warnipples – HANGER TUNES (all guitars, effects, programming, vocals) Masterpiece distributions / Coyote Anthems.

– Dark Territory – SCHMERZTANZ (acoustic guitar) on “Tora Firome” (Guflu Industries)
– Rune’s Order – X TRANS GENETIC SOLUTION! (guitars) on one song (Creative Fields Records)
– NG (Northgate) – BENDICION (guitars) on “Greek God In The Cold” (Creative Fields Records)
– Klangstabil – MATH& EMOTION (guitar on “Gridami” as part of Sensory Gate)

Andy Pontremoli was born in Milan (Italy) where he started to play bass at the age of 15. He was part of the local scene playing in many bands such as Power Drifters, Cat Claws, Mother’s Slave, Char, Ieri Blues Band, Ystmo, and Blind Alley. He moved to Tuscany in 2005 where he’s been a member of bands like Superhoffmann and Five Roses. With this band he has played dozens of live gigs throughout Italy. He recorded during 2011 the A-Pon74 EP RUSTLE UP NOISE as bass player and main song writer. Inspired by classic hard & heavy bass players like Steve Harris, he has created his own style inspired by musicians such as Nikki Sixx, Rachel Bolan, and Duff McKagan. All of the sudden names, just like Andy, are not only bass players but mainly song writers.

– Ystmo – 589 KM

1. Dawn On Showdown Blvd
2. Ice Man
3. Motherf*cker Like You
4. Show No Mercy
5. So Bad
6. Life Is A State Of Mind
7. Hands On The World
8. Mary Jane
9. It Will Be Fine
10. Learn To Fight
11. Who Dares Wins
12. Last Night In Paris


*** PRESS RELEASE #20 ***
-Elysium’s Terry Allen Passes Away (R.I.P.)

[Note: This came to us by way of a Divebomb Records newsletter. – Tim]

We at Divebomb Records are saddened to report that Elysium’s guitarist/vocalist, Terry Allen, passed away early last week. Personally, we only knew him a short time, but his music has been with us for over 20 years. We send our deepest condolences to his family, friends and band mates.

Elysium’s drummer, Tim Jorgensen wanted to share this open letter with all the fans of Elysium and fellow metal brethen throughout the world.

Terry W. Allen
May 1966 to October 2012

It is with my deepest regret that I must pass on the news of the death of Terry W. Allen. He was found dead in his apartment on Monday, October 22nd, 2012. To most reading this he was a great guitarist, innovative song writer, talented singer and the backbone to Elysium and the INSPIRED HATRED CD. He also played in Paramoure in the late 1980s, Phoenix Rising (a country band of all things) in the early ’90s, Parricide, Rage (this goes way back to high school in the early ’80s) and I am sure I am missing some as well. He was truly a rocker indeed. He brought the best out of me as a drummer and had a profound influence on me both musically and personally. I have truly been privileged to be part of Terry and his family since we started jammin’ together at 11 years old.

On the outside Terry was pretty quiet, but if you knew him well it didn’t take long to realize there was a very passionate, intelligent, witty, and funny guy in there. I can’t tell you how many hours we have spent discussing politics, women, marriage, religion, business, and music of course. I will miss having those conversations.

He is survived by his Mother and sister. He had no children and was not currently married. I have been out of the music scene for so long and have no idea how to contact any of our old friends from the south Florida days. If anybody out there feels the need to contact me please feel free to email me at .

Thank you for reading this and listening to our music as well. My heart and prayers go out to Terry’s family.

God Bless

Tim Jorgensen

Originally released on cassette in 1989
Reissued on CD by Divebomb Records

Divebomb Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #21 ***
-Stream Two New Songs From WARNOT’s November 6 Debut

HIS BLOOD IS YOURS Available November 6 Via Nightmare Records

Combining many sub-genres of music mainly from rock and metal Warnot is melodic, raw, symphonic, theatrical, doomy, and progressive. HIS BLOOD IS YOURS, the band’s debut album, is an epic adventure ride that rings fresh among hard rock and metal fans.

HIS BLOOD IS YOURS will be released November 6 via Nightmare Records and is available for pre-order of the Nightmare Records Website and Amazon.

Today the band is premiering two new songs exclusively on the Nightmare Records Website. Check out the tracks “Raptures Of The Deep” and “The Crows Will Die” at . This is just a small glimpse into the mastery that Warnot displays on their breathtaking debut.

Guitar player/composer and founding Warnot member Björn Eliasson picked up his axe in the ’80s forming his first band in 1988. In the early ’90s he joined Patrik Svärd (Cloudscape) forming a band dubbed Doctor Weird.

In 2001 Cloudscape formed, releasing their highly acclaimed self-titled debut in 2004, followed up by CRIMSON SKIES (2006) and GLOBAL DRAMA (2008).

In late 2009 Björn decided to leave Cloudscape to focus on his passion in his own musical project. Writing songs based on his visions, exploring limitless feelings and atmospheres, which have become Warnot.

Björn worked on this album Warnot – HIS BLOOD IS YOURS without stress of deadlines, only pure inspiration and a strong vision to create something truly unique. Choosing to work with many guest voices, Björn also sings on the album and flavors it with his unique, groundbreaking voice complementing the other exceptional guest vocalists that have contributed to the album.

The Vocalists:
Thomas Bursell – (Second Heat and Helsingborg Symphony Choirs)
Mike Andersson – (Cloudscape, Full Force, Star One, Silent Memorial)
Sussi Sorensen – (Bo Wilson Band)
Bjorn Persson – (Doctor Weird)
Sara Andersson – (Helsingborg Symphony Choirs)
Bjorn Eliasson – (Cloudscape)
André Mollestam – (Growls)

1) Raptures Of The Deep
2) The Crow Will Die
3) My Darkest Hour
4) A Late Night Dance With Death
5) Secrets Of Mythology
6) His Blood Is Yours
7) RIP
8) New York
9) The Patriot
10) I Am A Ghost
11) The Wrong Path
12) Sirens

For more info visit:

*** PRESS RELEASE #22 ***
-Aussie Hard Rockers October Rage On The Road In The US; Enter Studio To Begin Demos For New Album

LOS ANGELES, CA — Australia’s latest export, October Rage, has made themselves quite familiar with the United States as they tour the country in support of their debut effort, OUTRAGE. The quartet teamed up with their friends in Saliva for several dates on this past run, as well as a plethora of solo outings along the way. “When we hooked up with the Saliva guys, I didn’t know what quite to expect,” says front man Nick Roberts. “But it was quickly clear they are an awesome bunch of guys that still rip it up onstage night after night.”

October Rage has been on Stateside soil since July and this is the band’s second trek across the country in that time. Their first run saw the band open dates for both Steel Panther and Sevendust. “The USA has been a complete blast so far and we can’t wait to see more of this country,” says Roberts.

While in the USA, October Rage has begun the writing process for their second album. “It’s sure to sound a lot bigger, a lot heavier, and feature some great songs to let loose when it comes to showtime,” says singer, Nick Roberts.

October Rage’s self-released debut, OUTRAGE, is out now.

Upcoming dates:

Nov 01 – Libertyville, IL – Mickey Finn’s (w/ Star City Meltdown)
Nov 02 – Battle Creek, MI – Planet Rock
Nov 03 – Rockford, IL – Bar Three
Nov 07 – Lee’s Summit, MO – Jerry’s Bait Shop
Nov 08 – Colorado Springs, CO – The Union Station
Nov 09 – Idaho Falls, ID – The Celt Bar
Nov 10 – Spokane, WA – The Hop
Nov 12 – Seattle, WA – Studio 7

Relevant Links:

*** PRESS RELEASE #23 ***
-Fear Factory: “The Industrialist” Video Premiere At Metal Injection

Metal Injection has premiered the full-length version of Fear Factory’s video for the song “The Industrialist” at this location:

The video, directed/edited by James Zahn, utilizes live footage of the band against a visual backdrop that pulls topical subjects from the story written by Burton C. Bell that served as inspiration for the band’s latest album. Released on June 5, the concept-driven THE INDUSTRIALIST was released on CD, vinyl, and digi-book; the latter includes the entire Bell story and illustrations by the vocalist. Limited copies of the digi-book remain available at select retailers.

Fear Factory has been touring non-stop with only 16 shows on US soil since the release of THE INDUSTRIALIST. Making stops in Venezuela, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and next week set to embark on their second European trek (a 41-city endeavor with support coming from Devin Townsend), Bell with guitarist Dino Cazares, bassist Matt DeVries, and drummer Mike Heller are one well-tuned performance machine. Their set currently consists of selections from THE INDUSTRIALIST, 2010’s MECHANIZE, and classics from the Fear Factory vault. Cazares notes, “We are beyond pumped to bring this new leg of the World Industrialist tour cycle overseas with a mighty package. We have added a few classics which have not been in our set list for some time. We are ready to unleash the new Machines of Hate unto all.”

A part of “The Industrialist” video was revealed earlier this year leading up to the release of the album. Over half a million views of the excerpt has been logged to date. Now with the full video, the visual door to the concepts presented on the album are available for music fans to experience. Bell says, “We allowed James to take his time to create the video so that he could match his expertise with the conceptual imagery that was written in ‘The Industrialist.’ Being that he has been a longtime fan of Fear Factory, he understood the nature of the FF-machine; the concepts, imagery, and history. I believe he achieved a new era for Fear Factory video concepts.”

As a longtime fan of Fear Factory, director James Zahn knew his work on “The Industrialist” would be enhanced by his extensive knowledge of the band. “Growing up listening to Fear Factory and being captivated with the heavy industrial scene of the 1990s, the one thing that always stuck with me was the accompanying visual aspect.” He continues by affirming, “those videos that featured stock footage intercut with live performance clips were such a staple of the time and helped in editing ‘The Industrialist.’ Broken technology working alongside machinery in the midst of social change served as inspiration.”

Fear Factory has confirmed the first of many shows expected for 2013; a home town show at Key Club in Los Angeles on January 26. Tickets are on sale now here:

Prong, Thrown Into Exile, and Scrap Metal will open the show. It will be the band’s first performance in Los Angeles in over two years.

Fear Factory tour dates for the remainder of 2012 are:
10/27/2012 Rock City – Nottingham, England
10/28/2012 Quarterhouse – Folkestone, England
10/29/2012 La Laiterie – Strasbourg, France
10/30/2012 Kulturfabrik – Esch-Suralzette, Luxembourg
10/31/2012 Markthalle – Hamburg, Germany
11/02/2012 Alborg Metal Festival – Alborg, Denmark
11/04/2012 Betong – Oslo, Norway
11/06/2012 The Circus – Helsinki, Finland
11/07/2012 The Circus – Helsinki, Finland
11/08/2012 Pakkahuone – Tampere, Finland
11/11/2012 Amager Bio – Copenhagen, Denmark
11/12/2012 C Club – Berlin, Germany
11/13/2012 Essigfabrik – Koln, Germany
11/14/2012 Substage – Karlsruhe, Germany
11/16/2012 Barbey Club – Bordeaux, France
11/17/2012 Plateruena – Durango, Spain
11/18/2012 Hard Club – Porto, Portugal
11/19/2012 Paradise Garage – Lisbon, Portugal
11/20/2012 Fanatic – Seville, Spain
11/22/2012 Penelope – Madrid, Spain
11/23/2012 Rock City – Valencia, Spain
11/24/2012 Le Rockstore – Montpellier, France
11/25/2012 Magazzini Generali – Milan, Italy
11/26/2012 27 – Pratteln, Switzerland
11/28/2012 Backstage Halle/Werk Arena – Muchen, Germany
11/29/2012 Arena – Vienna, Austria
11/30/2012 Kino Siska – Ljubljana, Slovenia
12/01/2012 Boogaloo – Zagreb, Croatia
12/02/2012 A38 – Budapest, Hungary
12/04/2012 Progresja – Warsaw, Poland
12/05/2012 Eskulap – Poznan, Poland
12/06/2012 Republic Roxy – Prague, Czech
12/08/2012 Christmas Metal Festival – Geiselwind, Germany
12/09/2012 Metal Fest – Klokgebouw, Holland
12/10/2012 Bataclan – Paris, France
12/11/2012 Trix – Antwerp, Belgium
12/13/2012 Wulfrum Hall – Wolverhampton, England
12/14/2012 ABC – Glasgow, Scotland
12/15/2012 Ritz – Manchester, England
12/16/2012 Academy – Bristol, England
12/17/2012 Mo’ Club – Southhampton, England
12/18/2012 London KoKo – London, England

*** PRESS RELEASE #24 ***
-Nonexist Cover Of Megadeth And New Album Teaser Both Now Available

Pivotal Rockordings have made a free cover of Megadeth’s “In My Darkest Hour” and an album teaser for Nonexist’s new album FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS available at . The first single “Fire At Will” from the album is also available at the same link.

The band features former Arch Enemy and current Hearse vocalist Johan Liiva and Andromeda/Skyfire guitarist Johan Reinholdz. Nonexist will release its first new full-length album in 10 years entitled FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS on November 2 digitally via Pivotal Rockordings. The album was recorded at Multipass Studios and features nine blistering tracks and is also accompanied by cover songs that Pivotal Rockordings is releasing for free via various social media websites and media outlets. For more information on where exactly to find these cover songs please visit to read the latest news.

Nonexist’s debut full-length record DEUS DECEPTOR was released in 2002 via Century Media/New Hawen Records and the lineup at the time included Johan Liiva, Johan Reinholdz, and Defleshed/Dark Funeral drummer Matte Modin. DEUS DECEPTOR was produced by Tommy Tägtgren and Johan Reinholdz at Abyss Studios and featured a musical direction described as a cross between early Arch Enemy and Carcass (circa HEARTWORK).

Track List:
1. Dark And Tortured Universe
2. Presence Everlasting
3. Flesh Falls From The Bone
4. Days Without End
5. Fire At Will
6. Collective Coma
7. From My Cold Dead Hands
8. Lost In Darkness And Confusion
9. Here Comes The Pain

Free Bonus Tracks:
Megadeth – “In My Darkest Hour”
Coroner – “Masked Jackal”
Atomic Rooster – “Death Walks Behind You”
Merciless – “Realm Of The Dark”
Eucharist – “Greeting Immortality”

*** PRESS RELEASE #25 ***
-All Else Fails Comment On Performing At Blank-Fest Calgary + Music Video “This Burden Of Life”

Edmonton’s favorite mischievous metallers All Else Fails are proud to announce they will be performing once again at this year’s 2nd annual Blank-Fest Calgary on November 3rd at The Blind Beggar. The charity event is organized by the SIN Agency and volunteers to raises awareness, clothing and funds for the city’s shelter, The Mustard Seed.

“We are excited to watch as this event gets bigger and better every year, and are always honoured to be a part of it. Helping the homeless is the least we can do to give back to the community and we look forward in aiding with the donations,” comments vocalist / guitarist Barrett Klesko.

All Else Fails – Blank-Fest 2012 Promo Spot:

Blank-Fest Calgary Details:

Blank-Fest Calgary II – Comp – Vol. 2

Date: Saturday, Nov 3, 2012
Venue: Blind Beggar Pub, 5211 Macleod Trail SW
Cost: Clothing Donation For The Homeless (Blankets, Sweaters, Shirts, Socks, Pants, Jackets, etc.) or Pay What You Want Donation (all proceeds go to The Mustard Seed)
Facebook Event:

In additional news, AEF premiered their latest music video “This Burden Of Life” on Blank TV earlier this month. The single is from their award nominated album THE ORACLE: WHAT WAS, IS, AND COULD HAVE BEEN and was directed by AEF’s vocalist / guitarist Barrett Klesko with his production company FadeBack Studio United.


In show news, AEF will be supporting Montreal’s colossal Endast, Canadian prog metal giants Protest The Hero, and ska /metal /funk blenders Ninjaspy as they all tour through AEF’s home province of Alberta in the month of November.

Show Dates:
November 1, 2012 – The Pawn Shop – Edmonton, AB w/ Endast, These Colors Don’t Run, Submerge, Tyrant – $8 Adv. – Doors 7pm – 18+
November 3, 2012 – The Blind Beggar – Calgary, AB – Blankfest Calgary – Show Details – w/ Matt Blais, Jung People, Mammoth Grove, Atacama Republic, Dreams of Reason, Bloom, Stone Iris, Open Air, Dusty Tucker, Leave the Living, Before The Storm
November 10, 2012 – The Vat – Red Deer, AB – w/ Protest The Hero, Ninjaspy – $20 Adv. $25 Door – Doors 8pm – 18+

All Else Fails released Episode 4 “Working For A Living” from their webisode series “Breaking Acclaim,” that is now streaming exclusively on Blank TV at .

Music Video – “Obsidian Walls” directed by vocalist/guitarist Barrett Klesko:

FREE DOWNLOAD – cover songs – All Else Fails – RUINS PUNK FOR EVERYONE:


Free Download – “This World In Flames”:

Music Video – “Rebirth”:

*** PRESS RELEASE #26 ***
-Titans Eve Posts Live Video From European Tour With Arch Enemy, Offer Free Download

Canadian thrashers Titans Eve, whom unleashed their second full-length album LIFE APOCALYPSE earlier this July and are presently on European tour with Arch Enemy, have posted live video from their recent show in Paris, France at the following links below.

“Road To Ruin” (Live – Paris, France)

“Divided We Fall” (Live – Paris, France)

The 11 tracks of powerful modern metal on LIFE APOCALYPSE were recorded by Sacha Laskow of Divinity at Perfect Fifth Studios in Calgary, AB and produced by Titans Eve to follow up to last year’s debut album THE DIVINE EQUAL that was named “Album of the Month” (Sept. 2011) by Metal Hammer Germany and conquered the #7 on the Top 20 of 2011 Canadian Loud Charts.

Earlier this summer, the band opened for Korn and toured Canada with Anvil and Kill Devil Hill, the new band that features legendary drummer Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio, Heaven & Hell) and bassist Rex Brown (Pantera, Down) in support of LIFE APOCALYPSE.

A FREE download of their single “Destined To Die” is available at the following link:

Album Stream Links:

Track Listing
1. Overcast (1:08)
2. Destined To Die (3:09)
3. Road To Ruin (4:17)
4. The Abyss (4:22)
5. Descension (Instrumental) (0:29)
6. Life Apocalypse (4:47)
7. A Wound That Never Heals (Instrumental) (3:28)
8. Hollow Gods (4:43)
9. Divided We Fall (2:41)
10. Frozen In Time (5:05)
11. The Void (3:54)

*** PRESS RELEASE #27 ***
-Adrenechrome Announce Official Release Of Debut EP HIDEOUS APPETITES

Orillia, ON’s thrash progressive metallers Adrenechrome are proud to announce the official release of their debut EP HIDEOUS APPETITES on Tuesday, November 20, 2012.

“We are extremely excited about the release of our first EP. We feel we have condensed our influences and come out with something that pays homage to our hero’s while still leaving room for us to break new musical ground. We welcome news from the world and their thoughts and comments on our take on the genre … ‘classic thrash with progressive tendencies’ … much love folks.” comments vocalist/ guitarist Chris Friesen

The EP features seven explosive tracks produced by Darius Szcespaniak whom has engineered on albums by Sacrifice, Sum 41, and the Black Crowes to a name a few. With its blend of innovative guitar shredding, furious operatic vocals, thundering drums, and rumbling, gut-busting bass, this beast stands out from the herd. The first single off the the EP is “Titans Fall,” which is available for FREE download at the following link below along with its supporting music video.

Adrenechrome – HIDEOUS APPETITES EP (2012)
Release Date: November 20, 2012

Track List:
1. Titans Fall (3:18)
2. Six Guns (6:17)
3. The Horror (5:26)
4. Hymn For The Heathens (4:17)
5. Winds of The Void (5:01)
6. Locust Wings (4:26)
7. Hobbled (4:58)

FREE .WAV Download:

Music Video – “Titans Fall”:

Live Video – “Locust Wings”:

*** PRESS RELEASE #28 ***
-Gold: Dutch Rock Act Drops Video From Debut LP On Ván Records

Germany’s cult label Ván Records is proud to unleash the opening track to INTERBELLUM, the debut album from Dutch rock outfit, Gold, confirmed for worldwide release on the edge of the Mayan calendar, December 7th, 2012.

Recorded at the Amsterdam Recording Company, INTERBELLUM offers nine hard-rocking pop songs that will enrich the contemporary rock landscape with its fresh vocals, catchy riffing, its driving rhythms, and refreshing songwriting. A world in crisis needs a rock album full of urgency, anger and hope. Here it is.

The opening track to INTERBELLUM, “One Of Us,” was shot on a gloomy Autumn afternoon at Gold’s rehearsal space at Studio SanteBoutique, Rotterdam. Check it out right here:

The main drive of Gold’s songwriting takes place between vocalist Milena Eva and guitarist Thomas Sciarone (ex-The Devil’s Blood). Longtime friends, drummer Igor Wouters and bassist Harm Haverman provide a steady yet adventurous foundation and guitarist Nick Polak completes the bunch with his talent for harmony and melody. Each song on INTERBELLUM is a well-crafted piece of music and a story on its own, and overall is a monument to our time and to a civilization in decline. It deals with instability and the fear of things to come, yet offers a spark of love and hope in an attempt to give meaning to life in modern times. The album’s authentic tone and warmth completes the richness of Gold’s sound, produced by Igor Wouters and Vanderbuyst main man Willem Verbuyst.

