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Issue #681
Week of September 14, 2015

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-Holy Peter Szigeti and Steve Mann sightings, Batman!!! – Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-Blackmore’s Night Gets Brave On “Will O’ The Wisp,” Video, Latest Single From ALL OUR YESTERDAYS

Among the things informing the songs of Blackmore’s Night are sagas and symbolism. In the case of the supernatural “Will O’ The Wisp,” the rock-based song continues the band’s vision involving what singer and lyricist Candice Night describes as “nature and folklore from around the world.” “Will O’ The Wisp” is from the group’s tenth album ALL OUR YESTERDAYS now, offering us a mystical experience.

The “Will O’ The Wisp” video can be seen on Billboard at:

Spotlighted in the video and the lyrics are lights (the will o’ the wisps), an ancient rock, castle ruins, a forest, as well as the crescent moon. There is also a path. Candice saw that path as part of the “Will O’ The Wisp’s” folklore as she watched the Disney/Pixar film “Brave” with her two children. She was entranced by an early scene in which the heroine, Princess Merida, is led through the woods to a cottage by a will o’ the wisp, a light that floats over swamps and moors. “The visual was amazing,” she says. Beyond that, the soundtrack of Ritchie’s music spoke to her to blend his music and her lyrics into this enchanting song.

The video enhances the lyrics’ ancient feel. In stark black and white, the only color element is the title character, a small, light blue will o’ the wisp that leads Night through ruins and moors and wide open spaces that the Celts would have approved of. The wisps were symbolic and mysterious lights that led her through ancient stone circles to a destination that would ultimately change her fate.

With concepts for this epic video running back and forth for weeks, Blackmore’s Night admits they took “forever” to finish it, and at the end of the entire production, Candice, Ritchie, and the band, pretty much, used symbolism of the path of a the light meeting a second light — two Will O’ The Wisps.

Candice is adamant about one thing, though. “The concept,” she insists, “is in the lyrics.”

Fans can also watch Blackmore’s Night’s first music video (and single), the title song from the upcoming ALL OUR YESTERDAYS album, at https://youtu.be/G8gCGcSlRuw .

ALL OUR YESTERDAYS will be released on a variety of formats: CD, CD/DVD, and Digital versions on September 18 and in LP and Box Set configurations on October 16 (in North America). Pre-orders for the CD, CD/DVD, and Digital versions are available on Amazon.com at http://radi.al/BlackmoresNightAmazon and the Digital version on iTunes/Apple Music at http://radi.al/BlackmoresNightiTunes .


* CD/DVD Deluxe edition includes the full album plus a DVD with music videos for “All Our Yesterdays” and “Will O’ The Wisp,” plus an extensive interview with Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night on the making of the new album
* LP vinyl edition with a gatefold sleeve
* Box Set Limited Collector’s edition includes CD/DVD deluxe edition, LP, T-shirt (L size ONLY), poster, lithograph

Blackmore’s Night is a true musical and spiritual collaboration between vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Candice Night and her husband, legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore. The two met in 1989 when Deep Purple challenged Candice’s then-radio station to a charity soccer match. In 1993 she sang on Rainbow’s DIFFICULT TO CURE tour. They co-wrote four songs for Rainbow’s STRANGER IN US ALL and in 1997 they formed Blackmore’s Night; they continue to play festivals and concerts in great, historic venues all over the world.

For additional information please visit:

And please visit Blackmore’s Night’s official site on Facebook:

*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-Cage To Unleash ANCIENT EVIL On The Metal Masses

San Diego-based metallists Cage are set to return on October 30th, with the release of their latest metallic tour de force, ANCIENT EVIL, which has been prefaced by a lyric video for the killer composition, “The Procedure” (which can be viewed at https://youtu.be/_e119tZud1w ).

“We really love how creepy the video came out, it’s like a mini movie almost,” explains singer Sean “The Hell Destroyer” Peck. “This song will give people a good idea of what they are in for on this massive, heavy metal, horror story thrill ride!” Rounding out the band are Dave “Conan” Garcia (guitars), Casey “The Sentinel” Trask (guitars), Alex Pickard (bass guitar), and Sean “The Thrash Machine” Elg (drums).

Based on a horror novel written by lead singer Sean Peck, ANCIENT EVIL continues the legacy of Cage as a heavy metal innovator. This nearly 80-minute monstrosity has 19 tracks that combine songs and narrated interludes to forge a unique musical journey that rocks!

However, according to Sean, making a concept record work is never an easy task — “With this being our seventh release, we wanted to try our hand at another concept album. We had great success with HELL DESTROYER, but doing a scary story type of thing and making the songs catchy and memorable while keeping the listener captivated by the content, is a real challenge.”

The story’s main character, Elliot Worthington, is played by none other than ex-Iron Maiden front man Blaze Bayley. “I did not want to do any of the character voices this time, so we got some really great talent to act out the scenes. Blaze did an incredible job. His acting chops were freaking great, I have to say,” says Peck. “The writing for this record came together effortlessly even though it was a concept record. It is pretty much just blazing fast the whole way through which is just how I like it!”

And soon, metalheads will be able to experience Cage’s latest metal masterpiece.

ANCIENT EVIL Track listing:
1) There Were Others
2) Ancient Evil
3) Behind The Walls Of Newgate
4) The Procedure
5) The Appetite
6) Cassandra
7) Blinded By Rage
8) Tell Me Everything
9) The Expedition
10) Beholder
11) I Have Awakened
12) Across The Sea Of Madness
13) To Save Love
14) Christ Protect Me
15) Sinister Six
16) Symphony Of Sin
17) The Antidote
18) Tomorrow Never Came
19) It Can’t Be


*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-Billy Sherwood’s CITIZEN On November 6

On November 6, 2015, Frontiers Music Srl will release Billy Sherwood’s latest, a concept album called CITIZEN.

The album can be pre-ordered at:
Amazon: http://radi.al/BillySherwoodAmazon
iTunes: http://radi.al/BillySherwoodiTunes

Billy Sherwood created this concept album based on a lost soul that is reincarnated into various periods of history. “I was inspired by the notion that General Patton believed he was reincarnated on various battlefields through time; I wanted to take that concept even further.” As the song writer/producer, Billy placed the citizen character into significant moments of history.

The lead-off track is called “The Citizen” which sets the stage for what’s to come on the recording. “The Citizen” features Billy’s longtime friends and members of the legendary Progressive Rock band Yes: bassist Chris Squire and former Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye.

Each song places the Citizen into a unique set of circumstances where decisions are made that have serious personal and global consequences. In the song “No Man’s Land” (featuring Deep Purple/Dixie Dregs/Kansas guitarist Steve Morse) the Citizen appears as a World War I trench runner who passes the message along to the troops that it’s time to attack; the Citizen remains behind and is, ultimately, the only survivor. “Empire” (with lead vocals by Alan Parsons & violin from Jerry Goodman of the Flock, Dixie Dregs, Mahavishnu Orchestra) finds the Citizen as a conscript legionnaire in the final days of the Roman Empire. “Just Galileo And Me” (sung by Colin Moulding singer/bassist of XTC) shows the Citizen as a protective friend to Galileo, trying to tell the astronomer that he should not tell people that the earth is not flat or he will be labeled as a heretic.

Known as a multi-instrumentalist, Billy performs drums, bass, guitar, and keys, and sings several of the songs, including “A Theory Of Its Own” in which the Citizen appears as companion to Charles Darwin on the evolutionist’s maiden voyage. He sings of Native Americans affected by the Indian Removal Act of 1830 in the song, “Trail Of Tears,” which features Patrick Moraz on keyboards. Former Genesis guitar player Steve Hackett adds his chops to “Man And The Machine,” which is about an assembly line worker and activist in the late 1890s. “Age Of The Atom” is about the creation of the Atomic Bomb and the questions of morality as a result of it; this features Geoff Downes on keyboards. Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess appears on “Escape Velocity,” a song that speaks to the political implications of the space race in the 1960s.

