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Issue #605

Issue #605
Week of August 22, 2011

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-Happy Birthday (today — August 25) to Gene Simmons and Rob Halford, two of my all-time favorite Rock Gods. Seriously, how cool is it that the Metal God and the God Of Thunder are both celebrating today? – Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-Gamma Ray Confirmed For The Sweden Rock Cruise!

German power metal veterans Gamma Ray, with legendary Kai Hansen at the helm, have been confirmed for the Sweden Rock Cruise, sailing from Stockholm October 6th-7th! The lineup for the Sweden Rock Cruise is thereby complete and looks as follows:

Gamma Ray
Funeral Hell

Gamma Ray

Kai Hansen is one of the most iconic and influential characters in heavy metal history. As the founder and leader of Germany’s legendary Helloween he all but created one of the 1980s’ most recognizable sounds, giving life to the new genre power metal. Upon leaving Hellowen, the guitarist teamed up with future Primal Fear vocalist Ralf Scheepers — Gamma Ray was born. The band picked up where Helloween left off and has continued to produce one classic album after the other since 1990, most recently TO THE METAL! in 2010. Since LAND OF THE FREE (1995), Gamma Ray’s arguably most heralded album, Kai has also re-assumed vocalist duties. Follow-up and major break release SOMEWHERE OUT IN SPACE (1997) introduced the classic lineup completed by Dirk Schlächter (bass), Henjo Richter (guitar) and Daniel Zimmermann (drums). This cruise is extremely proud to present one of the most celebrated bands on the metal scene, and one that never fails to bring down the house.

More info can be found on the brand new Sweden Rock Cruise website, http://www.swedenrockcruise.com/ . You can also find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/swedenrockcruise

Details about the running order and other activities on board will be announce shortly.

Tickets including cabin are available from 595 SEK (approx 60 Euros). If you understand Swedish, you can book tickets online at http://www.tallinksilja.com/sv/cruises/special/galaxy/swedenRock2011.htm . If not, you can call the shipping company, Tallink Silja, at +46 8 666 3333. The product code to use when booking: METAL.

Tel: 0456-317 95
Fax: 0456-317 94
E-mail: info@swedenrock.com

Sweden Rock Festival
Norjebokevägen 2
294 76 Sölvesborg

*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-House Of Lords: BIG MONEY Heading Your Way

House Of Lords debuted in 1989 with the release of the self-titled album, a record which is still regarded as one of the best Arena Rock releases of the ’80s. The colossal sound, the soaring vocals of James Christian and instrumental capabilities of the band (which featured ex Angel and Giuffria, Gregg Giuffria, along with such luminaries as Lanny Cordola, Chuck Wright and Ken Mary), reminiscent of such frontrunners as Whitesnake, Deep Purple and Van Halen, immediately brought the band to the attention of the media and fans.

With their sophomore release entitled SAHARA, House Of Lords gained considerable chart success with their cover version of Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Home.” After a tour with Nelson in 1991, the group disbanded, eventually coming back together with a new lineup (only featuring original members Giuffria and Christian) in 1992 with DEMON’S DOWN. This was a more melodic record which saw the big contribution at the songwriting helm — between others — of Mark Baker, a guy who penned a couple of years before the majority of the Signal LOUD AND CLEAR album, one of the most sought after gems of the Melodic Rock genre.

With the change of the musical climate, House Of Lords went into hibernation until the original lineup came back together in 2000, releasing of the controversial POWER AND THE MYTH, an album which featured a sound leaning more towards Progressive Hard Rock with ’70s rock influences.

After a short European tour, singer James Christian decided to go back to the trademark Arena Rock sound of House Of Lords, putting together a new lineup with the blessing of founding member Gregg Giuffria, who opted out right before the release of POWER AND THE MYTH. New members Jimi Bell on guitars, B.J. Zampa on drums supplied a true powerhouse sound to the fifth studio album WORLD UPSIDE DOWN, a record which caused a real stir in the Hard Rock and Melodic Rock scene and was followed up by the equally impressive COME TO MY KINGDOM in 2008.

House Of Lords toured relentlessly Europe and the States in support to the releases and have now become a true staple between the Hard Rock crowd among the two continents. Needing a more fresh impact in the songwriting, James decided to team again with Mark Baker for the new album entitled CARTESIAN DREAMS. The record is just what you can expect and even more: superb hooks, majestic atmospheres that bring back the memories of the debut album, monumental guitar riffs and a production to die for. Everything in CARTESIAN DREAMS shines from the first second to the last!

Fast forward to September 2011 which will mark the release of the newest addition to a stellar catalogue of songs. BIG MONEY, is well, “BIG.” The album starts with the trademark vocals of James Christian and crashes into a Power Rock Classic that you will not forget after the first listen, followed by in a song that Christian describes “as the band’s best work to date:” “One Man Down.” Each song has its own distinct quality as you would expect from The Lords and once again the album is full of soaring choruses, awesome guitar work and songs that grab you from the first listen and don’t let go. James teamed up again on the songwriting with long-time friend and partner Mark Baker along with the other band members Jimi Bell and B.J. Zampa.

Look out for House Of Lords on Tour in September of 2011.

House Of Lords
James Christian – vocals
Jimi Bell – guitars
B.J. Zampa – drums
Chris McCarvill – bass


*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-Manowar: Are You Metal Enough To Be The Metal Ambassador Of Your Town? Join The Challenge!

Manowar will be storming the UK and Ireland this November, and they once again expect warriors from all over the world joining them on their Battle Hymns 2011 UK/Ireland Tour.

We are calling all metal brothers and sisters in Glasgow, Leeds, London, Cardiff, Dublin and Belfast: Join the race to represent your city and show the Manowarriors from all over the world why YOUR town is the Ultimate Metal City.

There will be various challenges and polls on Facebook in the forthcoming days. At the end of them, we will crown the Metal Ambassador for each tour city.

The prize for the lucky winner:

– Free admission to the Manowar show in the city he/she submitted entries for
– A massive surprise gift package
– A personalized certificate, signed by Manowar

And your gifts will be handed to you ON STAGE BY THE BAND!

And this is how it works:

Over the course of the next days we will post several challenges on Facebook and ask you to submit your contribution in the form of videos, photos or text.

(Please note that text submissions must be in English in order to qualify for the contest.)

For each challenge, there will be a voting among the best submissions per tour city.

Be creative! Surprise us!

Remember: Every challenge is a chance for you to win!

Check constantly on http://www.facebook.com/manowar .

Hail & Kill


*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-Lion Music Label & Artist News

Awake To Release Second Album FOREVER MORE On October 14th, 2011

Release Date: 14th October 2011

Full song sample:

Back four years after their label debut, UK progressive metal act Awake return with their brand new opus FOREVER MORE via Lion Music on 14th October 2011.

Taking a step onwards from their debut ILLUMINATION, Awake have delivered a heavier grittier sound second time round that retains the melodies and depth of its critically acclaimed predecessor. FOREVER MORE also marks the first album recorded with new guitar duo, the brothers Andy and Steven Coles who have brought stability to the band not to mention bringing a new dimension to heavier sound heard on the new album.

With a score of live dates including tours with Evergrey and Magnum under their belts, not to mention live sessions on BBC Radio, Awake have been going from strength to strength in the run up to the new albums creation.

The journey for this album started around a year after ILLUMINATION was released. The band’s former guitarist left (Richard Hall) and the group were keen to move on with new members when writing the new album. After thorough and extensive auditioning Andy Coles joined around June 2008 and the early ideas for the new album were formed. “Release Me” was the first song written and came from a keyboard “riff” that Craig came in with. Steven Coles joined the band by February 2009 and a break in writing was taken for the band to go out on the road with Magnum again. After this writing resumed and the album took shape over the next year or so. Pre-production took place in February 2010, final adjustments were made (including the inclusion of female backing vocals — Jennifer Hardy), and full recording took place April/May 2010.

On FOREVER MORE’ lyrical slant the band state, “We wanted to convey our own personal experiences with love and loss and the hardships you face when you lose someone close to you. We hope that this is something people in general can relate to and we hope they can find meaning within the songs.”

FOREVER MORE is an emotional album written by musicians that are fully dedicated to Awake and pushing the boundaries of what they do. It can on one hand be perceived as a very sad album and there are moments that will touch the heart strings, but at the same time its extremely powerful and meaningful. It’s an album we all can relate to and interpret for our own situation, not just in the words but also in the use of keys and guitar. FOREVER MORE packs a sonic punch musically and emotionally and it’s a package that will be warmly welcomed by music fans worldwide on 14th October 2011.

