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Issue #589
Week of April 18, 2011

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-Wow! Big Judas Priest news below… Almost as big is our new URL: DetritusZine.com. Big thanks to Patrick for setting that up. – Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-Judas Priest Announce That K.K. Downing Has Formally Retired

It is with regret that Judas Priest announce that K.K. Downing has formally retired from the band and will therefore not be joining them on their forthcoming Epitaph tour.

The band respect his decision and naturally all wish him well.

Having thought long and hard about how to proceed, Rob, Glenn, Ian and Scott unanimously agreed that they should go ahead with the tour and not let the fans down all around the world.

Fate also stepped in and delivered the perfect replacement — 31 year old British guitar player Richie Faulkner — he has blended into the band perfectly and is a great talent who is going to help set the stage on fire!

The Epitaph tour will include songs from every Priest studio album and also tracks they have never before performed on stage plus all the old favourites!

With a new album due to be released next year the metal gods are preparing to tour the planet once more — heavy metal at its best complete with lasers, lights, bikes and hellfire!! It’s a show not to be missed!!

For more information visit http://www.judaspriest.com/ .

*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-AFM’s North American May Releases: Shakra, SuidAkrA, Voodoo Circle, U.D.O.

German metal powerhouse AFM Records has an array of brand new titles slated for North American release in the weeks ahead, and we aim to fill you in on what’s in store…

Scheduled to hit the streets on May 3, 2011 are new albums from Shakra, SuidAkrA and Voodoo Circle:


The rise of Shakra continues! It seems like nothing can stop the successful Switzerland-based hard rock force, as their previous album EVEREST fought its way all the way to #4 on the Swiss album charts in 2009. Since EVEREST, the band have recruited new vocalist John Prakesh, and showcase their newly refined lineup on their latest piece of work, BACK ON TRACK. Recorded and produced at the renowned Power Ride Studios with the band’s own guitarist Thom Blunier, the new album is quite varied from previous releases, as Shakra’s catchy rock moves in some slightly new directions. Prakesh’s voice allows the unit to combine the classic Shakra sound with the most passionate, soulful and energetic vocals the band ever offered.


German Celtic metal warriors SuidAkrA have trampled audiences at major festival appearances and tours all over Europe, Asia, Russia and North America since their inception in 1994. Having toured with everyone from Children Of Bodom, Tristania, Soilwork and more, and are currently embarked on a European tour with labelmates Onslaught, continuing to reap worldwide mass appeal and expanding their diehard fanbase as they have with each release to date. Now in 2011, SuidAkrA proudly deliver their mammoth tenth full-length BOOK OF DOWTH to the masses! Recorded in Gernhart Studio (Destruction, Elvenking) and produced by Martin Buchwalter, BOOK OF DOWTH provides fans with some of the most epic tunes and tales to date over its glorious ten tracks.


The second album from supergroup Voodoo Circle has arrived. Comprised of several musicians who hail from the classic hard rock elite including David Readman (Pink Cream 69), Mat Sinner (Sinner, Primal Fear) and Alex Beyrodt (Silent Force), the new album, BROKEN HEART SYNDROME, pays full homage to bands like Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Rainbow and Yngwie Malmsteen, all major lifelong inspirations to every member of the outfit. Mixed by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Krokus, Allen/Lande) and produced by Alex Beyrodt, the twelve, bold anthems on BROKEN HEART SYNDROME undoubtedly solidify why the musicians that form Voodoo Circle are heralded as being at the top of their game, and makes this album a must-hear for all fans of the “classic” eras of metal and hard rock.

And scheduled for release on May 31, 2011 in North America, is the new release from German metal gods U.D.O.:


Longevity, integrity and constancy; these are the hallmarks of German metal kings U.D.O. Formed by two former members of Accept — Udo Dirkschneider (vocals) and Stefan Kaufmann (guitar) — U.D.O. have been flying their triumphant flag since their 1987 formation, but their 2009-released DOMINATOR was a true triumph for the band, as the endless praise from fans and metal critics alike will attest. Since DOMINATOR’s release, fans have been venomously awaiting the follow-up, and the wait is now over, as their thirteenth studio album, entitled REV-RAPTOR, is confirmed for stateside release on May 31! On the thirteen-track album, U.D.O. provide the logical successor to DOMINATOR; its concise rhythms and machine-like grooves are a perfect complement to the traditional and as usual outstanding songwriting of the band, and Dirkschneider’s incisive voice as always triumphantly at the forefront of the action.

Watch for info on other new AFM releases coming in June and beyond, including new albums from BloodBound, Debauchery, Rev 16:8, Lake Of Tears and much more.


*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-Manowar: To Our Brother Scott Columbus

We all want to express our sincere thanks to everyone the world over for their overwhelming support. Your many kind words, thoughts and prayers have provided great strength and comfort in these dark hours. We have lost a great soul, a wonderful father, a dear brother and friend. Scott’s memory will live on forever in all of us.

Scott, you will forever be missed, but never forgotten.

Joey, Eric, Karl, and Donnie, and your Magic Circle Family, your loving children Teresa, Scotty, Anthony and Corey, Kim, Victoria, Kathy and all the rest of your loving family.



*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-Edguy: Recording New Album!

After a successful world tour with more than 100 concerts all over the globe in support of their latest release TINNITUS SANCTUS in 2008, Edguy have entered the studio to record a new album. Still under the influence of their arena tour as special guests of the Scorpions and the latest Avantasia world tour (featuring Tobias Sammet and Felix Bohnke), Edguy feel it’s about time to squeeze their energy on tape in a recording studio again. This time the band has chosen the famous Peppermint-Park in Hannover (Scorpions, Phil Collins), according to the band ” a recording temple with a tremendously great sounding room.” Tobias comments:

“We have chosen the Peppermint Park to record the basics there. I had done a few little bits and pieces for Avantasia there, but it’s so great to record drums and stuff like Hammond B3 with a big bad fat mean Leslie there. The room is big and the sound is mean! We were always striving for a powerful but natural sound. I guess we had a good sound recently, but I think there is always room to improve. The more I listen to what’s going on in the Heavy Metal world these days, the more I long for drums that sound like drums. I want them to sound powerful without sounding like Atari. Sascha and I came to the conclusion that we have to start from scratch and do things the way they have to be done, not the fashionable way. I don’t want a distorted master-copy, just so it is loud enough on an iPhone or on PC speakers. If you talk to your most fancy producer he will say something like: ‘Well, it’s the sign of the times, you have to be able to compete in the loudness war…’ What the f*ck?! If I want it to be loud I turn up the stereo. I want dynamics, room, a real big sound, not that distorted trendy compression. Why don’t we all move back a little and record great sounding music, not loud sounding music? Do a Google search for ‘loudness war’ and you’ll see what I mean. Whatever, the new songs sound great, we have thirteen of them, and we’ll pick maybe ten and put them on the album. We have anthemic melodies, although it’s not kitsch. When you record anthemic music, you tend to be dangerously close to kitsch, it’s a fine line and I think we balance on that fine line pretty well. To cut a long story a little insignificantly shorter: I just think it is great, and that’s what counts. Real music, you know? We’ll keep you informed, if you want it or not! ;-)”


*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Tom Hess Joining Rhapsody Of Fire; “Aeons Of Raging Darkness” As Free Download

Tom Hess, the guitar virtuoso well known worldwide for his unique guitar skills and for being the creator of the famous online guitar courses, is now officially a new member of Rhapsody Of Fire!