In “The Great Depression,” Billy’s song writer’s pen draws pain from the heart of a distraught Wall Street investor, who has lost everything in the stock market, and steps out to make a final step off the ledge. Rick Wakeman plays grand piano and other keyboards on this one. Finally, in CITIZEN’s 11th song, “Written In The Centuries,” performed by current Yes singer Jon Davison, Nostradamus is the Citizen busily composing his many predictions.

Billy Sherwood was recently handpicked by Chris Squire to fill in for him on bass and vocals in Yes, before he left for cancer treatment and ultimately, his untimely death. Billy started his career in the band Lodgic and then as a member of World Trade, who have two critically-acclaimed albums. He has produced and engineered for many artists including John Wetton, Motorhead, Queensryche, Paul Rodgers, and Yes. He joined Yes first as touring member on the “Talk” tour in 1994, and was a full-time member from 1997 to 1999. He recorded two albums with Chris Squire as the “Conspiracy” project and released six albums with Circa, the band he formed with Tony Kaye.

CITIZEN is Billy’s eighth album of new material, though he sees this as a group effort, “While I’ve created a lot of this record myself I couldn’t have done it without the amazing talents brought to bear by all the great artists who participated. So I feel it’s much more of a collective effort than a solo album. It’s my desire to take this production onto the stage and some of these amazing artists can help bring this concept to life.”



*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-California-Based Rock Band Magellan Calls On Major US Presidential Candidates To Quit — Now

“War Drum (This Ain’t America)” — Magellan’s Plea For Reason — In A Brand New Song


Veteran progressive metal/rock band Magellan have just released “War Drum (This Ain’t America)” as a digital single. The song showcases Magellan’s “plea for reason” by calling on all major 2016 US Presidential candidates to immediately withdraw from any potential bid for the White House.

We’re too familiar with the pattern. The presidential election approaches and a sickeningly familiar rhetoric pulses below every interview. Sound bites of disinformation bombard us like the pounding of Zhangu war drums, then are overshadowed swiftly by military-like snares of accusations rising to a frenzy. Soon the ancient music of communication is beaten down into a primal marching cadence once more.

These building rhythms launch us into Magellan’s hard-rocking single “War Drum (This Ain’t America).” This is a fill-the-streets rock anthem for those weary of being fed the “daily spin of the constitution” served up via 24/7 media. From the opening lyrics (“Camouflaged in the red, white & blue”) you know this song carries a warning… and a responsibility.

It’s hard not to experience a visceral reaction. The keyboard attacks fire like automatic weapons as guitar riffs mimic wag-the-dog “dialogue.” That terse voice repeating “War Drum” near the song’s climax chills you with another White House wanna-be in soulless cadence.

As “War Drum” ends, the mind conjures visuals matching the cover art — Lady Liberty lists on a blasted landscape as a lone drummer, a remnant of our revolutionary concept of freedom, rattles our consciousness before the nuclear glow.

Will we follow this war dance sheepishly down the gangway? Or will we find a way to loosen the skins and mute these drums? Remember this music as you step into the voting booth feeling disheartened, disengaged, and disenfranchised.

In a recent social media post, Magellan leader Trent Gardner posted the following message:

“Dear ubiquitous and homogenized presidential candidates from all parties, I don’t want to experience a repeat of this predictable and ritualistic dance. It’s time to go off script. For America, please stop now. All I can hear is the beating of yet another WAR DRUM. Keep us all safe and just go home.

“I want to be perfectly clear. I have no problem with America taking necessary military actions, but with our kids and families out there doing the job, please… let’s be smart about how often we really NEED to do it. That seems like a pretty reasonable position…”

Slip on some headphones to feel surrounded by Trent Gardner’s call to arms which hooks your psyche with a powerful plea for common sense. A full song preview can be heard at http://bit.ly/Magellan_WarDrum and the band’s homepage at http://www.magellansongs.com/ . The video for “War Drum (This Ain’t America”) can be seen online at https://youtu.be/CL1k6vSF3Gs .

Magellan’s newest single, “War Drum (This Ain’t America)” can be purchased from Apple’s iTunes or Amazon MP3. For more information you can visit Magellan on the web at http://magellansongs.com/ .

Magellan is a rock band from the San Francisco Bay area, formed by the two brothers Trent Gardner and Wayne Gardner in 1985. The band has had a number of well-known guest musicians, such as Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Joe Franco (Twisted Sister, Van Helsing’s Curse), Lee Loughnane & Keith Howland (Chicago), and Tony Levin (John Lennon, King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Liquid Tension Experiment).

Given their embrace of technology — endless layers of keyboards and drums — they insist on the “rock” side of things, with big churning guitars and bass lines. Lyrically, their themes are of the classic human condition and the irony of living in the 21st century.

*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Gotthard’s Hena Habegger: “The Drumbook Of BANG!”

BANG! along with Gotthard on 14 tracks of the Swiss album of the year 2014! Successful stage­addict teams up with international experienced teacher, tutor, and pedagogue. Nine months later, a perfect baby is born.

For Hena Habegger, the engine of the most successful Swiss rock band Gotthard, a long-awaited dream has come true. In co­operation with Pascal Boy, Hena publishes his first own drum book which contains more than 100 pages. Complete drum transcriptions which include workshops for every song, information, examples, and exercises on how to play the tracks one-to-one plus original playback files from BANG! as well as great graphics and pictures, make the book a true masterpiece!

“The drum-performance on BANG! certainly is the best and most interesting one of my career. That’s why I chose to release a drumbook for this album. BANG! has everything a drummer’s heart desires: up and mid­tempo rockers, grooving blues­ and boogie-oriented songs, great ballads, and even a touch of country with the song ‘Maybe.'” (Hena Habegger, spring 2015)

The book provides deep insights into Hena’s energetic and imaginative drumming. His technique and way of playing have always consisted in serving the song and providing a firm base for both band and song, just like a Swiss precision clockwork does. Timing, dynamics, and a solid groove and drive are of the utmost importance.

A special highlight and unique in its kind, are the included playback files. These are the original files from BANG! but without the drum track and re-mixed. It’s like sitting on Hena’s drum stool and play along to the original recordings from Leo Leoni, Nic Maeder, Freddy Scherer, and Marc Lynn! Unlike anything else!

Both authors met at a common gig in Bordeaux, where Pascal and his band were supporting Gotthard. They soon realized that both were made from the same maple wood. After nine months of intense work, the two “book­fathers” proudly present their newborn baby! Ready for the big world of drummers!

The book is available through the Gotthard Online Shop and at the merchandise stand at their shows. Other distribution channels are being checked.


Hena Habegger:

Pascal Boy:

*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-Jeff Brown’s (Cats In Space, Ex-Wilfire, Ex-Sweet) 23 YEARS Album Details Revealed

UK rock musician Jeff Brown (Cats In Space, The Tremeloes, ex-Wilfire, ex-Sweet) will release his first solo album, 23 YEARS, on November 13 via Mausoleum Records. The album was produced by Peter Brander (Royal Hunt, Cornerstone, Big Fat Snake) and Co-produced by Anders Overgaard.
See below a short video teaser:

Jeff always had a deep-rooted love for Rock music and has decided it is now time to show the world he can make it as solo artist, launching his debut album, 23 YEARS a presentation of time-honored, classic melodic hard rock, which boasts a contemporary edge.

