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Issue #621
Week of September 24, 2012

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-Hey, remember us? Just poppin’ in for a quick “hello” here. Hope all
is well with everyone, and check out Sean’s new Vision album! – Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
Comments By Rob Halford

1. The Hellion (Instrumental)

“We’d never done that type of opening before. And obviously it came
from Glenn [Tipton, guitars] and Ken [K. K. Downing, former guitarist]
at the time. I can’t really remember how it came together in the
studio, was it one person? Was it collective? I don’t know. But we
were always experimenting, always trying to do something that we
hadn’t done previously. We were inspired by what Brian May was doing
with a lot of the Queen stuff. We’ve always been big fans of Queen.
But Brian was doing those same types of multi-guitar track things. As
you get a bit more experienced in a band, you understand the value of
setting the scene — we quickly thought, ‘We can use this as an intro
tape.’ And we did. In terms of set-up, in terms of getting an
audience’s attention, it just works magically, even now, when we did
it at our last show at Hammersmith — once you start it, the audience
just grabs onto it right away.”

2. Electric Eye

“I love the rhythmic set up on that song. Emotionally again, it starts
roaring right from the opening bars. We’re a metal band and if you’re
that sort of band it’s important that you make sure you have that type
of attitude and approach within your first two or three tracks. It
reinforces who you are and what you’re trying to do. The way that
‘Electric Eye’ kicks off is very much a statement, an assertive
statement… It’s a really good song and I think it’s just got the
attitude and the in-your-face drama that Priest has always tried to
put forward.”

3. Riding On The Wind

“I love the way ‘Electric Eye’ and ‘Riding On The Wind’ bash into each
other. ‘Riding…’ starts with that drum passage, that clattering, and
then it just really roars off. It’s probably a stronger statement in
terms of metal than ‘Electric Eye’ is musically. It just has a
wonderful sense of being determined and having that type of strong and
forceful attitude to it. It’s about shooting for the stars. It
pertains a bit to being on a bike, riding on the wind, that sort of
thing. Lyrically I was trying to take the atmosphere of a lightning
storm, or a hurricane, and riding on it and grabbing hold of it. It’s
a glorious statement in terms of metal.”

4. Bloodstone

“I know I keep saying this, but I love the way that song starts. It’s
got a really cool riff that Glenn came up with. Each of the tracks on
the record start off with either an individual riff or something of a
musical melodic passage that kind of sets the scene before the rest of
the song kicks in. It’s got a great breakdown, this kind of rhythm
where — I don’t know whether [ex-drummer] Dave Holland came up with
it — it’s got that ‘k-chonk k-chonk k-chonk’ thing between the vocal
phrases after the second line. Then he kind of snaps with the rhythmic
‘k-chonk’ and it’s a very unusual arrangement. It’s a little bit
paranoid, because it talks about waking up in the night and being
afraid of the game going on around you — I have no idea what that
really means looking back!”

5. (Take These) Chains

“This was written by [Ceili Rain vocalist] Bob Halligan, Jr., a song
writer discovered by Columbia in America. We ended up doing a few of
his songs over the years. The label knew we’d recorded other people’s
songs before, and I think they must’ve had discussions saying, ‘Well
at least the guys can understand the importance and value of what a
song that could work on rock radio could do for them.’ They just sent
the demo over and we immediately warmed to it. Again, I think whatever
we’ve done in terms of a cover, we’ve had to fully understand that it
can be given the Priest signature musically. It’s a wonderful song in
terms of composure and the riffage in it. For the first time, maybe
after what we were doing with [1981 album] POINT OF ENTRY, we were
feeling a bit more comfortable with talking about songs that dealt
with relationships — it’s not really seen as a metal thing is it? But
even metalheads have boyfriends and girlfriends.”

6. Pain And Pleasure

“I think we were drunk the night we wrote this. Really f*cked up. I
was out of my f*cking tree! When you get drunk, some people get
violent, some people get giggly and some people get horny — and I
just generally got very horny. That’s just how I was in those days.
Suddenly it’s a complete change of tempo and emotion. It’s a very
simple song rhythmically, but you’re kind of delving into a little bit
of S&M with the, ‘You give me pain but you bring me pleasure…’ line.
That was the reason why we were attracted to the message in that song,
we were fully ensconced in that leather image by that point. I love
the slide guitar on that record, that’s very much in the blues world,
there’s a portion of the blues that has that type of thing going for

7. Screaming For Vengeance

“It’s very unusual. It starts instrumentally in a very unusual tempo
and the riffs and everything… it’s not quite thrash, but it’s got
that attitude about it. It’s really full-on and I get to use a voice
that I don’t really use on the other tracks. Everything goes into top
gear and I think it’s a wonderful complement to the way ‘Pain And
Pleasure’ has been slugging along like an 18-wheeler. Then suddenly
the thing lifts off again — it’s easily the fastest song on the

8. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’

“That song has had a second lease of life because it’s on one of the
‘Guitar Hero’ games. I met a guy recently whose 14-year-old son’s
favourite song is ‘…Another Thing Comin’,’ and he got to it via
‘Guitar Hero.’ It is a song that’s transcended from place to place. It
goes from a record onto radio, onto a cassette player, then onto a CD,
and then to an MP3 and then to a video game. That’s a blessing for
musicians really, that your songs reach people through ways that
ordinarily you wouldn’t imagine.”

9. Fever

“I love the floaty, ethereal opening sequence. It’s got a wonderful
tone to it. It’s got all these big multi-vocal tracks and this very
dreamy landscape musically to it. I know that at the time we wrote it,
Glenn and Ken were always being offered these new types of pedal board
switches that would change the sound of the guitar. Some of the gear
that was sent over at the time made the guitars sound like I’d never
heard them before. It’s again, a lonesome, plaintive song. You get the
image of this kind of… if you have an argument with somebody,
sometimes you just like to slam out the house and just take a walk at
night and I think that’s what that song is. It’s a contemplation song.
It’s got this type of emotional relationship set-up in it. It’s like
lost love. It’s a plaintive call to fix something that’s broken.”

10. Devil’s Child

“Again, it’s a strong statement and I think whereas ‘Fever’ is a bit
plaintive — maybe a little bit full of, not self-pity, but that kind
of emotion — this is just the opposite. This is the real stuff, when
you meet someone and your head blows off. It’s a very secure,
aggressive statement about meeting somebody that has a twisted side.
It’s got that wonderful rolling guitar riff on the chorus, that nice,
flowing, almost picking groove to it. It’s a great way to end the


*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-Ronnie James Dio “Stand Up And Shout” Cancer Fund To Host Second
Awards Gala On Halloween Night At The Avalon In Hollywood

Seven Distinguished Supporters To Receive Awards

The Ronnie James Dio “Stand Up And Shout” Cancer Fund, founded in
memory of the world-renowned voice of Dio, Black Sabbath and Heaven &
Hell, will host its second Awards Gala on Halloween night, Wednesday,
October 31 at the Avalon nightclub in Hollywood. Awards will be
presented to seven distinguished honorees for their contributions to
spreading awareness of Fund’s important work.

A privately funded 501C3 charity organization dedicated to cancer
prevention, research and education, the Ronnie James Dio “Stand Up And
Shout” Cancer Fund has already raised more than $500,000 in its short
history. Monies raised have been committed to the cancer research work
of the T. J. Martell Foundation for Cancer, AIDS and Leukemia Research
and the gastric cancer research unit of the M.D. Anderson Cancer
Center in Houston, where Ronnie was treated for gastric cancer during
the last six months of his life, according to Wendy Dio, widow of the
late singer and Fund President/Founder.

The Halloween Spooktacular at the Avalon will include gourmet food
stations and a hosted bar, a silent auction, live auction, an all-star
rock ‘n roll jam featuring Dio Disciples and a performance by the
weirdly wonderful performance troupe Cirque Berserk. VIP ticket levels
will also be available.

Awards named after songs written by Ronnie James Dio will be presented
to the following distinguished honorees:

* Man On The Silver Mountain Award: Neil Warnock, Founder and CEO of
The Agency Group worldwide.

* Rainbow In The Dark Award: Stanley J. Diamond, partner, Diamond &
Wilson, and member of the Board of Directors of the Ronnie James Dio
Stand Up & Shout Cancer Fund.

* King Of Rock ‘n Roll Award: Tony Iommi, legendary guitarist for
Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell and recent cancer survivor.

* Killing The Dragon Award: Charlie Hernandez, President of QED
Productions and veteran production manager, who, with partner Lori
Tierney, are the driving force behind Just A Bunch Of Roadies, a
nonprofit organization formed by musical touring industry
professionals to respond to humanitarian crises.

