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Detritus Issue #652

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Issue #652
Week of December 16, 2013

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-Am I the only guy in the world who doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about the new “Anchorman” movie??? – Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-Help Make the Twisted Sister Movie A Reality!

Dear SMFs,

Help make the Twisted Sister documentary — “We Are Twisted F*cking Sister!” — a reality!

Experience the untold story! The trials and tribulations, the victories and defeats — the 10 years in the bars that made them the ferocious performance band we know today!

See it with your own eyes!

• The original configuration of the band takes on the combined forces of Army and Air Force at its first ever gig in a New Jersey bowling alley!
• Dee’s first ever encounter with lipstick (his own, that is)!
• Twistified covers of Bowie, Lou Reed, and Judas Priest! Plus all your favorite club hits!
• Twisted Sister’s simultaneous triumph and tragedy at the legendary Palladium show!
• Woodstock in Long Island as tens of thousands of Twisted fans descend on Adventureland Amusement Park! (Rt. 110 is closed, man!)
• Multiple club destruction when club owners discovered there was no better way to close down than to go out in a blaze of glory courtesy of Twisted Sister’s rampaging fans!
• Twisted blows away every band in their path as they plow their way to the top of the tri-state club scene (while being repeatedly gonged by the American music establishment)!
• The band pelted by flying projectiles at the Reading Festival, culminating in the legendary “ballad of the Shite!”
• Atlantic Records finally caves as Dee bares his face, and his soul, in front of national UK TV audience!

And much, much more!

By contributing to the crowd-funding campaign, you become eligible for exclusive rewards — everything from reproductions of early TS advertisements to rare vinyl, to attending the movie screening and more! Here’s what you can get…

$1: What the f*ck – only a buck!
While you’re deciding what to get, or even still deciding if you want to help out, why not throw us a buck in the meantime? Or for all of you already pledging, maybe throw in an extra buck for the hell of it. By all means, please support the film by ordering some of our great rewards — but just think, if everyone who checked in for my last FB post gave a buck, we’d be halfway home! Wouldn’t that be weird! Hey, what the f*ck, it’s only a buck!

$7: Thank you and welcome!
Start us off with just seven bucks and I will email you my heartfelt thanks, AND a .PDF download of the original SMF welcoming letter — Twisted’s first “official communiqué” as they called it, plus the legendary Billboard ad for Twisted’s legendary appearance at the legendary Palladium in ’79, and the full-page announcement-and-calendar for Twisted’s 1978 Summer Tour… uh, Party!

$20: This is it!!
This is what we’ve all been waiting for — VOD viewing of the Twisted Sister movie, “We Are Twisted F*cking Sister!” for your exclusive viewing pleasure in advance of the commercial release! Especially great for those of you in faraway lands! Be the first one on your block! (unless, of course, there are other people on your block who got this, in which case see the movie and all get together for some beers!) Plus SMF welcoming letter and Twisted ads. Timeframe to be announced.

$35: Twisted T-shirts
Choice of two limited edition historic reproductions from the original design — the “Death To Disco 77” tee with very first Twisted logo, or get the first official SMF shirt! Or your third choice, the “We Are Twisted F*cking Sister!” movie tee. For those who want just a T-shirt, or would like to add an extra to another order. Click multiple times for multiple shirts! Specify shirt and size. Please add $7 dollars extra shipping for outside US.

$55: T-shirt and Movie!
T-shirt of your choice — plus VOD stream of the movie, SMF welcoming letter, and Twisted ads. Please add $7 dollars extra shipping for outside US.

$70: TS Logo-shaped picture disc 45
Get an original 45 single of “The Kids Are Back” b/w “Shoot ‘Em Down” — record in the shape of the TS logo! Plus a T-shirt (specify), VOD stream of the movie, SMF welcoming letter, and Twisted ads. Please add $7 dollars extra shipping for outside US.

$100: come to NYC screening!
Attend a private screening of the Twisted movie for cast and crew in NYC. Q&A by director and Band. Plus T-shirt (specify), VOD stream of the movie, SMF welcoming letter, and Twisted ads. NYC only — transportation not included. Please add $7 dollars extra shipping for outside US (but come on, nobody’s really flying into the country for this, are they? Ok, anybody who’s flying in for this can opt to pick up their shirt at the screening).

$115: Collect ’em all!
Twisted shirts were the collectable items of their day. Get all three! Plus VOD stream of the movie, SMF welcoming letter, and Twisted ads. Please add $7 dollars extra shipping for outside US.

SOLD OUT! $150: First UK 45 — Test pressing!
Rare test pressing! Side 1 – “I Am I’m Me” at 45 rpm b/w Twisted Live at The Marquee at 33 1/3 rpm. Signed by the band! Plus T-shirt (specify), VOD stream of the movie, SMF welcoming letter, and Twisted ads. Please add $7 dollars extra shipping for outside US.

