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Issue #574

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Issue #574
Week of December 20, 2010

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-Here’s an early one for ya. Gotta go wrap some presents. Merry Christmas everyone! – Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-Lion Music Label & Artist News

2010 — A Year In Review

We at Lion Music believe that we have brought you another stellar set of releases throughout 2010.

In case you missed some of what we released this last 12 months here is a little catch-up.

Clicking on the links will bring you to each album’s promotional page where all information on that release can be obtained, including streaming audio, videos, and more.

All the Lion Music team would like to thank you all sincerely for your support over the last year.

If you are not already please join our Facebook group:

We have some excellent releases lined up for 2011 with our January 21st releases being:

Infinity Overture – THE INFINITE OVERTURE PT. 1

Overdrive – ANGELMAKER


Four years on from the critically acclaimed HORDES OF THE BRAVE Iron Mask are back with their most potent release yet in SHADOW OF THE RED BARON. Home to a fine collection of melodic neo-classical tracks, this album is full of first class material from start to finish. SHADOW OF THE RED BARON is home to 11 tracks which deliver melodic neo-classical metal yet is accessible enough for fans of traditional metal and power/symphonic metal to get into. Each of the 10 vocal tracks feature addictive vocal melodies in the verses and choruses. Dushan’s virtuoso musicianship is stronger than ever here serving up a feast of metal treats.

Promotional Video: Iron Mask – “Forever In The Dark”

Acacia Avenue – ACACIA AVENUE

Acacia Avenue is a new band led by Danish guitarist and songwriter Torben Enevoldsen (Section A, Fatal Force) in the melodic hard rock mold and features vocals from Tony Mills (TNT, Shy), Geir Rönning (Radioactive, Prisoner) and Torben Lysholm (Pangea, Mysterell) with drums by Thomas Heintzelmann (Section A, Decoy) and bass from Carsten Neumann (Savage Affair). Home to a clean punchy production, the album is rich in catchy vocal melodies and strong songs.


Charly Sahona is best known as the guitarist in the modern French progressive metal band Venturia. This eight-track release is built around heavy riffs, catchy vocal lines and crazy solos. Comparisons can be made if one was to fuse Dream Theater with Muse and 30 Seconds To Mars. This album offers a fresh sound, modern and direct, heavy and begs to be heard.

Promotional Video: Charly Sahona – “Relieved”

Mastermind – INSOMNIA

With INSOMNIA progressive rock band Mastermind is back with their first full-length album of original music in almost a decade. INSOMNIA is the band’s seventh album and marks the album debut of vocalist Tracy McShane. The tracks have been built around McShane’s powerful vocals and focus more on songs as opposed to over the top instrumental play of previous releases. As a result INSOMNIA is arguably the most accessible Mastermind album to date — yet a progression over the band’s career can be heard continuing on INSOMNIA along with the elements considered to be Mastermind trademarks.

Promotional Video: Mastermind – “Night Flier”

Mattsson – TANGO

Mattsson is a name that has become synonymous with melodic progressive metal fused with symphonic, neo-classical and ethnic touches. This direction is continued and taken to a higher level for TANGO, the fifth album to be released under the Mattsson banner. Led by guitarist/composer Lars Eric Mattsson, TANGO sees the collaboration between Mattsson and vocalist Adrienn Antal who first paired up on 2008’s DREAMCHILD release build upon its predecessors impressive foundations for this overall heavier release.

Unofficial Video: Mattsson – “Tango”

Cyril Achard – VIOLENCIA

French guitarist Cyril Achard is back in an aggressive power trio format for VIOLENCIA, an album which boasts just one guitar with no overdubs working with a grooving rhythm section. VIOLENCIA signals Achard’s intention to produce driving rock once again some seven years away from the scene. Reuniting with Cyril once again to form his backing band are the highly esteemed musicians, bassist Franck Hermanny and drummer Eric Lebailly. Best known for being members of France’s biggest metal band Adagio, the rhythm section also have previous recording history with Achard on the 2001 …IN INCONSTANCIA CONSTANS release.


