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Issue #612
Week of October 10, 2011

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*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-Judas Priest Celebrate Stellar Metal Career With Two Compilations And Upcoming North American Epitaph Tour

Judas Priest’s contribution to the world of heavy metal can never be understated, as there are few metal bands that appeared in their wake that can match the group for their influence on the genre, and the amount of classic albums and anthems they created. And soon, fans will be able to re-experience Judas Priest’s all-time classic recordings with two compilations.

On October 18th, fans will have 20 discs of Priest to sink their teeth into, when SINGLE CUTS arrives. The box set presents all of the group’s UK 7″ and 12″ A and B sides from 1977 through 1992 (a total of 51 tracks), and each single will be featured as a vinyl-replica disc, and housed in a wallet featuring the original artwork. Additionally, the set will feature track-by-track notes by Kerrang! founder Geoff Barton, as well as rarely seen photos.

SINGLE CUTS will be made available as a limited edition set, and pre-orders are now being taken via http://judaspriest.com/ , or via this direct link: http://www.myplaydirect.com/judas-priest

And for those metalheads who are looking for a stellar single disc of Priest classics, THE CHOSEN FEW will certainly fit the bill. Released a week earlier than SINGLE CUTS, THE CHOSEN FEW is comprised of 17 Priest classics, chosen by some of the biggest names of the hard rock/heavy metal community (including Ozzy Osbourne, James Hetfield, Slash, and Alice Cooper, among countless others). The result is a release that manages to include the obvious choices (“Breaking The Law,” “Living After Midnight,” “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming,” etc.) with the less-than-obvious, but just as rocking (“Dissident Aggressor,” “Rapid Fire,” “Turbo Lover,” etc.).

And last but not least, US fans will soon be able to experience these Priest classics one last time on a nearby concert stage, as the group will be launching their Epitaph Tour on October 12th, in San Antonio, TX.

As Priest’s vocalist, Rob Halford, recently told Rolling Stone about the upcoming dates, “We’re pulling out all the stops. We’ve built a brand new stage set, we’ve got all the effects that people love us for — the lasers, the fire, the bombs, the smoke, new costumes, and the bike. It’s just a full-on metal extravaganza.”

SINGLE CUTS Track Listing:

Diamonds And Rust
Dissident Aggressor

Better By You, Better Than Me

Evening Star

Before The Dawn
Rock Forever

Take On The World
White Heat Red Hot (Live)
Starbreaker (Live)

Evening Star
Beyond The Realms Of Death (Live)
The Green Manalishi (Live)

Living After Midnight
Delivering The Goods (Live)
Evil Fantasies (Live)

Breaking The Law
Metal Gods


Don’t Go
Solar Angels

Hot Rockin’
Breaking The Law (Live)
Living After Midnight (Live)

You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
Exciter (Live)

(Take These) Chains
Judas Priest Audio File (Biography)

Freewheel Burning
Breaking The Law (Live)
You’ve Got Another Thing Coming

Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown) (Live)

Turbo Lover
Hot For Love

Locked In
Desert Plains (Live)
Freewheel Burning (Live)

Better By You, Better Than Me

A Touch Of Evil
Between The Hammer And The Anvil
You’ve Got Another Thing Coming (Live)

Night Crawler
Breaking The Law (Live)
Living After Midnight (Live)

THE CHOSEN FEW Track Listing:

1) Diamonds And Rust (1977) – chosen by Joe Elliott (Def Leppard)
2) Dissident Aggressor (1977) – chosen by Steve Vai
3) Exciter (1978) – chosen by Accept
4) Beyond The Realms Of Death (1978) – chosen by Lars Ulrich (Metallica)
5) Delivering The Goods (1979) – chosen by Kerry King (Slayer)
6) The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown) (1979) – chosen by David Coverdale (Whitesnake) & Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God)
7) The Ripper (1979) – chosen by Ozzy Osbourne
8) Victim Of Changes (1979) – chosen by James Hetfield (Metallica)
9) Breaking The Law (1980) – chosen by Lemmy (Motorhead)
10) Rapid Fire (1980) – chosen by Vinnie Paul (Pantera & Hell Yeah)
11) Grinder (1980) – chosen by Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society)
12) Living After Midnight (1980) – chosen by Alice Cooper & Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath)
13) Screaming For Vengeance (1982) – chosen by Slash (Guns N’ Roses)
14) You’ve Got Another Thing Coming (1982) – chosen by Klaus Meine (Scorpions) & Corey Taylor (Slipknot)
15) The Sentinel (1984) – chosen by Chris Jericho
16) Turbo Lover (1986) – chosen by Jonathan Davis (Korn)
17) Painkiller (1990) – chosen by Joe Satriani

Confirmed North American Tour Dates:

12 October – AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX
14 October – Concrete Street Amphitheater, Corpus Christi, TX
15 October – The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Houston, TX
16 October – Allen Event Center, Dallas, TX
18 October – Ava Amphitheater, Tucson, AZ
19 October – Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, San Diego, CA
21 October – AZ State Fair, Phoenix, AZ
22 October – San Manuel Amphitheater, San Bernardino, CA
23 October – Hard Rock, Las Vegas, NV
25 October – TO BE ADVISED
27 October – Sleep Train Pavilion, Concord, CA
29 October – WaMu Theater, Seattle, WA
30 October – Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC
1 November – Shaw Conference Center, Edmonton, AB
2 November – Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary, AB
4 November – Maverik Center, Salt Lake City, UT
5 November – 1STBANK Center, Denver, CO
8 November – US Bank Arena, Cincinnati, OH
9 November – Prairie Capital Convention Center, Springfield, IL
10 November – The Family Arena, St. Louis, MO
12 November – The Venue at Horseshoe Casino, Chicago, IL
13 November – Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI
15 November – Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH
16 November – The Armory, Rochester, NY
18 November – Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ
19 November – Cambria County War Memorial, Johnstown, PA
20 November – Paul E. Tsongas Arena, Lowell, MA
22 November – Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON
23 November – Colisee Pepsi Arena, Quebec City, QC
24 November – Bell Centre, Montreal, QC
26 November – Sovereign Center Arena, Reading, PA
27 November – Lawrence Joel Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, Winston-Salem, NC
30 November – 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre, Tampa
1 December – Bayfront Park Amphitheatre, Miami
3 December – Hard Rock Biloxi Hotel & Casino, Biloxi

For more information, visit:

*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***

Metal God Records and Rob Halford are pleased to announce a new 5.1, multi-camera, HD Live-Concert film: Halford – LIVE AT SAITAMA SUPER ARENA debuting in DVD and BD worldwide October 10th and 11th.

Also releasing: Halford – LIVE AT SAITAMA SUPER ARENA ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (CD) debuting worldwide November 21st & 22nd.

Halford – LIVE AT SAITAMA SUPER ARENA features Rob Halford – Vox, Roy Z. – Guitars, Mike Chlasciak – Guitars, Mike Davis – Bass and Bobby Jarzombek – Drums.

The band returned to Japan October 10, 2010 debuting new tracks from Halford IV – MADE OF METAL. LIVE AT SAITAMA SUPER ARENA features fifteen (15) 5.1 Surround-Audio Recordings spanning The Metal God’s Halford, Fight and Judas Priest catalog. Track Listing provided below.

Halford – LIVE AT SAITAMA SUPER ARENA is the band’s first Hi-definition, 5.1 Surround-Audio Production. LIVE AT SAITAMAM SUPER ARENA Blu-ray (BD) release features Exclusive Footage with Rob Halford commentary.

Halford – LIVE AT SAITAMA SUPER ARENA DVD & BD are available October 10th and 11th. Visit Amazon.com, http://www.RobHalford.com/SuperArena or your favorite E-tailer for more details.

Track List:
1. Resurrection
2. Made In Hell
3. Locked And LoadeD
4. Drop Out
5. Made Of Metal
6. Undisputed
7. Nailed To The Gun
8. Golgotha
9. Fire And Ice
10. The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)
11. Diamonds And Rust
12. Jawbreaker
13. Cyber World
14. Like There’s No Tomorrow
15. Thunder And Lightning


*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-Wild Eye Announces Rare 35mm Screening Of “Trick Or Treat” In Brooklyn!

This Halloween, Wild Eye invites you to bang your head against the movie screen with a rare, 35mm screening of 1986’s heavy metal classic “Trick Or Treat” plus a slash n’ grind trailer show!

Prepare to get caught in a 35mm mosh pit as Wild Eye Releasing presents “The Heavy Metal Horror Show!” Appearing at Brooklyn’s own Nitehawk Cinema for two nights only: Friday, October 21st and Saturday, October 22nd, starting at Midnight.

Headlining the bill is the 1986 head banging horror classic, “Trick Or Treat,” directed by Charles Martin Smith. Experience the mysterious death and backwards record-induced return of rock n’ roll superstar Sammi Curr (Tony Fields) as he haunts his biggest fan Skippy, er, we mean Eddie (Mark Price). Watch as Curr shreds till everyone on screen is literally dead, with special guest appearances by Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons.

And as if that isn’t enough to satiate your sick minds, make sure to show up early to catch opening act “The Ghost Of The New York Grindhouse Trailer Show” performing a full hour of spine tingling horror and exploitation trailers from the ’60s and ’70s that will raise your hair, but without that can of Aquanet.

So cancel your Dungeons & Dragons game and raise your devil-horns as we bring heavy metal to the silver screen in its purest form, with the entire evening’s events being screened from original 35mm prints and the volume turned up to 11.

Avoid price-gouging scalpers and get your tickets now! Advance tickets are available at the Nitehawk Cinema box office and at http://www.NitehawkCinema.com/ .


*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-Royal Hunt — The Neoclassic Metal Kings Are Back On Their Throne!

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of Royal Hunt’s 11th studio album entitled SHOW ME HOW TO LIVE on November 29th in North America and December 2nd in Europe.

Royal Hunt have been recently rejoined by D.C. Cooper, the American singer that marked the two most successful releases of the band in the ’90s: MOVING TARGET and the concept album PARADOX. “We started chatting on Skype from time to time and that’s how the idea of doing a mini tour came about,” tells Royal Hunt founder, songwriter and keyboards player Andre Andersen. “After playing some shows we realized that the chemistry was still there and we decided to continue… recording a new album — first…” And you can certainly hear the results on SHOW ME HOW TO LIVE. The new material is described as “highly melodic with rich, lush arrangements and stellar production,” this will certainly please the fans of neoclassical yet progressive music. Andersen continues: “The new songs are continuing right from where we left it in the first place, so far it sounds great. It will have some qualities of our previous albums MOVING TARGET and PARADOX, but you can certainly expect some cool updates and new twists!”

Founded in Denmark in 1989 by Andre Andersen, Royal Hunt has gone through numerous personnel changes since the inception. Though certainly the two albums that they have released with American singer D.C. Cooper; are the ones that mostly stood the test of time: MOVING TARGET in 1995 and the subsequent concept album PARADOX in 1997.

While Andre Andersen — a musical genius who can virtually play any instrument, compose, write lyrics and produce all at the same time — is undoubtedly the powerhouse force that drives the entire ensemble forward like a bulldozer, it’s also sure that D.C. is one of the top singers in the entire hard rock world. The extension and warmth of his vocals are the key elements that can bring back Royal Hunt to the throne of nowadays Hard Rock scene.

Once again recorded and produced at NorthPoint Studios in Denmark, SHOW ME HOW TO LIVE brings back Royal Hunt at force 10 with an highly melodic sound and rich, lush arrangements and stellar production. With the amazing new lineup, the fans as well as the critics, are about to get a fresh taste of the powerful and rejuvenated Royal Hunt!

SHOW ME HOW TO LIVE final track listing includes:

Introduction; One More Day; Another Man Down; An Empty Shell; Hard Rain’s Coming; Half Past Loneliness; Show Me How To Live; Angel’s Gone.