* Stand Up And Shout Award: Bob Chiappardi, Founder and CEO of
Concrete Marketing, one of the largest independent lifestyle marketing
companies in the music industry, known for its work with cutting edge
rock and heavy metal artists.

* Master Of The Moon Award: Alex Hodges, CEO, Nederlander Concerts.

* Sacred Heart Award: Dr. Raul Mena, Director of the Roy And Patricia
Disney Cancer Center in Burbank, who concentrates in the area of
cancer research.

Eddie Trunk of VH1 Classic’s “That Metal Show,” who was presented with
the Fund’s Long Live Rock ‘n Roll Award at last year’s Gala, will once
again serve as Special Guest emcee.

“We are really looking forward to our 2nd Annual Awards Gala,” says
Dio Cancer Fund chairman Gloria Butler. “It will have quite a
different feel from last year’s inaugural extravaganza at the Playboy
Mansion, this year replaced with Ghosts & Goblins on Halloween night
at Avalon, an all-star jam, the amazing Cirque Berzerk, the fortune
tellers, strolling magicians and free flowing delicacies. It’s sure to
be a ‘spooktacular’ night for a special cause.”

Fund founder and president Wendy Dio adds: “The support the Dio Cancer
Fund has received since its beginnings shortly after Ronnie’s death
has been overwhelming. Our mandate is cancer prevention, research and
education, and we are proud and gratified to be able to recognize this
year’s honorees for their contributions toward spreading the word
about our mission. Ronnie would have been so proud of what we have
accomplished so far, and he would especially have loved to party on

The Avalon is located at 1735 North Vine Street in Hollywood. General
admission tickets start at $200 with special VIP ticket packages that
include reserved seating and admission to the Bardot Club are also
available. Information regarding the Fund as well as tickets and
sponsorships for the Gala is available at
http://www.diocancerfund.org/ .

*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-Motorhead To Release Live Album & DVD THE WORLD IS OURS – VOL. 2 –

On October 22nd, 2012 the loudest, most real and raucous rock’n’roll
Grammy-winning band in the world, Motorhead, will release THE WORLD IS

Like its sibling, ANYPLACE CRAZY… will come packed with more
magnificent Motormaterial from THE WORLD IS YOURS tour, including the
triumphant 2011 Wacken headline appearance as well as highlights from
the Sonisphere and Rio shows.


• 2 CD + DVD + BR Combobox – CD, DVD and Blu-ray all in one digi-pak
• 2 CD (Jewel Case) – Wacken full show plus Sonisphere 6 songs and Rio
5 songs
• 2 Vinyl LP 12″ (Gatefold) – Wacken show only

IN STORES: 10/22/2012

The band will commence with their 2012 European Tour on November 5th
in Wolverhampton, UK, ending on December 11th in Kempten, supported by


1. Iron Fist
2. Stay Clean
3. Get Back In Line
4. Metropolis
5. Over The Top
6. One Night Stand
7. Rock Out
8. The Thousand Names Of God
9. I Know How To Die
10. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
11. In The Name Of Tragedy
12. Just ‘Cos You Got The Power
13. Going To Brazil
14. Killed By Death
15. Bomber
16. Ace Of Spades
17. Overkill

1. Iron Fist
2. I Know How To Die
3. In The Name Of Tragedy
4. Killed By Death
5. Ace Of Spades
6. Overkill

1. Stay Clean
2. Over The Top
3. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
4. Going To Brazil
5. Killed By Death

Festival Impressions W:O:A

For more information visit:

*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-Vision – HOPE & FEAR

Vision’s brand new masterpiece HOPE & FEAR will be released on
September 25th, 2012 via Lake Of Fire Records.

HOPE & FEAR is a rollercoaster ride of hard hitting Heavy Metal,
Melodic Hard Rock, and acoustic emotion. From start to finish the
screaming emotional highs and soulful lows take the listener on a
journey through the yearning and anxious feelings of hope and the
foreboding desperation and distressing apprehension of fear. From the
pounding assault of “Wailing Deth” that portrays major catastrophes
throughout history to the emotional “Winter’s Fall” that chronicles a
father’s life through his son’s eyes to the song “Rush” that puts
butterflies in your stomach as you chase that which you may never
catch. HOPE & FEAR shows a growth in song writing from both guitarist
Sean P. Gahgan and lead singer Nefarious. Production duties were again
handled by Azrael at Lake Of Fire Studios. The CD packs a powerful
sonic punch and the beautifully crafted booklet that accompanies the
CD is visually stunning (front cover by Derek Gores). The CD will be
available at http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/Vision7 on September 25th,


*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Blackmore’s Night To Release A KNIGHT IN YORK

Ritchie Blackmore’s musical career is branded by an uncompromising
faithfulness to his own musical ideals: he already distinguished
himself as an ambitioned rock musician in Deep Purple and Rainbow. For
the past 15 years, Blackmore’s Night has shown a marked contrast to
the two previously successful bands, making him one of the few
musicians who has successfully formed and performed in three different
musical genres. With A KNIGHT IN YORK, the third Blackmore’s Night DVD
release, Ritchie, Candice Night, and their band of minstrels take
their devoted audience on a musical journey through the ages.

Recorded live on 30th September 2011, A KNIGHT IN YORK will be out on
29th June 2012 (UK: 2nd July) on UDR/EMI and features identical track
listings in the following formats: Special DVD + CD digi-pak deluxe
edition; CD jewel case (audio), DVD, BluRay, double vinyl LP & digital
formats, plus a special limited edition “Fan Package” (details to
follow at http://www.udr-music.com/ ).

The Band

Ritchie Blackmore: Electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, mandola,
Candice Night: Lead vocals, Renaissance wood winds, pennywhistles, and
Earl Grey of Chimay: Bass, rhythm guitar
Bard David of Larchmont: Keyboards and vocals
Squire Malcolm of Lumley: drums and percussion
Gypsy Rose: Violin and harmony vocals
Minstrel Albert: Various medieval woodwinds
Special Guest: Autumn


• DVD + CD + Blu-ray Digi-pak (CD rack size) – UDR0235 DVD+CD+BR
• CD (Jewel Case) – UDR 0204 CD
• Double Vinyl LP 12″ (Gatefold) – UDR 0205 LP
• Digital (audio) – UDR 0207
• Digital (video) – UDR 0208
• D2C – UDR 0209 BOX

Tour Dates

10/25/12 US Tarrytown, NY – Music Hall
10/26/12 US Stroudsburg, PA – Sherman Theater
10/28/12 US Wilmington, DE – World Café Live
11/02/12 US New York, NY – Concert Hall

Track Listing

1. Locked Within The Crystal Ball
2. Gilded Cage
3. The Circle
4. Journeyman
5. World Of Stone
6. The Peasant’s Promise
7. Toast To Tomorrow
8. Fires At Midnight
9. Barbara Allen
10. Darkness
11. Dance Of The Darkness
12. Dandelion Wine
13. All The Fun Of The Fayre
14. First Of May


*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-Raven Lord Add Joe Stump To Their Ranks

Multinational Heavy Metal group Raven Lord have just added Joe “Speed
Metal Messiah” Stump to their illustrious ranks.

Joe Stump (HolyHell, Reign Of Terror) joins forces with Csaba Zvekan
(Killing Machine, Sardonyx, Emergency) on vocals, George Karafotis
(Vermillion Days, Operation X) on guitar, Jamie Mallender (Tony Martin
Band, ex-Black Sabbath) on bass guitar, and Lawrence “Larry” Paterson
(Blaze Bayley, Stuka Squadron) on drums to complete the bands lineup
in royalty of rock style.

Jamie Mallender had the following to say on the matter, “I can barely
contain my excitement. I am a huge fan of Joe’s, so when Csaba asked
me what I thought about asking him to play for us I jumped at the
chance to work with the finest exponent of the rock guitar virtuoso
playing style. Joe Stump has quite a considerable catalogue of
excellent solo releases under his belt — both instrumental and with
Reign Of Terror, HolyHell, and a long list of guest appearances. He is
also a renowned guitar teacher with his own series of instructional
releases available on ‘Shred Academy’ and brings to the band a wealth
of touring experience. Raven Lord sounded like an exciting prospect
before, but now with Joe on board things are shaping up to be a true
force to be reckoned with and one can only await the release of their
debut album with bated breath and sweaty little Heavy Metal hands.”