Lion Music Promo Page with pre-order links:

Track Listing
1. Intro – Into The Storm
2. Out Of Control
3. Release Me
4. Drift Away
5. Taken
6. Closing The Doors
7. Bleed From You
8. For The Moment
9. Hold On
10. One Wish
11. King
12. Forever More

Simon Shedwell – Lead and Backing vocals
Andy Coles – Lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Steven Coles- Lead and rhythm guitars
Chris Le Mottee – Bass guitar
Craig Burkitt – Keyboards and Piano
Alex Townsend – Drums and Percussion

All songs written by Awake
Recorded at Parlour Studios, Kettering, UK
Produced by Awake
Engineered and Mixed by Neil Haynes
Mastered at Streaky Mastering
Additional backing vocals by Jennifer Hardy
Artwork direction by Rainer Kalwitz ( kalwitz kunstprodukt.com )
Cover artwork by Michael Vincent Manalo – Represented by Rainer Kalwitz
Layout and illustrations by Piotr Szafraniec
Photograph by Tom Carlton Photography

Official Websites

Boguslaw Balcerak’s Crylord To Release Debut Album BLOOD OF THE PROPHETS On October 14, 2011

Release Date: October 14th 2011

Full song sample:

Exploding out of Poland comes a new powerhouse of metal. Lion Music are delighted to welcome Boguslaw Balcerak’s Crylord to the label’s roster.

Led by the prestigious talents of guitarist Boguslaw Balcerak, BLOOD OF THE PROPHETS breathes new life into the neo-classical genre with 12 first class songs chock full of big riffs, dynamic rhythms, jaw dropping guitar solos and infectious vocal melodies from three of the most acclaimed vocalists in the field: Carsten “Lizard” Schulz (Evidence One, ex Domain) and neo-classical legends Mark Boals (ex Malmsteen / Ring Of Fire) and Goran Edman (ex Malmsteen / Karmakanic).

BLOOD OF THE PROPHETS’ powerful music was inspired by the greats of neo-classical guitar and hard rock/heavy/power metal along with the epic qualities of film music. The classical influence of masters like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin can also be heard at times in Boguslaw’s delivery; yet the album is proof that it’s possible to absorb these influences and not come out as a Malmsteen clone. With an effortless guitar style Boguslaw delivers both passion and power throughout the album providing the perfect backdrop for lyrics inspired by fantasy, mythology, bible, legends, love and feelings all expertly delivered by Schulz, Boals and Edman either individually or collectively.

Born in 1972, Boguslaw picked up the guitar at age 16 and over the years was in several bands based in his home city of Warsaw, Poland. Crylord’s formation came about in late 2007 but finding a suitable vocalist in his native homeland proved difficult for Balcerak. After growing frustrated at the lack of home-grown vocal talent that could deliver his material to the standard required, Boguslaw set about recording the albums instrumentation whilst continuing the search for the right vocalists.

The material that makes up BLOOD OF THE PROPHETS was written and arranged on the turn of the years 2008/2009 with recordings commencing in the spring of 2009 in two Polish studios. Once the songs were complete Boguslaw took a chance and invited three of his favorite vocalists to perform on the album: Mark Boals, Goran Edman and Carsten “Lizard” Schulz who all accepted after hearing the quality of the music on offer. Some delays in the vocal tracks due to scheduling difficulties were encountered but the last of the vocals were finished in early 2011. It was at this point that Lion Music heard some rough mix demos and a contract offer was made immediately after being suitably impressed by the material. With a deal in place the final element of the album was completed when Boguslaw asked King Diamond guitar master and Sonic Train Studios sound engineer Andy LaRocque to master the album. The result being a strong sounding record that puts many a neo-classical heavyweights productions to shame!

August 2011 saw the recording of a promotional video for the track “Warrior’s Moon” which will see release prior to the album hitting stores on its release date of 14th October 2011. Boguslaw Balcerak’s Crylord is set to make a big impact on the world of rock and metal with a debut album brimming full of top quality material, musicianship and complete with killer artwork by Tadeu Grigolon.

Lion Music Promo Page with pre-order links:

Track Listing
1. Ante Bellum Overture (Intro)
2. Blood Of The Prophets
3. Grave Of Love
4. Bard’s Tale
5. Warrior’s Moon
6. Face Of Destiny
7. The Heretic
8. Behind The Walls Of Sadness
9. Angel Of Divine
10. Valley Of The Dead
11. When The Time Has Come
12. The Healing Hands Of Destruction

Boguslaw “Bibas” Balcerak – All Rhythm & Lead guitars, Bass
Carsten “Lizard” Schulz – vocals on 2, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12
Mark Boals – vocals on 4, 6, 11, 12
Goran Edman – vocals on 3, 9, 11, 12
Kamil Wyzinski – Bass
Tomek “Zawad” Zawadzki – Bass
Lukasz Dybalski – Keyboards
Marcin “Kanclerz” Kwasny – Drums

All music written and arranged by Boguslaw Balcerak
Vocal arrangements by Boguslaw Balcerak, Carsten “Lizard” Schulz, Goran Edman, Mark Boals
Drums, bass and guitars recorded by Kamil Wyzinski in CLC studio
Other guitars, bass and keyboards recorded by Pawel Sapija in New Project Production studio
Lizard’s vocals recorded by Steffen Seeger at Seegewerk Studio, Mannheim/Germany
Mixed by Pawel Sapija at New Project Production Studio
Mastering by Andy LaRocque at Sonic Train Studios

Official Website

Lion Music

*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Forbidden Forced To Cancel European Tour!

Guitarist / founding member / songwriter Craig Locicero of the Bay Area thrash band Forbidden has issued the following update:

“This is the most painful update I have ever had to write…

“Due to family obligations on the part of our longtime drummer, Mark Hernandez, Forbidden is forced to cancel its tour of Europe and will start to search for an adequate permanent replacement right away. Compounding things is the fact that Mark and I also play in Demonica, who were to open the tour. Unfortunately, at this late date, there is no time nor budget to find a replacement who can handle both bands and our only option right now is to cancel the entire tour.

“Forbidden would like to apologize to all of the different promoters, Continental Concerts, the bands Communic and Demonica, our label Nuclear Blast, and most importantly our fans who have been waiting for us to finally make it overseas for our first proper European tour in support of OMEGA WAVE. You all deserve better. This is a collective kick to everyone’s stomach and it is very difficult for us to swallow.

“If there were any way to find one drummer to do both jobs and learn over 22 songs of material in only a couple of days, we would do it. But there is no way to teach somebody all of that material from the ground up and give the fans our very best. Our first choice was longtime Brother, Gene Hoglan, and since Gene is very familiar with our current set list, this makes the most sense. However, he only has a very small window to work with and no time to commit to an entire tour. But he did agree to fly out to Belgium with us so that Forbidden can play the Alcatraz Festival on August 27th! That works out to be the only days that work within Gene’s busy schedule and it also allows us to get in front of as many fans as possible for one show.

“In no way does this make up for all of the other gigs we will miss. They MUST be rescheduled for the future!

“Unfortunately, that future will have to be without Mark Hernandez. He has played for the last time with Forbidden and we will be looking for the right replacement as soon as the dust settles. Obviously it takes a great player to play drums in Forbidden. We will only accept the best!

“We all love Mark and hope he finds peace and serenity in his future with his family.

“In the meantime we will continue and take the momentum we have gained from OMEGA WAVE and use it as fuel for the next record and beyond!

“Looking forward, not back….”

Listen to the tracks “Forsaken At The Gates” and “Dragging My Casket” on the band’s Facebook page.


*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-Bullet Joining The Nuclear Blast Family!

A new chapter will be added to the success story of Swedish up-and-comers Bullet, whose boundless love to ’80s Heavy Metal led to the band’s founding a decade ago. The passionate metal quartet around vocalist Hell Hofer and guitarist Hampus Klang will be part of the big Nuclear Blast family from now on! With three successful albums — of which two could even get rank #3 in Swedish charts — and numerous tours, for example together with their fellow countrymen of HammerFall and Sabaton in 2009, the gunslingers were able to achieve a wide and solid fan base. And as for the future, Bullet still got quite a few hot bullets in the bull barrel!

Full of euphoria, the band comments their signing with Nuclear Blast as follows:

“Finally we have signed a deal with Nuclear Blast! We’ve always been a band with a lot of ideas and now it’s time to let them all loose.

