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Detritus #683

Issue #683
Week of September 28, 2015

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-Gratuitous Plug Time, but it’s my e-zine, so I can do what I want. 🙂 I occasionally contribute to an ’80s pop culture-themed podcast called “80s Reboot Overdrive,” and we recently uploaded an episode entitled “Heavy Metal In The 80s.” There will probably be sequels because as we all know, such a topic cannot possibly be fully discussed in an hour or five. Check out the episode at https://player.fm/1WgRqA , and if you want to investigate other episodes (there are some cool interviews with actors, discussions of 1980s movies, reflections on toys of the era, etc.) they’re all available from http://www.southgatemediagroup.com/80s-reboot-overdrive . There’s also a Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/80sReboot . – Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-Scorpions Documentary “Forever And A Day” Hits US Theaters Beginning October 14

Attn: US Fans!

The Scorpions continue to celebrate their 50th year in metal with a special national screening event of their first theatrical release, the documentary film, “Forever And A Day,” beginning Wednesday, October 14th.

For locations and tickets visit:

Watch the trailer now!

Presented by SpectiCast Entertainment and Tempest Films, “Forever And A Day” captures the history of one of the most influential bands in music history — following them for 18 months with an insightful look into the dynamic that has kept them at the top of the metal community. Filmmaker Katja von Garnier accompanied the Scorpions on their “Final Sting” dates — originally the band’s farewell tour around the globe, from Bangkok via Los Angeles to Moscow, the resulting documentary “Forever And A Day” is a moving portrait of their unique history, packed with candid moments and Scorpions’ memories, culminating with the decision to scrap their retirement plans. Klaus Meine adds, “I think it’ll be a really special film for our fans.”

The title, “Forever And A Day,” outlines the philosophy Scorpions have internalized since their early days. In the Eighties of the past century, they wrapped it up in the slogan “Don’t Stop At The Top” (allegorical: Never rest on your laurels). They simply are travelers, who always seek new challenges, overcoming all obstacles along the way.


*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-Harem Scarem’s Homecoming Show At The Phoenix Concert Theatre In Toronto On 2CD/DVD & Blu-Ray; Out In December On Frontiers

[Note: This is from the Frontiers Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/frontiersmusicsrl . – Tim]

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the upcoming live release by the Canadian rock group Harem Scarem, entitled LIVE AT THE PHOENIX on December 4th.

Available in 2CD/DVD, Blu-ray and Digital formats, this new release, marks the first proper live album recorded by Harem Scarem in front of their “home” audience. Singer Harry Hess explains “Canada is where we started touring all those years ago and to be able to invite our friends, family and fans to this show was cool.”

Recorded live on Saturday July 11th, 2015 at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, this happened to be the perfect time and venue for the band to capture live recordings of numerous songs from their latest record THIRTEEN and also to revisit their classic early material. It was an honest and raw performance showcasing the repertoire of a band which is at the top of their game.

“It wasn’t easy coming up with this set list but I think we got to all the important stuff plus it’s always fun to play the new material that you haven’t been playing for 20 years.” Tells Harry “It is definitely the most extensive live recording and video that we have ever done and the quality of both the video and audio are by far the best of anything we have ever done.”

For fans around the world that were not able to see Harem Scarem on their THIRTEEN tour, this special Blu-ray DVD and double audio CD is a must!!

Enjoy the live rendition of the band’s classic song “No Justice:”

LIVE AT THE PHOENIX track listing includes:

CD1 – Garden Of Eden; Hard To Love; Saviors Never Cry; Dagger; Distant Memory; The Midnight Hours; Mandy; Killing Me; Slowly Slipping Away; Troubled Times.

CD2 – Sentimental Blvd.; Turn Around; Stranger Than Love; All I Need; Saints And Sinners; So Blind; Human Nature; Voice Of Reason; Change Comes Around; No Justice.

DVD/Blu-ray – Garden Of Eden; Hard To Love; Saviors Never Cry; Dagger; Distant Memory; The Midnight Hours; Mandy; Killing Me; Slowly Slipping Away; Troubled Times; Sentimental Blvd.; Turn Around; Stranger Than Love; All I Need; Saints And Sinners; So Blind; Human Nature; Voice Of Reason; Change Comes Around; No Justice.

Harem Scarem
Harry Hess: vocals, guitar
Pete Lesperance; lead guitar, vocals
Stan Miczek: bass guitar
Darren Smith: drums, vocals

Visit the official Harem Scarem sites

*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-Rock Meets Metal: “The Dwarves” Forging An Alliance With Blind Guardian

“The Dwarves” are tough — made from stone by their god Vraccas, they are rough warriors and skilled craftsmen. The love for all kinds of metal is in their blood and there is only one kind of music to complement the thunder of their sledgehammers and the clash of their battleaxes: Metal!

Developer KING Art is happy to announce that today a cooperation with the legendary band Blind Guardian has been arranged: Not only will musicians from Blind Guardian perform parts of “The Dwarves” OST in their own unique style but there will also be a special quest involving Blind Guardian in the game. To perfectly blend that into the fantasy-world of Girdlegard, the developers from KING Art and Blind Guardian are cooperating closely with the author of “The Dwarves” book series.

A new video shows the visit by some developers of Blind Guardian’s studio, where members of the band are playing “The Dwarves” for the first time.

Watch it here:

“The Dwarves” On Kickstarter

A crowdfunding campaign for “The Dwarves” started furiously and is only hours away from passing its 80%-line, having gathered more than 4,000 backers who have pledged over $200,000 so far — and there are still 15 days of funding left! A variety of stretch goals has also been revealed. Supporters will be able to vote for either a cooperative Multiplayer, a brand-new character with its own unique skills & story, different new games modes such as New Game Plus or a Horde-Mode and more.

Check out “The Dwarves'” Kickstarter campaign here:

Blind Guardian

*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-Frontiers Music Srl Is Excited To Announce A New Band That Just Joined The Label Roster: The Defiants!