$200: Skype call with the director
Satisfy your curiosity, ask me whatever you want about the movie, or whatever. Plus T-shirt (specify), VOD stream of the movie, SMF welcoming letter, and Twisted ads. Please add $7 dollars extra shipping for outside US.

$260: Test Pressing “Bad Boys”
Test pressing of the original self-produced “Bad Boys” single on TSR records. Signed by the band! Plus T-shirt, VOD stream of the movie, SMF welcoming letter, and Twisted ads. Please add $7 dollars extra shipping for outside US.

$300: Twisted’s first singles!
This is what started it all! A set of Twisted’s legendary two first self-produced 45s, on the Twisted Sister Records label. “I’ll Never Grow Up Now!” b/w “Under The Blade” and “Bad Boys Of Rock ‘n Roll” b/w “Ladies Boy!” Originals, not reproductions! Both copies autographed by the band! Plus T-shirt (specify), VOD stream of the movie, SMF welcoming letter, and Twisted ads. Please add $7 dollars extra shipping for outside US.

$500: Twistify your voicemail!
Choose one member of Twisted Sister to record your outgoing voicemail message. Abuse… er, I mean, amuse your callers with a big rant from Dee or Jay, growls from The Animal, or yuck it up with Eddie or AJ. Please specify degree of profanity allowed. Plus T-shirt (specify), VOD stream of the movie, SMF welcoming letter, and Twisted ads. Please add $7 dollars extra shipping for outside US.

$850: Twisted Live + backstage pass
Two great seats for a show of your choosing from Twisted’s upcoming 2014 schedule. Including meet and greet with the band! Festival tix for day-of-show only. Plus two T-shirts (specify), VOD stream of the movie, SMF welcoming letter, and Twisted ads. Please add $7 dollars extra shipping for outside. US Transportation and accommodations not included — please note, most of Twisted’s appearances are outside the US. Festival tickets are for day-of-show only.

$1,250: Lunch with Jay Jay French
Get the lowdown from Jay Jay himself over one-on-one lunch in Manhattan! Let him fill your head full of stories like he did me on that first fateful day! Plus T-shirt (specify), VOD stream of the movie, SMF welcoming letter, and Twisted ads. NYC only — transportation not included!

$2,250: Five days a week Twistified!
Get a voicemail message for each day of the work week — one from each band member! Be the envy of your friends (or just alienate your business contacts!). Please specify degree of profanity allowed. Plus T-shirt (specify), VOD stream of the movie, SMF welcoming letter, and Twisted ads.

$5,000: Dinner with Dee Snider
You and up to three guests get to go out for dinner with Dee himself. Bring three friends or do a double date. Finally, a chance to be singled out by Dee in a GOOD way! (Just don’t cross your arms!) Plus T-shirt (specify), VOD stream of the movie, SMF welcoming letter, and Twisted ads. New York area only — transportation not included.

$10,000: Be part of the show!
Be an executive producer of the movie with your name in the film credits and posters, etc.! Plus two tickets to a Twisted concert of your choice from their 2014 schedule and YOU will be brought up on stage to sing “I Wanna Rock!” with the band! Plus two T-shirts (specify) VOD stream of the movie, SMF welcoming letter, and Twisted ads. Transportation and accommodations not included. Please note: most of Twisted’s shows are outside the US.

Don’t wait! The clock is ticking on this campaign, so get the rewards you want by clicking through and contributing now! You know how great the Twisted Sister story is — here’s your chance to help share it with the world.

Visit IndieGogo and contribute to help make the TS film a reality!

*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-Silent Force: RISING FROM ASHES Released!

After an almost seven-year break, Melodic Metal masters Silent Force, the band founded and led by guitar player Alex Beyrodt, finally returns with a new studio album. And its title (RISING FROM ASHES) couldn’t be more appropriate, as many thought that the highly-acclaimed group had disbanded and would be gone forever, especially after Beyrodt’s success with his classic hard rock band Voodoo Circle and joining the lineup of both Primal Fear and Sinner. But now Silent Force are finally back — with “full force.”

The band’s new vocalist is none other than Michael Bormann — in his case it could be said “old/new” because he already sang on the first (and only) album of the Silent Force predecessor The Sygnet (1998). Mat Sinner (bass), Alessandro Del Vecchio (keyboards), and drummer André Hilgers (who is a part of Silent Force and even The Sygnet from the beginning on) are completing the new lineup. Right after putting finishing touches on the new album, Silent Force were filming a video clip for the first single “Circle Of Trust.” Melodic metal fans will receive a true highlight release late in the year with RISING FROM ASHES — an album that has all typical Silent Force trademarks and continues right where the band left off years ago.

Alex Beyrodt comments: “For me RISING FROM ASHES is not just another new Silent Force record. The long break was necessary to rebuild the band and get rid of all false ascendancy. The new lineup speaks for itself, so does RISING FROM ASHES.”

