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Detritus #685.5: Circle II Circle, Corrosion of Conformity, Iron Maiden

Mini-Issue #685.5
October 16, 2015

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-Here’s a little late Friday mini- to let you all know I’m thinking of you. I know, creepy, right? 🙂 – Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***

[Note: I grabbed this off of YouTube. – Tim]

Following the impressive main stage performance of Zak Stevens with Savatage & Trans-Siberian Orchestra in front of 80,000 people at Wacken Festival 2015, Zak and his band Circle II Circle are about to release their new album REIGN OF DARKNESS.

earMUSIC/Edel and Zak Stevens have enjoyed critical acclaim and commercial success together over the years with Savatage albums like EDGE OF THORNS, THE WAKE OF MAGELLAN, and DEAD WINTER DEAD (true milestones of hard rock and metal and some of the biggest charts metal successes in the ’90s) and Circle II Circle albums such as SEASONS WILL FALL alike.

REIGN OF DARKNESS, marking the third release in a row for Circle II Circle on earMUSIC, is released on October 16th, 2015.

Circle II Circle is a band that has been reinventing themselves through the years, but maintaining that signature sound that fans around the world love — REIGN OF DARKNESS is no exception to that attitude, bringing out the very best Circle II Circle has to offer. Needless to say, that REIGN OF DARKNESS overshadows what has been done before.

“You might say that REIGN OF DARKNESS represents a musical reinvention for us, but the minute you hear each song you know right away that it’s CIIC. We wanted to pay homage to the past, but we also wanted to create a musical renaissance within our genre that is fresh and energetic. This is an album that will positively pave the way for our future.” – Zak Stevens

REIGN OF DARKNESS features the powerful metal sound, strong hard rock riffs, both emphasizing Zak Stevens’ passionate melodic rock vocals. Again, the band has created something new, something fresh and vigorous. And the artwork definitely sets new standards.

In August 2012, CIIC delivered a groundbreaking performance of Savatage’s most successful albums THE WAKE OF MAGELLAN at the world’s biggest and craziest heavy-metal festival Wacken Open Air in Germany. Followed by a sold-out tour in Europe and Brazil in support of their studio album SEASONS WILL FALL, Circle II Circle really hit it off from this point. This album had been considered to be the strongest album of their entire career from both a musical and production standpoint… That was until now, when CIIC is about to release their brand new record!

Circle II Circle are:
Zak Stevens (Savatage) – Vocals
Mitch Stewart – Bass/Vocals
Bill Hudson (Power Quest, Cellador) – Guitars/Vocals
Christian Wentz – Guitars/Vocals
Henning Wanner (White Lion, Jaded Heart) – Keyboards/Vocals
Marcelo Moreira (Almah, Symbolica, Marmor) – Drums

Track List:
1. Over-Underture
2. Victim Of The Night
3. Untold Dreams
4. It’s All Over
5. One More Day
6. Ghost Of The Devil
7. Somewhere
8. Deep Within
9. Taken Away
10. Sinister Love
11. Solitary Rain

“Victim Of The Night” official song stream:

Pre-order now on iTunes and get the song “Victim Of The Night” as instant download! Click here:



*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-Iron Maiden To Headline 2016’s W:O:A Night To Remember!

[Note: This is from the latest Wacken newsletter. – Tim]

Up the Irons! Iron Maiden will bring their highly anticipated THE BOOK OF SOULS World Tour to Wacken on August 4. The band’s recently released double studio album THE BOOK OF SOULS debuted at #1 in the German charts and in over 40 other countries round the globe.

Bruce Dickinson comments:

“It’s been some time since our last show and we cannot wait to get back out on tour. Maiden thrive on touring and playing to our fans, it’s what we enjoy the most. We look forward to returning to Wacken!

“We haven’t decided on the set list as yet and won’t until we start rehearsing but we really look forward to playing a number of new songs live, especially as the recording of THE BOOK OF SOULS was so much live. However, as it’s been a while since we saw you all, I am sure we will include plenty of older fan favorites too. I think the fans will be delighted by what we have in mind. We are also in the middle of creating the new show and rest assured we are working hard to bring you all something spectacular, something with a lot of heart!!! You certainly deserve it for your patience. We very much look forward to seeing you all at Wacken next year.”

Look forward to a huge spectacle featuring old hymns and new hits alike. A true Night To Remember is in the making!

For more information on the band, check out their entry at Billing/Bands:


Starting December 1st, the next W:O:A 2016 acts will be revealed within our annual X-Max Calendar at Metaltix.com!

