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Issue #618

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Issue #618
Week of November 28, 2011

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-Just in case anyone was concerned, yes we did skip last week for Thanksgiving here in the US. (Call off the search party!!) So, this week we get a *big* issue. And I’m getting in the holiday mood so our Christmas break is looming, too. I’m not sure yet if this will be the last issue of ’11, or we’ll sneak one more in next week. So stay tuned! – Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-Niji Entertainment Group Announces Collectible Dio Releases

Without question, Ronnie James Dio was one of the greatest vocalists in hard rock/heavy metal history, who built a fanatical and devoted following during his multi-decade career. And in the coming months, Dio collectors will have the opportunity to pick up some truly one-of-a-kind releases — a limited edition picture disc of Elf’s self-titled debut album, a deluxe picture disc of the Dio release MASTER OF THE MOON, and a limited edition and deluxe numbered super secret Picture Disc that will make HISTORY for RECORD STORE DAY 2012!

As a reminder, just released is the amazing, AND BEFORE ELF… THERE WERE ELVES featuring both live in the studio and live on stage tracks from 1971 from The Elves featuring a young Ronnie James Dio on vocals! The packaging is spectacular! The CD comes housed in a digi-pak with a custom Lenticular cover! When you turn the cover to the right, you see an image and when you turn it to the right, you see a completely different image! This CD is in stores now!

December 13th will see the release of the very first Elf album, as a deluxe numbered picture disc. Originally issued in 1972, the album shows off Dio’s vast vocal talents, as he handles honky tonk, blues, and rock, rather than the mega decibel rock that would later become his trademark. This release will be issued in the USA only, and each LP will be individually numbered from 1-2,500.

The next release, the MASTER OF THE MOON deluxe numbered picture disc, will be released on March 13, 2012. The album was originally issued in 2004, was Dio’s tenth studio solo effort overall, and featured such renowned rock names as Simon Wright on drums, Craig Goldy on guitar, Scott Warren on keyboards, and Jeff Pilson on bass. Unlike the other two aforementioned releases, the MASTER OF THE MOON deluxe picture disc will not be a limited edition release.

And lastly, on Record Store Day 2012 (April 16, 2012, to be exact), The Niji Entertainment Group has something very special that will sell out instantly! We don’t want to give it away yet, but trust us, fans will be waiting in line at participating Record Store Day locations to scoop this release up! Dio fans will be the first to know about it, so join the Official Ronnie James Dio Fan Page On Facebook!

Also recently launched is the Official Dio Store, where fans can buy shirts, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and more from Dio, Heaven & Hell and other artists signed to the label:


Don’t wait long to pick up these three beautifully assembled Dio releases! These releases will be sold in local record stores across the US as well as online music retailers like Amazon.com and the Official Dio Web Store! The Official Dio Fan Page on Facebook gets over 25,000,000 visitors a month, and once the word is spread about this project, fans will be waiting in line overnight to get their copies. Get ready for some vintage Dio rock… with a sleek new look!


*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-Dokken To Enter The Studio For A Brand New Album Due For Release In 2012

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the signing of Dokken for the worldwide release of the band’s forthcoming studio album in the spring of 2012.

The cooperation between Frontiers and Dokken started with the release of the band’s CD LIGHTNING STRIKES AGAIN in 2007. The album marked a return to Dokken’s signature style with melodic hook lines and blazing guitar riffs that epitomized the band’s sound on such records as TOOTH AND NAIL, UNDER LOCK AND KEY, BACK FOR THE ATTACK, and DYSFUNCTIONAL.

“So far we have written 10 songs in only eight weeks,” says singer Don Dokken. “Usually we spend a year or more on our music. I can’t explain why this time it came so fast, it just happened. So far the music is very up-tempo and heavy, of course we know our fans like the classic Dokken sound and this is where our new music is headed. It’s been a band of brothers doing what we love: ‘music.'”

Dokken plans to finish their new recording by the end of February and go out on the road in June. “In a perfect world we would like to release the new album before the summer and then play the festivals in Europe. Then hopefully we can jump on a package tour in the US,” tells Don Dokken. “We want to give everyone a great CD that will keep all music fans Rokkin’ during these troubled times!”

Dokken is now formed by Don Dokken on lead vocals, Jon Levin on guitar, Sean McNabb on bass and Mick Brown on drums.

Formed in 1978, Dokken is one of the bands that defined the American Hard Rock trademark sound of the ’80s. They have been nominated for a Grammy Award in 1989 and sold more than 10 million albums worldwide. Their next album will be their 11th original studio release.


*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-Accept Announce New Album Title!

It’s always quiet just before the storm!

Accept’s 15-year break from the music business only served as a distant warning to the 2010 thunderous return of Accept to the metal forefront. Sweat soaked, table-sized club shows and triumphant appearances at the biggest rock festivals around the world created an excitement long not seen in the metal community. It was only natural that Accept’s comeback album BLOOD OF THE NATIONS entered the charts at #4, the band’s highest entry in their legendary career! In addition, BLOOD OF THE NATIONS charted high in countless other countries and cemented itself at #1 in many Reader Polls for a continuous 14 months! Accolades like “Album of the Year,” “Metal Anthem of the Year” and many more kept pouring in. The fans, in admiration of their heroes, flocked in the thousands to their notorious live shows, and Nuclear Blast, their record company, was salivating with satisfaction!

Inspired by their fans’ awe-inspiring reaction to their explosive live shows as well as the grandiose success of the comeback album, the band is now excited to jump right back into the studio and record another collection of heavy metal classics. To be called STALINGRAD, the new Accept album is scheduled to be released via Nuclear Blast Records in the spring of 2012. It will once again be produced by English star producer Andy Sneap who has long become a part of the Accept family.

As the saying goes… no rest for the wicked! Following the release of STALINGRAD, Accept will continue their unstoppable, Teutonic Terror in 2012 and beyond, invading stages from North to South, from East to West, leaving all nonbelievers in their metallic dust!


*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-Blind Guardian: Signed Cajón For Sale!

Cajón Signed By Blind Guardian In Support Of New Blood In Metal

From Saturday, 19th of November on, the Wacken Foundation will offer a limited Wacken style Cajón with original Blind Guardian signatures for sale!


A cajón? That’s right! Originally a Peruvian instrument it has become one of the most famous and most widely used rhythm instruments. Even beginners can learn to play it quite quickly with the aid of a textbook and an instruction CD — and will for sure be able to play along with their favorite band Blind Guardian in the living room.

In order to shorten the waiting time for this great exclusive memorabilia, the cajón donated by Blind Guardian and the Wacken Open Air will be available for “buy it now” on eBay.

The proceeds will be used by the Wacken Foundation in support of up and coming rock and metal artists. More high-quality auctions to follow!

The Wacken Foundation is a non-profit foundation with big visions for the rock and metal scene. It was founded in 2008 by the creators of the legendary Wacken:Open:Air with the objective of giving newcomer bands a chance to gain name recognition within the ever-changing music business. For that purpose, the foundation offers financial support; rock and metal companies and bands can apply for it.

Before the end of the year, Blind Guardian will perform at the following events:

09.12. Geiselwind, Christmas Metal Meeting
10.12. Karlsruhe, Knock Out Festival


*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Doro Releases Official Metal X-Mas Anthem Featuring Onkel Tom Angelripper!

Legendary metal queen Doro just announced the release of the official X-Mas anthem for all metalheads!

“I had the feeling, the time was right to record a song for X-Mas,” says Doro. “I am at recording my new album right now, which should be out by next summer. While doing this, I suddenly came up with a fitting melody and lyrics.”

The song’s called “Merry Metal X-Mas,” performed by Doro and showcases a guest appearance by Sodom’s very own Onkel Tom Angelripper.

“I definitely wanted something loud and funny,” she explains.

“Merry Metal X-Mas” will be released December 9, 2011 and will be available as digital download and limited 7″ vinyl single (Christmas tree green).

Also don’t miss Doro live:

Doro Winter Tour 2011

08.12.2011 GER – Saarbrücken @ Garage
09.12.2011 GER – Aschaffenburg @ Colos-Saal
10.12.2011 GER – München @ Backstage Werk
11.12.2011 GER – Hannover @ Capitol
13.12.2011 GER – Fulda @ Kreuz
14.12.2011 GER – Nürnberg @ Hirsch
16.12.2011 GER – Osnabrück @ Rosenhof
17.12.2011 GER – Herxheim @ Festhalle
18.12.2011 GER – Hamburg @ Docks


*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-Steelheart’s Miljenko Matijevic Sings “Hallelujah” And Brings Men To Their Knees

When Miljenko sings one can not help but take notice of the extraordinary vocal ability and passion that comes pouring out from his heart and soul. When Miljenko “Mili” Matijevic sings “Hallelujah” it is so powerful it brings men to their knees and fills eyes with tears.

“Hallelujah” is a song written by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, originally released on his studio album VARIOUS POSITIONS (1984). Achieving little initial success, the song found greater popular acclaim through a cover by John Cale, which later formed the basis for a cover by Jeff Buckley. Cover versions have been performed by a large number and broad range of artists, both in recordings and in concert. The song has also seen significant use in film and television soundtracks, as well as televised talent contests such as “The X Factor.”

Since the cover by Cale in 1991, the song has since been performed by almost 200 artists in various languages. To name a few of the most notable artists that have covered the song in recent years would be Jeff Buckley in 1994, Rufus Walnwright in 1997, k.d. lang in 2004, In 2006 the Norwegian quartet of Espen Lind, Kurt Nilsen, Alejandro Fuentes and Askil Holm released a cover of the song which became the fastest-selling hit ever in Norway, reaching #1 on VG-lista.

Other performers that have covered this powerful filled song is Alexandra Burke, Bon Jovi, Lisa Lois, Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris but none as touching, pure, emotional, and passionate than that of Miljenko’s newly released version of “Hallelujah.”

You can purchase the song at Steelheart’s Store.

*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-Nightwish Update

[Note: This combines multiple updates. – Tim]

IMAGINAERUM Snippets & Lyric Video Available!

Here are the official tasters from IMAGINAERUM!

“Even Amazon was so enthusiastic about the album, that they had to share these samples without asking us… If you want to experience the true impact of the album, we recommend that you do something else and not listen to THESE.”


“With lots of respect; Nightwish”

And if you want to sing along to the new single “Storytime,” but can’t quite make out the words, we also have the solution now. Here is the “Storytime” video with lyrics:


New Trailer About IMAGINAERUM

Nightwish have one last trailer clip for you before IMAGINAERUM will be released this Friday. In today’s video, all five band members say a few sentences about the upcoming album. It also features some orchestral teasers as well as a first glance at the album’s booklet art. Click here to watch it:


In other news, Nuclear Blast have launched an IMAGINAERUM online game to promote the album and help you pass the time until the release day.

Right now you can play the first (of four) level. Each Friday 12.00 CET a new level will be added and the high score winner will receive a special present. You can play it here:



*** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
-Dario Mollo & Tony Martin resurrect The Cage With The Release Of The Long Awaited Third Album In January!

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of the long awaited Mollo / Martin new album entitled THE THIRD CAGE on January 20, 2012 in Europe and January 24 in North America.

Dario Mollo and Tony Martin first got together when the Italian guitar player, producer, and composer needed the right singer after the put together a new set of songs in the late ’90s. The former Black Sabbath singer came about on a suggestion from producer Kit Woolven (UFO, Thin Lizzy) with whom Dario Mollo had been working during his Crossbones years. Tony Martin wrote lyrics and melodies for the amazing tracks that Dario had already assembled, and thus The Cage was born.

The first album, released independently in 1999, gained a great success among the Hard Rock fans and the critics and Dario started finally to make himself a reputation over the international markets. This debut was later followed by an equally acclaimed second album in 2002.

Mollo has been very busy since then, releasing one more album with the Voodoo Hill project with Glenn Hughes. He then toured Europe with Graham Bonnet and Don Airey. After Don became a permanent Deep Purple member, Dario and Graham Bonnet put up Elektric Zoo, touring Europe again, performing songs from Rainbow, Alcatrazz, Voodoo Hill and The Cage. In 2008 Dario released an album with the more alt-rock Italian band Noize Machine, before getting again to work on a new set of Hard Rocking songs for a new record with Tony Martin.

“As usual we are 50/50 partners,” explains Mollo. “I write all the music and Tony then contributes with the melodies and lyrics. We also try together different structures of the tracks and we rearrange them to better fit the vocal parts. Then I go ahead and take care of the entire production of the album, tracking, mixing and mastering.”

The songwriting, the sound and the video production of this new project are absolutely stunning and show the great skills that Mollo has developed in the past few years. All Hard Rock lovers should simply not miss this record which bravely melts several influences in a cutting edge release. “There are much better songs, performances and production on this album, plus we will finally bring this project live out there: we have a lot of great songs to perform to our loyal fans, we look forward to meet them,” concludes Dario Mollo.

THE THIRD CAGE will include the following tracks: Wicked World; Cirque Du Freak; Oh My Soul; One Of The Few; Still In Love With You; Can’t Stay Here; Wardance; Don’t Know What It Is About You; Blind Fury; Violet Moon; Wicked World (video clip).

The first single / video “Wicked World” can be streamed in full on the Frontiers Records webradio at http://www.frontiers.it/webradio . Enjoy the video clip following this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4y83C_DX81E


Mollo / Martin
Dario Mollo – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Tony Martin – Vocals
Roberto Gualdi – Drums
Fulvio Gaslini – Bass
Dario Patti / Brian War – Keyboards

*** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
-Gotthard: New Singer Confirmed. He Is Swiss!

Gotthard has a new singer. The successor to Steve Lee, who was killed in a tragic accident last year, is Nic Maeder and he was born in Switzerland. So the most successful Swiss rock band stays “Homegrown” and will now continue with a fellow countryman.

The new recruit to the Gotthard family was born in 1971 in Lausanne and is one of the many singers who applied to become a member of the band. Nic Maeder is a real stroke of luck for Gotthard.

“Nic not only has a great voice and is a fantastic musician, but we also have a great person in our midst,” says Leo Leoni.

So a turbulent and moving time is coming to an end for Gotthard. During the months after the decision to carry on was taken, the rockers received more than 400 applications from all over the world, listen to them and invited the likely candidates to try out. Gotthard took a lot of time to find the best possible choice.

This was a choice that was far from easy for the four musicians Leo Leoni (guitar), Marc Lynn (bass), Freddy Scherer (guitar) and Hena Habegger (drums). It was clear that the successor to Steve Lee would have to bring a lot of potential, not only as a singer but also as a human being. Seldom in the history of music has the search for a singer produced so many talented candidates as in the case of Gotthard. Among the international applicants were several famous names as well as new and unknown voices.

“The individuality which each candidate presented made the decision far from easy. It has been a long and difficult road up to this point,” said Hena Habegger.

The final decision for Nic Maeder was unanimous.