Gold will be performing live by the end of 2012, delivering their songs to every soul that cares to listen.

INTERBELLUM Track Listing:
1. One Of Us
2. Antebellum
3. Love, The Magician
4. Gone Under
5. Dreams
6. North
7. Medicine Man
8. The Hunt
9. Ruby

*** PRESS RELEASE #29 ***
-Godyva: New Album Postponed To February

The gothic metal band Godyva, following a revision of post-production of their new album ALIEN HEART, decided, in accordance with their own label Southern Brigade Records, to postpone the release until February 28, 2013.

In this regard, the guitarist G.G. Gohm says: “We realize that it is already the third time that we postpone the release of this album, however we are all convinced that this is our most mature composition ever and we’d rather have a little more patience and focus on a post-production which gives full justice to the final sound of the disc.”

Note that the album will be distributed worldwide via Scarlet Records and will consist of 12 tracks including a very original cover version of Matia Bazar’s song “I Feel You.”

For further information:

-Austrian band Black Sand will release a new single called “Monster” on October 31, via iTunes. The track is from the album ROCK’N ROLL WILL NEVER DIE. See for more.

-Check out a new interview with Corrosion Of Conformity’s Woody Weatherman at .

-There’s a new interview with Docker’s Guild keyboardist Douglas Docker at .

-Check out a new interview with filmmaker Sam Dunn (Iron Maiden’s “Flight 666,” “Metal Evolution,” “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey”) at .

-Attention Deficit Delirium is giving away five copies of Epica’s new album, REQUIEM FOR THE INDIFFERENT (Nuclear Blast), to people who subscribe to A.D.D. See for more. (The contest is only open to residents of North America.)

-Graveyard’s new video for “Endless Night” is available at . See for more.

-Check out for a report on, and footage of, Guns N’ Roses main man Axl Rose’s recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” Rose’s first live TV interview in 20+ years! Guns N’ Roses is about to start a “12-night residency” at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas.

-The second trailer for HammerFall’s live set GATES OF DALHALLA (due November 30 on Nuclear Blast) is online at . See for more.

-There’s a new interview with Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer at . In related news, former guitarist Bruce Kulick has posted a lengthy recap of the recent Rock Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas at , and a report on his participation in the Rocktoberfest event staged in Los Angeles by Gene Simmons and Wolfgang Puck at . The latter has live videos of Simmons, Kulick, Eric Singer, and Bob Kulick (plus some guests) jamming the Kiss songs “Deuce,” “I Love It Loud,” “Nothing To Lose,” and “War Machine.”

-Lowside — featuring former Lillian Axe members Ron Taylor and Darrin DeLatte along with Craig Cowsert and Mel Bittick — has a new 11-track album due soon. The band recently announced on Facebook that the album is done and a release date will be finalized soon. See , , and for more.

-Mammoth Mammoth’s new video for “GO,” from VOL. III – HELL’S LIKELY (Napalm Records), is online at . See for more.

-Orden Ogan’s video for “Land Of The Dead,” from TO THE END (AFM Records), is online at .

-A teaser for Scythia’s upcoming “Video Game Medley” video is online at . The track comes from the FOR THE BEAR EP, and features music from the games “Wizards And Warriors 1,” “Castlevania,” “Skyrim,” “The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time,” “Final Fantasy VI,” and “Tetris.” See for more.

-Stratovarius will co-headline “The Nordic Nexus Of Nemesis Tour 2013″ with Amaranthe in Europe. Hype: “While Stratovarius is well known for their connection of classical music and power metal, Amaranthe uses elements from the melodic death metal. So both bands are representing the modern power metal their way.” The dates so far:

3/20 – Backstage, München, Germany
3/21 – Stadtgarten, Erfurt, Germany
3/27 – Hirsch, Nürnberg, Germany
3/28 – Matrix, Bochum, Germany
3/29 – Grünspan, Hamburg, Germany
4/11 – Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg, Germany
4/14 – Rosenhof, Osnabrück, Germany

-Next year’s Sweden Rock Festival has added Saxon, Manilla Road, Firewind, Vader, and Martin Prahl’s Skelter Wheel to the bill. See for more.

-Check out a preview of Tiamat’s upcoming THE SCARRED PEOPLE, due November 6 in North America from Napalm Records, at .

Thanks to Bryan Reesman, Andrew Bamsal, Jason Saulnier, Chris Epting, Nathan Birk, Kyle Anderson, Chad Bowar, Nicky Baldrian, Jon Asher, and Metaltix for help gathering some of this information.

*** OUT ***

Detritus #625

23 October 2012 Leave a comment

Issue #625
Week of October 22, 2012

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To contact us:

Patrick Brower, Editor

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Tim Wadzinski, Owner

Steve Shumake, Co-owner

-A number of folks have written in to say “Welcome back!” and although I haven’t had time to respond to everyone individually, I do want to say I appreciate it whenever someone takes the time to drop me a note. Thank you!!! – Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-THE VERY BEAST OF DIO VOL. 2 Conquers The Charts

There is an obvious reason why the first volume of THE VERY BEST OF DIO has been certified gold in the US — it features one of hard rock/heavy metal’s greatest all-time voices, the late/great Ronnie James Dio. And the recently released THE VERY BEAST OF DIO VOL. 2 picks up right where its predecessor left off — both musically and popularity wise, as it has made an impression on the charts straight away.

Released on October 9th via Niji Entertainment, the 17-track compilation has debuted at #192 Billboard Top 200 Current Albums, #19 on the Hard Music Charts, #13 on the Hard Music Core Stores Charts, #51 on the Indie Charts, and #75 on the Indie Store Charts. In addition to featuring such latter-day Dio classics as “Killing The Dragon,” “Push,” and “Fever Dreams,” the compilation also includes several rarities that fans have long requested on a single disc — “Electra” (which previously was only a part of the ultra-rare TOURNADO box set), “Prisoner Of Paradise,” and “Metal Will Never Die.” Also featured are liner notes from longtime Dio fan and friend, Eddie Trunk.

Supporting the release of THE VERY BEAST OF DIO VOL. 2 will be a run of US dates from the all-star group, The Official Dio Band, Dio Disciples, from October 20th through November 20th. Comprised of singers Tim “Ripper” Owens (Judas Priest) and Oni Logan (Lynch Mob), guitarist Craig Goldy (Dio), bassist Bjorn Anglund (Yngwie Malmsteen), keyboardist Scott Warren (Heaven & Hell), and drummer Simon Wright (AC/DC), the group will be playing all of the expected solo Dio classics, as well as gems from the Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and Heaven & Hell eras.

Few metal collections do as masterful a job of balancing the classics that newer fans will recognize, as well as harder-to-find selections that longtime fans have craved for years. And now, all Dio fanatics will get the best of both worlds with THE VERY BEAST OF DIO VOL. 2.

Track Listing For THE VERY BEAST OF DIO VOL. 2:

1. Killing The Dragon
2. Push
3. The Eyes
4. Along Comes A Spider
5. Better In The Dark
6. Fever Dreams
7. Black
8. Feed My Head
9. Shivers
10. Hunter Of The Heart (Live)
11. One More For The Road
12. Lord Of The Last Day
13. Electra (Bonus Track)
14. As Long As It’s Not About Love
15. This is Your Life
16. Metal Will Never Die (Bonus Track)
17. Prisoner Of Paradise (Bonus Track)

Confirmed Dio Disciples Tour Dates:

10/20/2012 – Anaheim, CA – House of Blues
10/21/2012 – San Luis Obispo – Slo Brew
10/23/2012 – Seattle, WA – El Corazon
10/24/2012 – Portland, OR – Hawthorne
10/26/2012 – Las Vegas, NV – Hard Rock on Strip
10/27/2012 – Tempe, AZ – Club Red
10/28/2012 – Ventura, CA – Ventura Theatre
10/30/2012 – San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
10/31/2012 – Hollywood, CA – The Avalon – The Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund 2nd Annual Gala
11/4/2012 – Dallas, TX – Trees
11/8/2012 – Ft. Wayne, IN – Pierre’s
11/10/2012 – Detroit, MI – Harpo’s
11/13/2012 – Portland, ME – Asylum
11/15/2012 – Sayerville, NJ – Starland
11/16/2012 – Pawtucket, RI – The Met
11/17/2012 – Amityville, NJ – Revolution
11/18/2012 – Poughkeepsie, NY – The Chance
11/20/2012 – Allentown, PA – Crocodile Rock

For more information, visit:

*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-Neal Schon Continues On His Journey With The Release Of THE CALLING

New Solo Album Out Now

“The Calling” Video Makes Worldwide Premiere On CBS’ “The Insider”

Iconic rock guitarist Neal Schon has a lot to celebrate! Schon’s highly-acclaimed new solo album THE CALLING hits streets worldwide today via Frontiers Records. The video for the title track just premiered on CBS’ “The Insider” and can be viewed at . Neal once again teamed up with Dan Barnett (Journey: LIVE IN MANILA) to co-produce the video. Filmed entirely in San Francisco and Marin County, “The Calling” video also features Schon’s fiancée, Michaele Salahi (the couple just became engaged when Schon popped the question on stage during a Journey concert). The video can be purchased at iTunes, while the full album can be purchased at iTunes and Amazon:



THE CALLING has been receiving rave reviews from the international media, with the US’ Guitar Player declaring, “It’s a thrilling, edgy, ballsy, inspiring, and beautiful work that sounds as purposely constructed as a symphony piece. Less-blessed composers and guitarists can now take a moment to cry…” and the UK’s Classic Rock proclaiming, “…a musical masterclass.” THE CALLING is produced by, and features, Neal Schon on all guitars and bass, and reunites Schon with former Journey band mate, Steve Smith, who lends his virtuoso drum talents to all 12 tracks on the new album. In addition, Grammy® Award-winning special guest Jan Hammer (Jeff Beck, Mahavishnu Orchestra,) recorded Moog synthesizer solos on two tracks — “Fifty Six (56)” and “Tumbleweeds” — and Igor Len, an accomplished classical, jazz and film composer who has previously collaborated with Schon, is featured on acoustic piano throughout the album. Recorded at Berkeley’s famed Fantasy Studios during a break from Journey’s busy touring schedule, Neal completed the album from start to finish in just four days.

Neal Schon has earned 19 Top 40 singles and 25 gold and platinum albums, was awarded the prestigious “Legend Of Live Award” at the 2011 Billboard Touring Awards, and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2005. As the only member to record on all of Journey’s albums, Schon continues to lead the band today in its latest incarnation. In demand as one of the leading guitarists of his generation, Schon uses custom PRS Neal Schon LTD Private Stock guitars ( ) made especially for Neal by Paul Reed Smith.

*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-Y&T To Melt Your Face Again With LIVE AT THE MYSTIC — Released In Europe In November On Frontiers!

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the international release of Y&T’s latest live album LIVE AT THE MYSTIC on November 23rd in Europe.

Following original bassist Phil Kennemore’s untimely passing from lung cancer in early 2011, the band carries on the legacy that is Y&T. With Brad Lang on bass and vocals, Y&T prove their continued strength with LIVE AT THE MYSTIC, a new double live CD recorded at the legendary Mystic Theatre in Petaluma, California, one of the most popular venues that Y&T play every year.

Singer and lead guitarist Dave Meniketti recalls “Like all Mystic Theater shows, this particular weekend was special. Having just returned from a near 2-month tour of Europe and the UK, we were very tight and energized to be playing for our home crowd again.”

This 2-CD set includes 22 songs recorded over 2 nights in November of 2011, including many songs never before released on any other live Y&T CD. “The amazing heat to the tracks showcases the power of the band as it currently sounds, playing songs from FACEMELTER as well as all the hits and fan favorites. Songs like ‘Dirty Girl,’ with its extended solo section of John Nymann and myself tearing into a nearly 3-minute back and forth solo, was especially a great performance,” says Meniketti. “Also many of the classic tunes like ‘Black Tiger,’ ‘Don’t Wanna Lose,’ and ‘Mean Streak’ were very well played and show some of the best live performances of these songs we’ve ever recorded. But I also feel strongly about our more mastered performances from our latest FACEMELTER CD. The energy and much more refined versions of these songs, now that we’ve really had some time to hone in the vibe of these tunes, make it that much more special of a live recording.”

This album screams out to be a classic Y&T CD to have in your collection. Prepare to have your face melted!

LIVE AT THE MYSTIC track listing includes:

On With The Show
Black Tiger
Dirty Girl
Mean Streak
Girl Crazy
Shine On
Blind Patriot
Winds Of Change
Straight Thru The Heart
Gonna Go Blind
I’m Coming Home

Hungry For Rock
Don’t Wanna Lose
Don’t Bring Me Down
I Believe In You
Eyes Of A Stranger
Rescue Me

Enjoy a special EPK presentation on YouTube:

Listen now to “Black Tiger” on the Frontiers Records webradio at .


Dave Meniketti (guitar/lead vocals)
John Nymann (guitar/vocals)
Mike Vanderhule (drums/vocals)
Brad Lang (bass/vocals)

*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-Frontiers Records Update

De La Cruz

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the signing of Australian band De La Cruz for the release of their forthcoming debut album which will be entitled STREET LEVEL.

Described by Geoff Barton of Classic Rock Magazine: “like a Pomptastic, Hyper-active Leppard!” De La Cruz debuted with a self-financed six-song EP which caused a stir in the Hard Rock scene Worldwide.

Founded in 2011 after Gold Coast guitarist Casey Jones met with Auckland-born singer Roxxi Catalano, the guys immediately had the vision to start an ’80s style rock band. Casey knew the best musicians to complete their lineup: Lacey Lane on drums, Grant Daniell on bass, and the second guitarist Rory Joy.

De La Cruz came to the attention of Frontiers Records in the winter of 2012 and they finally decided to join forces. Frontiers will release the band’s first full-length album entitled STREET LEVEL in early 2013. In the meanwhile all fans of classic Leppard, Skid Row, Kiss, and Motley Crue should immediately check out the new album teaser following this link:

Get ready for one of the most exciting new sensations for the new year!

Don’t forget to “like” their Facebook Page. Check them out at:

Magnus Karlsson

Swedish axeman Magnus Karlsson has started working for a new solo album under the working title of FREE FALL. Karlsson, best known as guitar player for Primal Fear and Last Tribe and producer and composer for the popular studio project Allen / Lande and Bob Catley’s last solo album IMMORTAL, has been writing songs for the past few months which he decided to use for a personal project which he has been considering for some time now. Karlsson has confirmed that some special “friends” agreed to take part to the album and particularly such singers as Tony Harnell, Ralf Scheepers, Mark Boals, and Russell Allen. More guests will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Musically speaking all fans of Karlsson’s work with Last Tribe, Starbreaker’s first album, and Allen / Lande will enjoy the new musical creation from the “Swede.”

Pink Cream 69

German melodic rock legend Pink Cream 69 are in the studio to mix the songs which will end up on the new album that will follow the release of the band’s 10th album IN10SITY. The title will be CEREMONIAL and some of the songs working titles include “Big Machine,” “Passage Of Time,” “I Came To Rock,” and “Special.”

Musically the fans can expect a classic PC69 album from the David Readman-era (beginning with ELECTRIFIED). The band will embark on a full-scale tour after the release of the album which is planned for early 2013. Stay tuned for more news!

Pretty Maids

The Danish Melodic Metallers Pretty Maids are hard at work in the studio to give birth to the successor of PANDEMONIUM. The title of the new album will be MOTHERLAND and the band has not changed the winning production team which worked on the previous record with Jacob Hansen at the production helm. Some of the song titles in the works are “Mother Of All Lies,” “I See Ghosts,” “The Iceman,” “Why So Serious,” “To Fool A Nation,” and the title track.

The fans can expect the usual dose of heavy guitar riffs and superb hook lines in the finest tradition of the band musical style. Release date is expected in the spring of 2013.

Frontiers Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Impera’s LEGACY OF LIFE Out On Escape Music

Escape Music – ESM244
File under: Hard Rock
EAN: 5031281002440
Release: October 19, 2012

Specials: feat. J.K. Impera (Bruce Kulick, Graham Bonnet), Tommy Denander (Toto, Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper), Matti Alfonzetti (Jagged Edge, Red White & Blues, Road To Ruin), Mats Vassfjord (Vinnie Vincent, John Corabi, Grand Design)

Track List:
1. Turn My Heart To Stone
2. Kiss Of Death
3. Break The Law
4. Shoot Me Down
5. Sunset Rider
6. Tell Me
7. More Than Meets The Eye
8. Is This Love
9. Show Me The Money
10. Deadend Street

Buckle up and get ready. The band you always wanted to experience actually exists. The perfect amalgamation of everything that makes rock ‘n’ roll with the punches. You wanted the best, well you’ve got it. The whole package. A guitar player who, seemingly effortlessly, delivers stunning solos and riffs of that classic, timeless grit you thought were killed off by grunge. Pounding bass that will put you through the wall. Blistering drumming that’s as solid as it is technically challenging. And on top of all that, add a vocalist that sings circles around the competition. There’s no keyboard player, no nonsense, no fuzz — just rock and roll!

To twist things around even further, the band is the brainchild of drummer J.K. Impera who acts as the commander in chief in this state of rock.

“I started the band three years ago, and originally ex-Motley Crue vocalist John Corabi was on board to handle vocal duties,” J.K. says. “However, our schedules couldn’t be matched, so I opted for a good friend of mine, who also happens to be one of Sweden’s best rock vocalists ever, Matti Alfonzetti.”

The whole band consists of solid musicians who have earned their wings through hard work with an impressive number of world-class stars over the years. Their combined CV reads as a who’s who in today’s rock. In various constellations they have played with Vinnie Vincent and Bruce Kulick from Kiss, Brian Robertson from Thin Lizzy, John Levén from Europe, and many more. Guitarist Tommy Denander alone has played with almost everyone. His track record is jaw-dropping, having made solo albums with key members of Toto and performed on albums with Michael Jackson, Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper, Ricky Martin, and Celine Dion. He recently toured Japan and Europe with Joe Lynn Turner of Rainbow/Malmsteen fame, Toto’s Bobby Kimball, and Chicago’s Bill Champlin. He is considered one of the world’s best session players and has contributed his axe work on an unsurpassed 2,000+ albums. He is honored with his own signature VGS guitar which features the innovative Ever tune bridge system and True Temperament frets.

Keeping the bass at a level where earthquake sensors go haywire, Mats Vassfjord is no stranger to bands, having toured with Scaar, and Grand Design, and Laney’s Legion.

Alfonzetti has been a sought-after voice for years with domestic success with Bam Bam Boys, Road To Ruin, and Skintrade, as well as international stints with Red White & Blues, Scott Gorham from Thin Lizzy, and British band Jagged Edge with whom he shared stages with the likes of Lita Ford, David Lee Roth, Vixen, and Dan Reed. He has also taken time to record solo albums.

J.K. Impera himself can brag about having played with a number of Kiss members, Graham Bonnet, and John Corabi, to mention a few.

The name is Latin for “ruler,” and Impera rules for sure. The members share a vision: to be the greatest band in the world. No easy task, but they only have to look at their common childhood heroes — Kiss — to realize that it is feasible. “We all started to play because of Kiss,” J.K. states. We’re huge Kiss fans and collectors and even good friends with them. Kiss is the reason we discovered how great rock and roll is.”

And following their tradition, you can count on a stage show that will take your breath away, complete with fireworks, smoke, fire, and all hell’s breaking loose! The amount of powder used in a single show would put the defense of a small European country to shame.

In a departure from their icons, only J.K. wears makeup on stage, but it’s nothing like the trademark Kiss characters. “It’s my way of showing that I’m the ruler,” J.K. laughs. “Every band needs a leader, and in this band it’s me. I’m the Yngwie in Impera. But that’s not to say we’re not a band — we are, and we’re here to rule the world!”

Impera’s style lies firmly on a classic hard rock ground with a dose of strong melodies collected from the AOR world. All packed in a warm and punchy production by Lars Chriss of Lion’s Share fame. Signed to UK label Escape Music, the first album LEGACY OF LIFE will be released in 19th October 2012 with tours to follow. “We’re looking at a summer of festivals next year,” J.K. states. — Let’s hope they’re insured. —

For more info:

J.K. Impera (Bruce Kulick, Graham Bonnet, Vinnie Vincent, John Corabi, Brian Robertson) – drums
Tommy Denander (Toto, Paul Stanley, Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper) – guitar
Matti Alfonzetti (Jagged Edge, Scott Gorham, Skintrade, Road To Ruin, Red White & Blues) – vocals
Mats Vassfjord (Vinnie Vincent, John Corabi, Scaar, Grand Design, Laney’s Legion) – bass

Escape Music

*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-Coming Soon To A Digital Device And Computer Near You: Heavy Metal Television

PHOENIX, AZ — Heavy Metal Television is finally here. With television, the Internet, and phone service all now intertwined, we can use the available technology to create an all Heavy Metal TV station.