Raven Lord’s singer and founder Csaba Zvekan had to say “Knowing that
Joe Stump is in the band means a great deal to me as now Raven Lord
has a strong foundation for the future. As well as for touring and for
future recordings. Joe’s playing is stunning and with him in our ranks
we step up to another level. They don’t call him the ‘Shredlord’ for

Joe Stump in his own words on joining Raven Lord: “I was recently
approached by Csaba Zvekan and the Raven Lord guys about the
possibility of joining the ranks. Needless to say after hearing
Csaba’s voice as well as the the sound of the band I was sold. I’ve
been at this a very long time and I know quality metal when I hear it.
Looking forward to working with the fellas and of course bringing some
serious over the top shredding and fierce metal riffage to Raven

Raven Lord are priming themselves to deliver metallic carnage across
the globe.

The lineup shapes up as follows:

Csaba Zvekan (Killing Machine, Sardonyx, Emergency) – Vocals
Joe Stump (HolyHell, Reign Of Terror) – Lead Guitars
George Karafotis (Vermillion Days, Operation X) – Guitar
Jamie Mallender (Tony Martin Band, ex-Black Sabbath) – Bass
Lawrence “Larry” Paterson (Blaze Bayley, Stuka Squadron) – Drums
t.b.a. – Keyboards

There is more information about Joe Stump on his official website at
http://www.joestump.com/ and Raven Lord:


*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-Jimi Jamison — One Of Melodic Rock’s Most Legendary Voices —
Returns With His New Solo Album NEVER TOO LATE

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of Jimi Jamison’s
new solo album NEVER TOO LATE on November 2nd in Europe and November
the 6th in North America.

Often referred to as one of the American top Rock vocalists, Jimi
Jamison has been the singer with Target, Cobra, and finally Survivor
— who rejoined in late 2011 — for more than a decade, apart from
being an accomplished solo artist on his own.

Jimi performed back up vocals on recordings by ZZ Top, Joe Walsh, and
numerous other recording artists. Billy Gibbons refers to Jimi as the
fourth member of ZZ Top and Casey Kasem, on his nationally syndicated
radio show “American Top 40,” referred to Jimi Jamison as “The Voice.”
Among Jamison’s best known performances are “Burning Heart,” from the
“Rocky IV” movie which hit #2 on the Billboard Charts, “High On You”
(#8), and “The Search Is Over” (#4).

His solo career started in 1991 with the release of WHEN LOVE COMES
DOWN followed in 1999 by EMPIRES, the album which included the theme,
“I’m Always Here” for “Baywatch.” In 2008 Jamison teamed up with the
other former Survivor band mate, Jim Peterik who wrote and produced
for him the acclaimed album CROSSROADS MOMENT. On the heels of this
superb release, Jimi toured Europe a few times and culminated with an
appearance at the popular Firefest in the UK in 2011.

In the meanwhile Jamison started to work together with Swedish song
writer and producer Erik Martensson (W.E.T., Eclipse, etc.), who had
met “virtually” while working on the successful Kimball Jamison duet
album to which Martensson had contributed with some song writing. They
started laying down the foundations for a new solo album backed
immediately by the enthusiasm of Frontiers Records President, Serafino

The release took a good part of 2011 and 2012 to be completed, but the
final results shine! This is truly a monumental Melodic Rock album,
where a stunning contemporary Melodic Rock song writing meets
Jamison’s stunning vocal abilities and a massive production. This
album rocks really hard at times; that’s probably the heaviest Jamison
has ever been involved with since the times of Cobra. Still the
melodies are going to haunt you and stay in your mind for a long time.

“The songs on this CD are truly some of the strongest of my career,”
says Jamison. “It’s a great pleasure to have songs with such power and
ballads with such truth and feeling. It makes it easy to realize the
emotion in each vocal. This is my favorite CD to date and ‘The Air I
Breathe’ is the most magic song for me. A track like this only comes
along once in a while. Erik really hit the mark here. Brilliant

Get ready for a monster of an album and a true Melodic Rock

NEVER TOO LATE track listing includes:
Everybody’s Got A Broken Heart; The Great Unknown; Never Too Late; I
Can’t Turn Back; Street Survivor; The Air I Breathe; Not Tonight;
Calling The Game; Bullet In The Gun; Heaven Call Your Name; Walk On
(Wildest Dreams).


The first single off the album — the title track “Never Too Late” —
can be streamed in full on the Frontiers webradio at
http://www.frontiers.it/webradio .

Jimi Jamison

Jimi Jamison – Lead Vocals
Erik Martensson – Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, & Backing Vocals
Magnus Ulfstedt – Drums
Jonas Oijvall – Hammond B3, Piano, & Analog Synthesizers
Magnus Henriksson – Lead Guitar on “Street Survivor” & “Heaven Call Your Name”

*** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
-Doro: North American Tour Dates Announced

Metal queen Doro Pesch will be returning to North America in 2013 to
rock the masses in support of her twelfth solo album, RAISE YOUR FIST!
The tour is set to commence on February 1st in Tampa, Florida with
support provided by Sweden’s Sister Sin. Exclusive pre-sale tickets
can be purchased at EnterTheVault.com through October 5; afterwards,
tickets will be available through all normal ticketing outlets.

Comments Doro of the long-awaited trek: “I’m so excited to tour North
America again! I can’t wait to see all the great fans again and play
the new songs off RAISE YOUR FIST and of course all the songs the fans
love. It’ll be a set list with the best tunes, hard and fast and lots
of anthems and surprises. We’ll have some very special guests at our
New York City and Los Angeles shows too and killer support from Sister
Sin! I can’t wait to see you guys and wish you all the very best.
Until then, raise your fist in the air and all we are will rule the
ruins! I love you für immer! See you soon.”

RAISE YOUR FIST is due out in the US and Canada on November 6 via
Nuclear Blast Records and features guest appearances by Motorhead’s
Lemmy Kilmister as well as Ozzy/Firewind guitarist Gus G. Elaborated
Doro of the release: “Most important to me are the power hymns ‘Raise
Your Fist In The Air’ and ‘Victory.’ Both songs have been played live
on our last tour and also made last year’s Wacken Open Air shake! For
the diehard fans of German songs like ‘Für Immer’ [‘Forever’], there
are two songs in the same vein: the sensitive and quite dark ‘Human
Rights’ and the very emotional ‘Engel’ [‘Angel’]. There are also a lot
of fast songs like ‘Little Headbanger’ and various fist-pumping ones
featuring amazing guests like Gus G on ‘Last Man Standing’ which fans
are sure to dig live. We also have a song that honors the late Ronnie
James Dio called ‘Hero’ and another highlight called ‘It Still Hurts’
featuring Lemmy. The cover artwork has once again been created by
British artist Geoffrey Gillespie who is a close friend and companion
since he made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for his
TRIUMPH AND AGONY cover as the biggest album cover in the world. Since
then, he’s done ten covers for us!”

Doro North America Headlining Tour 2013:
2/01/2013 Brass Mug – Tampa, FL
2/02/2013 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
2/03/2013 Empire – West Springfield, VA
2/04/2013 B.B. King’s Blues Club – New York, NY
2/05/2013 Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
2/07/2013 Mod Club – Toronto, ON
2/08/2013 Montage Music Hall – Rochester, NY
2/09/2013 Al Rosa Villa – Columbus, OH
2/10/2013 Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
2/12/2013 Blondie’s – Detroit, MI
2/13/2013 Mojoe’s – Joliet, IL
2/14/2013 Station 4 – St. Paul, MN
2/15/2013 Spicoli’s Grill And The Reverb – Waterloo, IA
2/17/2013 Moe’s – Englewood, CO
2/19/2013 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
2/20/2013 Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR
2/21/2013 Thee Parkside – San Francisco, CA
2/22/2013 House Of Blues – West Hollywood, CA
2/23/2013 Rocky Point Cantina – Tempe, AZ

In related news, earlier this month Doro spent two weeks in Ireland
and Switzerland for on-location shoots for the Swiss film “Anuk: The
Path Of The Warrior,” where she returns to play the role of Meha for a
second time.

Watch the “Raise Your Fist In The Air” video on the Nuclear Blast
YouTube Channel.


*** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
-Frontiers Records News


Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the signing of British Hard
Rock super-group Snakecharmer Formed by original Whitesnake members
Micky Moody and Neil Murray, along with Laurie Wisefield (Wishbone
Ash, Tina Turner), Harry James (Thunder, Magnum), Adam Wakeman (Ozzy
Osbourne), and Chris Ousey (Heartland).

Neil Murray commented “We’re very excited that Snakecharmer has joined
the Frontiers Records family, which includes many of the world’s
finest rock bands, and we can’t wait to get out on tour in 2013 to
promote our forthcoming album!”

Micky Moody was pleased to say. “Like the rest of the guys I am very
pleased to be associated with such a renowned record company. We’ve
really enjoyed writing and recording the new album and look forward to
a successful future alliance!”