Freddy Scherer said: “We noticed straight away that the chemistry, both musically and personally, was right. For us he is the new member of the family.”

Gotthard has in Nic Maeder an addition to the international character which their music has had since the beginning. At the age of two, Nic moved with his family to Melbourne, Australia and grew up as a cosmopolitan between Switzerland and “Down Under” and has a particular connection to the language of Rock and Roll.

“Music has been my companion all my life and always was an important part of it. It is a great feeling to be able to share in the birth of a song and to see how it keeps growing. I can experience that with Gotthard and it makes me happy. I am making music with friends,” says Nic Maeder.

Before he joined Gotthard, Nic played in several projects and had success with the band Maeder.

Of course you can write a lot about a new singer, but in the end there is nothing better than seeing and hearing him sing. So Gotthard has decided to produce a song with video, which can be downloaded free of charge by all the people who didn’t lose their belief in Gotthard and is dedicated to those who have supported the band during the past months.

From today this will be the first Gotthard song — “Remember It’s Me” with Nic Maeder — published on http://www.gotthard.com/ — have fun!

“We were privileged to read many personal and moving mails and could also get to know many singers with great voices,” said Marc Lynn. “With Nic, we have taken the right decision for Gotthard. A lot of courage is needed to step into the footsteps of such a great singer. Nic has earned our respect.”

The band is working with renewed energy and enthusiasm in the studio at the moment on songs for a new album, which will be released in the spring of 2012.

Finally, the band would like to thank all those who applied and wishes them lots of luck and success in the future!

“Remember It’s Me” can be downloaded free at http://www.gotthard.com/ .

*** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
-Z Records News

[Note: This was edited together from multiple updates. – Tim]

Paul Sabu Orders That You “Rock Don’t Run!”

Some six months out from his eagerly awaited UK debut live appearance at Z Rock 2012, Paul Sabu has come up with an outright rocking gem to whet his fans’ appetite. As usual there are some whom doubt, well rest assured those whom did doubt are in for a shock because Paul’s forthcoming studio album for Z Records will more than please fans of Heartbreak or Only Child. Z Records head Mark Alger commented, “I’ve always been a Paul Sabu fan so signing Paul was a purely selfish act. What Paul is working on right now seriously rekindles the spirit of the awesome albums Paul’s most noted for from the ’80s.”

“Rock Don’t Run” is the first taster of what’s to come, a seriously mesmerizing track with a huge chorus that will stay in your head for days. Paul is joined by good friend and rock legend Frankie Banali on drums and the rest of the band, hmmmm, no we’ll save some news for closer to the release date in March 2012.

So you want to hear this awesome slab of Paul Sabu?? Hear “Rock Don’t Run” first by simply listening to Chris Nelson’s “Hair Metal Haven” via http://www.phoenixradio.co.uk/ between 5 p.m. / 6 p.m. [GMT] on Saturdays [6 p.m. /7 p.m. ECT or 12 – 1 p.m. EST]. If you cannot connect to the station visit http://www.rockforces.com/ where a stream of the show will be available for one week immediately after transmission.

Even better do you want to get your hands on a hard copy format of the awesome “Rock Don’t Run”???? Simply purchase a copy of December issue of Fireworks Magazine with the special sampler CD and you’ll be happy — street date December 13th!!!!!

Z Rock 2012 Tickets Discount Ending

The discounted ticket price offer for Z Rock 2012 will end at midnight on November 30. If you want to take advantage of the £7 saving per ticket go to http://www.zrecords.net/ .

Super Group Signs Worldwide Deal With Z Records

Z Records are extremely proud to announce the signing of the super group Acid For Blood to a Worldwide Deal. Acid For Blood features the immense talents of Paul Sabu (vocals, guitar), Frankie Banali (drums), Linkan Andersson (guitars), and Martin Karlsson (bass). The band’s debut OUT FOR BLOOD will be released during the summer of 2012. Z Records had been in long negotiations with the members and are ever pleased that the band signed the deal last week. The band’s debut is heavy but melodic and perfect for annoying the neighbors!

Legendary drummer Frankie Banali stated, “I am incredibly proud of Acid For Blood and the opportunity to work with the amazing Paul Sabu as well as Linkan Andersson and Martin Karlsson who are world class musicians. The release of Acid For Blood by Z Records is a music high water mark in my career.”

And Paul Sabu stated, “Some bands are great and some are magical… This band is like Houdini on Steroids!!! Working with Frankie Banali seems to dwarf the drummers I used to admire… Linkan Andersson and Martin Karlsson have taken the guitar to a whole new level. Playing with them is that special moment you wait for in life. Can’t wait for the release of Acid For Blood on Z Records!”

Further news to follow watch this space.


*** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
-Lion Music Label & Artist News

November Releases Out Now

Available now is the hard hitting third strike DANGEROUS DIAMONDS from Italian metallers Mastercastle.

Powered by the soaring vocals of Giorgia Gueglio, expert guitar work of Pier Gonella and the tight dynamic rhythmic pull of bassist Steve Vawamas and drummer Alesandro Bissa; Mastercastle pull on the best elements from their previous two releases (THE PHOENIX and LAST DESIRE) to produce their best work to date.

Album promo page

Full song sample

After the critical acclaim bestowed upon Consortium Project V – SPECIES earlier in 2011, Lion Music are proud to present the first of four reissues of the back catalogue from vocalist extraordinaire Ian Parry’s formidable Consortium Project series. All reissues come freshly re-mastered for optimum sound with the added bonus of two never-before-heard bonus tracks on each release.

Consortium Project I – CRIMINALS & KINGS is the gripping opening statement of what is being described as “one of metal’s essential concept stories” featuring a host of A1 names from the world of progressive power metal including Stephan Lill (Vanden Plas), Thomas Youngblood (Kamelot), Patrick Rondat (Elegy).

Album promo page

Full song sample

2012 First Quarter Release Schedule

Barring any last minute unforeseen delays we are pleased to confirm the following releases for the first quarter of 2012.

27 January 2012

House Of Shakira / HOS – Back with a revamped lineup featuring melodic rock powerhouse Andreas Novak on lead vocals, HOS sees the Swedish melodic hard rock masters House Of Shakira return with their best album in their highly illustrious career.

Consortium Project II / CONTINUUM IN EXTREMIS – Second release of our continuing Consortium Project reissues. Features completely re-mastered sound and additional two never-before-heard bonus tracks.

27 February 2012

Lord Of Mushrooms / PERSPECTIVES – Long awaited second album from the French progressive metallers. One of the most original bands out there now with new vocalist Gustavo Monsanto (ex-Adagio). Plus highly original packaging.

Consortium Project III / TERRA INOGNITA – Third release of our continuing Consortium Project reissues. Features completely re-mastered sound and additional two never-before-heard bonus tracks.

23 March 2012

Vendetta / WORLD UNDER FIRE – The British Traditional Metal merchants return with their third effort and one that will blow your brains out. Expert song craft and musicianship make this one not to miss for fans of Priest, Maiden, Heaven & Hell along with more ’80s metal sounds a la Fifth Angel.

Consortium Project IV / CHILDREN OF TOMORROW – Fourth and final release of our continuing Consortium Project reissues. Features completely re-mastered sound and additional two never-before-heard bonus tracks.

Lion Music

*** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
-Rammstein Confirms North American Tour 2012

[Note: This is from Evigshed.com. – Tim]

Rammstein, the Berlin-based band known for their incendiary live performances, will bring their brand new live production to North America this spring for 21 dates kicking off April 20 in Ft. Lauderdale.

Tickets for the tour, presented by Live Nation, will go on sale beginning Friday, Nov. 18 and will be available at Ticketmaster.com and LiveNation.com.

Demand for Rammstein’s pyrotechnic-laden performances has been so great in Europe, where they regularly play capacity level soccer stadiums, the band spent nearly a full decade without setting foot on North American shores. In December 2010, the sextet returned to North America for two sold out shows including a performance at Madison Square Garden. Rammstein followed with a nine-day trek of major North American cities in Spring 2011.

The Los Angeles Times described the live experience as “…epic stagecraft on a Wagnerian scale, several notches up from most arena rock.”

The tour announcement comes on the heels of news of the band’s first retrospective release, MADE IN GERMANY 1995-2011, which will be available in North America (through a distribution deal between Universal Germany and Vagrant Records) on Dec. 13.

Rammstein recently released “Mein Land,” a new four-track digital single that features two new songs: the title track and “Vergiss Uns Nicht” as well as remixes from BossHoss and Mogwai. A video directed by Jonas Akerlund for “Mein Land” is also currently featured Rammstein.com. Rammstein’s most recent full-length album, LIEBE IST FÜR ALLE DA, debuted at #13 on the Billboard Top 200 in October 2009.

Rammstein first stormed America in 1998, touring with a set based on their Grammy-nominated breakthrough second release, SEHNSUCHT, featuring “Du Hast,” the song that brought the world’s attention to the band. During their 1998 Family Values tour, praise was high, as well as indignation: band members were jailed in the US on indecency charges due to the highly provocative live show.

Rammstein MADE IN GERMANY 1995-2011 North American Tour Itinerary

April 20 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – BankAtlantic Center – On Sale Nov. 18
April 21 – Tampa, FL – St. Pete Times Forum – On Sale Nov. 18
April 23 – Atlanta, GA – Philips Arena – On Sale Nov. 19
April 25 – Baltimore, MD – 1st Mariner Arena – On Sale Nov. 18
April 26 – Philadelphia, PA – Wells Fargo Center – On Sale Nov. 18
April 28 – Uniondale, NY – Nassau Coliseum – On Sale Nov. 18
April 29 – Worcester, MA – DCU Center – On Sale Nov. 19
May 1 – Montreal, QC – Bell Centre – On Sale Nov. 26
May 3 – Cleveland, OH – Quicken Loans Arena – On Sale Dec. 3
May 4 – Chicago, IL – Allstate Arena – On Sale Nov. 19
May 6 – Detroit, MI – The Palace of Auburn Hills – On Sale Nov. 18
May 8 – Minneapolis, MN – Target Center – On Sale Dec. 5
May 10 – Winnipeg, MB – MTS Centre – On Sale Nov. 25
May 13 – Vancouver, BC – Rogers Arena – On Sale Nov. 25
May 14 – Tacoma, WA – Tacoma Dome – On Sale Dec. 3
May 17 – Anaheim, CA – Honda Center – On Sale Nov. 19
May 18 – Glendale, AZ – Jobing.com Arena – On Sale Dec. 3
May 20 – Denver, CO – Denver Coliseum – On Sale Nov. 19
May 22 – Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center – On Sale Nov. 18
May 24 – San Antonio, TX – AT&T Center – On Sale Dec. 3
May 25 – Houston, TX – Toyota Center – On Sale Nov. 19

Itinerary subject to change.


*** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
-Lee Small – JAMAICA INN

Escape Music – ESM235
File Under: Hard Rock / Blues Rock
EAN: 5031281002358
Release: 20. January 2012

Specials: Shy & Phenomena vocalist with a solo album

Track list:
1. Jamaica Inn
2. The Captain’s Quarters
3. Black Bess
4. Walk The Plank
5. Shine A Light
6. Dead Man Walking
7. Voyager
8. I Am The sea
9. Smuggler’s Blues
10. Waiting For The Hangman
11. End Of The Road
12. The Renegade Accordion Player

Lee Small hails from the West Midlands in the UK, a place that has brought a wealth of talent in rock music and heavy metal gentry, such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Robert Plant, Magnum, John Bonham, Slade, Mel & Tom Galley, and the voice of rock, Glenn Hughes, to name just a few.

Lee started out originally as a bass player in bands at just the age of 14 years and was playing the midlands pub scene at 15. He took up guitar in 1986 and became a vocalist fronting a band for the first time three years later, then, quite by accident as the band he was playing in at the time kept losing the vocalist, they all decided to have a go at singing and he ended up getting the job!!

Since then, Lee has been quietly climbing the ladder to success. In the 1990s Lee fronted UK melodic rockers Pride and had the opportunity to tour with up and coming bands at the time such as Winger, Skin and Thunder. In the late ’90s he formed Native Cain with ex-Pride members and released the album PRIMITIVE SOUL with them in 1998. During 2000 he has been involved with Rock legends Budgie and Eric Bell’s Thin Lizzy. It was not long before Escape Music recognized his vocal talent and Lee features on Escape Music releases by Surveillance (ANGELSTATION) and Cloven Hoof (EYE OF THE SUN), not forgetting Tom Galley’s Psychofantasy project where Lee sang alongside such people as Tony Martin, Keith Murrell, and Glenn Hughes.

More recently Lee took to the mike stand for legendary UK melodic rockers Shy, and has helped create a marvelous piece of music which has received reviews of epic proportions. Lee Small is a name at the forefront of the rock scene at present and what a time to unleash his very own solo outing, an album which is full of surprises. Lee has given us a bluesy rock album that features contributions from Martin Kronlund (Gypsy Rose), Imre Daun (Don Patrol, Gypsy Rose) and Paul Bradder (Saracen). This is Lee at his finest, and this solo outing will see him take his talent to new heights.

All Lead & Background Vocals – Lee Small
Guitars – Carl Anthony Wright, Des Sherwood, Lee Small
Keyboards – Paul Bradder
Bass – Lee Small
Drums – Imre Daun

Martin Kronlund (Gypsy Rose): Guitars
Imre Daun (Don Patrol, Gypsy Rose): Drums
Paul Bradder (Saracen): Keyboards

Escape Music

*** PRESS RELEASE #14 ***
-Sweden Rock Festival Update: 6-9 June 2012!

[Note: This combines multiple updates. – Tim]

Sacred Reich (US) Confirmed For Sweden Rock Festival

Sacred Reich from Phoenix, Arizona is one of the classic bands of the “second generation” of American thrash metal, alongside the likes of Testament, Forbidden and Vio-lence. Their breakthrough came with the SURF NICARAGUA EP (1988), an impressive union of powerful metal riffs and the uncompromising aggression and political commitment of punk. More classic releases, like THE AMERICAN WAY (1990) and INDEPENDENT (1993) followed, before Sacred Reich folded in the year 2000. Happily, the band returned to the live scene seven years later and will be making their highly anticipated SRF-debut in 2012 — still featuring their classic lineup of vocalist/bassist Phil Rind, guitarists Wiley Arnett and Jason Rainey, and drummer Greg Hall.

Graveyard (S) Confirmed For Sweden Rock Festival

Of the numerous Swedish bands waving the flag for ’70s hard rock, Graveyard must be the very hottest at present. The eponymous debut of these Gothenburgers arrived in 2007 and was met by a favorable reception. However, that pales in comparison to the sensation stirred by its sequel, HISINGEN BLUES, in spring 2011. The album was a huge success and was bombarded with superlatives by ridiculously unanimous reviewers. Graveyard came off as the band no one could resist, with their bleak, unspeakably genuine style rooted in the likes of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and psychedelic overlords Blue Cheer and Captain Beyond. In short: it’s the biggest Swedish sensation of 2011 that will be appearing at SRF in 2012.