As a companion to the new album release, Frontiers Records will also release on the same day a double DVD entitled FUTURE COMING FROM THE PAST. This double package serves as a celebration of the return of singer D.C. Cooper to the lineup, and makes finally widely available two very rare items which were only released in Japan back in the day.

The first DVD is entitled 1996 and was recorded live in Japan just after the release of the band’s MOVING TARGET album. 1996 is an excellent summary of Royal Hunt’s career up to that point. The band offers a great mix of songs from their first three studio albums. The band was in top form for this show, with D.C. leading the way.

The second DVD PARADOX – CLOSING THE CHAPTER was recorded in 1998 and marked the end of the original D.C. Cooper era for Royal Hunt. It is essentially a complete live performance of the band’s amazing studio album PARADOX, their most successful album to date. It is a very solid performance and D.C. delivers the goods, while the band’s playing is superb. To complete the package is a 50-minute documentary which shares stories of life in a Rock band.

FUTURE COMING FROM THE PAST table of contents include:

DVD1 – 1996
– Concert: Flight; 1348; Wasted Time; Stay Down; On The Run; Stranded; keyboard solo; Martial Arts; Far Away; Last Goodbye; Land Of Broken Hearts; Makin’ A Mess; Clown In The Mirror; guitar solo; Step By Step; drums & bass solo; Running Wild; Epilogue; Age Gone Wild; Ten To Life; Legion Of The Damned; Kingdom Dark; Time.
Total length 150 mins.

– Concert: The Awakening; River Of Pain; Tearing Down The World; Message To God; Long Way Home; Time Will Tell; Silent Scream; It’s Over.
– Documentary.
Total length 100 mins.

Format: NTSC Region Free – Screen 4:3 – Stereo

While Andre Andersen says “We’re taking it one step at the time — let’s finish the new album first, release it and see how the reaction of our fans is,” you can anyway certainly expect to see Royal Hunt playing in a town near you in the first months of 2012.

Royal Hunt current lineup includes:
Andr̩ Andersen Рkeyboards
D.C. Cooper – vocals
Allan Sørensen – drums
Andreas Passmark – bass
Jonas Larsen – guitars


*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Iced Earth: Revolvermag.com Premieres “Dystopia” From Forthcoming Iced Earth Album

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN — DYSTOPIA — Iced Earth’s 10th studio album — won’t be released until October 18th, but Revolver readers will get a taste of the sonic onslaught to come with an exclusive airing of “Dystopia,” the album’s title track. The song can be heard here:


“I’m proud to debut ‘Dystopia’ on Revolvermag.com,” said Iced Earth founder Jon Schaffer. “I hope Revolver readers like it as much as we do.” If the rave reviews piling up worldwide are any indication, they will:

Rock Hard Magazine “Album of the Month.”
Metal Hammer Germany “…the album is a classic…”
Powerplay (UK): “…DYSTOPIA is a great album from a re-energized band…”

Although DYSTOPIA is not a concept album, founder Jon Schaffer admits there are unifying themes to several of the songs — and even an appearance by band mascot “Set Abominae.” “I’ve always been fascinated by the darker side of life,” Schaffer said. “Movies like ‘Metropolis,’ ‘Brazil,’ and ‘The Matrix’ resonate with me. The same for albums like 2112, THE WALL, and of course OPERATION:MINDCRIME. Their images of a soulless, repressive society stuck with me over the years. It must be the sci-fi fan in me.”

In much the same way HORROR SHOW (Iced Earth’s tribute to classic characters from literature and movies) was born, Schaffer said his interest in dystopian themes in music and movies led him to try his hand at that genre as well — even paying homage on the new album to the movies “Dark City,” “V For Vendetta,” and “Soylent Green.” The end result is Iced Earth meets the nightmarish offspring of “Brave New World” and “Blade Runner.”

Of special interest to long-time fans are two songs on DYSTOPIA (the title track and “Tragedy And Triumph”) that feature the return of the “Something Wicked” storyline and “Set Abominae.”

Track List:
Boiling Point
Anguish Of Youth
Dark City
Days Of Rage
End Of Innocence
Tragedy And Triumph

DYSTOPIA is scheduled for release in Europe on October 17th, and in the US on October 18th both via Century Media. Two bonus tracks have been recorded for inclusion on special editions of the album.

The release of DYSTOPIA will be followed by the most extensive world tour Iced Earth has ever undertaken. The European leg of the 2011-2012 World Dystopia Tour has been posted on the band’s official web site, and all official social-media sites. The tour begins October 30th in Bochum, Germany.

Schaffer formed Iced Earth in Tampa, Florida, in 1984. Since then, he has released nine studio albums, one live album, two compilations, three boxed sets, and several DVDs — the most recent of which is FESTIVALS OF THE WICKED. With worldwide sales in the millions, Iced Earth has earned a seat in the pantheon of America’s most successful heavy metal bands.


*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-AFM Records North American Release Update: Brainstorm, Sinner, Wolfpakk

Following the band’s first album under the AFM banner with 2009’s lauded MEMORIAL ROOTS, German power metal kings Brainstorm will set loose their sophomore full-length for the label with the North American release of ON THE SPUR OF THE MOMENT on November 8th. An AFM label priority, the newest product of this fine German export — the band’s ninth full-length release to date — ON THE SPUR OF THE MOMENT is an incredible power metal album, that more than ever emphasizes the exceptional status of Brainstorm within the diehard power metal communities of the world. Showcasing the band’s musicianship on all levels, the record takes their majestic power metal energy to greater heights with an incredibly layered 10 anthems, recorded by Axel Heckert in Ludwigsburg, Germany’s Studio 22. Brainstorm’s tight-knit lineup of vocalist Andy B. Franck, guitarists Torsten Ihlenfeld and Milan Loncaric, bassist Antonio Ieva and drummer Dieter Bernert remains solid.


1. Below The Line
2. In The Blink Of An Eye
3. Temple Of Stone
4. In These Walls
5. Still Insane
6. Dark Life
7. No Saint – No Sinner
8. Where Your Actions Lead You To Live
9. A Life On Hold
10. My Own Hell

Hard rock kings Sinner, who have been engaging the scene with their blistering tunes since the mid-’80s, are back with a brand new album, and are preparing to unleash ONE BULLET LEFT onto North American fans this November 8th. The usual cycle of long gap between Sinner albums is over, as ONE BULLET LEFT sees release only three years after their persuasive CRASH & BURN album. Coming back hard on this album with a renewed lineup, of course you can expect the Sinner-typical guitar harmonies and a high-quality base of traditional heavy metal and honest, handmade rock, celebrated in a fresh and gutsy way. Band leader, bassist/vocalist Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Voodoo Circle, etc.) has rounded out the new Sinner lineup with drummer Andre Hilgers (Rage), returning guitarist Alex Beyrodt (Primal Fear, Voodoo Circle, etc.), and two additional guitarists Christof Leim (The New Black) and Alex Scholpp (Tarja, Farmer Boys)… yes, three guitarists this time. Recorded and produced in several studios in Europe by Mat Sinner, mixed and mastered then by Achim Köhler, some might say Sinner are at their very best on ONE BULLET LEFT.

ONE BULLET LEFT Track Listing:

1. The One You Left Behind
2. Back On Trail
3. Give & Take
4. One Bullet Left
5. 10 2 Death
6. Haunted
7. Atomic Playboys
8. Suicide Mission
9. Wake Me When I’m Sober
10. Mind Over Matter
11. Mend To Be Broken
12. Rolling Away

The self-titled debut from Wolfpakk is out now in North America. The brainchild of musicians Michael Voss (ex-Casanova, Mad Max) and Mark Sweeney (ex-Crystal Ball), the goal of Wolfpakk was not only to feature their respective characteristics and strengths, but also to be joined by guest musicians on the album from all over the hard rock and traditional metal scenes. Within a very short time over 30 musicians from all over the world had contacted the ambitious Sweeney and Voss to take part in the project, and an album was constructed. Simply dubbed WOLFPAKK, all 10 songs were written by Voss and Sweeney, who also shared in the vocal duties, in addition to handling all production and mixing. Joining Michael Voss and Mark Sweeney on this release was an international cast including Paul Di’Anno (ex-Iron Maiden), Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath), Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, Talisman), Tim “Ripper” Owens (ex-Judas Priest), Paul Shortino (ex-Quiet Riot), Tony Franklin (ex-Blue Murder, Robert Plant), Mat Sinner (Primal Fear), Neil Murray (Whitesnake), Igor Gianola (U.D.O.), Marco Wriedt (Axxis) [view full list of guest musicians at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wolfpakk/111305725627387?sk=info .]

WOLFPAKK Track Listing:

1. Sirens
2. Dark Horizons
3. Lost
4. Slam Down The Hammer
5. The Crow
6. Wolfpup
7. Let Me Die
8. Reptile’s Kiss
9. Ride The Bullet
10. Wolfony


*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-House Of Shakira Announces Sixth Album Title

With the announcement in 2010 of lead vocalist Andreas Novak joining Swedish melodic rock stalwarts House Of Shakira, the band have wasted little time putting together material for what marks their sixth album, the simply titled HOS.

Now nearing the final stages of production, HOS represents the end of one cycle and the start of a new dawn in the band’s history, and also marks the debut for other new members Basse Blyberg on bass/backing vocals and Martin Larsson on drums.

House Of Shakira – HOS is set for an anticipated release date of 27th January 2011 on Lion Music with full album details to follow soon.


*** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
-DC4 And Odin Join The First Annual Monsters Of Rock Cruise

LOS ANGELES, CA — Metal Blade Recording Artists DC4 have been invited to participate in the first annual Monsters Of Rock cruise from February 25 – 28, 2012. Named after the legendary hard rock festival held at Donington Raceway near Birmingham, England, this time the Monsters Of Rock will wreak havoc on the high seas from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Nassau, Bahamas and (hopefully!) back again.

Along with DC4, the legendary Hollywood hellraisers, Odin, (featuring Jeff and Shawn Duncan from DC4) have been added to the bill, capping off a stellar year of return performances for the band, which formed in 1983. On both bands being asked to take part in the festivities, drummer Shawn Duncan says, “It’s an honor for DC4 to be recognized and included on this bill as we support our new album, ELECTRIC MINISTRY. And, as for Odin, does this mean we’ve finally ‘made it?,'” he asks. “I mean, it’s not that million dollar check I was counting on but this sure ain’t bad, either!”

Both bands join Cinderella, Tesla, Kix, Keel, Stryper, Lynch Mob, UFO, Y&T, FireHouse, Black ‘N Blue, Faster Pussycat, Bang Tango, XYZ, Mr. Big’s Eric Martin, John Corabi of The Scream and Motley Crue, Helix, Rhino Bucket and Night Ranger on the three day trip.

*** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***

All hail the “Supremacy Of Steel”! Cage has once again struck gold and forged their sixth release of pure Metal magic. Entitled SUPREMACY OF STEEL, Cage has leapt forward another giant step on the path to Metal greatness by once again delivering a Heavy Metal monstrosity. This is set for worldwide release on November 25th, 2011 through Music Buy Mail in Europe and Heavy Metal Media in the US and rest of the world.

Known for crafting great memorable songs, capturing the essence of the classic NWOBHM sound, and always sounding unique and modern, Cage somehow effortlessly shows how the limits of the genre can be pushed without losing what makes the Heavy Metal sound a worldwide calling for the faithful. Throughout the 11 tracks, all the smashing Cage elements are found along with fresh new surprises that are tastefully sprinkled about in just the right fashion.

From the blast beats in the opening scream fest “Bloodsteel,” to the eerie King Diamond-like falsettos in “Annaliese Michel,” Cage fans new and old will be banging their heads with horns in the air throughout this entire long player for decades to come. SUPREMACY OF STEEL also contains the epic, long awaited sequel song “Hell Destroyer Vs. Metal Devil” and a remake of their unreleased cult classic song, “Braindead Woman.” Anthems like “Metal Empire” and “King Of The Wasteland” will have all Metal fans unable to resist such true, convincing Metal emotion.