[Note: This is from the Frontiers Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/frontiersmusicsrl . – Tim]

Behind this new band is a trio of fabulous musicians all with ties to Danger Danger.

On vocals and guitar, is none other than Mr. Paul Laine! Best known for being the D2 singer for 12 years, Paul is now coming back to work with his former band mates Bruno Ravel and Rob Marcello, who are the other two pillars of The Defiants.

“Very, very excited about this new project, and to be working again with my ol’ pal Paul Laine, and of course, Rob Marcello!” says Bruno Ravel, who will also produce the debut album. “The writing process has been a lot of fun. We all trust and respect each other’s instincts so there’s little second guessing and that takes a lot of the usual stress out of the equation, so for me, this has been a blast so far. We will be entering the studio in the next few weeks to start recording, with completion set for the end of the year. So… what should you expect,? Well, expect some straight ahead ‘in your face’ melodic hard rock, that’s what!”

Paul Laine says: “I’m very happy to once again, create something special with Bruno and Rob. Although it’s a brand new release, I feel it’s a great opportunity to say thank you and do something for the fans who have followed us through the years. Bruno and Rob are immense talents. I feel honored to be a part of this and have my voice on this album.” Rob Marcello concludes “Beyond psyched to work with my best friend Bruno and Paul on this project! It’s going to be a great one! Can’t wait for you to hear it!”

Check out The Defiants and “Like” their Facebook page:

The band will be documenting the recording process and uploading studio clips and song samples on their FB page as the album takes shape. Expect the album to hit the stores in late Spring / early Summer 2016.

*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Denner / Shermann To Release SATAN’S TOMB On October 2nd; Stream The Title Track Online Now!

The Denner / Shermann EP SATAN’S TOMB will be released on October 2nd via Metal Blade Records. The title track has been finally released and is streaming online now at http://www.metalblade.com/dennershermann . While there, make sure to pre-order your physical or digital copies of SATAN’S TOMB!

Guitar Legends Michael Denner and Hank Shermann of Mercyful Fate have given an offering of supremely, classic heavy metal infused with an overload of their signature, dark magic shredding. According to the legendary guitar duo, getting Snowy Shaw (King Diamond, Therion, Sabaton) on drums, Marc Grabowski (Demonica) on bass guitar, and Sean Peck (Cage, Death Dealer) on vocals onboard to form the band was a critical component to bringing these four tracks to life. Michael Denner added “Creating these songs with this lineup really ignited my metal fire hotter than ever! I’m sure the fans are going to love this thing” “This mix ended up really having an old school feel to it that sounds awesome when blasting at an unhealthy volume,” says Shermann.

The EP was recorded in the USA, Denmark, and Sweden and was mixed by Arnold Lindberg at Sound Industry Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden. The mastering was done by Maor Applebaum in Los Angeles, California.

The SATAN’S TOMB cover artwork was painted by Thomas Holm whose work on Mercyful Fate’s MELISSA and DON’T BREAK THE OATH is well known throughout the metal world.

The track listing for SATAN’S TOMB is as follows:
1. Satan’s Tomb
2. War Witch
3. New Gods
4. Seven Skulls


Denner/Shermann – SATAN’S TOMB trailer

*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-Black Star Riders: Vote for THE KILLER INSTINCT In The 2015 Classic Rock Roll Of Honour

The 2015 Classic Rock Roll Of Honour takes place on Wednesday, November 11 at The Roundhouse, London. It’s the star-studded night where the great and good of high-voltage rock’n’roll will get together to celebrate talent both old and new — from those bands making their debut on the scene, to those who began it all…

Black Star Riders are pleased to announce that their latest album THE KILLER INSTINCT has been nominated in the Album Of The Year category! The award is fan voted, which means YOU can make a difference! So please cast your votes now and get involved. Rock that vote!


Black Star Riders

*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-Grave Digger Exhumes Its Past

Grave Digger, along with bands like Running Wild, Rage, Sinner, and early Helloween, spearheaded the Teutonic Metal scene in Germany in the early eighties. The title track from their iconic debut HEAVY METAL BREAKDOWN, as well as “Headbanging Man” were some the first anthems showcased in this groundbreaking new era of Metal. Charismatic front man Chris Boltendahl, core and figurehead of the band since the very beginning, left his mark with his unique vocal style on each and every release since. This new compilation, EXHUMATION, presents a new take on the band’s classic recordings in a wistful look back to the eighties. Focusing beyond their debut and subsequent hit albums like WITCH HUNTER and WAR GAMES, with new takes on classic favorites such as “Shoot Her Down” the unforgettable opening track from the first Grave Digger demo from 1982! Also included is “Stand Up And Rock” from 1987’s STRONGER THAN EVER, which was released under the cross-over attempted band name Digger (now a rare and highly sought-after edition). In addition, the release includes “My Private Hell Morning” and “Young And Dangerous,” two bonus tracks and the first new songs since last year’s RETURN OF THE REAPER teasing what is to come from the band’s upcoming 2016 new studio album!

In support of this release GRAVE DIGGER will be returning to North America alongside the legendary Blind Guardian. All dates are listed below.

Grave Digger – EXHUMATION – THE EARLY YEARS (Napalm Records)

Release Date:
October 23, 2015

Track List:
1. Headbanging Man
2. Fire In Your Eyes
3. Witch Hunter
4. Shoot Her Down
5. Stand Up And Rock
6. Heavy Metal Breakdown
7. Enola Gay – Drop The Bomb
8. Get Away
9. We Wanna Rock You
10. Playing Fools
11. Here I Stand
12. Tyrant
13. Paradise