“We think Nuclear Blast is the right label to help us out to make better records, cooler shows and more of everything that you’ve come to know as Bullet. We are really looking forward to releasing a new album on Nuclear Blast, because it is a great chance for us to reach new crowds and countries. Bullet will always be Bullet, hate it or love it. Now is the time to make it more powerful. STAY WILD!”

On the part of Nuclear Blast, the pleasure is great as well:

“We’re highly delighted to welcome Bullet at the Nuclear Blast family. The boys of Bullet aren’t only downright likeable and honest guys, they also live their music and embody the original spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Bullet are superb on their albums as well as live on stage and we’re noticing a constant development. Now we want to vault the ‘Highway Pirates’ into a higher division,” states Andy Siry, head of A&R.


*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-Two Fierce Worlds, Heavy Metal And Wrestling, Collide on Debut EP From Brute Forcz, KICK ASS HEAVY METAL

Wrestlers have used heavy metal as their “entrance into the ring” music for years by now, so it only seemed like a matter of time until these he-men actually picked up instruments and started laying down the metal themselves. And certainly one of the most formidable “wrestling metallists” to emerge is Brute Forcz.

Comprised of ex-wrestlers Jammer and Slammer (a pair of twins who handle vocals/bass and drums, respectively) and guitarist Will Wallner, the group formed in 2010, and a year later, have a debut EP ready to go, produced by Bob Kulick — KICK ASS HEAVY METAL.

“We had started our band shortly after high school,” explains Jammer. “That was disrupted when we got a golden opportunity to wrestle. After being a professional wrestling tag team for quite a few years, we decided to try acting, to branch into another entertainment field. We played our first gig in Tarzana, CA, on January 28th, 2010.”

The brash and rowdy song titles of the tracks on KICK ASS HEAVY METAL should give you a hint of what lies therein — “Live For Speed,” “Sex Machine,” “Leather N Chains,” and “Thrill Queen.” Musically, Brute Forcz manages to combine the sleaze rock of early W.A.S.P. with the speed and riffery of early Metallica and Motorhead into one potent metallic cocktail.

So far, Slammer and Jammer have built an impressive resume, whether it be wrestling (wrestling alongside Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Abdullah the Butcher, and winning first tag-team belts at Georgia All-Star Wrestling), acting (appearing in the upcoming Adam Sandler flick, “Jack And Jill”), or rocking (sharing the stage with the likes of W.A.S.P., Michael Schenker, and Joey Belladonna).

But laying down hard-hitting metal with Brute Forcz is at the top of Slammer and Jammer’s to-do list — confirmed once and for all when asked what are the band’s future plans. “To go as far as we can, to tour as much as possible, and to hit you with BRUTE FORCZ!”


*** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
-Jamie Mallender Has Become A Raven Lord Member On Bass Guitar!

Raven Lord have added Jamie Mallender to their ranks. Jamie is known for his work with the Tony Martin Band (ex- Black Sabbath) and has toured around the world. He is a recording artist and has plenty records under his belt. Jamie Mallender will be handling the bass guitar duties and completes Raven Lord’s lineup.

Discussing the latest addition to the ranks of Raven Lord vocalist Csaba Zvekan (Killing Machine, Sardonyx, Emergency) said: “The search is finally over and I’m proud to have Jamie in the band. We clicked right away and were on same page and I knew on the spot that this was our bass player. He is a very skilled player and what a great stage presence he has. We welcome Jamie Mallender to Raven Lord.”

On joining Raven Lord, Mallender had to say: “I’m thrilled to be part of this band. It’s very rare that any new metal music really excites me, you know — I’ve been around a while and I’ve heard it all before — but the recordings Raven Lord sent me really captivated me. I just thought, ‘I have to be part of this!’ Everything from the standard of the songwriting, to the caliber of the musicians involved is rather mindblowing. I’ve been listening to the recordings non-stop and I haven’t been this excited about laying down some bass for quite some time. I’m currently working on my parts and will be busy recording them by the time this statement is released. I’m looking forward to a very exciting future with this band. The world needs music like this!”

Raven Lord’s music has often been compared to bands like Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. Preliminary work on a new album has already begun, with various songs at different stages of completion. Two new demo songs “End Of World’ and “Saints & Sinners” can be heard at http://www.myspace.com/raven-lord . The band are in the process of securing a new record deal with a view to a release towards the end of this year. Details of live dates, including a tour in two continents with some high profile shows for the summer 2012, are expected to be announced soon.

Demo Songs:

“End Of The World”

“Saints & Sinners”

The complete Raven Lord lineup is:

Csaba Zvekan (Killing Machine, Sardonyx, Emergency) – Vocals
Stefan Lindholm (Vindictiv) – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Julian Barret (Tarja Turunen, Barilari, Lorihen) – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Jamie Mallender (Tony Martin Band) – Bass guitar
Alessandro Del Vecchio (Eden’s Curse, Edge Of Forever) – Keyboards
Tobias Flensburg – Drums

Axel Wiesenauer from Rock N Growl Promotion handles all matters as the general manager for Raven Lord. He can be reached at: promo [at] rockngrowl [dot] com

The band’s page on Rock N Growl Promotion can be reached here: http://www.rockngrowl.com/raven-lord


*** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
-Voyager Release Artwork And Track Listing For New Album

Perth, Australia-based progressive metal sorcerers, Voyager, this week release the confirmed artwork and track listing for their ambitious fourth full-length album, THE MEANING OF I. The bold cover art aptly fits the expansive concept album, which covers vast amounts of ’80s pop-infused, prog metal territory, encompasses nearly 53 minutes.

Check out the cover art and more at http://www.earsplitcompound.com/site/?p=3164 .

THE MEANING OF I Track Listing:

1. Momentary Relapse Of Pain
2. Stare Into The Night
3. Seize The Day
4. Broken
5. The Pensive Disarray
6. He Will Remain
7. The Meaning Of I
8. Iron Dream (In Memoriam: Peter Steele)
9. Feuer Meiner Zeit
10. Fire Of The Times
11. She Takes Me (Into The Morning Light)
12. It’s Time To Know
13. Are You Shaded?

Voyager’s peculiar and unique sound merges Amorphis’ thirst for melody, Soilwork’s heaviness and the crystal vocal clarity of A-Ha’s Morton Harket into a sound all their own. THE MEANING OF I is set for North American release October 11, 2011 via Sensory Records. But the album will be made available early to fans attending the band’s upcoming North American debut performances in September. Their first trip to the States will begin with a show in Brooklyn, New York, co-headlining the gig with label mates Creation’s End. That will be the warm-up gig for Voyager’s performance at ProgPower USA in Atlanta, Georgia the following week, where the band will share co-headline slots of the festival with Therion, Ihsahn, Sanctuary, Dream Evil, Labyrinth and more. Back home Voyager have also confirmed a record release show on October 15th, as well as five dates supporting Children Of Bodom across Australia!

Voyager’s Confirmed Live Performances:

9/11/2011 Matchless – Brooklyn, NY w/ Creation’s End, Suspyre
9/16/2011 ProgPower USA – Atlanta, GA ( http://www.progpowerusa.com/ )
10/15/2011 Amplifier – Perth, Western Australia (record release show)
11/06/2011 Capitol – Perth w/ Children Of Bodom
11/07/2011 HQ – Adelaide w/ Children Of Bodom
11/10/2011 The Palace, Melbourne w/ Children Of Bodom
11/12/2011 The Big Top – Sydney w/ Children Of Bodom
11/13/2011 The Arena – Brisbane w/ Children Of Bodom


*** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
-Napalm Records & Xandria Join Forces

Germany’s symphonic metal act Xandria and Napalm Records are proud to announce the worldwide signing of the female fronted five-piece to the Austrian-based record company. Xandria’s upcoming, fifth full-length studio album is scheduled to be released in early 2012. All of the previous studio albums prominently charted in the German Media Control album charts.

After the departure of former lead singer Lisa Middelhauve, Xandria took some time off to find the perfect replacement and is now happy to present the new voice of Xandria: Manuela Kraller. Manuela might be familiar to some due to her past cooperation with Haggard.

Marco Heubaum had this to say about Xandria’s new business partner: “We wanted to make sure that we’d have the best conditions to record the new album the way we want it. Furthermore, Napalm and Xandria shared the same ideas, objectives, and vision from the very beginning. We are extremely confident that Xandria and Napalm Records, with its expertise and impressive roster of artists, will make a great team!”