A live television station, streaming worldwide 24 hours a day in hi-def video and hi-fi audio, Heavy Metal Television brings the classic MTV format back to life with favorites such as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden as well as newer bands like Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown. Newer technologies are emerging everyday (i.e., Roku, Hulu, Vimeo, etc.) to more easily and quickly stream video thru your flat screen TV… The technology is so new, Internet television station licenses are not even available… yet.

The format will simply play conceptual videos presented by talented young V.J.’s with short segments of rock news and interviews sprinkled throughout with Heavy Metal promos of all kinds driving the content. Concerts will be shown Saturday nights. Specialty programming is being developed.

Sponsors will enjoy banner ads, 10-15 second motion graphic commercials (produced by us and approved by the label and management), and specially tailored to our sponsors’ promotions and giveaways. The sponsors can also use the graphics and content we develop for them for use on their own sites or promos as well. All with any kind of Internet connection.

No need for satellite TV anymore. Heavy Metal Television is a new and unique way to break a new band or promote a product to the most dedicated fan base any where in music, anywhere in the world: Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fans.

On November 15, 2012 be sure to point your browser to .

*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-Corrosion Of Conformity – EYE FOR AN EYE Reissue Due November 6 On Candlelight Records

Candlelight Records today confirms November 6 as the North American release date of Corrosion Of Conformity’s EYE FOR AN EYE. This special reissue has been re-mastered/packaged and includes the EP SIX SONGS WITH MIKE SINGING. Both titles have been out of print for years. It follows the successful release of the band’s self-titled album earlier this year. A deluxe digi-book edition of the album, limited to 1,000 for North America, will be available at limited retailers and via Candlelight’s official webstore. The digi-book version includes extended liner notes and a rare pictorial gallery.

Twenty-six songs showcase the early sonic years of the North Carolina-based band. Far more punk than their later recordings, the album found an immediate fan base. Amazon customers over the years have called the album an “undisputed classic,” while noting it is “for the true skaters of the mid-to-late-’80s,” and “brings me back to a good time of hardcore/punk.” Guitarist Woody Weatherman comments, “We were just kids when we wrote and recorded these tunes.” Vocalist/bassist Mike Dean notes, “Making that album was our dream and we worked hard to make it happen because it was the vehicle to allow us to go out and play two hundred shows a year, like the bands we looked up to — Black Flag, Bad Brains, D.O.A.”

Originally released in 1984, EYE FOR AN EYE featured the original lineup of Weatherman, Dean, drummer Reed Mullin, and vocalist Eric Eycke. Reissued to incorporate the 1989 EP by Mike Dean (who left the band between 1987-1992), EYE FOR AN EYE is raw in sound but focused on message. The years that followed would see the band rise to worldwide popularity with breakthrough and Billboard-charting releases BLIND and DELIVERANCE.

Formed in Raleigh in 1982, Corrosion Of Conformity quickly transformed heavy music. Politically charged and socially aware, the band has influenced countless others and today remains humble about their accomplishments. With over 1.1 million albums sold in the United States, the band continues to find new fans via nonstop touring.

“We had a lot of fun doing it and it’s great to have this album officially back out there again,” says Weatherman. “I had basically written this off as being our sloppy beginner’s effort but listening to it now, I really hear a few songs that hold up well,” adds Dean.

Track List:
1. Tell Me
2. Minds Are Controlled
3. Indifferent
4. Broken Will
5. Rabid Dogs
6. L.S.
7. Rednekkk
8. Coexist
9. Excluded
10. Dark Thoughts
11. Poison Planet
12. What
13. Negative Outlook
14. Positive Outlook
15. No Drunk
16. College Town
17. Not Safe
18. Eye For An Eye
19. Nothing’s Gonna Change
20. Green Manalishi
21. Eye For An Eye
22. Center Of The World
23. Citizen
24. Not For Me
25. What
26. Negative Outlook

*** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
-Alestorm Tour With Epica Starts This Week!!!

THE premiere “pirate metal” band, Napalm Records recording artists Alestorm, will be setting sail to North American waters once again, touring the United States and Canada this month and next as direct support to Epica! The 28-date tour begins on October 23rd in Washington, DC and concludes November 24th in Baltimore, with three headlining Alestorm shows along the way. Also joining the tour will be Insomnium, System Divide, and Destiny Potato. Here are the confirmed dates/venues:

10/23 Washington DC @ Howard Theater
10/24 Richmond, VA @ Kingdom (HEADLINE SHOW)
10/25 Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero Theater
10/26 New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
10/27 Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
10/28 Ottawa, ONT @ Maverick’s (HEADLINE SHOW)
10/29 Quebec City, QC @ Imperial
10/30 Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
10/31 Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
11/1 Buffalo, NY @ Broadway Joe’s (HEADLINE SHOW)
11/2 Cleveland, OH @ TBA
11/3 Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar Bar
11/4 Joliet, IL @ Mojoes
11/5 St. Paul, MN @ Station 4
11/7 Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
11/8 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex
11/10 Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theater
11/11 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
11/12 Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater
11/14 San Francisco, CA @ The Grand Ballroom at the Regency Center
11/15 San Diego, CA @ House of Blues
11/16 West Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues Sunset Strip
11/17 Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee
11/19 Dallas, TX @ Trees
11/20 Houston, TX @ Scout Bar
11/21 San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live
11/23 Louisville, KY @ Headliner’s Music Hall
11/24 Baltimore, MD @ Soundstage

Freewheeling front man/keytar-player Chris Bowes had the following to say: “Ahoy there, you bunch of filthy North American pirates! This fall, Alestorm is gonna be coming back to your shores for a huge-ass party and maybe a few shows, if we manage to stay sober long enough. Last time ’round during the Paganfest USA tour, we had a hell of a lot of fun, and this one is gonna be even better! Prepare to have your presidential elections ruined, and our sweaty scurvy-infested testicles smeared all over your Thanksgiving dinners! See you soon!”

Alestorm’s most recent album, BACK THROUGH TIME, was released domestically June 14th, 2011. For more info, consult and .

*** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
-Teodor Tuff – SOLILOQUY

Teodor who? TEODOR TUFF.

So who is hiding behind this bizarre name? Well, Teodor Tuff is the Norwegian band behind one of the most exciting progressive power metal releases in 2012.

“Expect big things from this band in the near future”

The album, SOLILOQUY, has received great reviews from all over the world. – 4.5/5.0 – 4.25/5 – 5/5 – 8.0/10 – 8/10 – 4/5 – 4.5/5 – 8,5/10 – 4/5 – 79/100 – 7/10
Metal Hammer Germany – 5/7
Norway Rock Magazine – 4/6 – 91/100

Can all these magazines be wrong? I think not !!!!!

“This is the strongest album I’ve heard in a long time and SOLILOQUY is easily a contender for my top 20 of year.”

Do check out the album from Fireball Records/Nightmare Records.

“What’s this Tuff? This is great!”

Tour Dates – European Tour with Jorn

26 – Bjugn Kulturhus – Norway
23 – Kulturakademin, Motala – Sweden
24 – Brewhouse, Gothenburg – Sweden
26 – Progresia, Warsaw – Poland
27 – Od zmierzchu do switu, Wroclaw – Poland
29 – Masters Of Rock, Zlin – Czech Republik
30 – Novachmelnice, Prague – Czech Republik
1 – Nürnberg Rockfabrik, Nürnberg – Germany
2 – Club 202, Budapest – Hungary
5 – The Theatre, Milano – Italy
6 – Jailbreak Rock Club, Rome – Italy
7 – Extensia, Prato – Italy
8 – Z-7, Pratteln – Switzerland

After a long hiatus Teodor Tuff resurfaced with its self-titled debut album in 2009. The album was well received and entered the Norwegian charts. The album had clear references to the ’70s, both in the music and in the lyrics.

The band subsequently did support shows for both Whitesnake and Deep Purple.

Teodor Tuff is, however, a band in constant change. Upon the departure of three members in 2010, the band was joined by Christer, Rayner, and Terje Harøy, lead guitarist, bass player, and vocalist, respectively. Christer and Rayner are brothers, and also happen to play in Divided Multitude. Terje is their cousin.

The band’s sound has now changed dramatically, and Teodor Tuff comes across as a pure metal band with its own distinct sound; guitarist Knut Lysklætt’s inspiration from classical music, rock opera, musicals, and even Middle East folk songs, is mixed with the Harøy clan’s thoroughbred metal. As a result, Teodor Tuff’s second album — SOLILOQUY — is a truly exiting release!

The following guest performers have contributed to the album: Jeff Waters (Annihilator), Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Martin Buus (Mercenary), Eskild Kløften (Divided Multitude), Jacob Hansen, and Tonje Harøy. The four guitar solos in rapid succession on the epic track “Heavenly Manna,” where Harøy, Buus, Waters, and Eklundh do their best to outdo each other, must be certainly be up there among the greatest guitar solos of all time.

The album is mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Mercenary, Pestilence, etc).

Cover photographs were shot by Frode Pedersen and the cover art and cover design was created by Mattias Norén.

*** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
-Kilmara Completes Recording Drums For New Album

Spanish heavy metallers Kilmara has to announce that drummer Javier Morillo has finished the recording of the drum tracks of the new record LOVE SONGS AND OTHER NIGHTMARES. The drum kit used was the Sonor of Bubinga that Ingo Schwichtenberg, the legendary Helloween drummer who sadly passed away, used to record albums like KEEPER OF THE SEVEN KEYS and WALLS OF JERICHO.

During October and November Kilmara working with the guest musicians and arranging the demos at Wolf’Olive Studios in Barcelona, Spain. In December the rest of the band will travel to Grapow Studios (Slovakia) to end the recordings of the album.

Comments Kilmara: “We don’t know how to thank you all the support you are giving to the band at the social network, that’s why we want to give you the opportunity to download for free all Kilmara’s albums. Please connect to to download it and enjoy our music!”

Kilmara recently entered the Roland Grapow (Masterplan and ex-Helloween) studios in Slovakia to recording their third album for an early 2013 release.

Kilmara is: Christian Wolfgang Kohl (vocals), Jonathan Portillo (guitar), Enrique Torres (guitar), Javier Morillo (drums), Raul Ruiz (bass guitar).

Guests on the new album are Dave Imbernon from Enuma Elish on keyboards and Kaleb from young Spanish pagan death metal band Drakum on the violin.

LOVE SONGS AND OTHER NIGHTMARES will probably be the heaviest Kilmara album up to date and finally make the breakthrough on European and International level.
now in Instagram searching for Kilmara_official

*** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
-Voodoo Highway – SHOWDOWN New Album Preview Available

Audio samples of the tracks that will appear on SHOWDOWN, the forthcoming second album from Italian hard rockers Voodoo Highway, can be streamed in the YouTube clip below. After the lucky outset of their first album BROKEN UNCLE’S INN back in 2011, the band is ready to strike the world with a massive amount of rock n’ roll once again.

SHOWDOWN preview:

The CD was produced/mixed by Italian producer team Dysfunction Productions (Anthony Phillips, John Wetton, Logan Mader, etc.) and mastered by US senior mastering engineer Ue Nastasi (Gojira, AC/DC, Lamb Of God, Anthrax, Yngwie Malmsteen, etc.) from Sterling Sound Studios. The album artwork for the effort feature the hand of UK graphic designer Mr. Storm Thorgerson, who has previously worked with Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Dream Theater, Audioslave, among many others.

The band comments, “Please pump up the volume to the top and enjoy this taste of rock n’ roll!”

Voodoo Highway is a powerful new quintet featuring Federico Di Marco (vocals), Filippo Cavallini (bass), Matteo Bizzarri (guitars), Alessandro Duò (keys), and Vincenzo Zairo (drums).

Have been indicated as one of the new revelations worldwide and defined as “the new Deep Purple” from such a big name in music as the former Rainbow/Black Sabbath/Gary Moore bassist Craig Gruber.

Now known to most for the outrageous stage presence, crashing executions, a style that hovers between Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow and The Darkness, and for the now-obsolete (but very cool) custom of smashing instruments on stage, Voodoo Highway are becoming a cult in their murky underground territory.

The Voodoo has already infected Europe, South America, USA, and Japan on radio and it’s actually blasting Italy with some of the most outrageous and long time no seen concerts ever.

The year 2012 will see Voodoo Highway marching straight to Hell!

*** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
-Aeon Zen Sign With Nightmare Records

New Album ENIGMA Slated For Release January 22, 2013

English progressive-metallers Aeon Zen are back with their latest opus entitled ENIGMA, which is an ambitiously creative and powerful concept album featuring nine continuous tracks showing the strengths of the band, as well as two bonus tracks.

ENIGMA will be released January 22, 2013 on Nightmare Records.

On working with Nightmare Records, Aeon Zen’s creator Rich Hinks said, “Nightmare Records is without a doubt one of the strongest labels for progressive music and we’re delighted to be working with them. Aeon Zen released our last two albums independently and this is a great step for us.”

Aeon Zen are:
Rich Hinks – Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Andi Kravljaca – Vocals
Matt Shepherd – Guitar
Shaz – Keyboards
Steve Burton – Drums

ENIGMA features guest vocals by:
Nate Loosemore (Lost In Thought)
Atle Pettersen (Above Symmetry)
Jonny Tatum (Eumeria)

Produced, mixed & mastered by Rich Hinks

For More Info Visit:

*** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
-Dead On And Midas Touch Reissues Coming November 6 On Divebomb Records

Long Island’s Dead On took a major risk and decided to self-finance the recording of what would become their debut album, DEAD ON. Enlisting top producer Roger Probert (Fates Warning, Loudness) the band recorded their album independently hoping to land a deal. They landed a deal quickly and at the behest of their new label, mixing engineer and industry heavyweight Max Norman was brought in to finish the album. Nine tracks of immaculate, sometimes macabre, American heavy metal. Inspired by classic acts like Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate the band also infused influences of the thrash/speed metal dominated era to develop a style that was all their own. Not necessarily aggressive enough to be called thrash, but much heavier than the classic styles of heavy metal — this was Dead On.

The album has been out of print for years, but now with the release of this limited DEAD ON (Deluxe Edition) not only do fans get the classic album and three music videos, but also their ALL FOUR YOU EP, unreleased cover of “Turning Japanese,” plus ultra rare demo tape, THE LIMIT. For the fans, by the fans.


Dead On
DEAD ON (Deluxe Edition)

Disc 1
1. Salem Girls
2. Beat A Dead Horse
3. The Widower
4. The Matador’s Nightmare
5. Full Moon
6. Escape
7. Merry Ship
8. Different Breed
9. Dead On

Enhanced CD
Full Moon (Music Video)
Different Breed (Music Video)

Disc 2
1. One For You
2. Every Day On Earth
3. Lost At Sea
4. Do What You Want
5. Turning Japanese (Previously Unreleased)

THE LIMIT (Demo – 1987)
6. Medusa
7. Third Reich
8. Comin’ Back
9. No Clue

Enhanced CD
Lost At Sea (Music Video)

For Fans Of:

Unlike San Francisco, New York City and Germany, Sweden was never quite the hotbed for thrash activity in the ’80s, but there was one band that made plenty of “Noise” with their first demo tape, GROUND ZERO. The self-released cassette from Uppsala’s Midas Touch rapidly made its way through trading circles and as such attracted attention from a prominent German metal label Noise Records. The label that counted acts like Helloween, Vendetta, and Coroner on their storied roster, eventually signed Midas Touch on the strength of their demo.

Producer Roy M. Rowland (Laaz Rockit, Kreator, Testament) was brought in to work on what would become Midas Touch’s sole album, 1989’s PRESAGE OF DISASTER. A rollicking romp of technical thrash in the vein of Deathrow, Sabbat, and D.B.C., the album garnered raves from the metal literati, eventually gaining sales in excess of 60,000 units.

But along the pathway to assured success Midas Touch’s flame was extinguished, ending their run while demoing material for their unreleased second album, THE DELIBERATE STRANGER. As unfortunate as their early demise was, Midas Touch unquestionably still left its mark on the metal world with their menacing debut, PRESAGE OF DISASTER.

The album has been out of print for nearly 20 years and fetching high dollar collector prices online, but Midas Touch has remained a cult favorite with die-hard thrash fans. This PRESAGE OF DISASTER deluxe edition contains brand new mastering and a redesigned 16-page booklet with scrapbook style memorabilia clippings of the band’s history plus a new interview and essay. It also includes two never before released pre-production demos from the band’s personal vaults and their debut GROUND ZERO cassette. For the fans, by the fans.

Keep up with the members of Midas Touch on Facebook!!


Midas Touch

Disc 1
1. The Arrival
2. Forcibly Incarcerated
3. Sinking Censorship
4. When The Boot Comes Down
5. True Believers Inc.
6. Reminiscence
7. Sepulchral Epitaph
8. Lost Paradise
9. Accessory Before The Fact
10. Aceldama – Terminal Breath
11. Subhumanity (A New Cycle)

12. The Deliberate Stranger
13. Source Of Discontent
14. So Shall You Reap

Disc 2
1. Forcibly Incarcerated (Involuntary Custody)
2. Pow Wow
3. True Believers Inc.
4. When The Boot Comes Down
5. (The Shape) Of Rage

GROUND ZERO (Demo Tape – 1987)
6. Pow Wow
7. (The Shape) Of Rage
8. When The Boot Comes Down
9. Subside Vision
10. Strikezone
11. M.A.D. (Armed For Justice)
12. The Dice
13. Masquerade
14. Instant Blaze
15. Tatsch Tooo Matsch

For Fans Of:

Divebomb Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #14 ***
-Critical Solution Taps Andy La Rocque For Upcoming Full-Length!

The Norwegian Thrash Metallers from Critical Solution will enter next week the Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden to work again with King Diamond guitarist Andy La Rocque for their upcoming full-length release.

Mid 2011, the band worked already with Andy La Rocque, when he produced and mixed their EP EVIDENCE OF THINGS UNSEEN and delivered a guest appearance on this album where he was featured doing a guitar solo on the Metallica cover “Seek And Destroy.”

Also this time, Andy La Rocque will be responsible for the production and the mixing of this new release.

Vocalist/Lead Guitarist Christer Slettebø on working again with Andy La Rocque: “Last time we worked with Andy was absolutely amazing, like every other time we worked together! He welcomed us with open arms after listening to a sh*tty demo tape, but he saw something in us and then made us better than we could ever imagine. Andy brings out the best in us! He takes ideas to the table and we have that chemistry only a few can have. People can expect a punch-in-the-face album. Old school thrash, fast as hell! Guests appearances will be including La Rocque himself. The chemistry within the band can be felt in the songs and it’s tight as hell! The band is better than ever before. We will keep you updated about all progress on our social media sites, so stay tuned for some thrashing news!”

The new album has a tentative release date of mid 2013.

For all Critical Solution info:

*** PRESS RELEASE #15 ***
-Earthen Grave Parts Ways With Drummer

Chicago’s epic doom metal act Earthen Grave announces that the band has parted ways with longtime drummer Scott Davidson. Davidson played on the group’s 2009 DISMAL TIMES debut EP and recently-released full-length album EARTHEN GRAVE.

The band issued a collective statement this week: “We wish Scott all the best with his many other projects including his long time running “Chicago’s Rebel Radio” ( ), his Sabbath/Dio tribute band Heaven & Hell Chicago ( )and all his future endeavors.”

Earthen Grave is currently auditioning drummers for Davidson’s replacement.

In the meantime, the band has confirmed a headlining gig at the Double Door in Chicago on November 30th.

Earthen Grave was founded in 2008 by guitarist Jason Muxlow (The Living Fields, Wintering) bassist Ron Holzner (formerly of Trouble, Debris Inc., Place Of Skulls), and drummer Scott Davidson (ex-Stonehenge, “Rebel Radio”). The trio recruited vocalist Mark Weiner (Trifog), guitarist Tony Spillman (Spillage), and renowned classical violinist Rachel Barton Pine who performs on extended range electric flying V violin. In late April of this year, Earthen Grave released its mammoth first album titled EARTHEN GRAVE. Produced by Ron Holzner, and released via his own Claude & Elmo Music, this layered opus showcases the range and diversity of the band’s epic and commanding material.

Stream the entire self-titled album at Earthen Grave’s Bandcamp page:

Earthen Grave Live:
11/30/2012 The Double Door – Chicago, IL w/ Red Rebel County, Skank, The Root Cause, Bill Ura Dik

“…one of the year’s most promising debuts… Earthen Grave sounds old school without being retro, managing to go through every element on which lesser bands usually fail with exquisite grace and solemn subtlety…” – Terrorizer

“…the integrity and honesty of the musical endeavor shines through, making this a thought-provoking, melancholic metal creation with some real magic…” – Zero Tolerance

“Simply put, EARTHEN GRAVE is a modern doom metal classic that will live beyond a mere best-of-the-year bestowing. 4.5/5″ – Metal Underground

“…a unique and refreshing take on the doom metal genre. 8/10″ – Doommantia

“…they take the Black Sabbath/Pentagram/Witchfinder General formula to another level by adding in Pine’s lovely violin work, which gives these crushing songs an almost Kansas-ish feel to them in spots. 4/5″ – Sea of Tranquility

“…one of the year’s best doom newcomers.” – Blistering

“…one of the most unique doom sounds I have heard in a long time. This Chicago based band has certainly offset themselves from their peers. 9/10″ – This Is Not A Scene

*** PRESS RELEASE #16 ***
-Power Thrashers Sonic Pulse Posts New Music Video “Bong Zombies”

With Halloween nearing in just a week, what better timing for the boys of Boston’s Sonic Pulse, the beer-fueled, power thrashing super group featuring members of Razormaze, Skull Hammer, Ravage, and Vindicator to unleash their new music video “Bong Zombies,” the directorial debut by vocalist Dan Hammer.