Graveyard – “Hisingen Blues”

Slade (UK) Confirmed For Sweden Rock Festival

In the ’70s, Slade were one of the most barrier-transcending bands. A colorful glam act as well as working class heroes, greatly successful both with their ambitious albums and as an extremely productive hit-single factory. The ’80s saw their second golden age, not least in Sweden, with such massive hits as “My Oh My” and “Run Runaway.” Today, Slade is still a hard-working and entertaining live act, centered around original members Dave Hill (guitar) and Don Powell (drums). Along with bassist John Berry (ex-Mud) and vocalist Mal McNulty (ex-Sweet) they constitute something of a glam rock super-group — armed with countless lethal hits, such as “Cum On Feel The Noize,” “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” and “Far Far Away.”

Girlschool (UK) Confirmed For Sweden Rock Festival

After more than 30 years, Girlschool is the longest lasting, and definitely one of the most respected all-female heavy metal bands ever. Without a doubt, this is largely because Girlschool on their arrival didn’t use gender as a marketing ploy, but let future album classics like DEMOLITION (1980) and HIT AND RUN (1981) speak for themselves. The band’s raw, gritty heavy metal tinted with blues as well as punk is quite capable of holding its own, and to be referred to as “the female Motorhead” could hardly be described as an insult! In short, Girlschool is one of the most important bands from the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, and it gives us great pleasure to welcome Kim McAuliffe (vocals/guitar), Enid Williams (bass/vocals), Denise Dufort (drums) and Jackie Chambers (guitar) to SRF 2012.

Nationalteatern (S) And Tygers Of Pan Tang (UK) To Sweden Rock Festival 2012!

Nationalteatern (the National Theatre) is one of the greatest phenomena in Swedish rock history. Starting out as a theatre group they debuted on record in 1972. Over the years they delivered a round of classic albums with even more classic songs like “Livet Är En Fest” (“Life Is A Party”), “Jack The Ripper” and “Speedy Gonzales.” Traditionally, the band is considered part of the so called prog-movement, though their catchy songs really are more traditional rockers influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan and Lou Reed. The music that Nationalteatern created is still just as popular among today’s listeners, and band leader Ulf Dageby with cohorts still play to packed venues — or in this case, packed fields.

The industrial city of Newcastle is the birthplace of many a royalty from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Venom, Raven and, obviously, Tygers Of Pan Tang. The latter band was one of the movement’s first to become truly successful and their three first albums WILD CAT (1980), SPELLBOUND (1981) and CRAZY NIGHTS (1981) are genuine genre classics. Today’s Tygers Of Pan Tang, with unflagging guitarist Robb Weir in command, are still in fantastic shape, which they proved on the excellent ANIMAL INSTINCT (2008). However, their performance at SRF 2012 will be of a nostalgic nature — the menu will mainly consist of songs from the abovementioned three first albums. A true feast for friends of traditional, melodic heavy metal!

Tickets are available at our website: http://www.swedenrock.com/ . There you can also find more information about ticket prices and accommodation.

Around 70 bands will perform on our five stages next summer. The following bands have been confirmed so far:


More info about the bands can be found on our website: http://www.swedenrock.com/

Welcome to Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg, 6-7-8-9 June 2012!

Tel: 0456-317 95
Fax: 0456-317 94
E-mail: info@swedenrock.com

Sweden Rock Festival
Nygatan 27
294 34 Sölvesborg

*** PRESS RELEASE #15 ***
-Thrashfest Classics Tour: Sepultura Song Voting Done!

For the upcoming Thrashfest Classics tour (kick off: Friday, November 25), a fan voting had been set up for the songs Sepultura, Exodus and Heathen are to play live on stage.

The three Sepultura songs that got the most votes and will be included in the bands classic set are…

“Mass Hypnosis”
“Infected Voice”
“Beneath The Remains”

Watch out for more info on the songs Exodus are chosen to play!

Tickets available at the Nuclear Blast mail order:

Thrashfest Classics presented by:
Rock Hard D, Noizeletter, Rock Hard IT, Legacy D, Musix D, X-Tra-X, powermetal.de, metalnews.de, BLAST!

Tour Dates:
25.11.11 – DE Lichtenfels, Stadthalle
26.11.11 – NL Leeuwarden, Schaaf
27.11.11 – FR Paris, Bataclan
28.11.11 – DE Braunschweig, Meier Music Hall
29.11.11 – DE München, Backstage
30.11.11 – DE Saarbrücken, Garage
01.12.11 – CZ Prag, Kd Vltavska
02.12.11 – DE Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle* METALFEST Winter Edition w/ HATEFEST
03.12.11 – DE Giessen, Hessenhallen* METALFEST Winter Edition w/ HATEFEST
04.12.11 – BE Antwerpen, Trix
05.12.11 – DE Hamburg, Markthalle
06.12.11 – SE Göteburg, Trädgarn
07.12.11 – DK Aarhus, Voxhall
08.12.11 – DE Berlin, C-Club
09.12.11 – PL Katowice, Mega Club
10.12.11 – DE Leipzig, Hellraiser
11.12.11 – SK Bratislava, Majestic
12.12.11 – HR Zagreb, Boogaloo
13.12.11 – SI Ljubljana, Kino Siska
14.12.11 – IT Bologna, Estragon
15.12.11 – CH Pratteln, Z-7
16.12.11 – NL Eindhoven, Effenaar
17.12.11 – DE Stuttgart, LKA
18.12.11 – AT Wien, Arena

*** PRESS RELEASE #16 ***
-Battle Beast Sign A Deal With Nuclear Blast!

Finland — a mine of talented newcomer bands since the year one. With Battle Beast from Helsinki, Nuclear Blast are happy to welcome one of the most promising combos of this flourishing scene aboard!

Founded in 2008, the band already attended the W:O:A Metal Battle in their home country two years later and won the national contest, which enabled them to perform at the Wacken Open Air in Germany and represent Finland in the international Metal Battle finals. Battling 26 other bands from all around the world, Battle Beast emerged victorious. Under these circumstances a record deal with the world’s biggest independent heavy metal label seems to be the only logical consequence — Andy Siry, head of A&R at Nuclear Blast, agrees:

“Young, dynamic but still deeply rooted in traditional heavy metal — Battle Beast breathe new life into the scene and rekindle the sound of the ’80s with a fulgent livery. The well-deserved victory at the W:O:A Metal Battle 2010 was the first important step to which we want to live up by supporting these up-and-coming talents energetically. We’re looking forward to the cooperation!”

The band also expresses their joy. Guitarist Anton comments:

“We feel honored that Nuclear Blast show their interest in Battle Beast by releasing STEEL. Many thanks to our partners, closest people and most of all to our fans who believed in us and gave us their support. The journey continues!”

Battle Beast’s brilliant debut album STEEL will be released on January 27th 2012 via Nuclear Blast — the track list contains the following songs:

1. Enter The Metal World
2. Armageddon Clan
3. The Band Of The Hawk
4. Justice And Metal
5. Steel
6. Die-Hard Warrior
7. Cyberspace
8. Show Me How To Die
9. Savage And Saint
10. Iron Hand
11. Victory

Bonus Track:
12. Stay Black

About two months later the band will set off for a European tour as support of their future label mates Nightwish over the course of the IMAGINAERUM World Tour calling at the following cities:

11.04.12 DK Copenhagen – Falconer Theater
13.04.12 NL Amsterdam – Heineken Music Hall
14.04.12 D Düsseldorf – ISS Dome
16.04.12 B Brussels – Forest National
17.04.12 F Paris – Bercy
18.04.12 F Nantes – Zenith
20.04.12 F Lyon – Halle Tony Garnier
21.04.12 LU Luxembourg – Rockhal
23.04.12 D Frankfurt – Jahrhunderthalle
24.04.12 CH Zurich – Hallenstadion
25.04.12 IT Milano – Forum
27.04.12 AT Vienna – Gasometer
29.04.12 HU Budapest – Budapest Arena
30.04.12 CZ Prague – Tesla (T-Mobile Arena)
01.05.12 D Leipzig – Arena
03.05.12 D Hamburg – o2 World
05.05.12 D Nürnberg – Arena
06.05.12 D Stuttgart – Schleyerhalle
08.05.12 SL Ljubljana – Križanke

Get ready — Battle Beast break their chains and prepare for a high-end metallic assault!


*** PRESS RELEASE #17 ***
-Napalm Records News

Lonewolf: The Wolves Unleashed

Lonewolf has joined the Napalm ranks! The French power metallers will release their new album ARMY OF THE DAMNED in North America next spring. In addition, their classic long-player THE DARK CRUSADE will be re-released the very same month.

“The Wolf has joined the pack! We’re proud and grateful to join forces with Napalm Records to release our new album ARMY OF THE DAMNED. Our metal crusade continues. See you on tour! Hellbent on metal!”


Nemesea & Rêverie: On Tour With In Extremo

Nemesea and Rêverie will join In Extremo for their December dates in order to present their new songs live on stage. Nemesea’s THE QUIET RESISTANCE is available now and Rêverie’s WANDEL will be released on 09 December in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and on 30 January in the rest of Europe.

Rêverie with In Extremo
09.12.11 DE – Dresden / Alter Schlachthof
10.12.11 DE – Dresden / Alter Schlachthof
11.12.11 DE – Suhl / Congress Centrum Suhl
13.12.11 DE – Siegburg / Rhein-Sieg-Halle
14.12.11 DE – Wuppertal / Historische Stadthalle
15.12.11 DE – Mainz / Phönixhalle
16.12.11 DE – Neu-Ulm / Ratiopharm Arena
17.12.11 DE – Würzburg / s.Oliver Arena
18.12.11 DE – Fulda / Esperantohalle

Nemesea with In Extremo
20.12.11 DE – Ingolstadt / Saturn Arena
21.12.11 DE – Braunschweig / Stadthalle
22.12.11 DE – Regensburg / Donau-Arena
26.12.11 DE – Cottbus / Messe
27.12.11 DE – Kassel / Stadthalle
28.12.11 DE – Kaufbeuren / All-Karthalle
29.12.11 DE – Karlsruhe / Europahalle


The Kandidate: Video Teaser

The new album’s teaser is available at http://www.youtube.com/napalmrecords ! FACING THE IMMINENT PROSPECT OF DEATH will be unleashed on February 7th, 2012 in North America!


The 11th Hour: Album Update & Studio Report

Mastermind Ed Warby opens up about LACRIMA MORTIS, which will be released on February 7th, 2012 in North America: “LACRIMA MORTIS is another glimpse into the darker side of my musical persona: a thick slab of epic doom metal dealing with the subject of death and its repercussions. I’ve worked on it feverishly for the past year and to my mind it surpasses 2009’s BURDEN OF GRIEF in every way. I hope you’ll agree!”

To learn more about the upcoming album, fans may want to read the studio diary at http://www.angrymetalguy.com/ .


Napalm Records

*** PRESS RELEASE #18 ***
-The Doors’ MR. MOJO RISIN’: THE STORY OF L.A. WOMAN On DVD and Blu-ray January 24, 2012

The Doors

Launch “The Year Of The Doors” With 40th Anniversary Reissue Of Iconic L.A. WOMAN Album

And New DVD/Blu-ray MR. MOJO RISIN’: THE STORY OF L.A. WOMAN January 24, 2012

Along With Rhino And Eagle Rock Entertainment

Includes Debut Of “She Smells So Nice,” A Newly-Discovered Original Song From The L.A. WOMAN Sessions

Fans of iconic rock band The Doors are in for something special. The group’s final album — 1971’s L.A. WOMAN, with the signature hits “L.A. Woman,” “Love Her Madly” and “Riders On The Storm” — is being celebrated with a special two-CD release from Rhino and a behind-the-scenes DVD/Blu-ray from Eagle Rock Entertainment.

The L.A. WOMAN 40th anniversary edition (Rhino 2-CD) features a never-before-heard song, “She Smells So Nice,” which captures the band — organist Ray Manzarek, guitarist Robby Krieger, drummer John Densmore and late singer Jim Morrison — joyfully barreling through a full-throttle original before segueing into the blues standard “Rock Me.” As the song closes, Morrison can be heard chanting, “Mr. Mojo Risin'” — an anagram of his name that was made famous during the bridge of “L.A. Woman.” Recently discovered by producer Bruce Botnick while reviewing the L.A. WOMAN session tapes, a teaser clip of “She Smells So Nice” can be heard here:


In addition to “She Smells So Nice,” the second disc of the L.A. WOMAN reissue includes eight never-before-heard versions of songs from the album. Alternate takes of “L.A. Woman,” “Love Her Madly” and “Riders On The Storm” offer a fresh view on this landmark album, which was the group’s sixth straight Top 10. The studio chatter between the songs is a revelation, transporting listeners to The Doors Workshop: the West Hollywood rehearsal space where they recorded the album with Botnick. One segment in particular captures a fascinating moment of inspiration when Morrison suggests they add the now-iconic thunderstorm sound effects to the beginning of “Riders On The Storm.” Rhino will also release L.A. WOMAN: THE WORKSHOP SESSIONS, a double LP featuring all of the previously unreleased material found on the CD collection on three sides of vinyl, with the fourth side featuring a laser etching of the original “Electric Woman” art originally included with the L.A. WOMAN album.

MR. MOJO RISIN’: THE STORY OF L.A. WOMAN (Eagle Rock Entertainment DVD/Blu-ray) is told through new interviews with Manzarek, Krieger and Densmore as well as Elektra Records founder Jac Holzman, original manager Bill Siddons, engineer/co-producer Bruce Botnick and others. The high-definition video also features live and studio performances as well as rare archival photos. This fascinating documentary contains rare footage of The Doors in the studio and on stage. The documentary was made with the full involvement, approval and cooperation of The Doors. [Pre-book Order Date December 20, 2011, MSRP $14.98 for DVD, $19.98 for Blu-ray].

“The Year of The Doors” will be marked by other special releases, with details to be announced soon.

L.A. WOMAN marked The Doors’ swan song, as Morrison would pass away a few months after its release. At the time, Rolling Stone’s Robert Meltzer called it “The Doors’ greatest album… A landmark worthy of dancing in the streets (5/27/71).” The first band to release eight consecutive platinum albums, The Doors were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 1993 and received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2007.