The band is currently spending time in the studio, recording the yet untitled new album. The international release is scheduled for early 2012. In the meantime, Xandria will also be part of the “Out Of The Dark Festival Tour” along with Van Canto, Tristania, Serenity, and Amberian Dawn, hitting European stages in early fall. The dates are available at http://xandria.de/ ! Intense international live activities and festival appearances are planned around the release of the new album in 2012. In addition, Xandria will perform at the Metal Female Voices Festival (Belgium) in October 2011!


*** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
-Graveyard: Album Out Now + Available As Stream!

Swedish Classic Rock preservers Graveyard have unleashed the re-release of their much sighed-for debut album GRAVEYARD.

When they signed to Nuclear Blast in early 2011, it was obvious, something big would happen. And so it did. The quartet led the charts of their home country and also entered the German media control charts on position #78. The following European headlining club tour was sold out in nearly every city — the shows were packed, sweaty and intense. Not to forget, all six(!) different vinyl editions of HISINGEN BLUES where sold out before they were even printed.

Seeing all that, the band as well as the label decided to re-issue their stunning and nowadays hard-to-find self-titled debut album which gained a lot of attention in the underground on its initial release back in 2007. The album contains all tracks of the original release also featuring the original sound to experience the true and pure essence of Graveyard — even a bit rawer than what you know from their current masterpiece HISINGEN BLUES. The only real changes that have been made is a completely new and stunning artwork which fits the music even better, for the first time ever the album will be available nearly everywhere and of course there will be really nice gatefold vinyl editions again. Go, give it a spin and re-discover Graveyard!

Delighted press commentaries reflect the magnificence of this pure ’70s homage perfectly:

“The songs captivate through a completely independent sound which has vaulted the band to the top of the seventies rock movement justifiably!” (Rock Hard Germany)

“The debut’s re-release is the perfect way to satisfy the addiction that Graveyard’s music causes” (Stormbringer.at)

“If you want good, down-to-earth ’70s rock of today — here you go!” (Metalnews.de)

Go and get your copy of GRAVEYARD this very day — purchasable at THIS location!


If you wanna take a listen in advance, click at THIS location!



*** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
-Frontiers Records To Release Issa – THE STORM

Genre: Melodic Rock
Format: Digi-pak
Catalogue Number : FR CD 529
Barcode: 8024391052921
Label: Frontiers Records
Euro Release date: October 14, 2011
USA Release date: October 18, 2011

Track listing: Looking For Love; Please Hold On; Take A Stand; Invincible; Two Hearts; Black Clouds; You’re Making Me; Gonna Stand By You; We’re On Fire; Too Late For Love; What Does It Take; The Storm. Includes bonus video clip: Looking For Love.

Issa, the Norwegian Rock Diva, is back with a blistering new album aptly titled THE STORM. Since her debut SIGN OF ANGELS, she has often been compared to such music stars as Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne and Amy Lee (Evanescene). That being said, Issa has created her own style and approach to Melodic Rock by mixing her peculiar and unique melodic sensibility with a rocking attitude which is unseen in today’s Pop singers.

Not metal and certainly not easy listening Pop, Issa’s music has everything and more to appeal to the vast masses: real rock with a commercial sheen.

Unlike the debut self-titled album, the new album shows has her taking a shot at songwriting and together with the Martin brothers (Vega, House Of Lords, Khymera, Sunstorm), she offers up tracks on the new album like “Invincible,” “We’re On Fire” and “The Storm,” the album’s title track. Contributions also come from Robert Sall (Work Of Art), Randy Goodrum (Steve Lukather, Toto, Steve Perry), Daniel Palmqvist, Johannes Stole (XorigiN), Daniel Flores, Sören Kronqvist (Crash The System, Sunstorm), Chris Laney, Magnus Karlsson (Place Vendome) and more!

Produced by Daniel Flores, THE STORM shows that Issa is a solid Rock Music star and a true uprising Rock diva, who is set to alight hearts and minds of Melodic Rock fans for the years to come!

Issa (Isabell Oversveen) – Lead vocals
Guitars – David Sivelind
Bass – Johnny Trobro, Daniel Flores, David Sivelind
Drums and keyboards – Daniel Flores

Guitar solos: David Sivelind (“The Storm”), Robert Säll (“Looking For Love”), Christian Wolff (“Too Late For Love” / “We’re On Fire”), Mats Lindfors (“Take A Stand”), Christopher Vetter (“Black Clouds” / “You’re Are Making Me”), Gabriel Forsman (“Gonna Stand By You”), Daniel Palmquist (“Two Hearts”).

Produced by Daniel Flores


*** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
-Intonation-Network.com: Become A Featured Member!

Launched earlier this year by Unearth guitarist Ken Susi and his brother Paul, Intonation-Network — http://www.intonation-network.com — is a free, user-friendly, location-based social networking site that allows musicians and music industry professionals to connect and collaborate online.

The Intonation-Network allows musicians to showcase their music, promote events, conduct online auditions, find local teachers and/or musicians with whom to collaborate, consolidate all your multimedia from other social networking sites and even video chat with other musicians from around the world!

The site is now hosting a special featured members/band section to the site. Prominently display your talents on the Intonation-Network home page for all to see! Becoming a featured member is easy: simply attract users to your profile page and watch you or your band rise to the top of the list. To learn more about this feature, visit the Intonation-Network home page and click: “How do I become a featured member?”

As previously reported, there’s a new FREE mobile app for Android phones available here:


For more information about Intonation-Network, visit: http://www.intonation-network.com/ .

Facebook users, point your browser here:


*** PRESS RELEASE #14 ***
-Wayne Static Embarks On Fall Trek

Special Guests: Eye Empire – Kyng – One Eyed Doll – Gemini Syndrome

PIGHAMMER To Be Released October 4th On Dirthouse Records

HOLLYWOOD, CA — Wayne Static will embark on a string of dates this fall in support of his first solo album, PIGHAMMER, releasing October 4th, on Dirthouse Records. Static will be accompanied by special guests Eye Empire, Kyng, One Eyed Doll and Gemini Syndrome.

Static will play select tracks off the new album and a barrage of classic Static-X giving fans the hard driving metal they crave. “I can’t wait to get on stage again,” exclaims Static. It’s been far too long! I know everyone is curious as to what the new show will be like… and it’s going to be even a bigger party than before with some fun surprises. I have an awesome new touring band that includes some of the best players in L.A. We’ll be doing plenty of shots on stage, playing some new songs off PIGHAMMER, and of course playing a ton of classic Static-X songs. Let the Evil Disco party begin!”

PIGHAMMER has a disarming raw quality of heavy driving guitar riffs and lyrics that will take hold of your bowels and into the mind of Static’s dark past and warped mind. This is blatant as the first single “Assassins Of Youth,” was inspired by Wayne Static’s last days of drugs and partying. “I wrote this song while living in a hotel room, listening to Pink Floyd, drinking Crown and doing whippits,” explains Static. “I started the song in that condition but never finished it until years later after dumping off the drugs. Now the song has a whole new meaning from when I started it.” “Assassins Of Youth” is an old-school term for drugs. The first verse is about doing drugs, the chorus is going dry and the second chorus is about getting off and no longer being slave to the drugs.

With Static’s transformation, his mind has creatively twisted to a side that he has waited to unleash! “The PIGHAMMER concept conjures up bizarre images,” Static explains. “It’s about a mad plastic surgeon, with a pig fetish, that likes to convert hot chicks into pigs. It is the total opposite if what a plastic surgeon would do. He has this crazy hammer device made from a pig foot. The images of the surgery in the CD package are only a dark comedic visualization of the real theme of the album, which is my transformation…”

PIGHAMMER is the bastard child of Wayne Static’s transformation after a 12-year journey of metal annihilation. “It’s hard to believe that it’s 12 years since the release of WISCONSIN DEATH TRIP, and now my warped musical lunacy will take me down a new path of metal destruction. I’m looking forward to seeing you all on the upcoming fall tour.”

WAYNE STATIC TOUR (More Dates To Be Announced Soon):

Tue 27 Sep – Sacramento CA – Ace of Spades
Wed 28 Sep – Portland OR – El Corazone
Thu 29 Sep – Boise ID – Knitting Factory
Fri 30 Sep – Spokane WA – Knitting Factory
Sat 01 Oct – Seattle WA – Studio 7
Mon 03 Oct – Billings MT – Mannys
Tue 04 Oct – Colorado Springs CO – Black Sheep
Thu 06 Oct – Lubbock TX – Wreckers
Fri 07 Oct – El Paso TX – Trickey Falls
Sat 08 Oct – Albuquerque NM – Sunshine Theater
Sun 09 Oct – Tempe AZ – Marquee
Mon 10 Oct – Los Angeles CA – The Key Club

For more information go to http://www.facebook.com/waynestatic or http://www.waynestatic.com/ .