He recorded most of the rhythmic parts of the new upcoming album FROM CHAOS TO ETERNITY (out on June, 17th) and also two guitar solos!

Alex Staropoli says: “I saw Tom Hess playing on stage several times and always got impressed by his great stage presence and his way of playing. When I have heard the rhythmic and the solo guitars he recorded for Rhapsody Of Fire I was blown away, I could feel that strong presence in between every single note.”

Luca Turilli adds: “I know Tom since many years. He is a great person, a good friend of mine and I am not surprised of the success he’s having teaching his guitar techniques all around the world. I am really proud to have built a strong partnership with him and I will always thank him for the support he gave me when I decided to create my Neoclassical Revelation Guitar Course. Therefore I am really honored to present Tom to all the fans of Rhapsody Of Fire as I am sure he will be the one who, through his artistic talent and unique skills, will make the difference in this band for the years to come!”

And now a true gift from Rhapsody Of Fire to all their fans around the world.

From the new album FROM CHAOS TO ETERNITY you can download for free the most brutal song composed by Luca and Alex and entitled “Aeons Of Raging Darkness,” a real scream of anger against the war inspired by a real episode of free cruelty.

“Such song is dedicated to all the innocent people victims of the war, of the abuses, of those acts of violence that on a daily basis rape the soul of our wonderful planet,” says Luca.

Download the song here (you just need to fill in your e-mail address and receive a download code by mail)


Here below the lyrics of the song. More news on May 13, 2011!

Rhapsody Of Fire – “Aeons Of Raging Darkness”

I won’t forget that day
I won’t forget her name
What has hell done to her
Her pain’s flowing in my blackened soul’s veins

Libera animas
Omnium defunctorum
De poenis inferni
Ne cadant / ne cadant in obscurum

Libera animas
De poenis inferni

Cold frozen night
(Bleeding sins and lies)
Nocturnal rhyme
(Of unholy pride)

Quake! (Crack!) Dare! (Clash!)
Storm the gates of hell!


Many don’t realize
What it’s capable of
What “evil” really is
Far beyond its meaning as a mere word

Requiem aeternam
Dona eis, Domine
Requiem aeternam
Lux perpetua / lux luceat eis

Requiem aeternam
Dona eis, Domine

Her lovely smile
(Brutalized and raped!)
Her crystal eyes
(She won’t see anymore!)

Quake! (Crack!) Dare! (Clash!)
Storm the gates of hell!


Guitar Solo: Luca Turilli


Why you… why?
I will free you!


*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-Symfonia: New Album Streaming Via AOL Music; IN PARADISUM In Stores Now

Symfonia, the new melodic metal project featuring the all-star lineup of vocalist Andre Matos (ex-Angra), guitarist Timo Tolkki (ex-Stratovarius), drummer Uli Kusch (ex-Helloween), bassist Jari Kainulainen (ex-Stratovarius) and keyboardist Mikko Harkin (ex-Sonata Arctica), unleash their debut full-length today via Armoury Records. Titled IN PARADISUM, the ten-track offering was recorded mainly in Finland, mixed and mastered in Italy and produced by Timo Tolkki.

In celebration of its release, the album is currently streaming in its entirety via AOL Music. To check it out, point your browser here:


“…a vital, vibrant, fun album that will thrill power metal fans and classic rock fans alike.” — Sonic Abuse

“…a total triumph, a cracking array of memorable songs and positivity that is gleefully OTT.” — Thrash Hits

“If you’re a fan of the early Stratovarius and Angra albums in particular and the early European progressive power metal sound in general, you have to check out Symfonia if for no other reason than to hear Andre Matos and Timo Tolkki on the same album.” — Hardrock Haven


*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-Swedish Folk Metallers Falconer Release First Single Off Their Seventh Album ARMOD! Landing Page Including Pre-order Deals Live!

Swedish folk metallers Falconer have launched a landing page for their new album ARMOD due June 3/6 via Metal Blade Records in Europe!

Surf over to http://www.metalblade.com/falconer to check out the album opener “Svarta Änkan” and make sure to check the pre-order deals available for ARMOD!

Comments Falconer guitarist Stefan Weinerhall: “‘Svarta Änkan’ is the song that starts off the album because most of us felt it was the best song of the album. It’s the heaviest and most varied song that combines aggressive riffing with very folky song harmony and is without a doubt my fave song of the album!”

ARMOD features 11 songs completely sung in Swedish and four bonus tracks that are English versions of the band members’ favourite new songs.

The four bonus tracks will only be available with the limited first digi-pak edition of ARMOD!

Comments Weinerhall: “The album is embracing the Swedish folk music to a greater extent than before making it sound slightly more down to earth. The music spans from acoustic songs with cello, flute and fiddle to songs with blast beats and really heavy riffing. As said before this is a ‘one-time-only’ album and does not define the future sound of Falconer, but it was about time to pay full notice to the influence that has always made us different. Now we have that out of our system!”

ARMOD was once again recorded at King Diamond guitarist Andy La Rocque’s Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden, during December and January.

ARMOD track listing:
1. Svarta Änkan
2. Dimmornas Drottning
3. Griftefrid
4. O, Tysta Ensamhet
5. Vid Rosornas Grav
6. Grimborg
7. Herr Peder Och Hans Syster
8. Eklundapolskan
9. Grimasch Om Morgonen
10. Fru Silfver
11. Gammal Fäbodpsalm

English bonus versions (available only on limited first edition digi-pak):
1. Black Widow
2. Grimborg
3. By The Roses Grave
4. O, Silent Solitude

Falconer is:
Mathias Bladh – Vocals
Stefan Weinerhall – Guitars
Jimmy Hedlund – Guitars
Magnus Linhardt – Bass
Karsten Larsson – Drums


*** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
-Sabaton: Exclusive Easter Egg Campaign, New Endorsement!

Swedish epic power metallers Sabaton will kick off a special Easter egg campaign on Monday, April 18 (through May 2). During this campaign every reissued previous album (ATTERO DOMINATUS, THE ART OF WAR, METALIZER, PRIMO VICTORIA) is available for just 9,99 € instead of 14,99 €!

To access the secret link where to get this special bargain, go to http://www.facebook.com/sabaton and LIKE the band. Then the link will appear!

In other news, Sabaton just signed a new endorsement deal! Rikard & Oskar now are endorsed by Fang Guitars and Oskar is using his own signature series for the very first time on this US tour.

Rikard’s signature series will be ready just in time for the show at Rockstad: Falun and he plays the custom painted “Rockstad-guitar” while in US.


*** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
-Lion Music Label & Artist News

Lion Music Celebrate 300th Release Today!

OK where has the time gone?

Today Lion Music celebrates its 300th release with new offering from Lars Eric Mattsson in AURORA BOREALIS hitting the stores right now.

We’d like to take some to thank everything that has helped to make Lion Music what it is today. Over the years we have worked with a lot of cool musicians and hopefully introduced a number to a greater audience worldwide.

We’ve met a number of really nice people. Many of whom have all helped us reach this landmark release in these difficult times for the music industry without asking for anything in return, driven purely by a love of music. You people are the real stars and without you the progressive metal scene would be dead.