“Snakecharmer is looking forward to a great year ahead and a long &
successful relationship with Frontiers Records. Looking forward to
seeing you on the road in 2013,” added Laurie Wisefield.

Snakecharmer brings you classic twin-guitar based hard rock music with
an emphasis on vocal melodies and timeless hooks. Bringing influences
from the classic British Hard Rock music of late ’70s and early ’80s
and melting with the melodic sensibility of Chris Ousey’s magic vocals
akin to Lou Gramm and Paul Rodgers, Snakecharmer is the genuine

Snakecharmer is currently hard at work in the studio putting finishing
touches to the recording of their self-titled debut album which will
see the light of day in February 2013.

Micky Moody – guitar, slide guitar, vocals
Neil Murray – bass
Laurie Wisefield – guitar, vocals
Harry James – drums, vocals
Adam Wakeman – keyboards, vocals
Chris Ousey – lead vocals



Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the signing of Connecticut-
based producer, multi-instrumentalist, and song writer Jeff Cannata
for the release of a new Arc Angel album planned for the first half of

Cannata was a founding member and driving force behind the New Haven-
based progressive rock band Jasper Wrath in the ’70s (an outfit who
also featured James Christian for some time, who later went on to join
House Of Lords). After the band’s demise he later formed a new project
called Arc Angel with former Jasper Wrath band mate Michael Soldan.
The group signed a record deal with CBS Records and released a superb
self-titled debut in 1983 for the Portrait label imprint (home also
for Aldo Nova, Orion The Hunter, Heart, and many more legendary acts).

He has later on released a number of solo albums. Particularly IMAGES
OF FOREVER (released in 1988) and WATCHING THE WORLD (1993) have
received a great critical acclaim, especially in Europe and are
generally considered as some of the finest slices of hi-tech AOR Music
of their time. Cannata has recently independently released two more
albums TAMOROK and MYSTERIUM MAGNUM (in 2006) before deciding to
resurrect the original Arc Angel moniker and return with a more
concise and melodic rock-based new album for Frontiers Records.

James Christian

House Of Lords singer James Christian has spent the last time in the
studio writing and recording the songs which will end up on his third
solo album that will be entitled LAT IT ALL ON ME. Some of the song
titles include “Day In The Sun,” “Believe In Me,” “Shot In The Dark,”
“Welcome To Your Future,” “Every Little Lie,” and more. The album will
include a total of 12 original songs. Frontiers plans the release of
this new exciting Melodic Rock record in 2013.

Seventh Key

Seventh Key, the band project masterminded by Kansas bass player Billy
Greer, are close to the completion of the recording for their new
album that will be entitled I WILL SURVIVE. Tapes are being mixed by
Mike Slamer in is studios in Los Angeles. Some of the song titles
include “Down,” “I See You There,” “Lay It On The Line,” “Time And
Time Again,” and “What Love’s Supposed To Be.” All the fans that have
appreciated the previous two efforts from Seventh Key will be
delighted with the new songs. The label hopes to release the record in
the first half of 2013.

Work Of Art

Swedish AOR stars Work Of Art have started laying down tracks for the
anticipated third album which the band plans to title PIECE OF WORK as
a completion of the trilogy of album titles that the band members
envisioned when they first got together in high school. Some of the
song titles which will be included on the record are “Time To Let Go,”
“How Do You Sleep At Night?,” “Over The Line,” “My Waking Dream,” and
“Hold On To Love.” Main song writer and guitarist Robert Sall says:
“Musically we will stay true to the style of our previous records and
sonically we’ll be working on several ideas to make this one sound
even bigger and better than our last album.” Frontiers plans to
release this exciting come back sometime during 2013.

Frontiers Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
-Gypsyhawk Debuts New Video For “Hedgeking” On BrooklynVegan.com!

Pasadena, CA’s Gypsyhawk recently completed a video for their song
“Hedgeking” from REVELRY & RESILIENCE. The video was directed by Simon
Chan of Artificial Army and features the acting talents of the
Australian born actor and body builder Guy Grundy.

A behind-the-scenes video for “Hedgeking” was recently released and
can be seen now at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imB5kDM9OyI . The
finished product, which brings to life the story behind the song,
shows the Hedgeking (played by Grundy) casting aside his crown and
taking up a life of selling his sword, warring, and whoring. Watch the
video now on BrooklynVegan.com at
http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/music/metal/ !

Revisiting the electrifying sounds of bullsh*t-free ’70s rock,
Gypsyhawk are a breath of fresh air compared to the endless onslaught
of breakdown-obsessed bands cluttering up heavy music. Marinating
their wares in whiskey and weed, they hurl out blistering riffs and
irresistible hooks and grooves, doing their damnedest to ensure that
everyone at their shows is having as much fun as they are. With
REVELRY & RESILIENCE, their second full-length and Metal Blade debut,
this vibe bleeds from the speakers from start to finish, determinedly
putting a smile on your face and compelling you to throw your hair
around, no matter how much or how little you might have. “It’s music
for girls to shake their asses to and dudes to bang their heads,”
states vocalist/bassist Eric Harris. “It’s good-time rock and roll,
and we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but at the same time we’re
not one-dimensional ‘yeah-dude-let’s-party-all-the-f*cking-time!’
guys, and I like to think there’s something for everyone in our

REVELRY & RESILIENCE is out now worldwide! Order your copy and and
listen to the first single Hedgeking at
http://www.metalblade.com/gypsyhawk .

“a stunning blend of fantasy and science fiction-inspired lyrics set
against a backdrop of booty-shaking Thin Lizzy-inspired heavy rock” –
L.A. Weekly

“recalling the pounding ’70s shredding of UFO, or even Thin Lizzy
(especially on a track like ‘The Fields’).” – The Onion’s AVClub.com

“An album that’s easily equal to the band’s excellent debut,
Gypsyhawk’s REVELRY & RESILIENCE finds the band discovering more of
its own voice, while still honoring the sounds of the 1970s.” –

Gypsyhawk is:
Andrew Packer – Guitars
Eric Harris – Bass and Voice
Ian “P.P. Rider” Brown – Drums
Erik “Ron Houser” Kluiber – Guitars


*** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
-Witches Mark — Rehearsal Footage With Jason McMaster

Witches Mark have uploaded rehearsal footage of the band performing
“Swarm” with Texas metal legend and South Texas Walk Of Fame alumni
Jason McMaster (Dangerous Toys, Broken Teeth, WatchTower, Ignitor) who
also guests on the studio version of “Swarm” as featured on the band’s
upcoming WITCHING METAL RITUAL full-length.

This footage comes hot on the heels of the recently released “Bringers
Of Heavy Metal Death,” the first studio track uploaded from the soon-
to-be-released WITCHING METAL RITUAL due out this Fall/Winter through
Heaven And Hell Records.

WITCHING METAL RITUAL incorporates a “heavier, darker, more sinister
musical direction” while retaining the ghastly melodies the band is
known for. Following up the band’s 2009 EP A GRIM APPARITION the
upcoming album features guest appearances by a “who’s who” of
traditional heavy metal including Ross “The Boss” Friedman (Manowar,
The Dictators), Jack Starr (Virgin Steele, Burning Starr), Jason
McMaster (Dangerous Toys, Broken Teeth, WatchTower, Ignitor), and
Martin Debourge (Damien Thorne, Head Transfer Process).


*** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
-AFM Records Update

Kissin’ Dynamite: TV Appearance On October 5th!

Sleaze heavy rockers Kissin’ Dynamite meet Germany’s most popular
comedian: the band will be guest on “The Bülent Ceylan Show” on
October 5th, at 21:15 CET. German TV station RTL will broadcast the

Mob Rules To Release New Single & Video Clip!

Northern German melodic metallers Mob Rules are preparing for the
release of their new single & video clip “Ice & Fire,” to precede the
upcoming seventh studio album of the band, CANNIBAL NATION.

The band comments:
“The clip was filmed with Ronald Matthes (Roax Film), who also did
numerous Metal DVD and clip productions, like Avantasia, Pretty Maids,
Iced Earth, and many more. We decided to use ‘Ice & Fire,’ an
atmospheric track, for the video and the clip will very much reflect a
special mood. That’s why we were filming outside, on a huge green
field. But this bucolic ambience will not really be in the focus in
the end. You will see soon…”

Morton: “Weeping Bell” Video Released!

Almost exactly one year after the European release of their debut
album COME READ THE WORDS FORBIDDEN, power metallers Morton present a
brand new video clip, filmed for the track “Weeping Bell.”

AFM Records Releases New Album Of US Sleaze Rockers The Last Vegas!