Alex Beyrodt: Guitars
Michael Bormann: Vocals
Mat Sinner: Bass
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Keyboard
André Hilgers: Drums

Track List:
1. Caught In Their Wicked Game
2. There Ain’t No Justice
3. Circle Of Trust
4. Living To Die
5. Before You Run
6. You Gotta Kick It
7. Turn Me Loose
8. Born To Be A Fighter
9. Anytime Anywhere
10. Kiss Of Death


*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-“Room 24” By Volbeat Featuring King Diamond Nominated For Best Metal Performance In 56th Annual Grammy Awards!

Congratulations to Volbeat and King Diamond for being nominated for Best Metal Performance for the track “Room 24” in the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

The heavy metal icon King Diamond had this to say: “Thank you to everyone involved with voting. This is a great way to come back from the dead… literally.”

Also nominated this year are Black Sabbath, Anthrax, Dream Theater, and Killswitch Engage. The Grammy’s will be taking place on Sunday, January 26 2014 in Los Angeles, Calif. at The Staples Center and will be broadcast live on CBS from 8-11:30 p.m. (ET/PT). For updates and breaking news, please visit The Recording Academy’s social networks on Twitter and Facebook:


In other King Diamond news: the current issue of Decibel Magazine featuring King Diamond on the cover is now in stores and available for purchase through the magazine’s site here. The issue will be on newsstands from early December until the end of the year.


Keep up to date with all things King Diamond and Mercyful Fate at http://kingdiamondcoven.com/ .

*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-Magic Circle Music Update

Rolling Stone Magazine recently selected Manowar’s “Silent Night” renditions for their “12 Metal Christmas Songs for Unsilent, Unholy Nights.”

They wrote: “Manowar love bombast. . . . For “Silent Night” they put the swords away but keep the crescendos — a finale fit for a king.”

Time to wish all our Manowarriors a True Metal holiday season!

Enjoy the silence.

Very soon, the earth will crack and speakers will be blown on the upcoming Kings Of Metal MMXIV world tour.

Check out Manowar’s:

“Silent Night” (Metal Version)

“Stille Nacht” (Metal Version)

We’ll see you on the road!

For more info and constant updates:

The Kingdom Of Steel

Magic Circle Music

*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Iced Earth Album & Tour Update

PLAGUES OF BABYLON — Iced Earth’s eleventh studio album — will be released in Europe on January 6th and in North America on January 21st, followed by an extensive world tour. Be sure to check out the band’s ticket page for more details on the PLAGUES OF BABYLON tour:


You can purchase general admission tickets as well as VIP packages.

The VIP packages include:

• Early entry into the venue, Meet & Greet / Signing Session with the band & Photo op with the band
• 7″ picture disk with one exclusive, unreleased demo from PLAGUES OF BABYLON on the B-side
• Iced Earth messenger bag, Exclusive VIP T-shirt, VIP laminate & VIP sticker set

Pre-order the new Iced Earth album PLAGUES OF BABYLON at CM Distro:



*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-Falconer Completes Song Writing For New Album And Reveals Album Title!

Swedish Folk Metallers Falconer have completed the songwriting for their upcoming, eighth album. Prepare yourselves for some classical Falconer quality with all its trademarks and their most metal album in years!

Comments guitarist Stefan Weinerhall: “The 8th album BLACK MOON RISING is finally written. This time we have even made some pre-productions of the material to test it out in advance. Some titles are: ‘There’s A Crow On The Barrow,’ ‘Age Of Runes,’ ‘Scoundrel And The Squire.’ We will enter the studio in January and release it in June 2014. As said before all songs are in English this time after the last album’s one-off with only Swedish songs.

“It’s for sure the most riff-based album in many years and there are certainly some furious moments of brow-raising on the album! If I would sum up the material with two words they would be: Intensity and revitalization.

“We will keep it quite basic with no guest musicians and almost no keyboards to keep it raw, natural, and unpretentious. Can’t wait to enter the studio and put the finishing touches on the songs!”


*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-Happy Holidays From ChandlerMogel.com!

[Note: This is from the “Special Holiday Edition” of the ChandlerMogel.com newsletter. Sign up for yourself at ChandlerMogel.com. – Tim]

Chandler’s New Holiday Video – “She Wants The ‘D’ For Christmas!”

Chandler has a special holiday surprise for you… a new Christmas rock song/video entitled “She Wants The ‘D’ For Christmas!” Chandler provided the vocals for this catchy new novelty song, which has been described as Motley Crue meets Sesame Street, and was written and produced by Nitram Studios in conjunction with Room 368 Productions. A few laughs for the holiday season… and the “D” is not what you think… so feel free to let your kids watch too! Click below to watch the video and enjoy!

KHAØS On The Ballot To Play Sweden Rock In 2014, But Not Without Your Help

Happy Holidays! Chandler’s new band KHAØS, who have released the EP RISING last year to critical acclaim, have just finished putting the final touches on their debut album which is slated to be released early next year. In the meantime they are in the running to play Sweden Rock next summer! But they need your help to make it! Please click on the link below and scroll down the page to vote for KHAØS… and you can cast up to two votes per day from each computer or mobile device so please feel free to vote as much as you can!