Yes we are in a “difficult” time for the music industry. Our opinion on the current issues faced by music piracy has been well publicised, as have those of a number of our roster, but we are determined to see it through. So we’d like to give an extra special “thank you” to anyone that has bought one of our releases or promoted us on various music forums and social networks worldwide.

300 releases in and we still have a hunger for more.

Thank YOU.

The Lion Music Team.

Lars Eric Mattsson Discusses AURORA BOREALIS Track By Track

Out today; order at http://www.lionmusic.com/cd/auroraborealis.htm

This new wholly instrumental 12 track release takes a fresh approach to the blend of guitar and orchestra for a musical experience as uplifting as seeing the wonder of the northern lights, from which the album gets its title. Whilst the combination of orchestra and guitar may have been done before by amongst others one of Mattsson’s influences Uli Jon Roth; AURORA BOREALIS takes the range of sound and expressions further that what has been heard before and places as much emphasis on each tracks backing as with its guitar work. The result is a highly captivating and listenable experience. Lush in textures and timbres, AURORA BOREALIS comes across at times like a film score; sometimes fast and exotic whilst at others sweet and luxurious. Many moods are covered and all of which see Mattsson deliver impassioned guitar work in his own inimitable style.

AURORA BOREALIS in the artists own words.

Perhaps one of the more “ordinary” pieces, specially composed as an introduction with the purpose of delivering a high energy positive kick start. This is probably the most straight ahead rock piece of the album.

Heavily influenced by J S Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos this piece’s main theme is performed by the strings and woodwinds only in an interplay where the drums/bass/guitar section respond through a few different themes. I used the Stratocaster on this song.

Cold Water Spirit:
This song is dedicated to all the people who have drowned in cold water after ship accidents caused by bad weather, war, etc. After seeing a film I started thinking about how terrible this must feel and that became the inspiration to this song. On of my favorites for sure, I think there is a certain feel in here that is very special.

Forward Thinking:
A simple pulsating groove and a haunting violin melody that could be done in a million of ways but very easy to get lost in. I did a few different versions of this one including a full metal version before I decided that less was more… I think this piece could fit very well as soundtrack to the right movie.

Revolutionary Star:
This was also done a few times in different versions before I decided on the final arrangement. This is one of the more complicated pieces with some odd meter riffs and some challenging arpeggios that spice up the harmony of main theme which I guess is quite fusion/prog influenced. I used the Valley Arts on this one.

The Heart:
Just some stings, brass, a flute and guitar and a melody I am very proud of. I played the Stratocaster on this one and it was actually the first piece that was completed. I think the title says it all.

Eternal Cycles:
A typical neoclassical piece in the style of my early works (“The Exciter,” etc.) with some updated ideas.

Clear Skies:
A simple major key theme in a number of variations spiced up with some two handed tapping I haven’t used in years, a real trip down memory lane. Here is another example of a piece I reworked a couple of times before deciding that less was more, originally I had intended to use drums and bass all the way from the beginning but I think I found a more varied arrangement this way. This is actually a quite simple piece but that done not make it less good?

Planetary Strength:
The overture of prog metal meets symphonic rock. This is probably the most challenging pieces of AURORA BOREALIS, most of this is in 7/8 with some elements in 2/4 and 3/4 and includes some interesting harmonies and what I think is a very cool metal guitar riff and some more two handed finger tapping and a lot of call and response between various themes.

Parisienne Etude:
Just a solo nylon acoustic guitar piece.

Midnight Sun:
I think this is the piece that I put down the most time with, rearranging changing, moving stuff back and forth: I used the Valley Arts on this one and there is quite a lot of two handed tapping here too. A lot of different influences have been melted into this piece…

The final piece bringing you the final peace. Just like “The Heart”: no drums, no bass, just the orchestra and my guitar. It feels very pure and simple, I love this one.

Lion Music Links
http://www.lionmusic.com/ShopSelect.htm (webstore)

*** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
-Tank Announces First Batch Of Live Dates

British Heavy Metal Legends Tank have announced their firsst live dates since the release of the highly acclaimed WAR MACHINE album (Metal Mind, October 2010).

Tank start with two dates in the UK at venues to be confirmed then embark on a run across Europe between August and October that takes in four festivals and seven different countries. The band will then undertake a full European tour in November.

Guitarist Mick Tucker said; “We have the tools to finish the job, as Mr. Churchill said. Beware Europe!”

Here’s the Tank live dates so far. More will be announced in the near future.

Fri 5th: UNITED KINGDOM (venue to be confirmed)
Sat 6th: UNITED KINGDOM (venue to be confirmed)
Wed 10th: Metal Hammer Festival, Katowice, POLAND
Fri 12th: Lillehammer Festival, NORWAY

Thu 29th: Lisbon, PORTUGAL (venue to be confirmed)
Fri 30th: Madrid, SPAIN (venue to be confirmed)

Sat 1st: Martohell Festival, Barcelona, SPAIN
Sat 8th: Rock Of Ages Festival, Oostrozebeke, BELGIUM
Sat 15th: Athens, Greece (venue to be confirmed)

Full European tour.

*** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
-Z Records News

Z Announce The Arrival Of Omega

Omega are an all-new signing to Z Records featuring the immense vocal talents of Lee Small (Shy, Phenomena). The band’s debut will be released on September 5th. Check out the rough mix of “Pandora’s Eyes” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uwqw1NX0v2Y .

Z Rock 2011 Ticket Update

Ticket sales are picking up speed; we remind everyone that advance tickets are £40 and entry on the day will be £45. Tickets are available online at http://www.zrecords.net/ and via ST Records, X Records and The Asylum.

Join Z On Facebook!

Z Records now have their own official Facebook page. Come and join us at http://www.facebook.com/ZRECORDS.OFFICIAL .

*** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
-In Flames Post First Studio Webisode

Head to YouTube to check out the first of several webisodes that In Flames filmed during the recording of SOUNDS OF A PLAYGROUND FADING for an intimate and in-depth insight into their work and life in the studio.

SOUNDS OF A PLAYGROUND FADING will be out on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 and was recorded in the band’s own IF Studios together with producer Roberto Laghi, Daniel Bergstrand and Örjan Örnkloo.

“Deliver Us,” the first single off SOUNDS OF A PLAYGROUND FADING, will be out on Tuesday, May 10, 2011.

Around the time of its release In Flames will play some of the most important European summer festivals (Sonisphere, Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park, Nova Rock, Hellfest, and more), followed by the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival Tour throughout North America in July and a European tour in Fall/Winter 2011.

*** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
-Communic: Track List And Artwork Of New Album THE BOTTOM DEEP Announced

The Norwegian metalers from Communic are back with their new album THE BOTTOM DEEP which is simply breathtaking! The music of the exceptional band from Norway includes many elements from various metal genres. Their grasp for variety of power, melody, and intelligent lyrics with a highly progressive musical approach made Communic one of the best newcomers for years! If you like progressiv metal, there is no way without Communic!!