Their latest and greatest lineup yet includes the hulking frame of riff master Dave “Conan” Garcia, the unmatched vocal diversity and range of singer Sean “The Hell Destroyer” Peck, drummer Norm “The Legend” Leggio also of Psychotic Waltz, and debuting the new additions of thunder-thrash guitarist Steve “Bloodsteel” Brogden and the amazing bass playing of one America’s best, Pete “Hands Of” Stone.

All the power and speed from their previous award winning albums has once more been ramped up with faster drums, blazing leads and riffs that will stay with you into the night, and the highest of inhumanly impossible supersonic screams. This is all pointless without great songs but Cage has always had their song writing as their greatest strength and SUPREMACY OF STEEL is absolutely no exception. Cage has carved yet another stone to fit into the foundation that reinforces their title as the American Power Metal Kings.

As always, Cage has spared no expense when it comes to the presentation and packaging of their products. The amazing artwork of Marc Sasso (Dio, Halford, Marvel Comics) depicts the band in a live setting with the very Metal Godz themselves looking down upon the mayhem! The 16-page interior booklet is second to none with various artists chronicling the contents of each song in vivid color and truly has to be seen to be believed. It may be the finest looking metal booklet ever and that is no exaggeration!

Voted best new band in 1999 in Rock Hard’s UNERHORT competition, Cage has gone on to win album of the month and album of the year awards with each subsequent release, in various publications and web sites all over the world. True Metal fans all over the world have embraced Cage as one of the few that can consistently deliver the magic that only this kind of sound can give. Having ramped up their touring over the last four years more and more people have gotten to experience the Cage sound live and thus the fan base for them has grown greatly in recent times.

Formed in 1992 at the height of the grunge era in San Diego California was no easy task for Cage. Their thirst for metal glory was unshaken during these metal dark ages and thus their commitment to the genre is equaled only by few. Opening for the legends Iron Maiden, Dio, and Judas Priest had them forging their sound in the hottest of Viking fires. Their amalgamation of all that is good in metal is worn proudly on their black leather and glittering steel sleeves. Defying all that would have them believe that heavy metal was dead, Cage not only showed America the “Supremacy Of Steel,” but they have taken that message around the world as well. Now, almost two decades later, perhaps their finest work is here for you to experience!

The special pre-order packages are available at http://www.cageheavymetal.com/ and have been extended until October 31st. These will include both bonus tracks, a special sticker, a full color poster, a CD-R with unreleased versions and bonus tracks, and other Metal goodies.

Cage – SUPREMACY OF STEEL track listing:

1. Bloodsteel (featuring guest artist Bitterfrost)
2. The Beast Of Bray Road
3. King Of The Wasteland
4. Metal Empire
5. War Of The Undead
6. Flying Fortress
7. Doctor Doom
8. Annaliese Michel
9. Braindead Woman
10. The Monitor
11. Hell Destroyer Vs. Metal Devil
Bonus track for Europe:
12. Skinned Alive
Bonus track USA and rest of the world:
12. Blood White And Blue

Below is a link to the song “Bloodsteel” from the SUPREMACY OF STEEL album which features guest artist Bitterfrost on guitar. He can be found at http://www.bitterfrost.com/ .

Listen to “Bloodsteel”:

Cage official website: http://www.cageheavymetal.com/
Cage on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cageofficial
Follow Cage at http://www.twitter.com/cageheavymetal
Official video channel: http://www.youtube.com/cageofficialchannel

Distribution In Europe:
Music Buy Mail

*** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
-Lance King To Release A MOMENT IN CHIROS November 11th On Nightmare Records

Artwork And Track Listing Revealed For Lance King’s New Album A MOMENT IN CHIROS — In Stores 11/11/11

“Etheric Progressive Power Metal from the former voice of Pyramaze, Balance Of Power, for fans of Redemption, Dream Theater and Symphony X with a nod at greats Led Zeppelin”

Lance King is world renowned in the underground as a melodic metal vocalist, singing on over 25 worldwide releases over the last 21 years. This fact is impressive in itself, but what is truly special about Lance is his ability to morph his voice to fit any mood and intensity of a song, he’s proved this over the years by adding a very “special something” to every album he has been a part of.

Said to have the golden touch, Lance’s voice just seems to connect the dots making head banging metal also into a good song.

On the last day of June, 2011 Lance decided to invite some of his musical friends to co-write songs with him as he ventured into his first solo album. An act of faith only knowing their work, never working with them before in creating music. In just two months, those involved had created an epic masterpiece, quite a feat indeed based on the quality of this release.

In under three months, A MOMENT IN CHIROS was mixed and mastered and off to the presses, perhaps the fasted created music in history? This album was meant to be out by 11/11/11 and is destined to stand the test of time.

The album’s concept is based on the 11:11 time prompt phenomena happening to over 75 million people around the world, Lance is one of these people, and has dived in deep to find more about what it’s all about. This album is one man’s journey as a seeker of truth looking for answers to the world’s greatest mysteries.

Lance has chosen “Human Trafficking” (sex slavery), one of the fastest growing criminal activities worldwide as the charitable cause he would like to champion, profits from this album will go to efforts to abolish this slave trade worldwide through an organization called NOT FOR SALE! http://www.notforsalecampaign.org/about/slavery/

Boasting great creativity and performances by these fine musicians: Jacob Hansen (Beyond Twilight, Invocator & Anubis Gate), Kim Olesen (Anubis Gate), Michael Harris (Darkology, Thought Chamber), Tore St Moren (Jorn), Fred Colombo (Spheric Universe Experience), Markus Sigfridsson (Darkwater / Harmony), Kevin Codfert (Adagio), Michael Hansen & Shane Dhiman (Phonomik), Malek Ben Arbia (Myrath) & Morten Gade Sørensen (Pyramaze, Wuthering Heights), Elyes Bouchoucha, Malek Ben Arbia, Anis Jouini (Myrath) & Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson and MANY others).

Produced by: Kim Olesen (Anubis Gate) & Jacob Hansen, (Volbeat, Heathen, Tyr, Amaranthe, Communic, Mercenary, Onslaught, Rob Rock, Blotted Science, Raunchy, Pretty Maids, Cryoshell)

Track List:
111. A Sense Of Urgency
222. Awakening
333. Manifest Destiny
444. A Given Choice
555. A Moment In Chiros
666. Dance Of Power
777. Kibou
888. Infinity Divine
999. Joy Everlasting
10:10 Sacred Systems
11:11 Transformation

Lance’s Links!
http://tinyurl.com/LanceKingVox (Facebook)

*** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
-Talon – III

Escape Music – ESM234
File under: Hard Rock
EAN: 5 031281 002341
Release: 25. November 2011
Produced by Ty Sims

Guest Musicians:
Jeff Scott Soto: Lead and Backing Vocals on “Take You All The Way”

Track List:
1. Crying To Me
2. The Last Time
3. Did You Have To Say
4. Everytime
5. Take You All The Way
6. Maybe One Day
7. You Don’t Know Me At All
8. Walk Away
9. Brothers
10. When Will I
11. You Got What It Takes
12. Jane

An American band and based in California, Talon was born from the ashes of Voxen — a band that achieved international success with their release SACRIFICE, which included a track that was used in the major motion picture “Outbreak” starring Dustin Hoffman.

Soon after, a new vision was brought forward with the recruitment of Michael O’Mara (Joshua Perahia, EFX) and demos were soon recorded and then the band signed on with Now & Then/Frontiers Records which culminated with the release of their self-titled debut. The CD was produced by Mikey Davis (Kiss, W.A.S.P., Slaughter). Upon release, the CD was wildly praised and was on countless top 10 lists for the year. Soon followed major live shows, including The Gods Festival in the UK. Talon also had the privilege of being Stan Bush’s backing band at The Gods Festival and the subsequent DVD release. After a break of working on individual projects, Talon recorded new demos and ultimately signed with Kivel Records and then recorded their next release FALLEN ANGELS. With a closer vibe to an AOR feel, New York native Chandler Mogel was brought on board and more live shows — including Firefest 5 — were performed. FALLEN ANGELS was a huge success and brought Talon into the forefront of the Melodic Rock field.

Upon mutual agreement, Chandler Mogel went on to front the Greece outfit Outloud and with a new group of songs, Talon were on a quest to create the ultimate album and added some serious quality to the band — Shawn Pelata (Line Of Fire) and Eric Ragno (China Blue, Takara, etc.). Now the band have just signed to Escape Music for the release of this classic slab of Melodic Rock — III — which is scheduled for release in November, 2011!

Talon’s III recently completed mixing at The Recovery Room by Ty Sims (Far Cry, Tango Down) and is full of classic hard rock songs and ballads that the band describes as “really a return to the sound, vibe and energy of our debut self-titled release.” “This latest CD was a total labor of love and we all feel this will be our strongest release to date! We pulled out all the stops and really think the results speak for themselves and is an excellent follow-up to our recent FALLEN ANGELS release.” In addition, premiere vocalist Jeff Scott Soto (Journey, Talisman, JSS) has a guest appearance on the album with some amazing lead vocals on the hard-driving track “Take You All The Way!” The best musicians contributed their best talents to help create an outstanding release!

Shawn Pelata – Lead and Backing Vocals
Kory Voxen – Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Jim Kee – Lead Guitar
Phil Keller – Bass Guitar
Eric Ragno – Keyboards
John Parker – Drums

*Guest Musicians: Jeff Scott Soto: Lead and Backing Vocals on “Take You All The Way”
Produced by Ty Sims / Co-Produced by John Parker and Kory Voxen


*** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
-Nightwish: IMAGINAERUM World Tour 2012 – 2013!

The fans of Nightwish had to be patient for a long time. Finally the time has come. After more than four years, Nightwish will release their long-desired fifth studio album entitled IMAGINAERUM on the 2nd of December 2011. At the same time, the album serves as the soundtrack to a movie that will involve an old balladeer with an incredible power of imagination as its protagonist. IMAGINAERUM appeals to our fantasies and long forgotten desires from a magical world. The anticipation is huge, for it’s been three and a half years now that the Finns raised the roofs of sold-out stadiums. Nightwish are known for their exceptional special effects and brilliant stage and light shows. The creative work of Nightwish is bombastic, their sound epic, passionate and breathtaking. How their new album sounds and in what way it’ll be effectuated visually can be experienced on the IMAGINAERUM world tour in spring.

IMAGINAERUM World Tour 2012 – 2013
support: Battle Beast + Special Guest

11.04.12 DK-Copenhagen Falconer Theater
13.04.12 NL-Amsterdam Heineken Music Hall
14.04.12 DE-Düsseldorf ISS Dome
16.04.12 BE-Brussels Forest National
17.04.12 FR-Paris Bercy
18.04.12 FR-Nantes Zenith
20.04.12 FR-Lyon Halle Tony Garnier
21.04.12 LU-Luxembourg Rockhal
23.04.12 DE-Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle
24.04.12 CH-Zurich Hallenstadion
25.04.12 IT-Milano Forum
27.04.12 AT-Vienna Gasometer
29.04.12 HU-Budapest Budapest Arena
30.04.12 CZ-Prague Tesla (T-Mobile Arena)
01.05.12 DE-Leipzig Arena
03.05.12 DE-Hamburg o2 World
05.05.12 DE-Nuremberg Arena
06.05.12 DE-Stuttgart Schleyerhalle
08.05.12 SL-Ljubljana Križanke

More dates follow on October, 24th


*** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
-Sonata Arctica: LIVE IN FINLAND Video Teaser Online!

A video trailer for Sonata Arctica’s LIVE IN FINLAND 2 DVD + 2 CD set is available for viewing here.

In it, keyboard player Henrik Klingenberg says the following about the band’s epic show on April 15th, 2011 at Club Teatria in Oulu, Finland: “Basically everything we have done for the past two years has been leading up to this night… we’ve been working on this for a long time.”