US sleaze rockers The Last Vegas have signed a European deal with AFM
Records. Their new album BAND DECISIONS will be released in Europe on
November 16th. The album’s first edition comes as a digi-pak including
a bonus track.


BloodBound: Fifth Album IN THE NAME OF METAL Coming In November!

It’s unmistakable what Swedish power metallers BloodBound will unleash
with their new album. Their new piece of work is titled IN THE NAME OF
METAL and fans can look forward to an energetic record full of catchy
heavy metal hymns. The release is scheduled for November 9th.

The band is also working on their first-ever video clip, which will be
for the album’s title song.

Kryptos: New Album THE COILS OF APOLLYON Released In Europe / Lyric
Video “Nexus Legion” Online!

India’s most popular metal band strikes back! Kryptos’ new album THE
COILS OF APOLLYON is out now in Europe. If you can imagine a cross
between Kreator and Judas Priest to be something delicious, then this
is for YOU!

A lyric video for the track “Nexus Legion” is available now at
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5E3uJbp1oc .

AFM Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
-Secret Sphere’s New Song “The Fall” Available For Streaming

Italian metal band Secret Sphere, who recently announced Michelle
Luppi (ex-Vision Divine, ex-Thaurorod) as new vocalist, is streaming
the new track “The Fall.” The track will appear on the band’s new LP

Check out “The Fall”:

PORTRAIT OF A DYING HEART, the band’s seventh LP, is scheduled for a
2012 release date through Warner Music (Japan) on October 24, and
Scarlet Records (rest of world) on November 25. The CD will feature a
40-page booklet, including the novel “She Complies With The Night” on
which the album is based.

The track listing for PORTRAIT OF A DYING HEART is as follows:

1. Portrait Of A Dying Heart
2. X
3. Wish & Steadiness
4. Union
5. The Fall
6. Healing
7. Lie To Me
8. Secrets Fear
9. The Rising Of Love
10. Eternity

The band’s current lineup consists of the following:

Aldo Lonobile – rhythm and lead guitar
Michele Luppi – vocals
Andrea Buratto – bass
Gabriele Ciaccia – keyboards
Marco Pastorino – rhythm guitars
Federico Pennazzato – drums

According to a press release, “Secret Sphere, a name guaranteed to
make every metal freak’s heart beat faster with excitement and
anticipation. Crediting bands like Helloween, Angra, Dream Theater,
and Savatage as their biggest influences, Secret Sphere manage to
honour the heritage of such big names while creating their very own
brand of METAL.”


*** PRESS RELEASE #14 ***
-Jeff Lynne / ELO Update

Jeff Lynne Video For “Mercy, Mercy” Debuts At RollingStone.com

Featuring Lynne On All Instruments In His Band “The Jeffs”

October 9 Marks US Release Of Two Albums: His Solo Release LONG WAVE

Jeff Lynne’s new video for “Mercy, Mercy” — the first track from his
upcoming album LONG WAVE, out October 9 in the USA on Frontiers
Records — has exclusively premiered at RollingStone.com. Shot at his
Los Angeles home studio that’s known as Bungalow Palace Studios, the
Martyn Atkins-directed clip features none other than “The Jeffs,” a
composite of four simultaneous images of the iconic British artist
playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and drums, as he did
on the recording of the album. The clip can be viewed here:


Jeff Lynne — the legendary founder of Electric Light Orchestra and
collaborator and producer of many greats including The Beatles, Paul
McCartney, Ringo Starr, Tom Petty, Joe Walsh, and more — recently
made a rare appearance at The Grammy Museum in downtown Los Angeles
(9/12) in advance of the October 9 release of two albums on Frontiers
Records: the solo disc LONG WAVE, a heartfelt and vivid tribute to
some of the very songs that originally inspired him, and MR. BLUE SKY
included a screening of “Reel To Reel: Mr. Blue Sky: The Story Of Jeff
Lynne And ELO” and a discussion/Q&A about the film, moderated by Vice
President of the Grammy Foundation and MusiCares, Scott Goldman.
Lynne’s friends on hand included Tom Petty and guitarist Mike
Campbell, Joe Walsh, Olivia Harrison, musician Gary Wright, and
drummer Jim Keltner.

Meanwhile, Lynne’s illuminating and entertaining documentary “Mr. Blue
Sky: The Story Of Jeff Lynne And ELO” gets to the heart of who Jeff
Lynne is and how he has had such a tremendous musical influence on our
world. The answer — as told by the British artist himself and such
distinguished collaborators and friends of Jeff’s as Paul McCartney,
Ringo Starr, Tom Petty, Joe Walsh, Olivia and Dhani Harrison, Barbara
Orbison, and Eric Idle — is that Lynneis a true man of music for whom
the recording studio is his greatest instrument.

LIGHT ORCHESTRA mark the 40th anniversary of ELO. Lynne’s legacy will
further be celebrated with releases in 2013 including ELO LIVE! plus
expanded reissues of ELO’s 2001 album ZOOM and Lynne’s first solo
album in 1990, ARMCHAIR THEATER. For up to date info on all things
Jeff Lynne and ELO, go here: http://www.elo.biz

LONG WAVE powerfully celebrates the music of a time when Lynne’s
lifelong passion for music began, evoking an era back when old
standards were just giving way to rock & roll. He somehow makes pre-
rock standards like “Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered,” “Smile,” and
“Love Is A Many Splendored Thing” — along with a few of his favorite
gems from the Sixties such as the first single “Mercy, Mercy,” “Let It
Rock,” and “So Sad” — his own with these loving versions. Lynne’s
deeply felt and musically brilliant one-man-band takes add up to an
inspired love letter to music itself — and an exquisite reflection of
the way songs grace and change our lives.

testament to Lynne’s enduring artistry and his singular desire to get
things right once and for all. Featuring such classics as “Evil Woman,
“Don’t Bring Me Down,” “Livin’ Thing,” and “Mr. Blue Sky,” the result
is, in effect, a kind of showdown between Jeff Lynne today and his
extremely illustrious past, and thanks to improved technology and
recording artistry, Lynne somehow comes out on top again. It’s a fresh
chance to hear these extraordinary songs sounding sharper and clearer
than the old versions. “There was a big reason I wanted to re-record
these ELO songs,” says Lynne. “When I listen to the old versions they
don’t sound the way I thought they did when I first wrote and recorded
them. I wanted to use the experience I’ve gained producing records
ever since and have a completely new try at them. I’m not saying the
old versions aren’t good; I like them very much. We were doing our
best, but experience and technology also play a big a big part, and
these new ones sound much more solid and tight.”


*** PRESS RELEASE #15 ***
-Z Records News

Paul Sabu Extends Deal With Z Records For Classic Reissue

Paul Sabu has extended his relationship with Z Records even further.
We are proud to announce a very special re-release of the AOR classic
KIDD GLOVE which was originally released in 1983. The re-release
completes the set of re-releases via Z Records including ONLY CHILD,
IN DREAMS, and HEARTBREAK, all of which come remastered and with
special liner notes by Rob Evans of Classic Rock AOR. KIDD GLOVE will
be released on January 21st 2013.

Escape Debut Out Now And Causing A Stir!

Escape’s magnificent debut UNBREAKABLE is out now and available from
all good outlets including the official Z Records online store at
http://www.z-records.com/ . Sound samples are also available of this
superb piece of quality AOR. Check it out for yourself now!


*** PRESS RELEASE #16 ***
-Singer, Actor, And Best-Selling Author: Rock Icon Rick Springfield To
Release In Europe His New Album SONGS FOR THE END OF THE WORLD On
Frontiers Records

For all his accomplishments as an actor, a best-selling author, and
the subject of a recent documentary, Rick Springfield’s first love has
always been music, since the first time he picked up a guitar at the
age of 12 in his native Australia. That passion for writing and
performing songs, as well as playing guitar, comes through loud and
clear on his new album, SONGS FOR THE END OF THE WORLD which gets a
European release on Frontiers Records on November 2nd.

Collaborating on songs like the three-chord rocker “I Hate Myself,”
the anthemic “Our Ship’s Sinking,” “Love Screws Me Up,” and
“Depravity” with his bass player Matt Bissonette, Springfield sets
his sights on the possibilities of escaping the current, apocalyptic
world situation in our closest relationships. In doing so, he employs
the kind of self-effacement and ability to poke fun at himself as he
demonstrated when putting his dog Lethal Ron on the cover of WORKING
CLASS DOG or spoofing his image by playing a sleazy, drug-and-sex-
crazed version of himself on Showtime’s dark comedy “Californication.”
John Waite and Mr. Mister’s Richard Page appear as backup vocalists,
along with Rick’s original guitarist, Tim Pierce, who hasn’t played on
record with him since 1999’s KARMA.