Dreyelands are a melodic progressive metal band from Hungary. Their debut album ROOMS OF REVELATION showcases the band’s versatile attitude for music being a tasty mixture of the metallic and the melodic side of progressive and power metal, combined with a touch of ’80s AOR/hard rock music. The songs are powered by heavy guitar riffs fused with ultra melodic, memorable vocal themes along with clever arrangements. Sonically the album is big, modern and natural with no triggers on the drums and live string arrangements.

Promotional Video: Dreyelands – “Can’t Hide Away”


EYEWITNESS OF LIFE is the debut album from a new act from Finland — enter Grönholm led by guitarist and song writer Mika Grönholm. The music of EYEWITNESS OF LIFE is built with an appreciation for a number of metal genres yet there is a common theme of progressive orientated riffs throughout the album, however EYEWITNESS OF LIFE avoids the monster shredding the genre is renowned for resulting in a more focused compact album for those that like strong songs first and foremost.


Section A return after an absence of four years with their third album SACRIFICE. Led by the rich vocals of Andy Engberg and the virtuoso guitar work of Torben Enevoldsen (Acacia Avenue, Fatal Force) the band is completed by new drummer Thomas Heintzelmann (Decoy) for the pounding 10 tracks of the new album. SACRIFICE marks a heavier and more direct approach from Section A with a more streamlined song orientated approach than its two predecessors. The progressive elements of its forerunners are used more sparingly this time round and lyrically there is no concept to follow yet the album does tread the a similar ground in lyric subject matter.


Pangea are a melodic hard rock band that should be a household name, as it stands the band are highly respected on the underground scene thanks to two albums released in the mid 1990s. RETROSPECTACULAR marks the release of the band’s long-thought-lost third album with quite a story behind it. RETROSPECTACULAR is classic Pangea, led by the punchy and expressive guitar work and vocals of Lysholm, the band peddle a similar vein of rock to early Extreme with the guitar skill to match their late ’80s/early ’90s contemporaries. The album will also please fans of the band’s first two releases as the classic Pangea sound is continued here in fine style.

Promotional Video: Pangea – “Hold Your Fire”


Hailing from the Netherlands, Day Six are a first class powerful four-piece who produce a mammoth sound of great scope and depth on THE GRAND DESIGN. With a sound that combines elements from across progressive music’s history, Day Six with THE GRAND DESIGN have come up with a unique take on the genre which is equal parts dark and light making great use of dynamics and textures. Comparisons could be made between a fusion of Pink Floyd, Rush, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater and Opeth where colossal guitar riffs collide and intertwine with synthesized textures and enthralling vocals for a truly mesmerizing effect.

Live Video: Day Six – ‘Age Of Technology” (live)

Mastercastle – LAST DESIRE

The ultra powerful Italian metal outfit Mastercastle return on June 18th 2010 with their second album LAST DESIRE. Led by the soaring vocals of Giorgia Gueglio, the gifted guitar work of Pier Gonella and the tight rhythmic interplay of bassist Steve Vawamas and drummer Alessandro Bissa. LAST DESIRE takes a similar path to its predecessor THE PHOENIX yet sees the debuts neo-classical influences toned down a little and replaced with a straighter hard rock/metal sound making for a more rocking affair. The big riffs Pier Gonella is known for are here in all their glory and Giorgia Gueglio works her vocals into new areas on the new music, whilst the bass work and potent drumming are powerfully produced creating a thunderous sound.

Promotional Video: Mastercastle – “Last Desire”


Almost four years on from his last solo album Alex returns with his most adventurous and personal album to date — THEORY OF EVERYTHING, an album which has content and an approach quite different to your typical guitar album. This 10-track instrumental collection of album sees a first for Masi with him handling all aspects of the albums creation himself. This showcases a brand new approach to making music for Masi, something he is keen on exploring and developing a lot more in the future.