Track listing:
1. Crazy World
2. 23 Years
3. Casino Royale
4. Contagious
5. Fallen Angels
6. Once In Every Lifetime
7. When The Love Is Gone
8. Calling Me, Calling You
9. Stay With Me
10. Slipping Away
11. Life Goes On

Jeff Brown – Bass guitar, all lead vocals, backing vocals
Niko Arvanitis – Guitar
Peter Szigeti – Guitar
Jürgen Reinert – Drums
Gary Moberley – Keyboards

The album features none other than Peter Szigeti (Warlock) on guitar and a number of fine musicians as guest: Steve Mann – Lead guitar, Ralf Bronckhorst – Acoustic guitar, Joe Gillingham – Backing vocals, Muriel Carrez – Spoken intro, bridge and Peter Brander – Acoustic and lead guitar. Recorded at Arsis studios in Krefeld, Germany by Ralf Bronckhorst. Additional backing vocals recorded at Joe’s Garage in Frimley, England. Re-mixed and mastered at Media Sound Studios Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jeff Brown was born in London on 14th July 1960. He acquired his first bass guitar at the age of 14 and never put it down again. Growing up listening to rock music he cites some of his influences to be bands like Deep Purple, Free, and Slade. Currently launching a solo career with his debut album, 23 YEARS, and touring the world as lead vocalist and bass guitarist with The Original Jukebox Heroes.

An experienced musician he has played alongside a plethora of Rock icons including Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake), and John Coghlan (Status Quo). He was a formidable player during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal explosion in the early ’80s providing bass and backing vocals for Wildfire who released two studio albums, BRUTE FORCE AND IGNORANCE and SUMMER LIGHTNING (both on Mausoleum Records) and subsequently Statetrooper, featuring Gary Barden (Michael Schenker Group) and Brian Robertson of Thin Lizzy fame.

He then joined the illustrious Glam Rock band, Sweet, alongside Mick Tucker and Andy Scott, two members of the classic Sweet lineup, as bass player and vocalist. He was with Sweet for 16 years and helped them to achieve a successful comeback releasing two studio albums of new material and two re-recorded greatest hits compilations. In 2003 Jeff joined legendary pop band The Tremeloes with whom he still intermittently performs across the globe today.

In 2014, Jeff Brown was awarded an artist endorsement deal with British guitar manufacturers, Fret King. In 2015, 23 Years guitar strings have also endorsed him. He has played large capacity festivals in The Far East, Australia, North America as well as all over Europe.


*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-RAM Announces October 30th Release Of SVBVERSVM Via Metal Blade Records; New Track Posted

Swedish heavy metal stalwarts, RAM, are ready to unleash their latest batch of fist-raising anthems to the masses in the form of SVBVERSVM. The band’s fourth studio LP will be released the 30th of October via Metal Blade Records worldwide. In Europe, the record will be available as a limited CD/DVD digi-pak, as well as on CD and vinyl.

Comments RAM on their latest offering, “This album is the rebirth of RAM and a natural step to take after DEATH. For this album, we went back and rediscovered the mass of notes, lyrical ideas, and sketches that were created at the very birth of RAM, from around 1999-2001. We saw that these ideas were more valid than ever and still very inspiring. We are very pleased with the album that is the product of four months of being locked up in the studio and offering our very last drop of sweat and blood for it to become the most massive RAM production ever. This is our latest assault upon the rotting world, may it be a dagger in the heart of the powers that may be! SVBVERSVM is at hand!”

Visit http://www.metalblade.com/ram to check out newly released track, “Eyes Of The Night,” as well as exclusive pre-order bundles and digital pre-orders via iTunes.

SVBVERSVM Track Listing:
1. Return Of The Iron Tyrant
2. Eyes Of The Night
3. The Usurper
4. Enslaver
5. Holy Death
6. Terminus
7. The Omega Device
8. Forbidden Zone
9. Temples Of Void
10. Svbversvm

In Europe, the limited first edition of SVBVERSVM will be released as a digi-pak with a bonus DVD. The bonus DVD is titled X ANNIVERSARY, A DECADE OF HEAVY METAL TYRANNY CONCERT and was filmed on Friday, 13th of September 2013 at a hometown show in Gothenburg, Sweden.

1. Sudden Impact
2. Judgement And Punishment
3. Blessed To Be Cursed
4. Under The Scythe
5. Defiant
6. Awakening The Chimaera
7. Machine Invaders
8. Ghost Pilot
9. Death
10. Forced Entry
11. Flame Of The Tyrants
12. Infuriator


*** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
-Satan: New Track From British Heavy Metal Titans Playing At Decibel; ATOM BY ATOM Pre-Orders Available

ATOM BY ATOM, the forthcoming new full-length from British heavy metal titans, Satan, will see release via Listenable Records on October 16th. Recorded at Newcastle’s First Avenue Studios, and mixed and mastered by Dario Mollo (Crossbones, The Cage, Voodoo Hill) who helmed the band’s 2013’s critically-acclaimed comeback album LIFE SENTENCE, ATOM BY ATOM includes a collaboration with Angel Witch’s Kevin Heybourne as well as the striking cover renderings of Eliran Kantor (Testament, Sodom, Sigh, Iced Earth, etc.) who crafted the art for Satan’s previous opus. Issues guitarist Steve Ramsey of the upcoming full-length, “We wanted to keep some continuity going with both the look and sound of this album. We’ve been working on the music for nearly two years now and I think people will definitely hear a progression from LIFE SENTENCE. I can’t really describe it but I promise you, these songs will speak for themselves.”

In advance of its release, today Decibel Magazine offers up new Satan hymn, “Fallen Saviour,” for public appreciation noting, “NWOBHM legends Satan unsuspended their sentence with a vengeance in 2013, conjuring acclaimed comeback album LIFE SENTENCE. The quintet is poised to follow it up with ATOM BY ATOM, and second track ‘Fallen Saviour’ is indicative of the ripping evil within.”

Get wicked with “Fallen Saviour,” courtesy of Decibel Magazine:

Founded in Newcastle, England in 1979, Satan was part of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement. Though generally obscure throughout their career, the band is considered influential for playing a form of proto-thrash metal that was fairly advanced by the standards of the early 1980s. Their lineup has undergone a number of personnel changes over the years and even changes in band name. For a time the band was called Blind Fury, putting out one album — 1985’s OUT OF REACH — under that moniker before reverting back to Satan shortly thereafter. In 1988, the group changed its name again to The Kindred and then yet again to Pariah, releasing two albums under that name before folding in the early ’90s. In 1997 Pariah released another album. The band’s shifting lineup has included members of many other heavy metal bands such as Blitzkrieg, Rough Edge, Pariah, Atomkraft, Avenger, Persian Risk, Cronos, and Battleaxe. In 1990, guitarist Steve Ramsey and bassist Graeme English together with singer Martin Walkyier of UK thrash metal band Sabbat founded folk metal act Skyclad.

ATOM BY ATOM will see release on October 16th via Listenable Records. For pre-orders point your browser to http://www.shop.listenable.net/fr/94_ .


*** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
-Vinny Cecolini’s “Shooting The Sh*t” Offers One-Of-A-Kind Conversations With Rock Anti-Heroes, Icons, & Metal Gods

TRENTON, NJ — Plans for pop culture domination; the truths behind long-debated rock ‘n’ roll legends; the inspirations for, and true meanings of, classic song lyrics; the decisions for leaving and returning to major bands; and the struggles with such un-rock ‘n’ roll things as fatherhood and maturity: just a few of the revelations contained within the pages of “Shooting The Sh*t Volume One: Conversations With Rock Anti-Heroes, Icons, & Metal Gods.”

Unlike typical collections of rock star interviews, veteran music journalist Vinny Cecolini’s first eBook is a compendium of conversations with artists during pivotal moments in each of their careers.

“Fans want to read the artist’s words,” he explains. “They want to read exact, contextual quotes. They don’t care about a journalist’s musings and meanderings. If they did, they would immediately flip over to a magazine’s reviews or editorial section.”