LIVE IN FINLAND will be released in Europe on November 11th. It includes bonus DVD material and bonus audio CDs.

The track listing for LIVE IN FINLAND reads as follows:


1. Intro (Everything Fades To Gray)
2. Flag In The Ground
3. Last Amazing Grays
4. Juliet
5. Replica
6. Blank File
7. As If The World Wasn’t Ending
8. Paid In Full
9. Victoria’s Secret
10. Instrumental Exhibition
11. The Misery
12. Full Moon
13. In Black & White
14. Mary-Lou
15. Shy
16. Letter To Dana
17. Caleb
18. Don’t Say A Word
19. Outro (Vodka / Everything Fades To Gray)


Sonata Arctica Open Air 2 in Kemi, Finland – August 8th, 2009

1. White Pearl, Black Oceans
2. Draw Me
3. In Black & White
4. Don’t Say A Word

Bonus Content & Extra Features:

– Making of “Flag In The Ground”
– Latin-American (Tour Documentary)
– Made In Finland (Tour Documentary)

Music Videos:

– Don’t Say A Word
– Paid In Full
– Flag In The Ground

Acoustic live set at Alcatraz, Milano

The “FITG” cover Contest

Photo Gallery

CD1: Sonata Arctica Live in Finland

1. Intro (Everything Fades To Gray)
2. Flag In The Ground
3. The Last Amazing Grays
4. Juliet
5. Replica
6. Blank File
7. As If The World Wasn’t Ending
8. Paid In Full
9. Instrumental Exhibition
10. The Misery
11. In Black & White
12. Letter To Dana
13. Caleb
14. Don’t Say A World / Everything Fades To Gray

CD2 Bonus: Sonata Arctica Open Air

1. Paid In Full
2. 8th Commandment
3. Replica
4. Tallulah
5. Caleb
6. White Pearl, Black Oceans
7. Draw Me
8. Fullmoon


*** PRESS RELEASE #14 ***
-Z Records News

Z Unleash Six Free MP3 Downloads To Fans

Turn on the news and it’s doom and gloom. Well those nice people at Z Records have decided to brighten up your day by giving you six — yes six — MP3s totally free of charge!!

Check out Paul Sabu, Prophet, Arabia, Legion, Omega and Steele for yourself by visiting the podcast page at http://www.zrecords.net/ and simply download the tracks.

Come join Z Revolution!


*** PRESS RELEASE #15 ***
-Andromeda To Release MANIFEST TYRANNY Through Inner Wound Recordings

Inner Wound Recordings 2011 – IW83015
File under: Progressive Metal
Order #: CD6086
EAN: 7320470150542
Release: 25. November 2011

New masterpiece from the Swedish progressive metal masters Andromeda.

Track List:
1. Preemptive Strike
2. Lies ‘R’ Us
3. Stay Unaware
4. Survival Of The Richest
5. False Flag
6. Chosen By God
7. Asylum
8. Play Dead
9. Go Back To Sleep
10. Antidote

The origins of the Swedish quintet Andromeda can be traced back to 1999. Nowadays Sweden’s Andromeda with several albums and tours under their belt is definitely one of the most successful progressive metal bands in Scandinavia and Europe. Albums like EXTENSION OF THE WISH, II=I and CHIMERA are considered classics in the scene, and the DVD PLAYING OFF THE BOARD shows how talented this Swedish guys really are. This is something Andromeda also have proved over the years with appearances at festivals like ProgPower USA and Europe, Bloodstock UK and shows together with Evergrey among others. With amazing media support and great accolades from fans all around the World, Andromeda now found time to write their sixth and most mature effort ever; MANIFEST TYRANNY which we hereby present to you.

This fall Andromeda have performed at festivals like Generation Prog Festival, Denmark Rock Festival and Slottsskogen Goes Progressive, and when the new album hits the shelves many more shows will be announced. Already confirmed for 2012 are the Fused Festival in UK and the PPM Fest in Belgium.

Stronger than ever Andromeda is here to show you something you have not heard before. Dark, brutal, energetic and intelligent.

Open your ears and you too will transcend into the multifaceted galaxy of Andromeda!


Johan Reinholdz – Guitar
David Fremberg – Vocals
Thomas Lejon – Drums
Martin Hedin – Keyboards
Linus “Mr. Gul” Abrahamson – Bass

EXTENSION OF THE WISH [Century Media 2001]
II=I [Century Media 2003]
CHIMERA [Massacre Records 2006]
THE IMMUNITY ZONE [Nightmare Records 2008]
MANIFEST TYRANNY [Inner Wound Recordings 2011]

Artwork by: Markus Sigfridsson [Darkwater, Harmony]

*** PRESS RELEASE #16 ***
-Theocracy’s AS THE WORLD BLEEDS Due November 25 On Ulterium Records

Ulterium Records 2011 – ULTCD020
File under: Heavy Metal
Order #: CD6087
EAN: 7320470150535
Release: 25. November 2011

o The long-awaited third album from the US melodic power metal band Theocracy
o Mastered by Mika Jussila [Stratovarius, Nightwish, Children Of Bodom]
o Artwork by Felipe Machado Franco [Blind Guardian, Rhapsody Of Fire, Iced Earth]

Track List:
1. I AM
2. The Master Storyteller
3. Nailed
4. Hide In The Fairytale
5. The Gift Of Music
6. 30 Pieces Of Silver
7. Drown
8. Altar To The Unknown God
9. Light Of The World
10. As The World Bleeds

Theocracy is a metal band from Athens, Ga., whose melodic style has more in common with their European contemporaries than with most of their US counterparts. Characterized by huge choruses, epic arrangements and progressive elements, Theocracy’s music is both immediate and deep, managing to be instantly catchy and memorable, yet revealing new levels of intricacy and depth with each subsequent listen.

The self-titled debut album from Theocracy was released at the end of 2003 on MetalAges Records, to fantastic reviews and worldwide acclaim within the metal community. After the release the band started playing shows (including the prestigious ProgPower USA) and working on new material. After years of hard work, Theocracy signed with Ulterium Records and released their second album MIRROR OF SOULS.

MIRROR OF SOULS was definitely a huge breakthrough for Theocracy and it received fantastic reviews from press around the world, and it was released in Europe, North America and Japan. The European live debut took place at the Elements Of Rock festival in Switzerland 2009 in front of 500 crazy fans.

Besides playing shows in the US opening up for bands like Sonata Arctica, Blind Guardian and Circle II Circle, Theocracy also did their first European headliner tour during fall 2009.

Theocracy now present their third magnum opus entitled AS THE WORLD BLEEDS. The album is mastered by Mika Jussila [Nightwish, Stratovarius, Children Of Bodom] and features artwork by Felipe Machado Franco [Blind Guardian, Rhapsody Of Fire, Iced Earth].

AS THE WORLD BLEEDS is definitely the strongest album from Theocracy so far, and will be loved by fans and critics in the scene. The band is going to Europe once again this fall for another headliner tour, and the future of Theocracy is exciting for sure!


Matt Smith: Vocals
Val Allen Wood: Lead Guitar
Jonathan Hinds: Guitar
Jared Oldham: Bass
Shawn Benson: Drums

2011: AS THE WORLD BLEEDS [Ulterium Records]
2008: MIRROR OF SOULS [Ulterium Records]
2003: THEOCRACY [Metal Ages]

Mastered by: Mika Jussila [Nightwish, Stratovarius, Children Of Bodom] at Finnvox
Artwork by: Felipe Machado Franco [Blind Guardian, Rhapsody Of Fire, Iced Earth]

*** PRESS RELEASE #17 ***
-Dutch Heavy/Power Metal Band Lord Volture Joins Rock N Growl Promotion!

Lord Volture’s sound and style is said to resemble US power metal masters Jag Panzer, Iced Earth, Cage and Vicious Rumors.

The band’s second full-length album NEVER CRY WOLF is scheduled for release on 11 November 2011. The 11 tracks cover over 67 minutes of pure delicacy for the steel-hearted. Master vocalist Sean Peck from US power metal crusaders Cage sings along on one of the songs.

Track listing:
1. Never Cry Wolf
2. Taiga
3. Wendigo
4. Celestial Bodies Fall
5. Korgon’s Descent
6. Minutes To Madness
7. Necro Nation
8. I Am King
9. Into The Lair Of A Lion
10. Brother
11. The Wolf At Your Door

David Marcelis – lead & backing vocals
Paul Marcelis – lead, rhythm & acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Leon Hermans – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Simon Geurts – bass, backing vocals
Frank Wintermans – drums, backing vocals

Guest musicians:
Sean Peck – vocals on “Into The Lair Of A Lion”
Mark Bogert – guitar solo on “Minutes To Madness”
Sinem Cangir, Yuma van Eekelen and Bart Hennephof – backing vocals

Album Info:
o Music and lyrics by David Marcelis, music in “Brother” by Paul Marcelis and David Marcelis
o Produced and mixed by Bart Hennephof, Yuma van Eekelen and Lord Volture
o Mastered by Bart Hennephof and Yuma van Eekelen
o Recorded at Excess Studio, Rotterdam and Final Focus Studio, Tilburg
o Artwork by Bas Wijers

Lord Volture — The majestic of a lordship, the velocity and power of an electrical charge and the beastly ruggedness of a scavenging vulture!

Lord Volture is a heavy metal band hailing from The Netherlands founded by vocalist David Marcelis. After an explosive take-off in 2010 with the release of their debut album BEAST OF THUNDER and an intensive touring schedule, the band rapidly rises to find themselves in the frontier of Dutch Heavy Metal. The album thunders through the global metal community and reviewers worldwide count BEAST OF THUNDER among the major releases of 2010 (e.g. 10/12 Ancient Spirit, 88/100 Digital Steel, 85/100 Mario’s Metal Mania, 4/5 Maximum Metal, 9/10 Maxirock, 8.5/10 Metal District, 4/5 Metal Rules, 86/100 Metal To Infinity, 87/100 Metalfan, 5/7 Mindview, 8/10 My Global Mind and 80/100 Zware Metalen). Lord Volture’s sound and style is said to resemble US power metal masters Jag Panzer, Iced Earth, Cage and Vicious Rumors. The band’s ever growing reputation opens doors to many headline performances, as well as support shows for Blaze Bayley (UK), James Rivera’s Sabbath Judas Sabbath (US) and Conquest Of Steel (UK).

With the release of the band’s second full-length NEVER CRY WOLF in autumn 2011 Lord Volture progresses to the next level without abandoning their traditional sound nor the uncompromising energy that characterizes the debut album. Containing upbeat thrash tracks, grandiloquent epics as well as catchy rockers the new album is even more dynamic in nature. The tradition to invite a renown guest set on BEAST OF THUNDER with Annihilator’s Jeff Waters is being continued on NEVER CRY WOLF with no one less than Cage singer Sean Peck. But also the Lord Volture members themselves show their worth. The piercing mid and high register of singer David, the shredding solos of guitar duo Paul Marcelis/Leon Hermans and the pounding rhythm machine of bass player Simon Geurts and drummer Frank Wintermans deliver all ingredients for the ultimate metal sound. For all who bear a heart of steel, Lord Volture is a definite MUST!


*** PRESS RELEASE #18 ***
-Dark Forest: Anticipated Sophomore Full-Length From NWOBHMers Due In November

On Tuesday, November 8th, Cruz del Sur Music will release DAWN OF INFINITY, the sophomore full-length offering from recent label signing, UK traditional metallers Dark Forest, onto North American soil. Featuring ten triumphant NWOBHM-styled compositions, DAWN OF INFINITY soars with over 50 minutes of glorious, unfiltered, heartfelt traditional heavy metal fans of Dark Forest throughout the underground have embraced since the band’s formation in 2002.