George Bellas – THE DAWN OF TIME

In the beginning there was nothing… And then there was light! The Dawn Of Time. Fifteen billion years later George Bellas presents to you an epic collection of instrumental songs inspired by the universe, how it was created, and from where and what it came from. THE DAWN OF TIME is an instrumental album rich in Romanticism and Futurism with over-the-top performances by Marco Minnemann and George Bellas. The album contains a diverse collection of 19 songs that range from simple and delicate, to complex and ferocious. The production is dynamic, clean, and has an open sound to it allowing the music to breath naturally.

Promotional Video: George Bellas – “Machine Man”

Promotional Video: George Bellas – “The Dawn Of Time”

Anthriel – THE PATHWAY

With their spectacular debut THE PATHWAY, Finnish progressive metal outfit Anthriel have produced an album which has all the potential to be hailed a classic and is guaranteed to fascinate metal fans worldwide. Anthriel — the Archangel of balance and harmony — is the perfect name for the band’s music. With a sound driven by big guitar riffs, deft keyboard touches, a rock solid articulate rhythm section and a healthy dose of expressive vocals high in melody built into intricate yet digestible arrangements this is metal that is easily appreciated on first listen — yet where further plays reveal numerous hidden depths that will keep the listener coming back for more.

Video: Anthriel – “Mirror Games”


MindSplit are a new band yet one with years of experience behind its individual members. With a style planted somewhere between straight metal, progressive metal and classic rock the band deliver a truly epic tale with their debut album CHARMED HUMAN ART OF SIGNIFICANCE. MindSplit have produced a debut album of exceptionally high quality and one that will appeal to a wide range of metal lovers and those with an appetite for enthralling concept stories.

Promotional Video: Mindsplit – “NMe, Myself And I”

Promotional Video: Mindsplit – “Battle Of The Mind”

Michael Harris – TRANZ-FUSED

Guitar virtuoso Michael Harris returns after the successful ORCHESTRATE album ready to take on a fresh new challenge in his ever widening musical vocabulary. Enter — TRANZ-FUSED which is Harris’ first all fusion instrumental recording; although this isn’t just jazz fusion in its purest sense as it incorporates prog, metal, blues and some funk elements as well. Despite the change of musical expression one thing remains the same — the stunning guitar work of Michael Harris.

Promotional Video: Michael Harris – “Tranz-Fused”

Mistheria – DRAGON FIRE

Keyboard virtuoso Mistheria returns with an all star cast for the neo-classical progressive metal tour de force DRAGON FIRE. Home to 13 tracks of full-on metal pomposity, this is music crafted around stirring vocal melodies and impassioned first class musicianship. The virtuoso meter of the personnel involved sets a new standard and fans of artists such as Symphony X, Malmsteen and Artension will find this a sheer musical delight.

Seventh Wonder – THE GREAT ESCAPE

One of the most anticipated releases in the progressive metal genre was released on December 3rd, 2010. Having built a reputation as one of the most exciting, skilled and enthralling metal acts currently on the scene Swedish progressive metal masters Seventh Wonder have raised the bar even further with THE GREAT ESCAPE. This spectacular new album is a continuation of where the band left us last with 2008’s MERCY FALLS. The band’s trademark first-class melodies and great choruses are still in focus along with astonishing lead work from all musicians throughout the CD. Yet there is for the first time in Seventh Wonder history a really epic track on the album with the adventurous title track that clocks in at 30 minutes.

Promotional Video: Seventh Wonder – “Alleycat”

Lion Music

*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-Pegazus Confirmed For Rocktower Festival 2011!

The Australian Heavy Metallers from Pegazus have been added to the Rocktower Festival lineup, which takes place at Easter, April 23/24, 2011 in Lübeck Germany.

This show will be the kick-off for the European leg of Pegazus’ worldwide 2011 tour. It will be than 13 years ago that the band performed in Europe and the fans can be sure that the Thunder from Down Under will kick some serious ass!

Earlier, it was already reported that Pegazus had been added to the 2011 edition of Headbanger’s Open Air, which takes place from July 28 – 30 in Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany.