DVD and Blu-ray Track Listing

Early Doors
The Changeling
Been Down So Long / The Miami Effect
The Doors Workshop
Crawling King Snake
Love Her Madly
L.A. Woman
The WASP (Texas Radio & The Big Beat)
Riders On The Storm
Cars Hiss By My Window / Jim In Paris
Hyacinth House
Closing Doors

John Densmore On L.A. Woman
Riders On The Storm
The Doors Guide To L.A.
Thoughts On Performing Live
Crawling King Snake

CD Track Listing

Disc One
1. The Changeling
2. Love Her Madly
3. Been Down So Long
4. Cars Hiss By My Window
5. L.A. Woman
6. L’America
7. Hyacinth House
8. Crawling King Snake
9. The WASP (Texas Radio & The Big Beat)
10. Riders On The Storm

Disc Two: All Selections Previously Unissued
1. The Changeling – Alternate Version*
2. Love Her Madly – Alternate Version*
3. Cars Hiss By My Window – Alternate Version*
4. L.A. Woman – Alternate Version*
5. The WASP (Texas Radio & The Big Beat) – Alternate Version*
6. Been Down So Long – Alternate Version*
7. Riders On The Storm – Alternate Version*
8. She Smells So Nice
9. Rock Me*

LP Track Listing

Side One
1. The Changeling – Alternate Version*
2. Love Her Madly – Alternate Version*
3. Cars Hiss By My Window – Alternate Version*
4. L.A. Woman – Alternate Version*

Side Two
1. The WASP (Texas Radio & The Big Beat) – Alternate Version*
2. Been Down So Long – Alternate Version*
3. Riders On The Storm – Alternate Version*

Side Three
1. She Smells So Nice / Rock Me*

* Previously unreleased

# # #

Eagle Rock Entertainment is the largest producer and distributor of music programming for DVD, Blu-ray, TV, Audio and Digital Media in the world. Eagle works directly alongside talent to produce top quality, High Definition and 3D programs, both concerts and documentaries, including The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, Queen, The Doors, Jeff Beck, U2, Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney and Ozzy Osbourne. Eagle is a Grammy Award winning company and has received over 30 multi-platinum, over 50 platinum and over 90 gold discs, worldwide. Eagle Rock Entertainment has offices in London, New York, Toronto, Paris and Hamburg.

*** PRESS RELEASE #19 ***
-Sister Launch Brand New Music Video For “Bullsh*t and Backstabbing”! Video And Interview From Acoustic Set With Rock It TV available!

Tour With U.D.O. And Sister Sin To Kick Off This Week!

Swedish sleaze and punk influenced metal band Sister have just released their second music video off their brand new album HATED for the track “Bullsh*t And Backstabbing!”

Watch the brand new clip now at our good friends at Metal-Hammer.de who premiere this clip as a worldwide exclusive! Click here to dive into the action of “Bullsh*t And Backstabbing!”


Here’s what the band had to say about their new video: “The video for ‘Bullsh*t And Backstabbing’ is the first video we’ve done with a crew behind the cameras. The song is a favorite of the album HATED for all of us in the band and it felt right to make a video of it. We found a greasy spot to shoot it at and got to work. Like always we wanted to keep it on a basic level and just do a video with what Sister is all about. Just deliver the punk rock we’ve always done. This is what we do and the video crew Bröderna Blom and Tinnerholm got it down and made it sick. Check it!

“P.S. No animals were seriously harmed during the shooting of this video!”

Make sure to also check out the video from the acoustic session Sister did for Rock It TV! Just click here!


There’s also a video interview Chris from Rock It TVT did with Sister! Click here!


Sister, who hails from Stockholm/Jönkoping Sweden, formed in early 2006 working hard to build up a name as a strong act both live and in the studio. Sister consists of four members — Jamie on vocals, Lestat on guitars and backing vocals, Rikki on bass and backing vocals, and Cari on drums and backing vocals — who combine the sounds of Punk, Glam, Rock, and Metal with an end result sounding something like the bastard child of GG Allin and Guns N’ Roses.

Sister’s Metal Blade debut HATED came crashing through the metal scene, beer in hand, June 3rd/6th.

Make sure to catch Sister at the following live shows:

24/11/11 – NL – Zwolle – Hedon
25/11/11 – DE – Pirmasens – Quasimodo
27/11/11 – DE – Berlin – C-Club
30/11/11 – BE – As – GC Drieschaar
01/12/11 – DE – Recklinghausen – Vest Arena
02/12/11 – DE – Burglengenfeld – VA Zentrum
03/12/11 – DE – Leipzig – Hellraiser
04/12/11 – DE – Köln – Essigfabrik
06/12/11 – DE – Langen – Neue Stadthalle
07/12/11 – CH – Pratteln – Z7
09/12/11 – DE – Balingen – Volksbankmesse
10/12/11 – DE – Memmingen – Stadthalle


*** PRESS RELEASE #20 ***

[Note: This is from http://neilzaza.bandcamp.com/album/clyde-the-cat . – Tim]


It’s here! Neil’s newest CD is finally available. Hot on the heels of his critically acclaimed last project, 212, CLYDE THE CAT features some very special new material, remakes and guitar tone and feel for days. There are some soon to be classic Zaza tunes on this CD!

Pre-order includes immediate download of 11 tracks in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or other formats. A link to the complete album will be emailed to you the moment it’s released.

Pre-order Now $9.99 USD
shipping on or around 06 January 2012

Digital Album

Pre-order of CLYDE THE CAT including immediate download of 11 tracks in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or other formats. A link to the complete album will be emailed to you the moment it’s released.

Pre-order Now $9.99 USD
releases 06 January 2012

CLYDE THE CAT/212 Package

In case you don’t have Neil’s last CD, 212, this package is for you! With this very special offer you can get Neil’s newest CD, CLYDE THE CAT, as well as his last critically acclaimed disc, 212. You’ll be able to download CLYDE THE CAT immediately the moment you purchase this package. Enjoy!

Pre-order includes immediate download of 11 tracks in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or other formats. A link to the complete album will be emailed to you the moment it’s released.

Pre-order Now $14.99 USD
shipping on or around 06 January 2012

Track List
1. Funeral For A Friend (5:39)
2. Endless Highway (6:52)
3. Higher And Higher 2012 (3:42)
4. Jewel (3:50)
5. Adagio Intro (1:26)
6. Adagio (4:34)
7. Melodia 2012 (3:08)
8. Violet Twilight (4:18)
9. Untitled 2012 (3:32)
10. The National Anthem (1:53)
11. In My Dreams (Live Studio Version) (3:58)

releases 06 January 2012
Neil Zaza – All Guitars
Garrett Janos – Drums (1,2,3,6,7,9,10)
Steve Smith – Drums (4,8)
Walter Cerasani – Bass (2,4,5,6,7,8,9)
Todd Rogers – Keys (1,2,3,4,5,6,9,10)
Mark Leach – Hammond B3 (2,7,8)
Timothy M. Bradford – Piano (2,4,8,11)
Mistheria – Piano (6)
John Sferra – Drums (11)
Raymond J. Liptak – Bass (11)

Produced by Neil Zaza
Engineered by Neil Zaza, Joe Viers, Andrea Di Rocco, Michael Morales
Mixed by Rick Beato at Black Dog Sound (Stone Mountain, GA)
Assistant Mix Engineer: Ken “GL” Lanyon
Mastered by Dave “Sarge” Schultz at D2 Mastering (Los Angeles, CA)
CD Package Design: Rod Flauhaus
Photography: Neil Zaza and Rod Flauhaus
Front Cover Model: Clyde

Recorded at The Audio Kitchen (Akron, OH), John Schwab Recording (Columbus, OH), Mike’s Barn (Elyria, OH), The House of Todd (Las Vegas, NV), Studio M (San Antonio, TX), ADR Studio (Avezzano, Italy)

Carvin Guitars (Mark Keisel, Richard Cruz, Eddie, Don), Wizard Amplification (Rick St. Pierre), Celestion (Rick Skillman, Stan Burjek), Diezel (Peter Diezel and Peter Stapher), Blackstar (Joel Richardson, Ollie Russell Pearcey), Lava Cables (Tony Cole), George L’s Cables (Kimberly Lewis), Notion Music (Jim Boitnott), Avedis Audio (Avedis Kifedjian), Mark of the Unicorn (Dave Roberts), Boulder Creek Guitars (Mike Shellhammer), Dean Markley Strings (David Leinhard), Xotic (Toshio Horiba), Keeley FX (Robert Keeley), Radial Engineering (Peter Janis, Corey Phillips)

All titles © and p by Neil Zaza Music (ASCAP) except: Boom Tat Music (ASCAP) – 7,9
“Funeral For A Friend” appears courtesy of Universal – Songs Of Polygram International Inc.

*** PRESS RELEASE #21 ***
-A New Rock Opera To Excite The Progressive Rock / Metal Audience — Beyond The Bridge Debut With A Strong Musical Statement THE OLD MAN AND THE SPIRIT

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the signing of Beyond The Bridge, a new Progressive Metal band from Germany, for the release of their debut album THE OLD MAN AND THE SPIRIT on January 20, 2012 in Europe and January 24 in North America.

THE OLD MAN AND THE SPIRIT is an ambitious concept album dealing with the polarity of human sensuousness and superhuman awareness. Two main characters interpret the music on this theatrical and challenging record: “the Spirit,” who is the personification of all wisdom and awareness that is unachievable to mankind but that lacks of the ability to feel, and her opponent “the Old Man:” a bon vivant who has lived through all highs and lows of human sensations. These two characters are interpreted by the two band singers: a female Dilenya Mar and a male Herbie Langhans.

But the operatic and cinematic setting of the album was put together by the band’s two masterminds: guitar player Peter Degenfeld and the classically trained ivory tinkler Christopher Tarnow. “From the beginning it was our intention to do an album presenting one big piece of music,” tells Degenfeld. “One of the very first things that came about were the two characters together with the basic content of the story. Basically before the notes were written, we knew what each song had to sound and feel like and what the lyrics had to say. With these restrictions we started the songwriting process. In the end writing songs under these self-imposed limits turned out to be just great.”

While THE OLD MAN AND THE SPIRIT is undoubtedly a demanding musical statement, Beyond The Bridge are determined to make their steps to bring their music on tour. “We put a lot of effort into the goal of creating the studio sound on stage and we have already rearranged some parts to make them more suitable for live performances,” explains Degenfeld.

Beyond The Bridge’s lineup is rounded up by bass player Dominik Stotzem, Fabian Maier on drums and Simon Oberender on keyboards and guitar. Simon also took care of the album production at the famed Gate Studios (owned by the famed producer Sascha Paeth, who mastered the album).

While at first listen the album will easily appeal to the Progressive Rock / Metal audience, thanks to the virtuosity displayed in the playing and the compositional design, the album can be easily enjoyed by all who are looking for songs that can excite the listeners. “The music is touching. It will even touch you in a different way each time you listen to the album,” concludes Peter Degenfeld. “The lyrics are inspiring and ambiguous. This encourages to dig deeper into the spiritual journey of the ‘Old Man.'”

THE OLD MAN AND THE SPIRIT includes the following songs: The Call; The Apparition; Triumph Of Irreality; The Spring Of It All; World Of Wonders; The Primal Demand; Doorway To Salvation; The Struggle; The Difference Is Human; Where The Earth And Sky Meet; All A Man Can Do.

The song “The Apparition” can be streamed in full on the Frontiers Records webradio at http://www.frontiers.it/webradio and on the band’s official website.

Beyond The Bridge are:
Herbie Langhans – Vocals
Dilenya Mar – Vocals
Peter Degenfeld – Guitar
Christopher Tarnow – Keyboards
Dominik Stotzem – Bass
Fabian Maier – Drums
Simon Oberender – Keyboards/Guitar

Produced by Simon Oberender at Gate Studio


*** PRESS RELEASE #22 ***
-Wayne Kramer And James Williamson Guitar Gods Limited Edition Collectible Figures Released

Numbered Limited-Edition 7-Inch “Riffing” Figures With Rocking Heads

Arriving this month are the next figures in the Guitar Gods series…

Brother Wayne Kramer, founder of Detroit’s radical rock group MC5, and James Williamson, best known for co-writing and playing on RAW POWER in the protopunk rock band Iggy & The Stooges, KILL CITY with Iggy Pop, as well as producing NEW VALUES for Iggy Pop.

Both guitarists were named in Rolling Stone Magazine’s “100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time.” Both figures deliver a signature riff at the push of a button and are displayed in a multi-panel box, stand at seven inches tall, are made of a lightweight polyresin, and retail for $24.95.

The Wayne Kramer figure is limited to 750 numbered units. Wayne dons his White Panther Party threads, curly hair, and American flag guitar. Brother Wayne’s inimitable style was the first to combine rock with free jazz to create the genre’s most unique result — high-energy sci-fi hard rock and roll.

Order and sound clip: http://www.seeofsound.com/p.php?s=GRTGODS102

The James Williamson figure is limited to 500 numbered units. James is accurately sculpted right down to his signature threads, hipster hair, and Sunburst Solid Body Guitar. James’ guitar style is widely acknowledged to have been an influential guitar style for hundreds of guitarists from the Sex Pistols to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Green Day. James was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2010 along with the other members of the Stooges.

Order and sound clip: http://www.seeofsound.com/p.php?s=GRTGODS103

Guitar Gods Collectibles

*** PRESS RELEASE #23 ***
-In Flames: “Where The Dead Ships Dwell” Digital Single Available

Track List:
1. Where The Dead Ships Dwell
2. Where The Dead Ships Dwell (Casper Remix)
3. Where The Dead Ships Dwell (The Qemists Remix)
4. Where The Dead Ships Dwell (Kristof Bathory – Dawn Of Ashes Remix) (iTunes exclusive track)

Purchase on iTunes & Amazon

Sweden’s own In Flames unleashes the digital single for their track “Where The Dead Ships Dwell.” The digital single includes not only the original song from the most recent album, SOUNDS OF A PLAYGROUND FADING — which debuted at #27 on the Top 200 Billboard Charts and topped international charts — but also features three extremely diverse re-mixes of the song.

With versions by German rapper Casper, drum and bass act The Qemists and Kristof Bathory, vocalist of the black metal band Dawn Of Ashes, there should be something everyone can enjoy. “The songs have already been made and the originals are as good as they can be, but what if I give them to an artist from a whole different genre, what would be there take on it?” says In Flames vocalist Anders Fridén. “I love collaborations like this and all the artists we worked with have done an awesome job. It’s not meant to be taken dead serious and it’s not how In Flames is gonna sound next, but I love it and I hope you’ll enjoy a twist to the formula.”

A preview including snippets from all of the remixes can be heard at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-7hA__KHsM .

The music video for “Where The Dead Ships Dwell” was recently released and can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylfn0o66jwM . In Flames also just announced a North American tour with Trivium, Veil Of Maya, and Kyng.

*** PRESS RELEASE #24 ***
-Prototype Releases New Song On “Rock Band” Network

California based prog/thrash band Prototype released their critically acclaimed second album CONTINUUM in 2006 via Nightmare Records. The following year, the Prototype song “The Way It Ends” was selected for inclusion in the “Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock” video game. The game was released shortly before Christmas of 2007 and quickly became the biggest selling music rhythm video game of all time. Consequently, Prototype gained a substantial amount of exposure as well as remarkable number of downloads on iTunes of their single “The Way It Ends.”