Two tracks from DAWN OF INFINITY are now available for streaming via the label’s official Facebook page. Check out the tracks “Light Years On” and “Under The Greenwood Tree” at this location:


Cruz Del Sur Music signed Dark Forest in June of this year as the band entered the studio to record DAWN OF INFINITY, after watching the young Birmingham, England-based outfit evolve over the last few years. Bearing a strong appreciation for the forefathers of the genre, and producing the full-blooded sound of a distinctly English brand of heavy metal, the new album fulfills the expectations placed on one of the most interesting bands in the UK’s contemporary traditional metal scene, infusing British folklore and Celtic inspiration into their craft.


1. Hourglass
2. Light Years On
3. Green Knight
4. Seize The Day
5. The Tor
6. Through The Glass Darkly
7. The Stars My Destination
8. Under The Greenwood Tree
9. Black Delta
10. Deadly Premonition

Stay tuned for more news on Dark Forest through 2012 in support of the new album.


*** PRESS RELEASE #19 ***
-Hammers Of Misfortune’s “The Day The City Died” Streaming Exclusively On AOL’s Noisecreep!

17TH STREET Available On CD, Vinyl And Digitally On October 21st/24th!

With a newly-rejuvenated lineup and their signature sound intact, San Francisco’s Hammers Of Misfortune have returned with 17TH STREET, a brash and heartfelt song cycle, blending the best elements of NWOBHM, Thrash, Doom, and American Folk music while somehow sounding unlike any of these.

Fans can now check out “The Day The City Died” exclusively on Noisecreep.com:


Along with hearing the new track, fans can also watch a video of John Cobbett responding to Noisecreep’s inquiries about the concept of the song, lineup changes in the band and more. Watch and listen now at http://www.noisecreep.com/ .

You can still listen to the first single “The Grain” and check out the pre-order options at http://www.metalblade.com/hammersofmisfortune/ .

17TH STREET track listing:
1. 317
2. 17th Street
3. The Grain
4. Staring (The 31st Floor)
5. The Day the City Died
6. Romance Valley
7. Summer Tears
8. Grey Wednesday
9. Going Somewhere

17TH STREET will be released October 21st/24th on both CD and 180 gram double LP gatefold vinyl!

Hammers Of Misfortune is:
John Cobbett: guitar
Chewy Marzolo: drums
Sigrid Sheie: organ, piano, vocals, flute
Leila Abdul-Rauf: guitar, vocals
Joe Hutton: vocals
Max Barnett: bass


*** PRESS RELEASE #20 ***
-New York Dolls’ LOOKIN’ FINE ON TELEVISION To Be Released On DVD On November 22, 2011

Bob Gruen’s Amazing Archival Footage Of The Legendary New York Dolls In The Early ’70s

In the early ’70s, Rock photographer Bob Gruen and his wife Nadya purchased a portable video recorder. In a period of three years, they shot over 40 hours of New York Dolls footage. This footage became the critically acclaimed documentary “All Dolled Up.” For LOOKIN’ FINE ON TELEVISION more footage has been edited to create 15 live music video-style clips.

“Lookin’ For A Kiss” Video Clip:

These 15 clips include footage from the Dolls’ early shows in NYC at clubs such as Kenny’s Castaways, and Max’s Kansas City as well as their West Coast tour: Whisky-A-Go-Go, the Real Don Steele Show, Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco, and more.

All the fan favorites are here including ripping versions of “Personality Crisis,” “Who Are The Mystery Girls?” “Babylon” and more. See the incredible early days of the band that influenced generations of punks and rockers.

Track list:
Jet Boy
Personality Crisis
Bad Girl
Human Being
Bad Detective
Subway Train
Vietnamese Baby
Lookin For A Kiss
Who Are The Mystery Girls
Private World
Jet Boy

Ultra rare 1976 Lisa Robinson interview with David Johansen and Johnny Thunders

Item Info:

Hi Res Cover Art:

Bob Gruen has photographed some of the most famous names in Rock and Roll including John Lennon, Led Zeppelin, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, David Bowie, Tina Turner, Rolling Stones, and most major rock acts from Muddy Waters to Green Day. He has just published a monograph of his 40 year career titled Rock Seen and has frequent gallery exhibits.

Check out http://www.bobgruen.com/ .

*** PRESS RELEASE #21 ***
-A Rhyme And A Reason For Chris Ousey’s Solo Debut

Escape Music are pleased to announce the long awaited solo debut for Heartland/The Distance/Virginia Wolf vocalist Chris Ousey. The album RHYME & REASON will be released across Europe November 11.

o All songs are written by Chris Ousey and Tommy Denander.
o Produced and Mixed by: Mike Slamer.
o Co-Produced by: Tommy Denander
o Mastered by: Christoph Stickel at MSM-Studios Germany.

Track List:
1. Mother Of Invention
2. Motivation
3. To Break A Heart
4. Bleeding Heart
5. A Chemical High
6. Give Me Shelter
7. The Reason Why
8. Any Other Day
9. Don’t Wanna Dance
10. Watch This Space
11. By Any Other Name
12. A Natural Law

The Band:
Chris Ousey – Vocals
Mike Slamer – Guitars and Keyboards (City Boy/Streets/Seventh Key/Steelhouse Lane)
Tommy Denander – Guitar and keyboards (Radioactive/Robin Beck/Spin Gallery)
Neil Murray – Bass (Whitesnake/Gary Moore)
Gregg Bisonette – Drums (Dave Lee Roth/Ringo Starr)
Backing vocals: Billy Trudel and Kristoffer Lagerström

Chris Ousey’s career goes from strength to strength. His first main achievement was with Polygram recording artists Monroe with guitarist Gary Sharpe, but Chris never made it to the album as he was snatched in the pre-production stages by John Bonham’s son, Jason, for his new band of the moment, Virginia Wolf. The band notched up 250,000 album sales between two records in the form of their self-titled debut (produced by Queen’s Roger Taylor) and PUSH (produced by Keith Olsen).

Most will associate Chris with the band Heartland which was actually formed by Chris with Gary Sharpe and their self-titled debut on A&M Records in the early nineties was produced by James “Jimbo” Barton. Since then Chris has notched up 10 releases with Heartland, and recently BEST OF (ESM221) is a great reminder of the work he has done over the years.

Nicknamed by the press as “The Man with the Golden Tonsils” Chris has always been loved by the rock audience, simply because of his amazing voice and his uncanny vocal range. So, for the first time we have a solo album from the man himself, and are we all in for a treat. Produced by none other than the famous Mike Slamer, RHYME & REASON is a superb slice of melodic hard rock that will have you singing every chorus after the first spin. Songs Like “Mother Of Invention” (available as a Digital download on 5th October) and “The Reason Why” are two great examples of songs from the album, but there is not one single weak track here. Chris has a knack of writing great lyrics and with Tommy Denander writing the music then it is a match made in heaven… and just wait till you hear the collaboration of two great guitarists Mike Slamer and Tommy Denander and the combination is just pure magical!!

RHYME & REASON is a great album and highlights just how Chris has matured over the last two decades.


*** PRESS RELEASE #22 ***
-New Halcyon Way — INDOCTRINATION — Available From Nightmare Records

Artist: Halcyon Way
CAT #: NMR-556
UPC : 734923006381
Genre: Metal / Prog / Power
Key Markets: USA, Europe
North American Release Date: Oct 25, 2011
European Release Date Oct 28, 2011

The new CD, INDOCTRINATION is the sequel to BUILDING THE TOWERS and continues the sound and theme of that album. It features five brand new original tracks, a cover of “Stand Up” by Steel Dragon, a radio edit of “The Age Of Betrayal,” and an industrial remix of “The System.”

Aurally combining the heaviness of bands like Testament, the technical prowess and attitude of Evergrey and both soaring and death vocals, Halcyon way creates a new metallic hybrid.

Halcyon Way is Atlanta’s premiere heavy metal band. Known for their explosive live shows, intricate yet pounding rhythms and live showmanship hearkening back to the glory days of arena rock. They are back with a new album despite adversity. After releasing released their debut full-length album, A MANIFESTO FOR DOMINATION, in 2008 through Nightmare Records worldwide. Produced by James Murphy (Testament, Death, Obituary, etc.), the album received rave reviews, the band returned to the studio to record the second album, before departing to do a full scale UK tour with the band Fozzy, featuring wrestler Chris Jericho and members of the band Stuck Mojo.

INDOCTRINATION, like BUILDING THE TOWERS, is produced Lasse Lammert (Alestorm, Svartsot). Vocalist Steve Braun delivers another great vocal performance on this one. Topped by a stunning artwork courtesy of Travis Smith (Nevermore, Opeth etc.), the album is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Just days before the release of BUILDING THE TOWERS, as well as two weeks before Halcyon Way was to embark on a full European tour with Stuck Mojo, founding member and guitarist Jon Bodan was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and the band was forced to cancel the tour so Jon could be treated aggressively. In spite of this adversity, Halcyon Way performed at the Florida Powerfest with Blind Guardian in December 2010, and with Atheist in March 2011. He is now in remission, and the band is preparing to return with a vengeance to the touring circuit in late 2011.

Track List:
1. On Black Wings
2. Our Finest Hour
3. IndoctriNation
4. Revolution Is Now
5. The Wages Of War
6. Stand Up
7. The Age Of Betrayal (radio edit)
8. The System (karbonBlack RMX-Remixed-Bodan)

2010 – BUILDING THE TOWERS – Nightmare Records
2008 – A MANIFESTO FOR DOMINATION – Nightmare Records

Steve Braun – vocals
Jon Bodan – guitars
Zane – guitars
Kris Maltenieks – bass
Ernie Topran – drums

Halcyon Way:
http://www.halcyonway.com/ (Official Website)
http://www.twitter.com/halcyonway (Twitter)
http://www.facebook.com/halcyonway (Facebook)

*** PRESS RELEASE #23 ***
-7th Heaven Update

[Note: This is from the band’s October newsletter. – Tim]

Fall is here, Colors are changing and 7th Heaven has a few things going on that we want to let you know about.

7th Heaven Cruise – Now Booking!!!

Join us on the next 7th Heaven cruise, set to sail on January 28, 2012 for 7 days of fun in the sun on Royal Caribbean’s “Oasis Of The Seas.” This cruise will be sailing the eastern Caribbean sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with stops at St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Nassau, Bahamas. At this point we are not sure if we will be performing on the ship and all band members will be on the ship, but we will still travel as a group. Besides dining together, we will have a bunch of events thru the entire week that we will be doing as a group. The last sailing we had 80 people and we had a great time. There will also be a pre-cruise party to go over documents and answer questions as well. Since this was just confirmed we do not have a website up yet on the info. We will have that soon. You can learn more at OasisOfTheSeas.com. We have a limited amount of rooms reserved, so book ASAP. Booking form is available here: http://www.ntdvacations.com/7hcruise/7hbookingform2012.pdf

7th Heaven – POP MEDIA

Our new CD POP MEDIA is now available. We have been playing songs off our new CD all summer, did you get a copy yet? The CD is available at all shows, on Apple iTunes, Amazon and our website. For our fans in the UK / Germany you can get it at Music Buy Mail ( http://musicbuymail.eu/?i=34527 ). For our fans in Germany you can get it on AORHeaven ( http://www.aorheaven.com/ ). For our fans in Japan you can get our CD starting next week on Hitman Records in Japan ( http://www.hitman-metal.com/ ).

“Sing” Music Video

Check out our new music video we just shot for our song “Sing” off our POP MEDIA CD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDEXG3kHjqk . This is the song we just started to promote to radio. The video was shot 16:9 in HD, so when you watch it, make sure to choose the higher resolution. Do us a favor and pass this video onto every person you know and tell them to pass it on. Let’s see if we can get over 10,000 views by Halloween, we are almost half way there at 4,500 views… Can you help us do that? You can also see the video in HD on our website as well. (give it a minute to load).