“There’s real feeling in it, but you can’t write about that stuff too
seriously,” he says of his sometimes tongue-in-cheek approach to
serious subjects. “In the end, it’s about the world in flames, but
from a personalized viewpoint. I take what’s happening to me and place
it in a universal context. It’s what I’ve always tried to do with my
song writing.”

With 25 million albums sold and 17 US top 40 hits — including “Don’t
Talk To Strangers,” “An Affair Of The Heart,” “I’ve Done Everything
For You,” “Love Somebody,” and “Human Touch”, as well as a 1981
Grammy® Best Male Rock Vocal win for his No. 1 single hit “Jessie’s
Girl” — behind him, Springfield has more to say with his latest new

Still playing nearly 100 live shows a year, Springfield’s bond with
his audience is the subject of the recent documentary “An Affair Of
The Heart,” which came out earlier this year, winning special jury
awards at both the Nashville and Florida Film Festivals. He also
recently wrote and recorded a new song with Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters /
Nirvana) as well as being a featured guest in Grohl’s new documentary
about “Sound City,” the fabled San Fernando Valley recording studio.

His 2010 autobiography, “Late, Late At Night…: A Memoir,” for Simon
& Schuster’s Touchstone imprint, entered The New York Times best-
seller list at No. 13, hitting the Los Angeles Times and Publishers
Weekly lists as well, with Rolling Stone recently naming it one of the
Top 25 rock autobiographies of all time. In the book, Springfield
revealed the life-long depression he’s battled throughout his career,
a theme he returns to in such songs as “I Hate Myself” and “Love
Screws Me Up.” “I’m not the shiny, happy guy people think I am from my
role in ‘General Hospital,'” insists Springfield. “I tend to put that
angst into my music.”

With SONGS FOR THE END OF THE WORLD, Rick Springfield continues to do
what he does best — applying his sardonic view to life as we live it
today, offering a ray of hope in the midst of all the turmoil.

“The darker side of my nature creeps in and out, but so does a degree
of optimism,” he says. “In the end, I believe that solace and healing
can be found in the presence of someone who understands, loves, and
accepts you for who you are, even while these looming threats remain.”

Track listing of the European edition of SONGS FOR THE END OF THE
WORLD includes:
Wide Awake; Our Ship’s Sinking; I Hate Myself; You And Me; Gabriel; A
Sign Of Life; My Last Heartbeat; Joshua; Love Screws Me Up; I Found
You; Depravity; One Way Street; Let Me In (bonus track); My DUI
(exclusive bonus track).
The Bug – album-only iTunes exclusive track.


The first single “Our Ship’s Sinking,” which features John Waite and
Mr. Mister’s Richard Page on background vocals, can be streamed in its
entirety on the Frontiers Records webradio at
http://www.frontiers.it/webradio .


Rick Springfield
Rick Springfield: Guitars, Lead Vocals
Matt Bissonette: Bass, Keyboards, Background Vocals
George Bernhardt: Guitars
Rodger Carter: Drums
Additional Guitars: George Nastos, Dan Strain, Tim Pierce
Additional percussion: Ronnie Grinel
Additional vocals: Richard Page on 2, 7, 12
Additional vocals: John Waite on 2

*** PRESS RELEASE #17 ***
-Issa To Revisit A Dozen AOR Classics On Her New Album CAN’T STOP

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of Issa’s third
album entitled CAN’T STOP on November 2nd in Europe and November 5th
in North America.

CAN’T STOP is a very special album for Issa, since it includes some
blistering versions of carefully selected hidden AOR gems that the
singer treats her own way. These tracks have been originally included
on albums by Mark Free, Aviator, 21 Guns, Atlantic, Regatta, Worrall,
Blvd, Tower City, and other AOR luminaries.

Issa has created her own style and approach to Melodic Rock by mixing
her peculiar and unique melodic sensibility with a rocking attitude
which is unseen in today’s Pop singers: real rock with a commercial
sheen. These reworkings show how Issa is at ease when working on
classic AOR musical material.

“Serafino at Frontiers came up with the concept of me recording an
album of some loved and cult melodic rock songs and sent me through
the song choices,” says Issa. “Some I was familiar with, like Tower
City’s ‘Surrender’ and Mark Free’s ‘State Of Love,’ but several others
were new to me. I thought the songs that suited me best are ‘Just A
Wish’ and ‘These Eyes’ originally recorded by 21 Guns. They have nice
structures and ballad like intros that build to a big chorus. ‘Can’t
Stop’ is a great rocker too and I love the melodies and lyrics in the
Tower City track.”

Issa’s versions of these amazing tracks ooze class and update to the
modern day some truly immortal melodies with some masterful
arrangements provided by producer Alessandro Delvecchio (Hardline).
Since her debut SIGN OF ANGELS, Issa has often been compared to such
music stars as Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, and Amy Lee (Evanescence).
Though she is now ready to take her legitimate place in between the
great AOR chanteuses such as Ann Wilson and Robin Beck. CAN’T STOP
shows that Issa is a solid Rock Music star and a true uprising Rock
diva, who is set to alight hearts and minds of Melodic Rock fans for
the years to come.

“Promoting this album is my priority for now with some live dates
around Europe,” concludes Issa. “I have three albums now so my set is
really cool. I’ve been doing a lot more song writing as well for my
next original album which i hope we can start working on at some point
next year.”

CAN’T STOP includes the following tracks:
Can’t Stop; Power Over Me; Wherever I Run; Just A Wish; If You Ever
Fall; Do You Ever Think Of Me; Dream On; Stranded; Heat Of The Night;
I Won’t Surrender; State Of Love; These Eyes.


Click to view a the album EPK:

You can enjoy the first single “Can’t Stop” streaming on the Frontiers
Records webradio at http://www.frontiers.it/webradio .

Issa (Isabell Oversveen) – Lead Vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards
Mario Percudani – Guitars
Anna Portaluppi – Bass
Alessandro Mori – Drums

*** PRESS RELEASE #18 ***
-Axemaster Studio Update

It’s been a while since our last update and there has been a lot of
work done and progress made on the new Axemaster album. The first
couple complete advance mixes (songs titled “Seeds Of Tyranny” and
“The Calling”) came out outstanding which has raised the already high
expectations for this release. A European contact heard the first mix
and commented “this song is a killer!!! I love the melodies and the
vocals are just brilliant, not to speak of the really, really mean
riffing. I love the dark overall sound. Definitely something I would
buy instantly and exactly the stuff that all die-hard metalheads over
here in Europe would buy.”

Unfortunately some recent technical problems with the band’s studio
have temporarily slowed progress on the production. Luckily though,
limited work can still be done while waiting for the problems to be
fixed so things continue to slowly move forward with the project. The
band is still experimenting with quite a bit of the material and
trying different ideas to make every song be as good as it can
possibly be. Guitarist/producer Joe Sims said: “Everyone feels that
it’s very important to have each track be strong, that there will be
no ‘fillers’ or weak spots on the album, so we are treating every song
like it will be the main featured track on the release. It takes a lot
of work and time, but will be more than worth it in the long run.
There are not a lot of releases that totally kick ass from start to
finish, our main goal from the beginning has been to make this CD one
of those few.”

We will continue to keep you updated…


*** PRESS RELEASE #19 ***
-Pitch Black Records: Access Denied & Holy Dragons Join Our Roster

Two new bands have been added to the Pitch Black Records roster. Feel
free to visit
where you can also check out their sound and download a track from
each band for free.

Female-fronted classic heavy metallers Access Denied were originally
formed in 2003 in Poland and after a series of demos released their
debut album (THE MEMORIAL) in 2009. Their style quickly evolved from
hard rock to classic heavy metal and they have been performing
regularly in recent years.

Their second album TOUCH OF EVIL was originally released in their home
country in 2011 as a self release in limited quantities. It’s been re-
released now by Pitch Black Records and it features an exclusive bonus
video of the song “One Night” (explicit version).

The album will be released on November 6th, 2012 and it will be
available through Pitch Black Records and its distribution partners as
well as through major MP3 stores.

Album track list:
1. Intro
2. Messenger Of Death
3. Suicide Wind
4. One Night
5. Secret Place
6. Don’t Tell Me
7. My Dreams
8. Violence Of Mind
9. Touch Of Evil
10. One Night (video) (explicit version) – bonus

Access Denied is:
Agnieszka Sulich – vocals
Jacek “Jaca” Kolankiewicz – guitars
Mateusz “Matolek” Krauze – guitars
Pawel “Wolv” Nejczew – bass
Michal Lysejko – drums

Holy Dragons hail from Kazakhstan and their blend of metal ranges from
heavy metal to power and speed metal with some killer “Halford-esque”

The band was formed in 1992 and they have a large number of releases
since then, including albums, singles and EPs. ZERSTORER is the first
album to feature new vocalist Ian Breeg and it will be released on
November 6th 2012, again available through Pitch Black Records and its
distribution partners as well as through major MP3 stores.