Prototype have now become recent additions to the “Rock Band” video game as well! “The Way It Ends” is officially for sale HERE and also through the in-game store and the live market place from the 360 dashboard.


Prototype are expected to release their new album CATALYST via Nightmare Records in 2012. 

For more info on Prototype please visit:


*** PRESS RELEASE #25 ***
-Halcyon Way’s Jon Bodan Signs Endorsement Deal With Framus Amps

New Album INDOCTRINATION Available Now On Nightmare Records

Jon Bodan, guitarist of Halcyon Way has signed on with Framus Amps to be an official endorser of their products. Jon’s amp is the Framus Cobra Stack. For more info on Framus Amps and Jon’s endorsement you can go here:


Bodan spoke about working with Framus:

“I’ve been using Framus for quite a while now, and the Cobra stack is key to my brutal tone. I’m very excited to be the newest member of the Framus Artist Family. I would encourage any rock or metal guitarist to check out their amp line.”

Halcyon Way, Atlanta’s premier metal band is bringing their powerful mixture of heavy, punishing riffs and infectious melodies to North America with their new release INDOCTRINATION. INDOCTRINATION is the sequel to 2010’s BUILDING THE TOWERS and continues the sound and theme of that album. It features five brand new original tracks; a cover of “Stand Up” by Steel Dragon (from the movie “Rock Star” — song originally written by Sammy Hagar), a radio edit of “The Age Of Betrayal,” and an industrial re-mix of “The System.”

Aurally combining the heaviness of bands like Testament, the technical prowess of Dream Theater, the power metallic attitude of Evergrey and soaring vocal melodies, Halcyon Way will leave you awestricken by their punishing riffs and unforgettable hooks.

Order your copy now at http://www.halcyonway.com/webshop .

1. On Black Wings
2. Our Finest Hour
3. IndoctriNation
4. Revolution Is Now
5. The Wages Of War
6. Stand Up (Sammy Hagar cover)
7. The Age Of Betrayal (radio edit)
8. The System (karbonBlack RMX-Remixed-Bodan)

2011 – INDOCTRINATION – Nightmare Records
2010 – BUILDING THE TOWERS – Nightmare Records
2008 – A MANIFESTO FOR DOMINATION – Nightmare Records

Steve Braun – vocals
Jon Bodan – guitars
Zane – guitars
Kris Maltenieks – bass
Ernie Topran – drums

Halcyon Way:
http://www.halcyonway.com/ (Official Website)
http://www.twitter.com/halcyonway (Twitter)
http://www.facebook.com/halcyonway (Facebook)

*** PRESS RELEASE #26 ***
-Anubis Gate Premiere New Video On Metal Injection

New Album Out Now On Nightmare Records

Anubis Gate recently completed work on a video for their song “Golden Days.” The song is taken from the band’s latest self-titled release which is available now on Nightmare Records. Metal Injection is hosting an exclusive premiere of the video here:


The music of Anubis Gate: Stylistically Anubis Gate is conglomeration of the classic ’80s heavy metal, a more epic ’90s ambience and a dark progressiveness of our days. You could describe it as metal with beautiful soundscapes, cool riffing, and a clear and powerful vocal performance.

The new album, titled simply ANUBIS GATE, is the most beautiful album the band has yet emerged with. The songwriting, which has always been the core of the “Anubis Gate sound,” stands stronger than ever. This time emphasized by the fact that Henrik Fevre, who was largely responsible for writing the vocals on the previous albums, gets to sing the songs he wrote himself, injecting the emotion and meaning into the lyrics that he had in mind when writing them.

ANUBIS GATE isn’t an album that’s about endless keyboard/guitar unison soloing. It’s all about the songs. From the classic Anubis Gate opener “Hold Back Tomorrow” to the melancholic, but very crunchy, “The Re-Formation Show,” this album displays Anubis Gate at the top of their game while in no way rehashing their last two albums. Quite to the contrary, this album sees the band taking new turns whilst retaining the core of all the albums that came before.

Track List:
1. Hold Back Tomorrow
2. The Re-Formation Show
3. Facing Dawn
4. World In A Dome
5. Desiderio Omnibus
6. Oh My Precious Life
7. Golden Days
8. Telltale Eyes
9. River
10. Circumstanced

All songs written by Kim Olsen & Jesper M. Jensen

ANUBIS GATE – 2011 (Nightmare Records)
THE DETACHED – 2009 (Locomotive Records)
ANDROMEDA UNCHAINED – 2007 (Locomotive Records)
A PERFECT FOREVER – 2005 (Locomotive Records)
PURIFICATION – 2004 (Locomotive Records)

For more info visit:

*** PRESS RELEASE #27 ***
-Power Pop Rockers Namesake Premiere New Video On Rock Confidential

Are they pop or are they rock? It’s a tough question to answer when it comes to Namesake, who sound equally committed to both styles, as evidenced by their single, “Worlds Away” (which is for sale on iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/worlds-away-single/id448358150 ). And a video for the song has premiered on Rock Confidential at http://rockconfidential.com/Videos/2011/11/namesake-worlds-away/ .

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Namesake is comprised of Will Crafton – vocals, Brad Wagner – guitar, Troy Harmon – guitar and Kevin Nordeste – drums. And the story behind the group’s name is a simple one — all of the group’s members bear their father’s name, hence, “Namesake.”

Signed to Imagen Records, the band recently recorded their debut full-length album BORDERS & FENCES in Orlando, FL with famed record producer James Paul Wisner, who’s best known for his work with Paramore, Underoath, and New Found Glory. The release is scheduled for early 2012. But to preview what lays in store from the band, the single “Worlds Away” is a fine starting point (which has already earned rave reviews by users on iTunes, including a fan who gushed “This song is freakin’ amazing BUY IT NOW”), as well as its Scott Hanson-directed video clip.

“It was an incredible experience,” said Troy about the filming of the video. “I really had no idea what to expect, but it was so much fun. I can’t wait to shoot the next one!” And Brad shares Troy’s enthusiasm for the clip. “Working with Scott Hanson was incredible. I feel he helped us reach a whole new plateau as a band.”


*** PRESS RELEASE #28 ***
-Blotted Science Mastermind Ron Jarzombek Publishes Instructional Video Ahead Of European EP Release

Blotted Science guitarist/mastermind Ron Jarzombek (WatchTower, Terrestrial Exiled, Spastic Ink) has released an instructional video for the song “Cretaceous Chasm” from the band’s THE ANIMATION OF ENTOMOLOGY EP which can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVyUHFl0iB8 . In it, the guitarist explains the application of the 12-tone system devised specifically for the writing process of the EP, which will be the subject of a forthcoming DVD, titled DISSECTING BUGS.

States Jarzombek: “I’ve been mentioning this ’12-Tones In Fragmented Rows’ system in interviews and it seems that even non-musicians are interested in it, so I put together this video to give listeners some insight on how it all works. I thought it would be best to break this all down into its most basic theoretical form, and play examples of its use. I chose to post the basic guitar tracks to ‘Cretaceous Chasm’ because it is the simplest song on the EP and is the easiest to grasp theoretically. The song will also appear first on my upcoming instructional DVD, DISSECTING BUGS, where I will go in-depth with all of the 12-tone theory, and play all guitar parts on all songs from the EP. Things do get a bit complicated when melodies and solos are laid on top of the note groups, but we’ll get to all of that good stuff on the DVD.” More information about the sample video, including the transcription/tabs, can be found at http://www.ronjarzombek.com/CretaceousChasmTab1.html .

THE ANIMATION OF ENTOMOLOGY, which also features the talents of bassist Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal) and drummer Hannes Grossmann (Obscura, Terrestrial Exiled), will get its European release via UK-based Basick Records today, November 28. The follow-up to the band’s highly acclaimed 2007 THE MACHINATIONS OF DEMENTIA full-length album was produced and mixed by Ron Jarzombek and recorded in San Antonio, Texas; Tampa, Florida; and V. Santura’s (Obscura, Triptykon) Woodshed Studios in Landshut, Germany where the drums were cut. Mastering duties were once again handled by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Destruction) at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark.

Track List:
1. Ingesting Blattaria
2. Cretaceous Chasm
3. Vermicular Asphyxiation
4. A Sting Operation – I. Human Barbequed
5. A Sting Operation – II. Cessation Sanitation
6. A Sting Operation – III. Seeing Dead People
7. A Sting Operation – IV. Omitting Eyes

Blotted Science online:

“Creataceous Chasm” video:

“Vermicular Asphixiation” video:

“Ingesting Blattaria” video:

Blotted Science

*** PRESS RELEASE #29 ***
-Bolt Thrower Announce Boltfest 2012!

Mighty English war machine Bolt Thrower have announced their first show for 2012 which will be their very own 25th anniversary show! The Bolty Birthday Bash is now called Boltfest.

“Well, after meeting a lot of people and looking for suitable clubs, we’ve finally found a great venue along with some like-minded people to host the Bolty Birthday Bash — Boltfest. It will be held at the prestigious HMV Forum in London, on Saturday 7th April, 2012 (Easter Bank Holiday weekend). More info on tickets, bands, etc. coming soon.”

On the 21st/24th of October, Metal Blade Records Europe finally reissued the three Bolt Thrower albums MERCENARY, HONOUR VALOUR PRIDE, and THOSE ONCE LOYAL on vinyl. All three albums are out now as Gatefold LPs in colored vinyl!


*** PRESS RELEASE #30 ***
-Jammit & D’Addario Strike Up New Partnership

Suicide Silence Promotion Kicks It Off!

HOLLYWOOD, CA — Jammit is proud to announce its new partnership with D’Addario & Company, the first jamming and learning music software/application solution that isolates individual audio tracks from original multi-track master recordings — spanning the history of popular music from the mid 1960s to present! To kick off this new partnership, guitarists that purchase any set of D’Addario guitar or bass strings can simply use the code on the packaging to redeem a free song on Jammit.

Additionally, D’Addario, Jammit and Suicide Silence have partnered for a limited time promotion. Purchase a set of D’Addario guitar or bass strings and any Suicide Silence song and get their new single “Slaves To Substance” FREE.

Visit http://www.daddario.com/jammit for promotion details.

Revolutionizing the way musicians can learn licks, solos and entire songs, players can download actual master recordings from bands including Alice Cooper, Anthrax, Collective Soul, Dashboard Confessional, Deep Purple, Dream Theater, Godsmack, Grateful Dead, Rush, Jane’s Addiction, Kiss, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Motley Crue, No Doubt, Peter Frampton, Rob Zombie, Steve Vai, The Allman Brothers, Wolfmother, and many, many more.

The patented Jammit technology allows musicians to isolate, loop and vari-speed an individual instrument within a dense mix and hear the exact intricacies of the original recording, allowing players to accurately learn the part and even play along with their favorite bands. Each instrument part is meticulously translated for notation or tab and the exclusive software scrolls notation in synch with the track as it plays. Users have a choice of guitar, bass, drums, keyboards or vocal versions.

“We are honored to be part of the D’Addrio family. We share their commitment to delivering the highest quality products to musician’s world-wide,” states Scott Humphrey, founder of Jammit.

“Upon hearing about this amazing technology,” says Brian Vance, Director of Product Management, D’Addario & Company, “we knew we had to be a part of it.” He continues, “D’Addario and Jammit share the same passion for music education and technology. This is an incredible opportunity for musicians to not only better learn their instruments but to share the passion of playing music with their favorite band. It must be experienced to be believed, it’s that revolutionary!”

Promo valid from Nov 1 to Feb 1.

For more information on D’Addario and Jammit, please visit http://www.daddario.com/ and http://www.jammit.com/ .

# # #

Scott Humphrey is a world-renowned multi-platinum producer, composer and digital recording pioneer. In the early 1990s Humphrey’s technical contributions to the Pro Tools audio software helped to shape the digital audio standard by which most of today’s recordings follow. Highly acclaimed recording artists such as Metallica, Motley Crue and Bon Jovi have all prospered as a direct result of Humphrey’s digital audio artistry. He has also been a long time producer/collaborator with Rob Zombie and is the founder of The Chop Shop recording studios in Hollywood, California. For more information on Jammit™ go to http://www.jammit.com/ .

D’Addario & Company, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets complete lines of strings for fretted and bowed musical instruments, drumheads, drum practice pads, and guitar and woodwind accessories under the proprietary brand names D’Addario, Evans Drumheads, Planet Waves, Rico, Pro-Mark Drumsticks and PureSound Percussion. The company also runs theLessonroom.com and Guitar.com. D’Addario products are marketed in approximately 120 countries.

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/jammitapp
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JammitApp
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/jammitapp

*** PRESS RELEASE #31 ***
-Havok: Metal Injection Hosts Exclusive Video Premiere; Band To Hit The Road Again This February

Popular video portal, Metal Injection, is hosting an exclusive video premiere of “D.O.A.,” the latest work of cinematic awesomeness from Denver thrash sensations, Havok. The tune comes off the band’s critically-lauded TIME IS UP full-length, released via Candlelight Records earlier this year. The video was directed by Josh Gold and shot in various locations around Denver.

Commented vocalist/guitarist David Sanchez: “This video is a reflection of the lyrics to ‘D.O.A.,’ a song about drunk driving and smashing your face through the f*cking windshield! It’s a pretty brutal video for a brutal song.”

Check out “D.O.A.” here:


Havok recently completed a near month-long tour with Exhumed and Goatwhore, which proved to be a great success despite some van troubles. Said Sanchez of the trek: “The tour with was a blast! We had lots of great shows and met some rad people. It was great to finally hit the American Southeast. Up until this trip, we had never made it there before. Due to vehicle issues, we had to miss the last couple of shows. Our transmission blew up in the middle of nowhere in Texas and we’re stuck here, as I write this. We plan on rescheduling those shows to make up for the ones we missed. In times like these, I can’t help but remember a sacred adage that an old wise man once told me: ‘Sh*t happens!'”

The band will return to the road this February for a short run of dates alongside English Dogs, The Casualties and Toxic Holocaust! The tour will commence on February 10 in Baltimore at the Ottobar and ravage its way towards the West Coast, coming to a close February 25 in Santa Ana at the Galaxy Theatre.