In addition, the worldwide return of the band will be kicked of with the release of a new album! The tentative release date for this yet-untitled album is scheduled for Spring 2011 and contains 11 brand new classic Heavy Metal songs with original singer Justin Fleming back on vocals!

Founding member Johnny Stoj about the upcoming period: “What a journey it’s been, just this past two years! Original vocalist Justin Fleming is back in the band kickin’ ass again along with former bassist Cory Betts too. Touring with Skid Row on their recent Australian tour and now just having finished recording the new Pegazus album, which we’re all totally pumped and excited about. Can’t wait to finally unleash this monster that we have worked so hard on and created and to get back out there on the road and touring Europe in 2011. The Thunder from Down Under is coming and we take no prisoners but groupies are fine…hahaha.”

For all info, please visit:
MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/pegazusmusic
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/PEGAZUS/56974008938
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/pegazusmusic

ROCKTOWER FESTIVAL: http://www.rocktower.de/
HEADBANGER’S OPEN AIR: http://www.headbangers-open-air.de/

*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-Magician Parts Ways With Vocalist

Brazilian power metallers Magician announced the departure of vocalist Dan Rubin, who also left Scelerata. Actually the band is working with a new vocalist which should be announced soon, along with information regarding the band’s schedule for 2011.

About the departure, they said: “We thank Dan for all these years of work and dedication. We wish him success on his new projects.”

Magician released its debut album, TALES OF THE MAGICIAN, in Japan in the end of 2007 by Soundholic, and in the following year in Brazil, Europe and North America, by Die Hard Records, Dockyard 1 and Locomotive.


*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-7th Heaven Year In Review

2010 was a pivotal year for 7th Heaven. Our year started out with the band being recognized on the world stage when Keith got seen on “American Idol” winning a Golden Ticket. The night Keith was seen on “American Idol” our website ( http://www.7thheavenband.com/ ) received over 250,000 visits. After learning that his visa class was incorrect to move forward with “American Idol,” his Golden Ticket was rescinded. Capitalizing on the exposure Keith got, the band went on Fox Chicago News to tell the full story.

Right after that, we got emails from fans letting us know about a contest where Bon Jovi was looking for a opening act. We entered that contest and took 1st place, which got us an opening slot for Bon Jovi and Kid Rock at Solider Field July 30th to over 65,000 people.

At the same time, our original song “Better This Way” from our U.S.A.-U.K. CD started getting spins on radio stations through the Mid-West and other areas. The song charted #2 in Chicago and helped the band expand its audience. Over the summer, these successes allowed 7th Heaven to be seen on NBC, ABC, FOX, WGN as well as in articles in the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Daily Herald, Illinois Entertainer, Chicago Rocker, Journal and the Irish American News.

The band played over 250 shows in 2010 and had huge growth with our fan base. 7th Heaven released three new products in 2010: JUKEBOX which contains over 700 tracks is a box set to celebrate the band’s 25 year history, LIVE AT SOLDIER FIELD DVD which shows the entire 7th Heaven concert in HD utilizing seven cameras, and MERRY CHRISTMAS IN CHICAGO CD which has four original Christmas songs along with 10 classic songs you all will remember.

Three of 7th Heaven’s CD/DVDs charted in the Billboard Charts in 2010. JUKEBOX was number 1 in the Launch Pad, MERRY CHRISTMAS IN CHICAGO was number 1 in the Launch Pad, and U.S.A.-U.K. hit number 46 in the Pop Rock Catalog chart.

On November 5 we had the honor to be the house band for the “Glory Days – The 1985 Chicago Bears” event where we met many of the 1985 champs from the best football team ever… the 1985 Chicago Bears! We even played a variation of “The Super Bowl Shuffle” with a few of the Bears singing with us. This event was shot for TV and has been seen all over NBC Chicago during the next few weeks. We are actually on two different shows; the main show and the backstage pass show.