As the title suggests, the author never treats his artist chats as “paint-by-numbers question and answer sessions,” but as “friendly, naturally flowing conversations.”

“Straightforward interviews are the kiss of death,” he continues. “When promoting something new, most artists are subjected to a ‘cattle call’ of interviews. And nothing will bore an artist quicker than hearing the same sterile questions over and over again; nothing will frustrate or turn an artist off quicker than watching a ‘hack’ journalist stammering as he or she fumbles with a list of questions.

“If a journalist lets the conversation flow naturally, it may take him or her in a different direction than expected, but that’s fine. Even if given an agenda by a publication [to talk about a new album, DVD, or tour], the conversation will eventually find its way back to the topic.”

During his 25-year career, Vinny’s work has appeared in dozens of publications including Hit Parader, Metal Maniacs and Bikini. And like many veteran journalists, he has accumulated conversations that, for a variety of reasons, have never been published. “Shooting The Sh*t” is Vinny’s opportunity to give these chats “life.” It’s an idea born as the author lamented over his tape of a chat he had with a pre-American Nightmare Marilyn Manson.

“It was months before the release of the band’s 1994 debut, PORTRAIT OF AN AMERICAN FAMILY, and I spoke with Mr. Manson for a short ‘introduction piece’ for Hit Parader Magazine,” Vinny recalls. “I used just a few quotes from our conversation, during which I was really impressed with his concepts, ideas, and musings on pop culture. I knew he was something special; that he would be a star.”

For years, the author believed a long-form version of the chat would remain unpublished. That was until he spoke with another veteran journalist who had started publishing eBooks. Vinny had found his vehicle to give these chats “life.”

While preparing the book, the author noticed something interesting. All of the featured conversations were connected. They all occurred as the artists arrived at career crossroads. Readers will not only find it fascinating to travel back in time to when each conversation took place, but to also consider the path each artist has taken since the chats. When Vinny spoke with Meat Loaf, for instance, the singer had decided to end his recording career. Metallica’s Lars Ulrich was looking forward to beginning the millennium as a new father, unaware that his band was about to enter its darkest and most challenging period. The events of September 11, 2001 deeply affected each of us, including Ronnie James Dio, who vented through the songs appearing on his KILLING THE DRAGON album.

Featured conversations include Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Meat Loaf, Neil Young, Rush’s Neil Peart, Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan, former Eagle Don Felder, Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson, Ronnie James Dio, and Metallica’s Lar Ulrich.

The book also features “not for the weak” trivia and a preview of “Shootin’ The Sh*t’s” second installment, due early next year.

“Shooting The Sh*t Volume One: Conversations With Rock Anti-Heroes, Icons, & Metal Gods”
by Vinny Cecolini

eBook Edition
Copyright 2015
Published by BearManor Media
ISBN: 9781310212673

Available for download from Amazon, Google Books, Smashwords, and other eBook retailers.

*** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
-Divebomb Records Update: Wild Dogs Reissue

September is shaping up to be a huge month for us at Divebomb Records. ARTCH, Betsy, and now we are happy to announce that Wild Dogs’ ferocious third album, REIGN OF TERROR, gets its first official reissue on CD as a deluxe edition.

The first 100 customers to order will get a free, limited edition Wild Dogs cover art magnet.

REIGN OF TERROR (Deluxe Edition) will be available in our store starting September 25th.

Wild Dogs
REIGN OF TERROR (Deluxe Edition)

Portland’s Wild Dogs strategically decided to switch things up after two successful albums with popular indie metal label, Shrapnel Records. The first major change came with the recruitment of new vocalist, Michael Furlong, to fill the newly vacant front man position. His arrival brought with it an entirely new range and influence the band magnificently channeled into their compositions. Secondly, the band collectively decided to supercharge their ferocious musical tactics for what would become their magnum opus, REIGN OF TERROR, which helped to define and influence US Power Metal for years to come.

Originally released in 1987, REIGN OF TERROR was supposed to set the scene afire with its potent mixture of power metal and blazing thrash metal, but the timing couldn’t have been any worse. Their new label, Enigma Records, went belly up a few months after the album’s release and that was that. The band did continue on without label support playing shows when they could and even began work on a follow-up album. However, music industry climate in the early ’90s was not promising for metal acts and Wild Dogs decided to throw in the towel.

Divebomb Records is excited to present REIGN OF TERROR in this special deluxe edition reissue. The 20-page booklet contains band-supplied archival photos and features full lyrics with brand new interview with Jeff Mark detailing the making of the album. This edition also contains three high-quality pre-production demos including the never-before-released track, “Eat You Alive.” This is a reissue for the fans, by the fans.

Track List:
1. Metal Fuel (In The Blood)
2. Man Against Machine
3. Call Of The Dark
4. Siberian Vacation
5. Psychoradio
6. Streets Of Berlin
7. Spellshock
8. Reign Of Terror
9. We Rule The Night

Bonus Tracks:
Rehearsal Demo (1986)
10. Eat You Alive
11. Man Against Machine
12. Reign Of Terror

Divebomb Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
-Melted Space: Guest Musicians For Metal Opera Project Including Members Of Morbid Angel, Mayhem, Dark Tranquillity, Tristania, Shining, Soilwork, And More Released

As the album nears release via Laser’s Edge this October, the entire track listing and guest musician track-by-track breakdown for Melted Space’s THE GREAT LIE has been released. The debut album from the metal opera project created by French composer Pierre le Pape features a wide cast of internationally-revered vocalists and musicians including members of Morbid Angel, Mayhem, Sunn O))), Dark Tranquillity, Orphaned Land, Shining, Ayreon, Sirenia, and many more, in addition to the work of The City of Prague Philarmonic Orchestra.

Here, Pierre le Papa, who bears a master degree in classical music and movie scores, creates a modern opera that takes over the classical codes, including numerous characters, scenario, powerful orchestral arrangements, and varied ambiances, all set to skilled and catchy song writing and amazing casting. The new Melted Space album, THE GREAT LIE, features 14 prestigious and unexpected singers, joined by seven talented guest musicians and The City of Prague Philarmonic Orchestra. Together, this cast has created an epic saga as powerful as moving, and by mixing the tradition of the classic opera with infectious heavy metal, THE GREAT LIE promises to set a new milestone in the genre.

On THE GREAT LIE, Le Pape, who handles piano, keyboards, and all orchestration of the album, is joined by guitarist Adrien Grousset, bassist Brice Guillon, and drummer Michael Saccoman as the prime backline. Co-produced by François-Maxime Boutault and Pierre Le Pape, the main tracks were recorded by François-Maxime Boutault for Les Liens du Son and the orchestra recorded by Jan Hotzner at Smecky Music Studio in Prague, conducted by James Fitzpatrick, while several of the guest musicians’ portions were recorded at various locations in Europe, the Middle East, and the US. Mixed by Axel Wursthorn at Walnut Groove Studio and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, artwork design and layout were handled by Hicham Haddaji of Strychneen Studio (Hacride, Klone, Trepalium, Shining).

The entire track listing for Melted Space’s THE GREAT LIE is listed below with all of the guest vocalists and musicians attached to each movement, the album including special performances by David Vincent (Morbid Angel), Attila Csihar (Sunn O))), Mayhem), Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity), Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon), Ailyn Gimenéz (Sirenia), Kobi Fahri (Orphaned Land), Mariangela Demurtas (Tristania), Guillaume Bideau (Mnemic), Niklas Kvarforth (Shining), Sylvain Coudret (Soilwork), Adrien Grousset (Hacride), Christine Rhoades (Jeff Loomis), Manuel Munoz (The Old Dead Tree), Arnaud Strobl (Carnival In Coal), Clémentine Delauney (Visions Of Atlantis), and Virginie Goncalves (Kells).