Havok Winter 2012 Tour:
w/ English Dogs, The Casualties, Toxic Holocaust
2/10/2012 Ottobar – Baltimore, MD
2/11/2012 The Middle East – Boston, MA
2/12/2012 Europa – Brooklyn, NY
2/13/2012 Les Foufounes Electriques – Montreal, QC
2/14/2012 The Opera House – Toronto, ON
2/15/2012 Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
2/16/2012 Reggie’s Rock Club – Chicago, IL
2/17/2012 Station 4 – St. Paul, MN
2/19/2012 Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO
2/21/2012 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
2/22/2012 Branx – Portland, OR
2/23/2012 The Pound – Oakland, CA
2/24/2012 Key Club – West Hollywood, CA
2/25/2012 Galaxy Theater – Santa Ana, CA

“I do not know why they are not opening the Big Four tour.” – Stereokiller

“…one of the best slabs of thrash revivalism in an era swamped with bands wanting to sound like Testament and Exodus… with solid songwriting, insane chops, and crushing production — not to mention the youthful enthusiasm of the group itself — TIME IS UP pays homage to the ’80s while feeling completely fresh and vital.” – AV Club

“Havok have emphatically outdone their previous effort and come up with a thrash masterpiece…” – Metal Assault

“Everyone should be worshipping at these Denver native’s altar as they have the flashy skill, ridiculous song-writing chops and prodigious lead guitar work that’ll have even the most jaded ears saying, ‘Okay, just this last one…'” – Rock Sound

“This is a damn good thrash album. Call it retro, new thrash revival or whatever, Havok have the chops and the ability to prove that they have the staying power to last in this genre.” – About.com

“…for those who feel Metallica wussed out, Megadeth got too corporate, Anthrax too modern and Slayer too, well, the same as always, Havok should be a great reminder as to what made thrash so damn cool in the first place.” – Hardrock Haven


*** PRESS RELEASE #32 ***
-Zebulon Pike: Minneapolis Instrumental Prog-Doom Metallers Unleash SPACE IS THE CORPSE OF TIME

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Zebulon Pike is an instrumental prog-doom metal band formed in late 2002. Inspired in equal parts by heavy sounds of the ’70s (Mountain, Pentagram, Captain Beyond, early Judas Priest), progressive rock (King Crimson, Rush), and 20th century classical (Bela Bartok, Arvo Part, and many others), Zebulon Pike combine the impact of metal with the calculated approach of “art” music. The result is a refined, muted aggression necessary for inciting the slow motion apocalypse.

The group’s fourth and most ambitious release yet, SPACE IS THE CORPSE OF TIME, marries uncompromising abstraction with all the pummeling directness of classic heavy metal. Released earlier this year but remaining woefully under-the-radar, it’s stunning alchemy of the conceptual and the visceral is sure to make an impression on those seeking new vistas in heavy music.

Having shared the stage with contemporary genre-mates like Orthrelm, Zombi, Rwake, High On Fire, Don Caballero, Pelican, YOB, Hammers Of Misfortune, The Sword, as well as time-tested veterans like The Hidden Hand, Blue Cheer, Boris, Helmet, and The Melvins, Zebulon Pike churn an intriguing mixture of melodic melancholy, old-school guitar-isms, and Wagnerian dynamics that marks a mighty presence in the world of heavy music.

Tom Berg – bass
Morgan Berkus – guitar
Erik Bolen – drums
Erik Fratzke – guitar


*** PRESS RELEASE #33 ***
-Kill Ritual (Ex-Imagika, Eldritch, Dark Angel) Sign With Rock N Growl!

Bay Area Thrasher Kill Ritual, the new band featuring former members of Imagika, Dark Angel, and Eldritch, have sign a worldwide management deal Germany’s with Rock N Growl Management.

Rock N Growl & Kill Ritual currently shopping the new album THE SERPENTINE RITUAL, to find a suitable record deal very soon.

New Band, New music, Same Mission! Time To Kill!

Check out the track “Old School Thrasher”:

Kill Ritual is:
Steve Rice – Lead Guitar (ex-Imagika)
Josh Gibson – Vocals (ex-Rock Candy)
Wayne DeVecchi – Drums (ex-Doom Society, ex-Imagika)
Roberto Proietti – Guitar (ex-Eldritch)
Danyael Williams – Bass (ex-Dark Angel)

Formed in October 2010 by former Imagika Lead Guitarist Steve Rice and Imagika Drummer Wayne DeVecchi, Kill Ritual began as a continuation of the music Steve and Wayne had been working on before the demise of Imagika. After recruiting former Eldritch guitarist Roberto Proietti, former Dark Angel bassist Danyael Williams and SF Bay Area vocalist Josh Gibson the band immediately set to work on the writing and recording of their debut CD. Bringing in elements of the collective members history Kill Ritual has forged a sound where classic and modern Metal meet.


1. The Serpentine Ritual
2. Torn Down
3. Time To Kill
4. Ambush
5. Old School Thrasher
6. Coat Of Blood
7. Cold Hard Floor
8. Law Of The Land
9. The Day The World Dies
10. Prisoner Of The Flesh

Kill Ritual’s debut THE SERPENTINE RITUAL was Engineered and Produced by Lead Guitarist Steve Rice and tracked at Fang Studios (drums) San Mateo California and Fossil Sound (guitars, bass, and vocals) San Jose California. Mixing/Mastering by Andy LaRocque at Sonic Train Studios Varberg Sweden. Cover and Logo art was designed by Jobert Mello for Sledgehammer Graphix (Sabaton, Primal Fear)


*** PRESS RELEASE #34 ***
-Pilgrim Launch Landing Page Featuring First New Song, Cover Artwork And Pre-Order Options For Upcoming Debut Album MISERY WIZARD To Be Released Early 2012!

American Doomster Latest Band To Sign To A.A. Nemtheanga’s Poison Tongue Records!

Almighty Pilgrim, a three-piece doom metal band from Rhode Island, USA! With a mix of destruction, misery and beauty, these young disciples of doom blend a surprisingly original sword and sorcery feel with the classic chest-caving heaviness of the masters, Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Reverend Bizarre and Pentagram. Their thick walls of majestically darkened guitar, massive booming bass, and dangerously powerful yet calculated drumming lull listeners into an intense dream-like trance, abducting them to places they never knew were dwelling within their own minds.

Pilgrim now signed a record deal with Poison Tongue Records, the label of Primordial vocalist A.A. Nemtheanga. Comments the band: “Working with Alan was an honor and a pleasure. He invested a lot of his personal time and energy into making this record happen, despite us being separated by an ocean. He’s a wealth of knowledge regarding metal music and its industry, a perfect mentor for a band of young musicians like ourselves.”

Pilgrim’s debut album MISERY WIZARD will be released early 2012 via Metal Blade Records in Europe on CD and LP. Check out the first song and album opener “Astaroth” at http://www.metalblade.com/pilgrim . Make sure to also check the pre-order options.

Pilgrim about their debut album MISERY WIZARD: “MISERY WIZARD is a sonic journey through a strange and mystical legend. Hidden within are the twisted tales of the evil demons, ancient aliens and powerful sorcerers that once inhabited the dark realms of our fable. We wanted to make a record that harnessed the foreboding sounds of classic doom metal and mesh it with our tales of high-fantasy.

“We’re influenced by dark, heavy music, Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Reverend Bizarre, Darkthrone, Burzum and the like. Unlike a lot of modern musicians, we wanted to pay tribute to these bands without BEING them, so to speak. I think originality and individuality is a staple of this record. No two songs are too similar. Each is a unique gem revealing an unsung tale of old. Each song is a portal into a different scene of the overarching mythos that is Pilgrim.”

Pilgrim formed in early 2010 and was built on the worship of “true doom metal.” Krolg, The Slayer Of Man (drums), Count Elric The Soothsayer (bass) and The Wizard (guitars and vocals) have set out on a holy pilgrimage of domination through amplification.

Tucked away high up in the US’ New England coastline, you can find Pilgrim making their fabled pilgrimages to New York City to showcase their mysterious songwriting for shadowy un-lit rooms of coked-out metal-heads.

Pilgrim is a sonic documentation of the friendship of three young men inspired and awe-stricken by the dark sounds of traditional doom metal. Something sinister always seems to be following in their footsteps. Hear them soon, before it’s too late.

MISERY WIZARD track listing:
1. Astaroth
2. Misery Wizard
3. Quest
4. Masters Of The Sky
5. Adventurer
6. Forsaken Man

Pilgrim is:
The Wizard – guitars and vocals
Count Elric The Soothsayer – bass
Krolg, The Slayer Of Man – drums


*** PRESS RELEASE #35 ***
-Black Skies Issue Roadside Update; Live Song Posted

North Carolina power trio Black Skies have been ravaging the North American masses since November 14 on their 2011 Fall tour excursion in support of the recently unleashed ON THE WINGS OF TIME full-length.

The band checks in from the van:

“The tour is going great! We’ve played some of our favorite venues. Hit some new ones and had a great first time playing Canada! The crowd, promoters and venues in Montreal and Toronto were very welcoming and we look forward to going back! We’ve been playing songs off our new record for the most part including a tune we hadn’t really played out live before and a May Blitz cover on some nights. It’s been a blast being back out. Our friends Make from Chapel Hill were on the first half of the tour with us. It’s been great to share the stage with these guys every night. They’re an excellent band, and good, fun people to hang with. We joined up with Vaz in Montreal for a string of dates. It’s time to take over Easthampton, Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Annandale!”

BLACK SKIES – Fall Tour 2011 [remaining dates]:
11/26/2011 Flywheel Arts Collective – Easthampton, MA**
11/27/2011 St. Vitus – Brooklyn, NY**
11/28/2011 JRs – Philadelphia, PA**
11/29/2011 Cellar Door – Annandale, VA
** w/ Vaz http://www.vazmusic.bandcamp.com

ON THE WINGS OF TIME is currently available at all shows on digital download cards included with the purchase of a limited edition, silk-screened poster. A CD version with alternate cover art is also available. To hear ON THE WINGS OF TIME in its entirety, visit the band’s official BandCamp page. In addition, you can check out a live recording from the band’s first show of the tour at the Get Down in Asheville, North Carolina here:


“Black Skies play like an amped-up version of Sleep: think stoner metal on a caffeine bender. It’s visceral hard rock defined by low-end, hypnotic riffing.” — Creative Loafing

“ON THE WINGS OF TIME is a head banging punk rock ear fest with a loverly heavy grunge metal tinge… It’s a loud cacophony of guitars with understated vocals. It’s music to lose yourself in.” — The Kalidiaries


*** PRESS RELEASE #36 ***
-Basick Records Sign Two New Acts: The Algorithm & Skyharbor!

Basick Records is extremely happy to welcome two exciting new international acts to its ever expanding roster: French electro-metal producer The Algorithm and Indian progressive metal band Skyharbor! The signing of these two new acts further cements Basick’s reputation as a solid choice for some of the world’s most progressive and forward thinking artists.

The brainchild of talented producer Rémi Gallego, The Algorithm infuses modern metal breakdowns with a menagerie of electronic subgenres such as IDM, chiptune and breakcore to concoct his own potent style of fiercely heavy music. After a successful premiere of his live show at this year’s Euroblast Festival, Rémi will now be focusing on playing more shows around Europe, including a Basick showcase in London, scheduled for early next year.

The Algorithm will release a new single “Tr0jans” (which includes new versions of the tracks “Isometry” and “Antikythera…”) and a new, as yet untitled album via Basick in early 2012. More details to follow.

Stream the track “Isometry” from the forthcoming single here:

Starting out as a simple bedroom studio project, guitarist Keshav Dhar has seen Skyharbor quickly evolve into one of India’s hottest metal prospects, with huge admiration coming in from some of the biggest names in metal worldwide. An astonishing amount of buzz also surrounded the band’s first ever performance at the Bacardi NH7 Festival in Pune, India earlier this month, where they played to over 1,000 people and were one of the weekend’s highlights.

The long awaited debut album from Skyharbor promises to be a landmark release for the Indian independent music scene, in no small part thanks to the incredible number of international guest appearances it will see, including the likes of Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth), Daniel Tompkins (ex-TesseracT), Vishal J. Singh (Amogh Symphony) and Sunneith Revankar (Bhayanak Maut).

Skyharbor will release the debut album BLINDING WHITE NOISE: ILLUSION & CHAOS worldwide via Basick in early 2012. More details to follow.

Stream the track “Celestial” featuring Marty Friedman and Dan Tompkins here:


*** PRESS RELEASE #37 ***
-King Giant: Dark Southern Rock Outfit To Self-Release Sophomore Album In January

Taking the dark tales of their Appalachian folk forefathers to contemporary Southern doom territory, Northern Virgina-based quintet King Giant have wrapped up the final details on their sophomore full-length release, DISMAL HOLLOW, and are preparing to self-release it just after the kickoff of the new year.

Brooding even darker and more sinister homage to their rock and metal forefathers than their heralded self-released 2009 debut album, SOUTHERN DARKNESS, this new album sets a new par for King Giant, further developing their hard but harmonized style, as always chock full of well-written hooks and deep grooving thunder. Recorded at Inner Ear Studio (Minor Threat, Fugazi, Avail, Jawbox, Dave Grohl), and inherently boasting full-on Americana both musically and conceptually, the eight tracks harnessed on DISMAL HOLLOW are easily King Giant’s most well-written and monstrous anthems captured to date.

DISMAL HOLLOW will be available worldwide on January 31, 2012 — a split release between King Giant’s band-operated imprint Graveyard Hill Records and The Path Less Traveled Records, part of the MRI Group, with distribution by RED, Code 7 and Plastichead — and will be available in CD, LP and digital download formats. Check out the cover art for the album and more at http://www.earsplitcompound.com/site/?p=3808 .

DISMAL HOLLOW Track Listing:

1. Appomattox
2. Tale Of Mathias
3. A Steward’s Prayer
4. Pistols And Penance
5. 6 O’Clock Swill
6. The Fog
7. Road To Eleusis
8. O’ Drifter

A video for the album’s opening track, “Appomattox,” will debut in December 2011, along with more tunes from Dismal Hollow, as well as new live dates and much more for King Giant throughout 2012.


*** PRESS RELEASE #38 ***
-Burning Love Sign To Southern Lord Recordings; New Album In Final Stages

Southern Lord Recordings proudly announce the signing of Ontario-based Burning Love, as the label prepared for the release of the unit’s anticipated upcoming sophomore full-length in early 2012.

Following their previous full-length, in addition to a multitude of EPs and split releases and more since their 2008 inception, the title of the forthcoming Burning Love album has been confirmed as ROTTEN THING TO SAY, and was recently recorded by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou at his infamous Salem, Massachusetts-based Godcity Studio. Set to be mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side in the coming weeks as the album art is completed and final release details are confirmed, ROTTEN THING TO SAY will see release in late March or early April of 2012, with final details to be confirmed by the beginning of the year.

To the uninitiated, Burning Love is a group from Toronto with a chip on their shoulder and electric blood in their veins; their output a desperate, venomous and informed rock n’ roll fury that sways and swaggers somewhere between hardcore punk and the darker side of blues gone wrong. After the sudden demise of the now legendary Cursed, enigmatic front man Chris Colohan picked right back up where he the band last left us, but this time collaborating with the members of Our Father, comes back to the table with a band that had a decidedly different musical approach and direction. While Cursed was intent on quickly ripping your face off, Burning Love takes that similar approach to new levels, luring you in with infectious hooks and full throttle blues before going in for the kill. Merging the darkness of Poison Idea, the melodic aspects of Queens Of The Stone Age and the inspired high energy of the MC5, the attack of Burning Love begins to come into focus.