Tour Dates:
Supporting Blind Guardian
27.10.15 US – Baltimore / Soundstage
29.10.15 CA – Toronto / Danforth Music Hall
30.10.15 CA – Montreal / Corona
31.10.15 US – Worcester / Palladium
01.11.15 US – Philadelphia Union Transfer
03.11.15 US – New York / Webster Hall
04.11.15 US – Munhall / Carnegie Music Hall
06.11.15 US – Pontiac / The Crofoot
07.11.15 US – Cleveland / House of Blues
08.11.15 US – Chicago / Concord Music Hall
09.11.15 US – Minneapolis / Mill City Nights
11.11.15 US – Denver / The Summit Music Hall
13.11.15 CA – Calgary / MacEwan Hall
14.11.15 CA – Edmonton / Union Hall
16.11.15 CA – Vancouver / Commodore Ballroom
17.11.15 US – Seattle / Studio Seven
19.11.15 US – San Francisco / The Fillmore
20.11.15 US – Sacramento / Ace Of Spades
21.11.15 US – Anaheim City / National Grove of Anaheim
22.11.15 US – Tempe / The Marquee
24.11.15 US – Dallas / Gas Monkey Live
25.11.15 US – Houston / Warehouse Live
27.11.15 US – Atlanta / The Masquerade
28.11.15 US – Orlando / The Plaza Live

35 Years Grave Digger
– Birthday Bash Shows –
26.12.15 DE – Glauchau / Alte Spinnerei
27.12.15 DE – MĂĽnchen / Backstage
28.12.15 DE – Bochum / Zeche
29.12.15 DE – Berlin / C-Club
31.12.15 DE – NĂĽrnberg / MS Franconia – Aqua Ruction


*** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
-Satan: ATOM BY ATOM Full-Length From Heavy Metal Giants Streaming In Full At Invisible Oranges; Release Day Draws Near

Following teasers from Metal Hammer and Decibel Magazine, today Invisible Oranges delivers ATOM BY ATOM, the impending new full-length from heavy metal giants, Satan, in its horn-raising entirety!

Reaping critical accolades both stateside and abroad, The Metal Observer gushes in a recent 9/10 review, “Out of all the bands who have reunited in the last half-decade, Satan are still the band to beat when it comes to releasing excellent heavy metal of the highest order… ATOM BY ATOM is a fantastic record that cements their importance in style.” Two Guys Metal Reviews concurs naming ATOM BY ATOM, “the most worthwhile listen from these dudes yet,” furthering, “It’s encouraging to see a band of SATAN’s level and notoriety still putting out top-notch material in 2015… ATOM BY ATOM is living proof that Satan are only going to get better as the years progress. Reminiscent of all the magic of the ’80s and yet more evolved than any of their early recordings, this record sees the band charging boldly forward into a brave new world that shall never be forgotten!” In a near-perfect 9/10 score, Worship Metal crowned the record their “Album Of The Week” noting, “Exquisite riffs abound, Brian Ross’ vocals soar like never before and Satan’s kingdom is a stronghold of modern yet classic heavy metal that’s beyond sh*t-hot; it’s positively searing. ATOM BY ATOM bleeds quality from every last morsel; a stunning tour de force from a group of musicians who somehow, after 35+ years in the business, are operating at a level most bands can only dream of. We expected ATOM BY ATOM to be good but this is Album Of The Year material right here. Ave Satana!” In a 5/6 rating, Metal Invader champions an “unpolished diamond of heavy metal” that’s “raw, with a pure smell of the ’80s all around… classic Satan as we know and cherish them.” Of vocalist Brian Ross specifically, the publication adds, “the voice that never ages, the voice that never fades, my god… you listen to him and you wonder if he’s in 2015 or still in 1983, especially, since the album opens with killer screaming this is where you begin to understand the greatness and the majesty of his voice.”

Adds Invisible Oranges of ATOM BY ATOM, “Many say that music is a young man’s game, but there’s evidence to the contrary such as last year’s Triptykon record, MELANA CHASMATA, and this year’s Paradise Lost record, THE PLAGUE WITHIN. Add ATOM BY ATOM, the fourth album by NWOBHM underdogs Satan to that list. The band still plays the not-quite-thrash style that they always did, but this new material doesn’t feel like it’s couched in nostalgia. The members of Satan have heard what’s been done with velocity and note choices since. The modern informs their more classic approach, and the result is probably their most satisfying album since the original COURT IN THE ACT.”

Hear ATOM BY ATOM in full courtesy of Invisible Oranges at http://www.invisibleoranges.com/2015/09/satan-atom-by-atom/ .

Founded in Newcastle, England in 1979, Satan was part of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement. Though generally obscure throughout their career, the band is considered influential for playing a form of proto-thrash metal that was fairly advanced by the standards of the early 1980s. Their lineup has undergone numerous personnel changes over the years and even changes in band name. For a time the band was called Blind Fury, putting out one album — 1985’s OUT OF REACH — under that moniker before reverting back to Satan shortly thereafter. In 1988, the group changed its name again to The Kindred and then yet again to Pariah, releasing two albums under that name before folding in the early ’90s. In 1997, Pariah released another album. The band’s shifting lineup has included members of many other heavy metal bands such as Blitzkrieg, Rough Edge, Pariah, Atomkraft, Avenger, Persian Risk, Cronos, and Battleaxe. In 1990, guitarist Steve Ramsey and bassist Graeme English together with singer Martin Walkyier of UK thrash metal band Sabbat founded folk metal act Skyclad.

Captured at Newcastle’s First Avenue Studios, and mixed and mastered by Dario Mollo (Crossbones, The Cage, Voodoo Hill) who helmed the band’s 2013’s acclaimed comeback album LIFE SENTENCE, ATOM BY ATOM includes a collaboration with Angel Witch’s Kevin Heybourne as well as the striking cover renderings of Eliran Kantor (http://www.elirankantor.com/ ; Testament, Sodom, Sigh, Iced Earth, etc.) who crafted the art for Satan’s previous opus.

ATOM BY ATOM will see release in North America on October 16th via Listenable Records. For pre-orders point your browser to http://www.shop.listenable.net/fr/94_ .


*** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
-Reverence’s GODS OF WAR Track Listing Revealed

Detroit power metallers Reverence, featuring Riot V vocalist Todd Michael Hall, ex-Tokyo Blade guitarist Bryan Holland, and ex-Savatage drummer Steve “Doc” Wacholz, will release their new album GODS OF WAR via Razar Ice Records on November 4, 2015. The cover artwork was created by renowned artist Jobert Mello of Sledgehamer Graphix (Primal Fear, Sabaton, Hysteria). The track listing can be read below.