7th Heaven On Radio

Over the past two months we have been stopping by multiple radio stations to do performances and/or interviews. We stopped by The Mix 101.9, Star 96.7, Star 105.5 and WJOL AM 1340. We also have been heard on ClassX, B85 in DeKalb and The Best Radio You’ve Never Heard Podcast. Starting this weekend, tune into 102.3 XLC and listen for “Sing.” We are just starting to get spins at more radio stations. Help us out by calling your favorite radio station and tell them to play 7th Heaven – “Sing.”

7th Heaven Street Team

Join our new “street team” and help 7th Heaven keep growing. We could use more help in areas of promotion, marketing and creative ideas to keep building the bands popularity. We will send out email blasts on things we are working on and could use help with. We have other fun ideas that we are working on for the street team. Sign up for the street team by emailing: streetteam@7thheavenband.com

Two More All-Age Shows

We have two more all-age shows left this year. This weekend we play at St. Charles Scarecrow Fest in downtown St. Charles. We expect a great turnout with the warm weather. We play 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. On Sunday October 23, we play the “Honor Ride & Run” fest in downtown Barrington by the train station from 2 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. These will be our last All-Age Shows for a little while, so make sure you plan to come out. Make sure you also stop by the merch table, as we’ll be having some clearance sales going on.

Halloween Show

Start thinking about your costume now! Join 7th Heaven and our guests He Said, She Said for a great Halloween party at Chicago City Limits on Saturday December 29. Get there early as the place will be crowded. Also enter to win some prizes in the costume contest. Let’s see your creativity.


We just re-released our CD FACES TIME REPLACES with a added unreleased DVD in a digi-pak for $5.00. This lineup had: Tony DiGiulio, Richard Hofherr, Nick Cox, Danny Weymouth and Dan Miller. From the year 2000. This CD is a little heavier than the style we currently have. The DVD has unreleased videos of 7th Heaven on Jenny Jones’ TV show (twice), as well as our in’s and out’s to commercial, as well as a few music videos. With a bonus video of our tribute to 9-11 with our song “I Don’t Know.”


In 2005 we shot a live concert of only original songs at Durty Nellies. This DVD and CD was not available for a long time, as it sold out right away and the band changed lineups. I decided to re-release a short run of them, as I would love our fans to see and understand a little of the band’s history. This DVD has excellent audio right off the mixing board and was shot with 13 cameras, many which were fan cameras. This product is $5.00, available at shows and our website.

7th Heaven Is Getting Close To 12,000 Fans On Facebook

Help us get over 12,000 fans/friends on our official Facebook page. We utilize that page for last minute updates, new merchandise and other cool info that we want to share with you on a regular basis. So “Like” our band’s Facebook page so we can keep you updated as things happen in the 7th heaven world. http://www.facebook.com/pages/7th-heaven/38789126903

7th Heaven Heard At Abercrombie & Fitch

We just signed a deal with Abercrombie & Fitch to play our new song “Sing,” off our new CD POP MEDIA, in all the 325 stores worldwide. So if you are in any Abercrombie & Fitch in a mall around the world, listen for 7th Heaven and let us know you heard it.

New Year’s Eve Is Confirmed

The Hyatt Regency Chicago have asked us to return this year to celebrate New Year’s Eve with everyone. The Hyatt Regency Chicago will be the place to be this New Year’s Eve. Details coming soon.

October 7 – John Barleycorn
October 8 – Scarecrow Fest
October 9 – Tony LaBarbera Benefit @ Shark City
October 13 – McCarthy’s unplugged
October 14 – Rivers Casino in Des Plaines
October 15 – Brew Moon Fest – Beer Tasting Fest
October 15 – Durty Nellies
October 19 – Snuggery – Edison Park
October 20 – Blues Bar
October 21 – Bourbon Street
October 22 – Shark City
October 23 – Honor Ride & Run Festival in Barrington
October 27 – Thirsty Whale
October 28 – The Lodge
October 29 – Chicago City Limits
November 3 – Evviva
November 4 – Vipers Alley
November 5 – Chord on Blue
November 9 – Snuggery – Edison Park
November 10 – Lucky Monk
November 11 – 191 South
November 12 – Tailgaters
November 18 – Total Sports
November 19 – Joe’s on Weed Street
November 23 – Turkey Testicle Festival
November 24 – Bourbon Street – Special Thanksgiving show for the Food Depository
November 26 – Tilted Kilt
November 30 – Snuggery – McHenry
December 1 – Evviva
December 2 – Chicago City Limits
December 3 – Angelman Syndrome Benefit
December 8 – Blues Bar
December 9 – John Barleycorn
December 10 – Private Corporate Event
December 14 – Snuggery – Edison Park
December 15 – Lucky Monk
December 16 – The Lodge
December 17 – Durty Nellies
December 22 – Thirsty Whale
December 29 – Bourbon Street
December 30 – Shark City
December 31 – Hyatt Regency Chicago

Thanks for all your continued support.

We love playing and as long as you keep coming out to see us play, we’ll continue to be there.

Richard Hofherr
7th Heaven

*** PRESS RELEASE #24 ***
-zebrahead GET NICE On Their 11th Studio Effort Overall

La Habra, CA’s zebrahead have unleashed a new offering of explosive pop-punk called GET NICE on September 27th. Although this is the group’s 11th release overall, it will be their first to be released via the Niji Entertainment Group for North and South America. Two videos have already been filmed (one for the title track and one for the song “Ricky Bobby”), both of which can be viewed via these links:

Just released:
“She Don’t Wanna Rock” video from the album GET NICE!

zebrahead is comprised of vocalist/rapper Ali Tabatabaee, vocalist/guitarist Matty Lewis, guitarist Greg Bergdorf, bassist Ben Osmundson, and drummer Ed Udhus, and has been rocking since 1996. In the process, zebrahead has sold 1.5 million copies of their albums (800,000 in the USA alone), and even received a Grammy nomination. Additionally, zebrahead has toured around the world since 1996, both headlining clubs and festivals, including the Vans Warped Tour and opening for bands like Green Day and 311.

There is an interesting connection between zebrahead and heavy metal greats Motorhead. When nominations for the 2000 Grammy awards were announced, Motorhead was named among the nominees for Best Metal Performance for a cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” However, upon further review, the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences amended the nomination, adding the So Cal punk outfit zebrahead to share the nod for the “Enter Sandman” cover. The song can be found on ECW EXTREMEM ENTRANCES CD. Both bands share the same management as well.

GET NICE was produced by Jason Freese (Jewel, Death by Stereo, and plays with veteran outfit Green Day) and mixed by Andy Carpenter (Dwarves). As with past releases, zebrahead will be touring heavily behind it, including dates in the US, Europe, Japan, and their first-ever visit to Australia. In fact, the album hasn’t even been released yet, and the new single, “Get Nice,” is in the Top 4 on Japanese Radio and in the Top 10 on the European International Artist Radio Chart!

According to Tabatabaee, GET NICE is the finest zebrahead release yet. “I think this album will definitely win a Nobel Peace Prize, get you a raise, and get your girlfriend pregnant all at the same time. It’s that good!”

GET NICE Track Listing:

1. Blackout
2. Nothing To Lose
3. She Don’t Wanna Rock
4. Ricky Bobby
5. Get Nice!
6. The Joke’s On You
7. Nudist Priest
8. Galileo Was Wrong
9. Truck Stops And Tail Lights
10. I’m Definitely Not Gonna Miss You
11. Too Bored To Bleed
12. Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
13. This Is Gonna Hurt You Way More Than It’s Gonna Hurt Me
14. Demon Days

For more information, visit:
http://www.zebrahead.com/ [sponsored and fully ran by Nokia]

*** PRESS RELEASE #25 ***
-Industrial Melodic Metal Band Edge Of Paradise Gear Up To Wreak Havoc On The World With Forthcoming Debut Release MASK!

The Los Angeles based female-fronted metal band, Edge Of Paradise, are ready to set the world aflame, with the worldwide digital sales premiere on Loudtrax of their debut CD, MASK.

Check it out here: http://www.loudtrax.com/Artist/EdgeOfParadise

Edge Of Paradise is fronted by the stunning Margarita Monet who delivers potent yet melodic vocals along with virtuoso keyboard playing that adds a unique classical flair to the band’s sonic metal assault. Combine that with the ferocious fretwork of guitarist Dave Bates who intertwines compelling leads and bombastic riffs and you’ve got a band that offers something highly refreshing in today’s modern metal sound-scape. MASK also features guest appearances by renowned session drummer Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Don Henley and major session drummer for hit TV and movie soundtracks) and bassist extraordinaire Tony Franklin (The Firm, Glenn Hughes, Blue Murder, Roy Harper) who prove to be the ultimate rhythm section when it comes to the hard-edged rock sounds contained on the debut recordings. Other guests on the CD include bassist Bjorn Englen (Yngwie Malmsteen), drummer Craig Anderson and backing vocals from Robin McAuley (MSG) who also co-wrote most the songs along with Dave and Margarita, and cutting-edge songwriter Ryan Jones.

Edge Of Paradise was formed in the beginning of 2011 from the ashes of Dave Bates’ former band Bleed, which was fronted by Robin McAuley. The influences on the CD are incredibly diverse, and have been pegged as “Industrial Melodic Chaos.” Margarita states “it has always been my vision to create music that will be around for a while and I feel like we have really achieved that with MASK.” The band plans to tour the US at the start of the year 2012, to promote MASK. Along with Margarita and Dave, drummer Kevin Katich and bassist Steven Cook will round off the live band.

MASK features 9 stellar tracks, highlighted by “Falling Down,” “Tail Of The Gun,” the title track “Mask,” and modern-day power ballad “We Breath.”

The complete track listing for MASK is:

1. Falling Down
2. Tail Of The Gun
3. Mask
4. We Breath
5. Thrown It All Away
6. Walk The Line
7. Shredenstein
8. I Come In Peace
9. Fire

For more information visit:

*** PRESS RELEASE #26 ***
-Orphaned Land: New Trailer Available For Orphaned Land’s Debut DVD THE ROAD TO OR SHALEM

A second video trailer is now available to preview premier Middle Eastern progressive metal crusaders Orphaned Land’s debut DVD, THE ROAD TO OR SHALEM. Click here to check it out:

The compelling live performance DVD will be released in North America on November 1st via Century Media Records. The DVD documents the band’s incredible mission to unite warring factions in their home region through the power of music. Filmed in Tel Aviv, Israel in December, 2010, THE ROAD TO OR SHALEM features nearly two hours of live performance, as well as a second bonus DVD. The bonus DVD material includes additional live footage, a behind-the-scenes documentary and video clips.

Formed in Israel two decades ago, Orphaned Land’s unique style of Middle Eastern progressive metal or Jewish Muslim metal has amassed a huge fan base of both Jews and Muslims worldwide. The band’s signature sound features multilingual vocals (English, Hebrew, Arabic, Yemenite and more) along with standard instruments, as well as countless Oriental and traditional instruments such as: saz, santur, Arabian flutes, bouzouki and cumbus. The result is an exotic, heavy and fascinating mix. Orphaned Land live shows feature flags from both Israel and Lebanon prominently displayed, with fans from all ethnic and religious backgrounds singing along in both Hebrew and Arabic. These same fans proudly bear Orphaned Land tattoos, although this potentially puts them at risk in their home countries. Orphaned Land’s most recent release (their fourth), THE NEVER ENDING WAY OF ORWARRIOR, is in stores now. Orphaned Land is: Kobi Farhi – leading chants, growls, narrations, choir & backing vocals; Uri Zelha – electric & acoustic bass; Yossi Sassi Sa’aron – electric & classic guitars, saz, bouzouki, chumbush, choir vocals, piano and Matti Svatizky – electric & acoustic guitars.

For more information, please visit http://www.orphaned-land.com/ or http://www.centurymedia.com/ .