Now, the band announced the tracklist and the artwork of the upcoming album:

1. Facing Tomorrow
2. Denial
3. Flood River Blood
4. Voyage Of Discovery
5. In Silence With My Scars
6. My Fallen
7. Destroyer Of Bloodlines
8. Wayward Soul
9. The Bottom Deep
10. In Union We Stand (bonus track)

Guitarist and band mastermind Oddleif Stensland commented the new stuff:

“Writing and recording this album has been an amazing — but strange — experience. This time we took control over the production ourself, resulting in a more honest and organic sounding album. Never before have I put so much of my own personal influence and privacy into the lyrics and songs as this time. Right now I have a mixed feeling of fear and total excitement as we release the artwork and track listing for this new album. Now there is no return. To open myself this way, exposing my deepest and inner thoughts, in a way I have never done before. It’s kinda strange, as it feels like these words and songs came from a part of me that I didn’t know about. This is THE BOTTOM DEEP. This is the album that I never in my life thought I had to write — but now I know, this will be a totem in my life — forever!”

Dan Swanö did the mastering on this album, he said:

“It was pure pleasure to work with these guys. The mix was excellent to start with, so I finally had the opportunity to work with gentle strokes rather than the big roller that I sometimes have to use to shape up not-so-good mixes. Musically I enjoyed it very much. It’s not easy to label their music (which is good). If I had to mention something, I get that amazing ‘epic’ vibe of Queensryche ’84-’88. They definitely add something to the family of progressive metal.”

Eliran Kantor made the artwork for the album:

“The first draft of the lyrics from Oddleif made it clear that this is going to be a very personal, dark and vulnerable record — and I wanted the cover to reflect that. The vulture, nature’s version of the grim reaper, caresses the dying man, casting a shadow reveling its true intentions and reason for this last visit. I put alot of myself into this artwork, and I think it turned out great.”

THE BOTTOM DEEP will be released July 22, 2011!


*** PRESS RELEASE #14 ***
-English Rockers Scream Arena Release First Single “Forever”/”Another Night In London Town” On April 19th Via iTunes And Amazon And Similar Digital Platforms

Scream Arena, described by US company One Plus One Productions as “new classic,” are a new English rock and roll band, born from the fine traditions of English music provided by masters such as Rainbow, Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne, Queen, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, et al, and spiced with some American influences such as Van Halen, Ratt, W.A.S.P., and Randy Rhoads, and already the focus of extensive levels of airplay in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, South America, and beyond.

Based in historic York in the North of England, Scream Arena have forged a reputation for stellar live shows, opening for Gun, Panic Room, The Sign, Terrorvision, Goldblade, et al, with promoters and musicians noting that the band is built for “stadiums” with their music and live performances “making the listener feel like they are 18 again.”

Scream Arena has recorded their debut album produced by and featuring rock legend and son of Hollywood legend Sabu, Paul Sabu (John Waite, Prince, Kiss, and Shania Twain) who described the band’s songs as the “best most interesting I have heard in 20 years.” The album features all original compositions from Nick Daniel and Andy Paul with contributions from Paul Sabu and one cover, Sabu’s arrangement of the legendary “Heartbreak Hotel.”

On April 19 the band released their first single, via iTunes called “Forever” and more or less true tale that is “Another Night In London Town”:


The band are managed by David Tedder at Headfirst Entertainment, Tempe, Arizona, a 20 year music industry professional who has worked with acts like Poison, Stryper, Hurricane, THC, and is currently associated with major producer Timbaland. Dave Tedder may be contacted via email dave@headfirstentertaiment.com.

Scream Arena. – For the louder things in life…

*** PRESS RELEASE #15 ***
-Guest Vocalist For Arrayan Path’s Upcoming Album Revealed

As announced last month, the new Arrayan Path album (IRA IMPERIUM) to be released in September through Pitch Black Records, will also feature a special guest vocal appearance. Ever since the announcement, fans have been bombarding the band to reveal who it is and although this was originally planned to be announced later this month, the band decided to spill the beans now so as to please all their fans.

The guest vocalist appearing on the band’s new album is none other than former Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin who will be sharing vocals on the album’s title track along with Nicholas Leptos.

In the band’s own words: “We are truly humbled to have worked with this amazing singer, one of our all-time favourites! His singing has always been (and still is) out of this world and of course this is also evident in his performance on the song ‘Ira Imperium (The Damned).’ This is a great pleasure and honour for us and THANK YOU Tony!”

More info on:

*** PRESS RELEASE #16 ***
-Sanchez – RUN THE STREETS; Release Date & Deal Japan/Brazil

7Hard & Sanchez (Sweden) are very glad to announce the release of their third album RUN THE STREETS on May 27, 2011 in Europe. Later this year comes the album with one bonus track in Japan and Brazil.

Sanchez Statement:
“With the signing to 7Hard label (Germany), this will be a killer one for the diehards of FireHouse, Dokken and Motley Crue. This time we will get released in Japan and Brazil later this year. So get out let’s go crazy and RUN THE STREETS! Yours, Marc, Matt, Kieven and Jose.”

Sanchez — One of Sweden’s finest melodic hard rock bands are back with a new melodic rock & rock ‘n’ roll package. RUN THE STREETS is about to take your speakers by storm, so write down May 27 in your calendar! For all the die-hard fans of classic AOR/Glam/Hard Rock music. Sanchez are ready to rock the crowd and to seriously kick some butts. So check out Sanchez — you won’t regret it.

Jose Sanchez – Vocals (ex-Empire Saint)
Kieven Klevmyr – Guitars
Marc White – Bass
Mr. Drumhead – Drums

1. Stand Up (For Your Rights)
2. We Got Your Love
3. Run The Streets
4. Friends
5. Rock & Roll Stars
6. Bullet In Your Heart
7. Girls
8. Empty Words
9. Don’t Wanna Get Around
10. The Gambler

Has been around in the music business since late ’80s. These guys have each one of them a history of playing live. Some of them have played as an opening act for band such as Dee Snider, Paul Di’Anno, White Lion, The Poodles, Easy Action. Just to name a few and with major Swedish metal acts, even been on tour in South America.

Jose Sanchez has been singing since the early ’80s. He has been around in a lot of bands such as: Fierce Conviction, Lies and Empire Saint. But his heart has always been in glam/hard rock and AOR music. This is for sure the kick ass live band you must see! Haven’t been slapped in your face today? Then you definitely need your dose of Sanchez right now! For all the die-hard fans of classic AOR/Glam/Hard Rock music. Sanchez are ready to rock the crowd and to seriously kick some butts. They have already proved it with countless shows, that they are an energetic and devoted live act.

2011 Sanchez – RUN THE STREETS (7Hard)
2009 Sanchez – NIGHTRIDE (Blue Topaz Records)
2007 Sanchez – SANCHEZ (Artist Service)


*** PRESS RELEASE #17 ***
-Bulletrain Is Looking For A New Singer!

We are truly sad to announce that our singer and dear friend Robert Lindell has decided to leave the band. Unfortunately, there isn’t much more to say. It was a choice made by himself, he couldn’t keep up the hard work there’s to do for a band like ours. We feel it’s a big loss for the rock scene and above all us, because Robert was a phenomenal singer and front man. Bulletrain will still keep up what we’ve always done because we love what we do.

So Sweden’s new rock sensation and hard working, hard rock act Bulletrain is in great need of a new front man! With the record deal around the corner and the demos written for the debut album, Bulletrain now stands with out a singer. That’s why we’re looking for you with the killer voice, attitude and ambition to conquer the world! Together with no other than Mr. Chris Laney (CrashDïet, Candlemass, Dynazty, Crazy Lixx, etc.) we’ll record our debut in Polar Studios, Stockholm!