More news about W:O:A and more you will find on the W:O:A Homepage:


Your W:O:A Team

*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-Chastain’s WE BLEED METAL Due Out November 6, 2015

The release date of the Chastain album Chastain on CD is November 6th, 2015. The pre-order phase will start on October 23rd, 2015 in the Pure Steel webshop, http://www.puresteel-shop.com/ .

By mentioning the name Chastain, Metal maniacs and lovers of female-fronted Metal bands fall into endless rapture. Active since 1985, the band featuring legendary vocalist Leather Leone and guitarist David T. Chastain has earned an almost godlike status with albums such as RULER OF THE WASTELAND (1986) and THE VOICE OF THE CULT (1988).

Now, Pure Steel Records has the honor to welcome this band. With the release of the new, now tenth album, WE BLEED METAL, the cult act still delivers the old spirit and celebrates traditional Heavy/Power Metal at its best. The unique heavy vocals of Leather Leone and the dark, shredding riffs of the eponym are still full of contemporary impact. Not pandering to any trends, this is pure steel from the USA!

To sum it up: With WE BLEED METAL Chastain releases their best effort in at least 25 years!

Track Listing:
1. We Bleed Metal
2. All Hail The King
3. Against All The Gods
4. Search Time For You
5. Don’t Trust Tomorrow
6. I Am A Warrior
7. Evolution of Terror
8. The Last Ones Alive
9. Secrets
Total Playing Time: 44:51 min.

Leather Leone – vocals
David T. Chastain – guitars
Mike Skimmerhorn – bass
Stian Kristoffersen – drums


*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-RAM: Exclusive Premiere Of “Awakening The Chimaera” From Forthcoming SVBVERSVM Bonus DVD Now Playing At Rock Hard Germany

SVBVERSVM is the impending new full-length from Sweden’s classic heavy metal stalwarts, RAM. Boasting 10 raging hymns of death, post-apocalyptic dominance and total devastation through iron that recall the power and prestige of some of metal’s most revered acts (think Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, et al) without replicating them, RAM’s fourth studio offering was self-produced at Black Path Studios, mixed at Welfare Sounds by Olle Björk, Per Stälberg, and RAM, mastered by Daniel Johansson, and will be unleashed on October 30th worldwide via Metal Blade Records. In Europe, SVBVERSVM will come available as a limited CD/DVD digi-pak, as well as on CD and vinyl.

In collaboration with Germany’s Rock Hard Magazine, today RAM offers up a clip of “Awakening The Chimaera.” Taken from the bonus DVD, X ANNIVERSARY, A DECADE OF HEAVY METAL TYRANNY CONCERT, which comes free with the limited edition digi-pak of SVBVERSVM, the performance was filmed on Friday the 13th of September 2013 at a hometown show in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Surf on over to this location to check it out and raise your horns:


Additionally, you can still listen to first single, “Eyes Of The Night,” at http://www.metalblade.com/ram , where you can also find various pre-order bundles, as well as second single, “The Usurper,” courtesy Of Heavy Blog Is Heavy right here:


“We are very pleased with the album that is the product of four months of being locked up in the studio and offering our very last drop of sweat and blood for it to become the most massive RAM production ever,” shares the band of their latest offering. “This is our latest assault upon the rotting world, may it be a dagger in the heart of the powers that may be! SVBVERSVM is at hand!”


*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Waterkant X-Mas Bash 2015: Final Lineup Out Now

The final lineup of Waterkant X-Mas Bash is fixed: Bavarian pagan metallers Equilibrium and the symphonic newcomer-sensation Beyond The Black complete the lineup.

The event takes place on December 4 in the Sporthalle Hamburg and you can celebrate with the bands Accept, HammerFall, Beyond The Black, Armored Saint, and Equilibrium the best party ever into the Holidays.

The final lineup guarantees you hits and fun pure… no matter if it is Equilibrium’s “Wirtshaus Gaudi,” HammerFall’s “Hearts On Fire” or an immortal hymn of Accept: Make sure you won’t miss this event!

Waterkant X-Mas Bash
December 4 – Hamburg, Alsterdorfer Sporthalle

Tickets are available HERE!

*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-Divebomb Records: Holosade Bootcamp!

Bootcamp Series #23

A CIRCLE OF SILENT SCREAMS sees release on October 30th.

Following the release of their debut album HELL HOUSE in 1988, Holosade ran into all sorts of member departures (Simon “Jack Hammer” Jones taking up rhythm guitar for Sabbat and Damien “Michael” Lee jumping behind the kit of Scarborough rockers Little Angels). The future became so uncertain that in 1991 they eventually drifted into a hiatus.