*** PRESS RELEASE #15 ***
-Alaric Announce Album Artwork And Details; Band Schedules Oakland Record Release Show

The details for the upcoming debut LP from Alaric have been officially released. Set to hit the streets on October 11, 2011 via 20 Buck Spin, the record boasts over 45 minutes of morose but infectious and wholly energizing Gothic/Anarcho-inspired mid-tempo punk, and will ultimately and undoubtedly be one of the most important dark punk albums of the year. The cover art for the album was handled by band friend Judd Hawk of Laudanum ( http://www.ironhawkstudios.com/ ). Check out the cover art and more at http://www.earsplitcompound.com/site/?p=3155 .

ALARIC Track Listing:

1. Eyes
2. Ugly Crowds
3. Your God
4. Alone
5. Tribute
6. Laughter Of The Crows
7. Animal
8. Shadows Of Life

The band has also just confirmed a record release show in their hometown of Oakland, California on Friday, October 28th. This is the first of many new Alaric shows to be announced over the coming months.

Alaric Live:

10/28/2011 First Church Of The Buzzard – Oakland, CA w/ Nezzy Idy, Hollow Mirrors, Young Lions

Featuring former and current members of Noothgrush, Enemies, Cross Stitched Eyes, Dead & Gone, UK Subs and more, Alaric perpetuate classic ’80s dark post-punk elements, with influence from Killing Joke, Rudimentary Peni, Christian Death, Joy Division, and Amebix showing through. The immediately infectious songs and revamped classic/retro nature of the album sets Alaric’s sound apart from any other contemporary act under the banner of punk rock.


*** PRESS RELEASE #16 ***
-“Fortress Europe (The Big Shiny Prison Vol. II)” By Ryan Bartek

After 78 days of backpacking Europe & investigating every subculture possible, I have just returned to the USA with nearly 100 hours of interviews for my new book “Fortress Europe (The Big Shiny Prison Vol. II).” It was a grueling adventure — London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Milan, Venice, Ljubljana, Bologna & Brussels…

Everyone that participated gave face-to-face interviews, and I can now proudly unveil some of the many names who will appear in the book: Laibach, Wolfbrigade, Rotting Christ, Killing Joke, Funeral Winds, Enochian Crescent, Moonsorrow, Fondlecorpse, Defeated Sanity, First Blood, Hello Bastards, Armed Response Unit, Panthiest, Abortion, Deranged, Beherit, Dehuman, General Surgery, Grind The Enemy, Dickless Tracy, Birdflesh, Excavated, Feastem, Hate, Fides Inversa, Arkangel, Repulsione, Flowers Of Flesh And Blood, Knuckledust, Chiens, Vanguard, Pyramido, Fen, Black Breath, Ingurgitating Oblivion, Dis, El Schlong, Brian Jonestown Massacre, & legendary Detroit writer/’60s radical Mr. John Sinclair…

“Fortress Europe” will also feature a bonus section called “Uncharted Territory” packed with interviews from various bands/artists/freaks I was unable to meet on the road but were very enthusiastic about the project. This list is quite fantastic as well & will be announced in due.

Once “Fortress Europe” is complete, it will be launched online as a FREE PDF DOWNLOAD. Also to be re-released for free online will be a revised version of its predecessor “The Big Shiny Prison” with new cover art. The goal is to print physical copies of both books in the future for anyone that wishes to order the real thing. However, both books will remain free downloads online as e-books.

To promote the upcoming book, I will be hosting a series of online radio shows in the near future in which I will be playing a number of songs from bands appearing in “Fortress Europe.” The program (still TBA) will run on Portland Oregon Tunes & More Radio on http://www.locallivemedia.com/ — Also of note is “The Mad Coyote Radio Show” hosted by Justin James Bridges on the same web-channel. I will be an infrequent guest over the next few months. “The Mad Coyote Radio Show” broadcasts out of the legendary Alamo Squat (a.k.a. Stockberger Manor) in Portland, Oregon and can be heard live on Mondays from 6-8 p.m. and Wednesdays 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. (PST).

I was also recently featured in the new book “For Those About To Cook” by Bruce Moore. Recently released by Safkhet Publishing, this book is a compilation of recipes from a range of famed metal personas — and I get to unleash upon the world my notorious “Alaskan Thunderf**k” surf n’ turf. Just look for the Sasquatch Agnostic section (my grindcore band). Also featured are members of Dark Tranquility, Guns N’ Roses, Korpiklaani & Sabaton. For more info visit: http://www.safkhetpublishing.com/

While in Germany I was interviewed by Berlin Metal TV. It’s a pretty amusing clip in which I get to spit some much needed venom about Fukushima & what struggling bands really need to do to incur action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YemG-3xh4ME

And as always, my entire discography/book collection is available for free download. Get a straight-shot overdose of A.KA.A Mabus, Sasquatch Agnostic & Jack Cassasy here: http://ryanbartek.blogspot.com/

…afscheid, lebewohl, zbogom & revoir…

— Dr. Ryan Bartek –


*** PRESS RELEASE #17 ***
-Untimely Demise Worldwide Re-Release Date Approaches

Saskatchewan-based thrash unit Untimely Demise is preparing for the re-release of their debut full-length, CITY OF STEEL. The hard working trio initially self-released the album late last year, but after hearing the band’s powerful anthems, Sonic Unyon Metal signed the young outfit for a multi-album deal early this Summer, and will officially re-release CITY OF STEEL in North America on September 13th, with European release dates to be announced shortly.

Untimely Demise are also hard at work booking local and regional shows as heavily as possible, and are exploring tour options for the months ahead. Expect to see the band touring the United States and beyond, heavily, well into next year in support of CITY OF STEEL.

Confirmed Untimely Demise live actions:

9/09/2011 The Fez On Broadway – Saskatoon, SK w/ DFA, Alphakill, Cease And Desist
10/07/2011 The Zoo – Winnipeg, MB w/ Alphakill, more TBA
10/29/2011 Hard Luck Bar – Toronto, ON @ Bloodbucket Metalfest
11/03/2011 Bar Le Trash – St. Hyacinthe, QC
11/04/2011 Scanner Bistro – Quebec City, QB

Formed in 2006, Untimely Demise continually draw comparisons to some of the most respected acts in their genre, including Megadeth, Arch Enemy and Death. The battle-tested group continues to work with the finest acts in metal, playing numerous shows with 3 Inches Of Blood, Into Eternity, Toxic Holocaust, Evile, Gama Bomb and Bonded By Blood.

“Untimely Demise have pulled off the impressive trick of making their complex music sound easy.” – Metal Hammer UK

“… these guys are diehard enthusiasts with impeccable agility.” – Exclaim! Magazine

“Saskatoon’s Untimely Demise are destined to be the next to take their name global.” – Absolute Underground


*** PRESS RELEASE #18 ***
-Hull: New Track Premiere Brought To You By Pitchfork

Pitchfork is currently streaming “Beyond The Lightless Sky,” the title track off Hull’s upcoming new full-length, set for release on October 11, 2011 via The End Records. The follow-up to the band’s critically-acclaimed SOLE LORD debut was co-produced by Brett Romnes and mixed by Billy Anderson (Sleep, Neurosis, Melvins, et al).

Check out “Beyond The Lightless Sky” here:


Hailing from the streets of Brooklyn, New York, Hull has yet again emerged with a creation to outlive the ages with latest saga, BEYOND THE LIGHTLESS SKY. Digging further into the past, the Mayan epic takes the listener through a division of two brothers and the struggles that they are faced with. One finds salvation amongst the stars and the wisdom of a stranger, while the other is mesmerized with the bloodthirsty belief of sacrifice and self mutilation. In silence lies a realm that exists outside the plane of fear.

Known to behold vast sound expanses, Hull maximizes harmony and tone within one monstrous palate. Upon your brow, focus, as a furious whip of intermingling guitars propel you through the atmosphere as a low pulse resonates through your entire being while the pounding drums blanket all chasms of reality.