Do you wanna be a part of this rock ‘n’ rollercoaster? Do you think you’re the real deal?! Send us a video clip or another recording with you singing, together with a picture and presentation to:


Thanks for your time


*** PRESS RELEASE #18 ***
-Two Side Moon/SLW Promotions Update

TSM are delighted to announce the new release from Helsinki’s Shear.

Please find below the text info for the new EP IN SOLITUDE.

Band: Shear
Label: None
Street Date: OUT NOW
Genre: Female fronted melodic metal


About Shear
Shear is a six piece, Helsinki-based, female fronted Finnish metal act. The members of Shear have played in many familiar metal bands such as Amoral, Omnium Gatherum, Imperanon, Elenium and Crystal Blaze. The members also have experience in recording full-length albums and touring in their previous projects.

The current lineup of Shear was finalized in 2008. The members have, however, played together for many years. The guitarists Mikael Grönroos and Lauri Koskenniemi, and keyboardist Lari Sorvo have played together since 2001. Bass player Eerik Purdon joined the group in 2004, and the drummer Juhana Karlsson in 2007. Shear’s lineup was finalized in 2008 when vocalist Alexa Leroux joined the band.

Shear’s first official release is the four track EP entitled IN SOLITUDE. The EP was recorded and mixed at Arcada Studios in the fall of 2009 by guitarist Mikael Grönroos. IN SOLITUDE was mastered at the famous Chartmakers Studios and released in March of 2010.

The IN SOLITUDE EP has received great response from the media. One of UK’s biggest rock magazines, Classic Rock Magazine chose the EP as their “Release of the Day” in April 2010. Finland’s biggest printed metal magazine Inferno chose IN SOLITUDE as the demo of the month in issue #77 (May 2010). Furthermore, Finland’s biggest metal website Imperiumi.net chose the EP as the demo of the Month (August 2010). The band has also been praised for being an energetic live band.

The band entered the studios in March 2011 to start recordings of their as-yet-untitled debut album.

“Shear are a new female fronted melodic/power metal/symphonic rock band from Helsinki in Finland. The band are Mikael Gronroos – Guitar, Lari Sorvo – Keyboards, Lauri Koskenniemi – Guitars, Eerik Purdon – Bass and the beautiful Alexa Leroux on Vocals.

“IN SOLITUDE is their new four track EP. It takes a few listens to get into and once the music sinks in you will find a band that sits adequately alongside the likes of Within Temptation, After Forever, Dream Theater and Xandria. They are power metal/melodic and symphonic rock all rolled into one, and my favourite track was the vigorous ‘Scorched.’ This track has the lot, tremendous crisp guitar work, coated with cool bass and drum kicks. The warm and dynamic vocals from Alexa are wonderful, and she shines on all four tracks, but with ‘Scorched’ the band broaden their musical charms and if anything this song alone should land them a deal and it makes me speculate why the band are not yet signed, which is criminal.

“‘Mistakes’ is also very good, very technical with lots of knotty performances, again Alexa shines, she sounds like a ‘heavier’ Robin Beck, the band are so well practised and passionate with their technique, that each song feels very sincere. The title track is more melodic, this is fun and very catchy with appealing musicianship. ‘Trapped In A Shell’ offers a more vivid commercial symphonic production, and is very good, a little like Nightwish here coupled with Mattias IA Eklundh style guitar works.

“I can hear just how these guys would sound with a label funded production budget to give them that fuller production quality. For now I implore you to check them out, I have a hunch that we will be hearing a lot more from this excellent Finnish band, brilliant.”


The Band:
Lead Vocals: Alexa Leroux
Guitar: Mikael Grönroos
Guitars: Lauri Koskenniemi
Bass: Eerik Purdon
Keyboards: Lari Sorvo
Drums: Juhana Karlsson

Track Listing:
1. In Solitude
2. Scorched
3. Trapped In A Shell
4. Mistakes

TSM are delighted to announce the new release from Norwegian Classic Rock Band Electric Woodland.

Please find below the text info for the new EP ELECTRIC WOODLAND.

Band: Electric Woodland
Label: Unsigned
Street Date: TBA
Genre: Classic Rock


About Electric Woodland
A couple of years ago, the few annual music festivals in our countryside hometown in Norway went bankrupt. After this, the chance of seeing a decent rock concert without travelling a good distance were slim to none. We felt something had to be done, and after a while we had started rehearsing old classic rock tunes for what was to become the Runerock Festival in Skogbygda, Norway.

Even though we knew each other from before, having gone to school with one another and Emil being Peder’s younger brother, we had never before played together as a band. Soon we discovered how much we enjoyed playing together, and after the second successful year of Runerock, we started to accept other gigs under the name The Landlord’s Daughters. A couple of gigs later, we were made aware that the name was already in use by an American band, and therefore changed it to Electric Woodland.

We soon started writing our own material, drawing inspiration from the wide range of rock bands we’ve loved through the years. Four of our songs are now being released on our new EP, ELECTRIC WOODLAND, with influences ranging from the classic rock of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, ZZ Top and The Doors, to the more modern rock of The Black Keys and Them Crooked Vultures. All of the songs are written by Electric Woodland, with lyrics for Sharp Angle and Another brick in your puzzle provided by friend of the band Vegar Hattestad Jensen.

“Midnight Treasure” features Vegard Ertsaas on vocals, Peder Kjaernli and Christian Olsen-Ruud on guitar, Marius Nordby on bass and Emil Kjaernli on drums. “Sharp Angle” features Peder Kjaernli on vocals and guitar, Vegard Ertsaas on backing vocals, Christian Olsen-Ruud on guitar, Marius Nordby on bass and Emil Kjaernli on drums. “Another Brick In Your Puzzle” features Peder Kjaernli on vocals and guitar, Christian Olsen-Ruud on electric/acoustic guitar and banjo, Marius Nordby on bass and Emil Kjaernli on drums. “Manimal” features Peder Kjaernli on vocals and guitar, Christian Olsen-Ruud on guitar, Marius Nordby on bass and Emil Kjaernli on drums. All songs produced by Dagfin Hjorth Hovind at Ka-Z Studio, and mastered by Petter Barg at Ear-Plane Studio.

“Norway over the last several years has produced some fabulous rock bands, and joining the ever developing numbers are Electric Woodland who have been around a few years now. This is their new four tracks EP and it is a very good gathering of old school ’70s rock mixed with a slight modern sound.

“My favourite song on the EP is the superb ‘Sharp Angle.’ Here the whole band led by singer Vegard Ertas gel with guitarist Peder Kjaernli adding some delicious guitar fusion. Drummer Emil Kjaernil and Bass player Marius Nordby hold the backbone again and together this song just oozes flavours of Blackstone Cherry, Blackfoot, Deep Purple, King’s X and is ever so catchy. I get the feeling that the band would be at home on tour with say Chickenfoot, it’s that kinda style with a retro edge.

“It’s all good and leaves you wanting a full album which with any luck we will get to hear soon.”