Free Music From ChandlerMogel.com

If you are receiving these newsletters and have not yet received your FREE six-song download courtesy of ChandlerMogel.com (perhaps because you were on the mailing list before the songs were released) — then you are entitled to them immediately. Just reply back with the word DOWNLOADS in the subject line and receive a digital download of all six new songs released late last year via ChandlerMogel.com, streaming on the home page. All fans of hard rock should be pleased!

Hire Chandler To Perform At Your Event Or Sing On Your Recording!

Are you planning a special event that you need five-star entertainment for? Do you have a potential hit song that is just waiting for the right vocal? Just go to http://www.chandlermogel.com/ and click on the “Contact” link, and send Chandler all your details and you’ll receive a response within 24 hours about availability and rates. It’s that easy!


*** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
-Tainted Nation’s “Dare You” Video Released

UK rock outfit Tainted Nation are pleased and proud to announce the release of their video clip “Dare You,” exclusively with Classic Rock Magazine. This is the second release from their debut album F.E.A.R. released on Massacre Records. The video can be viewed below:

Tainted Nation consists of ex-Helloween and Firewind drummer Mark Cross; Pontus Egberg, bass player of Scandinavian superstars The Poodles; Pete Newdeck, vocals (Pete is also known as the drummer of Eden’s Curse); Ian Nash, former Lionsheart guitarist; and Joel Peters, former Fury guitarist.

Tainted Nation have spent a good deal of 2013 playing on the live circuit, with UK dates, a successful tour of Spain, and European festivals, where they have attracted some positive attention and good reviews, in support of their acclaimed debut F.E.A.R.

Says Pete: “We are delighted to release this video exclusively with Classic Rock and are hoping to continue the momentum we are building up. It’s been a fantastic year for this band and we are looking positively forward to the future. It’s a pleasure being able to work with such talented and like-minded people and believing in what you have to offer is a major hurdle that was easy to climb.”

Tainted Nation are already working on their follow-up album (as yet untitled) and will be touring the UK in February/March 2014. Along with this, they are looking to book festivals in the UK and Europe.

For more information visit the websites below:

Booking information and management:

*** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
-Furyon Confirmed To Play MetalWar Fest 2014

British rockers Furyon to be confirmed for Hungary’s MetalWar Festival 2014, which takes place September 5th – 7th in Budapest. Other band confirmed include Vexillum and Twister, more to be announced soon.

This year, on 5-6-7 of September 2014, will be held for the second time a unique FREE ENTRY Metal Festival in Budapest, Hungary called “MetalWar Fest 2014.” This event in the heart of Budapest, will be held at the Népliget Park, on 5, 6 and 7 of September 2014. The previous, first “MetalWar Fest” in 2013 was attended by 22,000 people in three days.

Furyon is expected to make a number of additional festival (PPM Festival, Belgium; http://www.ppmfest.com/ ) appearances in 2014. Furyon is currently writing a second album after the success of their debut GRAVITAS.

Furyon is a new band from the UK who like nothing more than to challenge expectations. Raised on a diet of heavy metal, prog, and classic rock. Furyon mix all these components for a truly unique and contemporary sound. Delivering huge rock-radio-friendly songs, with technically-challenging-yet-infectiously-catchy musicianship, they are dedicated to one sole purpose: making hard-hitting songs that will stand the test of time.


*** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
-New Medicine Announce New Deal With Imagen Records, New Album Set For Spring 2014

Imagen Records has just announced their latest signing — Minneapolis, Minnesota-based melodic hard rockers New Medicine, led by singer/rhythm guitarist Jake Scherer. The group’s first release for their new label will drop sometime in Spring 2014, and will serve as the follow-up to 2010’s RACE YOU TO THE BOTTOM, which nearly topped the US Heatseekers Chart, and spawned such popular songs/videos as “Laid,” “Rich Kids,” and “Race You To The Bottom.” It’s being kept under wraps as far as what to expect musically, but it’s being hinted that the adolescent angst sound has gone away, as Scherer has now emerged as a man ready to rock the world confidently.

As Scherer explains, “The writing process began 3 1/2 years ago, as I wrote over 40 songs for the new release. New Medicine has been road testing some of the new material, seeing what tunes the audiences react strongest to, and tweaking the new songs to make it more cohesive and translate well live. We moved to Nashville to focus on the new songs, and experienced a creative re-birth, which I am confident will take the band to a new level. The songs come first — New Medicine is/ not/ making the same record over again.”

Grammy Award-nominated Kevin Kadish has signed on as producer of the as-yet-to-be-titled disc. Kevin has worked previously with such renowned artists as Skillet, Jason Mraz, SR-71 and Nikki Sixx among countless others.