GODS OF WAR track listing:

1. Gods Of War
2. Heart Of Gold
3. Until My Dying Breath
4. Angel In Black
5. Tear Down The Mountain
6. Blood Of Heroes
7. Battle Cry
8. Choices Made
9. Splinter
10. Cleansed By Fire
11. Race To Obscene

“If Reverence stays on the same trajectory they have been, they’re soon to become a household name for metalheads everywhere. Though they play Power, this album should appeal to lovers of everything heavy metal. Their sound covers all the bases as far as I’m concerned. GODS OF WAR is a brilliant follow-up to an already amazing debut, and one that you need in your collection.” (MyGlobalMind Rating 9/10)

The following video clip features tracks from the new album: “Battle Cry,” “Angel In Black,” and the title track “Gods of War.”

Bryan Holland says: “It’s been three long years since you have had any new music from the power metal band Reverence. That’s a hell of a long time to go without some OLD SCHOOL METAL. So, with that being said, we are proud to give you this short sneak peek of what you can expect from Reverence’s second release GODS OF WAR.”

The impending power metal assault is coming your way, take cover!


*** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
-Azrael’s Bane Fire Up The Engines, Announce Houston Reunion Show

Re-activated melodic hard rock band Azrael’s Bane are firing off the engines once again and have announced their reunion show to be held on October 17, 2015 at The Office live venue in their hometown of Houston, Texas.

Special guests will be local melodic hard rock partners in crime Love N War.

Azrael’s Bane vocalist Trey Gadler has checked in with the following update:

“We never really broke up. We just had a lot of things happen all at once that made going forward with the band difficult at that time. Our label went under. Our drummer moved out of state. A couple of us were going through divorces and a couple of us were having kids. It was just a ton of stuff, so we just tabled things for a while. Most of us dabbled in other projects during the break, but we’ve always stayed in touch. Those guys are all like brothers to me. Bane is family and we’re back now. Everybody is back on the same page and we’re ready to roll. Our rehearsals have been going well, and we’ve started writing again, so the future is bright for Azrael’s Bane. It’s gonna be a hell of a ride.”

Azrael’s Bane 2015 lineup:

Trey Gadler (Vocals)
Jeff Clifton (Guitars)
Chuck McFadden (Guitars)
Brent Marches (Bass)
Van Turner (Drums) – formerly of Z-Lot-Z

Combining the haunting melodies of Queensryche and Crimson Glory with the more mainstream approach of Lillian Axe and Leatherwolf, Azrael’s Bane issued their independently-released debut album WINGS OF INNOCENCE in 2004 which was widely acclaimed by specialized hard rock / metal media reviewers which included a perfect (5 out of 5) review score from legendary Los Angeles, California radio station website KNAC.COM.

The band saw Chavis Records do a re-release of the enhanced album in 2005 which featured a stunning cover of the Ozzy Osbourne classic song “Diary Of A Madman.”

Based on the strength of their debut album, Azrael’s Bane was personally invited to play the 2005 Monterrey Metal Fest II in Mexico in direct support of the main stage bands which included headliner Motorhead, Danzig, Mago de Oz, W.A.S.P., HammerFall, Beyond Fear, Metal Church, and Into Eternity.

In 2009, the band again independently released their second album MODERN DAY BABYLON to another wave of critical acclaim by the worldwide melodic rock music media.

The band is currently writing music for their third album to be tentatively released in 2016.

Azrael’s Bane – “Shine” video (2004)

For the latest band news and show dates, visit their official Facebook page:

*** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
-Ulterium Records Proudly Presents FALLEN EMPIRES, The Debut Album From The Greek Heavy Metal Band Diviner!

Ulterium Records 2015 – ULTCD033

Style: Heavy Metal, Metal
Release date: November 20th (Europe, North America)
EAN: 4018996238075

Short info:
FALLEN EMPIRES, a very strong heavy metal album that keeps the legacy from the genre but at the same time sounding new and inspired. Perfect for fans of bands like Accept, Dio, Judas Priest, and Iced Earth! Mastered by Peter In de Betou (Arch Enemy, Opeth, Amon Amarth)

Track listing:
1. Fallen Empires
2. Kingdom Come
3. Evilizer
4. Riders From The East
5. The Legend Goes On
6. Come Into My Glory
7. Seven Gates
8. The Shadow And The Dark
9. Sacred War
10. Out In The Abyss

Diviner biography:
Diviner is a heavy metal band from Greece founded by long-time friends and music partners Yiannis Papanikolaou (vocals) and Thimios Krikos (guitar) in the summer of 2011. Their vision was to proudly express themselves by creating and playing something powerful, intense, deep, heavy, dark, and inspired that at the same time would sound up to date. All this without losing the elements that reflect the essence of pure and timeless magic of metal music.

With this in mind they started writing songs and in a short period of time some of their friends and well known musicians of the local metal scene George Maroulees (guitar), Herc Booze (bass), and Fragiskos Samoilis (drums) joined them and the band took its final form.

FALLEN EMPIRES is Diviner’s first attempt to reach out to the metal world and will be released by Ulterium Records on the 20th of November 2015.

Their sound influences cover a very wide range of metal paths having classic heavy origins and melodies, blended with modern crushing riffs, groovy rhythm sections, powerful vocals, and an overall up to date approach.

The recordings took place at Devasoundz Studios in Athens, with Thimios Krikos and Fotis Benardo (SiXforNinE, ex-Septic Flesh) handling them. Thimios Krikos was also responsible for the mixing of the album, while Peter In de Betou (Arch Enemy, Opeth, Amon Amarth) of Tailor Maid fame handled the mastering. The cover artwork and sleeve design were made by the talented artist Alan Fall of Digital Grief.

Follow Diviner into the Fallen Empires!