“Directing the video was actually one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. There’s nothing more fun than trying to keep 10 metalheads, most of who have likely have some form of ADD, on task and trying to keep track of the shots that need to be taken at the same time. The graveyard scenes were filmed secret-agent style by sneaking into a graveyard with 40 lbs. of dry ice along with a fake bong and lighting equipment at night, with the rest being filmed at or around my house and in an abandoned room in a warehouse. You’ve gotta use guerrilla tactics if you want to save money on production lol!” comments Dan Hammer.

The video is in support of SP’s new album LAGER THAN LIFE, which is now available digitally and on CD at the band’s bandcamp and will soon be released as a limited edition vinyl with only 500 copies via a soon-to-be-named label.

Music Video – “Beer Zombies”

In the depths of a dingy basement littered with instruments, recording equipment, and empty beer cans, Dan Hammer (known for his antics in Skull Hammer) and David Carlino (heir to the Razormaze fortune) decided it was time to spawn a new project — Sonic Pulse.

The dynamic duo set out to rid the world of people who take themselves too seriously and don’t know what it means to party, working meticulously to perfect their craft, diligently recording songs over and over again, writing, drinking, playing video games, and chinning people.

On the fast track to achieving their goal, Sonic Pulse will release their debut album, LAGER THAN LIFE, in the fall, finally unveiling the carefully crafted fusion of power metal and thrash they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Fraught with peril and uncertainty, the story of LAGER THAN LIFE unfolds, leading you on a quest to, what else, get beer.

Sonic Pulse can only be summed up one way — good music for bad people.

Official Release Date: TBA

Track Listing:
1. Sonic Pulse (5:15)
2. Queen Of Beers (4:45)
3. Bong Zombies (5:58)
4. Eye Of The Beerholder (6:14)
5. Demoniac Spell (6:55)
6. Beyond The Black Hole (5:54)
7. Adventure Time (1:31)

*** PRESS RELEASE #17 ***
-Thrash F*ck Thrash Bash 4 Offer Free Download Compilation With Fatality, Aggressor, Mastery, Lethal Voltage, Eternal Judgment

“Nov 3 – Toronto – Blacktooth Ent. Presents: Thrash F*ck Thrash Bash 4 w/ Fatality, Aggressor + more”

Following the undeniable success of the last three Thrash F*ck Thrash Bashes, Blacktooth Entertainment is proud to bring fans the highly anticipated fourth installment on Saturday, November 3 at Hard Luck Bar (772 Dundas Street West).

A slew of bands, including Fatality, Aggressor, Mastery, Lethal Voltage, and Eternal Judgment will take to the stage while DJ Cyndi Z will be spinnin’ classic vinyl records all night, giving all show goers what is bound to be an epic music hangover.

Blacktooth Ent. is now offering a FREE DOWNLOAD compilation of all the kickass bands performing at this year’s TFTB 4, which is available at the following link and features the following tracks.

Download Link –

Thrash Bash 4 – Track Listing
1. Fatality – Thrash F*ck Eat Sleep (5:25)
– Music Video:
2. Fatality – Bleed Me Useless (3:49)
3. Aggressor – Chopper (5:01)
4. Aggressor – Unto The World (6:19)
5. Mastery – Ashes Of Epiphanies (4:56)
6. Mastery – Faithful Trust (4:26)
7. Lethal Voltage – Lethal Voltage (7:31)
8. Lethal Voltage – Seeds Of Evil (6:52)
9. Eternal Judgment – Fatal Virus (3:57)
10. Eternal Judgment – Kill To Survive (3:40)

Show Details:
Thrash F*ck Thrash Bash 4 –
Featuring: Fatality, Aggressor, Mastery, Lethal Voltage, Eternal Judgment, and more TBA!
DJ CYNDI Z spinnin’ classic vinyls all night!
Sat. Nov 3rd @ Hard Luck Bar – 772 Dundas Street W.
All Ages – More details TBA


AGGRESSOR (Return show!)




+ DJ CYNDI Z spinnin’ classic vinyls all night!


-Kamelot’s 10th album SILVERTHORN — the first with new singer Tommy Karevik — is due out October 30. Check out new interviews with guitarist Thomas Youngblood at these links:

See and for more.

-Check out a new interview with Kill Devil Hill bassist Rex Brown (Pantera, Down) at . See and for more.

-Killer Bee’s new video for “Step Into My World,” from the album FROM HELL AND BACK, is now online at .

-Check out Kiss’ “Helping Parents 2 Rock” PSA from “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” at , and footie pajamas at . Gene Simmons appeared at least week’s Rock Fantasy Camp at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, along with former guitarist Bruce Kulick and a ton of other famous counselors and special guests, including Sebastian Bach, Vince Neil, Kip Winger, Rudy Sarzo, Zakk Wylde, Lita Ford, Richie Kotzen, Phil Soussan, Rod Morgenstein, Kane Roberts, Mark Farner, Teddy ZigZag, Dave Rosenthal, and John Moyer. Check out some photos from Mark Weiss at , and a write-up from Soussan at . In related news, original guitarist Ace Frehley will appear at the Chiller Theater Expo at the Sheraton Parsippany in Parsippany, NJ, which runs October 26-28; see and for more. (The ton of other guests includes Frehley’s Comet guitarist Richie Scarlet and fantasy artist Ken Kelly, who did the covers for DESTROYER and LOVE GUN.) Original drummer Peter Criss’ website has been revamped to coincide with the October 23 release of his new book “Makeup To Breakup: My Life In And Out Of Kiss,” co-written with Larry “Ratso” Sloman. Check out a lengthy excerpt at . He will make the following signing appearances:

10/23 – Barnes & Noble, New York, NY @ 12:30 pm
10/24 – Bookends, Ridgewood, NJ @ 6 pm
10/27 – Barnes & Noble, Eatontown, NJ @ 7 pm
11/2 – Changing Hands Bookstore, Tempe, AZ @ 6 pm
11/16 – Days Of The Dead Convention @ Chicago-Schaumburg-Marriott, Schaumburg, IL @ 12 pm

Criss will appear October 21 in Point Pleasant, NJ, for the Walk Against Breast Cancer. See for more, including info on a contest to win a free copy of “Makeup to Breakup.”

-Bill Leverty (FireHouse) has released two more tracks in his excellent series of solo cover tunes: “Free Ride” (Edgar Winter Group) and “I Shot The Sheriff” (Bob Marley & The Wailers). They are available at Amazon and iTunes as follows:

“Free Ride”

“I Shot The Sheriff”

Leverty produced, sang, and played guitar on the tracks, and is joined by bassist Keith Horne and drummer Andre LaBelle. See for more.

-Yngwie Malmsteen’s new album SPELLBOUND is due out December 5. He’s also working on an autobiography entitled “Relentless” for an early 2013 release; check out a nine-minute trailer at . He also has a new instructional website at . See for more.

-Manowar’s THE LORD OF STEEL is out now on Magic Circle Music. Track list: “The Lord Of Steel,” “Manowarriors,” “Born In A Grave,” “Righteous Glory,” “Touch The Sky,” “Black List,” “Expendable,” “El Gringo,” “Annihilation,” “Hail Kill And Die,” “The Kingdom Of Steel.” Check out clips of three songs at . See for more.

-Napalm Records created a presentation to show their new distribution partner, Universal, and it’s now online at . Hype: “Ever wondered who works 24/7 to get the hottest and loudest bands right to you? Now is your chance to find out and take an exclusive look behind the scenes! Have a peek at the inner workings of Europe’s rock & metal empire Napalm Records! Get ready for swords, riffs, handcuffs, axes, a wild chase, and a deafening explosion!” See , , and for more.

-Nightmare Records’ YouTube channel has new clips from German Pascual (“If The Sky Would Fall”), Scelerata (“Rising Sun”), Seven Kingdoms (“After The Fall”), Spheric Universe Experience (“The Day I Died”), and Cloudscape (“Your Desire”). Check it out at . See for more.

-There’s a preview of Paragon’s FORCE OF DESTRUCTION, due out November 6 in North America, on Napalm Records’ YouTube channel: . See for more.

-The Power Of The Riff is an all-ages festival slated for December 20 at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. Hype: “According the Mayan calendar, civilization as we know it will see its apocalyptic downfall as 2012 comes to an end. So to celebrate these end-times with full force, The Power Of The Riff is throwing one last bash for the year.” Bands set to perform include High On Fire, Sunn 0))), Corrosion Of Conformity (whose set will feature ANIMOSITY and EYE FOR AN EYE material), Black Breath, Dead In The Dirt, Loincloth, and Void Ov Voices. Tickets are available at . See ,!/TPOTR , and for more.

-Classic ’80s Canadian metal band Sword is back and working on a new album. Check out their Facebook for all the updates, tons of videos, etc. There’s also word of an upcoming contest: “Hey Sword fans! Just letting you know we are putting together a MEGA contest. ‘What’s the prize?’ you ask. A Sword collector edition package including autographed CDs, T-shirts and more… Stay tuned, Details coming.” See .

-Ten’s new video for “Gunrunning,” from HERESY & CREED (Frontiers), is online at .

-Check out a New York Post article about Twisted Sister front man Dee Snider’s mansion at .

-There’s a new interview with Warrant guitarist Erik Turner at .

-There’s a video interview with the members of Witches Mark, from Robb Chavez’s “Metal Works,” at . The band’s new album, entitled WITCHING METAL RITUAL, features guest spots from Ross The Boss (Manowar, The Dictators), Jack Starr (Virgin Steele, Burning Starr), Jason McMaster (Dangerous Toys, Broken Teeth, WatchTower, Ignitor), and Martin Debourge (Damien Thorne, Head Transfer Process), and has this hype: “WITCHING METAL RITUAL incorporates a ‘heavier, darker, more sinister musical direction’ while retaining the ghastly melodies the band is known for.” Check out live rehearsal footage of “Bringers Of Heavy Metal Death” at . See , , and for more.

Thanks to Music Buy Mail, Dave Reffett, Jon Freeman, Larry Getlen, Brian Davis, Mark Alger, Josh Hart, Nathan Birk, Robert Williams, Chris Shapiro, Dave Brenner, Hawk, and The Master for help gathering some of this information.

*** REVIEWS ***
DIO – THE VERY BEAST OF DIO VOL. 2 (B+) Niji Entertainment, 2012
17 tracks, RT: 1:18:21
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
Two years have already passed since we lost arguably the greatest voice in heavy metal, and I must say the void left by the incomparable Ronnie James Dio is tremendous. Now I’m not sure about the place of “Best Of” collections in a streaming and digital download world but THE VERY BEAST OF DIO VOL. 2 is a splendid selection of some of Dio’s best post mid-’90s material. Kicking off with the excellent “Killing The Dragon,” we also get great sounding re-mastered versions of such gems as “Better In The Dark,” “Fever Dreams,” “Shivers,” and “One More For The Road.” Collectors will probably be most interested in the bonus tracks, which include rare cut “Electra” from the TOURNADO box set, “Metal Will Never Die” from cousin David “Rock” Feinstein’s BITTEN BY THE BEAST solo album, and MASTER OF THE MOON Japanese bonus track “Prisoner Of Paradise.” Halloween ready artwork and a nice insert featuring liner notes from Eddie Trunk complete the package. To me Dio’s preeminent work will always be his ’80s classics, but having said that there were a lot of great tracks recorded after his heyday, many represented here. Like with virtually all “Best Of” albums, I would have chosen several different songs (e.g., MASTER OF THE MOON’s “I Am” and KILLING THE DRAGON’s “Scream”) but overall this does the job, especially for collectors and those who are only familiar with Dio’s ’80s catalog. A potent but sad reminder of what the metal world has lost…
– Neal Woodall (

*** OUT ***

Detritus Issue #624

16 October 2012 Leave a comment

Issue #624
Week of October 15, 2012

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Patrick Brower, Editor

Sean P. Gahgan, Editor

Tim Wadzinski, Owner

Steve Shumake, Co-owner

-The house my great-grandfather built has finally left our family, after five generations having spent time there. There are so many memories that keep flooding my mind… Some musical highlights would have to be 1) hearing the name “Ozzy Osbourne” for the first time during one of my uncles’ parties, back around 1980, and thinking with a name like that he just *had* to be some flamboyant black guy dressed in a bright white sequined jumpsuit; 2) watching one of my uncle’s buddies air guitar a Judas Priest song on a wooden crutch while another guy worked a strobe light; 3) turning my friend Arnie on to Dream Theater’s “Pull Me Under” in 1992; and 4) making music videos with my buddies in the basement. Bittersweet man, time marches on… – Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-A Message From Lynch Mob & Dio Disciple Vocalist Oni Logan

A note to all Lynch Mob listeners,

The Lynch Mob is on hiatus, for how long? I don’t know.

Without getting long winded, truth is I haven’t left Lynch Mob, I’m just taking the time in pursuing other projects that I would like to be a part of.

I’m sure we’ll regroup somewhere down the road.

Other projects…

One being The Dio Disciples US tour dates that start on October 20th at the House of Blues in Anaheim CA as a guest vocalist.

I had been asked by the band to join them in paying homage to Dio’s music and legacy. I have many great memories of Ron, I first met him in 1989 in West Palm Beach Florida, we had spoken for a couple of hours back stage which led to the bar, by the end of the night I told him that I was interested in coming out to California to catch the dream.

His answer was, “Well, come to L.A. then,” as easy as that, I couldn’t help but chuckle as to how easy he made the journey appear to me but I did, I took his advice, it had been one of the best pieces of advice anyone has ever given me.

As fate would have it, we would become family friends in sharing Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas holidays as well as Halloween and New Year’s Eve parties together, sort of surreal to think about it now, he always was such a great host and organized the best New Year’s Eve parties every year, those were and still are some great memories.

Ron had such a great quality in how he was able to engage with people, no matter who you were he always made you feel like you were the only person in the room, I believe this had been one of the reason why his arms had reached so many people across the globe. It’s an honor to have been asked to represent a friend’s legacy and music, I truly believe he would have wanted his songs to continue being celebrated in all four corners of the globe through his fans, fellow musicians, friends and family and loyal band members… we’ll all keep on singing his songs.

Oni Logan

*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-Geoff Tate Kicks Off Solo Tour Supporting Release Of New Record KINGS AND THIEVES This Wednesday!

[Note: This is from Geoff Tate’s website newsletter. – Tim]

Hello Fans!

Geoff Tate; the voice of Queensryche is kicking off his solo tour to promote his second solo album; KINGS AND THIEVES next week! Hear a full electric set of your favorite Queensryche songs and some of the new solo tunes as well.

To pre-order his new CD click here –>

Geoff will be playing material off of both his solo albums as well as Queensryche hits. See below to check if Geoff is coming to a city near you:

10/17/12 – Newton, NJ @ Newton Theatre
10/18/12 – New York, NY @ The Jewel
10/19/12 – Rochester, NY @ The Montage Music Hall
10/20/12 – Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance
10/21/12 – Philadelphia, PA @ JC’s Washington House
10/22/12 – White Marsh, MD @ House of Rock
10/23/12 – Springfield, VA @ Empire
10/24/12 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Rex Theatre
10/25/12 – Teaneck, NJ @ Mexicali Live
10/26/12 – Amityville, NY @ Ollie’s
10/27/12 – Chesterfield, MI @ New York New York
10/28/12 – Akron, OH @ Ripper Owen’s Tap House
10/29/12 – Akron, OH @ Ripper Owen’s Tap House
10/30/12 – Flint, MI @ The Machine Shop Concert Lounge
10/31/12 – Milwaukee, WI @ Shank Hall
11/01/12 – Barrington, IL @ Penny Road Pub
11/02/12 – Columbus, OH @ Alrosa Villa
11/03/12 – Bolingbrook, IL @ Tailgater’s Grill
11/07/12 – Calgary, AB, Canada @ Southern Jubilee Auditorium (*with Alice Cooper)
11/08/12 – Saskatoon, SK, Canada @ TCU Place (*with Alice Cooper)
11/09/12 – Moose Jaw, SK, Canada @ Mosaic Place (*with Alice Cooper)
11/11/12 – Medicine Hat, AB, Canada @ Medicine Hat Arena (*with Alice Cooper)
11/13/12 – Dawson Creek, BC, Canada @ EnCana Events Centre (*with Alice Cooper)
11/14/12 – Edmonton, AB, Canada @ Northern Jubilee Auditorium (*with Alice Cooper)
11/16/12 – Vancouver, BC, Canada @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre (*with Alice Cooper)
11/17/12 – Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
11/21/12 – San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live
11/23/12 – Dallas, TX @ Trees
11/24/12 – Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
11/27/12 to 12/1/12 – ShipRocked Cruise (see all details at !)
12/4/12 – Orlando, FL @ The Social
12/5/12 – Jacksonville Beach, FL @ Freebird Live
12/7/12 – Destin, FL @ Club L.A.
12/8/12 – Clearwater, FL @ Capitol Theatre
12/9/12 – Sunrise, FL @ Toys in the Sun Run

*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-The Best Way To Finish The Year? Enjoying A Perfect Day — The Labyrinth Members’ New Band’s Debut Out In November

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of A Perfect Day’s self-titled debut album on November 19th in North America and November 23rd in Europe.

The concept of A Perfect Day came about when Andrea Cantarelli — guitarist and co-founding member of the Italian Heavy Metal band Labyrinth — presented the new songs and riffs he was working on to his band mate Roberto Tiranti. The musical direction was evidently different from what they have been developing on Labyrinth’s recent releases, more in line with Hard Rock rather than Power Metal.

Roberto immediately loved the music that Andrea played him and started to work on songs and melodies which during 2011 and 2012 brought life to the debut album which finally sees the light of day now on Frontiers Records.

“Labyrinth is my band, but now it is not enough,” says Cantarelli. “APD is what I need today. I need another band, a real band in order to express my creative juices. Musically speaking we are now in Hard Rock territory, however I have tried to give the sound a more dynamic and modern edge, not far away from acts like Alter Bridge or Stone Sour.” But melody still plays a leading role in A Perfect Day music. Although, on the one hand, melodies are sometimes very relaxed, they are in contrast, with the wall of sound created by the heavy guitar riffing.

A Perfect Day lineup is completed with Alessandro Bissa (Labyrinth, Vision Divine) on drums.

The guys plan to have their live debut around the release of the album. “If there will be opportunities to promote the album live we will take them!” concludes Andrea Cantarelli. “We are aware if will not be easy but we are working on it.”

A Perfect Day’s self-titled debut album includes the following tracks:
Another Perfect Day; Now And Forever; Long Road To Ruin; Alone And Free (Rockblind); Silent Cry; Under The Same Sun; Here We Are Again; Waiting On The Edge; Warm Embrace; We Only Say Goodbye


Enjoy NOW APD’s first single “Silent Cry” streaming on the Frontiers Records webradio at .

Roberto Tiranti: Vocal – Bass
Andrea Cantarelli: Guitars
Alessandro Bissa: Drums


*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-Threshold – Definitive Editions Of EXTINCT INSTINCT & CLONE Out Now!

After the phenomenal reactions to Threshold’s new amazing progressive metal masterpiece MARCH OF PROGRESS (out since the 24th of August), Nuclear Blast is now happy to offer you the “Definitive Editions” — a series of reissues of the entire Threshold discography (except for the band’s 2007 Nuclear Blast debut “Dead Reckoning”), including extensive bonus material! Guitarist and founding member Karl Groom states: “It is exciting to see Nuclear Blast releasing the Definitive Editions of each album now. This is where it all began and where Threshold set its style!”

The “Definitive Editions” of EXTINCT INSTINCT (1997) and CLONE (1998) are OUT NOW! Order your copies at the Nuclear Blast web shop: or digitally via iTunes: .

1. Exposed
2. Somatography
3. Eat The Unicorn
4. Forever
5. Virtual Isolation
6. The Whispering
7. Lake Of Despond
8. Clear
9. Life Flow
10. Part Of The Chaos
11. Segue
bonus tracks:
12. Mansion
13. Virtual Isolation (Radio Version)
14. Smile At The Moon

1. Freaks
2. Angels
3. The Latent Gene
4. Lovelorn
5. Change
6. Life’s Too Good
7. Goodbye Mother Earth
8. Voyager II
9. Sunrise On Mars
bonus tracks:
10. Freaks (Live In Paris)
11. Change (Live In Paris)
12. The Latent Gene (Uncut Version)

The “Definitive Editions” of WOUNDED LAND (1993) and PSYCHEDELICATESSEN (1994) are already out since the 7th of September. HYPOTHETICAL (2001), CRITICAL MASS (2002) and SUBSURFACE (2004) will follow on the 16th of November 2012.

*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Wanted: Gotthard And Joiz Are Looking For The Best Cover Version Of Their New Single “Shine”

ZURICH — The cult rock band from Tessin and the cross-media TV broadcaster joiz have a new mission together: “I Shine With Gotthard.” Whoever can create the best cover version of the rock ballad will win a chance to perform at a Gotthard concert.