“We are excited to sign New Medicine to the label, and know we are going to make a great record,” said the President of Imagen, Bob Winegard. “After hearing some of the new tracks, I’m really impressed with how Jake is rapidly maturing as a song writer. I believe the fans will view this as a clear breakthrough for the band.”

New Medicine has already created a buzz from coast to coast, as their total record sales have topped over 30K nationwide, and have scored a top 15 media base active rock single with “Race You To The Bottom.” And the band has already logged three years of hard touring, having played shows with the likes of Avenged Sevenfold and Shinedown, as well as part of such package shows as Carnival Of Madness and the Uproar Festival. And once the new album is released, New Medicine plan to embark on additional lengthy touring — including headline dates, package and festival touring.


*** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
-Fast-Rising Rockers Silvertung Unleash Killer DEVIL’S IN THE DETAILS

If it’s high-octane rock you’re craving — with tons of attitude — then Silvertung is your band, and DEVIL’S IN THE DETAILS is your album. Produced/engineered by Steven Wright (who has worked with everyone from Slipknot to Avril Lavigne), the just-released DEVIL’S IN THE DETAILS is chock full of no-nonsense, hard-hitting hard rock/heavy metal, as evidenced by the lead-off single, “Coming Alive,” as well as such awesome cuts as “Justify” and “Déjà Vu.” As the group’s singer/guitarist, Speed, explains, “This group of songs is definitely special. This CD is much more diverse, and I’d say it’s ‘deeper.'”

And the early reviews have been stellar, as evidenced by this quote from All Access Magazine — “DEVIL’S IN THE DETAILS is a smoking showcase of huge tones and monster riffs. Basically, NO FRILLS RIFF ROCK! Silvertung promises to be one of the hottest new rock bands to arrive on the rock music scene. Highly recommended.”

Hailing from Maryland, Silvertung is comprised of Speed, lead guitarist ZZ, bassist Skoot, and drummer Danno, and have created a tremendous local buzz, on the strength of their live show, which has seen the quartet share the stage with countless national acts, including Godsmack, Disturbed, Shinedown, Slipknot, Staind, Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Filter, Drowning Pool, and P.O.D., among countless others.

And while it’s their music and live performance that truly speaks for itself, the band also possesses quite an interesting moniker, as well. “The name Silvertung was revived from an ’80s porno movie, though the spelling was ‘Silver Tongue,'” recalls Speed. “We were practicing in my uncle’s basement. And being guys, we had to check out these old porno tapes. Tapes! I think they were VHS tapes. [Laughs] But I really liked the name, just did not like the spelling. But then ‘The Simpsons’ had an episode ‘Silver Tongue,’ and I thought, ‘Ok, this is a sign.’ But I still did not like the spelling. So I thought, ‘What about Tung instead of Tongue?’ Heard something about the Korean Mafia, the Tungs. Thought that was very cool. The name SILVERTUNG was born…”

And as with all true hard rock bands, you can expect Silvertung to deliver the goods on the concert stage. “We are absolutely passionate about live music,” says ZZ. “It’s this exchange of energy from us to the crowd, then from the crowd right back to us. There is nothing else like it in the world. When the fans are singing our music back to us word for word, and their volume is louder than ours… wow. It doesn’t get any better than that.”


*** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
-Scream Arena Signs Record, Publishing Deals

YORK, UK — British hard rock act Scream Arena have signed a worldwide licensing deal with Danish label Mighty Music / Target Group. In addition, Scream Arena front man Andy Paul has signed a publishing deal with Once Bitten Music, administered worldwide by Notting Hill Music (Motorhead, Rhianna, Timbaland, Snoop Dog, etc.) and in Japan by Sony Music Publishing.

Andy says, “It has been a bit of a long highway to get to this point but thanks to the belief of Dave Tedder at Head First Entertainment and Michael Andersen and the staff at Target, Scream Arena can really launch in 2014. The lineup has changed along the way but now Scream Arena is where it should be; Aside from myself, we now have lead guitarist Phil O’Dea who was an integral part of Big Guns, who were part of the UK rock scene causing a great impression in Japan in the mid to late 1990’s; bass player Lincoln J Roth is a go-to man from the Billy Sheehan/Marcel Jacob school of playing, drummer Mick Maleckjy sits in the pocket and hits the spot, while rhythm guitarist Alex Mullings brings taste and drive to the menu. I think we’re ready to do a bit of damage out there.”

Scream Arena’s self-titled debut will be released in the Spring of 2014. The band are in the planning stages of a full-scale European tour in support of the release.

*** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
-Divebomb Records Update



As 2013 comes to a close we look back at all we have released and want to thank everyone out there who has supported us in some way. Picking up a release, telling a friend, downloading a sampler, etc. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without all of you. Here is a look back at what we accomplished in 2013, including the launch of our much anticipated Bootcamp series plus participating in our first Record Store Day and we looking forward to an even more successful new year! Wishing everyone a happy new year and a safe holiday season wherever you may be!