Diviner lineup:
Yiannis Papanikolaou (Rock ‘n’ Roll Children, ex. Innerwish) – Vocals
Thimios Krikos (Innerwish) – Guitar
George Maroulees (4bitten) – Guitar
Herc Booze (SiXforNinE) – Bass
Fragiskos Samoilis (Innerwish) – Drums

Diviner discography:
2015: FALLEN EMPIRES (Ulterium Records)

Produced, engineered and mixed by: Thimios Krikos
Co-produced by: Yiannis Papanikolaou
Drum production by: Fotis Benardo
Mastering by: Peter In de Betou (Arch Enemy, Opeth, Amon Amarth) at Tailor Maid
Artwork by: Alan Fall, Digital Grief


Label info – Ulterium Records
Ulterium Records, Adelsköldsgatan 4, SE-44131 Alingsås, Sweden

*** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
-Corners Of Sanctuary Sign To Metalizer Records (Germany) For Release Of METAL MACHINE Album

New Wave of Traditional American Heavy Metal (NWoTAHM) band Corners Of Sanctuary announces their signing to Metalizer Records (Germany) for the European release of their brand new fourth album METAL MACHINE on October 31, 2015 in CD format and on vinyl at a later date to be announced.

Corners Of Sanctuary guitarist Mick Michaels has checked in with the following comment:

“Corners Of Sanctuary is very excited to now be a part of the Metalizer Records family. Having our fourth album, METAL MACHINE, released under the Metalizer label offers us an incredible opportunity to reach new heights. The support has been inspiring. We feel this union will be a great fit for both the music and our style. We look forward to what lies ahead… The road before us is wide open and we are ready to drop the pedal to the Metal on this machine!”

Metalizer Records has checked in with the following comment:

Metalizer Records is very proud to announce that the great Corners Of Sanctuary have signed with us for the release of their new killer album METAL MACHINE! This one will make your ears bleed if you’re into traditional US power metal with slight Judas Priest influences! Stay tuned for the METAL MACHINE!!”

Corners Of Sanctuary’s METAL MACHINE features 11 brand new tracks of razor sharp and memorable heavy metal songs from Philadelphia’s own Kings of Steel.

The album was mastered by guitarist / producer Stu “The Hammer” Marshall (Death Dealer / Blasted To Static / Empires Of Eden / ex-Dungeon) at his Frontier Studio in Sydney, Australia.

Corners Of Sanctuary – METAL MACHINE track listing:

1. Turn It On
2. Metal Machine
3. Like It Matters
4. Left Scarred
5. In Blood We Shall Fight
6. The Return
7. Souls Will Shout
8. Monster
9. Tomorrow Never Comes
10. Wrecking Ball
11. Killswitch

For the latest Corners Of Sanctuary news, visit the band’s official website:

Metalizer Records (Germany) official website

*** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
-Kara And The Dam Band Looking For ’80s Style Double Bass Drummer

San Antonio, Texas based hard rock / metal band Kara And The Dam Band are looking for an ’80s style rock / metal influenced double bass drummer.

The band is on the hunt for a professional, flashy, rocking Tommy Lee type drummer to join the band and who will be required to perform both original material as well as high energy cover songs, while playing approximately 8-10 shows per month.

Must be totally professional, have massive stage presence, killer attitude, mesmerizing musical chops and a bitchn’ set of drums.

Interested drummers willing to relocate to San Antonio, Texas, contact guitarist / producer Chad Austin via e-mail at: cdaustin68@gmail.com

Kara And The Dam Band – “Alone In The Dark” video

For the latest band news and show dates, visit their official website and Facebook page:


*** PRESS RELEASE #14 ***
-Camelot/Nightprowler Split CD STRANGER IN THE TWILIGHT/NIGHTPROWLER Cover, Track List; Release Date: October 30, 2015 On Karthago Records

The release date of the Camelot/Nightprowler split album STRANGER IN THE TWILIGHT/NIGHTPROWLER on CD is October 30th, 2015. The pre-order phase will start on October 16th, 2015 in our webshop.


While Camelot from Wuppertal/Germany were active, they only released one mini-album. This album is a good example of German ’80s Heavy Metal, although the cover artwork is really uninspired. “Young Man,” the first song on the album, is catchy and powerful. But you will have to ignore the bad pronunciation, which is typical of many German albums in the ’80s. “Working Hard,” the first song on the B-side, is again a very catchy Metal song, which is the second highlight on this mini-album. The final “I’m A Tramp” is also on a good level. The way the band plays is very refined and their compositions are convincing. If Camelot had had a record label as support, they definitely could have been more successful.


Nightprowler from Dusseldorf/Germany had as little success as Camelot. But their 1986 maxi-single is nevertheless very sought after. Both EP songs, “Attention” and “Nightprowler,” are typical examples of the imitation of the British scene and they are definitely a must for all NWoBHM fans. The bonus tracks on this CD are early demos and live gigs, and show a band which has assimilated influences from Motorhead and Warfare. Thy vinyl definitely contained the most refined and promising songs of Nightprowler. Unfortunately there were no other releases of this band.

Track Listing:

1. Young Man
2. You Came For Me
3. Working Hard
4. I’m A Tramp

5. Attention
6. Nightprowler
7. Truck Driver (bonus track)
8. Rock’n’Roll Lady (bonus track)
9. S.O.B. (live) (bonus track)
10. Alcohol (bonus track)
11. The Letter (live) (bonus track)
12. Black Sheep (bonus track)
Total Playing Time: 54:32 min.


Harry Rein – vocals
Ronnie Rodney – guitars
Claus Riedel – bass
Michael Rokker – drums
guest musician:
Benedikt Koch – keyboards
Holger vom Scheidt – backing vocals

Max Steglich – vocals
Tucky Ptak – lead guitars
Uwe Kunze – rhythm guitars
Ringo Nischak – bass
Udo Marsch – drums


Karthago Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #15 ***
-Martyrd Announce New Album ENDLESS

The heavy yet technically challenging metal of Martyrd will soon be on display once more, with the arrival of a new album, ENDLESS.