BEYOND THE LIGHTLESS SKY features guest appearances by vocalist Jarboe, keys/ambiance by Fade Kainer (Batillus/Jarboe/Inswarm ) and cello by Joe Merolla with artwork by Tamara Waite-Santibanez ( http://nogutsandnoglory.blogspot.com ). Pre-order BEYOND THE LIGHTLESS SKY here:


“Headbanging, growling, deliciously downtuned stoner metal. Hull’s three guitar attack achieves maximum sludgery, bashing your skull into the wall with a sledgehammer and smearing your brains across the floor.” — MetalSucks

“Hull are well-educated in the school of metal, proving themselves to be as equally adept at Melvins-derived abstract, skull-crushing sludge as they are at proggy-guitar workouts or spiraling thrash-cum-punk riffs…” — The Skinny


*** PRESS RELEASE #19 ***
-East Of The Wall: New Track Released, American Tour On The Rise

Exploratory New Jersey-born prog-metal peddlers East Of The Wall are preparing to drop their third full-length slab of methodologically unique output, THE APOLOGIST, this Autumn. Longtime followers of this act, and the numerous related current or previous acts leading up to this recording — including but definitely not limited to The Postman Syndrome, Day Without Dawn, El Drugstore, Argonauts — have been awaiting this release for some time.

In preparation of the forthcoming tech-fusion upheaval of THE APOLOGIST, longtime East Of The Wall supporters MetalSucks have graciously hosted the public’s first listen to the band’s latest output, in the form of the eleventh track from the album, “Whiskey Sipper” [although both MetalSucks and Earsplit know we do more than “sip” whiskey when the band play in around here].

Tune in to survey the new EOTW terrain here:


THE APOLOGIST was recorded earlier this year by Andrew Schneider at Translator Audio in Brooklyn (Cave In, Pelican, Keelhaul, Unsane, Rosetta), and boasts 47 minutes of East Of The Wall’s aggressive and angular metallic assault at its most cohesive to date. This week the band have let loose the final artwork and track listing for the release’s multiple incarnations, with a confirmed street date of October 25th, both for the CD/digital release via Translation Loss, and for the double 12″ vinyl release licensed to Antithetic Records, available in three different color variations. The CD is available for preorder here and the LP here:


East Of The Wall will beat the country senseless with their engaging live prowess for over a month in support of the album right in time for its official street date in late October. In longstanding tradition, the band are booking this venture themselves, and in many cases they are unable to announce several of the shows and are also still looking to lock down a few shows along the route. Anybody interested in booking the outfit on the designated shows please contact EOTW directly at: band[@]eastofthewall.com.

East Of The Wall Confirmed Tour Dates:

10/21/2011 The Saint – Asbury Park, NJ [record release] w/ Abacinate, The Ghost In Black And White
10/22/2011 TBA – Brooklyn, NY [record release] w/ Dysrhythmia, Meek Is Murder
10/24/2011 Vintage Vinyl – Fords, NJ [record release]
10/25/2011 Gooski’s – Pittsburg, PA w/ Tidal Arms
10/26/2011 Annabell’s Bar & Lounge – Akron, OH w/ Tidal Arms
10/27/2011 ***Booking help needed*** Indianapolis/Fort Wayne, IN w/ Tidal Arms
10/28/2011 ***Booking help needed*** Chicago, IL w/ Tidal Arms
10/29/2011 ***Booking help needed*** Iowa City, IA or Milwaukee, WI w/ Iron Thrones
10/30/2011 TBA – Minneapolis, MN w/ Iron Thrones
10/31/2011 The New Direction – Fargo, ND w/ Iron Thrones
11/01/2011 ***Booking help needed*** Sioux Falls, SD
11/02/2011 The Bourbon Theater – Lincoln, NE w/ Masses
11/03/2011 Old Curtis Street Bar – Denver, CO w/ Goes Cube, Adai, Iron Horse
11/04/2011 TBA – Rock Springs, WY w/ Goes Cube
11/05/2011 Burt’s Tiki Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT w/ Goes Cube, I Am The Ocean
11/06/2011 Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor – Reno, NV w/ Goes Cube
11/07/2011 ***Booking help needed*** San Francisco, CA w/ Goes Cube
11/08/2011 Coconuts – Capistrano Beach, CA w/ Black Sheep Wall, White Arms Of Athena
11/09/2011 Vacation Vinyl – Los Angeles, CA (early show)
11/09/2011 Three Clubs – Los Angeles, CA w/ Black Sheep Wall, White Arms Of Athena
11/10/2011 TBA – Phoenix, AZ w/ White Arms Of Athena
11/11/2011 ***Booking help needed*** Albuquerque/Santa Fe, NM w/ White Arms Of Athena
11/12/2011 ***Booking help needed*** Amarillo/Lubbock, TX w/ White Arms Of Athena
11/13/2011 The Door – Dallas, TX w/ White Arms Of Athena
11/14/2011 TBA – Little Rock, AR w/ White Arms Of Athena
11/15/2011 TBA – Hattiesburg, MS w/ White Arms Of Athena
11/16/2011 ***Booking help needed*** New Orleans/Pensacola/Birmingham
11/17/2011 The Farside – Tallahasse, FL w/ Dickicker
11/18/2011 Cool Hand Luc’s – Fort Myers, FL w/ Dickicker
11/19/2011 ***Booking help needed*** Orlando/Gainesville/Lakeland/Jacksonville w/ Dickicker
11/20/2011 Club 2 Ten – Savannah, GA w/ Meek Is Murder, Howler, Indian Giver
11/21/2011 The Milestone – Charlotte, NC w/ Meek Is Murder, Mr. Invisible
11/22/2011 TBA – Richmond, VA w/ Meek Is Murder

THE APOLOGIST Track Listing:
1. Naif
2. Linear Failure
3. My Favorite Society Guy
4. False Build
5. Precious Memories
6. The Apologist
7. Running Tab Of Sweetness
8. Horseback Riding In A Bicycle
9. A Functional Tumor
10. Nurser Of Small Hurts
11. Whiskey Sipper
12. Underachiever


by Tim Wadzinski (tsw512@yahoo.com)

-Interview w/ Bill Leverty (FireHouse)
August 17, 2011

I spoke briefly with FireHouse guitarist Bill Leverty last week, about a variety of topics. It all started with my email query asking for clarification on a couple of items I’d read, and ended with him giving me a call to chat a bit more at length. Very cool!

He’s got two new solo singles out now, covers of Little Feat’s “Spanish Moon” (from 1974’s FEATS DON’T FAIL ME NOW) and Stevie Wonder’s “Jesus Children Of America” (from 1973’S INNERVISIONS). The latter features bassist Keith Horne (Peter Frampton, Tricia Yearwood) and drummer Andre LaBelle (Vinnie Vincent), and the trio gelled so well that Horne and LaBelle have gone back and re-recorded the rhythm section parts for “Spanish Moon” and Leverty’s other recent solo cover songs/singles: “Fire” by The Ohio Players, “One” by Harry Nilsson and popularized by Three Dog Night, and “I Just Want To Celebrate” by Rare Earth. Leverty admitted he’s building towards eventually releasing 10 or so covers as his next solo album, and he’s selecting tracks that weren’t necessarily huge radio hits, but are relatively well-known and special to him for various reasons. In particular, he said he felt “Spanish Moon” — a track about coming to town and finding a bar called the Spanish Moon that’s full of all manner of shady characters and substances — was the best song ever written by Little Feat’s Lowell George, and he wanted this new version to stay true to George’s vision but with the guitars brought up a little. All the solo singles are available through iTunes, Amazon MP3, and CD Baby.

He also recently contributed guitar parts and harmony vocals to “Three Days On The Mountain (Song For Marty),” a song written by his brother Taylor Leverty for a friend who lost his battle with cancer. This track is also available digitally and proceeds are being donated to in the name of Marty Argabright to Camp Comfort Zone, a “grief camp for children who have lost a parent or sibling.”

FireHouse’s latest, FULL CIRCLE, has been out for a few months and features re-recordings of the band’s past hits: “Overnight Sensation,” “Shake And Tumble,” “Hold The Dream,” “All She Wrote,” “Love Of A Lifetime,” “Don’t Treat Me Bad,” “Reach For The Sky,” “When I Look Into Your Eyes,” “You Are My Religion,” “I Live My Life For You,” “Christmas With You.” The disc is available directly from FireHouse’s website and at shows.

The band is set to participate in the Monsters Of Rock Cruise next February 25-28 that hits Ft. Lauderdale, the Bahamas, and Key West. (The lineup also includes Cinderella, Tesla, Kix, Stryper, Y&T, Lynch Mob, Black ‘N Blue, Bang Tango, Faster Pussycat, Keel, XYZ, John Corabi, and Eric Martin.) Leverty said he’s very much looking forward to the opportunity to meet and talk with fans for longer than he’s normally able at “regular” FireHouse shows.