Orphaned Land THE ROAD TO OR SHALEM DVD track listing:

DVD 1:
1. Halo Dies
2. Birth Of The Three
3. Olat Hatamid
4. The Kiss Of Babylon
5. A Never Ending Way
6. Disciples Of The Sacred II
7. Bereft In The Abyss
8. The Storm Still Rages Inside
9. Sapari
10. From Broken Vessels
11. Ocean Land
12. M I?
13. New Jerusalem
14. Vayehi Or
15. The Warrior
16. Baraka
17. Codeword: Uprising
18. El Meod Na’ala
19. In Thy Never Ending Way
20. The Beloveds Cry
21. Norra El Norra
22. Ornaments Of Gold

DVD 2:
1. Bakapaim (with Yehuda Poliker)
2. Halom Layam Hatihon (with Yehuda Poliker)
3. The Path Part 1 – Treading Through Darkness (drums & percussion solo)
4. Seasons Unite (from the album SAHARA)
5. Thee By The Father I Pray (from the album EL NORRA ALILA)
Documentary – Vayehi Or
Videos – “Sapari,” “Norra El Norra,” “Ocean Land”
Slide show/band photos

*** PRESS RELEASE #27 ***
-Rough Angel To Release Re-Mastered EP HEAR THE ANGELS ROCK!

The music is “doomy,” “lava” — like and heavy metal with tuned down guitar riffs that sounds like a brick wall is coming down on you. Aggressive high pitch screams with oriental type melodies forge these recordings and give it the ultimate experience on a pure metal meltdown.

The recordings never got published until now when Csaba Zvekan re-mastered the songs to a first official worldwide release “only digital” scheduled for 30th November 2011 under Rock N Growl Records.

The title of Rough Angel’s EP is called HEAR THE ANGELS ROCK and has following tracks:

1. Standing By Mirrors
2. Defiance
3. Let It Burn
4. Hear The Angels Rock

The lineup is as follows:

Csaba Zvekan – Lead & backing Vocals
Jimmy Z. – Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Marc Mougavero – Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Ross Manzo – Bass Guitar
Dave Kappos – Drums (on recording)
Mike Rangel – Drums (live later after Dave Kappos left the band)

US Heavy Metal weights Rough Angel have been around for more than two decades. Originally found in Hollywood, Los Angeles by Jimmy Z. and Johnny G. the band quickly built up a fan base and followers. Rough Angel were playing the Sunset Strip up and down and eventually moved to Las Vegas. The band got nominated as the best local band in Las Vegas, Nevada. Eventually Johnny G. left the band as he moved to Hawaii. So the spot for a singer was vacant and Csaba Zvekan has gotten the job. In 1993 Rough Angel have decided to record four memorable songs for an EP.


*** PRESS RELEASE #28 ***
-Exclusive Isole And Lonely Kamel Track Premieres On The Obelisk!!!

The Obelisk ( http://www.theobelisk.net/ ), THE purveyors of all that is doomed-out and low-ended on the Internet, are now streaming exclusive track premieres from Isole and Lonely Kamel’s respective new albums. Set for North American release on October 25th thru Napalm Records, both Isole’s BORN FROM SHADOWS and Lonely Kamel’s DUST DEVIL are slaying the critics with their differently doomed sounds, proving that Napalm’s a new force in all things slow, deep, and hard.

The exclusive track-stream for Isole’s “Born From Shadows” can be found here: http://theobelisk.net/obelisk/2011/10/11/isolestream/

The exclusive track-stream for Lonely Kamel’s “The Prophet” can be found here: http://theobelisk.net/obelisk/2011/10/07/lonelykameltrackstream/

A mere smattering of the good word going ’round both Isole and Lonely Kamel’s forthcoming new records:

• “Any fan of the band will be dismally gratified to have this record in their collection, particularly with the colder months quickly approaching” – MetalReview.com [8/10 rating]
• “Slow and heavy, dark and melancholic, haunting and epic, Isole’s BORN FROM SHADOWS is the epitome of quality doom metal” – Seaoftranquility.org [4.5/5 rating]
• “Simply impressive” – Absolute Zero Media webzine
• “Have carved an identity for themselves” – TheObelisk.net
• “Not many have this kind of craft with the weaving of the epic and the mournful dark” – MetalTeamUK.net
• “Sets that perfect doom mood” – WickedChannel.com

• “Fans of original southern rock, heavy rock and proto-metal are bound to enjoy this album” – Seaoftranquility.org [4/5 rating]
• “An album so sludgy, dirty, groovy and blues-heavy, you’d have to be a zombie to not move to this album” – Headfullofnoise.com [4/5 rating]
• “You could literally get high just listening to this record… epic” – Metalholic.com
• “Come off like graduates from the University of Roadsaw (with a minor in Sixty Watt Shaman), infusing loud, driving heavy rock with a sensibility straight off the Delta” – TheObelisk.net
• “A superlative album… The band manage to sound timeless, without sounding dated, and are to be commended for it” – MetalTeamUK.net
• “Brings back retro like only the Scandinavians can… I cannot get enough of this one these days” – WickedChannel.com

For more info, consult http://www.napalmrecords.com/ , http://www.forevermore.se/ , and http://www.myspace.com/lonelykamel .

*** PRESS RELEASE #29 ***
-The Living Fields: Full Album Streaming Via Hellbound

For two weeks, Ontario-based metal site Hellbound is hosting a full album stream of The Living Fields’ sophomore album, RUNNING OUT OF DAYLIGHT.

Check out the brilliant release in its entirety at this location:


Enriching their symphonic, epic metal through the use of piano, violin, viola, cello, and acoustic guitar and more, The Living Fields take their distinctive style to great new heights on RUNNING OUT OF DAYLIGHT, the album released in late July via Candlelight Records. While the members of the band are scattered across multiple continents, having never played a live show or even recorded a full release in the same session, their talent and creativity are unstoppable when combined. The new album has received acclaim form media outlets worldwide helping elevate this underground act’s name higher into the ranks of metal’s contemporary elite.

“It’s a fine line between brilliance and mediocrity when trying to do something like this, but The Living Fields manage to do what they do exceptionally well.” – Hellbound

“One of progressive metal’s most tantalizing prospects… a genuinely evolutionary way of songwriting.” – Terrorizer

“…one of the year’s more somber and striking efforts…” – Blistering

“I can’t think of another band that sounds much at all like them, and that’s one hell of a compliment in today’s saturated consumer climate.” – Metal Review

“…one of the best metal albums of 2011.” – Teeth of the Divine


-About Heavy Metal’s list of “Essential Thrash Metal Albums” is online at http://glclk.about.com/?zi=1/Dx5M .

-Almah’s new video for “Late Night In ’85” is online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCu1no-MtLo . The track comes from MOTION, due October 14 on AFM Records. See http://www.facebook.com/official.almah for more.

-New Sebastian Bach interviews/features as follows…

Fox News “Face2Face”

Toronto Sun

“The Larry Flick Show” / Sirius XM

Please note the last one is explicit… See http://www.sebastianbach.com/ for more.

-Brainstorm’s ON THE SPUR OF THE MOMENT (AFM Records) hit #59 on the German media control chart. See http://www.brainstorm-web.net/ for more.

-Check out Divine Ascension’s video for “Answers” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvGlDimlZxc .

-Doro had to cancel two shows in Slovakia — in Kosice and Bratislava — “due to problems with the local promoter.” Front woman Doro Pesch stated: “Dear Fans, unfortunately the two shows in Slovakia got cancelled due to promoter issues. It’s a shame that we aren’t able to play in Kosice and Bratislava. We are extremely sorry, we were so excited and were really looking forward to it. We hope to be able to play in the near future. For further information please get in touch with the promoter or venue. We love you guys – Doro & Band” See http://www.doro.de/ for more

-Emerald Sun will play the following shows in Greece this month:

10/27 – Bat City, Athens, Greece
10/29 – Eightball, Thessaloniki, Greece
10/30 – Polyxoros-Agora, Ioannena, Greece

-Check out a funny video of a toddler crying for some Iron Maiden at http://www.metalinjection.net/tv/view/7761/kid-cries-for-iron-maiden .

-Upcoming shows by The Iron Maidens:

10/22 – Roland/Boss Loop Semi-Finals @ Musicians Institute, Hollywood, CA (free show)
10/29 – Marquee 15 Concert Theater, Corona, CA (Halloween show)
11/5 – BroadAcres Market Place & Event Center, North Las Vegas, NV (all ages)
11/11 – Paladino’s, Tarzana, CA
11/12 – El Cajon Grand, El Cajon, CA
12/1 – House Of Rock Live, El Paso, TX
12/2 – Backstage Live, San Antonio, TX
12/3 – Smokin Aces, Mission, TX
12/6 – The Meridian, Houston, TX
12/10 – The Ruby Room, San Diego, CA

See http://www.theironmaidens.com/ for more.

-Judas Priest was the musical guest last Friday on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.” Check out their performance of “Breaking The Law” at http://www.metalinjection.net/tv/view/7766/judas-priest-breaking-the-law-on-jimmy-fallon , and the web-only exclusive performance of “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMn55zX03a0 . In related news, Halford’s new video single for “Resurrection,” from the LIVE AT SAITAMA SUPER ARENA DVD, is online now at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpBKCnult_E .

-There’s a “Retro Recommendation” feature on Kiss’ HOTTER THAN HELL at http://glclk.about.com/?zi=1/Dx5N . Former guitarist Bruce Kulick has a nice write-up on the Gene Simmons/Shannon Tweed wedding at his site, in the “Message” section of http://www.kulick.net/ . And speaking of the wedding, check out “exclusive merchandise from the rock ‘n roll wedding of the year!” — such as glass coasters, T-shirts, shot glasses, beer steins, keepsake plates, guitar picks, etc. — at http://www.personalizationmall.com/Gene-Simmons-Shannon-Tweed-Wedding-Gifts-Collectibles-l90.lp . And in related news, the video trailer for late, former drummer Eric Carr’s 20th anniversary commemorative CD UNFINISHED BUSINESS at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vJswJyOgQQ has samples of some of the CD’s tracks. Part 1 of an exclusive four-part interview series, from EricCarr.com and BraveWords.com, is online now at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YNmDh5F65Y . It features Kiss’ former manager, the late Bill Aucoin, and Seether drummer John Humphrey talking about Carr. The rest of the parts will feature Bruce Kulick, Lydia Criss, and others, and will be released over a three-week period. Sign up for special e-mail notifications at EricCarr.com.

-Lord Volture’s song “Minutes To Madness,” from NEVER CRY WOLF and featuring Mark Bogert on guitar, is streaming at http://soundcloud.com/lordvolture/minutes-to-madness-new-1 . NEVER CRY WOLF is due out November 11. See http://www.lordvolture.com/ for more.

-A track-by-track breakdown of Morton’s COME READ THE WORDS FORBIDDEN (AFM Records) is online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8G-DfUm9vAs , and the live video for “Brotherhood Of Light” is online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUOKhcPQbfw .

-The “mailorder edition” of Nightwish’s IMAGINAERUM, available only at Nuclear Blast’s mailorder, is a limited and numbered (1,000 copies) boxed set that includes the double digi-pak CD, a single for the “Rest Calm” demo (featuring Marco Hietala on vocals), and an exclusive Nightwish IMAGINAERUM mirror. See http://www.nightwish.com/ for more.

-A new, “previously unreleased (slightly different) director’s cut version” of Oz’s video for “Dominator” is available now at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-xRNZwQ3WQ . The band’s comeback album BURNING LEATHER is due out November 18 on AFM Records.

-Check out “Metal Messiah,” a sample from Pegazus’ new album IN METAL WE TRUST, at http://www.myspace.com/pegazusmusic/music/songs/metal-messiah-sample-new-album-79111063 .