7th Heaven had numerous interviews and live performances on different radio stations this past year; 101.9 The Mix, 102.3 WXLC, Star 105.5, WAJK 99.3, Majic 95.1 and Homegrown Tones, as well as two short interviews with legendary radio jock Steve Dahl.

7th Heaven worked with many charities in 2010 to help make a difference: Red Cross for Haiti, Breast Cancer Awareness, Big Brother – Big Sister, St. Baldricks, Cure Angelman’s, Toys for Tots, Cancer Benefit and ECFA Benefit.

Some other highlights: We hosted a successful BBQ where we had time to relax and talk to many of you without needing to leave to make it to another show. Our reunion show saw Tony DiGiulio and Matt Clark come up and sing with the band again. Throughout the year we were filmed for a reality TV show. We signed new endorsement agreements with manufactures. We were featured on expressway billboards and in movie theaters throughout the summer.

We made many life-long memories together in 2010. We set out with goals in January and we reached every goal we set for ourselves. We started making new goals to work toward in 2011 and we hope that 2011 is even better than 2010.

We look forward to making even more memories together in 2011.

Thanks for your support and helping us live a dream!
Richard Hofherr
7th Heaven

*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Tetrafusion Video Premier

Progressive metal outfit Tetrafusion and Nightmare Records are launching the official music video for the track “Monologue” from their sophomore album ALTERED STATE on Monday, December 20th.

The clip (filmed in Shreveport, LA) was produced by Chris Lyon (Perennial Media) and directed by Shreveport’s Fairfield Studios and can be viewed via the link below.

States bassist Mark Michell: “It was a pleasure to work with one of the highest-quality production studios and directors from our region. Chris Lyon has directed many recent independent films and is truly a natural at his craft. He and the crew from Fairfield really took the lyrics and story from our track and brought them to life with an amazing cinematic storyline. It brought the track to an entirely new level. We hope to work with these guys again in the future.”

Tetrafusion’s blend of complex, technical metal blended with a highly-intellectual melodic structure offers an eclectic brand of progressive rock and metal placing the group among the elite the genre offers like Porcupine Tree, Rush, Dream Theater, Cynic, Tool and Muse. Originally an instrumental band, the group released its debut record, ABSOLUTE ZERO, to critical acclaim, which quickly launched Tetrafusion into the underground metal scene, sans vocals, along the likes of Scale The Summit, Animals As Leaders, Liquid Tension Experiment, and Canvas Solaris, and was hailed as one of the top ten albums of 2009 by Ultimate-Guitar.com.

The band’s sophomore effort, ALTERED STATE, was released on October 12th, 2010 on Nightmare Records / Sony / Red. The CD was recorded and produced by David Forshee of Queensix Productions. The album was the band’s first time to feature vocals, which were handled by keyboardist Gary Tubbs.

ALTERED STATE track listing:
1. Collage Of The Present
2. Monologue
3. Last Chance
4. The Deserter
5. Altered State (instrumental)
6. Shadows
7. Tears Of The Past

Tetrafusion is:
Gary Tubbs – Vocals/Keys
Brooks Tarkington – Guitar/Vocals
Mark Michell – Bass
J.C. Bryant – Drums

For more Tetrafusion information:

or email to: promo@nightmarerecords.com

Link to “Monologue” video:

Nightmare Records
7751 Greenwood Drive
St. Paul MN 55112

*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-Emperor Multimedia Update

Emperor Multimedia is pleased to announce an new era in multimedia releases. Emperor has been wanting to leave the CD making business for several years now but has been stifled in this endeavor due to the complex nature of their integrated multimedia CD-ROMs that often feature Music, text, pictures and video on hundreds of files in dozens of directories. Fine for distribution on DVD or CD but bad for Internet download sales. (Who wants to download hundreds of files and re-construct them in the right sequence on their computer?) Downloading is all the rage and CD sales have been in drastic decline.