Chris Colohan – vocals
Alex Goodall – bass
Easton Lannaman – drums
Pat Marshall – guitar
Andrus Meret – guitar

Stay tuned for more info on Burning Love to be announced over the coming weeks and all through 2012 as this raging act’s new album nears release and the band takes to the road in support of the beast.


*** PRESS RELEASE #39 ***
-Gods And Queens: Philadelphia Trio Involved In Serious Van Accident In Czech Republic

Philadelphia-based Gods And Queens were involved in a serious accident while on their current self-booked European tour this weekend in the Czech Republic. Several of the members and their traveling friends received very serious injuries in the brutal accident, which destroyed their van, equipment and personal gear.

The band are now struggling to cover their bills and are reaching out for the public’s help. Please go drop a meager $1.99 on their latest untitled full-length album via the band’s Bandcamp page at http://www.godsandqueens.bandcamp.com/ to help these hard-working bros cover their hospital and travel expenses to bring them home.

The full initial statement released by Gods And Queens front man Jamie Getz is below:

I’m going to try and make this as short as I can. After all these years of touring in unsafe vans, and doing stupid things, I guess I was overdue for this… We had a serious van accident in route from our show in Graz, Austria to Dresden, Germany, somewhere along the highway in the Czech.

I was asleep in the back of the van, so I’m unsure of what exactly happened. All I know is I felt the van skidding out and we started to slide and roll over. Not sure exactly how many times the van flipped but it was more than enough. I started screaming for everyone to tell me they were OK. Gertjan check, Ben check, Sara check, and I didn’t hear Jeff.

Ben pulled me out through the windshield and I took off running, screaming for help with blood pouring down my face. I honestly though Jeff was dead. A car stopped and a slew of women started screaming at me and I was screaming at them. We were in the middle of nowhere and as I was running two things came to mind, I think Jeff is dead, and I hope I don’t get shot like Artimus Pyle. A woman pulled me into her house and her husband and son ran to the van crash site. I found Gertjan, and he said everyone is OK. The family started talking to me via Google Translation telling me everyone is safe and that an ambulance is on the way.

The ambulance comes takes us to a hospital, we get taken care of… sort of. The police arrive on the scene and inform us that we aren’t leaving until the medical bills are paid in full. They were so kind enough to escort Sara and myself to an ATM machine to pay the entire lump of the bills in full on the spot. Even after we signed some strange papers saying we have 30 day with proof of citizenship, etc. What the f*ck ever right? We asked where Gertjan was, and their response was… prison. 300 phone calls and around €3,000 later we are out of the damned Czech and safe in Germany.

Long short, we are all somewhat OK. Jeff broke his collar bone, Ben got his hand jacked up, I am pretty alright, Gertjan is OK, as well as Sara. The van is destroyed. Booking these tours ourselves really made me realize that we are 100% on our own. We had no one to call, no one to “rescue” us. I made three phone calls and the entire German punk scene came to our rescue. God damn thank you. Our new friends from Dresden, Germany came to get us at the drop of a hat, no questions asked. Thank you.

So here it is, we are three grown adult males in our 30s who play in a punk band. We are all stage hands at R5 Productions in Philly. That’s what we do to enable us to be here in Europe doing this. Never in our lives have we needed help like we do now. If you want to help us, please go to http://www.godsandqueens.bandcamp.com and purchase a record for $1.99. If you ever laughed at one of my awful jokes, or spend hours talking with us after a show, and you would like to help, please do. I always thought our band would have too much pride to ask for help, but I am pretty sure we all agree that this time we need it. If you would like to help in any form please do jamiegetz(at)gmail.com is the PayPal address if you are inclined to do so. We will also accept first class upgrades on US Air, Delta or Virgin.

Jamie/Gods & Queens


-Check out About Heavy Metal’s “Heavy Metal Gift Guide” — featuring CD reviews and “a list of CD box sets, DVDs, collectibles and more” — at http://glclk.about.com/?zi=1/EQeU .

-Canadian melodic metal band All Else Fails has its video for “Rebirth” online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGov6ji_72s . The track is the latest single from THE ORACLE: WHAT WAS, IS, AND COULD HAVE BEEN, which is streaming in full at http://thenewreview.net/all-access/album-stream-all-else-fails-the-oracle-what-was-is-and-could-have-been . See http://www.allelsefails.ca/ for more.

-Check out a new interview with Anthrax bassist Frankie Bello at http://glclk.about.com/?zi=1/EMM3 .

-Warren Appleby’s Christmas/Winter album SNOWBOUND is on sale until December 31 for only $5.00 at CD Baby, with individual tracks going for 79 cents each. See http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/warrenappleby5 for more.

-The Arctic Festival 2012 – Scotland is slated for April 21-22 at The Classic Grand in Glasgow. Lineup: 4/21 – Diementia, Bury All Rivals, Black Acid Souls, Seethe, Huron, 15 Times Dead, Mordax, Kyrbgrinder, Furyon. 4/22 – Komatoze, Let’s Play God, Bacchus Baracus, Shadows Lie Within, Cypher16, Spyritus, Achren, Arthemis. Check out the Facebook event at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=276783405688398 , and see http://www.classicgrand.com/ for more on the venue.

-Check out About Heavy Metal’s “Retro Recommendation” feature on Autograph’s SIGN IN PLEASE at http://glclk.about.com/?zi=1/EMM6 .

-Autumn’s new video for “The Scarecrow” is available at the German Metal Hammer website, at http://www.metal-hammer.de/video-audio/premieren/article123569/autumn-premiere-des-videos-zu-the-scarecrow-aus-cold-comfort.html . The track comes from COLD COMFORT, which is out now. See http://www.autumn-band.com/ , http://www.myspace.com/autumnband , and http://www.facebook.com/AutumnBand for more.

-Axemaster’s Joe Sims was recently interviewed by Mike “The Big Cheese” of “The Heavy Metal Mayhem” Internet radio show, and a podcast of the appearance can be downloaded at http://theheavymetalmayhemradioshow.com/ . In other news, Axemaster’s deal with the upcoming film “Metal Maniac” has been expanded to not only include the band’s music, but also a role for Sims. See http://www.facebook.com/axemasterofficial , http://www.reverbnation.com/axemasterofficial , and http://www.myspace.com/thebandaxemaster for more.

-There are new Sebastian Bach interviews online as follows:

Eternal Terror

Guitar World “Tune Ups” Feature

VH1 Classic Rock Nights

Go Lackawanna

See http://www.sebastianbach.com/ for more.

-Clips from Beyond The Bridge’s debut rock opera THE OLD MAN AND THE SPIRIT are available as follows:

“The Call”

“The Apparition”

“Doorway To Salvation”

-Check out a sneak peek (audio only) of Blatant Disarray’s cover of Megadeth’s “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due” at http://t.co/C8F53UHV .

-There’s a new interview with Blotted Science’s Ron Jarzombek at http://www.metalinjection.net/interviews/ron-jarzombek-the-metal-injection-interview . See http://www.ronjarzombek.com/BlottedScience.html and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Blotted-Science/78922582770 for more.

-The latest Eric Carr “Through The Years” videos are available as follows:

Pt. 1 – Bill Aucoin & John Humphrey (Seether)

Pt. 2 – Bruce Kulick & Lydia Criss

Pt. 3 – A.J. Pero, Mark Slaughter & Carmine Appice

Pt. 4 – Carrie Stevens & Eddie Trunk

The UNFINISHED BUSINESS CD was featured on VH1 Classic’s “That Metal Show” last week, with host Eddie Trunk and guest Slash both talking about Carr and the release. The CD is currently part of a “holiday bundle” available through EricCarr.com and TributeAlbums.com where you can get three CDs for $29.99 plus shipping & handling; the others are the tribute albums KISS: COVER TO COVER (featuring songs Kiss has covered in its career) and PROPHECY – A TRIBUTE TO ERIC CARR by Ralph E. Carle. See http://tributealbums.com/ericcarr.htm for more details on all three CDs, and see EricCarr.com for more on UNFINISHED BUSINESS.

-Attention Deficit Delirium has a “Digital Playlist” feature from Chickenfoot’s Michael Anthony at http://www.bryanreesman.com/blog/2011/11/28/digital-playlist-michael-anthony/ .

-Epica’s new album is due out March 9, 2012 on Nuclear Blast Records. The band’s upcoming European tour is scheduled as follows:

3/15 – Zeche, Bochum, Germany
3/16 – 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands
3/29 – Substage, Karlsruhe, Germany
3/30 – Juzz Live Club, Andernach, Germany
3/31 – Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
4/13 – Transbordeur, Lyon, France
4/14 – Les Docks, Lausanne, Switzerland
4/16 – Orion, Rome, Italy
4/17 – Alcatraz, Milano, Italy
4/19 – Razzmatazz I, Barcelona, Spain
4/20 – La Riviera, Madrid, Spain
4/21 – Incrivel Almadense, Lisbon, Portugal
4/22 – Hard Club, Porto, Portugal
4/24 – Bikini, Toulouse, France
4/25 – Theatre Barbev, Bordeaux, France
4/27 – Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
4/28 – Stadthalle, Langen, Germany
4/29 – Baraclan, Paris, France

See http://www.epica.nl/ for more.

-Famous Underground is set to gig at The Green Bottle in Oshawa, Ontario, on December 3 with Tiger Star. See http://www.famousunderground.tv/ for more.

-Ace Frehley fractured his left wrist in an accident at his home, and has had to cancel his upcoming UK tour dates. He plans to reschedule them, and has already announced he will headline the Hard Rock Hell 2012 festival next December. See http://www.acefrehley.com/ for more.

-Rob Halford’s “Metal God Records Holiday Sale” is going on now, where ever order includes a free WINTER SONGS five-song radio promo CD while supplies last. Featured items include a Halford’s LIVE AT SAITAMA SUPER ARENA Blu-ray/DVD/CD bundle for $34.99, Fight’s INTO THE PIT box set for $10, other CDs for low prices, and other bundles featuring hats, picks, shirts, CDs, DVDs, and more. A list of $5 T-shirts is available at https://www.metalgodshop.com/c-40-5-shirts-sale.aspx . See http://www.metalgodshop.com/ for more. There is also a “Metal God Apparel Holiday Sale” where you can get 40% off your order with coupon code HOLIDAY. See http://www.metalgodapparel.com/ for more.

-Check out footage of Havok live in Brooklyn at http://lnk.ms/W0h3r , an new photos at http://lnk.ms/W3xYm .

-Kamelot’s new video for “Necropolis,” from POETRY FOR THE POISONED, is online at http://youtu.be/r8pd99KBLjs . In other video news, check out these clips:

Filmed video of Kamelot with Fabio Lione from the SOLD OUT Sentrum Scene in Oslo, Norway:

Kamelot On the Road Series:

“Ghost Opera” cover:

The cover of “Ghost Opera” is a Senior Recital by Ittiporn Supreechakorn and Phubet Pensook, featuring the Mahidol University Rock Orchestra and Libera Canto Symphonic Choir, at the Music Auditorium, College Of Music, Mahidol University Thailand. See http://www.kamelot.com/ for more.

-There’s a new Lance King interview online at http://glclk.about.com/?zi=1/EQeV .

-The four-issue Kiss/Archie comic book series “Archie Meets Kiss” debuts today, November 30, with “Archie” issue #627. To celebrate, tonight at 7 p.m. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons — along with the “Archie Meets Kiss” creative team of artist Dan Parent and writer Alex Segura — will sign copies of the comic at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles. The remaining issues are due out as follows: #628 on December 28, #629 on January 25, and #630 on February 22. [Thanks for that, Patrick! – Tim] See http://www.archiecomics.com/ and http://www.kissonline.com/ for more.

-Bruce Kulick has a new “10 Questions With…” video for SIT Strings at http://www.youtube.com/user/kulicknet .

-Lizzy Borden’s “Death Takes A Holiday” European tour 2011 is in progress as follows:

11/30 – Rocktogon, Budapest, Hungary
12/1 – Camden Underworld, London, UK
12/2 – Hard Rock Hell Festival, Prestatyn, Wales, UK
12/5 – DOM, Helsinki, Finland
12/8 – Seven Sins, Athens, Greece
12/9 – Rockland, Sala, Sweden
12/10 – Backstage, Trollhattan, Sweden
12/11 – Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, Denmark

See http://www.lizzyborden.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/lizzybordenband for more.

-Check out some clips from Mollo / Martin’s THE THIRD CAGE as follows:

“Oh My Soul”

“One Of The Few”


See http://www.dariomollo.com/ and http://www.frontiers.it/ for more.

-Saxon is on the road in Europe with Anvil and Crimes Of Passion supporting, and starting December 13 HammerFall will be support at shows in the UK. The dates:

11/30 – Trädgårn, Gothenburg, Sweden
12/2 – Munchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, Sweden
12/4 – Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland
12/7 – Club Studio, Krakow, Poland
12/8 – Stodola, Warsaw, Poland
12/10 – Knock Out Festival, Karlsruhe, Germany
12/11 – Zeche, Bochum, Germany
12/13 – O2 Academy, Oxford, UK
12/14 – O2 Academy, Leicester, UK
12/16 – Picturehouse, Edinburgh, UK
12/17 – Mandela Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland
12/18 – O2 Academy, Sheffield, UK
12/20 – Koko, London, UK

Check out a recent Attention Deficit Delirium podcast interview with Biff Byford at http://www.bryanreesman.com/blog/2011/11/18/a-d-d-podcast-9-saxon-frontman-biff-byford/ . See http://www.saxon747.com/ for more.

-Scythia will open for Korpiklaani and Arkona on December 3 at Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver, BC. The band’s guitarist Dave Khan commented: “Scythia is both stoked and honored to play with folk metal’s heavyweights such as Korpiklaani and Arkona. This night will be a fusion of European and North American interpretations of this genre and it will provide a very enticing reason to come out and rock hard.” Scythia’s …OF EXILE is out now and doing well, having hit #1 on the Top 20 Canadian Loud Charts for October. Grab free downloads of the tracks “For The King” and “Voice Of The Sword” at http://scythia.bandcamp.com/track/for-the-king-free-download and http://scythia.bandcamp.com/track/voice-of-the-sword-free-download , respectively, and check out an album teaser video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yKgWHAv4E8 . See http://www.ScythiaFolkMetal.com/ for more.

-Sonata Arctica’s LIVE IN FINLAND hit #1 on the official Finnish DVD charts. See http://www.sonataarctica.info/ for more.