Mindwork – ETEREA
Ministers Of Anger – RENAISSANCE
Eradikator – DYSTOPIA
Everthrone – EVIL TONGUES
Electric Age – s/t


Tribunal Records, Inc
PO BOX 49322
Greensboro, NC 27419

*** PRESS RELEASE #14 ***
-Category VI From St. John’s, Newfoundland Releases Debut Album FIREBORN!

ST. JOHN’S, NL, CANADA — Category VI is proud to announce the release of the debut album FIREBORN. The album is available now from iTunes and other digital platforms.

Discussing the album, the band said, “It’s been a year in the making and finally our album has been set free! We feel that FIREBORN covers many metallic bases with elements of melodic metal, traditional metal, power metal, and even some thrash — all qualities which makes our music appealing to fans of several styles of metal.”

FIREBORN was engineered and mixed by Rick Hollett. In mid November 2013, Category VI unveiled a lyric video for the new song “Silence Befalls The Crowd” from FIREBORN. Stream the song here:

The band will be announcing plans for an album release show in early 2014.

FIREBORN Track Listing:
1. Vinland
2. Real Lies
3. Silence Befalls The Crowd
4. The Raven
5. Reborn
6. Beginning Of The End
7. Descent Of The King
8. Wasting Away

Category VI…
Amanda Marie – vocals
Geoff Waye – guitar
Keith Jackman – bass
Adam Thistle – drums

FIREBORN Recording Lineup…
Amanda Marie – vocals
Geoff Waye – guitar
Tristan Adey – bass
Jason Williams – drums

Category VI online…

About Category VI:
Hailing from the misty shores of Avalon, Category VI formed in early 2010. The band brings something new to the local Newfoundland metal scene as they are the only band from the city that plays melodic metal and the only active female-fronted melodic metal band in the city! Category VI has performed live in St. John’s several times with other local hard rock and metal bands as well as with touring bands. In 2011 the band released their a three-song demo entitled VINLAND. FIREBORN is the debut full-length from Category VI and features over 50 minutes of melodic metal, traditional metal, and even a few hints of thrash.

*** PRESS RELEASE #15 ***
-Battlecross Confirms Major European Summer Festivals!

American Thrash Metallers Battlecross have confirmed a first batch of three prestigious European festival appearances for the summer of 2014.

13/06/14 UK – Donington Park – Download Festival
15/06/14 AT – Nickelsdorf – Nova Rock
27/06/14 BE – Dessel – Graspop

Comments Battlecross: “We’re extremely excited to be a part of these festivals! It’s a dream come true for us to introduce ourselves to our new friends in Europe on such a grand scale. The European festivals are always spoken of so highly in the states, especially for metal, so we’re honored and thankful that we get to be a part of them so early in our careers. Hopefully this will open doors for us to play more festivals and expose our music to larger crowds across the continent and beyond. We hope that everyone will come check us out at Nova Rock, Graspop and other festivals that will be announcing soon. Thank you!”

But before that Battlecross will finally be taking their critically-acclaimed live show to Europe in 2014 with Trivium! The Detroit, MI-based metal act will begin their conquest of Europe on January 29th in Dublin, Ireland. After leaving the UK, where Killswitch Engage will be headlining, the tour will continue throughout the rest of the European continent with shows in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, before wrapping up the tour in Milan, Italy. This tour will be the inaugural European tour for Battlecross, who have already proven to be one of the most promising newcomers in the North American metal scene throughout the last four years.

Killswitch Engage
+ Trivium
+ Miss May I
+ Battlecross
29/01/13 IE – Dublin – The Academy
30/01/13 UK – Belfast – The Limelight
01/02/13 UK – Manchester – Academy
02/02/13 UK – London – Brixton O2 Academy
03/02/13 UK – Newcastle – O2 Academy
04/02/13 UK – Glasgow – O2 Academy
06/02/13 UK – Birmingham – O2 Academy
07/02/13 UK – Southampton – Guildhall

+ Miss May I
+ Battlecross
08/02/13 NL – Amsterdam – Melkweg
09/02/13 DE – Köln – Essigfabrik
10/02/13 DE – Filderstadt – Filharmonie
12/02/13 BE – Antwerp – Trix
13/02/13 DE – Münster – Skaters Palace
14/02/13 DE – Berlin – Huxleys
15/02/13 DE – Würzburg – Posthalle
16/02/13 DE – München – Theaterfabrik
18/02/13 IT – Milan – Live Club

Battlecross’ latest album, WAR OF WILL, debuted at #134 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, #118 on the top current albums chart, #2 on the heatseeker chart, #15 on the current hard music chart, #16 on the hard music overall chart, and #32 on the independent albums chart. It didn’t stop here though, as the band also debuted in Canada’s Soundscan charts coming in at #178 Top 200 Current and #25 Hard Music Charts while also landing on the iTunes charts for release date at #103 Top 200, #10 on Rock, and #2 on Metal! This marks the band’s first-ever Billboard chart debut! WAR OF WILL also peaked at #3 on the US iTunes metal chart on the day of release.