Finally, while scanning the tracks streaming on Leverty’s Reverb Nation page, among the stuff from his solo albums WANDERLUST (2004), SOUTHERN EXPOSURE (2007), and DEEP SOUTH (2009), I noticed a trio of titles I didn’t recognize: “Electro Shred,” “Heap Of Trouble,” and “Lead Foot.” Based on the titles alone I wondered if these were older tracks, or perhaps tunes that might end up on some future shred-tastic solo album. Nope — turns out they are short instrumental pieces Leverty recorded as a “demo reel” for possible inclusion in TV commercials, jingles, etc. Check ’em out.

Relevant links:


Bill Leverty

Monsters Of Rock Cruise

-About Heavy Metal’s “Best Heavy Metal Albums Of The 1980s” list is available at http://glclk.about.com/?zi=1/DWGq .

-Alestorm hits the road this week to promote BACK THROUGH TIME (Napalm Records), mostly supporting Kamelot but with a few headlining shows mixed in, as well as a one-off in Mexico with Overkill and D.R.I.:

8/25 – The Casbah, Charlotte, NC (headlining)
8/26 – The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
8/27 – Jaxx, Springfield, VA
8/28 – The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA
8/29 – Broadway Joe’s, Buffalo, NY (headlining)
8/30 – Gramercy Theatre, New York, NY
8/31 – The Palladium, Worcester, MA
9/1 – Maverick’s, Ottawa, ON (headlining)
9/2 – Club Soda, Montreal, QC
9/3 – Imperial De Quebec, Quebec City, QC
9/4 – Mod Club, Toronto, ON
9/5 – Mod Club, London, ON (headlining)
9/6 – Peabody’s, Cleveland, OH
9/7 – Blondie’s, Detroit, MI
9/8 – Bottom Lounge, Chicago, IL
9/9 – Station 4, St. Paul, MN
9/12 – El Corazon, Seattle, WA
9/13 – Peter’s Room, Portland, OR
9/14 – Slim’s, San Francisco, CA
9/15 – House Of Blues, Hollywood, CA
9/16 – Clubhouse, Tempe, AZ
9/17 – Ciro Volador, Mexico City, MX (w/ Overkill & D.R.I.)
9/19 – The Marquee, Tulsa, OK (headlining)
9/20 – Trees, Dallas, TX
9/21 – Scout Bar, Houston, TX
9/23 – Firestone Club, Orlando, FL
9/24 – Brass Mug, Tampa, FL (headlining)

See http://www.alestorm.net/ , http://www.myspace.com/alestorm , and http://www.napalmrecords.com/ for more.

-Canada’s All Else Fails released THE ORACLE, WHAT WAS, IS AND COULD HAVE BEEN through Suicidal Bride Records. Track list: “Overture,” “This World In Flames,” “Twilight Of Mankind,” “Fallen,” “The House At The End of The World,” “Monster Eats The Pilot,” “The Oracle,” “Rebirth,” “Sludge Factory,” “Obsidian Walls,” “This World In Flames” (acoustic), “Robots!!! KOLTG.” Check out studio webisodes at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z40X8ATmJFs , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrKV8JH-r8o , and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yGFw90IKCI , and a stream of the album at http://thenewreview.net/all-access/album-stream-all-else-fails-the-oracle-what-was-is-and-could-have-been . See http://www.facebook.com/AllElseFailsCanada and http://www.myspace.com/allelsefailscanada for more.

-HeadbangerNYC.com reported Anthrax will play the Best Buy Theater in New York City on September 12 under the name Satan’s Lounge Band. See http://www.anthrax.com/ for more.

-Armonight is finishing up a UK tour this week:

8/25 – The Roadhouse, Birmingham, UK
8/26 – The Patriot, Crumlin, UK
8/27 – Hobos, Bridgend, Wales, UK
8/28 – Winds Festival, Port Talbot, Wales, UK

See http://www.armonight.com/ for more.

-Sebastian Bach’s new single “Kicking & Screaming” is out this week, and there are new interviews with Loudwire at http://loudwire.com/sebastian-bach-interview-rock-til-the-day-he-dies/ and The Aquarian at http://www.theaquarian.com/2011/08/20/interview-with-sebastian-bach-return-to-the-fray/ . See http://www.sebastianbach.com/ for more.

-Bolero — a.k.a. “the symphonic Celtic death metallers of Toronto, Ontario” — has a new video for “Pints Held High” online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlaCcVvVfVY . The track is from VOYAGE FROM VINLAND. See http://www.myspace.com/bolerometal and http://www.facebook.com/pages/BOLERO-OFFICIAL/35972167012 for more.

-Check out a video interview with Brute Forcz at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDqHDHCPY0A . See http://www.myspace.com/bruteforcz , http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/BRUTE-FORCZ/127211873983429 , and http://www.reverbnation.com/bruteforcz for more.

-Ace Frehley has added new tour dates; the updated list is:

8/27 – DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI (w/ Alice Cooper)
10/14 – 10/16 – signing appearance @ Rock And Shock Convention, Worcester, MA
10/25 – 10/26 – B.B. King’s, New York, NY
10/29 – Crazy Donkey, Farmingdale, NY
11/13 – Oneida Casino, Green Bay, WI
12/1 – Coal Exchange, Cardiff, Wales
12/3 – Hard Rock Hell Festival, Pontins Prestatyn, North Wales
12/4 – Islington Academy, London, England

See http://www.rockandshock.com/ for more on the Rock And Shock Convention and http://www.hardrockhell.com/ for more on the Hard Rock Hell Festival. For more on Ace, see http://www.acefrehley.com/ , http://www.myspace.com/acefrehley , http://www.reverbnation.com/acefrehley , http://www.facebook.com/officialacefrehley , and http://twitter.com/Ace_Frehley .

-Toby Hitchcock (Pride Of Lions) has MERCURY’S DOWN out now on Frontiers Records. Hype: “Often compared to Bobby Kimball (Toto), Jimi Jamison (Survivor) or Lou Gramm (Foreigner), Hitchcock’s voice has the depth, the feeling and the extension of each of them, still keeping his own identity and trademark.” On MERCURY’S DOWN Hitchcock teamed up with Swedish songwriter/producer Erik Martensson (Eclipse), who produced the album and played all the instruments. Track list: “This Is The Moment,” “Strong Enough,” “How To Stop,” “Let Go,” “One Day I’ll Stop Loving You,” “I Should Have Said,” “If It’s To Be (It’s Up To Me),” “Just Say Goodbye,” “Summer Nights In Cabo,” “Tear Down The Barricades,” “A Different Drum,” “Mercury’s Down,” “This Is The Moment” (video). Check out clips of all 12 tracks and the “This Is The Moment” video at http://musicbuymail.eu/index.php?i=34502 , and view the album’s EPK at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wp5p45t735A . See http://www.facebook.com/people/Toby-Hitchcock/507476651 for more.

-Check out a “Retro Recommendation” feature on In Flames’ LUNAR STRAIN at http://glclk.about.com/?zi=1/DWGs .

-The Iron Maidens’ singer, Kirsten “Bruce Chickinson” Rosenberg, will appear at the Montreal Metal Gatherings in Montreal, Canada on November 19. The band’s upcoming live dates:

8/27 – The Lotus Hall, Reseda, CA (all ages)
9/10 – Malones, Santa Ana, CA
9/17 – Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet, Santa Fe Springs, CA (all ages)
10/6 – Paladino’s, Tarzana, CA (10-year anniversary show)
10/15 – Pala Resort & Casino, Temecula, CA (free show)

See http://www.theironmaidens.com/ , http://www.facebook.com/TheIronMaidensOfficial , and http://www.myspace.com/theironmaidens for more.

-Karma To Burn tour dates supporting V (Napalm Records):

8/25 – Blue Lounge, Wichita, KS
8/26 – Jake’s Downtown Lounge, Tulsa, OK
8/27 – Slammin’ Salmon, Lafayette, LA
8/28 – Siberia, New Orleans, LA
8/30 – Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte, NC
8/31 – Star Bar, Atlanta, GA
9/1 – One Stop Deli / Music Hall, Asheville, NC
9/2 – Shamrock’s, Huntington, WV
9/3 – The Green Lantern, Huntington, WV
9/4 – 123 Pleasant Street, Morgantown, WV
9/5 – Krug’s Place, Frederick, MD
9/6 – The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ
9/7 – Great Scott, Allston, MA
9/8 – St. Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, NY
9/9 – The Outpost, Kent, OH
9/10 – Sound Factory, Charleston, WV
9/21 – Rock And Roll Hotel, Washington, DC
9/22 – Jewish Mother, Virginia Beach, VA
9/24 – Evil Robotothon @ Mad Hatter, Covington, KY
9/26 – Frankies Inner City, Toledo, OH

See http://www.k2b.com/ for more.