The Band:
Lead Vocals: Vegard Ertsaas
Guitar/Vocals: Peder Kjaernli
Guitar: Christian Olsen-Ruud
Bass: Marius Nordby
Drums: Emil Kjaernli

Track Listing:
1. Midnight Treasure (5:02)
2. Sharp Angle (4:18)
3. Another brick In Your Puzzle (3:12)
4. Manimal (3:59)

TSM are delighted to announce the new release from American Alternative rock Band Voodoo Terror Tribe.

Please find below the text info for the new album SYMPTOMS OF SIN.

Band: Voodoo Terror Tribe
Label: Indie
Street Date: April 2011
Genre: Alternative


About Voodoo Terror Tribe
Formed in USA in 2005 by Emir Erkal on guitars and long time friend T-Bone on drums, the duo soon brought in Primer on bass and topped off this new up and coming alt-metal band with the masterfully vocalized emotional poetry by vocalist Gil PZ. VTT blazes out of the studio in mid 2009 armed with a furiously precise new album aptly entitled SYMPTOMS OF SIN. With Billy Graziadei (Biohazard / Suicide City) at the producer’s reigns, VTT showcases their talent by creating a satisfying and unpredictable album that shows the band has something to prove. The charismatic guitar demon and true force behind the band, Emir explains VTT’s newest approach; “We know the scene, and the scene knows us, but we’re coming at this in full force in a new way. People are excited about the new voice.” The “new voice” refers to the newest member Gil PZ, a seasoned metal vocalist who recently relocated from Texas.

With something more to prove than just being friends with a big name in the metal community, VTT had a busy 2009 cut out for the quartet, writing much of SYMPTOMS OF SIN’s content and playing shows throughout the Northeast USA before hitting Graziadei’s Underground Sound Studios to record the album. Plus they shot a self-funded video for the album’s debut track, “The Victim,” all in a matter of self-motivated months.

VTT’s melodic-while-still-heavy, radio-ready-but-still-metal sound rides of the shoulders of Texas transplant and VTT vocalist Gil PZ’s definition of what the band should be: “VTT doesn’t bolster a false pretense of originality,” he says. “We worry about the songs being good first; originality comes second.”

Hailing from the working class Garden State of New Jersey — and armed with an equally blue-collar attitude of doing it on their own — and dedication to a melodically heavy brand of music, VTT has high hopes for the near future.

“We poured everything that we had and everything that we have become into this record,” guitarist Erkal continues. “It was meticulous, grueling, stressful and insightful, but we found a new sound. It’s been quite a long road, and now we wanna prove to the fans that it’s all been worth it.” With the recently released SYMPTOMS OF SIN, that’s exactly what VTT has set out to do, including an upcoming time on that road and in venues, including some exciting things behind the scenes that will soon come to fruition…

The Band:
Gil PZ – Vocals
Emir Erkal – Guitar
Primer – Bass
T-Bone – Drums

Track Listing:
1. The Victim
2. Light Divided
3. You’re My Punishment
4. Never Died Before
5. Wake Of The White Devil
6. Looking For Serenity
7. Deleted Scenes
8. World Of Lies (live)
9. Wake Of The White Devil (radio edit)
* The Victim (official video)

TSM/SLW Promotions

*** PRESS RELEASE #19 ***
-Mishkin Announce Release Date For EP ROW AWAY FROM THE ROCKS And New Video

Since forming in 2005 Mishkin have toured throughout the UK, recorded a song for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, toured China twice, ran a series of music workshops for children in 20 locations across China, played shows alongside Sepultura, Enter Shikari and Skindred and released a critically acclaimed EP STATE OF MUTE FEAR.

Now in 2011, the Leeds based progressive metal five-piece will release their second EP, ROW AWAY FROM THE ROCKS on June 6th. Produced, mixed and mastered by Justin Hill (SikTh) of WellerHill Productions at Fortress Studios in London and with stunning artwork designed by British cartoonist Ralph Steadman, most famous for his work with Hunter S. Thompson, ROW AWAY FROM THE ROCKS presents listeners with four tracks of a heavier, rockier, more soulful sound citing influences as diverse as SikTh, Incubus and Faith No More.

Mishkin are currently taking part in the Red Bull Bedroom Jam ( http://redbullbedroomjam.com/band/videos/good-day-die-official-music-video ), having already made it to the final 15, the band are now currently sitting high on the Festival Buzz Chart. The band that tops this chart on June 6th will be automatically confirmed to play the Red Bull Bedroom Jam stage at Download, Sonisphere, T In The Park, Underage Festival and Hevy Festival. So the question is — can Mishkin make June 6th a double celebration with the release of their EP and a win on the RBBJ chart?

Singer Ben Davy comments: “The rest of this year is going to be massively exciting for us! With the new EP getting its official release in June and our debut animated video hitting peoples screens globally. With more dates constantly being added to our summer tour, the future is looking busy and very, very bright.”

Mishkin have also released an animated video for the lead single “Good Day To Die” from the EP:

Mishkin are:
Ben Davy: Vocals, Synths, Programming
Ali Epstone: Guitars, Vocals
Jimmy MacGregor: Guitars
Dave Jackson: Bass
Bradie Nixon: Drums

Track List:
1. Good Day To Die
2. Waiting For The World To Change
3. On Your Sleeve
4. Violation

Mishkin Online:

*** PRESS RELEASE #20 ***
-Black Skies: Heavy North Carolina Trio To Kick Off US Tour Next Month

Three New Songs From Upcoming Full-length Unveiled

Heavy North Carolina trio, Black Skies, are pleased to announce a near-month long US tour set to commence on May 12 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The trek will steamroll its way through 22 cities — including several East Coast locales they’ve yet to play — before drawing to a ceremonious close in Savannah, Georgia.

Said guitarist/vocalist Kevin Clark of the upcoming bout of live dates: “We are extremely pleased to be spending some time playing across the Eastern part of the country. The last several tours required us to make our way West as quickly as possible due to time constraints, so we haven’t been to some of the places we will be hitting on this tour in far too long. We are also thrilled to spend a good portion of the trek with some of our favorite bands and people: Backwoods Payback, Caltrop, Royal Thunder, and US Christmas. We hope to have a few more songs ready to go for this trip as well. Tim had just joined the band before the last tour — we literally had four rehearsals together before leaving on tour for a month — so we were limited to the same set pretty much every night. Since then, we’ve had time to rework some of those songs and write a few new ones. This will allow us to keep things fresh and interesting, while also being able to play songs we feel would be more appropriate to the audience’s energy at any given show.”

The band — Clark, Tim Herzog (drums) and Michelle Temple (bass, vocals, booking) — will be touring in support of their soon-to-be-issued new full-length, ON THE WINGS OF TIME. The follow-up to 2008’s HEXAGON EP, ON THE WINGS OF TIME was recorded, produced and mastered by Harvey Milk’s Kyle Spence at his own RJS studios in Athens, Georgia. Three songs off the new record are currently being streamed at http://blackskies.bandcamp.com/ . Further details to be announced in the coming weeks.