Check out the video for “Never Coming Back” from the album WAR OF WILL. The Roy Warner-directed clip can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THgoKxbrNm4 .

Check out a live version of “Force Fed Lies” on YouTube:


*** PRESS RELEASE #16 ***
-New England Metal & Hardcore Festival Expands Lineup

VIP Packages Available Now; Battle For Metal Fest Competition To Commence In January

The gatekeepers of the annual New England Metal & Hardcore Festival are pleased to welcome more bands to the rapidly expanding lineup with Emmure, Gideon, Whitechapel, Loyal To The Grave, InDirections, Bent Life, Scars Of Tomorrow, and Thy Art Is Murder. The recent additions will join the likes of All That Remains, Iced Earth, Nile, Slapshot, the final East Coast appearance of Bleeding Through, Nails, All Out War, Twitching Tongues, and the 2014 Metal Alliance Tour package still to be announced and more than half of the lineup still to be disclosed.

Scheduled to take place April 17th, 18th, and 19th, the sixteenth installment of the massive two-staged New England Metal & Hardcore Festival continues to drive dozens of bands and thousands of fans to the historic Worcester Palladium. Tickets for the event are on sale now and available for purchase at http://metalandhardcorefestival.com/tickets/ .

Special VIP packages are also available and include:

ONE DAY VIP TICKET: $85 Thursday/Friday and $90 Saturday
– Exclusive T-Shirt
– VIP Laminate w/ Lanyard
– 18″ x 24″ NEMHF Poster
– NEMHF Guitar Picks
– Exclusive Meet and Greets
– Free Monster All Day
– NEMHF Koozie
– Pin Pack
– Refrigerator Magnet

– Exclusive T-Shirt
– VIP Laminate w/ Lanyard
– 18″ x 24″ NEMHF Poster
– NEMHF Guitar Picks
– Exclusive Meet and Greets
– Free Monster All Day
– NEMHF Koozie
– Pin Pack
– Refrigerator Magnet
– Early Entrance/In-and-Out Privileges
– Chance to Win Ibanez Guitar
– NEMHF Key Chain

For VIP purchases, point your browser here:

In related news, Break Thru Music is proud to announce their yearly Battle For Metal Fest competition. Throughout early 2014, local bands will have the opportunity to compete for a chance to perform live at this year’s massacre. Performances will take place January – March at the Worcester Palladium and Webster Theater in Hartford, Connecticut. Spots are booking up fast so if your band is interested in the chance to earn a spot on the Main Stage, email booking@breakthrumusic.net now!

Break Thru Music Presents: The Battle For Metal Fest 2014

January 18th 2014: Round 1 Palladium Upstairs
January 24th 2014: Round 1 Webster Underground

February 7th 2014: Round 2 Webster Underground
February 7th 2014: Round 2 Palladium Upstairs

February 21st 2014: Round 3 Palladium Upstairs
February 21st 2014: Round 3 Webster Underground

March 7th 2014: Round 4 Palladium Upstairs
March 8th 2014: Round 4 Webster Underground

March 22nd 2014: Finals Palladium Upstairs
March 22nd 2014: Finals Webster Underground

Doors: 6:00 p.m.
All Ages
Tickets $12

New England Metal & Hardcore Festival 2014 Confirmations:
All Out War, All That Remains, Alpha & Omega, Barrier, Bent Life, Bleeding Through “Final East Coast Appearance,” Born Low, Colin Of Arabia, Counterparts, Cruel Hand, Discourse, Emmure, Fire And Ice, Fit For An Autopsy, Gideon, Harms Way, Iced Earth, InDirections, King Nine, Kublai Khan, Lionheart, Loyal To The Grave, Malfunction, Nails, Naysayer, Nile, Ramallah, Reign Supreme, Revamp, Sabaton, Scale The Summit, Scars Of Tomorrow, Slapshot, Suburban Scum, Sylar, The Mongoloids, Thy Art Is Murder, Twitching Tongues, Warhound, Whitechapel, Will To Die, Within The Ruins.

Further New England Metal & Hardcore Festival 2014 developments to be announced in the New Year. Stay tuned.


*** PRESS RELEASE #17 ***
-Chariots Of The Gods Announce “Brutal Winter Fest Cuba Tour”

Touring Eastern Canada aggressively over the years, especially in 2013 for promotion of their debut album TIDES OF WAR, Ottawa, ON melodic death thrashers Chariots Of The Gods are proud to announce their first ever tour outside the snow infested lands of Canada for this year’s “Brutal Winter Fest Tour” in sunny and hot Cuba. The band will also be joined by The Prestige (France), Algebra (Switzerland), No Sun In San Francisco (Switzerland), Meltdown (Switzerland).