Laser’s Edge division, Sensory Records, will release THE GREAT LIE on October 16th, 2015. Stand by for audio samples from the album, an official lyric video, and more to be issued in the weeks ahead.

View the trailer for THE GREAT LIE right here:

Melted Space – THE GREAT LIE

01 “Listen To The Song Of Despair”
Featuring vocalists Ailyn Giménez, Arno Strobl, Clémentine Delauney, Virginie Goncalves, Lucie Blatrier

02 “Called By The Queen”
Featuring vocalists Guillaume Bideau, Christine Rhoades

03 “No Need To Fear”
Featuring vocalists Mariangela Demurtas, Guillaume Bideau, Christine Rhoades, David Vincent, Attila Csihar, Mikael Stanne, Arno Strobl, Clémentine Delauney, Virginie Goncalves, Lucie Blatrier

04 “Terrible Fight”
Featuring vocalists David Vincent, Guillaume Bideau, Manuel Munoz, Clémentine Delauney, Virginie Goncalves, Lucie Blatrier, and guitar solo by Adrian Martinot

05 “A God Is Dead”
Featuring vocalist Manuel Munoz

06 “Trust And Betrayal”
Featuring vocalists Mikael Stanne, Guillaume Bideau

07 “Glass Castle’s Beast”
Featuring vocalists Kobi Farhi, Niklas Kvarforth, Guillaume Bideau, Clémentine Delauney, Virginie Goncalves, Lucie Blatrier

08 “Hopeless Crime”
Featuring vocalists Christine Rhoades, Mikael Stanne, Niklas Kvarforth, Clémentine Delauney, Virginie Goncalves, Lucie Blatrier, and guitar solo by Adrian Martinot

09 “The One Who Lost The Faith”
Featuring vocalists Niklas Kvarforth, Arno Strobl, and guitar, synth, and dulcimer solos by Arjen A. Lucassen

10 “Titania”
Featuring vocalists Ailyn Giménez, Guillaume Bideau, Mikael Stanne, and guitar solo by Sylvain Coudret

11 “Lost Souls From The Other Side”
Featuring vocalists Attila Csihar, David Vincent, Mikael Stanne, Ailyn Giménez, Guillaume Bideau, Mariangela Demurtas, Manuel Munoz, Christine Rhoades, Clémentine Delauney, Virginie Goncalves, Lucie Blatrier


*** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
-Graveshadow Signs With Mausoleum Records, NOCTURNAL RESURRECTION Album Details Revealed

California-based female-fronted symphonic metallers, Graveshadow, have signed a worldwide deal with legendary metal label, Mausoleum Records from Belgium. The band’s debut album, NOCTURNAL RESURRECTION, will be released in Europe on November 13th, followed by a North American release on December 13th.

Emil “Nightmare” Nodtveidt from the Swedish industrial metal band Deathstars was brought in to mix and master the recordings that were produced by Matt “Hazmatt” Thomas (Fallrise). Adding to this, powerhouse vocalist, Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear, was brought in to sing guest vocals on the Doctor Who-inspired song “Blink.”

The Graveshadow sound is defined by crushing guitars, soaring keyboard melodies, thundering bass, and earth-shattering drums. Powerful operatic vocals shift into unearthly growls to create a rich and dynamic atmosphere that is ripe for storytelling. Whether it is a tale of personal struggle or of fantastical creatures, the listeners are sure to find themselves immersed in a world apart.

Track listing:
1. Namesake
2. In The Roar Of Desire
3. Lycan Lust
4. Winter’s Come To Call
5. Blink
6. Fading
7. Exhumed
8. Blood And Fire

Graveshadow features lead vocalist Heather Michele, keyboardist Valerie Hudak, guitarists William Walker III and Matt Mitchell, bassist Benjamin Armstrong, and drummer Roman Anderson (ex-Inebriator).

Graveshadow is a 2015 “Sammie”-nominated (Sacramento News & Review) symphonic metal band from Sacramento, California. In the winter of 2014, the band signed with Jeff Keller (The Artery Foundation) for management representation after releasing their debut EP and opening for thrash legends Flotsam And Jetsam. Shortly after this, the band began work on a full-length album.

Graveshadow are ready to leave a lasting impact within the metal community. With an electrifying stage show and a sound as large as the Dragons of Westeros, they are as talented as they are unforgettable.


*** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
-Big News From Radiant Records!

This just in! 2 Amazing Releases!


Spock’s Beard Releases “Best Of” Collection with a NEW track written by Neal Morse featuring all members of Spock’s past and present!

Legendary Californian progressive rockers Spock’s Beard are set to release THE FIRST TWENTY YEARS collection on November 20, 2015. Arriving as a special 2CD & DVD package, it includes a selection of the best tracks from their entire career, as well as a brand new 19-minute long track titled ‘Falling For Forever’ that features every member of Spock’s Beard past and present performing, including Neal Morse (who also wrote the track), Nick D’Virgilio, & current vocalist Ted Leonard. All the tracks have also been re-mastered by long-term collaborator Rich Mouser, and the DVD portion of the release will include rare footage of the band in the ’90s, featuring vintage live performances from Progfest ’97 as well as the band rehearsing and recording THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS album.

Pre-orders begin Now!



In 2014, on the eighth show of their fall tour, Flying Colors took to the stage at Switzerland’s storied Z7 venue, and on film, captured a breathtaking live performance. With their critically-acclaimed sophomore album SECOND NATURE out for only a week, the concert recorded an exceptional rarity: band and audience, together, discovering an album for the first time. Release date November 13, 2015.

We have bundled these two great releases in a special package and the first 200 people to pre-order this bundle will receive an exclusive signed frameable graphic signed by ALL seven members of Spock’s Beard past and present!

Pre-Order NOW!!!
Don’t miss your chance to get these two great releases at a great price and the free signed rare collector’s item!

Get your Bundle here:

Radiant Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #14 ***
-Graveyard Launches “The Apple And The Tree” Fan Competition!

Swedish grandmasters of classic rock, Graveyard, have launched a fan competition for their current single and music video, “The Apple And The Tree.”

The song marks the first single to come off the band’s fourth full-length album, INNOCENCE & DECADENCE, which is due on September 25, 2015 worldwide via Nuclear Blast.

See the competition instructions below:

COMPETITION TIME — your side of the Apple hang out with Graveyard.

Weekend is coming up and this time around it’s competition time!!

The purpose behind this competition is that we want you to give us your quick or long analysis of the story for the “The Apple And The Tree” video. We simply want to put you to the test and see if that weekend fever might activate some right side of your brain activity.

To be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you will have to do the following.

1. Share the video for “The Apple And The Tree” to all your friends here on Facebook.

2. When sharing the video we want you to tell your friends in writing what you believe is the story & purpose behind the somewhat f*cked-up plot in the video. Is it simply the fun of someone digging in cow sh*t for eight hours? Was it a dream that one of us had? You just go ahead and tell the world and us. To win this competition we want interpretations of what the video might mean. Not our interpretation — YOURS (which might be the same as ours). So hit us with the best, funniest, most stupid, etc. explanation of what the video might mean and we’ll reward one of you with a grand prize.

3. To be a part of this competition we need to be able to see your analysis (and amounts of Likes) in your share — so make sure that your privacy settings are set to PUBLIC while the competition is still running. Also please add the hashtag #graveyardapplevideo

Competition ends on Sunday, September 20. The winner will be announced by us via our Facebook profile on Thursday, September 24 — shortly before the release of our new album, INNOCENCE & DECADENCE.

There will be one winner in three corners of the world and the grand price is:

– 2 tickets with all-access backstage passes to the Graveyard show of your choice in 2015.
– Hang out at soundcheck.
– Meet the band, hang out backstage and get to see what’s really going on backstage around a Graveyard show.
– Your signed copy of INNOCENCE & DECADENCE and on top of that we will throw in a couple of T-shirts and a hoodie.