Black Skies Live – May/June 2011:
5/12/2011 The Milestone – Charlotte, NC w/ Trade, Towering Pyre
5/13/2011 The Crayola House – Harrisonburg, VA w/ Backwoods Payback, Earthling, Trade
5/14/2011 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA w/ Backwoods Payback
5/15/2011 Mojo Main – Newark, DE w/ Backwoods Payback, Holy Dirt, Bubonic Bear
5/16/2011 AS220 – Providence, RI w/ Woozy, She Rides, Villainer
5/17/2011 O’Brien’s – Boston, MA w/ Phantom Glue, The Proselyte, Jack Burton vs David Lopan
5/18/2011 Flask Lounge – Portland, ME
5/19/2011 Elm Bar – New Haven, CT w/ Atrina
5/20/2011 Acheron – Brooklyn, NY
5/21/2011 31st Street Pub – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Rogue Vessel, Oktober
5/22/2011 Carabar – Columbus, OH w/ Prosanctus Inferi, Witchaven, Nocturnal, Locusta
5/23/2011 The Green Lantern – Lexington, KY w/ Stampede, Below
5/24/2011 Southgate House – Indianapolis, IN w/ Mala In Se, New Third Worlds
5/25/2011 The Pilot Light – Knoxville, KY w/ US Christmas, Generation of Vipers
5/26/2011 The Get Down – Asheville, NC w/ US Christmas, Generation of Vipers, Caltrop
5/27/2011 King’s – Raleigh, NC w/ US Christmas, Caltrop, Royal Thunder
5/28/2011 Will’s Pub – Orlando, FL w/ Caltrop, Royal Thunder, Druid Lord, Junior Bruce
5/29/2011 C-Level – Panama City Beach w/ Caltrop, Royal Thunder, Death Before Dying
5/30/2011 Siberia – NOLA w/ Caltrop, Royal Thunder
5/31/2011 Hi-Tone – Memphis, TN w/ Caltrop, Royal Thunder
6/01/2011 The Nick – Birmingham, AL w/ Caltrop, Royal Thunder
6/02/2011 529 – Atlanta, GA w/ Caltrop, Royal Thunder, Sons Of Tonatiuh
6/03/2011 Caledonia Lounge – Athens, GA w/ Caltrop
6/04/2011 The Jinx – Savannah, GA w/ Caltrop

“For the new greats working out of a Sabbath-is-sacrosanct mold, a tenuous relationship stands between one riff and the next. The riffs can stretch like taffy, dragging on and on, only to twist and taunt once the hypnosis of repetition has set in. It’s what keeps us on our toes, engaged for long, winding songs.” — Indyweek.com


*** PRESS RELEASE #21 ***
-Across Tundras: Track Premiere Via Brooklyn Vegan

Today online music powerhouse Brooklyn Vegan is hosting the premiere of the first track to be publicly available from organic sludge rockers Across Tundras’ upcoming Neurot Recordings debut, SAGE. Check out the second track from Sage, “Hijo De Desierto,” at http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2011/04/across_tundras_1.html now.

Set for North American release on May 17th, 2011, SAGE captures Across Tundras’ heritage perfectly, through an amalgam of haunting doom-tinged Americana, melding echoes of traditional country blues and psychedelic sludge. Their organic sound is well-honed, marking it as their most fully realized album to date with all of their influences and elements flowing cohesively.

Across Tundras’ touring season is also kicking off heavily for the Spring months ahead, with shows convirmed throughout the eastern half of the US already confirmed, and more in the planning stages for the Summer and Fall months as well.

Confirmed Across Tundras Live Actions:
4/27/2011 Exit/In – Nashville, TN w/ Dax Riggs
5/19/2011 The Hideaway – Johnson City, TN
5/20/2011 The CoffePot – Roanoke, VA
5/21/2011 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA w/ Souvenirs Young America
5/22/2011 So Addictive Lounge – Herndon, VA w/ Admiral Browning
5/23/2011 WMUC Third Rail Radio Show – College Park, MD w/ Admiral Browning
5/24/2011 Meatlocker – Montclair, NJ
5/25/2011 JR’s Bar – Philadelphia, PA w/ Ominous Black
5/26/2011 Union Pool – Brooklyn, NY w/ Ominous Black
5/27/2011 Elm’s – New Haven, CT w/ Sea Of Bones
5/28/2011 The Depot – York, PA
5/29/2011 Badlands – Syracuse, NY
5/30/2011 Mohawk Place – Buffalo, NY w/ Sonorous Gale
5/31/2011 Garfield Artworks – Pittsburgh, PA
6/01/2011 Carabar – Columbus, OH w/ Main Street Gospel
6/02/2011 *TBA – Chicago, IL
6/03/2011 Mayday – Cincinatti, OH w/ Beneath Oblivion
6/04/2011 The Green Lantern – Louisville, KY w/ Below, Stampede

“Across Tundras are warm, heartfelt and enjoyable, reaching out and embracing the listener with a highly personal effort, the likes of which few care to create, it seems these days. SAGE relishes that analog magic, though, and serves as a refreshing listen in today’s cold and lifeless digital graveyard.” – Metal Army America

“Sometimes, the right music comes around at the right time, and as the last traces of winter give way to spring, SAGE suits the season splendidly.” – Hellbound.ca

“Several of the songs even have a Neil Young quality to them, but doomier, and more introspective… SAGE is sonically transcendent, and a worthy journey.” – Metalholic


-3 Inches Of Blood has a new 7″ called ANTHEMS FOR THE VICTORIOUS. Check out the new song “Lords Of Change” now at http://www.facebook.com/threeinchesofblood?sk=app_108468622525037 . The band is set to co-headline a tour with Skeletonwitch.

-Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler visited a dying fan online, via Skype, hours before the man passed away in hospice. Check out one account at http://www.hollyscoop.com/steven-tyler/steven-tyler-grants-dying-mans-wish_27312.aspx . Good for you, Steven.

-Before Eden’s THE LEGACY OF GAIA is out now on IceWarrior Records. Hype: “Who goes for old Dream Theater, Adramelch or Redemption will probably take pleasure in THE LEGACY OF GAIA.” Track list: “Nomad Soul,” “Wizard Of The South,” “Essence,” “The Legacy Of Gaia – I. Earth Cry,” “II. Enemy Eve,” “III. Toast Of Mankind,” “IV. Nova,” “V. Tomorrow’s Gone,” “VI. Everland,” “Reality,” “Fight For Your Dreams” (bonus track), “A Dark Entity” (bonus track), “Elemental Master” (bonus track), “Fallen Angel” (bonus track). See http://www.beforeeden.net/ for more.

-A new Black Sabbath book entitled “Black Sabbath FAQ — All That’s Left To Know On The First Name In Metal,” by Martin Popoff, is due May 1. Hype from Amazon.com: “Unlike any Sabbath book thus far, Black Sabbath FAQ digs deep into quirks, obscure anecdotes, and burning questions surrounding the Sabs. In a fast-moving, topical format, this book covers a tremendous amount of information, delectable to any Sabbath fan, but hard to find in a traditional biography. This rich history lives and breathes and shouts right here.” Popoff previously wrote the Sabbath biography “Doom Let Loose,” and reportely is working on “a 16-episode documentary on heavy metal for VH1 Classic.”

-Black Sand’s new live video for “I Want You” is online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRgsb2LdRp4 .