-Jack Starr’s Burning Starr — featuring singer Todd Michael Hall, guitarist Starr, bassist Ned Meloni, and drummer Kenny “Rhino” Earl — has LAND OF THE DEAD out now on Limb Music. Hype: “In the world of heavy metal, flashy guitar players are a dime a dozen, but you’d be hard pressed to find many that can compare with the over-the-top fret-scorching licks of heavy metal six-string hero Jack Starr. With a career in metal that now spans 30 years and counting, Jack has amassed an endless amount of writing, recording, and touring with such acts as Virgin Steele where he was a founding member, Jack Starr’s Burning Starr, Strider, Phantom Lord and Jack Starr’s Guardians Of The Flame among others. He has worked with some of metal’s most respected vocalists including David DeFeis, the late great Rhett Forrester, Mike Tirelli, and Shmoulik Avigal.” The album features guest performances from singer Marta Gabriel (Crystal Viper) and guitarists Ross The Boss (Manowar) and David Shankle (Manowar, DSG), and has this track list: “Land Of The Dead,” “Sands Of Time,” “Twilight Of The Gods,” “Stranger In Paradise,” “Here We Are,” “Warning Fire,” “Daughter Of Darkness,” “When Blood And Steel Collide,” “On The Wings Of The Night,” “Never Again,” “Until The End.” Check out clips of three songs at http://musicbuymail.eu/?i=35321 . See http://www.BurningStarr.com/ , http://www.myspace.com/JackStarrsBurningStarr , and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jack-Starrs-Burning-Starr for more.

-TrashCan Symphony will take part in an all-ages December 17 charity show at Durty Nellies to benefit Chiros Care Free clinic, which “provides free chiropractic care for the homeless in Chicago, and bring their care and donations to other less fortunate areas of the world.” TCS will play from 5 – 8 p.m., and 7th Heaven is also on the bill. Kids 15 and under get in free; for others a $35 entry fee includes admission, a raffle ticket, and a wristband for unlimited drinks from 5 – 8 p.m. (including beer, wine, and well liquors.), and a $10 entry fee includes admission and a raffle ticket. There will also be a silent auction. See http://www.chiroscare.org/ for more on the Chiros Care Free clinic, and http://www.trashcansymphony.com/ for more on the band.

-Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody has a video trailer for its first album at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8n8Bz2Ba34 . See http://www.ltrhapsody.com/ for more.

-U.D.O.’s 2008 live album MASTERCUTOR ALIVE will be released December 9 on double vinyl through Golden Core (Cargo Records). Check out a German-language profile of main man Udo Dirkschneider at Spiegel online, at http://www.spiegel.de/kultur/musik/0,1518,799594,00.html . See http://www.udo-online.de/ for more.

-UFO’s five-CD box set THE CHRYSALIS YEARS (1973-1979) is out now on Capitol/EMI. The set includes liner notes “based on a recent interview” with singer Phil Mogg, the five studio albums from that era, live opus STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT, and rarities including the 1973 German single “Give Her The Gun,” the 1979 single version of “Doctor Doctor,” the B-side “On With The Action” (live), BBC Radio sessions, and “a previously unreleased 45-minute concert recording from UFO’s first US tour,” from a 1974 show at the Electric Ballroom in Atlanta. Track list: CD 1 – “Give Her The Gun” (single A-side), “Sweet Little Thing” (single B-side), PHENOMENON (1974): “Oh My,” “Crystal Light,” “Doctor Doctor,” “Space Child,” “Rock Bottom,” “Too Young To Know,” “Time On My Hands,” “Built For Comfort,” “Lipstick Traces,” “Queen Of The Deep,” “Doctor Doctor” (Single Edit) (bonus track), Bob Harris BBC session from 10/28/74: “Rock Bottom,” “Time On My Hands,” “Give Her The Gun.” CD 2 – Live At Electric Ballroom, Atlanta, GA 11/5/74: “Oh My,” “Doctor Doctor,” “Built For Comfort,” “Give Her The Gun,” “Cold Turkey,” “Space Child,” “Rock Bottom,” “Prince Kujuku,” FORCE IT (1975) (side A): “Let It Roll,” “Shoot Shoot,” “High Flyer,” “Love Lost Love,” “Out In The Street.” CD 3 – FORCE IT (side B): “Mother Mary,” “Too Much Of Nothing,” “Dance Your Life Away,” “This Kid’s” (including “Between The Walls”), NO HEAVY PETTING (1976): “Natural Thing,” “I’m A Loser,” “Can You Roll Her,” “Belladonna,” “Reasons Love,” “Highway Lady,” “On With The Action,” “A Fool In Love,” “Martian Landscape,” LIGHTS OUT (1977) (side A): “Too Hot To Handle,” “Just Another Suicide,” “Try Me,” “Lights Out.” CD 4 – LIGHTS OUT (side B): “Gettin’ Ready,” “Alone Again Or,” “Electric Phase,” “Love To Love,” “Try Me” (Single Remix) (bonus track), John Peel BBC session from 6/27/77: “Too Hot To Handle,” “Lights Out,” “Try Me,” OBSESSION (1978): “Only You Can Rock Me,” “Pack It Up (And Go),” “Arbory Hill,” “Ain’t No Baby,” “Lookin’ Out For No. 1,” “Hot ‘N’ Ready,” “Cherry,” “You Don’t Fool Me,” “Lookin’ Out For No. 1” (Reprise), “One More For The Rodeo,” “Born To Lose,” “Only You Can Rock Me” (Single Version) (bonus track). CD 5 – STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT (1979): “Natural Thing,” “Out In The Street,” “Only You Can Rock Me,” “Doctor Doctor,” “Mother Mary,” “This Kid’s,” “Love To Love,” “Lights Out,” “Rock Bottom,” “Too Hot To Handle,” “I’m A Loser,” “Let It Roll,” “Shoot Shoot,” “Doctor Doctor” (Live Single Edit) (bonus track), “On With The Action” (Live Single B-Side) (bonus track).

-Check out a new Metal Assault audio interview with Unearth at http://lnk.ms/W41cS .

-BraveWords.com reported Virgin Steele is readying for the 70,000 Tons Of Metal Cruise in January, some US shows “within the next few months,” and the band’s upcoming 30th anniversary concerts. The band’s 1988 album AGE OF CONSENT has been reissued by SPV/Steamhammer as a two-CD digi-pak with bonus tracks (five of which are previously unreleased) and a “massive booklet with new liner notes and unseen photos.” The release is also out on double gatefold blue vinyl, with printed inner sleeves. CD track list: CD 1 – “The Burning Of Rome (Cry For Pompeii),” “Let It Roar,” “Prelude To Evening,” “Lion In Winter,” “Stranger At The Gate,” “Perfect Mansions (Mountains Of The Sun),” “Coils Of The Serpent,” “Serpent’s Kiss,” “On The Wings Of The Night,” “Seventeen,” “Tragedy,” “Stay On Top,” “Chains Of Fire,” “Desert Plains” (Judas Priest cover), “Cry Forever,” “We Are Eternal.” CD 2 (bonus tracks) – “Screaming For Vengeance” (Judas Priest cover), “The Curse,” “Breach Of Lease” (previously unreleased), “Another Nail In The Cross” (previously unreleased), “A Changling Dawn” (Noble Savage acoustic version) (previously unreleased), “Under The Graveyard Moon” (previously unreleased), “Down By The River” (previously unreleased). Vinyl track list: LP 1 – “The Burning Of Rome (Cry For Pompeii),” “Let It Roar,” “Prelude To Evening,” “Lion In Winter,” “On The Wings Of The Night,” “Seventeen,” “Tragedy,” “Chains Of Fire,” “Cry Forever,” “We Are Eternal.” LP 2 – “Perfect Mansions (Mountains Of The Sun),” “Coils Of The Serpent,” “Serpent’s Kiss,” “The Curse” (bonus track), “Screaming For Vengeance” (Judas Priest cover) (bonus track), “Another Nail In The Cross” (bonus track) (previously unreleased), “Under The Graveyard Moon” (bonus track) (previously unreleased).

-The 2012 Wacken Open Air has added Volbeat and Danko Jones to the lineup. Jones’ performance will be spoken word; of this he stated: “It’s been seven years since I’ve stepped onstage to do Spoken Word. In that time I’ve wondered what there was worth speaking about. I’m stepping on the Wacken stage to talk about my one burning passion that has consumed me for my entire life. Come and listen to my confession.” Check out a Danko Jones podcast for free on iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/se/podcast/the-official-danko-jones-podcast/id438095650 , and read more at http://www.wacken.com/en/woa2012/main-bands/billing-20120/danko-spoken-word12/ . See http://www.wacken.com/ for more.

-The ZZ TOP – A TRIBUTE FROM FRIENDS compilation is out now via Show Dog/Universal. Track list: The M.O.B. (Steven Tyler, Mick Fleetwood, Jon McVie, Jonny Lang) – “Sharp Dressed Man,” Filter – “Gimme All Your Lovin’,” Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – “Tush,” Nickelback – “Legs,” Wolfmother – “Cheap Sunglasses,” Duff McKagan’s Loaded – “Got Me Under Pressure,” Coheed And Cambria – “Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers,” Mastodon – “Just Got Paid,” Wyclef Jean – “Rough Boy,” Daughtry – “Waitin’ For The Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago,” Jamey Johnson – “La Grange.”

Thanks to Axel Wiesenauer, Chad Bowar, Dan Marsicano, Thomas Jensen, Bryan Reesman, Alexander Ford, Jon Asher, Kimmie Sharon, Metaltix, Music Buy Mail, Matt Rudzinski, Grigoris Chronis, and Axe for help gathering some of this information.

by Tim Wadzinski (tsw512@yahoo.com)

-I finished Ace Frehley’s “No Regrets” last week, and as expected, it was a breezy read focusing mainly on his early years and his time in Kiss. I certainly recommend it to any Ace or Kiss fan, but there were a few areas I wish Frehley would’ve explored more deeply. The book makes very clear his relationship with Gene Simmons — there are plenty of salvos fired in the direction of The Demon — but doesn’t really get into much with Paul Stanley, Eric Carr, or, most surprisingly, Peter Criss. I guess I expected more “Ace & Peter Partying Gone Haywire” and “Ace & Peter Vs. The Evil Gene & Paul” war stories… I was surprised to read some of the Gene stories, and about Frehley’s fisticuffs with Tommy Thayer — as a huge Kiss fan I was shocked to realize I hadn’t heard about these already — and the tales of his “roadie” experiences at a young age are quite fascinating. I was disappointed with his 2009 solo album ANOMALY, but here’s hoping this book and Frehley’s newfound sobriety will lead to a more consistent, positive period of creativity and new albums.

-You know, that Battle Beast press release had me reaching for the dictionary. Did you catch this quote from Nuclear Blast A&R man Andy Siry: “Young, dynamic but still deeply rooted in traditional heavy metal — Battle Beast breathe new life into the scene and rekindle the sound of the ’80s with a fulgent livery.” “Fulgent Livery?” Sounds like a band name from the New England Metal And Hardcore Festival, doesn’t it? So yeah, I had to look it up. Turns out “fulgent” is an adjective meaning “shining brightly; dazzling; resplendent,” and in this context “livery” means “[a] uniform worn by male servants.” There you go — who said metal was for dummies? Now go show off your new vocabulary words.

-You know, I was pretty much on board with Pilgrim until I read those band member names… 🙂 The Wizard, Count Elric The Soothsayer, and Krolg, The Slayer Of Man? Sheesh. Let’s get them and Lost Horizon — remember Ethereal Magnanimus on vocals, Transcendental Protagonist on guitar, Cosmic Antagonist on bass, and Preternatural Transmogrifyer on drums? — in a room to hash this out. Maybe have Gwar’s Oderus Urungus referee.

-So my kid’s been playing the Wii game “Animal Crossing: City Folk” and the other day one of the in-game characters asked “What’s your favorite kind of music?” As I recall the choices were country, pop, metal, hip-hop, and rock. My kid’s answer? Hip-hop. I have failed as a father.

-That UFO package looks awesome but I gotta say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a box set where an album’s content was split onto multiple CDs like that. I understand wanting to preserve the chronological order of the material, but it just seems kinda weird…

-Accept’s new record is titled STALINGRAD. Hmm… Concept album?

-In my current playlist: Michael Schenker – TEMPLE OF ROCK (in-akustik), Megadeth – TH1RT3EN (Roadrunner Records), Boguslaw Balcerak’s Crylord – BLOOD OF THE PROPHETS (Lion Music), Wizard – …OF WARIWULFS AND BLUOTVARWES (Massacre Records), Candlelight Red – THE WRECKAGE (Imagen Records), Self Portrait – BETWEEN THE LINES (Pretty Plastic Records), Van Canto – BREAK THE SILENCE (Napalm Records).

*** REVIEWS ***
14 tracks, RT: 58:01
[ http://www.michaelschenkerhimself.com/ ]
[ http://www.in-akustik.de/ ]
[ music@in-akustik.de ]
Guitar god Michael Schenker is back to doing solo albums, and yes, this thing actually begins with a 72-second intro featuring William “James T. Kirk” Shatner intoning over orchestral music… and it’s actually pretty cool! The music then launches with the driving “How Long,” and we’re off and running. Most of the tracks are sung by golden-throated Michael Voss (Mad Max, Casanova, Silver, etc.) and six feature the killer all-star lineup of Voss and Schenker plus a rhythm section consisting of the guitarist’s former cohorts Pete Way on bass and Herman Rarebell on drums. (Maybe the next release will be Michael Schenker Group with these guys?) Other guests include Schenker’s Scorpion brother Rudolf popping up on two songs to contribute “additional rhythm guitar,” and such notables and/or former Schenker collaborators as Robin McAuley, Paul Raymond, Carmine Appice, Don Airey, Doogie White, Neil Murray, Simon Phillips, Chris Glenn, Wayne Findlay, Brian Tichy, Chris Slade, and Elliott “Dean” Rubinson. The album is chock full of melodic rockers with nary a ballad in sight, save for the slow burn of “With You;” most are pleasantly mid-tempo with the exceptions of the heavier/faster “Storming In” (once you get past the extended intro), “The End Of An Era,” and the solo section of “Speed.” “Scene Of Crime” has a wickedly spooky vibe, and “Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead” (with White singing) has some satisfying stomp and heft. TEMPLE OF ROCK closes with an extended version of “How Long,” subtitled “3 Generations Guitar Battle Version” and featuring additional solos from Mountain’s Leslie West and Arch Enemy’s Michael Amott. Highlights include the aforementioned, cookin’ “The End Of An Era,” the swirling, catchy single “Miss Claustrophobia,” the chugga-chugga, McAuley-sung “Lover’s Sinfony,” the silly party rocker “Saturday Night” (featuring Rarebell on cowbell!), and the building “Hanging On.” I totally dig the way Schenker has reached back into his past to re-team with friends and former band mates, and the way he leans on Voss for most of the vocals, so despite TEMPLE OF ROCK maybe lacking those one or two absolutely killer tracks, it’s a worthy inclusion in his storied legacy.
– Tim Wadzinski (tsw512@yahoo.com)

*** OUT ***

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