Guitarist Mat St-Amour comments:
“Cuba is going to be amazing! The Brutal Fest is getting bigger and bigger every year and we can’t wait to bring ’em our music. Plus as a bonus we get to escape winter for two weeks!”

COTG – Brutal Winter Fest Cuba Tour
13/02 Santa Clara – Plaza Sandino
15/02 Holguin – Mestre
16/02 Santiago de Cuba – Pista Pancho Alonso del Teatro Heredia
18/02 Camagüey – Casino Deportivo / Cepmi
19/02 Trinidad – TBA
21/02 La Habana – Maxim Rock
22/02 La Habana – Maxim Rock
23/02 Artemisa – TBA

For more info on Brutal Fest, please visit the following link:

In additional news, a teaser for their next music video “Starborn” has been posted along with live video from their Rouyn Noranda, QC performance this past October, both videos can be viewed at the following links:

“Starborn” Teaser

“Blind Assassin” (live) + “Tides of War” (live)

Chariots Of The Gods released their debut album TIDES OF WAR in early 2013, which was produced by award winning producer/engineer/mixer Glen Robinson who has worked with names such as The Ramones, AC/DC, GWAR, Annihilator, and Voivod. COTG’s new album delivers 14 epic, crushing tracks to follow up their well-received 2010 debut EP REVERENCE, which the band aggressively toured in Quebec and Ontario, sharing the stage with names such as Misfits, Voivod, Despised Icon, Kataklysm, Blind Witness, Misery Index, Martyr, F*ck The Facts, Blackguard, Neuraxis, The Agonist, Reanimator, and Insurrection.

FREE DOWNLOAD – “Tides Of War”

Music Video – “Tides Of War”

For more info on Chariots Of The Gods, please follow them at these links:

RIYL = Trivium, Unearth, In Flames, Children Of Bodom, Lamb Of God, Annihilator, As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, Arch Enemy

-About Heavy Metal’s list of 2013’s Best Heavy Metal Albums is online now at http://glclk.about.com/?zi=1/M%5Bfw .

-AndrewHaug.com — Australia’s only 24/7 rock/metal radio station — has new video interviews with Steel Panther, Stratovarius, Jason Newsted, Devin Townsend, Lamb Of God, Amon Amarth, Five Finger Death Punch, and more online now.

-Inquisitr.com reported on a “serious fire” at a house Ace Frehley owns in Yorktown Heights, NY, the morning of December 14. There were no injuries, and nobody was home when the fire department arrived around 11 a.m. Read the full report at http://www.inquisitr.com/1062733/ace-frehley-is-kiss-guitarists-home-fire-suspicious/ .

-Megadeth was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” this past Monday night. They appeared in an for the fake album THRASHING THROUGH THE SNOW: A VERY MEGADETH CHRISTMAS, and performed “Kingmaker” live; check out the videos at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MO3AbBBtHwY&feature=youtu.be and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIlwaA9V_1o , respectively. (They also played “High Speed Dirt” as the episode’s closing credits rolled, but so far we’ve been unable to find good pro-shot video of this performance.) See http://www.megadeth.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/Megadeth for more.

-A download of Metallica’s December 8 show at Carlini Argentine Base in the South Shetland Islands in Antarctica is now available at LiveMetallica.com. Hype: “Metallica broke through another barrier by becoming the first and only band in history to perform concerts on all seven continents in the same year!” Set list: “Creeping Death,” “For Whom The Bell Tolls,” “Sad But True,” bass solo, “Welcome Home (Sanitarium),” “Master Of Puppets,” “One,” “Blackened,” Kirk solo, “Nothing Else Matters,” “Enter Sandman,” “Seek And Destroy.” Check out more show tidbits at LiveMetallica.com.

-Italy’s The Moor has released the video for the title track of YEAR OF THE HUNGER, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGo4EMhq0sc . In a press release singer/guitarist Enrico Longhin, who also co-directed the video/short film with Andrea Livieri and Alberto Businari, said, “We shot the video exactly one year after the release date of the album YEAR OF THE HUNGER, and this video represents what everyone of us is forced to do everyday… It’s a metaphor about life and struggle. The best thing was to work with such a great artist like [actor] Guido Laurjini, he acted in several famous Italian movies, theatres, musical and also TV commercials, he’s a really eye-catching actor. On the other hand we had the pleasure to work with one of the best photographer around, Andrea Livieri, just to give you the best result we can afford, like The Moor does every time.” See http://www.themoor.org/ for more.

-Next year’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees include Kiss, Peter Gabriel, and Nirvana. Deep Purple and Yes were also on the final ballot, but did not make it.

-Check out a trailer for Silent Force’s RISING FROM ASHES at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdHqyWedBBo , and the new video for “Circle Of Trust” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDh3lZas0lA .

Thanks to Hawk, Chad Bowar, and Eric “502” Helgeson for help gathering some of this information.

*** OUT ***

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