-Dynazty’s KNOCK YOU DOWN is out this week via Stormvox. The band consists of Nils Molin on vocals, John Berg (Sharp) and Rob Love (Zan Clan) on guitar, Joey Fox (Foxey) on bass, and George Egg (Foxey) on drums. Track list: “Sleeping With The Enemy,” “New Sensation,” “The Devil’s Playground,” “Hunger For Love,” “Get It On,” “Knock You Down,” “Mr. Money,” “Wild Nights,” “Brand New Day,” “Throne Of China,” “The Great Delusion,” “This Is My Life,” “A Girl Like You.” Check out a video clip at http://musicbuymail.eu/?i=33690 , and see http://www.dynazty.com/ and http://www.myspace.com/dynaztyband for more.

-HammerFall will play two shows later this month in Germany where fans can “pre-listen to the whole [new] album [INFECTED] three weeks before its release” as follows:

4/28 – Gruespan, Hamburg, Germany
4/29 – Ballroom Osnabrück, Osnabrück, Germany

Tickets to the shows include a “free patch and pin pack with uniquely produced material.” See http://www.hammerfall.net/ for more.

-Lavellion’s new single “Truth And Lies” is out now at the various online retailers. Check out video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IV3BZfHji2Y , and see http://www.myspace.com/lavellion for more.

-Check out Leaves’ Eyes’ new video for “To France,” from MEREDEAD, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-lyEEa3_08 . MEREDEAD is due out April 23 on Napalm Records. See http://www.leaveseyes.com/ , http://www.myspace.com/leaveseyespage , and http://www.facebook.com/leaveseyesofficial for more.

-Midnattsol’s THE METAMORPHOSIS MELODY is due April 22 on Napalm Records. A limited edition version will include a bonus DVD. Check out the video for “Kong Valemons Kamp” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0dttHCtECo . See http://www.midnattsol.com/ , http://www.myspace.com/midnattsolfolk , and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Midnattsol_Official/107772609265831 for more.

-Nazareth’s BIG DOGS is out now on Edel Records. Hype: “Instead of working like most artists do nowadays — artificially creating a polite version of their new compositions — Nazareth worked on the sound, on the essence of their interpretation as well as on the spontaneity of their performance. The band ultimately wanted to bring the real spirit of rock and roll back.” Track list: “Big Dog’s Gonna Howl,” “Claimed,” “When Jesus Comes To Save The World Again,” “Radio,” “No Mean Monster,” “Time And Tide,” “Lifeboat,” “The Toast,” “Watch Your Back,” “Butterfly,” “Sleeptalker.” The deluxe edition CD comes with acoustic bonus tracks: “Big Boy,” “Simple Solution,” “My White Bicycle,” “Love Hurts,” “Open Up Woman.” Check out clips of three of the new songs at http://musicbuymail.eu/?i=33618 , and see http://www.nazarethdirect.co.uk/ for more.

-The documentary “God Bless Ozzy Osbourne” will screen at the 10th annual Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, which runs April 20 – May 1. See http://www.tibecafilm.com/ for more.

-The Poodles’ fourth studio album, PERFORMOCRACY, is out now on Frontiers. The disc was produced by Mats Valentin and mixed by Tobias Lindell (Europe, Mustasch). Track list: “I Want It All,” “Until Our Kingdom Falls,” “Father To A Son,” “I Believe In You,” “Cuts Like A Knife” (first single), “As Time Is Passing,” “Love Is All,” “Your Time Is Now,” “Action!,” “Bring Back The Night,” “Vampire’s Call,” “Into The Quiet Night,” “Don’t Tell Me” (bonus track). Check out clips of all the songs at http://musicbuymail.eu/?i=33582 , and see http://www.poodles.se/ for more.

-Saltatio Mortis’ 10 JAHRE WILD UND FREI (Napalm Records) did well in the German charts, reaching #21 on the album charts and #2 on the DVD charts. Check out a clip from the DVD at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk-JTyN7V9k . See http://www.saltatio-mortis.com/ , http://www.myspace.com/mittelalterpunk , and http://www.facebook.com/saltatiomortisofficial for more.

-Scorpions bit from a Yahoo! story: “Arnold Schwarzenegger has been busy since he left the California governor’s office in January. Among other things, he’s traveled to South America with director pal James Cameron; attended a Scorpions concert in Moscow with former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev; and been immortalized as a comic book superhero known as The Governator.” Check out the full story at http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_theticket/20110418/ts_yblog_theticket/arnold-schwarzenegger-is-sad-that-hes-not-young-anymore .

-According to EddieTrunk.com, the DJ/author/”That Metal Show” host will be at this year’s Rocklahoma festival, and he’ll do book signings in Chicago (May 20 at Quimby’s) and on the Saturday of M3 (see http://www.m3rockfest.com/ for more).

-Uriah Heep’s INTO THE WILD is out now on Frontiers. Hype: “Still strong, melodic, harmonic and with a sense of class, it seems that there will be no rest of this group, as an expected tour is coming to support this new juggernaut.” Track list: “Nail On The Head,” “I Can See You,” “Into The Wild,” “Money Talk,” “Trail Of Diamonds,” “Lost,” “Believe,” “Southern Star,” “I’m Ready,” “T-bird Angel,” “Kiss Of Freedom.” Check out clips of all the songs and the “Nail On The Head” video at http://musicbuymail.eu/?i=33581 . See http://www.uriah-heep.com/ for more.

-The UK-based “experimental progressive metal” band Xerath will release II on Candlelight Records in North America on May 3. The album is streaming in its entirety at http://truecultheavymetal.com/blog1.php/2011/04/18/xerath-ii-streaming-and-track-by-track . See http://xerath.net , http://www.facebook.com/xerathuk , and http://www.myspace.com/xerath for more.

Thanks to Nicky Baldrian, Nathan Birk, Holly Bailey, Music Buy Mail, Metaltix, Liz Ciavarella-Brenner, and Bill “Box O’Junk” Kotowski for help gathering some of this information.

*** REVIEWS ***
CREATION’S END – A NEW BEGINNING (A-/B+) Sensory Records, 2010
8 tracks, RT: 1:05:01
[ http://www.creationsend.net/ ]
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There are those prog metal outfits who make the mistake of watering down their material with an excess of ornamentation, as if to prove they are “real musicians” by playing a million notes while hitting the listener with as many key and time changes as possible, and while this can be fun to listen to for a short time it quickly gets old; well not the case with newcomers Creation’s End, a veritable supergroup of rock talent determined to keep metal first in the equation. Combining the technical acumen of Dream Theater with the dark intensity of Evergrey, everyone in Creation’s End shines without overdoing it: check out the passionate Joe Lynn Turner meets Ronnie James Dio delivery of vocalist Mike DiMeo (Riot, Masterplan), the heavy rhythms and tasteful keyboard work of Rudy Albert (Zandelle), artful bass of Joe Black (Chris Caffery), adroit shredding from Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie) and the masterful percussion of Dario Rodriguez. The band do their best work on cynical but thought-provoking tracks such as “World Holocaust,” “Dissociate,” “Forsaken” and “Relic,” somehow managing to transcend their bleak world view. A NEW BEGINNING may not be groundbreaking, but interesting elements are introduced into the music (i.e., Mike’s uncharacteristic vocal style for prog metal, unusual keyboard effects and check out the use of tablas on several tracks). In summary, A NEW BEGINNING is a strong debut from a band with great potential, and has definitely piqued my interest in seeing them live at ProgPower USA XII.
– Neal Woodall (MysticX9@gmail.com)

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