In a statement, the New York-based band (which is comprised of members Aaron Pollard – vocals, Michael Andreas – guitar, Mike Kitsos – guitar, Brian Nichols – bass, and Randall Lee – drums) explained:

“We loved what we did with THE MORTAL COIL, but we wouldn’t want to keep making the same album again. All of us have grown as musicians and humans, and its been a natural progression taking us from that era to this new territory we’re exploring with ENDLESS. This time around, we’re diving right into the deep end, the album is darker and heavier than anything we’ve ever done before — just how we like it! It’s still Martyrd, but taken to the tenth degree.”

And the quintet pointed out that ENDLESS is a conceptual work, as well:

“The album is really story driven — both musically and lyrically, every song is part of this big story. Each song stands by itself, but they’re all part of a bigger whole. Musically too — you’ll be able to listen to the whole album through as a single piece of music. We didn’t decide on the name ENDLESS until very late in the recording process. All the music and story was done, by that point, we had been in the studio for almost a year already, and the name seemed really fitting!

“We’re incredibly excited to bring this album on the road. It defines who we are today — the culmination of all we’ve become. It’s also the heaviest thing we’ve ever done, and we can’t wait to get out there and go nuts with our friends.”

For more information, visit:

-Amberian Dawn will release INNUENDO through Napalm Records on October 23. Hype: “After their last highly acclaimed 2014 album MAGIC FOREST, female-fronted Finnish Symphonic sextet Amberian Dawn return with INNUENDO, their second studio album with gorgeous singer Päivi ‘Capri’ Virkkunen. Presented in a catchier and more melodic way than previous efforts, Innuendo sounds like a deliberately fresh new start with some of the strongest vocal performances in the band’s history. With production work from Mikko Karmilla (Amorphis, Apocalyptica) and Tuomas Seppälä’s apparent influences of the likes of Jean Michel Jarre to Vangels, INNUENDO showcases the epic trademarks of an album that could easily place the band into the forefront of the Symphonic Metal genre! INNUENDO is a term most famed by Queen and their album titled the same, but as time goes on, some might also come to think of Amberian Dawn alongside those British rock heroes.” Track list: “Fame & Gloria,” “Ladyhawk,” “Innuendo,” “The Court Of Mirror Hall,” “Angelique,” “Rise Of The Evil,” “Chamber Of Dreadful Dreams,” “Knock Knock Who’s There?,” “Symphony Nr. 1, Part 1 – The Witchcraft,” “Your Time – My Time.” Upcoming tour dates with Delain and The Gentle Storm:

10/27 – Kopfmehl, Solothurn, Switzerland
10/28 – La Laiterie, Strasbourg, France
10/29 – Divan Du Monde, Paris, France
10/30 – Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium
10/31 – Juz Live Club, Andernach, Germany
11/2 – Backstage Halle, Munich, Germany
11/3 – Live Club, Milan, Italy
11/4 – Explosiv, Graz, Austria
11/5 – Club 202, Budapest, Hungary
11/6 – Randal Club, Bratislava, Slovakia
11/7 – Club Progresia, Warsaw, Poland
11/8 – K17, Berlin, Germany

See http://www.amberiandawn.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/amberiandawn for more.

-BAT will release WINGS OF CHAINS early next year on Hells Headbangers. Singer/bassist Ryan Waste says: “We are louder and prouder than ever with the completion of WINGS OF CHAINS, our debut full-length. It’s been a long time coming, so we decided to put every song we’ve written to date in a heavier package as one recording. I just finished solely tracking all the vocals for the album in my house, which was quite a milestone for me. Nick [Poulos] and Felix [Griffin] crushed it as usual, and it’s safe to say these songs showcase BAT in our true live-sounding element. To commemorate the wrap up of the album, we’re unleashing the cover artwork today, illustrated by our German brother Chris from Infected Arts.” Stickers of the cover art are available at http://shop-hellsheadbangers.com/bat-logo-sticker.asp , and the album is set to include the songs “Bloodhounds,” “Code Rude,” “Master Of The Skies,” “Primitive Age,” “Condemner,” “Ritual Fool,” “Wings Of Chains,” “Total Wreckage,” “Rule Of The Beast,” “You Die,” “Cruel Discipline,” and “BAT.” The band has also decided to re-press the PRIMITIVE AGE EP on gray vinyl; pre-order it now at https://hellsheadbangers.bandcamp.com/album/primitive-age . Upcoming tour dates:

10/16 – The Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
10/17 – Frost And Fire Festival @ Bombay, Ventura, CA
10/18 – White Oak Music & Arts, Van Nuys, CA (all ages)

See http://www.facebook.com/bewareofthebat and http://www.bewareofthebat.bandcamp.com for more.

-The Graham Bonnet Band, featuring the Rainbow/Alcatrazz/MSG/Impellitteri singer joined by guitarist Conrado Pesinato, bassist Beth-Ami Heavenstone, and drummer Mark Zonder (Fates Warning/Warlord), will release an album early next year on Frontiers. Hype from Mr. Bonnet: “It has been a while since I last released a full-length album, but this band is the perfect group of musicians to do just that. We are very excited about working with the great folks at Frontiers for our first ‘Graham Bonnet Band’ record, we look forward to a productive and exciting 2016!” The band is also set to tour the UK in February as follows:

2/5 – O2 ABC 2, Glasgow, UK
2/6 – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle, UK
2/7 – O2 Academy 2, Sheffield, UK
2/10 – Rebellion Bar, Manchester, UK
2/11 – O2 Academy 2, Liverpool, UK
2/12 – Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton, UK
2/13 – The Waterfront, Norwich, UK
2/16 – The Haunt, Brighton, UK
2/17 – Sin City, Swansea, UK
2/18 – Talking Heads, Southampton, UK
2/19 – Bierkeller, Bristol, UK
2/20 – O2 Academy 2 Islington, London, UK

-Check out a new interview with Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover at http://heavymetal.about.com/od/interviews/fl/Deep-Purple-Interview.htm .