-Kiss’ next album, MONSTER, will be produced by Paul Stanley and is due out next year. The band is currently working in Los Angeles and no outside songwriters are involved. The album will be followed by a “massive 2012-2013 MONSTER world tour.’ See http://www.kissonline.com/ for more.

-Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Bloodiest, Circle Of Animals, Led Zeppelin 2) hits the road with Man’s Gin as follows:

9/2 – The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL (free show with RSVP @ http://emptybottle.com/calendar.php )
9/3 – Kobo, Columbus, OH
9/4 – Now That’s Class, Cleveland, OH
9/5 – Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA
9/6 – St. Vitus, Brooklyn, NY (w/ The Body)

Check out a full show filmed live in Moscow at http://www.earsplitcompound.com/site/?p=3174 . See http://www.myspace.com/brucelamont for more.

-HeadbangerNYC.com reported the second Metal Masters Clinic is set for September 12 at the Best Buy Theater in New York City. Musicians set to appear include guitarist Kerry King (Slayer), bassists Frankie Bello (Anthrax) and David Ellefson (Megadeth), and drummers Charlie Benante (Anthrax) and Mike Portnoy (Adrenaline Mob, ex-Dream Theater). Info: “Sponsored by Samson, Hartke, Zoomand Best Buy Music Gear, this clinic is free of charge and will begin at 5:00 p.m. Wristbands will be available on a first-come-first-served basis on the day of the clinic only, outside the Best Buy Theater, located at 1515 Broadway, West 44th Street. A minimum of 500 wristbands, with a limit of one per person, will be given out. So, all attending should get in line early for a chance to witness these masters of metal in action.”

-The Napalm Records App — “The perfect dose of Napalm on-the-go!” — is now available for both iPhone and Android phones:



See http://www.napalmrecords.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/napalmrecords for more.

-There’s a new interview with Night Ranger’s Brad Gillis and Joel Hoekstra at http://www.backstageaxxess.com/index.php/interviews/685-brad-gillis-joel-hoekstra-interview-backstageaxxess-2011 .

-Check out Pegazus’ new video for “Haunting Me” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnMGuIzHHvk . See http://www.pegazusofficial.com/ for more.

-There’s a new audio interview with Doro Pesch at http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16664832 . Check it out to hear her converse with DJ Skully from Skull Records Radio. See http://www.doro.de/ for more.

-A new trailer for Pro-Pain’s CD/DVD 20 YEARS OF HARDCORE, due out August 30 in North America, is online at http://www.earsplitcompound.com/site/?p=3176 . See http://www.pro-pain.com/ and http://www.myspace.com/propainspace for more.

-Scythia’s second behind-the-scenes video from the band’s recent Western Canadian Summer Siege Tour is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pl-Qu-beKHQ . See ScythiaFolkMetal.com for more.

-There’s a new interview with Seven Witches main man Jack Frost at

-Check out Wayne Static’s new single “Assassins Of Youth” at http://soundcloud.com/madmacent/sets/wayne-static-assassins-of .

-Symphony X will tour Europe this fall with Pagan’s Mind (Norway) and DGM (Italy), in support of ICONOCLAST:

9/28 – Knust, Hamburg, Germany
9/29 – Zeche, Bochum, Germany
9/30 – Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
10/1 – SJ Sjiva, Baarlo, The Netherlands
10/2 – Columbia-Club, Berlin, Germany
10/4 – Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany
10/5 – Backstage, München, Germany
10/7 – Live Club, Milano, Italy
10/8 – Velvet, Rimini, Italy
10/9 – Alpheus, Rome, Italy
10/12 – Salamandra, Barcelona, Spain
10/13 – Sala Penelope, Madrid, Spain
10/14 – Incrivel Almadense, Lissabon, Portugal
10/15 – Hard Club, Porto, Portugal
10/16 – Capitol, Santiago De Compostela, Spain
10/18 – Theatre Barbey, Bordeaux, France
10/19 – Kinkasi Kao, Lyon, France
10/20 – Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
10/21 – Pont Rouge, Monthey, Switzerland
10/23 – Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium
10/25 – Academy 3, Manchester, UK
10/26 – Islington 2 Academy, London, UK
10/28 – Gagarin 205, Athens, Greece

See http://www.symphonyx.com/ for more.

-Voodoo Highway’s new video for “Running Around,” from the debut album BROKEN UNCLE’S INN, is online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGLP7VsA8Tc . The video comes with a disclaimer: “Voodoo Highway, that as always take to raise awareness that things in life should not be taken too seriously, apologize in advance to anyone suffering from epilepsy, seasickness, or do not like things too colorful.” See http://www.facebook.com/pages/VOODOO-HIGHWAY/107889722591097 , http://www.myspace.com/voodoohighway , and http://www.youtube.com/TheVoodooHighway for more.

-The organizers of the 2012 Wacken Open Air have already announced several acts: The Scorpions, with their last-ever open air show in Germany; Ministry, performing a “best of” set; HammerFall, performing an anniversary show; U.D.O., performing a birthday and anniversary show; and Amon Amarth, Gamma Ray, Cradle Of Filth, Axel Rudi Pell, Forbidden, Six Feet Under, and Endstille. Tickets are available through Metaltix.com. See http://www.wacken.com/ for more.

-XorigiN — formerly Orange Crush; consisting of Johannes Stole on vocals and keyboards and Daniel Palmqvist on guitar — has STATE OF THE ART out now on Frontiers Records. Hype: “Musically they draw on influences such as Giant, Toto, Foreigner and Yes to name a few, but still keeping their own personal sound and musical identity intact. Strong melodies, well crafted songs and catchy vocal arrangements are their trademark.” Check out the album’s trailer at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aky9Ui9tJew . See http://www.facebook.com/pages/XorigiN/172509819480303 and http://www.myspace.com/xorigin for more.

Thanks to Jon Asher, Chipster PR, Nathan Birk, Chad Bowar, Metaltix, Dave Brenner, Nicky Baldrian, Nancy B. Sayle, Axel Wiesenauer, and MusicBuyMail for help gathering some of this information.

*** REVIEWS ***
14 tracks, RT: 58:54
[ http://www.jamesbyrd.com/ ]
[ http://www.myspace.com/guitaristjamesbyrd ]
[ http://www.facebook.com/officialjamesbyrd ]
[ http://www.lionmusic.com/cd/beyondthepillars.htm ]
[ http://www.lionmusic.com/ ]
I remember the first time I heard Fifth Angel’s excellent 1986 debut — even after that casual preliminary listen it was clear that guitarist James Byrd was something special, a player possessing not only skill but creativity, taste and a keen melodic sensibility. James left Fifth Angel in 1987 and took with him many of the songs that were to comprise the second Fifth Angel release, recording them with vocalist Freddy Krumins; seven of these songs were re-recorded and found their way onto the debut Atlantis Rising disc (now out of print), and the other seven were lost in the mists of time — until now. Recently found by Krumins, these early recordings are in surprisingly good shape, providing an alternate take on several Byrd classics as well as a fascinating glimpse into what could have been. The album opens with the excellent “Chasing The Shadows Away,” a track that could easily sit alongside the material on the first Fifth Angel album. Another must-hear track is “Stranger In The Night,” once again reflecting the glory days of Fifth Angel. Byrd seems to have been entertaining the idea of going in a more commercial direction with some of the material, notably “I Don’t Believe In Love (Falling In Lust)” and “On My Mind,” both tracks good but definitely “of their day.” One that really goes off the beaten path is “Waiting In The Shadows,” a kind of Lizzy Borden/Queensryche amalgam that shows Byrd’s willingness to experiment. Atlantis Rising tracks such as “Eye Of The Storm” and “Let It Out” are rawer but more energetic versions than what ended up on the album, and are well worth hearing. The common denominator throughout BEYOND THE PILLARS is Byrd’s fantastic guitar playing — virtuosic but refreshingly devoid of the mindless shred that often passes for musicianship these days. Essential listening for fans of Fifth Angel and Atlantis Rising, BEYOND THE PILLARS is also recommended for fans of Scorpions-era Uli Roth (a major influence on Byrd) as well as devotees of late ’80s melodic metal and hard rock.
– Neal Woodall (MysticX9gmail.com)

*** OUT ***

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