After the extremely successful Gotthard Day at joiz last June (including the loudest rock and roll show ever in the studio), Gotthard and joiz are getting together again. This time they are giving musicians from all over Switzerland the chance to share the big stage with them. What do the musicians need to do? They must produce their own live cover version of the new Gotthard single “Shine,” make a video and send it to joiz. It can be rock, hip-hop, folk music, jazz, classical whether children’s choir, alphorn club or dialect garage band — the three bands/performers with the most creative new interpretation and the most votes from the public will reach the final. Or, to be more precise Gotthard will come to your home! It’s not a joke: Using the Gibson tour bus, the rockers will pay a visit to your home and test the live quality of your cover performance. But the decision will not be made then. In the joiz programme on 20th. November, the top three finalists will compete against each other in front of an audience and perform their version of “Shine!” The winner will take the big prize: to stand on the Gotthard stage before thousands of fans and play the winning cover song. The motto: “I shine with Gotthard” …

“We know that there are many good musicians in Switzerland, who put their hearts and souls into the music,” says bassist Marc Lynn. “It is exactly this potential in our national scene that we want to draw out. From solo performers to male choirs, no matter from which musical corner they come, young or old! It is also exciting for us to see how others perceive our music and what they make out of it. It is exciting for all of us!”

6. September 2012: Competition call “I Shine With Gotthard.”

31. October 2012: Competition closes.

15/16/19 November 2012: Broadcast “Gotthard-Tourbus-Action” on joiz.

20 November 2012: Final in the live show “Home Run” on joiz.

November/December 2012: Appearance of the winning band at one of the CH-concerts of Gotthard.

GOTTHARD CH-TOUR 2012 (Special Guest: THE ANSWER – Opening act: FOX
30.11.12 CHUR, Stadthalle
01.12.12 BERN, Expo Halle 4.1
06.12.12 LAUSANNE. Metropole
07.12.12 WINTERTHUR, Eishalle Deutweg
08.12.12 SURSEE, Stadthalle

What is joiz?
joiz is a HD-TV Sender, which produces interactive, multi-media entertainment programmes for the younger generation and also classic TV with online, mobile and social media mixed in, The detailed programme of Gotthard and further information can be found at .

Further information:

*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-Lion Music News

Anthriel Currently Recording Follow-Up To THE PATHWAY

Finn symphonic progressive metal outfit Anthriel are currently in the studio recording the follow-up to their blistering 2010 debut THE PATHWAY. Lead vocalist Simo Silvan has checked in with the following update.

“I thought that it’s high time to tell all of you what’s happening at the moment in the World Of Anthriel! As many of you might have noticed we are indeed recording a new album as I write this update to enlighten the near future of what’s to come. All the songs to the second album have been written already and now we are just recording and adding more elements to fulfill the ambition we have towards our second album, which by the way already has a title and a track list but I’m not going to tell about those things… yet!

“The past few months has gone by, by recording the drum tracks. Jari has indeed done a fantastic job behind the drums, as always, and there will be lots and lots of new cool stuff happening in the drum world during the whole album. In my opinion Jari has pushed the envelope, so to say, even further, and by doing that he has raised the bar quite high for all of us in the band. Yet that’s a good thing of course.

“Now as almost all of the drum parts have been played we’ve been able to do other things also and that means Timo’s rhythm guitar parts. I have had the pleasure of being around listening many times when Timo has laid down his tracks and I really must confess that those guitar parts are something really fantastic! Lots of cool heavy riffs and rhythmic changes and odd time signatures… It’s quite overwhelming to listen to what he’s got to say with his guitar.

“Antti has also started to make his magic with the keyboards. It really is quite awesome to hear all the musical landscapes building up bit by bit. All those bright piano parts, dramatic strings and a lead sound that just blows the listener away as the solo parts take place… yet there is much more to say about this thing so I better leave it to Antti.

“Also any day soon now Klaus will start playing his bass parts in so all the young and old bass players out there be aware.

“I also started my musical journey in the Vocal World a while ago. First thing that I realized was that this album is going to need huge amounts of nuances because the music is so versatile and full of harmonies and chord progressions…

“This music we compose is somewhat like a twisted playground to a singer. Sometimes I’m just overwhelmed by all the beautiful harmonies we are making yet during the very next second it turns to a total nightmare. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I’m doing! By saying nightmare I’m really referring to the fact that there are moments when all the easy singing parts turn upside down and I must give all the sense of nuances and power and emotion out at the same time yet still being able to not to cross the line into sounding something terrible.

“Ok. That’s what’s basically happening now. We’re gonna publish more detailed Studio Diary updates from all of us in the near future and add also so pictures from the sessions… maybe even video clips.

“But I hope you are all well and stay tuned for more news from the world of Anthriel!

“Yours, Simo Silvan”

Docker’s Guild Video Biography Part 3 Streaming Now

Featurette 3 – “The Order Of The Universe,” which takes a deeper look at the background and structure of the Docker’s Guild project and “The Mystic Technocracy” storyline, is now available for viewing at .

Lion Music

*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-Jeff Lynne Scores A Hat-Trick! Three LPs In The UK Top Ten

Man of the moment, Jeff Lynne, celebrates his return with three LPs in the UK top ten!

LONG WAVE — Jeff’s first solo record in over 20 years — has entered the UK Top Ten album chart at No. 7 (and the Independent chart at Number 1); ELO’s MR. BLUE SKY has landed in at No. 8 (and the Independent Chart Number 2). Both new albums have been released last week on Frontiers Records, while ALL OVER THE WORLD – THE VERY BEST OF ELO holds the No. 10 spot for the second week running.

Jeff has been all over the small screen with the UK TV debut of “Mr. Blue Sky: The Story Of Jeff Lynne And ELO” documentary airing as part of BBC Four’s “Jeff Lynne Night” and other appearances including “BBC Breakfast.”

Jeff will appear on Ken Bruce’s Radio 2 show “The Tracks Of My Years,” Monday October 22nd.

Jeff Lynne and ELO’s albums have entered in Europe in the national album charts in the Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark.

*** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
-Alestorm To Tour Alongside Epica!!!

THE premiere “pirate metal” band, Napalm Records recording artists Alestorm, will be setting sail to North American waters once again, touring the United States and Canada this month and next as direct support to Epica! The 28-date tour begins on October 23rd in Washington, DC and concludes November 24th in Baltimore, with three headlining Alestorm shows along the way. Also joining the tour will be Insomnium, System Divide, and Destiny Potato. Here are the confirmed dates/venues:

10/23 Washington DC @ Howard Theater
10/24 Richmond, VA @ Kingdom (HEADLINE SHOW)
10/25 Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero Theater
10/26 New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
10/27 Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
10/28 Ottawa, ONT @ Maverick’s (HEADLINE SHOW)
10/29 Quebec City, QC @ Imperial
10/30 Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
10/31 Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
11/1 Buffalo, NY @ Broadway Joe’s (HEADLINE SHOW)
11/2 Cleveland, OH @ TBA
11/3 Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar Bar
11/4 Joliet, IL @ Mojoes
11/5 St. Paul, MN @ Station 4
11/7 Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
11/8 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex
11/10 Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theater
11/11 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
11/12 Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater
11/14 San Francisco, CA @ The Grand Ballroom at the Regency Center
11/15 San Diego, CA @ House of Blues
11/16 West Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues Sunset Strip
11/17 Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee
11/19 Dallas, TX @ Trees
11/20 Houston, TX @ Scout Bar
11/21 San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live
11/23 Louisville, KY @ Headliner’s Music Hall
11/24 Baltimore, MD @ Soundstage

Freewheeling front man/keytar-player Chris Bowes had the following to say: “Ahoy there, you bunch of filthy North American pirates! This fall, Alestorm is gonna be coming back to your shores for a huge-ass party and maybe a few shows, if we manage to stay sober long enough. Last time ’round during the Paganfest USA tour, we had a hell of a lot of fun, and this one is gonna be even better! Prepare to have your presidential elections ruined, and our sweaty scurvy-infested testicles smeared all over your Thanksgiving dinners! See you soon!”

Alestorm’s most recent album, BACK THROUGH TIME, was released domestically June 14th, 2011. For more info, consult and .

*** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
-Raven Lord: Cover Artwork Revealed, New Song Available For Streaming

Multinational heavy metal band Raven Lord have revealed the cover art for their debut album, DESCENT TO THE UNDERWORLD. A brand new song “Black Friar” can be streamed below. The track comes off the band’s new album, DESCENT TO THE UNDERWORLD, which will be released due in December 2012.

Raven Lord – “Black Friar”:

The CD was mixed by acclaimed Swedish producer Fredrik Nordström (At The Gates, Arch Enemy, Nightrage, In Flames, Dream Evil, Opeth) and mastered by US mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum (Sepultura, Halford, Yngwie Malmsteen, Angra, Dokken). The cover artwork for the effort was made by Caio Caldas “CadiesArt,” who has previously worked with Doro, Paul Di’Anno, Seven Kingdoms, Dominanz, and Violet Sun, among others.

Raven Lord just recently added Joe Stump (HolyHell, Reign Of Terror) as their lead guitarist to their ranks.

Unashamedly wearing their heavy metal roots on their leather-studded sleeves, Raven Lord combine the classic metal feel of the past with the fresh aggression of the present. Thunderous bass lines, pounding drums and explosive riffs blend with distinct heavy, melodic vocals to create driving and memorable songs.

Raven Lord is:

Csaba Zvekan (Killing Machine, Sardonyx, Emergency) – Vocals
Joe Stump (HolyHell, Reign Of Terror) – Lead Guitar
George Karafotis (Vermillion Days, Operation X) – Guitar
Jamie Mallender (Tony Martin) – Bass
Lawrence “Larry” Paterson (Blaze Bayley, Stuka Squadron) – Drums
[to be announced] – Keyboards

Details of live dates, including some high-profile shows for the Summer 2013, are expected to be announced soon.

*** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
-AFM Records Newsletter

Kissin’ Dynamite: “Six Feet Under” Video Clip Released / European Tour Kicked Off!

No rest for the wicked, as they say… right after their appearance on German national TV last Saturday (“Bülent Ceylan show” on RTL TV) sleaze heavy rockers Kissin’ Dynamite went on to rock the “Masters Of Rockantenne Festival” in Munich, before kicking off the European tour with DragonForce and Huntress (see dates below). But not enough: also the brand new video clip for the song “Six Feet Under” is released now!

Kissin’ Dynamite Tour Dates w/ DragonForce & Huntress

10.10.2012 BE Vosselaar – Biebob
12.10.2012 DE Hannover – Capitol
13.10.2012 DE Köln – Live Music Hall
14.10.2012 DK Copenhagen – Amanger Bio
15.10.2012 NO Oslo – Rockefeller
16.10.2012 SE Stockholm – Tyrol
19.10.2012 FI Helsinki – Nostui
22.10.2012 SE Gothenberg – Brewhouse
23.10.2012 DK Arhus – Train
24.10.2012 DE Hamburg – Markthalle
27.10.2012 DE Wuppertal – Die Börse (Börsencrah Festival * KD only)
30.10.2012 DE München – Backstage Halle
31.10.2012 DE Berlin – Postbahnhof
01.11.2012 DE Dresden – Reithalle
02.11.2012 DE Erfurt – HsD
03.11.2012 DE Bochum – Zeche
05.11.2012 DE Frankfurt – Batschkapp
06.11.2012 AT Wien – Arena
07.11.2012 CH Zürich – Komplex
09.11.2012 IT Florence – Viper
10.11.2012 IT Treviso – New Age
11.11.2012 IT Milano – Alcatraz (small room)
12.11.2012 CH Solothurn – Kofmehl
15.11.2012 ES Barcelona – Salamandra 1
16.11.2012 PT Lissabon – Cine Teatro Corroios
17.11.2012 ES Madrid – Arena
18.11.2012 ES Bilbao – Rock Star Live
21.11.2012 FR Brodeaux – Rockschool Barbey
22.11.2012 FR Paris – La Cigale
23.11.2012 FR Strasbourg – La Laiterie
24.11.2012 FR Lille – Le Splendid
25.11.2012 NL Amsterdam – Melkweg Max
01.12.2012 CZ Prag – Exit Chmelnice (KD only / Headliner Show)
14.12.2012 DE Esslingen – Komma (KD only / Headliner Show)
15.12.2012 DE Mörlenbach – Live Music Hall (KD only / Headliner Show)
22.12.2012 NL Kerkrade – The Rock Temple (KD only / Headliner Show)

Magica: CENTER OF THE GREAT UNKNOWN Album Trailer Available!

On Friday (October 12th) the waiting is over: a little more than two years after DARK DIARY, Romanian female-fronted melodic metallers Magic release their new album CENTER OF THE GREAT UNKNOWN. In this trailer video you can listen to excerpts of all album songs.

Paradox Unveil Cover Artwork & Track List Of New Album!

The new Paradox album TALES OF THE WEIRD will be released on December 14th.

It was produced by Charly Steinhauer, mixed & mastered by V. Santura at Woodshed-Studio, Landshut, Germany.

TALES OF THE WEIRD also includes guest appearances by Bob Katsionis (Firewind) & Gus Drax (Sunburst), the cover artwork was created by Claudio Bergamin.

TALES OF THE WEIRD track listing:

1. Tales Of The Weird (9:19)
2. Day Of Judgement (4:15)
3. Brutalized (5:27)
4. Fragile Alliance (6:24) (w/ Gus Drax)
5. Escalation (4:15)
6. Brainwashed (7:33)
7. Slashdead (4:53)
8. Zeitgeist (1:53)
9. The Downward Spiral (3:42)
10. A Light In The Black (7:18) (bonus track) (w/ Bob Katsionis)

Orden Ogan: Title Song “To The End” Available for Streaming & Free Download!

Another teaser for Orden Ogan’s new album TO THE END (released on October 26th): the album’s title song is available for streaming and as FREE DOWNLOAD (just visit and enter with the Code “MG52K2V”).

Metal Hammer Presents: Mob Rules CANNIBAL NATION Album Streaming Countdown!

To make the time until the release date of Mob Rules’ new album (October 19th) more enjoyable, Metal Hammer Germany will present you a brand new track from the album daily from now on! The first track available is the album opener “Close My Eyes.”

Furthermore, the title song “Cannibal Nation” is available as FREE DOWNLOAD now (just visit and enter with the code “MG52K2V”).

CANNIBAL NATION will be released as CD, ltd. digi-pak (incl. bonus track) and ltd. LP (180 grams vinyl, gatefold sleeve).

AFM Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
-Napalm Records News

Tiamat: “The Scarred People” Video Premiere

Watch the clip to Tiamat’s latest hymn “The Scarred People” on our YouTube channel — the clip will go online on Friday, October 12th at 8:00 a.m. EST! The new album THE SCARRED PEOPLE will be released in North America on November 6th and can be pre-ordered at !

Hate: Finished Recording Of SOLARFLESH

Extreme metal warriors Hate have just finished recording their new opus entitled SOLARFLESH. The follow-up to highly acclaimed EREBOS (2010) will be released early next year via Napalm Records.

The band’s front man ATF Sinner comments: “We have just done mixes and mastering on the new material, our first album for Napalm. I believe SOLARFLESH is the most insane and haunting record we’ve done so far. It’s nothing but pure darkness… We’re extremely satisfied with this 61-minute monster (12 songs) that we’ve put to life. Now we’re working on a documentary about the creation of SOLARFLESH, its ideological sides, the band’s history, touring, etc. It’s going to be much more than just a studio report. We want it to be an in-depth interview revealing some unknown facts, hidden meanings, etc. I’m sure people will find it interesting.”

More info on the upcoming album will be unleashed soon, so stay tuned!

Napalm Records: “The Most Metal Label Of 2012″

Captain Napalm needs your support! VOTE for Napalm Records as “The Most Metal Label Of 2012″ in the Hails And Horns reader’s poll for 2012:

Grave Digger; German Version Of “Home At Last”

Grave Digger shot a video for the German version of “Home At Last!” “Zuruck Nach Haus” ( )is an exclusive bonus track on the limited edition of the band’s brand new album CLASH OF THE GODS! The latest album and merchandise is available at .

The Sorrow: Album Trailer

Check out the trailer to the The Sorrow’s upcoming album, MISERY ESCAPE, at ! MISERY ESCAPE will be released in North America on November 6th and may be pre-ordered at .

Huntress: EPK & On Tour

The heavy metal sensation Huntress is about to set forth and conquer Europe this fall! The hottest newcomer of 2012 will join melodic metallers DragonForce on their upcoming live dates hitting Europe’s major cities. The warriors revolving around charismatic front woman and vocal banshee Jill Janus have tasted blood during their recent live shows and are ready to claim their crown! There is no excuse for missing this fantastic package! Get ready to be enthralled by the haunting mix of heavy guitar riffs and ancient spells woven by masters of their craft! Also joining this fantastic tour are German sleaze heavy rockers Kissin’ Dynamite. The EPK to SPELL EATER is available at .

Huntress comments:
“Huntress is honoured to join our friends DragonForce on tour once again. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to travel through Europe, performing our entire SPELL EATER album for those who’ve had faith in us from the start. Spread it, shred it, behead it!”

12.10.12 DE – Hannover / Capitol
13.10.12 DE – Cologne / Live Music Hall
14.10.12 DK – Copenhagen / Amanger Bio
15.10.12 NO – Oslo / Rockefeller
16.10.12 SE – Stockholm / Tyrol
18.10.12 FI – Seinajoki / Rymikorjaamo
19.10.12 FI – Helsinki / Nosturi
22.10.12 SE – Gothenburg / Brewhouse
23.10.12 DK – Arhus / Train
24.10.12 DE – Hamburg / Markthalle
30.10.12 DE – Munich / Backstage
31.10.12 DE – Berlin / Postbahnhof
01.11.12 DE – Dresden / Reithalle
02.11.12 DE – Erfurt / HsD
03.11.12 DE – Bochum / Zeche
05.11.12 DE – Frankfurt / Batschkapp
06.11.12 AT – Vienna / Szene
07.11.12 CH – Zurich / Komplex
09.11.12 IT – Florence / Viper Theatre
10.11.12 IT – Treviso / New Age Club
11.11.12 IT – Milano / Alcatraz
12.11.12 CH – Solothurn / Kofmehl
15.11.12 ES – Barcelona / Salamandra 1
16.11.12 PT – Lisbon / Cine-Teatro de Corroios
17.11.12 ES – Madrid / Sala Arena
18.11.12 ES – Bilbao / Rock Star Live
21.11.12 FR – Bordeaux / Rock School Barbey
22.11.12 FR – Paris / La Cigale
23.11.12 FR – Strasbourg / La Laiterie
24.11.12 FR – Lille / Le Splendid
26.11.12 NL – Amsterdam / Melkweg Max

COMING SOON: Beyond All Recognition, Tiamat, My Sleeping Karma, Glowsun, The Sorrow, Paragon, Skalmold

LATEST NAPALM KILLERS: Ex Deo, Grave Digger, Svölk, Liv Kristine, The Graviators, Striker, Dust Bolt, Mortillery

Napalm Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
-Introducing St. Prostitute

HERE COME THE PROSTITUTES A “Power-Packed Debut Romp” – Classic Rock Magazine

Band: St. Prostitute
Label: Gateway Music
Barcode: 5707471021705
Street Date: Out Now
Genre: Hard Rock

The Debut Album…
The album is recorded, mixed & mastered at Medley Studios, Copenhagen with producer and engineer Soren Andersen. The mix of St. Prostitute and Soren Andersen turned out to be a so-called “match made in Rock *N* Roll heaven,” determined to make one of Denmark’s best rock albums! Producer Soren Andersen realizes the potential & star quality of the band, saying “St. Prostitute is a unique band compared to many other bands that currently are on the road. Basically because the band is capable of writing good and strong melodies with a hook — and that is crucial!”

The album has gained great reviews across the world. Especially the legendary and well-respected Classic Rock Magazine was pleased with the album and credited it with 8 out of 10, with the comment “All hail the new kings of Denmark.” Furthermore St. Prostitute has been in the Top 10 on “Track Of The Week” at Classic Rock Magazine with the single “I’m Not Falling,” and Geoff Barton has the album HERE COME THE PROSTITUTES on his Top 5 “Album Of The Year 2012.” The first single “Dreaming Of You” gained heavy rotation on Danish national radio P4 during March and April. Another national radio station (P6 Beat) played the single during some of the rock radio shows in March and April.

The Story…
The band was founded back in 2007 under the name L.A. Prostitutes by four guys sharing the same passion for Rock ‘N’ Roll and the time when rock stars were rock stars. Change of name to St. Prostitute took place in November 2012.

Besides the Korsholm Brothers (Fussy – Lead Vocal, Morten – Lead Guitarist), St. Prostitute includes the hard hitting drummer Jack Andy and the bass player Kim “Finn” Mikkelmann, making the band an explosive cocktail of uncompromised, melodic & extremely powerful Rock ‘N’ Roll!!

In April 2011, St. Prostitute got the honor of opening Fredags Rock In Tivoli, Copenhagen. In front of more than 12,000 excited audience members the band supported the legendary Danish veterans Pretty Maids.

Through the years St. Prostitute has played some of Denmark’s most respected venues (see the tour list below).