So without further ado let the analyzing of your side of the Apple begin!

Good luck and happy analyzing!

Axel, Joakim, Jonatan & Truls – a.k.a. Graveyard

Watch the video at this location:

INNOCENCE & DECADENCE will be released in various formats (vinyl look digi-pak, digital download, black/clear/splatter/orange/green/bi-colored vinyl as well as a T-Shirt/CD bundle) — pre-order your copy here:


*** PRESS RELEASE #15 ***
-New York City’s Mother Feather Signs With Metal Blade Records

Live Residence Next Month At Rockwood Music Hall In NYC

New York City natives Mother Feather have joined the Metal Blade Records roster! The self-described “pop cock rock” band has been building a loyal following in the late night New York rock scene since their inception in 2009. This fall, fans will be able to see them live during “Pop Cock Rocktober,” the first four Fridays in October at midnight at Rockwood Music Hall, including October 16th as part of the CMJ Music Marathon. For the uninitiated, a Mother Feather recording can be heard now on teamcoco.com, and a music video can be seen now at ifc.com.


Mother Feather’s Metal Blade debut is currently being completed for an early 2016 release, and will feature two new tracks combined with re-mastered versions of the band’s previously released recordings, MOTHER FEATHER EP (2011), LIVING BREATHING EP (2013). New music will be available at the end of September and pre-orders will be online in early December.

The band’s calling card is surely their live show, which has led to consistently sold-out NYC shows. Vocalist Ann Courtney describes their approach: “Where is the magic? Where are the women who rock? Where is the danger? Where’s the cool pop music? Where’s the music that’s not speaking down to its audience? Any time I see any kind of performance I want to have a catharsis, and that’s what I’m hoping will happen when I step out on stage. That’s why I started the band, to save me, and the fact that it’s had this ripple effect and can do the same for other people is just gravy.”

As will undoubtedly be picked up by many of those exposed to the unique record, there is no metal here, per se, which makes for an interesting addition to the Metal Blade Records roster, something that Courtney is thrilled about. “Brian Slagel is such a no bullsh*t guy. He came to us, said I love what you’re doing, I’m a fan — how can I help? It’s really been such an amazing thing for us to be a part of — and I’m absolutely delighted to think of all the black metal fans in Scandinavia who will think that Brian has lost his mind when they hear a song like ‘Beach House’ or ‘Trampoline.’ I’m looking forward to claiming those souls,” she laughs gleefully. “Hail Satan!”

Ann Courtney – Vocals
Elizabeth Carena – Vocals & Keyboards
Matt Basile – Bass
Chris Foley – Guitar
Gunnar Olsen – Drums


-German thrashers Accuser have signed with Metal Records. From the band: “We are very proud and happy to announce that our new album is going to be released via Metal Blade and look forward to join forces. At Metal Blade, we feel comfortable and in good company. A large step for ACCU§ER and a big honor for us. At the moment, we are working eagerly on new songs and are totally convinced by the material. Look forward to a healthy dose of THRASH!” The new album will follow up 2013’s DIABOLIC; the band is set to hit the studio in October with Martin Buchwalter, looking towards a March 2016 release date. Band lineup: Frank Thomas on vocals and guitar, Dennis Rybakowski on guitar, Frank Kimpel on bass, Olli Fechner on drums. See http://www.accuser.de/ and https://www.facebook.com/Accuser2008 for more.

-The new Annihilator track “My Revenge,” from the upcoming SUICIDE SOCIETY (UDR Records), is available for free download through Epiphone.com at http://www.epiphone.com/News/Features/2015/Free-Exclusive-Jeff-Waters-Download.aspx .

-Pure Steel Records will release a limited run (200 copies) of Artizan’s THE FURTHEST REACHES on black/orange splatter vinyl, on October 16. The album was originally released earlier this year, with this hype: “Artizan is set for their third release THE FURTHEST REACHES. The epic sci-fi concept album tells the story of an alien race returning to Earth after a distress signal is sent into space. Guest appearances from Matt Barlow (ex-Iced Earth, Ashes Of Ares) and Sabrina Cruz (Seven Kingdoms) are featured on the metal opera. All of the elements that Artizan are known for are showcased throughout this melodic masterpiece. THE FURTHEST REACHES is their heaviest, most progressive material to date. Once again, legendary producer Jim Morris (Iced Earth, Crimson Glory, Jag Panzer) applies his wizardry, ensuring a sonic experience of the highest quality.” Track list: Side A – “Coming Of Age,” “Summon The Gods,” “Hopeful Eyes,” “The Furthest Reaches,” “The Cleansing.” Side B – “Wardens Of The New World,” “Heed The Warning,” “Supernova,” “Starchild,” “Into The Sun,” “Come Sail Away.” See http://www.artizanmetal.com/ , http://www.facebook.com/artizanmetal , and http://www.reverbnation.com/artizanheavymetal for more.

-Battalion Of Saints — billed as “legendary West Coast punk heathens” — will release a self-titled 7″ through Southern Lord on October 30. Track list: Side A – “Darkness,” “Bombs;” Side B – “Nightmare.” Hype: “Battalion Of Saints was a major catalyst in accelerating the transition from the already upbeat, adrenaline-charged punk of the early 1980s in to feral, snarling hardcore punk of the highest quality and intensity. Pounding distorted pace, live shows dripping with sweat and threat, and a gnarly attitude — Battalion Of Saints stands tall among bands from the era including the Dead Kennedys, Crucifix, Minor Threat, Discharge as well as Southern Lord’s Poison Idea, The Offenders, and Excel, remaining a crucial part of an immortal and ongoing legacy.” The band consists of founding vocalist George Anthony, guitarist Nate Javier (Angry Samoans), bassist Matt Vicknair (Angry Samoans), and drummer Mike Vega (Hirax). Additionally, copies of the album SECOND COMING will be on sale at shows and through Southern Lord. The band is currently on the Southern Lord West Coast Tour with Goatsnake, Black Breath, Obliterations as follows:

9/16 – Mystery Box, Los Angeles, CA
9/17 – Alexs’ Bar, Long Beach, CA
9/18 – The Garage, Ventura, CA (no Goatsnake)
9/19 – Brick By Brick, San Diego, CA
9/20 – Club Red, Mesa, AZ
9/22 – Elbo Room, San Francisco, CA
9/23 – Boardwalk, Sacramento, CA
9/24 – Catalyst Atrium, Santa Cruz, CA
9/27 – Hawthorne Theater, Portland, OR

See http://www.facebook.com/battalionofsaints for more.

-Battle Beast is promoting UNHOLY SAVIOR with a European headlining tour with Alpha Tiger, as follows:

9/19 – Radio Rock Risteily, Helsinki, Finland
10/9 – Pakkahuone, Tampere, Finland
10/17 – Klubi, Turku, Finland
10/23 – Lutakko, Jyvaskyla, Finland
11/13 – Metal Hammer Paradise, Weissenhäuser Strand, Germany
11/14 – Bastard Club, Osnabrück, Germany
11/15 – Hellraiser, Leipzig, Germany
11/16 – Randal Club, Bratislava, Slovakia
11/17 – Chelsea, Wien, Austria
11/18 – Barba Negra, Budapest, Hungary
11/19 – Orto Bar, Ljubljana, Slovenia
11/20 – VAZ Pfarrheim, Burglengenfeld, Germany
11/21 – Vaudeville, Lindau, Germany
11/23 – Backstage, München, Germany
11/24 – Live23, Bosco Marengo, Italy
11/25 – Le Gorgian, Luynes Aix, France
11/26 – Apolo 2, Barcelona, Spain
11/27 – Rock City, Valencia, Spain
11/28 – Arena, Madrid, Spain
11/29 – Stagelive, Bilbao, Spain
12/1 – Glazert, Paris, France
12/2 – Posthalle, Würzburg, Germany
12/3 – Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg, Germany
12/4 – Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium
12/5 – Hall Of Fame, Wetzikon, Switzerland
12/6 – Willemeen, Arnheim, The Netherlands
12/7 – Borderline, London, UK
12/8 – Musikbunker, Aachen, Germany
12/9 – Turock, Essen, Germany
12/10 – Kubana, Siegburg, Germany
12/11 – Rock Cafe, Hamburg, Germany

See http://www.battlebeast.fi/ and http://www.facebook.com/battlebeastofficial for more.