-Divebomb Records now has ARTCH’s ANOTHER RETURN and FOR THE SAKE OF MANKIND, Betsy’s self-titled release, and deluxe editions of Wild Dogs’ REIGN OF TERROR and Osiris’ FUTURITY AND HUMAN DEPRESSIONS available. There’s a special deal now where buyers of all five releases will get free shipping to anywhere in the world. See http://tribunalrecords.bigcartel.com/ and http://www.divebombrecords.com/ for more.

-The Swedish metal band Enforcer’s new live DVD/CD release, LIVE BY FIRE, is due out November 20 on Nuclear Blast. Check out the video for “Take Me Out Of This Nightmare” at https://youtu.be/VQIKU9SmLt4 . LIVE BY FIRE can be pre-ordered now at http://nblast.de/ENFORCERLiveByFireNB . The band consists of singer/guitarist Olof Wikstrand, guitarist Joseph Tholl, bassist Tobias Lindqvist, and drummer Jonas Wikstrand. See http://www.enforcer.se/ for more.

-The Frost And Fire Festival is slated for October 17 at Bombay in Ventura, CA. Touting its “true heavy metal” and “classic heavy metal,” the lineup includes Manilla Road, Ashbury (performing the album ENDLESS SKIES), Night Demon, Visigoth, Savage Master, BAT, Steel Prophet (featuring Neil Turbin on vocals), Gygax, Blade Killer, Helion Prime, and Wolfcross. There will also be a meet-and-greet with Tim Baker and Robert Garven of Cirith Ungol. See http://www.frostandfirefest.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/frostandfiremetalfest for more.

-Ghost Machinery will release EVIL UNDERTOW on November 13 through Pure Legend Records. The melodic heavy metal band from Finland features Pete Ahonen (Stargazery) on guitar and vocals, Mikko Myllylä on guitar, Sami Nyman on bass, and Jussi Ontero (Stargazery) on drums and keyboards. Hype: “On the third output EVIL UNDERTOW concise keyboards meet up with moony, strong guitar harmonies and a very clear, differentiated sound. Sometimes they exceed the limits to Power Metal in the well-known Stratovarius tradition. But mostly, on 13 tracks of hard rock influenced by Rainbow, Black Sabbath (Tony Martin era) and Axel Rudi Pell reigns supreme. Also AOR lunatics should give it a listen. With EVIL UNDERTOW Ghost Machinery deliver the goods to every hard rockin’ friend of melodic stuff.” Track list: “Arms Of The Strangers,” “Fatal,” “Kingdom Of Decay,” “Go To Hell (It’s Where You Belong),” “Evil Undertow,” “Brave Face,” “Tools Of The Trade,” “No Easy Way Out,” “Dead Inside,” “Lost To Love,” “The Last Line Of Defence.” There will also be a limited edition version with two bonus tracks. See http://www.ghostmachinery.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/ghostmachinery for more.

-Graveyard’s INNOCENCE & DECADENCE is out now on Nuclear Blast. The band says: “Just like life in general, it depends on what you choose to see and hear — but to sum things up you could say that INNOCENCE & DECADENCE is built on thousands of layers of love, fury, and being alive in the year 2015.” The band is hitting the road in October as follows:

10/16 – KB, Malmö, Sweden
10/17 – Munchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, Sweden
10/23 – Pustervik, Gothenburg, Sweden
10/26 – Capitol, Hannover, Germany
10/27 – Zeche, Bochum, Germany
10/28 – Essigfabrik, Cologne, Germany
10/29 – Doornroosje, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
10/30 – Technikum, Munich, Germany
10/31 – Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, Germany
11/1 – Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
11/3 – O2 Academy 2, Birmingham, UK
11/4 – Electric Ballroom, London, UK
11/5 – Academy 3, Manchester, UK
11/6 – Trix, Antwerp, Belgium
11/7 – Den Atelier, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
11/9 – Arena, Vienna, Austria
11/10 – Dynamo, ZĂĽrich, Switzerland
11/11 – Circolo Magnolia, Milano, Italy
11/12 – L’Usine, Geneva, Switzerland
11/13 – Beatpol, Dresden, Germany
11/14 – Metal Hammer Paradise @ Strand, Weissenhäuser, Germany
11/15 – C-Club, Berlin, Germany

See http://www.facebook.com/graveyardofficial for more.

-Check out Joel Hoekstra’s 13’s third single, “Long For The Days,” at http://on.fb.me/1YFiXpV . Hoekstra’s commentary on the song: “‘Long For The Days’ is a song about reflection and regret over a relationship gone badly. It’s a good old-fashioned, classic-rock style track that captures elements of some of my favorite bands (I’ll let you figure them out!). Vinny Appice (drums) and Tony Franklin (bass) lay it down while Derek Sherinian (keys) provides the right sounds and parts with tasteful perfection. Russell Allen delivers one of my favorite vocal performances EVER and Jeff Scott Soto sings some amazing backgrounds to support them. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing/recording it!” The album, DYING TO LIVE, is due out October 16 on Frontiers. See http://www.joelhoekstra.com/ , http://www.facebook.com/JoelHoekstra13 , and https://twitter.com/JoelHoekstra13 for more.

-There’s an interview with Huntress’ Jill Janus online at http://heavymetal.about.com/od/huntress/fl/Huntress-Interview.htm .

-Guitar Center has an Iron Maiden sweepstakes with prizes including a trip for two to see the band on its upcoming North American tour, a set of all 1980s-era singles on 7″ vinyl, a box set of all albums from 1980-1988, and triple vinyl version of THE BOOK OF SOULS autographed by Bruce Dickinson. Enter at http://www.guitarcenter.com/pages/Sweeps-September-2015-Iron-Maiden.gc .

-Manimal — featuring singer Samuel Nyman, guitarist Henrik Stenroos, bassist Kenny Boufadene, and drummer Andre Holmqvist — will release its second album TRAPPED IN THE SHADOWS on AFM Records on November 20. See http://www.manimal.se/ for more.