In January 2010, St. Prostitute was on a PR Tour in California, USA playing The Viper Room, Whiskey A-Go-Go in Hollywood, and Wasted Space (Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas) as the first Danish band ever.

Later that year the band was asked to play at the In The Palace Festival in Bulgaria.

The Music…
St. Prostitute’s music is described as uncompromised and powerful Rock ‘N’ Roll with a strong focus on a good melody.

St. Prostitute is a live band — to the very core! Their shows are filled with high octane energy, passion, and a lead singer doing what it takes to make the rows in the back of the audience a part of the show! You are guaranteed a Rock ‘N’ Roll show, played as loud as F¤#K!! With eye liner, tattoos, rock ‘n’ roll outfit & Rock clichés…

The album HERE COME THE PROSTITUTES was released 12 March, 2012 via GateWay Music in Denmark & on iTunes worldwide!

Purchase the album on CD:

“This power-packed debut album is so leering, sneering, seething and sordid, it makes a romp in the Reeperbahn look like a visit to Legoland, it’s all killer, all thriller. Kicking off with the relentless title track (‘Are you ready? F*ckin’ ready? Here come the prostitutes!’ roars front man Fussy Korsholm) there’s barely a flaccid track in sight. ‘Schizophrenia’ and ‘Hell Yeah!!’ are similarly blistering, while bleak ballad ‘A Bitter Man’s Lullaby’ provides an emotion-charged change of pace. Why, the band might even have a hit on their hands with the hyper-dramatic ‘I’m Not Falling,’ which features guest femme-vox from Danish diva Line Krogholm” – Geoff Barton (8/10), Classic Rock Magazine UK

“Simply put, St. Prostitute try to emulate the ’80s greats throughout the disc, but do so in a convincing and enjoyable manner all-around. It’s a sleazy, hook-driven approach to basic rock ‘n’ roll that spreads out into larger-than-life rock anthems that recall the timeless classics by bands like Bon Jovi through similar, arena-filling melodies and instantly catchy choruses” – PP (7.5 / 10) –

“This band’s pure rock sound is sure to make waves as they start the trek to reach platinum status. The title track ‘Here Come The Prostitutes’ starts things off with pulsating rhythms, power chords and a high voltage that I haven’t heard for some time. Fussy Korsholm’s lead vocals are prominent and explosive as he demands total attention from the listener. The fast-paced guitar work by Morten Korsholm shuns the typical metal masters as they meet higher standards. This is true in-your-face rock that will awake the dead as they sleep! This is one helluva debut album that needs to be added to your collection” – Brian Rademacher (4.5 / 5) –

Band Lineup:
Fussy Korsholm: Lead vocal & rhythm guitar
Morten Korsholm: Lead guitar & backing vocals
Kim “Finn” Mikkelmann: Bass & backing vocals
Jack Andy: Drums & backing vocals

Track Listing:
1. Here Come The Prostitutes
2. Say When It’s Over
3. I’m Not Falling
4. Dreaming Of You
5. The Highway Hitcher Murder Blues
6. Hell Yeah
7. Medicine
8. A Bitter Man’s Lullaby
9. Schizophrenia
10. Crisis

*** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
-Secret Sphere’s New Song “Healing” Available For Streaming

“Healing,” a brand new song from PORTRAIT OF A DYING HEART, the next album from Italian metal band Secret Sphere, can be streamed exclusive at using the link below.

Secret Sphere = “Healing”

Secret Sphere recently announced Michelle Luppi (ex-Vision Divine, ex-Thaurorod) as new vocalist to their ranks.

PORTRAIT OF A DYING HEART, the band’s seventh LP, is scheduled for a 2012 release date through Warner Music (Japan), October 24, 2012 and Scarlet Records (Rest of World), November 25, 2012. The CD will feature a 40-page booklet, including the novel “She Complies With The Night” on which the album is based.

The track listing for PORTRAIT OF A DYING HEART is as follows:

1. Portrait Of A Dying Heart
2. X
3. Wish & Steadiness
4. Union
5. The Fall
6. Healing
7. Lie To Me
8. Secrets Fear
9. The Rising Of Love
10. Eternity

The band’s current lineup consists of the following:
Aldo Lonobile – Rhythm and lead guitar
Michele Luppi – Vocals
Andrea Buratto – Bass
Gabriele Ciaccia – Keyboards
Marco Pastorino – Rhythm guitars
Federico Pennazzato – Drums

According to a press release, “Secret Sphere, a name guaranteed to make every metal freak’s heart beat faster with excitement and anticipation. Crediting bands like Helloween, Angra, Dream Theater and Savatage as their biggest influences, Secret Sphere manage to honour the heritage of such big names while creating their very own brand of METAL.”

*** PRESS RELEASE #14 ***
-Tellus Requiem Signs With Nightmare Records

New Album THE 11TH HOUR Due Out January 22, 2013

Norway’s Tellus Requiem have signed with Nightmare Records to release their debut album THE 11TH HOUR. The album will be available January 22, 2013. These progressive up and comers are sure to blow minds with the music they have created.

Tellus Requiem consists of five members who all came from diverse musical backgrounds, which can be recognized immediately by their distinct sound. From the very first crunchy guitar wail with juicy leads your ears are battered with a progressive metal onslaught. Combining these elements with beautiful melodies and harmonies Tellus Requiem delivers their breathtaking debut THE 11TH HOUR.

Ben Rodgers – Vocals
Vidar Lehmann – Drums
Stig Nergård – Guitars
Ivar Hagen Bøe – Bass
Anders Sundbø – Keys

For More Info Visit:

*** PRESS RELEASE #15 ***
-Sweden’s Confidence Reveals Details Of New Album!

The Swedish rockers from Confidence have presented the details for their second release today. After the great success of their debut album PRELUDE, the band is ready for the next step and follows a tight schedule of two releases a year.

Confidence will release their second digital release SEEDS on November 23, 2012 through all popular download platforms.

Track List SEEDS:
1. Nail Me Down
2. Collective Perspective (full version now online on Confidence Facebook)
3. The Walking Man
4. Seeds

The artwork is once again from the hands of Merlijn Zeeders from Blacklake Design, who was also responsible for the PRELUDE artwork.

Last week, it was already announced that the band tapped Kevin Churko to mix the SEEDS release. Kevin Churko is a Canadian record producer/engineer and songwriter that has worked for some of the world’s biggest names including Ozzy Osbourne, Shania Twain, Ringo Starr, Five Finger Death Punch, Hinder, In This Moment, Britney Spears, and many more. He currently lives in Las Vegas where he works out of his private studio “The Hideout” on Las Vegas Blvd., where also the new Confidence songs have been mixed.

This four-track SEEDS release is presented as a “digital release” and not as an EP.

Lead singer Emil Kyrk about the concept behind the band concerning releases: “It is a new world we live in, the old world of record companies, album releases and CDs are dying. Internet has effectively worn down the old dinosaurs in the music industry, it’s time to embrace the new technology instead of trying to get the old days back.

“This is the reason why Confidence will not release our material on a traditional label or on physical media. Instead, we will use the digital channels that exist today. And why release a full-length album where half of the songs are poorly produced because of the very slim budget today’s record companies can offer, when you can release songs whenever you want, when they are done, through digital channels?

“As with our music, we will go our own way as it comes to releasing songs. Each digital release will contain four or five songs, with at least two releases a year. Our fans will always be able to enjoy new and fresh Confidence songs.”

For all Confidence info: (brand new design)

*** PRESS RELEASE #16 ***
-Anubis Gate Announce New Guitarist

Michael Bodin (of Third Eye) replaces Jesper M Jensen in Anubis Gate.

Anubis Gate commented on former guitarist Jesper leaving the band:

“Jesper’s decision to leave the band to pursue other musical interests has been some time in the making, actually Jesper announced his leaving to the band 3 months ago, leaving us with good time to the difficult task of finding the right replacement. We feel it’s important for everybody to know that Jesper’s exit has nothing to do with personal differences, in fact we are still the best of friends. Jesper simply found that now was the right time to try something new. We are of course sad that he is leaving but respect his decision and wish him nothing but the best.

“We are happy to announce Michael Bodin as Jesper’s replacement. We know Michael from his works with Third Eye and nineties prog metal band Northern Empire. He is a fantastic player who can contribute with very interesting material, in fact he is already writing great new stuff for the new album which we expect out late 2013. We are looking very much forward to presenting the new lineup for you both on stage and on record.”

Anubis Gate is:
Henrik Fevre – vocals, bass
Kim Olesen – guitars, keyboards
Michael Bodin – guitars
Morten Srensen – drums


For more info visit:

*** PRESS RELEASE #17 ***
-Introducing Frank Johansen – DESTRUCTOR “Digital Only”

Please find below the text press info for the group’s new rockin’ DIGITAL ONLY album DESTRUCTOR!!!!!

Band: Frank Johansen
Label: Not Signed
Street Date: Out Now
Genre: Progressive, Metal

Web: (Under reconstruction)

DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM HERE:’s%20Destructor%20Album.rar

Born in Sweden back in 1981, Frank Johansen is originally a Norwegian citizen and he has been composing music for 12 years. Frank is one half of the composer/writer duo known as “The Dual Dragons” which also features his brother Dan Johansen making up the other half.

The duo are most known for our remixes of classic video game tracks and their individual efforts on newgrounds and YouTube.

The brothers have written two screenplays but due to how the business works no one has currently read them. Stupid rules and regulation hinder creativity in this world and it is really a sad thing that makes their blood boil.

The past years the brothers have had more focus on solo efforts and in 2010 Frank released his first album called A.M.D DIMENSIONAL DISTORTION, a progressive metal sci-fi story based concept album. Frank tried to spread the word but it didn’t become a “big seller” so to speak.

Now Frank’s second album is complete, and is a more direct and brutal album filled with anger and hate. The album is a Metal/sci-fi setting about destroying the world and the universe. The concept was born from all the hate, suffering and corruption that surround us in this so-called civilized world.

The cover was made by Felipe Machado Franco from the band Vorpal Nomad. Felipe has created covers for many bands such as Blind Guardian and Rhapsody Of Fire.

The album was released as a free download due to past experiences but people can still buy the digital only release on CD Baby. The most important thing is to spread the music and that people can enjoy it. Music is not something that Frank does as a business, it is what he does and he loves it. Giving the world music makes Frank feel better then a million bucks could ever do.

Frank focus is on delivering original music and not do what many others do. He creates his own sound and follows his heart in doing so in order to give a unique feel to the projects he is involved with. Frank likes to see himself as a musical rebel and he does not follow the “rules” of composing.

Frank mixes electronic elements with heavy guitars, soft guitars, clean guitars, orchestral, basically anything goes in order to portrait and support the project in order to give it a distinct and memorable touch unlike any other. He sees everything as sounds that can be used in music any way he wants to.

Frank’s future goals for the future are to compose for video games, and get into the business with the dream of creating video games where he writes, composes and designs the games together with his brother.

Band Lineup:
Lead Vocals: Frank Johansen
Guitar: Frank Johansen

Track Listing:
1. The Doomrider
2. Primal Rage
3. Leave Me Alone
4. Judgment Day
5. Planet Genocide
6. Heart Of Darkness
7. Neo Hell
8. The Destructor
9. Damnation Pt.1 Blood
10. Damnation Pt.2 End Of Time

-According to an AP article, on October 10 Alice Cooper was in Sioux Falls, SD, to “help kick-off a 6,000-square-foot rock ‘n’ roll academy for local Boys & Girls Club members.” The Brennan Rock & Roll Academy has a recording studio, rehearsal and performance spaces, music lesson offerings, and instruments from members of Warrant and Kiss. See for the full article, and and for more on Alice.

-Destruction’s lyric video for “Cyanide” is online at . See for more.

-Check out an interview with Dio Disciples drummer Simon Wright at . The band — now featuring singer Oni Logan and bassist Bjorn Englen along with singer Tim “Ripper” Owens, guitarist Craig Goldy, and keyboardist Scott Warren — is hitting the road the next two months. See .

-The Divebomb Records forum is now open at . Hype: “Amongst the various topics at your fingertips you can discuss current, past and possible future reissues and interact with fellow music enthusiasts like yourself. Who knows what exclusive goodies we will post there in the future so just come say hello and hang out with us. For the fans, by the fans.” See for more.

-Frontiers Records’ latest publication, issue #52 of Melodic Rock Fanzine, is available now for free “all over the world through record shops, mail orders and every fine dealer carrying the Frontiers Records releases.” Features include “reviews and interviews of Dokken, Ten, Kix, Impera, Bonrud, Andy Rock, Soulspell, Night Ranger, Pride Of Lions, Neal Schon,” and more. The free online version is available at and .

-Graveyard’s LIGHTS OUT is due out October 26 from Nuclear Blast, and band just completed the video for the track “Endless Night.” The video for the first single, “Goliath,” is online at , and the lyric video is at . See for more.

-Issa’s new video for the title track from the upcoming CAN’T STOP (due next month on Frontiers Records) is available at . See for more.

-Kiss’ MONSTER made these debuts on the charts: #2 – Norway, #3 – US, #4 – Sweden, #6 – Germany, #7 – Australia, #17 – Holland, #21 – UK. According to KissOnline, “The very first Kiss Army Night at Los Angeles’ Rocktoberfest will take place on October 18 at Nokia Plaza in LA Live. You can count on live entertainment, German beers on tap and a selection of Wolfgang Puck’s Oktoberfest dishes. Gene Simmons will also perform at an all star jam session at 8:30 p.m. You can expect other Kiss band members to be in attendance. Visit for more information.” See for more.

-Scelerata’s new video for “Rising Sun,” from THE SNIPER (Nightmare Records), is online now at . See , , and for more.

Thanks to Kiss Fan Site, Lance King, Matt Rudzinski, Chad Bowar, and Dirk Lammers for help gathering some of this information.

*** REVIEWS ***
DVD: RT: 2:57:01
CD 1: 15 tracks, RT: 1:03:59
CD 2: 9 tracks, RT: 56:02
[ ]
[ ]
Between the various concert DVDs, live albums, bonus tracks, etc., there is certainly *no* shortage of live Saxon material. So what makes this new set, subtitled EAGLES OVER WACKEN, special? First off, the DVD is a whopping three-hour, 30-song compilation of “best of” moments culled from the band’s 2004, 2007, and 2009 performances at the famed Wacken Open Air festival. Included are tracks from every studio album except 1988’s DESTINY and 1992’s FOREVER FREE (and 2011’s CALL TO ARMS, which obviously wasn’t out when these shows took place… but more on that later), which will undoubtedly please collectors and fans of bands that are proud of their entire history. (People like me, in other words!) The heavier, more metallic newer stuff (“Attila The Hun,” “Witchfinder General,” “Killing Ground”) fits seamlessly with the older stuff (“Wheels Of Steel,” “Dallas 1 PM,” “Solid Ball Of Rock”) that, as always, is markedly punchier live. Of particular note is “Power And The Glory” — this version kicks all sorts of ass, with a great Doug Scarratt guitar solo and wicked bass lines from Tim “Nibbs” Carter. The footage is all pro-shot with tons of camera angles, and edited well so as to blend without fadeouts between songs. There is some weird blue lighting that distracts from the ’07 material, though. The bonus features are standard but amusing, including a slideshow and a 10-minute interview where the band reminisces about Wacken. Second, the “bonus audio CD” portion of the set is a two-disc, two-hour, 24-song concert recorded last year in Glasgow on the CALL TO ARMS tour. There’s some overlap between the DVD and CDs, but the ’11 show features several CALL TO ARMS tracks plus a few older nuggets not seen on the DVD. The first disc/hour is a nice mix of old and new, but the second is a total trip back in time, with the “newest” track being 1984’s “Crusader.” Ageless, charismatic main man Biff Byford is in fine form and voice throughout, and the stalwart band members once again prove themselves to be one sorely underrated and under-appreciated group of bashers. Seriously man, what other bands have rocked so consistently for so long? There aren’t many. Hail! (Note: There are a total of six various versions/formats of this release: the one reviewed here; a single DVD; a two-CD set of the full ’09 show; a three-record set of the full ’09 show; a two-disc set with the DVD and a single-disc ’11 concert; and a massive, limited box set featuring the DVD reviewed here, the ’11 concert on CD, three more DVDs featuring the full ’04/’07/’09 shows, and other extras.)
– Tim Wadzinski (

*** OUT ***

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Issue #623
Week of October 8, 2012

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Patrick Brower, Editor

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Tim Wadzinski, Owner

Steve Shumake, Co-owner

-Opening day here in the US for Kiss’ MONSTER! I picked up my copy on the way home and, honestly, after one listen it’s not knocking my socks off. Hmmm… First single “Hell Or Hallelujah” seems like the best song, with Paul Stanley’s “Last Chance” and “Shout Mercy” up there as well. “Eat Your Heart Out” (Gene Simmons) and “Take Me Down Below” (Paul and Gene) are pretty funny sex rockers, which you need on a Kiss album, but overall I’m not hearing too many big hooks here. It’s certainly not *bad*, and the 3D cover art is way cool, but it didn’t smack me as “special” either. I definitely need to give it more spins before I come to any conclusions. – Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-Follow-Up To Dio’s Best Selling VERY BEAST OF Announced!

In addition to fronting such legendary hard rock/heavy metal bands as Rainbow, Black Sabbath/Heaven & Hell, and Elf, singer Ronnie James Dio also was the leader of his own solo band, Dio, who were responsible for such all-time great rock anthems as “Holy Diver,” “Rainbow In The Dark,” and “The Last In Line,” among many others. And on Tuesday, October 9, a second volume of Dio’s best tracks will be unleashed via Niji Entertainment — THE VERY BEAST OF DIO VOL. 2 — a follow-up to the gold-certified THE VERY BEAST OF DIO.

The 17-track CD picks up exactly where the first volume left off — from 1996 onward. And in addition to featuring such latter-day Dio classics as “Killing The Dragon,” “Push,” and “Fever Dreams,” the compilation will also include several rarities that fans have long requested on a single disc — “Electra” (which previously was only a part of the ultra-rare TOURNADO box set), “Prisoner Of Paradise,” and “Metal Will Never Die.”

As the Dio Facebook Page Administrator, raves, “I absolutely know that every single Dio Fan is going to want THE VERY BEAST OF DIO VOL. 2! I’m a HUGE Dio fan, just like all of you, and I can’t tell you how excited I am about this CD. I had the pleasure of listening to the CD that was produced, mixed, and re-mastered by Ronnie’s longtime engineer, Wyn Davis, and it sounds BLOODY INSANE!!!”

Also included as part of the release will be liner notes penned by long-time supporter and friend of Ronnie’s, Eddie Trunk from “That Metal Show,” as well as an awesome front cover painting by artist Marc Sasso (who previously created the covers for Dio’s KILLING THE DRAGON and MASTER OF THE MOON albums).

THE VERY BEAST OF DIO VOL. 2 will also be receiving a significant promotional push, as it will be promoted on Trunk’s radio program, and will be given away via the infamous “Box Of Junk” on an episode of “That Metal Show.” And of course, the very popular official Ronnie James Dio Facebook page will get behind the release — which has over 735,000 fans (and receives between 800,000 to 1,000,000 hits per month).

As the Dio Facebook Page Administrator notes, “Just to let you know, the first BEAST OF DIO was only released in the USA and Canada, and has sold over 800,000 CDs to date! This CD will be in EVERY COUNTRY and our Dio Store too!”

The stellar music of Ronnie James Dio continues to live on. And the forthcoming THE VERY BEAST OF DIO VOL. 2 will be the perfect addition to every headbanger’s collection.

Track listing for THE VERY BEAST OF DIO VOL. 2:

1. Killing The Dragon
2. Push
3. The Eyes
4. Along Comes A Spider
5. Better In The Dark
6. Fever Dreams
7. Black
8. Feed My Head
9. Shivers
10. Hunter Of The Heart (Live)
11. One More For The Road
12. Lord Of The Last Day
13. Electra (bonus track)
14. As Long As It’s Not About Love
15. This Is Your Life
16. Metal Will Never Die (bonus track)
17. Prisoner Of Paradise (bonus track)

For more information, visit:

*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-Queen’s HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY – LIVE IN BUDAPEST Will Be Released On DVD, Blu-Ray And Deluxe Editions For The First Time On November 6

NEW YORK, NY — HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY: QUEEN LIVE IN BUDAPEST is a must-see concert experience by legends of rock, Queen. It will be released on DVD, Blu-Ray, 2CD+DVD Deluxe Edition and a 2CD+Blu-ray Deluxe Edition on November 6th in North America [Pre-book Order Date October 12, MSRP $14.98 DVD, $19.98 Blu-ray, $12.99 Digital Video, $34.98 DVD/2CD, $39.98 Blu-ray/2CD, and TBA Digital Video+Digital Audio]

Originally filmed in 1986, this momentous concert movie has been re-mastered in high definition and superb 5.1 surround sound. An amazing performance is now available to be seen in crystal clear HD clarity.

Also included on the DVD and Blu-ray is a new 25 minute documentary feature entitled “A Magic Year.” This follows Queen from just after their historic show-stealing performance at Live Aid, London, on July 13, 1985, through the year leading up to the epic concert in Budapest. Using archive footage from rehearsals, interviews with the band in the studio and on the road during the Magic Tour — some of which has never been seen before — this fascinating feature has been specially created for this new release.