Fast forward to 1994, Phillip de Sade (vocals) and Gary Thomas (guitar) decide to get together to record the last batch of songs the group had worked up before its hiatus. Joining them once again was Simon Jones along with newer members Andy Barker, (drums) Steve Wright (bass), and Fred Purser from Tygers Of Pan Tang on the keyboards. This new and revamped Holosade recorded 12 songs that was a perfect follow-up to HELL HOUSE, but the industry had changed and they couldn’t find a label to support them or the release of A CIRCLE OF SILENT SCREAMS. So, the recordings sat unreleased for 20 years, until now.

Divebomb Records is proud to present the first official release of Holosade’s sophomore album, A CIRCLE OF SILENT SCREAMS. Sourced from the band’s original DAT master and re-mastered by Jamie King, this album fulfills everything Holosade fans have been yearning for and more.

Anthrax, Hallows Eve, Abattoir, Razor

o limited edition of 500 copies
o new interview with Phillip de Sade
o archival photos
o eight-page booklet
o new artwork by Steven Cobb

1. Maximum Security
2. Masquerade
3. The Return
4. I Am The One
5. Superstition
6. Computer World
7. Hard Life
8. Eastern Promise
9. Carolanne
10. Little Miss
11. Once Upon A Nightmare
12. Babylon’s Burning

“Maximum Security”


Divebomb Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-Magic Circle Debuts First Single From 20 Buck Spin-Bound JOURNEY BLIND Sophomore LP Via Decibel Magazine

Decibel Magazine has unveiled “A Ballad For The Vultures,” the thundering maiden single from Boston-based Magic Circle’s impending second LP, JOURNEY BLIND.

Following their self-titled debut which was well-received in metal and hardcore circles, Magic Circle returns with 45 minutes of dominant, pure traditional doom-ridden heavy metal on JOURNEY BLIND, a record which sees the outfit doing what they do, but doing it even better. Self-produced and recorded by the band at guitarist CC’s The Pain Cave, the record surges with the viscosity a team of top-tier producers would be proud to back. The cover art for JOURNEY BLIND is an unused piece by legendary artist Joe Petagno (Motörhead, Mammoth Grinder, Autopsy) dating to 1979 yet properly fitted to this modern ripper. Surging with over 45 minutes of doomed heavy metal that invokes the masters in their purest form, JOURNEY BLIND is a record which could have been captured three decades ago yet booms with a refreshed spirit to guide today’s misguided youth back to their unbeknownst roots.

Ahead of its November street date through 20 Buck Spin, Decibel Magazine has unchained “A Ballad For The Vultures,” the third of the seven triumphant songs on JOURNEY BLIND. The track is a pivotal example of Magic Circle’s mighty genre-mangling crossover delivery.

Hear Magic Circle’s “A Ballad For The Vultures” exclusively through Decibel Magazine right here:


JOURNEY BLIND sees its initial release in CD and digital formats on November 20th, with the vinyl to follow in early 2016. Stand by for further details and preorders for JOURNEY BLIND, tour dates and more on Magic Circle throughout the weeks ahead.

20 Buck Spin will round out its roster for 2015 with the release of JOURNEY BLIND, the triumphant sophomore LP from Boston-based quintet Magic Circle. This year has already been the most productive and expansive year for the label, but JOURNEY BLIND will fit into your parents’ unwavering classic rock collection the same as it could be the hottest thing on your younger cousin’s latest playlist. The tunes are rude, vicious. Some lumber ominously along, bare-fisting the downbeat through riffs raised from basements held in the odors of stale beer, mold, and want. Others stuff the song’s shape with directional changes — tipping a cap to Trouble and Saint Vitus via Sabbath. All the dots are easily connected. There’s no sport there. But, in lieu of refinement, we get an honest reckoning: Magic Circle is a band (quickly) becoming. Through the web of influence and itchy, artistic compulsion they’ve found savage and ultimately promising ways of reanimating long since taxidermied forms. Devotees of 1980s Black Sabbath, 1980s Trouble, Pagan Altar, Saxon, Armored Saint, Saint Vitus, and the like should not pass this one by.


*** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
-Corrosion Of Conformity Signs To Nuclear Blast Entertainment!

Nuclear Blast Entertainment is pleased to announce the worldwide signing of metal legends Corrosion Of Conformity.

The band will enter the studio late this winter/early spring with longtime producer John Custer. Custer has recorded such prior C.O.C. classics as DELIVERANCE, WISEBLOOD, AMERICA’S VOLUME DEALER and IN THE ARMS OF GOD. The as-of-yet-untitled-album will mark the band’s studio reunion with vocalist/guitarist Pepper Keenan and their first full-length record since 2005.