This week the problem was solved for Emperor with the discovery of a system to allow all their integrated files to be merged into one downloadable file compatible to all major E-book readers as well as Mac & PC platforms and all Operating System structures. The new format allows Emperor to distribute online. Projects using this new format are expected to begin construction within a year. All current CD & CD-ROM projects proposed or under construction will be completed as designed, however.

“There is still one problem, the size. The size of the file created is massive, but with modern compression techniques, we are sure that within a year this problem too will be solved and Emperor will finally be out of the CD making business and into the online content making business. This will allow us to make our projects faster, cheaper and better,” Emperor Multimedia President Derek McDonald announced yesterday.

*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-Dusted Angel To Support Fu Manchu On California Tour This January

Santa Cruz doomsters Dusted Angel have been confirmed as direct support for fellow Californians and stoner rock legends Fu Manchu on their upcoming home state tour! The tour kicks off on January 13th and will see the Dusted Angel opening for Fu in Silverlake, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and San Diego throughout the state, with more dates with DA-only to be scheduled around these appearances.

Dusted Angel with Fu Manchu:
1/13/2011 The Satellite (formerly Spaceland) – Silverlake, CA
1/21/2011 Blue Lagoon – Santa Cruz, CA
1/22/2011 Bottom of the Hill – San Francisco, CA
1/27/2011 Casbah – San Diego, CA

Dusted Angel’s debut full-length EARTH SICK MIND was released on Mankind Records in November, boasting seven anthems bridging the early hardcore roots of the band’s members with a crushing stoner rock groove. They’ve slammed their way up and down the West Coast US for the past two years, continuing to build on their diehard fanbase, and in 2011, plan on taking their doom to the road throughout other parts of the country. Stay tuned for more live updates and tours throughout the year.

“…a stoner dream from start to finish, incorporating dusty, doom metal elements with a hint of California sunshine added for good measure. Dusted Angel’s doom falls in line with traditional acts like ’70s era Pentagram and Saint Vitus’ more rockin’ moments, which is to say, a fine thing indeed.” – Metal-Rules

“…no doom fan should miss out on Dusted Angel.” – Hellride Music

“…a solid band with a wealth of experience that more than pays off on EARTH SICK MIND. They’ve played with Fu Manchu, Nebula, Saviours, Saint Vitus and Black Cobra, and I can wholeheartedly recommend Dusted Angel to any fan of those bands.” – The Sleeping Shaman

“…plenty of huge, infectious riffs, a thick production with a nicely audible bass, hard hitting percussion, and a gruff wail from vocalist Clifford Dinsmore all come together to produce a solid stoner metal album.” – About.com


-About Heavy Metal has some 2010 lists online now:

2010 Best Heavy Metal CDs

2010 Best Heavy Metal DVDs

Heavy Metal Gift Guide 2010

-The Dead End Kidz are setting up a gig for the last week of December “somewhere on Long Island, NY.” Stay tuned to http://www.myspace.com/dekmusic for more info.

-Denial Machine has a free iPhone app now available at http://mpmobiledev.com/denialmachine/ and itms://itunes.apple.com/us/app/denial-machine-mobile/id408254479 .

-Destruction’s DAY OF RECKONING is due February 18 on Nuclear Blast Records. Check out the new track “The Price” at http://www.myspace.com/destruction . Hype from Schmier: “This song expresses the spirit of the DAY OF RECKONING at its best: more fast, more raw, more tight. One of my fave tracks on the album cause you can feel the fire and the joy of playing! The band detected the old school aggression again — this song is like a rocket, UN-F*CKIN-STOPPABLE!” See http://www.destruction.de/ for more.

-Doro is currently touring Europe with support act Balls. Dates:

12/22 – Rockhal, Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg
12/23 – Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
12/26 – Hirsch, Nürnberg, Germany
12/27 – Hessenhalle, Gießen, Germany
12/29 – Sporthalle, Crailsheim, Germany
12/30 – VAZ, Burglengenfeld, Germany

See http://www.doromusic.de/ for more.

-An MP3 of Rob Halford’s 1992 solo recording “Silent Night” can be downloaded for $.99 at http://www.halfordmusic.com/ .