-Dawn Hawk’s self-titled release from 1990 will be reissued, with bonus tracks, by Karthago Records on October 23. Total run time is nearly 76 minutes. Track list: “Here We Are,” “Running Wild,” “Flying High,” “Never,” “Freedom,” “Love Is Blind,” “Going Crazy,” “Into The Night,” “Berlin,” “Nighthawk,” “Raised By Wolves” (bonus track), “Dragon Tears” (bonus track), “Love Is Truth” (bonus track), “Warning” (bonus track), “Win Or Lose” (bonus track), “It Will Get You” (bonus track). The lineup on the album is singer Frank Noak, guitarist Frank Vandevera, bassist K.D. Haak, and drummer Werner Lieder. See http://www.karthago-records.com/ for more.

-Check out a two-part Australian Guitar Magazine interview with Death Dealer guitarist Stu Marshall, online at http://www.australianguitarmag.com.au/cd/ag_111_0915/html/interview1.html and http://www.australianguitarmag.com.au/cd/ag_111_0915/html/interview1-pt2.html .

-Def Leppard announced the track list of its upcoming self-titled release: “Let’s Go,” “Dangerous,” “Man Enough,” “We Belong,” “Invincible,” “Sea Of Love,” “Energized,” “All Time High,” “Battle Of My Own,” “Broke ‘N’ Brokenhearted,” “Forever Young,” “Last Dance,” “Wings Of An Angel,” “Blind Faith.” The first single, “Let’s Go,” is now streaming at http://www.defleppard.com/ .

-American speed/thrash band Destructor has signed a global three-album deal with Pure Steel Records. The BACK IN BONDAGE album will be re-mastered and reissued, and an all-new album will follow. Statement from Pure Steel Records’ Andreas Lorenz: “MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION was one of the first vinyls I bought after the fall of the iron curtain. Destructor got an absolute cult status — not only for me. I am really delighted that we have now signed a deal with this mighty heroes. A dream comes true!!!!” Statement from the band’s Dave Overkill: “Destructor are proud to be added to the roster of great bands on Pure Steel Records. The boys and I are very excited for this alliance and are ready to bring down the hammers.” Destructor’s lineup consists of Overkill (ex-Spacecore) on vocals and guitar, Nick Annihilator (Wretch, ex-Twist Of Fate, ex-Breaker) on guitar, Tim Hammer (Eternal Legacy, Wretch) on bass, and Matt Flammable (Julia Roberts Global Warning, ex-Spacecore) on drums. See https://www.facebook.com/DestructorMetal for more.

-Check out a brief interview with singer Priya Panda, from the excellent new Toronto band Diemonds, in a “5 Questions With…” feature at http://heavymetal.about.com/od/interviews/fl/5-Questions-With-Diemonds.htm .

-Swiss folk metallers Eluveitie are working on another acoustic album, and announced a Swiss acoustic tour for 2016. See http://www.eluveitie.ch/ and http://www.facebook.com/eluveitie for more.

-Fallen Angels’ third album, WORLD IN DECAY, is available now through http://fallenangelsthrashband.com/shop/ and https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/world-in-decay/id1028843997 . Check out the lyric video for “Nightmare” at https://youtu.be/wBVs3sSVxyc .Upcoming live shows:

9/19 – Skylark Lounge, Seattle, WA
10/31 – Louie G’s, Tacoma, WA – w/ No Avail

See http://www.fallenangelsthrashband.com/ for more.

-Gloryhammer, featuring Alestorm’s Chris Bowes, will release SPACE 1992: RISE OF THE CHAOS WIZARDS on September 25 on Napalm Records. The hype: “It’s probably just a question of time until the universe taps into the force that is Gloryhammer — they should at least consider having their soundtracks composed by the international power metal act lead by Alestorm keyboardist / singer Christopher Bowes! SPACE 1992: RISE OF THE CHAOS WIZARDS is the next chapter of the epic Gloryhammer saga! It rewrites history and future alike and raises the Astral Hammer to smash the evil Chaos Wizards: this extravagant background is perfect material for galloping, highly melodic power metal that merges galactic fire with unforgettable metal anthems!” Track list: “Infernus Ad Astra,” “Rise of the Chaos Wizards,” “Legend Of The Astral Hammer,” “Goblin King Of The Darkstorm Galaxy,” “The Hollywood Hootsman,” “Victorious Eagle Warfare,” “Questlords Of Inverness, Ride To The Galactic Fortress!,” “Universe On Fire,” “Heroes (Of Dundee),” “Apocalypse 1992,” “Dundax Aeterna.” See http://www.gloryhammer.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/gloryhammer for more.

-Metallica’s August shows in Russia are now available for purchase at LiveMetallica.com. Set lists: 8/25 @ SKK Arena, St. Petersburg – “Fuel,” “For Whom The Bell Tolls,” “Blackened,” “King Nothing,” “Disposable Heroes,” Kirk solo #1,” “The Day That Never Comes,” “The Memory Remains,” “The Unforgiven,” “Sad But True,” bass solo, “Turn The Page,” “Frayed Ends Of Sanity,” “One,” “Master Of Puppets,” Kirk solo #2, “Fade To Black,” “Seek And Destroy,” “Whiskey In The Jar,” “Nothing Else Matters,” “Enter Sandman.” 8/27 @ Olimpiyskiy Arena, Moscow – “Fuel,” “For Whom The Bell Tolls,” “Battery,” “King Nothing,” “Ride The Lightning,” “The Unforgiven,” “Lords Of Summer,” “Cyanide,” “Sad But True,” bass solo,” “Welcome Home (Sanitarium),” “Frayed Ends Of Sanity,” “One,” “Master Of Puppets,” Kirk solo, “Fade To Black,” “Seek And Destroy,” “Whiskey In The Jar,” “Nothing Else Matters,” “Enter Sandman.”

-Swedish metallers Mindless Sinner will release THE NEW MESSIAH on October 16 on Pure Steel Records. Label hype: “”Finally, after 29 years of silence the brand new act THE NEW MESSIAH will be released through Pure Steel — recorded almost in original lineup. Driven by catchy, melodic Heavy Metal, with his unique, clear power voice Christer Göransson still hits every note on all 10 new tracks. Provided with powerful drumming, the guitar duo Danneblad/Edman conquer the hearts of all ‘Swedish Steel’ enthusiasts with poignant leads. A song like ‘Follow Your Path’ is fully studded with hints to the ancient TURN ON THE POWER era.” From the band: “It’s 2015 and there’s a new Mindless Sinner album coming out. Well, who would have thought that way back in 1990 when we laid the band to rest. Anyways here it is 10 new blistering tracks! We have tried to make it sound like it would have done back in the day but of course with a new touch. So if you like our previous work you’re gonna love this! THE NEW MESSIAH is here!!!” Track list: “Men Of Steel,” “Where Worlds Collide,” “The New Messiah,” “Follow Your Path,” “Terror,” “We’re The Ones,” “Time Of Fear,” “Step Into The Fire,” “Metalized.” Check out an album trailer at https://youtu.be/1WOAIpj-Ll0 . The lineup is Christer Göransson on vocals, Magnus Danneblad and Jerker Edman on guitar, Christer Carlson on bass, and Tommy Viktorsson on drums. See http://www.facebook.com/mindlesssinnerofficial for more.