Album track list:
1. Voices Of Lie
2. Doomsday Angels
3. The Man Who Saved The World / Crush Of Chrome Dome
4. Project A119
5. M.A.D. Mutual Assured Destruction / AN602 – Wind Of Hate
6. Cuban Crisis / Insomnia
7. F.R.A.G.I.L.E.
8. NORAD Alert
9. The Day After
10. HL 7442
11. DEFCON 1 / Zerstorer

Holy Dragons are:
Ian Breeg – vocals
Jürgen Thuderson – guitars, keyboards
Chris “Thorheim” Caine – guitars
Anton Repalo – drums

Pitch Black Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #20 ***
-Delain: Dutch Symphonic Metal Outfit Releases Video For “We Are The

Dutch symphonic metal masters Delain have released an official video
for the title track of their third and most massive album to date, WE
ARE THE OTHERS, which was released earlier this year in North America
via Sensory Records and in Europe via CNR Entertainment. The lyrics to
“We Are The Others” were inspired by the hate crime against a British
girl named Sophie Lancaster in 2007. She and her boyfriend were beaten
comatose by a gang of youths, because of their Goth looks, and Sophie
later died from her injuries. This tragedy sent shockwaves throughout
the world.

Commented Delain vocalist Charlotte Wessels: “Sophie’s story hit close
to home for us, being part of a subculture ourselves but it’s in no
way an individual case; people are discriminated against — all the
time, to the point of violence — based on their cultural or ethnic
background everywhere. ‘We Are The Others’ is our own ‘outsiders
anthem’ for everybody who, deliberately or not, diverts from the norm.
Whether it’s by looking different, acting different, or choosing a
different path in life then is expected from you.”

View the new “We Are The Others” video, stream the North American
version of the entire album and more now at

WE ARE THE OTHERS is an album littered with concepts in every aspect,
from lyrically bridging fantasy with reality and actual events in
history, to the steampunk-influenced cover art created by noted pop
surrealist Glenn Arthur. Delain enlisted a massive production team for
the recording, including Jacob Hellner (Rammstein, Apocalyptica),
Fredrik Thomander and Anders Wikstrom (Scorpions, Backyard Babies),
bringing every element of the album to life. As always fronted by the
soaring, vibrant vocals of Charlotte Wessels and drenched in the
glorious keyboard passages of band founder ex-Within Temptation
keyboardist, Martijn Westerholt, WE ARE THE OTHERS boasts twelve of
the most epic Delain hymns to date, with the North American version
containing four additional live bonus tracks exclusive to this

“…these tunes are really damn catchy. For the most part, they stick
to the same crunchy midtempo template, but they reinforce the formula
with giant hooks. 8/10” – Outburn

“Addictive song writing with the right balance of catchiness, Delain
could out maneuver Within Temptation based on this output. 8/10” –

“…a solid modern symphonic metal album and it may be Delain’s best
album to date.” – About.com

“…WE ARE THE OTHERS finds the band on a continuing course of
symphonic metal, but with a refreshing injection of rock groove and
accessibility. 4/5” – Dangerdog Music Reviews

“…one of the strongest records in this vein of metal to come out in
a really long time… It’s catchy, atmospheric, cathartic and soulful,
without being generic and watered down or saturated in pretentious
synth-nymphomania… 8/10” – Axis Of Metal


*** PRESS RELEASE #21 ***
-Candlelight Red Releaes New “Demons” Single/Video, Announce Tour
Dates With Fozzy

One of hard rock/heavy metal’s fastest rising new bands, Candlelight
Red, continue to inch their way towards a big breakthrough, as
evidenced by their just-issued DEMONS EP (which was produced by
Sevendust’s Morgan Rose). And the band has just unveiled a new,
striking video for the title track from DEMONS (a track which has been
hitting hard and climbing the charts at active rock radio), and will
be opening a string of dates for renowned rocker Fozzy.

Candlelight Red (which hails from Williamsport, PA, and is comprised
of Ryan Hoke – lead vocals, Jeremy Edge – guitar/backing vocals, Jamie
Morral – bass/backing vocals, and Brian Dugan – drums) premiered the
“Demons” clip via the website bloody-disgusting.com, who described the
video as capturing “The band rocking out amidst fiery explosions and
burst of debris interspersed with footage of a woman vomiting blood in
heat signature filter (she looks mighty cold).”

Since the middle of August, Candlelight Red has been killing it as
part of the multi-band Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival, which
also features such bands as Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind, among many
others. Once the tour wraps up at the end of September, Candlelight
Red will hit the road once again next month with Fozzy, from October
26th through November 4th.

Although barely a month old, the DEMONS EP has been racking up rave
reviews, such as from puregrainaudio.com, which said “The heavy stuff
is really heavy, the melodic stuff is real melodic and the tunes
really beg to be played at full volume. If Candlelight Red can keep up
this energy and momentum for a full-length release then they just
might become a force to be reckoned with.”

And with the new “Demons” video clip and upcoming tour dates alongside
Fozzy, Candlelight Red is increasing the volume to an already loud
buzz about the band. Catch them on a stage near you!

Confirmed tour dates:

Oct 26 – Ollie’s Point / Revolution w/ Fozzy Amityville, NY
Oct 27 – Chameleon Club w/ Fozzy Lancaster, PA
Oct 28 – Peabody’s w/ Fozzy Cleveland, OH
Oct 29 – The Mod Club Theatre w/ Fozzy Toronto, Canada
Oct 30 – Bogies w/ Fozzy Albany, NY
Nov 1 – Empire w/ Fozzy Springfield, VA
Nov 2 – Hooligans w/ Fozzy Jacksonville, NC
Nov 3 – The Rock Shop w/ Fozzy Fayetteville, NC
Nov 4 – Ziggy’s w/ Fozzy Winston Salem, NC


*** PRESS RELEASE #22 ***
-Scythia Update

Scythia Streaming New EP FOR THE BEAR On MetalRecusants.com + Tour

Canada’s favourite purveyors of folk/prog metal, Scythia are now
streaming their upcoming EP FOR THE BEAR on MetalRecusants.com at
. The EP is officially available as of Tuesday, September 25, 2012 and
can be ordered on bandcamp here: http://scythia.bandcamp.com/ . A
short, but sweet seven-track adventure that departs from the
orchestration and central concept of its predecessors, 2011’s …OF
EXILE and 2010’s …OF WAR, the EP represents a leaner, faster and
sharper folk metal machine.

The folk warriors will also be trekking across Canada for their “For
The Bear Tour” that will kick off at their EP launch show in
Vancouver, BC on Sept 26th at the Rickshaw Theater and will see the
band venture east with a performance at Noctis Metal Fest on Sept 29th
alongside such names as Venom and Agalloch and heading as far as
Montreal, QC and back west over the month long tour.

For The Bear Tour Dates
Sept 26, 2012 – Rickshaw Theater – Vancouver, BC w/ Terrifier,
Nylithia – Doors at 8 p.m., show at 9 p.m., $10
Sept 28, 2012 – Rockwater Grill and Bar – Golden, BC (Scythia
exclusive) – Show at 11 p.m.
Sept 29, 2012 – Mac Hall Ballroom – NOCTIS METAL FEST – Calgary, AB –
Scythia opens at 5 p.m. w/ Venom, Agalloch, Grand Magus, Nun
Slaughter, Black Witchery, Excrementory Grindf*ckers, The Order Of
October 1, 2012 – Ozzy’s/The Zoo – Winnipeg, MB w/ Vathek, Spill The
Blood, Half Dead Husky, Einarr – Doors at 9 p.m., $8
October 5, 2012- Rotilicious – Ajax, ON w/ Gunt – Doors at 9 p.m. by
October 6, 2012 – TBA – North Bay, ON
October 7, 2012 – Foufounes Electriques – Montreal, QC w/ Valknacht,
Warcall, Talamyus. Doors at 7 p.m., $10 in advance/$12 at door
October 11, 2012 – Coach and Horses – Windsor, ON
October 12, 2012 – Corktown Pub – Hamilton, ON – Scythia Headlines –
Doors at 9 p.m., Scythia at 12:45am
October 15, 2012 – Crocks – Thunder Bay, ON w/ Point North – Doors at
8 p.m.
October 18, 2012 – Lepps – Saskatoon, SK (Lepps) w/ Druidus, Desecrate
Scripture – Doors at 9 p.m., $10
October 19, 2012 – Rendez Vous – Edmonton, AB – w/ Mortillery, Mongol
– Doors at 8 p.m., $10
October 20, 2012 – Branding Iron – Armstrong, BC w/ Skatin For Satan,
White Knights Finish Last – Doors at 8 p.m., $5