-Redemption — featuring guitarist Nick Van Dyk and singer Ray Alder (Fates Warning) — has THIS MORTAL COIL out this week. Hype: “Redemption have made a name for themselves as one of the premiere prog metal bands to come out of the past decade. The band, featuring Fates Warning singer Ray Alder, has toured with fellow prog legends Dream Theater and are highly admired for their aggressive yet melodic sound. However, it’s been a challenging time for Redemption following the release of 2009’s SNOWFALL ON JUDGMENT DAY, as guitarist/founder Nick van Dyk had been diagnosed with blood cancer. While it appears that Dyk is now cancer free after intense therapy, it’s understandable that the band’s new album THIS MORTAL COIL would reflect the dark times the guitarist went through these past few years.” Track list: “Path Of The Whirlwind,” “Blink Of An Eye,” “No Tickets To The Funeral,” “Dreams From The Pit,” “Noonday Devil,” “Let It Rain,” “Focus,” “Perfect,” “Begin Again,” “Stronger Than Death,” “Departure Of The Pale Horse.” The limited edition version has a second CD of cover songs, called A COLLECTION OF SONGS ORIGINALLY RECORDED BY OTHER ARTISTS THAT ONE WOULD NOT EXPECT WOULD BE PERFORMED BY A PROGRESSIVE METAL BAND – PART THE FIRST. Track list: “Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding” (Elton John), “Jane” (Starship), “Hold The Line” (Toto), “Edge Of The Blade” (Journey), “Love To Love” (UFO), “Precious Things” (Tori Amos). Metal Insider is streaming the full album at http://www.metalinsider.net/new-music/exclusive-stream-redemption%E2%80%99s-new-album-%E2%80%9Cthis-mortal-coil%E2%80%9D-in-its-entirety . See http://www.redemptionweb.com/ and http://www.myspace.com/thebandredemption for more.

-Riot — singer Tony Moore, guitarists Mark Reale and Mike Flyntz, bassist Don Van Stavern, and drummer Bobby Jarzombek — had to pull out of the European tour with HammerFall “due to complications from Tony’s emergency oral surgery,” which he needed to deal with a “deeply infected root canal.” Check out statements from him and the band at http://www.riotrockcity.com/ and http://www.markreale.com/ . Vicious Rumors has replaced Riot on the HammerFall tour, but Riot plans to “visit Europe as soon as possible.” The band assured its Asian fans that the Japanese dates in 2012 are unaffected by this turn of events, and is planning a US tour for early next year. The band’s reunion album, IMMORTAL SOUL, has this track list: “Riot,” “Still Your Man,” “Crawling,” “Wings Are For Angels,” “Fall Before Me,” “Sins Of The Father,” “Majestica,” “Immortal Soul,” “Insanity,” “Whiskey Man,” “Believe,” “Echoes.” The limited digi-pak version has two bonus tracks, recorded live at the 2009 Sweden Rock Festival: “Johnny’s Back” and “Metal Soldiers.” There will also be a double gatefold LP on blue vinyl.

-Sacred Heart’s PROPAGANDA is out now. Hype: “The general vibe the listener can get from PROPAGANDA is positive, no questions asked, since the band shows they have belief in their skills mixing traditional minor-scale British Hard Rock with more fresh American Rock elements, not avoiding a slice of AOR touch in some of their musical pieces.” Track list: “Everybody Falls” (instrumental), “Propaganda Part One,” “Can’t Breathe,” “Nothing At All,” “Paldies Thank You,” “Never Let You Go,” “With Open Arms,” “Spit,” “Goodbye,” “We Stand Hand In Hand,” “You’re The One,” “Propaganda Part Two.” The version with bonus tracks has these extra songs: “Propaganda Part One” (edit), “Crazy World” (demo), “Enough” (demo), “You’re The One” (2003), “Hand In Hand” (2004). See http://www.sacredheartband.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/sacredheartband for more.

-Mike Tramp And The Rock N Roll Circuz are gigging in the UK this week:

10/13 – The Purple Turtle, London, UK – w/ Crimes Of Passion
10/14 – The Corporation, Sheffield, UK – w/ Crimes Of Passion
10/15 – The Yardbirds, Grimsby, UK – w/ Crimes Of Passion & Serpentine

-Sick Of It All, Machine Head, and Coroner have been added to the lineup for the Wacken Open Air 2012. Moonspell will also perform an “Exclusive Orchestral Acoustic Show,” entitled “Sombra” and featuring guest musicians. See http://www.wacken.com/ for more.

-White Wizzard’s FLYING TIGERS is out now on Earache. Hype: “Flying the flag for classic metal with a singular vision and unflinching belief in the power of great riffs and earth-shattering vocals, L.A.’s finest exponents of the genre return with all guns blazing on FLYING TIGERS. From the rallying cry of ‘Fight To The Death,’ through the emotive arena rock power of ‘Starchild,’ to the multi-layered concept nature of the album’s closing side (the last six tracks form an epic, progressive concept piece), the spirit and class of the song writing is topped with the world beating vocals of Wyatt Anderson. Taking in visits to downtown Tokyo, sultry L.A. hangouts, ancient Egypt, outer space and beyond across the course of twelve killer tracks, FLYING TIGERS gives traditional classic metal a huge shot in the arm.” Track list: “Fight To The Death,” “West L.A. Nights,” “Starchild,” “Flying Tigers,” “Night Train To Tokyo,” “Night Stalker,” “Fall Of Atlantis,” “Blood On The Pyramids,” “Demons And Diamonds,” “Dark Alien Overture,” “War Of The Worlds,” “Starman’s Son.” Check out clips of three songs and a video at http://musicbuymail.eu/?i=34762 . See http://www.myspace.com/whitewizzard for more.

-Upcoming Y&T shows:

10/14 – The Garage, London, England – w/ Stampede
10/15 – Coal Exchange, Cardiff, Wales
10/18 – L’Empreinte, Savigny-le-Temple, France
10/20 – Sala Capitol, Santiago De Compostela, Spain
10/21 – Sala La Vaca, Ponferrada, Spain
10/22 РTeatre Ateneu, Cerdanyola Del Vall̬s, Spain Рw/ Wishbone Ash
10/23 – Rock Star Live, Bilbao, Spain
10/25 – Garage Deluxe, Munich, Germany
10/26 – Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg, Germany
10/28 – Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium
10/29 – De Pul, Uden, The Netherlands
10/30 – Hedon Podium, Zwolle, The Netherlands
11/1 – Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
11/3 – Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany
11/4 – Underground Cologne, Koln, Germany
11/5 – Blues Garage, Isernhagen, Germany
11/18 – 11/19 – Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, CA
12/10 – Cache Creek Resort, Brooks, CA
2/25 – 2/28 – Monsters Of Rock Cruise, Bahamas & Key West
2/29 – Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, MD
3/1 – Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA
3/2 – B.B. King’s Blues Club, New York, NY
3/3 – The Chance Theater, Poughkeepsie, NY
3/4 – The Rock House, W. Greenwich, RI
3/7 – Diesel, Pittsburgh, PA
3/9 – The Tangier, Akron, OH
3/10 – Tailgaterz, Bolingbrook, IL

“Special discounts & deals” for the cruise can be had by booking with the Y&T promo code: YTMOR. See http://www.YandTRocks.com/ and http://www.Meniketti.com/ for more.

Thanks to Music Buy Mail, Nightmare Records, Pitch Black Records, Mitch Lafon, Axel Wiesenauer, AFM Records, Rupert Withers, Chad Bowar, Thomas Jensen, Jeff “Big ‘Orra” Adee, and Eric “Parallels” Helgeson for help gathering some of this information.

by Tim Wadzinski (tsw512@yahoo.com)

-Last Friday I ran my interview with Dio Disciples members Tim “Ripper” Owens and Craig Goldy. I left a few Owens-related tidbits out of that write-up because they didn’t directly pertain to the Dio Disciples project. Owens told me the next Beyond Fear album has been “done” — presumably he meant “written” — for a year, and it should be out soon, once he gets it finished off. He also left open the possibility of doing another solo record but said that his solo project is mainly a touring concern. I also asked Goldy about any of his upcoming solo ventures, but he graciously declined to discuss them. I’m hoping to touch base with him separately about this soon.

-I was all set to go see Saxon and Borealis in St. Charles, Ill., last Saturday but I came down with a *nasty* sinus infection that morning. I was supposed to do an in-person interview with Biff Byford and it absolutely KILLED me to send an email saying I couldn’t do it, because I had to stay home sick. Ugh… Please note it pretty well takes an Act Of God for me to miss a show and interview like this! I’m bummed about missing the show but on a happier note I was able to do a phoner with Mr. Byford last night. Stay tuned.

-My friend Bill sent me these funny lists of the worst metal albums of all time and the worst metal album covers:


-What’s up with Starship’s “Jane?” Funny that two bands — Talon on III and Redemption on the bonus disc for THIS MORTAL COIL — just covered this tune. (And bonus points of you remember The Burnpool’s cover from its 1995 self-titled debut.)

-I listened to Lord Volture’s song “I Am King.” It sounds like a Scorpions tune with a cross between Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin and Blaze Bayley singing. Weird.

-I don’t know why but I actually *was* a little surprised to see Gene Simmons selling memorabilia from his wedding…

-If I was in N.Y.C. I would totally go to that screening of “Trick Or Treat.” Awesome.

-Get those free Z Records MP3s — Steele’s “Tricks Up My Sleeve” is a *killer* song.

-In my current playlist: Saxon – CALL TO ARMS (UDR Music/EMI), FireHouse – FULL CIRCLE (FireHouse Music), Golden Resurrection – MAN WITH A MISSION (Liljegren Records / Doolittle Group), Argus – BOLDLY STRIDE THE DOOMED (Cruz Del Sur Music).

*** REVIEWS ***
JUDAS PRIEST – THE CHOSEN FEW (B+) Columbia/Legacy, 2011
17 tracks, RT: 1:17:05
[ http://www.judaspriest.com/ ]
You read the press release above; the idea of having other rockers hand-pick their favorite songs for your compilation album is pretty cool, but ultimately, the result is just another compilation album. This one has tracks from most of Priest’s Sony/Columbia catalog, with BRITISH STEEL (1980) having the most at four, and POINT OF ENTRY (1981), PRIEST…LIVE! (1987), and RAM IT DOWN (1988) being ignored. And of course there’s nothing from ROCKA-ROLLA (1974) or SAD WINGS OF DESTINY (1976), but there are live versions of the latter’s “The Ripper” and “Victim Of Changes” taken from PRIEST IN THE EAST (1979). The booklet starts off with a surprisingly cool “foreword” written by Gene Simmons, and includes thoughts from this complete list of folks who selected the tracks: Joe Elliott, Steve Vai, Geoff Tate, Accept, Lars Ulrich, Kerry King, David Coverdale, Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God), Ozzy Osbourne, James Hetfield, Lemmy, Vinnie Paul, Zakk Wylde, Alice Cooper, Geezer Butler, Slash, Klaus Meine, Corey Taylor (Slipknot), Chris Jericho, Jonathan Davis (Korn), and Joe Satriani. So logistics aside… this *is* a pretty good overview of Priest’s impressive output from 1977 – 1990, with all of the *really* big hits on display, and a handful of surprise inclusions in “Dissident Aggressor,” “Exciter,” “Rapid Fire,” and “The Sentinel.” (The latter has always been a favorite of mine; I’m glad to see it get its due here.) For me, it was big fun to read through the liner notes and think back to when I discovered Priest as a teen-ager, and first heard these songs. (I swear I had this conversation with a buddy in 8th grade: “What’s ‘The Green Manalishi’ about?” “I think it’s about a car, or a demon… Or maybe a woman.” “Cool.” “Did you know it’s a cover?” “No!” “Yep, it’s a Fleetwood Mac song.” “Wait… what? FLEETWOOD MAC??”) So, I suppose diehards/fanboys like me will go for this release, as will casual fans who aren’t yet sick of “Living After Midnight” and “Breaking The Law.”
– Tim Wadzinski (tsw512@yahoo.com)

*** OUT ***

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