-Monster Magnet’s COBRAS AND FIRE (THE MASTERMIND REDUX) is due out early next month on Napalm Records. The background on this release: “Dave Wyndorf and his henchmen seemingly had the time of their lives when they completely rearranged and boosted LAST PATROL in 2014 and christened it MILKING THE STARS: A RE-IMAGINING OF LAST PATROL! Now Monster Magnet have gone back even further to the year 2010 and revisited their classic release MASTERMIND. Even if you know the album inside and out you will not be prepared in the slightest for the trip that is COBRAS AND FIRE (THE MASTERMIND REDUX)! Familiar elements drift by and are swallowed whole by thundering psych orgies — Wyndorf often focuses on a singular song fragment and turns it into his ride to total Nirvana. Go look for your daily dose of average rock elsewhere: this is the mindf*ck of the year!” Track list: “She Digs That Hole,” “Watch Me Fade,” “Mastermind ’69,” “Hallucination Bomb,” “Gods And Punks,” “The Titan,” “When The Planes Fall From The Sky,” “Ball Of Confusion,” “Time Machine,” “I Live Behind the Paradise Machine Evil Joe Barresi’s Magnet Mash Vol. 1.”

-Longtime REO Speedwagon guitarist Gary Richrath passed away on September 13. He was 65.

-Saints Of Death’s new song, “Blood Vendetta,” is now streaming at https://soundcloud.com/user-656929275/blood-vendetta , https://saintsofdeath.bandcamp.com/track/blood-vendetta , and https://youtu.be/OBt0mRDMN98 , with a live version at https://youtu.be/mE-9PqEG230 . The band says this about the track, which is from the upcoming self-titled EP due out Septemeber 25: “This song is written about blood vendettas around the world. It’s about people being born into war and fighting what generations started before them in order of gaining redemption for their lost family.” See http://saintsofdeath.bandcamp.com for more.

-Danish band Slaegt (alternately: Slægt) will release a 12″ mini-album entitled BEAUTIFUL AND DAMNED on January 22, 2016, through Iron Bonehead. (CD and cassette versions are due out sooner, on NecroShine.) The release “shows Slægt shedding its previous skin, from the celebrated ILDSVANGER debut earlier this year, into something more kaleidoscopic, multi-hued, and yet equally menacing. Gone is the blown-out black metal grimness of Slægt Mk I; here, with the lineup now doubled in size and live rituals more frequent, a sort of blackened epic metal emerges. Songs are no longer minimalist exercises in lurking menace; instead, the full furl of classic heavy metal’s narrative powers are played out across the three main epics of BEAUTIFUL AND DAMNED, buttressed by an indeed beautiful acoustic instrumental.” Track list: “Move In Chaos,” “Alshincheri,” “Church Of The Night,” “Beautiful And Damned.” See http://www.facebook.com/Slaegt and http://www.soundcloud.com/slaegt for more.

-Check out a new interview with Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph online at http://heavymetal.about.com/od/interviews/fl/Slayer-Interview.htm .

-Sorcerer’s — the “Swedish epic doom metal legends” — new video for “Prayers For A King” is online now at http://www.metalblade.com/sorcerer/ . It comes from the band’s Metal Blade Debut, IN THE SHADOW OF THE INVERTED CROSS. From the band: “Making this video was the brainchild of Daniel Nyqvist, he did a great job! We tried to reflect the story from the lyrics and Daniel made a fantastic job on this video. ‘Prayers For A King’ is one of the more epic and gloomy songs on the album, enjoy!” Upcoming shows:

11/1 – Dutch Doom Days, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
11/20 – Hammer Of Doom, Würzburg, Germany
11/27 – Leafmeal, Dortmund, Germany
3/10 – 3/13/16 – Hammerfest, Haven Holidays Park, UK

See http://www.sorcererdoom.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/sorcererdoom for more.

-Speedtrap’s new album STRAIGHT SHOOTER (Svart Records) is streaming in full at http://noisey.vice.com/en_au/blog/speedtrap-straight-shooter . Hype: “Even though Speedtrap still are a loud, obnoxious bunch of catchy riff-mongers with no regard for speed limits, STRAIGHT SHOOTER also showcases the band’s ability to push the envelope and, with their new dual-guitar setup, write memorable songs that twist and turn like a drag racer on LSD.” See http://www.facebook.com/pages/speedtrapmetal for more.

-The Stockholm Rocks festival is set for Debaser Medis in Stockholm, Sweden, on October 24, with a lineup including Corroded, Sparzanza, Xandria, and The Murder Of My Sweet. Regular and VIP tickets are available now. See http://www.stockholmrocks.nu/ and http://www.facebook.com/stockholmrocks for more.

-Trancemission — formerly Trance — will release PARANOIA through Pure Rock Records on October 9. Hype on the name change, and the new album: “Nothing changed in quality. Be sure that PARANOIA is the strongest album the band ever had (including big sellers like VICTORY or the great BACK IN TRANCE II). Never before the band had such a variety in songs but still the material is their special Hard Rock/Heavy Metal they play since the ’80s. Catchy songs and the fantastic vocals from Lothar Anthoni will convince Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fans likewise. Check out the whole album, but if you like to listen to one example to be convinced, try ‘Queen Of The Night.'” Track list: “Der Hölle Rache Kocht In Meinem Herzen,” “Queen Of The Night,” “Killer,” “Make My Day,” “Watch Out!,” “Paranoia,” “Hey There Gipsies,” “Lone Wolf,” “Jesus Christ,” “The Soil Of A Man’s Heart,” “Legal Highs,” “Rockin’ Is Ma Business,” “Diamond Pretty,” “Power Of The Heart.” The band lineup is Lothar Antoni on vocals and guitar, Andreas Meyer on guitar, Joe J. Hagl on bass, and Alex Franken on drums. See http://www.trancemission-music.com/ , http://www.facebook.com/pages/Trancemission/131040333618059 , http://www.myspace.com/trancemissionmusicde , and http://www.lastfm.de/music/Trancemission for more.

-Trinakrius — a band of “Italian Doom Metal masters” — has signed with Pitch Black Records and will release INTROSPECTUM on October 2. Hype: “Trinakrius is clearly a heavy metal band but with cited main influences such as Black Sabbath, Candlemass, and Cathedral one can easily tell that doom is in their blood! Their music is dark, often creating an eerie atmosphere, while at other times offers faster galloping riffing. The band’s new album, consisting of seven tracks and clocking at just over 40 minutes long, is pure doom heavy metal at its very best!” The band’s revamped lineup features original/founding member Claudio Florio on drums, returning original singer Francesco Chiazzese, guitarist Valerio Frosini, and bassist Ivan Bologna. INTROSPECTUM’s track list: “I Would Like,” “Moments,” “The Crying Soldier,” “Living,” “Flight Of The Eagle,” “Within The Silence,” “Facing The Mirror.” The album can be pre-ordered now at http://store.pitchblackrecords.com and http://pitchblackrecords.bandcamp.com , and the song “I Would Like” is available for streaming and free download at http://www.pitchblackrecords.com/ . See https://www.facebook.com/TrinakriusOfficial for more.

-Check out a “Behind the Curtain” feature on Zakk Wylde / Black Label Society interviews and studio reports over the years, online at http://www.rockcellarmagazine.com/2015/09/09/behind-the-curtain-zakk-wylde-beers-exercise-black-label-society .

Thanks to Pure Steel Promotion, Online Metal Promo, Jon Freeman, Nathan Birk, Axel Wiesenauer, Jon Asher, Chad Bowar, and Steve Rosen for help gathering some of this information.

*** OUT ***

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