As part of the hugely successful 1986 Magic Tour that, poignantly, was the last to be played by the band with Freddie Mercury, Queen were for the first time able to include Hungary on the tour schedule. With three years to go before the fall of the Berlin Wall, this was the largest concert ever staged at the Népstadion, Budapest, and the first Western Rock Concert staged in a stadium behind the then Iron Curtain. It was of such significance to the Hungarian authorities and film industry that a group of the country’s top film cameramen and technicians were brought together to film it for posterity.

Staged for 80,000 ecstatic fans, the concert set includes favorite hits like “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” “I Want To Break Free,” and “We Are The Champions.”

“We’re delighted that Queen fans across the world will finally have the chance to relive this amazing moment for the band. We knew a stadium concert in Budapest was ground-breaking, but hadn’t quite anticipated what a historic night it would turn out to be. The concert looks fantastic on the screen in all its digitally re-mastered glory and the documentary does a great job of setting the scene — it really was an extraordinary time in the band’s history.” – Brian May and Roger Taylor

Eagle Rock Entertainment is the largest producer and distributor of music programming for DVD, Blu-Ray, TV, Audio and Digital Media in the world. Eagle works directly alongside talent to produce top quality, High Definition and 3D programs, both concerts and documentaries, including The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, Queen, The Doors, Jeff Beck, U2, Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney, and Ozzy Osbourne. Eagle is a Grammy Award winning company and has received over 30 multi-platinum, over 50 platinum and over 90 gold discs, worldwide. Eagle Rock Entertainment has offices in London, New York, Toronto, Paris, and Hamburg.

Follow Eagle Rock Entertainment at:

DVD and Blu-Ray track listing:

• One Vision
• Tie Your Mother Down
• In The Lap Of The Gods
• Seven Seas Of Rhye
• Tear It Up
• A Kind Of Magic
• Under Pressure
• Who Wants To Live Forever
• I Want To Break Free
• Guitar Solo
• Now I’m Here
• Love Of My Life
• Tavaszi Szél Vizet Áraszt
• Is This The World We Created…?
• Tutti Frutti
• Bohemian Rhapsody
• Hammer To Fall
• Crazy Little Thing Called Love
• Radio Ga Ga
• We Will Rock You
• Friends Will Be Friends
• We Are The Champions
“A Magic Year” documentary

Deluxe Package CD

CD 1 Track listing:
• One Vision
• Tie Your Mother Down
• In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited
• Seven Seas Of Rhye
• Tear It Up
• A Kind Of Magic
• Under Pressure
• Another One Bites The Dust
• Who Wants To Live Forever
• I Want To Break Free
• Looks Like It’s Gonna Be A Good Night – Improv
• Guitar Solo
• Now I’m Here

CD 2 Track listing:
• Love Of My Life
• Tavaszi Szel Vizet Araszt
• Is This The World We Created…?
• (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care
• Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)
• Tutti Frutti
• Bohemian Rhapsody
• Hammer To Fall
• Crazy Little Thing Called Love
• Radio Ga Ga
• We Will Rock You
• Friends Will Be Friends
• We Are The Champions
• God Save The Queen

*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody: Dominique Leurquin’s Left Hand Seriously Injured!

Around two weeks ago the members of Rhapsody lived one of the most dramatic moments of their career and they finally want to reveal to everybody the difficult moment they had to face because of what recently happened to their guitar player Dominique Leurquin.

“Some days ago my girlfriend Nadia received a phone call from Laurence, the wife of Dominique. I understood from Nadia’s tears that something terrible just happened…” says Luca Turilli. And adds: “A river of blood and then the dramatic run to the hospital with Dominique almost dying for all the blood he shed. Three hours of surgery and the risk to lose the left hand definitely. I could simply not believe it…”

Dominique injured himself with a circular saw while working at home. One wrong movement and the saw reached the center of his hand. After the complicated surgery and everyone around thinking it will be difficult for Dominique to play his beloved instrument once again, the doctors spent some more optimistic words to describe the situation, speaking about a long period of rehabilitation and some major problems eventually related to the thumb only. Therefore it seems there will be again the possibility for Dominique to play a guitar, and maybe sooner than what can be expected. What is needed is a lot of strength and mind power but everybody knows what represents the music for Dominique and so there is no doubt he will do miracles in this sense.

All the members of Rhapsody were just shocked for all what happened and of course the last days were not that easy for anyone of them, for the stress due to the tragic fact and for the problems related with the tour preparation. Right in relation with the upcoming tour, an important decision was taken: the one of not replacing Dominique with another guitar player but instead, as Luca arranged all the Rhapsody songs for two guitars, to simply add Dominique’s parts on the backing tracks at lower volume. Mixed on the right side, as if he would be there.

The bass player Patrice Guers states: “Dominique for us is more than friend. He is a real brother and everybody knows how important was for him this first tour as official member of Rhapsody. It is just not possible to replace him and we won’t do it! When Luca communicated this to Dominique, he almost shed some tears for the happiness, so much he appreciated this decision…” The new drummer Alex Landenburg adds: “No matter if it will take six months or one year to have Dominique back with us on stage. What is sure is that we’ll wait for him as he is a fundamental member of our band. Surely won’t be the same to go on stage without him!” The singer Alessandro Conti goes on: “Every show of this tour will be dedicated to our brother. I know Dominique since some months only but I can tell you that I already love him for his talent and for being a man of great value.”

Rhapsody want to add that, due to the recent events and despite all the other band plans won’t be changed, the release of the new cinematic ballad “Fantasia Gotica” will be postponed after the tour. The new video of “Clash Of The Titans” in its “Walking Dead Remix” version, instead, should be released next week as planned. In any case it is a matter of days.

In the meantime, the countdown for the Ascending To Infinity Cinematic Tour started. Rhapsody, Freedom Call, Orden Organ, and Vexillum are waiting for you, all around Europe, ready to offer a show full of surprises, unique and memorable. See you soon!

IMPORTANT: LT’S Rhapsody will extend the European leg of their tour in other countries in 2013!

Get your ticket now at:

09.11.2012 FR Annecy Le Brise Glace (Rhapsody only)
10.11.2012 BE Charleroi Coliseum
11.11.2012 NL Enschede Atak
12.11.2012 UK London O2 Islington
14.11.2012 ES Bilbao Sala Santana 27
15.11.2012 ES Madrid Caracol
16.11.2012 ES Barcelona Sala Bikini
18.11.2012 CH Lyss Kufa
19.11.2012 AT Dornbirn Conrad Sohm
20.11.2012 AT Wörgl Komma
22.11.2012 IT Bologna Estragon
23.11.2012 IT Milan Live Club
24.11.2012 IT Rome Orion
25.11.2012 IT Treviso New Age
26.11.2012 FR Lyon Le Transbordeur
28.11.2012 HU Budapest Club 202
29.11.2012 CZ Prague Club Matrix
30.11.2012 DE München Backstage
01.12.2012 DE Geiselwind Musichall
03.12.2012 DE Köln Essigfabrik
04.12.2012 NL Zoetermeer Boerderij
05.12.2012 DE Bochum Matrix
06.12.2012 DE Hamburg Markthalle
08.12.2012 DE Osnabrück Rosenhof
09.12.2012 FR Paris Le Trabendo
10.12.2012 FR Strasbourg La Laiterie

Tour Trailer:
Video Clip “Dark Fate Of Atlantis”:
Rhapsody Songpier:

*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-Nightwish And Anette Olzon Have Decided To Part Company!

From the band, via Nuclear Blast:

“Another chapter of the Nightwish story has ended today. Nightwish and Anette Olzon have decided to part company, in mutual understanding, for the good of all parties involved.

“In recent times it has become increasingly obvious that the direction and the needs of the band were in conflict, and this has led to a division from which we cannot recover.

“Nightwish has no intention of cancelling any upcoming shows, and as a result we have decided to bring in a substitute vocalist starting in Seattle 1.10.2012. Her name is Floor Jansen from the Netherlands (ex-After Forever, Revamp), and she has graciously stepped in to help us complete the IMAGINAERUM world tour.

“We are all strongly committed to this journey, this vehicle of spirit, and we are sure that this will lead to a brighter future for everyone. We forever remain excited about the adventures to come, and we are extremely proud of the two beautiful albums and the wonderful shows we shared together.

“Nightwish & Anette Olzon”

*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Paragon’s FORCE OF DESTRUCTION Due On Napalm Records

For more than 20 years, the Heavy Metal institution has been example for how German steel has to be forged — no-holds-barred, heavy and on maximum volume! The new album FORCE OF DESTRUCTION stays true to the band’s creed and fires from all cylinders. Heavy riffs, pounding drums, melodic hook lines and catchy refrains turn songs like “Iron Will” or “Bulletstorm” into anthems of the genre. In each and every second, every song on the album breathes the band’s fighting spirit and sense of the tradition. The long-player was produced by sound wizard Piet Sielck, who has already lent his talents to bands like Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, and Iron Savior. He gave FORCE OF DESTRUCTION a crystal-clear and heavy sound. Heavy Metal fans know what to do!

Track List:
1. The Last Day On Earth
2. Iron Will
3. Tornado
4. Gods Of Thunder
5. Bulletstorm
6. Blood & Iron
7. Blades Of Hell
8. Dynasty
9. Rising From The Black
10. Demon’s Lair
11. Secrecy

Release Dates:
19.10.2012 G/A/S
24.10.2012 ESP/FIN/SWE/GR
26.10.2012 Benelux
29.10.2012 Rest of Europe
06.11.2012 USA/CAN

*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-John Taglieri Set To Release “Best Of” Collection; Includes Two Bonus Tracks

HANSON, MA — Beginning his solo career way back in 1999, singer / song writer John Taglieri has released a total of nine albums to date between his solo releases and his band TAG, beginning with LEAP OF FAITH, which garnered him a record deal, a “Male Pop CD Of The Year” award & worldwide notoriety. In 2005 Taglieri broke all the rules and quit his nice, comfy, well paid day job to strike out as a full time musician. Not only did he succeed but he has bypassed any expectations he may have had, touring an average of 230 shows per year, securing sponsorships, opening for national acts, and seeing the world… all culminating in the 2012 release LUCKY #9 topping out at Number 2 on the Amazon AA chart and spawning two Top 5 singles, including the chart topping, “Make Me Believe.” “It’s been amazing to me to be able to make a living making music, seeing the world and working with my idols for as long as I have. I can’t believe I’m about to release my tenth CD… I’m truly a lucky person…” said Taglieri.

With THE VERY BEST OF JOHN TAGLIERI… THE SONGS THAT SHOULD HAVE MADE ME RICH!!!, John delivers a 20-song extravaganza celebrating his career, which pulls two songs from each of his nine releases and also brings two previously unreleased tracks, “What I Wanted After All” and “Back To You” out of the archives and made available to the public for the first time. Taglieri said of the new tracks… “The two new tracks are GREAT songs that I’m very proud of and excited to finally get out for people to hear! I’d have them for a bit and was waiting for the right time to release them… and well, this is it! ‘What I Wanted After All’ is a fun upbeat pop rocker about how sometimes getting what you want turns out to not always be… well… what you want! LOL. And ‘Back To You’ is a bouncy rock/country-ish feeling song about trying to convince someone that’s leaving you that coming back is the best decision they can make and the one you want to make. Something I’m sure we’ve all been through!”

As for the album’s title, THE VERY BEST OF JOHN TAGLIERI… THE SONGS THAT SHOULD HAVE MADE ME RICH!!!, it’s John being himself, humorously self deprecating. “Hey, we all want to be rock stars and drive the fancy cars and have the big house!! Well… I guess 1 out of 3 isn’t bad!! LOL… I’m still amazingly lucky to have my career and be able to do all the things I do. So maybe now as a collection, these damn songs will finally make me RICH! haha!”

THE VERY BEST OF JOHN TAGLIERI… THE SONGS THAT SHOULD HAVE MADE ME RICH!!! is out digitally worldwide on 23 October via Leap Dog Music.

Relevant Links:

*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-Two New Releases Coming November 6 On Nightmare Records

Ladies and Metal Men of the world, please take note, you’ll want to hear these!

We are very happy to bring these two very fine metal albums to you and are quite proud of the music of each joining the Nightmare ranks.

Nightmare / Sony / Red

UPC: 734923006527
Cat#: NMR-568
Dark Progressive Metal
Release Date: November 6, 2012

Track List:

1. Raptures Of The Deep
2. The Crow Will Die
3. My Darkest Hour
4. A Late Night Dance With Death
5. Secrets Of Mythology
6. His Blood Is Yours
7. R.I.P.
8. New York
9. The Patriot
10. I Am A Ghost
11. The Wrong Path
12. Sirens

Combining many sub-genres of music mainly from rock and metal this is melodic, raw, symphonic, theatrical, doomy and progressive, flowing from one to the next flawlessly. it is an epic Rock / Metal adventure ride that rings fresh.

Guitar player/composer Björn Eliasson picked up his axe to grind first in the eighties forming his first band in 1988. In the early nineties he joined Patrik Svärd (Cloudscape) forming a band dubbed Doctor Weird.

In 2001 Cloudscape formed, releasing their highly acclaimed self-titled debut in 2004, followed up by two albums CRIMSON SKIES (2006) and GLOBAL DRAMA (2008). The band performed during the years at clubs at festivals like Sweden Rock Festival, Bloodstock Open Air (UK), ProgPower Europe (NL) to name a few.

In late 2009 Björn decided to leave Cloudscape to focus on his passion in his own musical project. Writing songs based on his own visions, exploring limitless feelings and atmospheres, which have become Warnot. Björn worked on this album Warnot – HIS BLOOD IS YOURS without stress of deadlines, only pure inspiration and a strong vision to create something truly unique. Choosing to work with many guest voices, Björn is also singing on this album and flavors it with his unique, ground breaking voice in full complement of the other voices.

Dark artwork created by the talented Mattias Norén.

Written, produced, recorded and mastered by Bjorn in Helsingborg, Sweden.

The Vocalists:
Thomas Bursell known for his voice in:
– Second Heat and Helsingborgs Symphony Choirs.
Mike Andersson – Cloudscape, Full Force, Star One, Silent Memorial, etc.
Sussi Sorensen – Bo Wilson Band
Bjorn Persson – Doctor Weird
Sara Andersson – Helsingborg choirs
Bjorn Eliasson – Cloudscape
André Mollestam – Growls


Nightmare / Sony / Red

UPC: 734923006534
Cat#: NMR-569
Genre: Power Metal
Release Date: November 6, 2012

Track List:

1. Rising Sun
2. In My Blood
3. Road To Death
4. Breaking The Chains
5. Unmasking Lies
6. Must Be Dreaming
7. Drowned In Madness
8. Welcome Home
9. ‘Til The Day We Die
10. Money Painted Red
11. The Sniper

Bonus Tracks CD Version Only:
12. Spell Of Time (version 2012) *
13. Eminence (version 2012) *
14. Leave Me Alone (Live Bonus w/ Fabio Juan) **
15. Phoenix Tales (Live Bonus w/ Fabio Juan) **

* originally released in the DARKNESS & LIGHT (2006) album
** originally released in the SKELETONS DOMINATION (2008) album

THE SNIPER will undoubtedly turn heads, forcing metal icons to watch their rearview mirrors as these guys pull up fast with the nitrous afterburners firing! Testosterone infused, Melodic power metal best describes their music, though there are many tasty moments showing a progressive edge and showcasing a huge new vocal talent.

In the beginning DARKNESS & LIGHT was released 2006. Mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward featuring guest appearances by Renato Borghetti (Accordeon), Edu Falaschi (Angra), and Thiago Bianchi (Shaman). It entered the Top 3 albums in Brazil’s Roadie Crew Magazine readers pole, right behind Brazilian metal stars Sepultura and Angra, completely selling out of its first pressing immediately. Entering #46 in Japanese Burrn magazines top sellers helped establish Scelerata as new contender in metal.

SKELETONS DOMINATION (released in 2008) was mixed/mastered by Charlie Bauerfeind (Helloween, Blind Guardian, Rage, Saxon, Halford, HammerFall, Motorhead), achieving highest marks in major magazines worldwide. Entered #36 on Burrn mag’s top sellers list, released like (D & L) on Nightmare in Europe and North America.

THE SNIPER (2012) presents a stunning vocal performance from Fabio Juan, showing a much more matured band that delivers a heavier more aggressive sound, beautifully mixing power metal and melodic progressive elements ranging from angst ridden lyrics of corruption to sorrowful love lost. The HUGE production makes this album a must hear for any true metal fan.

THE SNIPER was again produced, mixed, and mastered by Charlie Bauerfeind with guitarist Renato Osorio. Also featuring Andi Deris (Helloween) and Paul Di’Anno (ex-Iron Maiden) as very special guests, not only singing, also composing, co-writers.


Nightmare Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
-Raven Lord: First Episode Video Podcast Posted Online

Multinational heavy metal band Raven Lord are broadcasting their first episode of their podcast on YouTube. With the title “Raven Lord TV” comes an introduction episode that explains the beginning of the band as well as answers questions to the current status. Csaba Zvekan (Killing Machine, Sardonyx, Emergency), singer and founder for the band Raven Lord, talks about the current lineup, pre- and post-production, and preparation for the tour and festivals coming up in 2013. The video also contains a little “sneak peek” music of the recently-recorded debut album DESCENT TO THE UNDERWORLD. The video can be streamed below.

“Raven Lord TV” – Episode 01 – Introduction to the band and record:

Details of live dates, including some high-profile shows for the Summer, are expected to be announced soon.

Raven Lord just recently added Joe Stump (HolyHell, Reign Of Terror) as their lead guitarist to their ranks. The band is in the process of securing a new record deal with a view to a release towards the end of the year.

Raven Lord recently tapped Fredrik Nordström of Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden to mix their album. Nordström is a well-known producer and sound engineer who has previously worked with such acts as At The Gates, Arch Enemy, Nightrage, In Flames, Dream Evil, and Opeth. The CD mixdown took place the end of August 2012. It was then mastered by Maor Appelbaum who also did work for bands like Sepultura, Halford, Yngwie Malmsteen, Angra, and Dokken.

Unashamedly wearing their heavy metal roots on their leather-studded sleeves, Raven Lord “combine the classic metal feel of the past with the fresh aggression of the present,” according to a press release. “Thunderous bass lines, pounding drums and explosive riffs blend with distinct heavy, melodic vocals to create driving and memorable songs.”

Raven Lord is:

Csaba Zvekan (Killing Machine, Sardonyx, Emergency) – Vocals
Joe Stump (HolyHell, Reign Of Terror) – Lead Guitar
George Karafotis (Vermillion Days, Operation X) – Guitar
Jamie Mallender (Tony Martin) – Bass
Lawrence “Larry” Paterson (Blaze Bayley, Stuka Squadron) – Drums
[to be announced] – Keyboards

*** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
-Frontiers Records Unleashes The ROCK N ROLL ANIMAL! Gene The Werewolf’s International Debut Album To Hit The Stores In November

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of Gene The Werewolf’s international debut album aptly entitled ROCK N ROLL ANIMAL on November 23rd in Europe.

The band hails from Pittsburgh when in 2007 five musicians disillusioned from their previous experiences decided to join forces in something “insanely different” from what they have been doing until then and “give a nod to the music we listened to growing up in the ’80s. One of the more important aspects of the new project was to not take ourselves too seriously and have fun with it,” says the band’s guitar player Drew Donegan.

It didn’t take long for people to gravitate towards the band, as local media outlets began referring to the band as Pittsburgh’s local “Supergroup.” Furthermore, the band’s first show sold out within minutes of doors opening!

Donegan describes Gene The Werewolf’s sound as “classic rock with a modern vibe,” similar to what bands like Kiss, Def Leppard, AC/DC, and Motley Crue would sound like if they released their music today… a far cry from the pop-punk bands the band members had been in previously. “We also like the term diamond-core, because diamond is the hardest rock known to man,” Donegan adds.

When referring to ROCK N ROLL ANIMAL, the band’s newest album, Gene exclaims: “It’s the perfect soundtrack to a beer-infused Saturday night!”

Plenty of bands aren’t shy about flaunting cocky bios and making no secret of their self-perceived talent, but few take it as far as Gene The Werewolf. “We used to say we were the best rock band, but by now I’d say we’re just the best band ever,” Donegan said. “We play absurdly loud, sweat our asses off, and then sleep on filthy apartment floors together because we love doing it.”

Ultimately, the band’s intentions are as pure as they’ve ever been. “We formed this band to play loud, rowdy, and crude Rock N’ Roll,” says Gene. “I think with this record we’ve accomplished everything we’ve ever wanted out of being in a band together.”

Enjoy Gene The Werewolf’s newest video clip “I Only Wanna Rock N Roll” following the link below:

Tune in on the Frontiers Records webradio ( ) to listen exclusively the amazing first single “I Only Wanna Rock N Roll” and get ready for the band’s forthcoming hilarious video clip to be launched soon!