Says Keenan about the new partnership:
“To all the C.O.C. fans worldwide, Mike, Reed, Woody, and I are proud to announce that we are starting our next sonic adventure with Nuclear Blast Entertainment! We are honored and psyched to be a part of the Blasted Family, both professionally and artistically. After all these years, it’s truly inspiring to reawaken the chemistry that the four of us have. We are seriously f*cking with our pants off now! We do not take this journey lightly and cannot wait to return to the studio to drop Ze’ Hammer! All of this would not be possible without the global support of all you free thinkers and beer drinkers. Much love and respect and look forward to seeing you soon.”

President of Nuclear Blast Entertainment, Monte Conner adds:
“I love all the incarnations of C.O.C. over the years but the Pepper-fronted version has always been the definitive lineup of the band for me. Ever since hearing Pepper take charge on 1991’s ‘Vote With A Bullet’ I was dying to hear him sing more with the band. This lineup’s 1994 debut DELIVERANCE, with its signature tracks ‘Clean My Wounds’ and ‘Albatross,’ was an instant classic and is still one of my all-time favorite albums.

“It has been a long 10 years since their fourth album — the highly underrated IN THE ARMS OF GOD — and as a fan, I am dying to hear what these guys come up with next. I know it will be a monster. The fact that it is coming out on Nuclear Blast is very fulfilling for me and many others on the Nuclear Blast team as we finally get to work with one of our favorite bands.”

A fall 2016 release is expected. In the meantime, catch Corrosion Of Conformity on tour this fall on the following dates:

10/16 – Sauget, IL (Pop’s Nightclub)
10/17 – Lincoln, NE (Bourbon Theatre)
10/18 – Fargo, ND (Scheels Arena)
10/20 – Billings, MT (Shrine Auditorium)
10/22 – Spokane, WA (Knitting Factory Concert House)
10/23 – Boide, ID (Knitting Factory Concert House)
10/24 – San Bernardino, CA (Knotfest)
10/25 – Las Vegas, NV (Vinyl Hard Rock)
10/26 – Tucson, AZ (Rialto Theatre)
10/28 – Austin, TX (Austin Music Hall)
10/29 – Dallas, TX (Gas Monkey Live)
10/30 – Houston, TX (Bayou Music Center)
10/31 – New Orleans, LA (Civic Theatre)
11/1 – Birmingham (Iron City)
11/12 – Atlanta, GA (The Loft)
11/13 – Shreveport, LA (Riverside Warehouse)
11/16 – Scottsdale, AZ (Pub Rock)
11/17 – Los Angeles, CA (Teragram Ballroom)
11/18 – San Francisco, CA (Slim’s)
11/20 – Vancouver, BC (Venue Nightclub)
11/21 – Seattle, WA (Neumo’s)
11/23 – Denver, CO (The Summit Music Hall)
11/24 – Kansas City, MO (The Riot Room)
11/25 – Minneapolis, MN (Mill City Nights)
11/27 – Racine, WI (Rte 20)
11/28 – Cleveland, OH (The Odeon)
11/29 – Philadelphia, PA (Underground Arts)
12/1 – Toronto, ON (Opera House)
12/2 – Flint, MI (The Machine Shop)
12/3 – Pittsburgh, PA (Altar Bar)
12/4 – New York, NY (Gramercy Theatre)
12/5 – Allston, MA (Brighton Music Hall)
12/7 – Washington, DC (9:30 Club)
12/8 – Asheville, NC (The Orange Peel)
12/9 – Virginia Beach, VA (Shaka’s Live)
12/10 – Raleigh, NC (Lincoln Theatre)

C.O.C. emerged from hibernation as a trio and released 2012’s self-titled album and 2014’s IX to wide acclaim, but many hardcore fans have been eagerly and patiently awaiting the return of Pepper Keenan.

The band was originally an influential hardcore punk/heavy metal crossover act before reaching critical success with a then new lineup on 1991’s BLIND album. That trajectory continued with wider appeal as Keenan took over as the group’s primary vocalist on DELIVERANCE (1994) and WISEBLOOD (1996).

These two recordings in particular fused the raw energy of their previous albums, with some great strides forward in classic rock inspired song writing and more spacious production and execution. Since then the band has often been copied but rarely equaled.

This juggernaut gained mass and momentum with relentless touring alongside such greats Metallica, Clutch, EyeHateGod, and many more.

Eventually, following the release of IN THE ARMS OF GOD in 2005, Keenan decided to focus all his energy on his hometown band Down… until now.


*** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
-Adrenechrome: New Single “God Sized Shadow,” Reveal New Album & Artwork TALES FROM ADRENECHROME

If Mastodon and Baroness gave birth to a bastard child, that child’s name would be Canada’s Adrenechrome. Hailing from Orillia, ON this quartet offer a blend of groovy progressive thrashy heavy metal that’s ready to smash your headbanging into overdrive. Three years since releasing their 2012 debut HIDEOUS APPETITES, these mosh-thirsty bangers are ready to release their sophomore follow-up TALES FROM ADRENECHROME on November 27th. With its epic album artwork by graphic artist ClöwnbäbĂż ( http://www.clownbabyart.com/ ), TALES FROM ADRENECHROME features seven hot pocket tracks exposing you to the horrors of their metal crypt. Leading up to its release the band’s first single “God Sized Shadow” is now streaming and available on bandcamp at the following link:


“I think this is our most ‘song’-like offering to date with a little black metal in the middle,” comments vocalist / guitarist Chris Friesen.

Album Pre-Order:

Track Listing:
1. A Familiar Face (2:59)
2. Lockstep (5:17)
3. Black Brubeck (4:05)
4. God Sized Shadow (4:01)
5. The Heart and The Feather (5:21)
6. Hideous Appetites (3:36)
7. The Led Elephant (5:36)
Album Length: 30:57

Chris Friesen – Guitar/Vocals
Tim Kehoe – Guitar
Mike Van Dyk – Bass
Matt Copeland – Drums

Ontario’s Adrenechrome are hurtling forward like zombies with a hunger for flesh looking to create good old-fashioned rock n’ roll infused with groove and peppered with metal. The group features Chris Friesen dominating on guitar and lead vocals, Tim Kehoe who shreds guitar and haunting vocal work, Matt Copeland thrashing the drums, and Mike Van Dyk creating groovy bass lines. Their name inspires a frantic, adrenaline fueled misadventure and is a direct reference to a fictional drug in the film “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas.”

These heavy metal monsters started in 2010 and rode like the four horsemen to devour every audience they could around Canada. Their song writing swings like an unhinged pendulum between rapid, brief works to heavy, ten-tonne brick tunes. Members are veterans of the music scene, coming from various acts like Gaswitch, Shimmy Rabbits, and The Doug Trucker Band. Live, the band is tight and strictly a “no frills” affair — this means no make-up or gimmicks, just straightforward, kick-ass metal.

The band has upcoming album TALES FROM ADRENECHROME is due out on November 27, 2015 to follow up their 2012 debut HIDEOUS APPETITES and is their most abstract, spastic, and explosive release to date. This album is established on heavy riffs, roaring drums, smooth bass lines, and wrapped up with lyrical themes that combine personal experience with fantasy, sci-fi, and classic literature. This album is reserved for only those who can handle the high velocity heavy metal adventure that is Adrenechrome!

For more info, please visit http://www.Adrenechrome.com/ .

“What starts out as a solid thrash album quickly morphs into a far more interesting, original, and engaging work with strong flavors of Mastodon’s proggy sludge and big riffs.” – Metal Hammer

“each song features a sweaty, aggressive thrash engine that propels the music forward, but the instrumentation is far more skillful and intricate than just straightforward shredding. ‘Hymn For The Heathens’ has a great classic rock feel to it and opener ‘Titans Fall’ does its mythic subject matter proud.” – Exclaim!

“The illustrious list of top quality metal bands to emerge from Canada has just been added to. Adrenechrome take the hard hitting technicality of bands like Realm, the addictive assault of classic thrash and bring it all up to date with a liberal helping of Baroness style, passionate free thinking. It’s a fresh, interesting, exciting combination of sounds that makes new seven track EP HIDEOUS APPETITES, well worth going out of your way to track down. Songs like ‘Titan’s Fall’ and ‘Hymn For The Heathens’ combine the immediate appeal of crisp, melodic riffing with a clear longevity, born of their intelligent complexity and diversity. CK 4 /5” – Zero Tolerance Magazine

“Adrenechrome have concocted a winning recipe. This four-piece from Ontario, Canada clearly know their way around thrash’s greats but show no fear in chucking in some modern flair. And I don’t mean crash, bang, wallop, what the hell — you only have to hear the opening riff to ‘Titans Fall’ to get those saliva glands going.” – Metal-Rules.com

“Kudos to the guitars for their mix of heaviness and catchiness, as well as inventive rhythms.” – Metallian

“Adrenechrome are a highly skilled and technically proficient band musically. The songs rage with great breakdowns yet are also layered with lots of crunch and have some tasty Jazz influenced solos throughout.” – Metal-Temple

*** OUT ***

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