FOR THE BEAR – Track Listing:
1. Sailor’s Accolade (3:19)
2. Fierce Riders of Scythia (remix) (3:46)
3. For The Bear (2:34)
4. Black Death (remix) (4:05)
5. Dies Irae Pt. 1 (remix) (5:31)
6. Mattawa Reel (2:27)
7. Video Game Medley (5:32)

Album Credits:
• All songs performed and written by: Scythia (except for “Mattawa
Reel” adapted Quebecois folk song by Robert Forest and “Video Game
Medley” features excerpts from “Wizards And Warriors 1,”
“Castlevania,” “Skyrim,” “The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time,”
“Final Fantasy VI,” and “Tetris”)
• Produced by: Dave Khan and Scythia
• Engineered by: Dave Khan, Shaun Thingvold, Nick Engwar, Rob Stephenson
• Mixed by: Stu McKillop of Rain City Recorders
• Mastered by: Nick Moon of ToneProper
• CD Cover Artwork: by Mika Harju (kamikazuh.carbonmade.com)
• Album Layout: Celine Derval (niburudesigns.com)
• UPC Code #: 7 81877 00449 9
• Album Lineup:
Dave Khan – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keys and Effects
Terry Savage – Bass
Morgan Zentner – Oboe
Celine Derval – Drums and Backup Vocals

FREE DOWNLOAD – “Sailor’s Accolade”

YouTube embed link – “Sailor’s Accolade”

Teaser – Scythia – FOR THE BEAR

Music Video – “Spirit Of The Quest” (from the …OF EXILE album)

For more info on the band and tour dates, please visit their official
website http://www.scythia.ca/ or follow the band on their Facebook
fanpage and Twitter.


*** PRESS RELEASE #23 ***
-Mongrel Partners With Bloody Good Horror To Launch “Bored To Death”

BOSTON, MA — Boston area punk-metal crossover mainstay Mongrel has
unveiled their new music video for the song “Bored To Death” from
their upcoming full-length album RECLAMATION, which is set for release
on 25 Sept. on THC-X, the digital imprint of THC-Music, home of
American Head Charge, Black Light Burns, Attika7, Slaves On Dope, etc.

“Bored To Death” is the leadoff track from the band’s forthcoming
album which has been described as “…an awesome album chock full of
snot nosed, stiff upper lipped punk anthems with some tasty hard rock
licks thrown into the mix” (Ian Webber, 90.3 WKRB-FM). Directing and
producing the band’s first proper music video was Jim Foster at Red 13
Media (Godsmack, Graveyard BBQ, Nullset). CD versions of Reclamation
can be pre-ordered at http://mongrel.bandcamp.com .

The band decided to go with Bloody Good Horror as a launch partner
because “we know a LOT of our fans are into the horror genre,” says
guitarist, Adam Savage, “so this seemed like a good opportunity to
turn them on to a cool site they might enjoy and to get our video out
to fans of Bloody Good Horror who might be checking us out for the
first time. Definitely a win-win and perfect timing with our upcoming
appearance the the Rock & Shock Festival next month!”

“Mongrel is an upstart band with a big sound and comes armed with
enough confidence in their talent make an instant impression,” says M.
Drew, music editor at Bloody Good Horror. “The band has emerged from
some lineup changes armed with grit and fury, funneling that raw power
out of their instruments and sending it surging through your

“Bored To Death” can be viewed at: http://bit.ly/PgyGXF

Mongrel recently announced the addition of new drummer Mike Hogan as
well as a series of album release parties winding up with a mainstage
appearance at this year’s Rock & Shock festival in Worcester MA where
they will share the stage with the Misfits, Shadows Fall, God Forbid,
and Vision Of Disorder.

Catch Mongrel live at:

9/28 – Trash Bar, Brooklyn, NY
9/29 – Silver Lake Park, Athol, MA (“Rise Above Festival”)
9/30 – Tammany Hall, Worcester, MA
10/5 – Mad Bob’s, Manchester, NH
10/12 – The Palladium, Worcester, MA (“Rock & Shock” festival)

Relevant Links:

*** REVIEWS ***
OBSESSION – ORDER OF CHAOS (A-) Inner Wound Recordings, 2012
10 tracks, RT: 45:00
[ http://www.theobsession.net/ ]
[ https://www.facebook.com/obsessionmetal ]
[ http://www.innerwound.com/ ]
Obsession was one of those killer mid ’80s melodic metal bands of the
“live fast, die young” variety; after releasing two classic albums in
SCARRED FOR LIFE and METHODS OF MADNESS they called it a day in 1989,
reforming in 2004 to release the excellent CARNIVAL OF LIES recording
in 2006. Well it has taken six years but the guys are finally back
with a follow-up called ORDER OF CHAOS and it’s a smoldering piece of
traditional metal designed to have fans of the genre banging their
heads in approval. You won’t find modern stylings, progressive
excursions, or facsimiles of other bands here, just a tasty offering
of what makes this variety of metal so enjoyable. Michael Vescera is
the unifying element tying ORDER OF CHAOS to the early Obsession
material, and he is a joy to hear on tracks such as “Forbidden
Desire,” “When The Smoke Clears,” “Wages Of Sin,” and “Act Of God,”
his vocals strong and assured — if his work with Loudness and Yngwie
Malmsteen was to your liking you’re going to love what’s on offer
here. Michael has a new band and they are more than up to the task of
contributing delightfully crunchy rhythms and blistering solos to the
proceedings with plenty of energy to spare. I wish the album had been
a bit longer, as it clocks in at only 45 minutes, but as the saying
goes, “always leave them wanting more.” Well I certainly want more,
but I’ll enjoy ORDER OF CHAOS until Obsession records their next opus
— let’s hope it’s not a long wait!
– Neal Woodall (MysticX9@gmail.com)

CD: 10 tracks, RT: 1:08:30
DVD: 10 tracks plus Special Features, RT: 1:34:00
[ http://www.triumphmusic.com/ ]
[ http://www.frontiers.it/ ]
It’s easy for me to feel old when I realize it has been 33 years since
I bought my first Triumph album JUST A GAME, but time seems to
disappear whenever I hear their music, and I’m transformed into that
14-year-old wide-eyed rock kid yet again. Through the years Triumph
faced a number of challenges including unfair comparisons to fellow
Canadians Rush, a changing music scene, and the departure of essential
member Rik Emmett in 1988. Finally calling it a day in 1993, I was
sure Triumph was to be just a cherished memory to be enjoyed only via
physical media; it was with great delight and anticipation then that I
learned of Triumph’s planned return to the stage in early 2008, even
getting a chance to interview Mike Levine about the event. Well as you
know the show went off without a hitch and we were promised a DVD of
the occasion, but sometimes the wheels move slowly on these things and
we find ourselves four years later with the package finally seeing the
light of day. Was it worth the wait? Of course it was!!! Starting with
“When The Lights Go Down,” the first thing you notice is that these
guys have lost none of the musicality and dynamics that made them such
an explosive live act all those years ago, the band looking like they
stepped right out of 1985 (except for Rik’s shortened hair).
Skillfully navigating their way through some of their most beloved
songs, no Triumph fan could fail to be moved by the inclusion of such
celebrated gems as “Lay It On The Line,” “Never Surrender,” “Blinding
Light Show/Moonchild,” “Rock N’ Roll Machine,” and “Fight The Good
Fight.” If my ears don’t deceive me it sounds like the DVD audio was
left “as is,” while the CD has a fuller resonance suggesting some
post-production. Make no mistake, the performance is a solid “A” and
is quite astounding to experience considering the band hadn’t played
together in 20 years, a special event indeed. Just a few things
prevent the set from being perfect, the first being the band
unfortunately had to perform in broad daylight, effectively
diminishing the awesome light show they’re known for, and the set
list, which curiously omits any tracks from what is surely one of
Triumph’s best albums, THUNDER SEVEN. As for special features, the
package includes an interesting press conference with the band along
with excited fan commentary and rehearsal footage. All shortcomings
aside, LIVE AT SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL is an excellent collection and is
quite essential for all Triumph fans. Now if we could just get them
together for a new album and tour…
– Neal Woodall (MysticX9@gmail.com)

*** OUT ***

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