ROCK N ROLL ANIMAL includes the following cuts:
Wicked Love; I Only Wanna Rock N Roll; Superhero; Heart Of Steel; Rock N Roll Animal; I’ve Got The Love; Ruffneck Woman; Light Me Up; Firecracker; Give It Up; The Ballad Of Gene. Make Love (Bonus Track iTunes)


Jon Belan a/k/a Gene The Werewolf – vocals, guitar
Drew Donegan – guitar
Aaron Mediate – keyboards
Nick Revak – drums
Tim Schulz – bass and vocals

*** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
-Z Records: Killer Bee Take You To HELL & BACK

Anders L.A Ronnblom – Bass guitar (Desert Rain)
Brian Bee Frank – Vocals (Rapid Tears/Desert Rain)
Morgan Evans – Drums (Juliet/Angel Marr/Lee Aaron)
Denny DeMarchi – Keyboard/Rhythm guitar (Alias/Sheriff)
Jimmy DeLisi – Lead guitar (Juliet/Brian Johnson solo)

15+ years after the release of their critically acclaim debut, Sweden’s Killer Bee are back with a refreshed lineup. Joining founder members Anders LA Ronnblom and Brian Bee Frank are AOR icon, Denny DeMarchi previously known for his work with Alias / Sherriff, and Morgan Evans of Lee Aaron.

Killer Bee have returned to challenge the so-called new guard of hard rock currently emerging from Scandinavia. Get ready for the ride of your life as Killer Bee scream move over, this is how it’s done. HELL & BACK features eleven solid slabs of sheer class. From the groovy “Rock Another Day” which is currently on rotation on rock radio right across Europe to the enigmatic “Step Into My World.” Two promotional videos will be released on October 15th and October 22nd to promote the album in addition to press and radio support.

Click this link to hear “Rock Another Day”:

Tracks included on the forthcoming album HELL & BACK are:
1. From Hell & Back
2. Drive Me Crazy
3. Step Into My World
4. Love It Or Leave It
5. All Night Long
6. Footprints In The Sand
7. Rock Another Day
8. Heat Of The Night
9. Leave Me Alone
10. On & On
11. I Believe

This release grabs you by the arm and screams listen to me again, a solid piece of work that will be lapped up by the rock fraternity…

A possible classic???

We’ll let you decide!

*** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
-Lover Under Cover’s SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE Due November 16 On Escape Music

Specials: feat. Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn’s Dream), Mikael Carlsson, Martin Kronlund (Gypsy Rose, Phenomena), Perra Johnsson (ColdSpell), Ged Ryland (ex-Ten)

Track list:
1. My Best Friend
2. Angels Will Cry
3. Too Good To Be True
4. Hero
5. Flash In The Night
6. Set The Night On Fire
7. Who Needs Love
8. Crazy For You
9. Crime In The Line
10. Through The Storm
11. A Nice Day

Lover Under Cover are a brand new band from Sweden that combine elements of ColdSpell, Last Autumn’s Dream, Treat, and many more great Scandinavian Rock bands. The band was formed by Mikael Carlsson and this highly talented quartet are poised to shake the very foundations of melodic hard rock. Soaring harmonies, slick guitar solos, and plenty of keyboards feature in their sound and with a knack of producing infectious melodies they will have you begging for more.

With special guests that include Michael Larsson (ColdSpell), Ged Rylands, and Tor Erik Myhre (Jorn), and production from Martin Kronlund you can be sure of a very polished performance all round. Songs like “Angels Will Cry,” “Hero,” and “Set The Night On Fire” are all fantastic slabs of melodic hard rock, in fact there are no fillers to be found, just well-structured melodic hard rock.

Lover Under Cover are a band to look out for in 2012 and if well-crafted melodic rock of the highest order is what you crave for then this is an essential purchase.

Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn’s Dream / Salute) – Vocals, Keyboards
Mikael Carlsson – Bass, Guitars, Keyboards and Vocals
Martin Kronlund (Gypsy Rose, Phenomena, Salute) – Guitars
Perra Johnsson (ColdSpell) – Drums
With Special guest on Keyboards: Ged Ryland (ex-Ten)

Escape Music

*** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
-7th Heaven October Newsletter

Welcome To The 7th Heaven October Newsletter

7th Heaven Ends One Chapter And Begins A Bright New One

Keith will be leaving 7th Heaven at the end of the year to pursue a solo career. We have been aware from the beginning that Keith would eventually follow that path, and that time has now come. It has been a pleasure to have Keith in 7th Heaven. He is an excellent entertainer and his skills have complemented the other band members well. We have accomplished so many great things together and we have shared remarkable onstage chemistry.

This decision was 100% Keith’s personal choice and we will support any decision that will make him or anyone in our “family” happier. So while we still have three months full of fall shows left, we are hopeful that you can make the time to come see the current lineup complete yet another chapter of 7th Heaven history.

We have been interviewing new candidates for singing auditions. We have been on another international search to find your next 7th Heaven singer. Just like we did previously when we found Keith in Ireland, and moved him here to join 7th Heaven. We are confident that with our history, and current success on radio and so many stages that we will have the ability to draw the attention of some serious talent.

After the new year we will be focusing on writing and recording our eighth original CD and we’ll announce our new lead singer and band mate when the time is right. We will be back in March, as January and February are filled with mostly private events. As things progress we will send updates out to our valued fans and friends through this newsletter and our website.

You can follow Keith at . 7th Heaven will see you soon and for a long time to come.

7th Heaven BBQ

We were not able to do the BBQ this year. The dates we had held for it got booked with shows and we figure you would rather see us play than eat. We originally had September 16, but our time slot got bumped earlier which stopped that date. September 30 also got filled with a show. We will try to lock a date down for next year and keep it locked.

New Year’s Eve

We have locked down our New Year’s Eve show at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, IL. We have not locked all the details down yet and the hotel is not ready to take reservations just yet, but we just wanted to let you know we have figured out WHERE we will be that night… we hope you can join us. Also, the minute we are told the hotel is ready to start booking, we will send an email out.

Live Shows

October 5 John Barleycorn
October 6 Aurora Mercy Fest – All-Age – in heated tent – free
October 7 Houbi Fest – All-Age
October 12 Tilted Kilt
October 13 Hollywood Casino
October 18 Private Corp. Show
October 19 Vipers Alley
October 20 Schaumburg Prairie Center – All-Age
October 25 Rivers Casino
October 26 The Lodge
October 27 Shark City
November 9 Bally Doyle Aurora
November 10 Durty Nellies
November 16 Austins
November 17 River Rockhouse
November 21 TBA
November 24 Tilted Kilt
November 29 Rivers Casino
November 30 H.O.M.E. Bar
December 1 Angelman Syndrome Benefit
December 7 Toys For Tots show at Des Plaines Theater – All-Age
December 14 John Barleycorn
December 15 Tailgaters
December 20 Rivers Casino
December 21 Shark City
December 22 Bourbon Street
December 28 River Rockhouse
December 29 Durty Nellies
December 31 Hyatt Regency O’Hare

Thanks for all your continued support.

We love playing and as long as you keep coming out to see us play, we’ll continue to be there.

Richard Hofherr
7th Heaven

7th Heaven
PO Box 66473
Chicago IL 60666

*** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
-Killer Metal Records: Kill For Metal Issue III

New Releases: Get your CD at your favourite dealer or directly from our shop!

08.06.2012 Metalhead – Same CD
29.06.2012 Predatory Violence – MARKED FOR DEATH CD
26.08.2012 The Order Of Chaos – SEXWITCH 7″

Metalhead – The long-awaited debut album! Has been six long years since their first 7″ in 2006. This is NWOBHM-oriented, pure old school metal at its best! Some Judas Priest, Accept, or King Diamond (voice) influences as well! Check “Bringer Of Evil” or kneel down for “Awakening Of Thunder!”

Predatory Violence gives you a full load of Thrash! There a tons of bad thrash bands around playing crippled, noisy, badly average sh*t — no one needs them! Here you get a kick right in the face! Second album! Were on tour with Diamond Head in the late summer!

The Order Of Chaos is a female-fronted Canadian Heavy Metal band! The title track is a hymn! Were on European tour with Helstar in September. The single comes with a 6-page inlet and autograph card!

Coming Next: Cyanide Scream – BATTLE ON (CD/Heavy Metal/USA)

New Signings:

Dragonsclaw (Australia) – Heavy Metal / new album out early 2013

Shallow Ground (USA) – Thrash Metal / new album out early 2013

Latest Reviews:

from webzine: Predatory Violence – MARKED FOR DEATH CD

“…Predatory Violence comes from Germany and promises a savage attack of raw, wild and vicious ass kicking Thrash Metal unfit for the weak, … I can say that they are a band with great potential and very ambitious on their way to deliver their Thrash ambitions, being quite different from other bands out there, but without going too far from what Thrash is all about, an example of this ambition is the song ‘All This Hate In Me,’ a song which starts almost ballad-like with a piano and then explodes into pure Thrash. Another song worth mentioning is ‘Mercy Shot’ with an amazing main riff that actually got me to headbang in the middle of a restaurant full of people. Predatory Violence is a band that has great potential and has released a very solid album on MARKED FOR DEATH. They are a band worth checking out…”

from Strutter Webzine: The Order Of Chaos – BURN THESE DREAMS CD

“The Order Of Chaos are the most professional band on the German label Killer Metal Records. …the most important member of the band is the female lead singer Amanda Kiernan, who can scream as loud as Arch Enemy’s female singer, but somehow she also sounds like an outta control version of Sebastian Bach here and there. However, she does not only scream, but also sing clean very well and even a bit Gothic like during the great chorus of opener ‘Burn These Dreams,’ while she sounds like a Female Metal God (a la Benedictum) during ‘Hell Is Forever.. … The first CD of the band sounds quite huge and also instrumental speaking it is putting the Pedal to the Metal, with big guitar riffs and any fan of pure Metal will like this a lot. …like the awesome ‘For Another Moment’ and the final 3 tracks of the CD, ‘A Torturer’s Apprentice’ (lovely chorus, somehow reminding me of classic DC LaCroix, Jade, Hellion, Bitch, Karen Kennedy and ), ‘Guns’n’Order’ or ‘End Of An Era,’ because those are by far the finest tracks on the CD, sounding like the best Female Fronted Metal tunes of 2011! … On the other hand, the mixture of Classic Metal, Screamo vocals, clean melodic choruses, excellent guitarwork and big massive Metal riffs will appeal to a lot of Rock and Metalfans worldwide, so we can safely say here that this The Order Of Chaos has the ability to become bigger in especially the European Metal market. Must-have if you want to hear a combination of Arch Enemy, Benedictum and In This Moment.” (Points: 8.5 out of 10)

from Strutter Webzine: Cyanide Scream – UNFINISHED BUSINESS CD

“Guitarist/vocalist Steve Cone is coming out of New York and he already released quite a few solo CDs, of which we reviewed 3 in the past… and musically speaking this is prime-time Classic 1980s US Melodic Metal in the style of Riot, Anvil, Virgin Steele, Exciter, Attacker, Helstar, Culprit, Domine… I think you’ll get the picture if we mention such bands, because then you will understand that we are dealing here with the classic 1980s Underground/Cult-Metal sound that so many bands played in the bands, but also lately we have seen new bands playing this genre again. Cyanide Scream are doing it very well … Obviously they were influenced by the NWOBHM style of bands like Maiden and Angel Witch, but they gave it their own twist by adding higher pitched vocals and a slightly catchier approach than most NWOBHM bands. This Cyanide Scream offers 14 tracks on their first CD that clearly represent that classic ’80s sound and most of them are uptempo Melodic Metal pieces with memorable choruses, of which the highlights are ‘Death From Above,’ ‘What I Am,’ ‘Right Through The Heart’ and also the epic semi/midtempo orientated ‘Let You Go’ as well as the lovely semi-ballad ‘The Story Of My Life’… Also highly recommended to fans of the New Wave Of Classic ’80s US Melodic Metal style, … like Lords Of The Trident, Twisted Tower Dire, The Lord Weird Slough Feg, Vanderbuyst, In Solitude, Enforcer, Cauldron, White Wizzard, Metal Inquisitor, RAM, etc. etc. …!” (Points: 8.3 out of 10)

attn.: Jens Häfner
Wolliner Str. 1
D-26215 Wiefelstede

distributed by: SAOL/H’ART
promoted by: CMM
bookings by: RED LION

*** PRESS RELEASE #14 ***
-Razzmattazz – ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HERO

Artist: Razzmattazz
File Under: Hard Rock
Label: Good Night Music Records
Cat.-No. GNMR 001-C
EAN: 4260125293350
Distribution: Music Buy Mail
Release Date: October 26, 2012

There’s a lot of good Rock music coming from the German South. Razzmattazz are the latest living proof of that statement, though two-thirds of this powerful rock trio aren’t native Germans, but feel very much home in Southern Germany.

Razzmattazz — consisting of singer/guitarist Tom Schaupp, a Swabian-born original; bass player Timothy Toing, an Englishman whose parents brought him to Southern Germany when he was a child; and Canadian drummer Matthew Sting, who made himself home in the city of Nürnberg.

Since the founding of the band in 2010, the musicians of Razzmattazz have developed their own musical style from their manifold musical influences as e.g. AC/DC, Whitesnake, Accept, ZZ Top, Judas Priest, and Saxon, just to name a few. Razzmattazz play “High-Voltage-Rock ‘n’ Roll!”

Razzmattazz are grooving, Razzmattazz are rocking. Their live shows are electrifying and full of energy. Now, Razzmattazz have bundled this raw energy into their long awaited debut album ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HERO.

ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HERO contains 14 songs that hit every rock fan right between the eyes and directly into the heart. Loud, haunting, groovy, and charged with emotions. This is what Razzmattazz is standing for, this is their music.

One must be deaf or dead to not being electrified by this band. Razzmattazz will rock you, too, with their High-Voltage-Rock ‘n’ Roll!

ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HERO track list:
1. Rock’n’ Roll Hero
2. Stompin’
3. Heat Up My Night
4. Frozen Water
5. Metalgod
6. Takkaa Takkaa
7. Overdose
8. Drive Me Home
9. Bad Money
10. My Last Beer
11. I Wanna Know
12. Free Like An Eagle
13. Too Young To Die
14. Metalgod – The Adoration

Razzmattazz live:
06.10.2012 Obermarchtal, Kreuz (w/ Lizard)
21.10.2012 Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik (w/ 77)
26.10.2012 Filderstadt-Bonlanden, Alte Mühle
13.04.2013 Blaibach, Rockwood Festival

Tom Schaupp – Vocals/Guitars
Timothy Toing – Bass
Matthew Sting – Drums

*** PRESS RELEASE #15 ***
-Nubian Rose To Release MOUNTAIN

Nubian Rose – MOUNTAIN
Funklord Dynasty # NR12001
File Under: Hard Rock
EAN: 7320470161685
Release: October 26, 2012

Specials: Sweden Rock Magazine: “More radio friendly and commercial viable then bands like Journey or Dio and perfection runs like a red line through the whole album!”

Track List:
1. Ever See Your Face
2. Mountain
3. Living For Tomorrow
4. How Am I
5. Get Ready
6. Your Love
7. Once Bitten
8. Reckless
9. Close My Eyes Forever
10. Sisters

Nubian Rose is a Swedish band built around the fantastic voice of the charismatic Sofia Lilja. With roots in the melodic hard rock of the ’80s, they blend powerful riffs with great melodies. The debut album, MOUNTAIN, was released in Sweden in the end of June. The reputation of the album reached way outside of the Swedish borders just within weeks. Nubian Rose has already been played on radio in Italy, Spain, France, Greece, and the USA. Fans from all over the world have signed up to their Facebook page and the album has even been number one on rock charts at international mail order companies. All this has happened without any international releases or any kind of PR, just through the power of the Internet, rock fans, and great music.

The music of Nubian Rose is influenced by the makers of great hard rock riff in the ’80s: Whitesnake, Dio, Scorpions, and Michael Schenker to name a few. MOUNTAIN has a powerful, up-to-date sound and is mixed by Swedish star producer Tobias Lindell (Europe, H.E.A.T., Hardcore Superstar).

Live, Nubian Rose is almost more powerful then on the album. Sofia Lilja is a true rock icon that knows how to be in charge of a stage and of an audience. Backed up by her companion, guitarist Christer Åkerlund and the rest of the band, they will spellbind any crowd. Nubian Rose is destined to be the next Swedish rock sensation and are ready to take on the world.

Sweden’s most important rock magazine, Sweden Rock Magazine: “More radio-friendly and commercial viable then bands like Journey or Dio,” and “Perfection runs like a red line through the whole album.”

Sofia Lilja – vocals
Christer Åkerlund- guitar
Thomas LIndgren – guitar
Henrik Uhrbom – bass
David Algesten – drums
Fredrik Åkerlund – keyboard

*** PRESS RELEASE #16 ***
-Confidence Taps Kevin Churko To Mix Next Release!

The Swedish rockers from Confidence have just issued the following statement:

“Proudly, we announce that for our upcoming release, we have decided to work with Kevin Churko for mixing the songs! Kevin is a Canadian record producer/engineer and song writer that has worked for some of the world’s biggest names including Ozzy Osbourne, Shania Twain, Ringo Starr, Five Finger Death Punch, Hinder, In This Moment, Britney Spears, and many more. He currently lives in Las Vegas where he works out of his private studio The Hideout on Las Vegas Blvd., where also the new Confidence songs have been mixed.”

Clas Sjöstrand (who was responsible for the mix on the band’s first release) on Kevin Churko: “Why I took the decision to engage Kevin Churko? I have always admired and still am a big fan of Ozzy’s music and the sound in particular. As the recordings came to the point where a decision had to be made who would do the mixing, the choice was Kevin Churko. I really wanted to know what would happen when a huge industry giant mixed our music, what would come out of the speakers and what sound a guy like this could create as an outsider who never heard us before. After hearing the mixes… I rest my case… it is so good. For the first time in my life I really enjoyed listening to myself in a band that I really care a lot for.”

Confidence released their debut PRELUDE on May 23, 2012 and are releasing their albums through digital channels only with a schedule of two releases a year. The next release is scheduled for November 2012 and all details for this release can be expected in the upcoming two weeks.

For all Confidence info:

Official Website:

-Check out an “Retro Recommendation” feature on Annihilator’s SET THE WORLD ON FIRE at .

-Destruction has released the song “Cyanide” from the upcoming album SPIRITUAL GENOCIDE at , and a free MP3 can be obtained at . The album is due out November 23 on Nuclear Blast. Check out studio trailers at and , and see for more.

-Doro’s RAISE YOUR FIST is due out October 19. Until then check out an iTunes preview of various songs at . Other related links:

“Raise Your Fist In The Air” video:

Listening Session Trailer:

Facebook Fan Video Interviews – Part 1:

Album pre-order:

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-HammerFall has a new trailer for the upcoming live release GATES OF DALHALLA at . The DVD/2-CD and Blu-Ray/2-CD set is due November 30 and was recorded this past July at the band’s 15-year anniversary show featuring guests including original members Jesper Strömblad and Mikael Stanne, and former guitarist Stefan Elmgren. See for more.

-Jeff Lynne (ELO) recently made some TV appearances in the UK to promote his new solo release LONG WAVE and MR. BLUE SKY – THE VERY BEST OF ELO, both on Frontiers Records.

interview by Jools Holland on “Tuesday’s Later…Live”:

“The One Show” for “The Story Of The Song” feature on “Mr. Blue Sky”:

“BBC Breakfast”:

See for more.

-Next year’s Sweden Rock Festival, set for June 5-8 in Solvesborg, so far includes Kiss, Rush, Status Quo, UFO, Krokus, Amon Amarth, Demon, Amaranthe, Axxis, Morgana Lefay, Witchcraft, Huntress, and The Scams. Hype: “Many, many more bands — big and small, and from most rock/metal sub genres — are still to be confirmed, so expect more announcements soon.” See for more.

-Geoff Tate’s KINGS & THIEVES is due out November 6 on Inside Out. Track list: “She Slipped Away,” “Take A Bullet,” “In The Dirt,” “Say U Luv It,” “The Way I Roll,” “Tomorrow,” “Evil,” “Dark Money,” “These Glory Days,” “Change,” “Waiting.” See for more.

-Check out an interview with singer ZP Theart (I Am I, ex-DragonForce) at .

-Attention Deficit Delirium has a piece on Steve Vai “discussing musical evolution and perspective” at .

-Two new Warrant-related wines are now available, the “I Saw Red” Autographed Limited Edition Cabernet Sauvignon and guitarist Erik Turner’s “Rocker Red” Syrah. See for more. Upcoming Warrant tour dates:

10/13 – The Lakeland Center, Lakeland, FL – Cherry Pie Tour w/ FireHouse & Trixter
10/18 – Citizens Bank Arena, Toronto, ONT – Rock’n For The Cure w/ Lordz Of Rock, L.A. Guns, Kix, Dokken, & Skid Row
10/19 – Biketoberfest @ Iron Horse Saloon, Ormand Beach, FL
10/20 – Forum Civic Center, Rome, GA – w/ Skid Row
11/9 – Sycuan Casino, El Cajon, CA – w/ Skid Row

See for more.

-Check out a new interview with Witchcraft singer Magnus Pelander and bassist Ola Henriksson at .

Thanks to Martin Forssman, Bryan Reesman, and Chad Bowar for help gathering some of this information.

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