-Mayfair will soon start working on a new album for Pure Prog Records. The progressive rock/metal band’s lineup consists of singer Mario, guitarist Rene, bassist Hannes, and drummer Jolly.

-Metal Allegiance’s video for the Dio cover “We Rock” is online now at https://youtu.be/AG5uRzpWpt4 . In it the main band — guitarist Alex Skolnick, bassist David Ellefson, and drummer Mike Portnoy — is joined by singers Mark Osegueda (Death Angel), Chris Jericho, Tim “Ripper” Owens, Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy), Chuck Billy, and Steve “Zetro” Souza (Exodus), plus guitarists Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Phil Demmel (Machine Head), and Gary Holt (Exodus, Slayer). There are also a few cool cameos from other guests. See http://www.metalallegiance.com/ for more.

-The title track from Mother Feather’s upcoming eponymously titled release is now available from iTunes, and the video is online at http://www.metalblade.com/motherfeather . Singer Ann Courtney stated the following: “Mother Feather is the embodiment of your wildest inspiration. We are missionaries of pop cock rock and ‘Mother Feather’ is our hymn. Upon hearing it at a live show in 2011, Isaiah King, our director and animator, came to us with a simple, undeniable concept: illustrate the Mother Feather live experience. Isaiah turned out to be the MVP of our artistic collaboration dream team.” See http://www.motherfeather.com/ for more.

-Psychostick is on the road, with a couple of its own shows before taking up with Dog Fashion Disco for another leg of the “Ugly Americans Tour” beginning October 4:

9/29 – The Loft, Lansing, MI
9/30 – Frankies, Toledo, OH
10/2 – Shakas, Virginia Beach, VA
10/4 – Ziggy’s, Winston-Salem, NC
10/6 – Ziggy’s By The Sea. Wilmington, NC
10/8 – West End Trading Co., Orlando, FL
10/9 – The Orpheum, Tampa, FL
10/10 – Underbelly, Jacksonville, FL
10/13 – Scout Bar, Houston, TX
10/14 – Dirty Dog Bar, Austin, TX
10/15 – The Rail Club, Fort Worth, TX
10/16 – 89th Street, Oklahoma City, OK
10/17 – Fubar, St. Louis, MO
10/19 – The Tree Of Joliet, Joliet, IL
10/20 – Aftershock, Shawnee, KS
10/21 – Amsterdam Bar And Hall, St. Paul, MN
10/22 – The Red Zone, Madison, WI
10/23 – The Foundry Concert Club, Lakewood, OH
10/24 – Championship, Trenton, NJ
10/25 – The Ottobar, Baltimore, MD

The “comedy metallers” have a behind-the-scenes video from its recent London show online now at https://youtu.be/lyFgdru7Ims . See http://www.psychostick.com/ for more.

-There’s a “guitar playthrough” video of Pyramids On Mars’ “Heaven’s Gate” online now at http://puregrainaudio.com/videos/pyramids-on-mars-heaven-s-gate-guitar-playthrough-video-premiere . The track comes from ECHO COSMIC, which is out now. See http://www.pyramidsonmars.com/ for more.

-Check out Queensryche’s new song “Hellfire” at https://youtu.be/am_dLpoZdo8 .

-Saviours’ PALACE OF VISION (Listenable Records) is due out October 30, and pre-orders are now being taken at http://www.shop.listenable.net/fr/176_ . Hype: “Rooted in hardcore punk but preferring to cruise in outer space, Saviours have always brought an infectious swing and swagger to their forward-charging heavy metal. The band melds the prime tenets of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, progressive rock, and proto-doom, and delivers it all with a snarling, West Coast hardcore edge. The result is a rugged beast of a sound that is singularly Saviours’.” The first single, “Burning Shrine,” is online at http://www.cvltnation.com/streaming-saviours-burning-shrine/ and now “Flesh Of Fire” can be streamed at http://decibelmagazine.com/blog/2015/9/24/all-hail-saviours-new-flesh-of-fire . See http://www.facebook.com/Saviours for more.

-Slayer’s REPENTLESS stormed the charts: #1 on the German album charts and #1 on the Japanese International Chart. It also hit #4 in the US and #2 on Billboard’s Current Albums, Top Rock Albums, and Hard Music charts. Other top 10s were in the Netherlands (#2), Australia and Finland (#3), Belgium (#4), Greece and Sweden (#5), France (#7), Italy and New Zealand (#8), Hungary (#9), and Japan (#10). From Nuclear Blast’s Gerardo Martinez: “The entire Nuclear Blast global team thanks Slayer and their loyal fans everywhere for the tremendous first-week success for REPENTLESS. Slayer made an amazing album that stayed true to who the band is, and the fans’ overwhelming response is proof of that.” See http://www.slayer.net/ for more.

-Survivors Of Rock is a new classic rock band featuring singer Jimi Interval, guitarists Barry “Skully” Waddell (Seasons Of The Wolf) and Mark Skey, bassist Andy Garcia, keyboardist Dennis Ristow, and drummer Donny Vosburgh. Check them out at https://www.facebook.com/SurvivorsOfRock .

-There’s a cool article entitled “Fascinating Facts About Steve Vai’s PASSION AND WARFARE” online at http://iheartguitarblog.com/2015/09/fascinating-facts-about-steve-vais-passion-and-warfare.html .

-Voodoo Hill, featuring Dario Mollo, will release WATERFALL on October 16 on Frontiers. Check out the new track “The Well,” featuring Glenn Hughes, at https://youtu.be/Cvp4gJQyTkE . See http://www.dariomollo.com/ , https://www.facebook.com/mollodario , and https://twitter.com/mollodario for more.

Thanks to Todd La Torre, Nancy B. Sayle, Jon Asher, Matt Rudzinski, Nathan Birk, Chad Bowar, Jon Freeman, Pure Steel Promotion, and Earsplit PR for help gathering some of this information.

*** OUT ***

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