-Manowar announced a March 27, 2011 gig at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, England, where the band will perform BATTLE HYMNS in its entirety. Tickets go on sale later this week. See http://www.manowar.com/ for more.

-Motorhead’s new album THE WORLD IS YOURS is due out January 25 on Motorhead Music / EMI Music Services. The disc was produced by the band and Cameron Webb, and has this track list: “Born To Lose,” “I Know How To Die,” “Get Back In Line,” “Devils In My Head,” “Rock ‘n’ Roll Music,” “Waiting For The Snake,” “Brotherhood Of Man,” “Outlaw,” “I Know What You Need,” “Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye.” The band is scheduled to appear on Conan O’Brien’s talk show on TBS on January 26. See http://www.imotorhead.com/ and http://www.myspace.com/motorhead for more.

-SMP (aka Sounds of Mass Production) has a holiday sale; CODA is available for $5.99 until December 31 at http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/SMP . CODA is also available at DSBP, at http://www.dsbp.cx . In related news, the band’s side project The Loyal Opposition, featuring Garrick Antikajian and Jason Bazinet, has a new Christmas song called “Why I Drink” available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/loyalopposition . Check out an interview with Bazinet at http://www.darksite.ch/darklife/dlzineX9frame_special2.html . See http://www.smphq.com/ for more.

-Hit The Pit is asking fans to help remember Type O Negative/Carnivore main man Peter Steele, by posing memories, pictures, etc. at http://t.ymlp113.net/ymaxamwyavabwmuazajmu/click.php .

-The 2011 Sweden Rock Festival has added Rob Zombie to the lineup, which now stands at Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Rob Zombie, Saxon, Joan Jett And The Blackhearts, Helloween, Styx, Rhapsody Of Fire, Mustasch, Destruction, Overkill, The Haunted, The Damned, Jason & The Scorchers, Electric Wizard, Moonspell, Agent Steel, Ghost, Dan Reed Band, Walter Trout, Raubtier, Groundhogs, Mason Ruffner, Fläsket Brinner, and Rage (acoustic). See http://www.swedenrock.com/ for more.

-The 2011 Wacken Open Air festival has added Motorhead to the lineup, which now stands at: Accuser, Airbourne, Apocalyptica, Avantasia, Blaas Of Glory, Blind Guardian, Excrementory Grindf*ckers, Hayseed Dixie, Heaven Shall Burn, In Solitude, Judas Priest, Khold, Knorkator, Mayhem, Motorhead, Ozzy Osbourne, Primal Fear, Rhapsody Of Fire, Russkaja, Sepultura, Skalmold, Ski King, Sodom, Stier, Subway To Sally, Suicidal Tendencies, Tokyo Blade, Trivium, and Warrant (the German thrash band). See http://www.wacken.com/ for more.

Thanks to Chad Bowar and John Erigo for help gathering some of this information.

by Tim Wadzinski (tsw512@yahoo.com)

-A friend of mine (thanks, Arnie!) touted the bejeezus out of Rush’s recent documentary, BEYOND THE LIGHTED STAGE, hyping it as a must-see for all rock fans. I don’t know anything about it myself, but he said there are great bits of old concert footage, and spots from Gene Simmons, Kirk Hammett, Vinnie Paul, Mike Portnoy, Zakk Wylde, Sebastian Bach, Les Claypool, and even Kim Mitchell (a personal fave in my circle of friends).

In related news (well, not really) I’ve been catching up on old episodes of “That Metal Show” (thanks, Bill!), and I just heard some great stuff about Saxon’s recent documentary HEAVY METAL THUNDER. Gotta add that to the list of stuff to check out.

-A friend of mine (thanks, Beccah!) found a killer video of a parrot singing Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uguXNL93fWg .

-In my current playlist: Crystal Tears – GENERATION X (7Hard), Unsun – CLINIC FOR DOLLS (Armoury Records/Mystic Production), Texas Hippie Coalition – ROLLIN (Carved Records).

*** OUT ***

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